The Amazing Race 28 Editing Analysis and Predictions Week Three Edition

It has been a really busy week (Oscar season!) but I did squeeze in time for the Editing Analysis and Predictions blog before tonight’s episode.

For those of you who are wondering where this week’s Funniest Complaints blog is, I hope to catch up by the end of the weekend.

Unfortunately, I was correct in identifying as Marty & Hagan being the first boots even before the season began.

Will I keep the streak going? Let’s find out.

Week Three Editing Analysis

Teams are ranked from who I think has the best shot of -winning- to who has the worst shot of winning.

Note that this is different from identifying a specific boot order.

1st: Tyler & Korey #SonicEmeraldZoneStruggles

tyler korey 2

They have received plenty of airtime in both episodes thus far. Several confessionals from the third-person perspective discussed Tyler & Korey’s strengths in each round.

Furthermore, Korey losing the emerald was met with minimal mockery by the editors. They could have changed the tone easily to make Korey look like a buffoon, but they decided not to do so.

Viewers are meant to believe that Tyler & Korey have very few faults while racing, and you should acknowledge them as capable racers.

Therefore, they have the biggest winner’s story as it stands.

2nd: Cam & Darius #MENSACookout

cam darius

We built upon Cam & Darius’ subtle three-dimensional story from the season premiere.

Their inexperience when it comes to travel and being removed from their MENSA environment received a lot of attention this round.

Believe it or not, MENSA tests do not factor in your knowledge of how to scale a fish or your “assertativeness” when booking a flight to Colombia.

phuket jaime cara 2

When you are in your sleep-deprived state, assertativeness and aggressivity enter the TAR lexicon.

On the podcast, this is why I said I relate to Cam & Darius–people who are very useful when it comes to booksmart-y things, but man oh man they are going to struggle at technical outdoor labour (a.k.a. activities that are ideal in the real world).

In the style of Lorena & Jason, we saw them get a ton of airtime from their taxi, and there was a ton of focus on their rally to barely survive this round.

Clearly, Cam & Darius will be around for a while. Scott & Blair’s near death in the premiere was significantly underedited compared to Cam & Darius.

P.S. It is great to know I am not the only one who needs cooking classes.

3rd: Sheri & Cole #DecibalBalancingAct

sheri cole

On the race course, it is all about how you finish rather than how you start.

When it comes to editing, it is all about how you start rather than how you finish.

We can’t ignore the insane amount of airtime Sheri & Cole got in the premiere. Consider the second round their cool-down episode.

4th: Burnie & Ashley #DisappointingBaywatchFans

burnie ashley

We have yet to see any negative footage for Burnie & Ashley after two rounds. They are nice and have fun stories to tell.

Due to the fact they have been hovering around the middle of the group, it is difficult for editors to give them a proper storyline for other teams to discuss in early confessionals.

This is usually the case for teams who eventually win the season, but begin in this uneventful position (e.g. Reichen & DK and Kisha & Jen).

P.S. Burnie always disappoints his viewers.

5th: Kurt & Brodie #And1MixtapeRevivals

kurt brodie

Kurt & Brodie were inserted into the primary rivalry of the season. They swapped spots with Dana & Matt to be Tyler & Korey’s biggest rivals.

Also, since they did not turn into the bickering couple like Dana & Matt, I think we are meant to respect Kurt & Brodie more than Dana & Matt from the casual viewer perspective.

Lastly, those frisbee trick shots at the start of the episode were incredible. That has to count for something. I hear the And 1 mixtape may come out of hiding after a ten year hiatus.

6th: Zach & Rachel #UTRKings

zach rachel

My pre-season picks as winners. :/

A strong showing in the premiere is followed by an episode with no substance except a #ReadYourClue hashtag.

I would put them lower, but the hashtag was unexpected and hints that we need to keep Zach & Rachel in our heads going into the next few episodes.

7th: Scott & Blair #TakeYourDaughterToSpeedBumpDay

blair scott

Wow. I never thought I would say this, but if you are a casual viewer, you either love Scott & Blair or you hate Scott & Blair. Seeing a father-daughter team in this position is weird.

I know I said before the season that they are similar to Gary & Mallory, but I am definitely withdrawing that statement after two rounds.

