The Amazing Race 28 Funniest Casual Fan Complaints Week One Edition


As always, complaints from the casual fans remain anonymous to remove any aspect of embarrassment or humiliation. Truth be told, I forget which random fan said what about ninety percent of the time. That is probably for the best.

Underlined entries indicate the complaint from the casual fan.

Bold indicates my witty/sarcastic/serious responses.

Arrows indicate another person online responding to the casual fan’s complaint.

1) I’d rather watch The Real Housewives of Melbourne than see that dreadful introduction of the first episode! The ‘starting line’ was bad!

steve irwin

It’s true. Every episode is just a bunch of housewives making tasteless jokes about Steve Irwin’s anaconda.

kylie minogue

Or that one episode early on where they were discussing if they should get butt implants to make themselves look more like Kylie Minogue.

It’s a riveting spin-off.

2) Define “Irony”? Chowder-heads, taking to “Social Media”, to complain about social media-ites on The Amazing Race! LoL

Bring on the bikini episode!!!

Chowder-heads? Who are you?

mayor quimby son

Mayor Quimby’s son? It’s pronounced Chowda-head, by the way.

And hey, why do we need the bikini episode. . .





When we can have the thong episode?

3) My dog was watching with me, then left the room…bored….so am I, unfortunately. I used to love this show. You don’t need gimmicks to get us to watch.

As I said before, TAR has always been weak in the 18-49 demographic. Well, 18-49 in dog years, anyway.

4) My one dog hates the show. He leaves every time it comes on. American version, Canadian version, he hates them all. LOL

singapore allan wu 7

Except TAR Asia which is hosted by Allan Wuuf.

5) So far the most obnoxious group ever. Especially the morons who keep shouting are you fake playing? Like they would tell them. This may be one season I skip. Annoying as hell.

Yes, I am sure they were shouting at the mariachi players with the intent of one of the band members saying “si senor! How did you know? Wait, you didn’t? Ahhhh! I feel so stupid! This is why I always lose at seven card stud!!!!”

And Kurt & Brodie definitely didn’t shout to ensure they would be heard on the audio over the noise level of 349 mariachi players.

dennis rodman

D-Rod loves Mariachi Mazes, by the way.

6) I hope producers are reading this. Cause its funny how all the fans from all over the country of all different backgrounds are saying the same thing. We don’t want stunt casting dating shows we want real people like Joyce and Uchenna, Mark and Bopper ,Team Guido. It already sucks that it’s been sent to tv hell on Fridays. Listen to your loyal fans that’s who kept the show on don’t try to recruit new viewers with fame mongers.

Our hatred of social media stars who collectively averaged four minutes of airtime collectively brought the universe together. Forget singing We Are the World, it’s our collective hatred of Ashley Jenkins and some guy who does magic that will truly unite as one.

7) The Amazing Race is good when the contestants are real people. I can’t stand these blabbering narcissists. I may watch just hoping the bungee cords snap. Or not. These people are insufferable.

jim misti

Hey, it almost happened in TAR 25. Hopefully producers re-visit this hotel in Singapore for this season!

SHERI: So you’re going to watch hoping that one of us dies from an accident?? What a horrible thing to say!!!!

I think the casual fans are confusing TAR with Celebrity Death Match.

8) The moment I saw the preview at the ending of last season I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to watch this season. Part of me hoped it would not be crap, however my instincts didn’t fail me. This season is crap. I can’t get through the first 10 minutes of this first episode. Horrible choice of people kinda wishing they would all get kidnaped by narcos since they are in Mexico and the season would end there…

SHERI: So you are hoping we are kidnapped and what… Killed? That’s a horrible thing to wish on other people. My family is quite happy that my son and I weren’t kidnapped and killed.

Actually, if you’re just merely kidnapped by Mexican drug cartels, and they figure out you have friends and family in America, they will hold you for ransom. In fact, they will not physically threaten you whatsoever. Sometimes they go with a highball strategy and keep adjusting the ransom down until they get a small payment.

At least, that’s what my two courses about Mexico in university and the TV show Weeds taught me.

santa muerte.jpg

If the drug cartels do not kidnap you. . .then yeah, you’re pretty much screwed. The locals will gather around Santa Muerte as they pray for your protection in the afterlife.

