Ranking The Amazing Race 2015 Teams: #31 Susan and Sharnjit

NOTE: Thirty-four English speaking teams competed in TAR during 2015 (TAR 26, TAR Canada 3, and TAR 27). Now it is time to evaluate how they all did. This is primarily being done because it is going to be at least a few years before I get to these seasons in my TARstorian rankings, and I doubt you want to wait until 2019 or so before you hear my opinions on contemporary racers.

We will be ranking these teams based on various criteria.

Entertainment value.
Overall racing abilities.
Overall storyline and ability to narrate the actions of what goes on.
Comedic contributions.

31) Susan & Sharnjit – TAR Canada 3 – 11th place – 11.0 Team Average

susan sharnjit 2

Entertainment value: 1
Overall Racing Abilities: 0
Comedic Contribution: 3
Overall storyline and narration: 1
Likeability: 7

Close your eyes. Well, actually, you’ll need to keep them open to read what I need you to visualize.

Keep your eyes open, and erase everything you knew about Susan & Sharnjit during their two episode stint and what Duthie thought of them during the two reunion shows. Erase it now.

Okay. Good.

TAR US is not known for casting many badass all-female teams over the years. This was a trait always associated with the TAR Asia series.


singapore michelle claire 14


And last but not least:

finish ida tania 4

A.D. & Fuzzie and French Born Aurelia & Singaporean Sophie are also amazing all-female characters in overall TAR history, but lack the badassness of their rivals.

It truly is incredible that four seasons of TAR Asia matched the contributions of all-female teams in twenty-seven seasons of TAR US.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because prior to the start of TAR Canada 3, Susan & Sharnjit came off as the most badass women to grace the TAR universe since TAR Asia went off the air.

They are female correctional officers who are in ridiculously good physical shape, and both had a great sense of humour in their quest to woo Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

the rock.jpg

“There’s plenty of me to go around, ladies. The other eleven teams are just a bunch of jabronis.”

Before the season began, footage aired where one of the other teams (I forget who) stated that the two moms were the most impressive of any team in the workout room at Sequestersville days prior to the start of the race.

They were absolutely feared. Add in a strong mental game and a good sense of direction, and you have a team who may dominate.

In fact, in their audition video, Susan & Sharnjit each had a pair of testicles in their hands and crushed them with a single squeeze, thus turning the testis into what appeared to be four dried prunes, then dropkicked them until they became dust and whisked it away into the Earth.

chun li


IIf you combine Chun-Li Zang and Cristiano “Cyborg”, you will successfully create Susan & Sharnjit.

Seriously. They were slated to be the strongest and toughest women this country has ever seen. Their expectations as characters was sky high.
Then the race began.

susan sharnjit

I guess the first sign editors were going to not be too kind to them was when their Chevrolet clip online was the only one that ended mid-sentence.

But hey, the episodes are what count in terms of content.

You see, the first episode did not go so well for Susan & Sharnjit.

susan hayre

In a season premiere that ultimately came down to who could focus reading a teleprompter while sitting next to the insufferable James Duthie, Susan’s lone chink in her badassery armour was public speaking.

susan amazing race

She froze multiple times, and Duthie was -laughing- at her. And that’s just rude.

In fact, Susan struggled at this task so much that the only person she beat at this Roadblock was a guy who had lived with dyslexia his whole life.

Even then the sprint to the ACC (hip lingo for Air Canada Centre apparently), would see her and Sharnjit barely beat out Melias to the mat.

OK. Teleprompting skills are not designed for badass moms and dyslexic UFC fighters. Susan & Sharnjit will come back in the second round. . .

Or not.

The TAR Canada editors are still fairly new to the job. With only two seasons on their belt, they still face the odd challenge that they have a hard time to overcome. They haven’t been around for over a decade like editing teams in the US and abroad. This is their first experience with editing competitive reality TV.

The second episode of TARC 3 would prove to be a huge challenge for them. They had never done a one hour episode with ELEVEN teams following the premiere. This means they have to work very hard to set up long term as well as short term storylines. Furthermore, their big characters of the season are sadly not going to make it to the end of the game; they need to give as much airtime to these big characters while they are still around.

Ultimately, Susan & Sharnjit’s story of their elimination will need to be sacrificed for the greater good. This will create a drastic turn for Susan & Sharnjit following their pre-season reputation.

Since it is tough to frame a team as badass when they will be the first team ever to finish 11th in back-to-back legs, they decide to go down the Gina & Sylvia route.

gina sylvia

NOTE: Gina & Sylvia are a pair of Soccer Moms who were the first team eliminated from TAR 3, and were shown missing their kids for most of the episode.

susan sharnjit 3

The only thing we would see from Susan & Sharnjit during this episode is them crying about their kids and other kids they encounter who also remind them of their kids. Nothing else is shown.

susan sharnjit

That’s right. Editors don’t even tell us -why- or -how- they were eliminated. Just that they miss their kids, and somehow finished in last because. . . .?

The story of the most disappointing edit doesn’t even end there, though.

TAR Canada hosts two reunion specials throughout the season. One about halfway through (after Neil & Kristin’s elimination), and another at the finale.

For Americans who are bummed the US version doesn’t do a reunion special each season–be grateful. TAR Canada’s reunions have always sucked.

Anyways, we have long time sportscaster James Duthie, and has hosted every single reunion special other than the first one because he is a self-proclaimed TAR superfan.

Unfortunately, James Duthie treats TAR as a sport. For most competitive reality TV fans, we know it is -not- a sport and should not be viewed as such.

But that’s how exactly Duthie hosts the reunion specials. The questions lobbed at players are very vanilla, and isn’t interested in any in-depth discussion. He keeps things about ten times more light-hearted than Probst does at Survivor reunions.

I bring this up because at the mid-reunion special a former CFL Hall of Famer has just been eliminated. Duthie promises us at the top of the hour that every team’s reason of elimination would be explored, including Susan & Sharnjit, but successfully goes the whole hour without addressing it.

Yeah. Way to go, Duthie. He just asks them for a motherly perspective on an event involving Neil & Kristin, and that was it. Oh, and he pretty much does the same thing to them again at the end of the season.

I mean, he didn’t cut them off like he did when Laura & Jackie disagreed with popular opinion or when Pierre & Michel supplied drama, but still, Duthie’s favouritism and refusal to clear up Susan & Sharnjit’s elimination or repair their badassery was tragic.

Sadly, Susan & Sharnjit’s pre-season potential is all we have to go by in their two episode run, and why they have to end up this low on the rankings. If they lasted more than two rounds, I -know- their edit would not be “omg we miss our kids ;( omg we’re already gone bye”.

Nobody would have pegged them as the first team to have an 11.0 team average after two rounds of play. Susan & Sharnjit truly were the biggest letdown of 2015.

P.S. In all fairness to the editors, I would slam my head on my desk if I had to cut footage for eleven different teams into a 40 minute coherent episode too.

Hint for #30: I am not going to give up on their write-up.

34) Kelly & Shevonne
33) Gino & Jesse
32) Cindy & Rick
31) Susan & Sharnjit
30) ???

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