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We knew this day would come. Unfortunately for viewers of the long-time CBS franchise, the popular globetrotting host has decided to end his relationship with the series after an astounding twenty-eight seasons on the program.

“I just felt it was time,” said Phil Keoghan in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Fifteen years, eighty-eight countries, and countless friends made along the way, it has been a great run. I do think it is time for me to move on to other things. My family has been so generous in letting me go across the world for weeks at a time, and going on my tours to help raise money for charity.”

Phil reflects on his favourite moments, including a pit stop during season thirteen where his father made a special guest appearance. “Yeah, that was nice,” said the host about his father.

Critics of the show also said goodbye to the iconic host. “Although the show has greatly declined in quality, Phil will be missed,” said reality blurred’s Andy Denhart.

As to who will replace Phil Keoghan and fill the enormous shoes he has left behind? Popular podcaster Rob Cesternino speculates. “Well, I could see it being between me or you, Logan. One of us will take over for Phil on TAR, and the other will take over for Probst on Survivor!”

Of course, Phil’s withdrawal from the program comes at a curious time. During the earlier seasons, Phil was shown exhibiting nervous habits on the long flights during each of the leg and having “shaky hands and perspiring profusely”, as one former production assistant phrased it. Recently, Phil was implicated in a scandal where the host and several members of the production crew were caught in possession of cocaine during filming of the Colombia legs this season. Later, a tunnel was discovered leading to the network’s CBS El Headquartato base of operations in Bogota where several tonnes of cocaine valued at over four hundred million dollars was confiscated. In addition, an anonymous source confirmed that the famed Dr. Drew has been in contact with Keoghan relating to an incident of rage where he assaulted three Colombians because “his friend Steve told him they are all Filipinos who were out to get him, but didn’t realize they were actually Colombian until he took another look at the text he got from Steve, his face dropped, and shouted ‘But it was still a great night all around,'” one eyewitness account states.

One thing is for certain: The Kiwi-born mascot of The Amazing Race will be missed. “Phil is just one of those guys you love to have apart of your team,” said executive producer Bertram Van Munster. Elise Doganieri nodded.

And perhaps it is this these words that we should all remember as the man himself is finally eliminated after nearly four hundred legs of The Amazing Race.

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  1. Josh says:

    I was hoping that this was an April fool’s joke….However, when I checked the date of this post, it was March 31,2016 O_O…..Which means this is true…. ;(

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