9) Yeah. I don’t understand this world anymore. Who are these people, why do they know each other, and why do other people know them?

a) They are social media stars.

b) They share similar interests in a profession that enhances the opportunity to “find” each other online.

c) Because some people have no life. I mean, do we really need -another- entertainment gossip website?

10) I’m not connecting with this cast. I really don’t think I’m going to watch this season. Too Hollywood cast, too perky, too not-like-normal-people. Too narcissistic. Who let them do this?

You know, these social media stars are not the greatest at their job when “connecting” is the biggest issue for casual fans watching The Amazing Race this season.

Everyone keep saying this cast is too narcissistic.


Is it because they all hated the WWF heel known as The Narcissist? I mean, Lex Luger had significant real life problems which shouldn’t be applauded by his fans, but that shouldn’t affect how you judge a contestant on The Amazing Race.

11) Did I miss something, no prize for coming in first?

Well, if you followed SOCIAL MEDIA in a season called SOCIAL MEDIA STARS, you would have found the tweet where Matt announced he and Dana won two thousand dollars each.

Personally, I think this prize was not announced because of how much I made fun of Brendan & Rachel receiving $2, 500 each during TAR 24.

12) I’m done. There is usually one team that annoys me. This year, I can’t find one team that DOESN’T. I’ll try again next season.

How the hell did Cam & Darius find a way to annoy you? Seriously. What did they do? Is it because Darius wasn’t willing to admit that he doesn’t know anything about Marty’s airline video?

13) I actually believe that I died a little bit tonight. This Show is Killing me!!!
I have watched every season but if I have to listen to the following words over and over “Luv You, Luv You Too” and “Ohhhh Myyyyy Goddddd” one more time, that’s a wrap on this season.

The only guy that looked halfway athletic, fell and slid across the floor running through the airport!!

People were already crying within the first 15 minutes!!
You know who else cried:
This seasons first show is awful as I didn’t even care enough to even retain their names!!

And here on the East Coast (Connecticut) at the end of the show it said” Stay Tuned for Previews of this Seasons exciting Show!”
And then they skipped it and we never saw the previews at the end.
We saw a preview for our local news, and then when they came back, they were halfway through the credits and no preview like the show jumped and it jumped over the previews.
I’m sure it was just more crying but I just wanted to see if I needed to stick with this show, or set my DVR to record something more exciting on Friday nights like
“Paint Drying” on PBS, or Snow Melting on the Weather Channel!

Jesus. Did you know “Paint Drying” pulls in only slightly more ratings on Friday nights than Nick Cannon’s Caught On Camera?

And who gets pissed off that they missed a bunch of season long spoilers? I will never understand why CBS/producers started airing promos that hint as to who stays and who goes all the way up until the Final Four over the past couple of seasons. I have become annoyed with it so much that I intentionally skipped that segment here on the west coast.

justin diana

Oh, and this isn’t the first time somebody has cried in the first fifteen minutes.

By the way, if Kurt & Brodie are getting points taken away from them because they slid in an airport by accident then. . .well, I can’t imagine a team who can please you without doing anything wrong.

ivette big brother

Hold off on the Slip n’ Slide Roadblock Ivette.

ivette big brother 2.jpg

We can’t afford to have half athletes disappoint viewers of The Amazing Race!

14) By far,this is the worst season ever! Who was the idiot who came up with the idea of YouTube? Such a shame,this used to be one of my favorite shows,not anymore! If things don’t change,many viewers will be lost,including ratings!

Actually, they are three idiots. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim who all met while working for PayPal.

Chad Hurley has a net worth of 355, 000, 000 primarily thanks to YouTube.

Steve Chen has a net worth of 300, 000, 000 primarily thanks to YouTube.

Jawed Karim has a net worth of 140, 000, 000 primarily thanks to YouTube.

Also, viewers -are- the ratings.

HAGAN: *Says something to encourage people to give it a fair shake*

—> Hagan Parkman no chance


—> Hagan is a “contestant” and I don’t recall previous seasons calling for the “racers” to come on Facebook and defend themselves. You’re really not helping your cause.

TAR producers just can’t fight their own battles anymore. Next thing you know they’ll be inviting Matt & Ana to start making cameos on the TAR pages.

