The Amazing Race 28 Editing Analysis and Predictions Week Four Edition

Well, I wasn’t quite as successful last week as I was for episode two.

Oh well.

Week Four Editing Analysis

Teams are ranked from who I think has the best shot of -winning- to who has the worst shot of winning.

Note that this is different from identifying a specific boot order.

1st: Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl #UnderhandedTejoTosser

tyler korey 2

This has been a huge month for Mr. Oakley. The Amazing Race has gone to unprecedented lengths to promote this season which has included Super Bowl and Grammy advertising.

It is true that I have seen various online communities morph into veteran viewers dismissing the series while new millennials are entering the fray just to watch their specific favourite social media star, which for the most part happens to be Mr. Oakley.

Of course, the ratings have seen a slight decrease from the previous spring season. It makes you wonder if TAR is going to crash and burn next year when the social media stars are no longer there to artificially maintain ratings.

However, this has been a tremendous help for Mr. Oakley. Between the various TAR plugs, he has hosted post-Oscar coverage and I happened to be using Netflix Canada when I saw his documentary appear under one of the sub-headings. Furthermore, I believe his follower count has jumped nearly 200, 000 on Twitter since this season started airing.

In other words, TAR has helped Tyler Oakley more than producers were hoping that Tyler Oakley and others were praying they would boost TAR.

Oh right. The editing. The Tyler & Korey vs. Kurt & Brodie storyline continued. A few racers gave confessionals regarding their thoughts on them this week, but without any negativity.

Given they have made the race look really easy thus far, even in rounds where Korey isn’t doing the Roadblock, it’s tough to ignore that Tyler & Korey are receiving a really strong edit.

This is in contrast to last season when Justin & Diana were doing very well by this point in the season, but half of the fans online were ready to punch Justin in the face.

Clearly, Tyler & Korey have not reached that state judging by the comments online.

If a dominant team is going to win, this is how you would edit them.

Or maybe producers are not stupid enough to bury the biggest celebrity they have ever cast on The Amazing Race.

P.S. Tyler & Korey have yet to come across as aggressive. What is this? A redux of the Kris & Jon strategy?

2nd: Kurt Gibson and Brodie Smith #ShoutInEspanol

kurt brodie

Three rounds in and this team has been either matching Tyler & Korey punch for punch or barely beating them out.

I must admit: I am liking Kurt & Brodie more than I thought I would going into this season.

What’s funny though is that there is a mixed reaction from the viewers. They started out with a lot of viewers hating them for how loud they are, but at the start of last week we were supposed to sympathize with them that they are just naturally loud people.

Hell, Brodie even commented on the official Facebook page to say his tendency to yell everything like he is Jully Black on Video On Trial long preceded his claim as a social media star.

Is this what we refer to as a three-dimensional edit? Are Kurt & Brodie experiencing a story arc that will win over everyone by the end of the season?

Over the past two rounds, we have seen a few third-person confessionals from other teams about Kurt & Brodie. Mainly from Tyler & Korey as they fuel each other’s rivalry, but hey, that’s pretty important.

Kurt & Brodie should be around for a while.

3rd: Scott Fowler & Blair Fowler #NotGaryAndMallory

blair scott

The next person who says Scott & Blair are like Gary & Mallory are going to have their opinions ignored.

After 28 seasons of TAR US, you think casting had gone through every casting archetype possible.

This season has one lone exception: Scott & Blair.

I can’t think of a racer who has crammed this many sexual innuendos, whether it be intentional or unintentional, into three episodes.

It is hilarious. Scott is quiet on the sidelines as Blair always gets the job done.

Yeah, Blair’s voice is not exactly as pleasant as Morgan Freeman’s, but are we really going to criticize her for something she can’t control?

I never thought Scott & Blair would be the comic relief for this season. Editors are trying their darndest to get us to root for them.

“I feel like I should be doing more.”

“Nah, I think you took it as far as you needed to go.”

This isn’t a quote at the end of Schindler’s List, but rather a discussion about Blair offering to kiss Colombian locals who come onto the bus.

“If I actually kissed that one guy, we could have been done ten seconds earlier. I could have gotten one more peso–”

“You did the best you could, Blair!

It’s like a messed up Seinfeld parody.

Anyways, Scott & Blair’s edit is rising. We watched Scott directly interact with another team at the Roadblock. Let’s see where it takes us.

4th: Burnie Burns & Ashley Jenkins #ThroatHugger

burnie ashley

Sadly, not much footage for Burnie & Ashley this week besides the awkward throat hug.

The under-the-radar edit continues. Ashley needs to tell more stories from left field.

5th: Sheri LaBrandt & Cole LaBrandt #UnairedHumiliation

sheri cole

Cole accidentally picked up two bags at each location during the Roadblock rather than one, which led to an unaired penalty at the pit stop which did not affect their placement.

Their alliance with Jessica & Brittany has now been shown in two out of three episodes. Sure, Cole released them from staying behind to help him complete the entire task, but clearly we are meant to pay attention to this bond. . .or maybe we aren’t. I dunno.

In any case, this is valuable footage when nine freakin’ teams still remain.

