Colloquial Oscars 2016 Predictions

This is the thinnest post you will ever see me publish.
Order of who I want to win tonight

1) Room (Few films ‘wow’ me–this one did).
2) Brooklyn (A genre which I thought had seen everything, but this was a film which held my interest.)
3) The Big Short (I would be lying if I said the cast did not contribute to how much I liked this film.)
4) Bridge of Spies (How many films has Spielberg made that takes place in Germany?)
5) Spotlight (It was a very solid film all around; they could’ve gone in several different directions during the course of the movie, but I think they focused it correctly.)
6) The Martian (Matt Damon does Matt Damon things; if you swapped him with Sean Bean, something tells me this film would be a lot darker).
7) Mad Max: Fury Road (If Metropolis were converted to a mainstream 2016 film, this is how I would picture it.)
N/A: The Revenant (I haven’t seen it yet. *gasp*)
Order of who I think will win
1) Spotlight
2) The Revenant
3) Bridge of Spies
4) The Big Short
5) Brooklyn
6) Room
7) The Martian
8) Mad Max: Fury Road
Bryan Cranston or Leo will win Best Actor.
Brie Larson will hopefully win for Room.
Sly will win for Best Supporting Actor just because.
The Big Short will win for Best Adapted Screenplay.
Straight Outta Compton should win for Best Original Screenplay because it got snubbed for Best Picture. This film couldn’t be more relevant considering America’s escalating racial issues over the past year.
If The Weeknd wins for Best Original Song, I will laugh so hard.
Mad Max will probably win for Best Visual Effects.
Star Wars will receive a pity award.
This is the first time ever that I did not see any of the Foreign Language Films before the Oscars. Sigh.
Normally I would expand on my reasoning, but eh. It’s just the Oscars.
The end.
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