—> Maybe the network got to Hagan Parkman,her post is no longer there.

Nah, the Mexican drug cartel kidnapped her. Why else do you think she disappeared?

15) Amazing race could you have found a more annoying group of people? Not sure I’m going to be able to hang for the whole season with this self absorbed hyper active lot.

HAGAN: Awwww thanks

—> This comment does it for me. You guys suck

It only took Hagan one week to develop a cynical and bitter attitude towards the casual fan community. This is delicious.

lady of rage

She is a couple of steps away from becoming The Pink Lady of Rage and destroying fans online with her afro puffs.

burnie ashley

blaze fielding

No, not the Pink Lady of Streets of Rage, Burnie & Ashley.

16) This is the first time I have almost bailed on The Amazing Race. I have a feeling this season will become background noise while I’m doing something else, like the dishes.

eric jeremy dishes

Just don’t invite Eric & Jeremy over to help out.

Bail is also something producers will need once this season is convicted of being a crime against the franchise.

—> I had it on but can’t tell you a thing that happened, except some kid kept yelling at the Mariachi band, and the last team didn’t get eliminated

That sounds like how my mother watches The Amazing Race alone. She falls asleep after a few minutes then wakes up about thirty-five minutes later to see the end.

Thank god for PVR, eh?

17) Congrats on assembling a group that represents the kind of people that I hate the most in the world. Just flat out annoying and unwatchable.

This cast represents homophobic White supremacists and are all materialistic? Man. I think you are watching TAR 29 on Netflix Premium Gold Plus: The Attack of The Freddy & KKKendra Klones.

18) 15 minutes in…I am totally disappointed..I don’t think I’ll be watching. Bunch of annoying people. They are childish. Whatever made the producers think adults would enjoy this.

Well, two of them are technically children. You do have Cole and Cam.

As for adults enjoying this season? It wasn’t designed them. It was designed for kids to hear their favourite social media stars are going to appear on a TV show, and invade their parents’ cable television sets and force them to watch The Amazing Race on Fridays.

Apparently going out to see the next disappointing Pixar sequel during the weekend matinee is not enough of a sacrifice for parents. Now they have to watch horrible selfie CGI with Phil Keoghan.

19) “Are you finding little drums on the ground” probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard and funny at the same time.

paris kevin drew 2

“It’s lovely in Peru today.”

“I’m sure it is nice in Peru, but we’re in Ecuador.”

There we go. I just one-upped you.

20) Logged in to complain about the worst group ever, never mind, all these ex-fans have said it better than I could.


Which is a shame because exes as contestants tend to be fun characters. Sadly that does not apply to the fans online.

21) These people are annoying and not at all smart!! Are you guys playing, screaming at the top of their lungs. Stupid group maybe I’ll pass this go round.

Well, one team is nicknamed Duh Droolers.

22) What the hell? Put undercover boss back on! We dont want to see a bunch of idiots who were too stupid to take their cell phones or a gps with them when they left the house! Common sense says hey tard, your gonna be running around the planet to places you have never been to before, TAKE YOUR GPS DUMBASSES!

Holy shit. You might be the dumbest person I have ever responded to online.

a) I watched one episode of Undercover Boss because I couldn’t fathom the idea of a family-friendly reality show taking the Hooters CEO seriously, and see him be “absolutely stunned” and “shocked” that sexual harrassment occurs in the workplace. I needed to see it play out.

b) Undercover Boss is essentially just a one hour promotional product for a company. There is zero substance to it. Most of it is staged. It’s all about spin control and artificially changing their image. It caters to the lowest percentage of the TV viewing population.

c) It is super predictable.

Seriously. How does anyone watch crap like this? It’s people like you that led to The Mole being cancelled.

Oh, and your GPS remark shows you have done zero research into TAR. Do you also think Survivor is filmed in a studio?

—> They CAN’T have phones or gps. Have you ever watched TAR before?

—> Ive watched TAR before! It just sits in the pail it came in and does nothing! Im gonna go fight in the jungles of Vietnam but im not going to take a weapon, food or compass. Just gonna walk around in american combat fatigues!

The war ended like forty years ago. If you watched TAR 15, you would have learned that the final event which marked the North Vietnamese victory was when a tank made it onto the grounds of the Reunification Palace.

