The Amazing Race 28 Funniest Casual Fan Complaints Preseason Edition

NOTE: Apologies to everyone for stopping the TAR 27 Funniest Casual Fan complaints halfway through last season. Things started to pile up, and it became too time-consuming.

This season I am limiting all of the casual fan complaints to a quick scan through Facebook, and any ridiculous material that viewers like you will screencap on my behalf.

As always, complaints from the casual fans remain anonymous to remove any aspect of embarrassment or humiliation.

1) It’s the theme this season, but every season for the past 6 seasons or so, the majority of the teams have some F-list claim to fame. It’s like you have to have a “thing” in order to be a contestant, not like “best friends” but “best friends who also are Olympic athletes” or something like that. And don’t get me started on the blind date season…

Oh c’mon, that’s not true.

Seasons 14 and 18 had Mel & Mike who were not just “father and son”.

kurihama mel mike white 4

They were also “father and son who are also going to have the elder member die if they make it more than halfway into the race”.

2) I’m so disappointed…amazing race was my Favorite show. Now all the racers have some media connection. It’s lost the charm of regular pairs

You hated the regular pairs from last year, though. Blah blah blah ‘I hate Asians who are dentists’ blah blah blah ‘Being an engaged elementary school teacher isn’t a real profession’ blah blah blah ‘being a gay guy in Alabama who works in the medical field is just stunt casting’ blah blah blah.

If you’re going to draw the line in the sand, be a bit more picky about it. Just think about all of the older reality shows that had to turn to “celebrity” versions then come to a halt because all of you made ridiculous complaints about casting. Pick your battles, folks.

3) I thought it was always mixed. KevJumba was one of the first youtubers on the show and the other pairs were from all walks of life

I’ve always loved the mom and pops who never left the country. The world looks very different in their eyes like they’re seeing everything for the first time

russia kevjumba michael wu 22

Oddly enough, KevJumba disappeared from social media within a couple years of his TAR appearance to find inner peace.

shanghai caite upton 2

And if you want to get really technical, Caite was the first YouTuber to run the race. Granted, she was famous -because of- YouTube rather than being a content creator, but it all depends on how you define it.

She is the cyber version of an “oops”. Her and Lauren Bransen should chat sometime.

bransen intro

Oh. You didn’t tell her yet, Wally? My bad.

4) Season 6 was the best!

You have horrible taste. Were you raised by wolves?

5) Agreed! People don’t have to do much these days to be called “celebrities,” and there are new ones born every minute. I’m usually annoyed by the vapid personalities that social media exposure creates, so I’m less than thrilled about this season’s theme. I loved the “regular” people (like the cowboys) who went on the race for an adventure of a lifetime — not to increase followers and media exposure. I really hope I’m wrong, but I have a bad feeling about this choice.

Well, if you consider homophobic and hypocritical people who played The Amazing Race three times, then yeah, I guess you’d call them “regular” people.

6) There are interesting “normal” people out there. I’m a super fan and worked for the UN after watching the race, met my wife in one country, worked and helped in many more.

Do you know who else was a reality TV contestant that came from the UN?


Cassandra. She was on Big Brother 2000 US. Not only was the BB 2000 cast considered one of the most boring in reality TV history (we know my opinion slightly differs but whatever), and out of these ten people Cassandra was viewed as the most stable and flattest character of them all.

It’s like people who work in the UN have a tendency to be diplomatic.

7) The Cowboys aren’t “regular people” they are superstars in the world of rodeo. These people were asked to be on the show, it’s not them just looking for more exposure.


8) I don’t recognize any of them since I don’t follow social media personalities. So they are all just regular people to me – definitely not any kind of celebs.


9) better to have media fanatics than a bunch who play the game repeatedly, or jump from one game to the next, to make money to support their lifestyle

japan flight time big easy

Herb and Nate recently purchased a house in Beverly Hills together after the prize money they won from The Amazing Race 24, and took a joint early retirement from the Harlem Globetrotters. It’s a big step up from Nate’s humble beginnings in New Orleans. This was all made possible because they whored themselves out for three seasons of The Amazing Race.