In what universe would Mallory’s first confessional be a sex tape joke?
In what universe would Gary fudge up a Roadblock?
In what universe would Gary & Mallory finish in last rather than first at a first round NEL leg?
In what universe would Mallory talk about only packing thongs?
And in what universe would Mallory be shown repeatedly yelling ‘daddy, daddy, daddy’?

Scott & Blair are a unique team. Sure, editors hailed them for catching up and surviving yet another quick Speed Bump in the TAR catalogue, but that whole bathing suit scene was edited to annoy the audience.

“Who doesn’t pack a bathing suit for The Amazing Race?” they say.

NOTE: Blair had a video posted before the start of the season where she said she was going to bring a one-piece onto the race. What the heck happened to that? I am sure I can find the answer with about two minutes of research on social media, but eh, I’m tired.

8th: Dana & Matt #CoolHandLukes

dana matt

TAR refuses to allow a team edited as the bickering dating couple to also win the season. It is too bad because viewers need to be shocked and angered every once in a while, but in a franchise that is suffering in the 18-49 demographic, they can’t risk irritating a fragile following.

Dana & Matt cannot win unless a redemptive arc evolves soon.

9th: Brittany & Jessica #FingerSlicers

jessica brittany

Anorexia jokes, modeling references, sister wives for Cole, and cutting their own finger has not been a flattering edit for Brittany & Jessica.

Nearly every team received a personal backstory at the start of episode two, but Jessica & Brittany were not one of those teams.

Editors are not being kind to them.

10th: Erin & Joslyn #StephanieDillAuditionTapeCopycat

erin joslyn

The shortest intro in the premiere and no backstory at the start of episode two?

This is not good for Erin & Joslyn.

This week we saw the remix to D**k-In-A-Box in the form of Fish-In-A-Crotch, and that was pretty much it.

Joslyn’s Espanol (I am probably moving to Spain in autumn–can you teach me?) was swept under the rug despite being in a major Spanish speaking country yet again.

There hasn’t been much material for Erin & Joslyn to be respected much as strong racers by the casual audience. This has to be the end for them, right?

Predictions for Week Three

Note: This is my prediction for who will arrive on the mat from first to last place in this leg.

This is different from my pre-season projection of how the boot order will shape up for the duration of the season.

1st: Tyler & Korey – 1.5 Team Average

Unless another Chaos Emerald from Sonic the Hedgehog is in Korey’s safekeeping hands, Tyler & Korey should preserve their lead as we have another round in Cartagena.

I presume there will not be any equalizers since we are stuck in the same city. In TAR history, the second leg held in the same town has a reputation for being notoriously short.

2nd: Dana & Matt – 2.5 Team Average

Bickering couples love finishing in second place on TAR, right? I am curious if Dana & Matt and Kurt & Brodie will be swapping roles or the duration of the season.

3rd: Kurt & Brodie – 3.5 Team Average

I can’t see them being knocked down anytime soon.

4th: Zach & Rachel – 4.5 Team Average

The team with a level head is guaranteed to finish in the middle for now. They won’t be first, but they ain’t gonna be last either.

5th: Burnie & Ashley – 4.5 Team Average

See above.

6th: Scott & Blair – 10.0 Team Average

They overtook two teams last week. I know this round will probably be very short, but if Scott can redeem himself in this Roadblock, he should propel them ahead of a couple of teams along the way.

7th: Jessica & Brittany – 7.0 Team Average

Welcome to Andy & Laura’s world.

8th: Sheri & Cole – 8.5 Team Average

I don’t see a triumphant moment heading into this round, but their relationships with the teams around them will help them to avoid the cellar for this leg.

9th: Cam & Darius – 7.0 Team Average

They must be far behind most of these teams. Cam & Darius will need to use their intellect to breeze through what will hopefully be a mental task.

All you need to do is beat one team. Just hang on until the almighty equalizer. Well, assuming only one flight is available to get out of Cartagena.

10th: Erin & Joslyn – 7.5 Team Average

Erin regrets performing the Roadblock in odd-numbered legs. After going Stir Cavey in the series premiere, we are likely going to see a repeat of this in the third round.

Do you know how unlucky that is? I cannot recall any season where two of the first three rounds have a Roadblock in a claustrophobic cave.

Producers can be cruel.

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