23) Annoying people. And how many times can you hear “Oh my God!” In one hour? Like fingernails on a chalkboard.

rob amber

Ohhhh my goddddddd. . .it’s so REPETITIVE!

24) OMG Dumbest moment ever on the history of Amazing Race! “Are you finding little drums on the ground?” hahaha REALLY?

michael skupin research 2

At least it’s better than finding little kids on the ground.

—> That can be argued with “Do they speak Thai in Taiwan?” from season 12 from one of the most annoying dating couples ever.


“What about the Tanzanian Devil?”

25) Last season there was one egotistical moron couple, this season there are eleven of them. If they continue to be such jerks I don’t know if I’ll make it through the season.

How are they being a jerks? Sure, Erin wasn’t too kind towards her cab driver at the end of the round, and unintentionally taunted the others as she exited the Roadblock, but any type of ‘jerky’ assumptions is a bit premiere. It’s not like anybody has full blown Kelly & Shevonne “We hate all other women, make shallow remarks about gay contestants, and cower away when we lose” type of behaviour.

26) just a bunch of wannabes that are having their 15 minutes of fame because they cannot find a real career. I keep thinking of the line that I have seen over and over:


The world needs stupid people, though. It is the only way I get to feel good about myself. :/

27) I want an “All Convicts” season of TAR. Two cell mates from different prisons around the US. At the end, Phil can go “Congratulations on winning the million dollars. You can spend that after you finish serving 20 years to life!”

a) It’s the only season where contestants have more possessions by the end than what they started with in the beginning.

b) It’s the only season where contestants cover the additional expense to fly first class.

c) Instead of playing for the Express Pass or The Save, they will be playing for The Royal Pardon which was used in Pirate Master.

d) Producers realize “All Convicts” is not a feasible option, and instead go with Social Media Stars II for TAR 29 at the last minute.

28) First season that I absolutely hate. 21 annoying people and a dad.

Dads aren’t annoying?

dave o' leary crutches funny

You need to get out more.

29) How do you take a penalty on the first leg?

Ask the cast of TAR 22 and 25. They’ll tell you how.

—> can’t figure out something easy..just give up

prague big easy 15

His life motto.

ERIN: Actually, I was told by other teams that the blue mask wouldn’t get approved (a very bad game of telephone). In transit I dropped one of my white pieces and couldn’t find it in the cave. I thought that I wouldn’t have what I needed to have a complete mask and offered up the penalty as a last resort. You don’t see everything in the episode, so you can’t always assume that you know all there is to know about what happened. Thanks for watching, though!

I know everything, Erin. Like, I know every character in Phoenix Wright who has been a lawyer or a prosecutor, and can recite all of the lyrics to “What Would You Do?” by City High.

—> Thanks for your explanation Erin Robinson. This is the first time a team talked about a penalty in the first leg of the race.

charlie murphy


30) Just based on the 2 mins i’ve seen i’m not interested. Like i said in another post, let america choose the contestants

russell hantz


And if I recall correctly, the last time America chose a cast. . .


shane powers

They kinda screwed it up.

31) All contestants are YouTube tools? I hope it is better than that sounds.

It is not strictly YouTube tools; there are also Viner assholes, Instagraming jackasses, and Twitter jerks. They are all connecting through one medium.

32) OMG This Cole guy is unbelievably annoying. STOP SCREAMING! He’s crazy.

—> Want to throat punch him. Sheesh

captain falcon


33) Is James Earl’s mom back with a different son?

If Sheri looks like Denise, then Erin must be Mary Kate Olsen.

34) Dana is the only hot looking female on the show.

No kidding. A season of TAR is not worth watching if you find yourself struggling in the wank department.

This is proof of how narcissistic these contestants are this season. The Amazing Race is all about the viewers, and there is nothing but a stench of selfish behaviour when the female players aren’t even trying to think about the audience at home. 

It’s like they don’t even care about us. You guys are right. The narcissism is overwhelming.

Blair, why did you ditch your make-up at the first pit stop? You may be an 11 when it comes to how you finish on the first leg, but your looks are hovering around a 6.

Hagan? Maybe attend some of Dana’s dance classes when she is in town.