10) They all have something in common with the early seasons of The Amazing Race. I have no idea who anyone of them are!!

That joke has already been made.


Find a new beat, pal.

11) Whiners. If you aren’t watching because you “know” these people as celebs then you are way too media oriented already. I’ll bet most have never seen or heard of them so they ARE just regular people to you. I am into that media and I only recognize one couple. Are you afraid their fans will somehow ruin the show for you? Whiners!

Eh, it’s a valid complaint, though. What happens if ratings get a boost? Does this mean we will always get F-List or Z-list celebrities every season, and the folks who apply the old fashioned way will be hopeless to live their dreams? They aren’t whining. They are just projecting their fears.

sandy francesca sit

Like Francesca’s fears of vomiting.

12) No one looks over 33. What happened to regular people and people over 40?

Well, you just made the following people really happy:


Free drinks on them if you ever meet up.

13) Personally I’m 37 and have watched EVERY season of amazing race, I am totally exited about this season, I only know of two of the couples, (Burnie burns and zack King) but my kids know more, and because of that, my kids want to sit and watch it with me, this amazing race will be very funny and I get to watch it with my family, CAN’T WAIT

I am 24, and have watched every season of The Amazing Race since the series premiere episode debuted (what can I say, my parents and my aunts were always on top of whatever new competitive reality show was coming out–I started following Survivor during the second episode of Borneo), but you don’t see me bragging about it.

And you know what? I don’t need validation from my children regarding my TV viewing habits.

And how do you know it will be very funny? A lot of these teams are family-oriented and have relatively clean humour. And last time I checked, none of these social media stars have the name Brian Regan. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a season full of knock knock jokes.

carissa gaghan 3

Finally. A season meant for Carissa Gaghan.

14) I really don’t watch it for the drama but rather for the interesting challenges and especially for the opportunity to visit other countries from the comfort of my sofa. My daughter actually saw the teams while on vacation late last year so I know one location this season.

a) You’re not visiting the countries from your sofa. Your concept of temporal space fails you.

b) Who else cares what your daughter saw while on vacation? Am I supposed to be impressed? My brother and his wife ran into the filming of Hamerotz LaMillion 5 in Italy back in November, and I didn’t make a series of posts on Facebook about it while uploading their photos and video.

15) This truly is sad, I was hoping they’bring back the everyday people who didn’t travel a lot, just worked their jobs and survived or some barely surviving. I especially enjoyed the couples who rarely or never traveled before as you got to see the world through their eyes. Maybe they need to go back to the root of the show. I know several who were interested in becoming contestant but their just normal folks, one is an accountant and his step dad is a fork lift driver they have such different lifes, they compete with each other on physical challenges often another is two wedding planners that were interested. Sadly none of them are famous or chatting up on You Tube. Amazing Race, please reconsider this themed crap you’ve been showing lately. Please and thank-you.

Barely surviving? Like somebody who just fell off of a building and are dragging themselves on their hands to get to the hospital?

And yeah, it truly is sad they won’t put on. . .an accountant and a fork lift driver. It’s sadder than the deaths of Michael Jackson and Dumbledore combined.

Just bring on the Dido. Just bring her in right now.


And why do I see thousands of people online hyphenate the words thank you? Who taught you that?

16) Youtubers really annoy me so i’m not looking forward to this season. lol

They really are all a bunch o’ pricks, but sometimes in life you just have to make sacrifices.

17) Is this the social media star season? What happened to regular everyday people competing in this race? Doubt I’ll be watching this season either.

Well if you aren’t watching this season in addition to last season, then the social media theme really wasn’t a deal breaker for you, was it?

HAGAN: We are regular every day people. Lol

—> I agree, nothing but a bunch of annoying people….the amazing race has gone downhill

You tried your best, Hagan. You’re better off just giving up on convincing you are an every day person.

kardinal offishal.jpg

Or an every day rudebwoy. What’s up, Kardinal!