6th: Zach King & Rachel King #KingsOfFinance

zach rachel

For his next trick, Zach will make his and Rachel the most popular pick as the eventual winners. . .disappear!

This hasn’t been a good stretch for Zach & Rachel.

Zach received the #ReadYourClue subtitle on screen during the second round, and Rachel’s inability to decipher Peso notes was presented in the most embarrassing light possible.

“Honey, look. The money is different here.”

“Those aren’t zeroes. That’s just a ‘1’.”

Passive-aggressive jabs are my favourite on The Amazing Race.

It didn’t help that they even screwed up running on foot to the pit stop because Zach thought he could hear the music, but instead mixed it up with something that sounded very similar to a Swan Song.

They barely edged out casual racers Cam & Darius by seconds, and is a horrible sign for Zach & Rachel down the road. Especially when their edit in the premiere was fairly minimal.

Things will have to turn around fast for the Master Illusionist and the CFO.

7th: Jessica VerSteeg & Brittany Oldehoff #InstaHandbagExperts

jessica brittany

Who knew a round which had a Roadblock where you needed to find designer handbags would lead to the best finish for a pair of models. Shocking.

Nah, just playin’.

Editors aren’t keen on developing Jessica & Brittany’s edit. Their improvement on the leaderboard was not mentioned at the pit stop, and other than attempting to help Cole, the only scene they got was a crowd watching them throw tejos overhand.

Between slicing a finger and the prospect of being Cole’s Sister Wives, well, we don’t know much about Jessica & Brittany.

Maybe editors would be willing to give them backstory if they knew how to toss a frisbee into a basketball hoop.

8th: Erin Robinson & Joslyn Davis #StirCavey

erin joslyn

Erin loves caves. Joslyn speaks Spanish. Erin does not have a sense of direction when flustered. Broken speedometres are the subject of ridicule.

Editors are not being particularly kind to Erin & Joslyn. Perhaps the short-term entertaining characters must go before we learn anything substantial about Erin & Joslyn.

9th: Dana Borriello & Matt Steffania #FlashbackFriday

dana matt

Although they are great dancers, they have a tendency to step on each other’s toes.

Regardless of the fact that Dana is taking over Logan Fazio’s role as a Quote Machine, the ultra bickering couple will never ever win a contemporary season of The Amazing Race.

They could make it all the way to the final round, but it is impossible for them to win a million dollars. Instead, they’ll have to settle for their two thousand dollar prize.

Predictions for Week Four

Note: This is my prediction for who will arrive on the mat from first to last place in this leg.

This is different from my pre-season projection of how the boot order will shape up for the duration of the season.

1st: Tyler & Korey – 1.66 Team Average

No Express Passes. No Fast Forwards (yet). Everyone agrees to not use a U-Turn for the first time in the US version since. . .TAR 13? Keeping everything stable and peaceful means Tyler & Korey will stay out of the crosshairs. Just like anybody leading the dominant alliance in Survivor, maintaining the status quo is the key to victory.
2nd: Kurt & Brodie – 2.66 Team Average

After three rounds, there are four teams who jump out as being a step above the other five teams. Since the top four teams do not seem to be going after each other, I presume they will run the table for most of the season.
3rd: Dana & Matt – 3.00 Team Average

A meltdown is coming, but it has to build for a while.
4th: Burnie & Ashley – 4.00 Team Average

Yep, Burnie & Ashley are the fourth team who have demonstrated they are a significant step above all others in terms of performance thus far.

Tyler & Korey are quick.

Kurt & Brodie are skilled.

Dana & Matt are aggressive and high energy.

Burnie & Ashley think through all of their decisions and form a strategy.

Other than the bickering of Dana & Matt, none of them have shown a weakness that raises red flags as of yet.
5th: Jessica & Brittany – 6.33 Team Average

Will their coalition with Sheri & Cole drag them down a la the Cho Bros in TAR 10, or will teamwork propel them ahead of some of the other teams?
6th: Zach & Rachel – 6.00 Team Average

Let’s see how Rachel handles Euros instead of Pesos.
7th: Scott & Blair – 9.33 Team Average

Scott is improving slightly, and Blair is tenacious. With a new continent on the horizon, the cobwebs of the first three legs may fall out as Scott & Blair can finally have their positive traits show through.
8th: Sheri & Cole – 7.66 Team Average

Heading to Europe will be a new experience for Sheri & Cole to adjust to this round. They might need one leg to get familiar with central and western Europe.
Last: Erin & Joslyn – 7.33 Team Average

Erin & Joslyn are my prediction for elimination two weeks in a row? I would have been right if Erin had not teamed up with Scott, or if Darius could have not made a blunder at the last possible second.

People would probably put Sheri & Cole in this position, but Sheri & Cole have shown signs of learning on the fly as they progress on their first international adventure.

Other people would put Scott & Blair in this position, but they have shown signs of recovery and are establishing defined roles within the team.

Erin & Joslyn just seem like they have always been struggling ever since the first Detour ended. I need to see them excel at something before they are brought out of the cellar.


Aight. That’s it for me. I am currently working on the next TARstorian episode for TAR 18, and can guarantee that you are going to love it. I have already been laughing at my own jokes.








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