Jessica and Brittany, ‘thin is in’ no longer applies after about 2002 or 2003. Meghan Trainor is right, guys need to see an ounce of cushion for the pushin’.

Erin and Joslyn, a few squats aren’t gonna kill ya.

Lastly, Marty and Sheri, nobody is stopping you from what you need to do to achieve MILF status.

ann diane intro 5

There is no rule which states Diane & Ann have a monopoly over this in the TAR universe.

35) There were over 500 posts a few hours ago and now it is down to 254? Sounds like NBC spent alot of time deleting posts after the fiasco of a race of having the most annoying people on the planet racing.

Those silly peacocks are up to no good!

36) i think they should definitely do a PARENT CHILD EDITION !!!!!!!!


37) Anybody we don’t like so far??? I just turned it on (recording it)

You came to the right place to form an unbiased opinion. The teams I don’t like are–

—> Everyone

—> Cole His screaming whining voice

—> The dude in orange shirts

All are acceptable answers!

Wait, there’s a guy wearing multiple shirts in Mexico City? He was very unprepared for the climate. Maybe he is from the All Convicts edition.

38) Deleted TAR off my DVR timer.

Next week: I made a rude gesture of biting my thumb towards the TV.

39) First selphie…yeah..I’m out….


Good things come to those who wait.

40) EPIC fail. Way to kill a great show SeeBS.

st petersburg mallory ervin 27

—> You mean you are “outties”

I’m an innie.

41) Confusing and ill prepared.

It’s the same way I hear Americans describing the effort in trying to follow an ice hockey puck.

42) What prize did Team #1. Get? I didn’t hear Phil say anything.

—> Nothing they got nothing, why!!

willy wonka you lose

Because Matt sullied the cave by consuming the fizzy lifting drinks! Those drums now have to be cleaned and sterilized! YOU WIN NOTHING, MATT!

43) How does casting work for the amazing race? I’d like try and audition for your next race.

a) Are you over the age of 18?

b) Are you an American citizen?

c) Are you friends with Jodi Wincheski?

d) Do you have a minimum of ten thousand followers on social media?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, then congratulations, send in an app right away.
—> You have to have connections to their casting director. Or be a bartender or model in Los Angeles.

As I have said before, become a big fan of tacos because you will need to scope every taco stand in southern California.

44) Why are they all screamers?

clue scream 2

Because she taught everyone how to behave on social media.

45) “Social influencers.” *gag*

Oh, you’re one of Jessica & Brittany’s friends?

46) I think your show sucks. Good riddance.

billy madison you suck

Well maybe YOU SUCK!

47) PLEASE PLEASE TURN DOWN THE “background” music. I can’t hear any of the comments that racers are making because the music is TOO DARN LOUD!!

Luckily, this complaints blog post is closed captioned.

48) Kill it before it spreads.


If only the Hydra took a selfie before Hercules showed up.

49)  I am cheering for Erin and Joslyn and Jessica and Brittney and Marty and Hagan

Whoa. This is the same guy who stated this in my pre-season complaints blog. Uh, I think I’m going to ignore this guy from now on.

50) Looks dumb this season

land before time ducky

It is, it is.

51) So full of themselves….ugh

You can’t say that about Jessica & Brittany. Last time I checked, they are not full of anything. They pat themselves on their bony shoulders if they are full of so much as half of a carrot at the end of the day.

52) Just heard the “throw up” comment from the #InstagramModels on #TheAmazingRace. Way to be role models, these girls are such gems.

Instagram models who hang out on model airplanes are not also role models. They never signed up to be role models (just look at what they tweet me :)). Do you really want a team to self-edit every statement they make with the intent of motivating and inspiring children across the country?

No. Some teams cast on The Amazing Race probably hate kids (look at Brian & Cynthia).

Hell, when I had gone through an eating disorder and body image issues during the 6th through 8th grades (perhaps I am a greater oversharer than Tyler Oakley), I didn’t turn to David & Jeff to tell me everything was going to be okay, and that I can rise above this.

I am sure if a kid tweeted to Jessica & Brittany that they had an eating disorder, they would likely respond with “yo, don’t starve yourself in the name of having a thin figure! It ain’t worth it!”, then go back to their daily routine of conspiring with the other TAR 28 contestants as to how they can come up with the funniest tweets to entertain me.