Instead respond to these people by saying you are some superior being, and they all need to bow before all of your greatness.

18) Not planning on watching this season…..didn’t like the you tube team from a couple of seasons back so I can’t imagine a whole cast of them will be any better.

In all fairness, Joey Graceffa is kind of a joke. Especially when it comes to blocking Nate Clark’s driveway. The only time he drops his persona is in an interview with Laci Green where she asks him about his sex life.




You are looking up that link on Google, aren’t you?

—> Dont judge this season on a team that isnt even on it…

I feel like The Amazing Race as a whole should be judged for casting Joey Graceffa, though.

joey furby

I mean. . .Furbies.

19) Nope, not looking fwd to this season BECAUSE they got people who’re “youtube celebs”, which is a joke. Producers HOPE that their followers will watch them, but you’ll be losing the REAL fans of this show for doing this. See you in the fall, unless you pull another stupid stunt like this again.

morpheus 2

What is a “real” fan? I usually hear this in reference to people who refuse to blindly support every single season of a specific TV show, but am glad the definition can evolve to refer to people who won’t stand for bulls–t production decisions.

20) Please bring back the normal ‘Joe’s’. Tired of retreads, contestants that have some fame, and contestants from other reality shows. We want the guy-girl next door types. Also, please bring back the Fast Forward in every episode!!!! Stop trying to make this show what it’s not. Stop all the fitbit crap, the live tweets, just air good quality contestants having fun and enjoying the race. These youtubers in this upcoming season could probably care less about the race and more about themselves.

Bring back the Fast Forward in every episode? I believe I have a long lost brother that my parents had not yet told me about.

21) Not excited. Amazing race now just picks athletes and pretty people. Not everyday folks. Shame on you.

—> Didn’t see any pretty faces here sorry lol. Getting sucks

kelso burn


Producers were originally going to call it The Amazing Race 28: Social Media Stars Who Are Ugly As F–k, but they couldn’t get all of the words to fit on screen.

22) HAGAN: Just letting everyone know, we are regular people! I’m the least famous person on the show, I was intimidated going into it but these are the most amazing people you will ever meet. Social media is just their job. Just like any other job!! It will be a great season and I hope everyone loves it as much as I did.

Is it just like any other job? No other job has encompassed the entire theme for a season of The Amazing Race or Survivor. Therefore, it is distinguished from EVERY job imaginable.

—> DANA: Love u Hagan Parkman- u are a doll

Oh, you two. Get a room for crying out loud.

accra connor jonathan 14

“And a camcorder. . .and a cassette tape!”

Jesus Christ Connor & Jonathan, both of you need to get a girlfriend.

23) Has Amazing Race run out of ideas? Where are the real every day hard working folks? No to social media extremists! What about a season of Teachers, Law Enforcement or better yet Military. Get it together Amazing Race, you are becoming a “has been” real fast!

Social media -extremists-? What the hell is that? Je Suis Charlie’s Instagram et Twitter? They’re going to denounce all infidels who don’t follow their cousin who makes videos about cats?

And you want a season of law enforcement and teachers?

nary jaime

Why not pick teams who fill out BOTH credentials!

24) They should do a “twins” amazing race…..cuz I have a twin and we love this show!!!!…..aaaannnddd we’ve tried to get on the show before and would love love love such an awesome opportunity as to be on the Amazing Race!!

Ah. Twins.

a) You make a blunder because you trusted your heart.

b) You make a series of errors that make you into a duo that no one takes seriously as you discuss allergies to feces.

kamkar chocolate wasted

And you loooove chocolate.

c) You find success.

I can only hope and pray for the latter.

25) Long-time fan (haven’t missed a season, not even the horrible Amazing Race Family) and I am so disappointed in the casting. Sure, one or two celebrity type couples but all of them? So shallow….

Fun fact: TAR 8: Family Edition was less horrible than TAR 6, TAR 14, and TAR 24. And how is it shallow?


It’s not like they cast Parvati.

26) It’s an interesting strategy to get viewership. They figure if people watch their respective social medias….they’ll then tune into watch the Amazing Race.

Then after they watch the race and get into the show they’ll stay as fans for future seasons.

Super good strategy from a marketing perspective. I’ve been trying to get on the show FOREVER….so hopefully it keeps the show around for a while so I can get on and dominate!

Yes. The theme is intentionally being set up by producers for you specifically to be more dominating than Marc & Rovilson. You called their bluff. The jig has risen.

27) The Amazing Race had a “YouTube” team on once before. They were constantly hamming for the camera, overly animated, and annoying. No doubt for no other purpose than to draw more views from curiosity seekers to their YouTube page.

So what do you think is going to happen when ALL the contestants are doing the same? This season is going to be hard to watch. I might skip it and hope for better next season.

reichen pray

bilal saeed pray.jpg

That’s my greatest fear as well. Let’s put our hands together. Let’s pray. Let’s chant. No hamming for cameras. No Graceffa-inspired overanimation. Allow these social media degenerates establish a new precedent for how social media stars behave on TAR.

NOTE: Can you imagine how the TAR audience would react if TAR 30 was eleven teams of minority faiths within the United States? Everyone would go crazy.

—> “As someone who loves YouTube, I despised Joey and Meghan on the show and am not a fan of their channels. I can guarantee almost none of the teams will be like that. It’s worth giving a chance.”

laci green joey graceffa

If only they switched spots. . .if only. 😦

28) The Globetrotters weren’t famous for being famous. The more annoying you are the more subs you get on youtube

big brother 16 frankie euthanize


29) Dear Amazing Race,

I absolutely love your show and consider it one of the better quality reality shows on TV. However I feel it is necessary that I address a glaring concern that your show and its creators seem to have overlooked.

Revelling in the races, bungee jumping, paragliding, free falling, target shooting, race car driving, ice swimming, and the other hectic, entertaining challenges you throw at your contestants, I have to wonder why you must continue to exploit animals for the sake of entertainment?

Sigh. I hate it when people make borderline vegans like me look bad. Next.

30) Can viewers go without a day discrediting social media stars? I love the fact they are doing this because these people deserve this kind of recognition. One of the race pairs, Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, I’m beyond excited to see on the show because I follow them 24/7!!!!!! Definitely watching this season!!!!!!

Wow. The way this post is written is -exactly- how everyone thinks the social media community would behave on The Amazing Race. This is hilarious. Maybe we should be a bit more scared than we were before. This could be a sneak peek.

—> Deserve recognition? I’d say a million ‘views’ is already pretty much that.

dr evil

Why make millions when we can make. . .

psy gangnam style


—> [Not just deserve this kind of recognition on social media]. Deserved recognition on TV.

—> Nope.

—> Then you need to get a life

—> Deserve recognition. Someone needs to familiarize themselves with entitlement issues. These YouTube fools don’t deserve a single thing. And yes, ordering one interesting life please. Send to original commenter. Thanks.

—> I need a life? YouTubers are fools? My life is perfect as it is watching people I love.

Personally, I love watching people I hate. When I watch TV or go online, I have Don Cherry, Stompin’ Tom Collins, Carlos Mencia, the cast of 2 Broke Girls, and irate gamer all on a repeated loop.


Although he slightly gained everyone’s respect last year. Slightly.

31) I will watch it because I love all the scenery and Phil Keoghan, but I have a suspicion there are no contestants I am going to be rooting for. Not happy with the choice. Period.

kolkata phil keoghan 17

It took twenty-eight seasons, but people view Phil Keoghan as the face of the franchise, and tune into it just for his smilin’ Kiwi face. Phil, congratulations, you’ve approached Probst Status.

Now, don’t go Full On Probst by evolving into a major douche.

32) I don’t need to see media “stars” or losers from other reality shows. What is wrong with just average people. What next Barack Obama and Michelle on the Amazing Race?

You missed The Amazing Race 22.

max katie

Max & Katie can tell you all about how much they loved it. 🙂

—> ^ Maybe they’d make the race about ditching their security detail? Can they do it? How far will they get? What happens if/when they get caught? I think it would be a hoot!