And if Jessica & Brittany do make fun of kids with eating disorders in real life. . .then congratulations, those two are bigger assholes than Kelly & Shevonne or Jet & Cord.


da brat tyrese 2

I personally prefer to drool over Da Brat because she is the least immature of them all.

da brat tyrese

Especially that music video with Tyrese. Damn!

SHERI: wow… A woman calling other women bimbos?? Never judge a woman’s intelligence based solely on her looks. And everyone was so excited and nervous about the first leg of the race… Guess everyone should have stayed quiet…. Right?

Oh c’mon, Sheri. We all know it is an inverse relationship.

If Dana is the hottest one on this season, she is unquestionably a bimbo. A bimbo who can dance, might I add.

tiffany krista

“There’s not enough room for the three of us!”

And yeah, you guys really need to learn to shut the f–k up. Be the anti-mariachi band. Be humble. Speak only when necessary. Cole is only nineteen, and thus his voice should not be higher than a mere whisper when talking aloud. Do not give editors any material to allow for a combined confessional count higher than five between all twenty-two contestants. We want to see a race, not a “bimbo narcissistic whore yourself out mega throwdown extravaganza” on television.


54) SHERI: I’m shocked at the amount of prejudice on this page!! Are any of you aware at how many college graduates are in this cast? How some of the contestants started doing vines, YouTubes to share their hobbies, to help others, to make people laugh. Not one of these contestants started their social media to become social media famous… It just happened. What they did, they did well. Just like u, starting a business and once it becomes successful people hate you because it’s successful. People think you’re stupid or critique everything you do because being success puts a target on your back.

Most of the cast are huge TAR fans and were so excited to have this opportunity. They did not do it to boost their careers.. They did it because they are TAR fans. My son and I did the race because we thought it would be a once in a lifetime thing… I get to travel the world and experience different cultures with my son that just left for college. What endearing memories we made.

I’m sorry that many here can’t get past the hate of others solely based on their jobs, social media. But I can tell you, we all loved every minute of it. It was hard, it was fun, it was an amazing experience.

At the end of the day, haters are going to hate and there’s nothing that we can do. We were ourselves and I do not regret doing the race.


—> I don`t think comments were intended to be about education or prejudice against you tubers. For me, they were based on what I saw and heard. People who want to be seen and heard no matter how annoying they need to be do it. People who don`t SEEM capable of finding their way out of a paper bag. Don`t take it personally. AR has tried something new. So far it`s not garnering the applause it might have hoped for.

Hey, Joslyn found her way out of a paper bag. Why, she even took a selfie once she escaped the paper bag. Look it up. It’s on Instagram.

If you gave Joslyn a wet paper bag though, that may be a big challenge for her. 

In other news, Joslyn needs to stop drooling on paper bags.

SHERI: you just said they seem like people who don’t seem capable of finding their way out of a paper bag. These people found their way to finish college and start their own businesses… Obviously imbeciles couldn’t achieve that sort of success.

Also, why do you think they are people that want to be seen or heard? Because in their taxi’s some were extra excited? The preparation we go through is quite a lot. I cried because the emotions were heavy and I think others were just excited… We all were… You can’t imagine what is like to finally start the race.. It’s surreal.

Nah, you’re merely an egotistical emotional wreck, Sheri. Anybody can finish college.

tommy boy

tommy boy 2

Look at Tommy Boy.

Overall though, Sheri is right. Besides, the idea of men drooling over “bimbos” is downright ridiculous. Who knew a ridiculous idea would come from somebody typing in all caps?

weird 4

weird 3

Jesus Christ. Maybe the ALL CAPS LADY was onto something after all.

55) Bring Back Hayley and Blair!!


Eh, we needed to end on a positive note this week.

Anyways, have fun. Be kind to others, and remember to not stress over anything I say.

P.S. I blog about The Amazing Race frequently during the week (TARstorian, predictions, and 2015 Team Rankings), and I also co-host a podcast for RTV Warriors on an episode by episode basis as well.

P.P.S. Did you seriously miss the pre-season complaints? Shame on you.


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  1. kathy says:

    I made your list! I’m so proud of me.
    “So full of themselves. Ugh.” Just a great complaint right there.

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