What’s with everybody wanting the politician idea? If you thought social media stars would edit themselves for the camera, just imagine how American politicians would be on TAR.

rob ford

If TAR Canada embraced this theme, however. . .

33) I wished there would have been one entry something like this, “Joe and Diane, a couple who have never been on YouTube, Instagram, or Vine and only use their computers at work.” Then I might have had a team to cheer for.



34) Maybe you can do a special AR that has only Seniors on, with less running and stuff. LOL. I’d love to join that one.

If Fran & Barry can do it, so can you.

35) This cast feels too savvy. The lack of creative casting makes me want to take a pass on this season. I have found that I enjoy rooting for teams that are out of place and experiencing things I likely won’t – and maybe that doesn’t make for popular tv, but, I’ll accept poignant and rare.

36) Seriously can you get normal teams for once!! look at these 2 [Tyler and Korey] now both look like they can’t even hold an apple without falling apart and crying

tyler korey

Toakles may be controversial for a couple of things, but I don’t think apple holding qualifies.

Believe it or not, there are greater evils in the world than one who doesn’t hold an apple to your liking.

37) THATS why a huge number of fans are switching off…People [like Blair are] more concerned about how they look and getting airtime than concentrating on the race.

Ouch. Blair is taking more shots than Rory MacDonald at the moment.

38) I wanna watch only to see how often Blair complains that shes not able to curl her hair or do her makeup lol

If that’s the high point of the season in terms of content as a viewer. . .then. . .Jesus. It’s time to go back and re-watch the classics.

39) Do they need the money???

TAR offers very little money for those who do not finish in first place. Most racers tend to lose money when they go on TAR.

In fact, some of the social media stars who are better off are probably walking away from more money than if they just stayed home for three weeks in the first place.

But seriously,  there may be other more reliable and stable jobs than a three week trip as a reality TV contestant. Survivor and TAR is not America’s Powerball.

40) Let me on there please. Bet my partner and I would win most challenges

—> First team to be gone

I swear that response wasn’t me.

41) Why would Hagan agree to race around the world if she’s afraid of flying

Somebody has been listening to my podcast.

42) Too bad these Racers are Z-list “celebrities.” Get back to your roots, guys. Quit with the publicity stunts.

It’s not a publicity stunt–it’s a desperaticity stunt. They tried to go back to their roots with TAR 27, but you all hated it.

43) Frisbee players? Really? Oh Lordy, the Amazing Race is way off course this year. They do not have clue.

As somebody who was originally born near Vancouver, I take offense to this.

44) I want to see rival politicians, rival artists pair together as a team

Considering the core of TAR’s documented fanbase over the past fifteen years as being the most popular TV show amongst Conservatives over the age of 49, the left wing participants will be seen as villains.

karl marx

Be prepared to get a worse edit than Tara & Wil!

45) Which channel forecasts TAR ?? Earlier it used to be Fox Life ! but what about now ?

I hear Reality Fan Forum forecasts TAR. Meanwhile, I have a history of foreshadowing it.

46) BOPPER: I pray for another shot at unfinished business.. if anyone has unfinished business as a contestant on the show it is me…Bopper

—> I believe and pray you and Mark will get your second shot on the race. I’d be thinking about a celebratory 30th season, with returning teams from 22-29, with unfinished business.

. . .On second thought, Social Media Stars may not be such a bad idea.


Anyways, there’s plenty of content coming. The TAR 2015 rankings will continue. The TARstorian blog for episode 7 of TAR 18 will be up within the next couple of days. Oh, and I’ll try to regularly post prediction and funniest complaints posts for this season (I even did a TAR 28 psychological tips post last week).

Lastly, a weekly podcast I co-host with some of the most brilliant minds who follow competitive reality TV. Feel free to listen to it. We make nothing.

Anyways, have fun. Be kind to others, and remember life ain’t worth stressin’ over.

P.S. I checked out Dutch Mole for the first time ever. I am digging it.

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