Ranking The Amazing Race 2015 Teams: #32 Cindy and Rick

NOTE: Thirty-four English speaking teams competed in TAR during 2015 (TAR 26, TAR Canada 3, and TAR 27). Now it is time to evaluate how they all did. This is primarily being done because it is going to be at least a few years before I get to these seasons in my TARstorian rankings, and I doubt you want to wait until 2019 or so before you hear my opinions on contemporary racers.

We will be ranking these teams based on various criteria.

Entertainment value.
Overall racing abilities.
Overall storyline and ability to narrate the actions of what goes on.
Comedic contributions.

32) Cindy & Rick – TAR 27 – 7th place – 5.57 Team Average

cindy rick

Entertainment value: 1
Overall Racing Abilities: 3
Comedic Contribution: 2
Overall storyline and narration: 0.5
Likeability: 4

Every once in a while, casting will get lazy and choose a young dating or married couple from California because. . .well we don’t know why.

jeremy sandy

The central characters of TAR 19.

amanda kris intro 3

The central characters of TAR 14 and TAR 18.

fortaleza anthony 6

Robbed in TAR 13.

vietnam garrett jessica 4

Robbed in TAR 15.

And in TAR 27, casting had ten teams put together, collectively yawned, and threw a pair of San Diego dentists into the mix.

Or perhaps they didn’t want to work too hard to find an Asian minority team that is well suited for television.


“Cindy & Rick never even joined Crossfit for this!”

If you have spent the past fifteen years wondering what it would be like to watch a team sit silently at a bus stop for twenty minutes, we finally had the answer.

What is the most fitting quote for TAR 27?

“Rick got a mosquito bite on his lip and had an allergic reaction?! Imagine if that happened to Chris!”

I love that quote because of what it implies. It translates to “what if that happened to somebody that was more entertaining for a television audience?”

I can’t tell you who my source on this is, but I have heard Cindy is the most boring person producers have had to deal with in the entire history of the US version. Which is probably the biggest compliment a person can get in the reality TV industry. This “mistake” has nothing to do with Cindy but rather has everything to do with producers not properly performing their job.

Remember: Cindy & Rick are not California mactors–they are dentists. An occupation that requires a lot of brain power.

Cindy may not be that boring in real life. She and Rick likely outwitted producers by pretending they would be over-the-top if cast, but then completely toned down their behaviour once the race began. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if Cindy & Rick ensured they did as little on camera as possible to ensure they did not receive a negative edit or be embarrassed on national television.

Even if TAR’s ratings have dropped so much that everyone has been pondering when the show will be axed, and nobody is paying attention to what happens on TAR anyway.

Furthermore, Cindy & Rick had the smallest social media presence of any team to compete in 2015. Again, they had zero interest in being in the spotlight. That’s not a knock against them–when you are cast on a show, it really is up to you what you do in terms of involvement or the material you produce as long as you aren’t a huge jerk about it.

I mean, the reason production teams hire casting associates is to figure out who will be the best possible combination for television. If I was Cindy & Rick and was offered a spot on TAR, I would take it in a second regardless if I thought I was entertaining or not.

As Mario Lanza, the world’s most respected Survivor writer out there would say about contestants: “Your job is to entertain first then to be a competitor second.” If production switches this order of priorities around, chances are your show will die quickly and painfully.

cindy rick 2

For the first six rounds of the season, all Cindy & Rick had to show to the audience was a GIF of Rick laughing in a cab which circulated the Internet, and a string of mid to low tier finishes at the mat.

Then episode seven came. The Cindy & Rick Story was going to have its beginning, middle, and end all in one hour. . .even if that hour would ultimately be swallowed up by Denise & James Earl for the most part.

Anyways, Cindy & Rick assume Rotterdam and Amsterdam is the same thing. Now, there would be plenty of jokes or an over-the-top reaction that most teams would make in this situation, but they quickly brush it off their backs.

rick mosquito

Next, Rick gets a nasty mosquito bite during an overnight equalizer. Rick makes a comment about Kim Kardashian lips, and once more we miss a bunch of jokes or an over-the-top reaction in one of the most ridiculous visuals of TAR history.

To follow that up, Cindy & Rick choose to save money by taking a bus. It led to this entertaining exchange.

cindy rick chac.jpg

CINDY: We should have taken a cab.
CINDY: Okay.
CINDY: We should have taken a cab.
CINDY: Okay.
CINDY: We should have taken a cab.
RICK: Too late. We can’t do anything about it now.
CINDY: You’re right.

Such riveting television.

Lastly, Cindy & Rick manage to screw up which train to take to the pit stop, and allowed Denise & James Earl to barely escape elimination in one of many occasions.

dhaka chad waltrip 16

“Big smart doctors can’t even figure out how to entertain an audience! How is that PhD treatin’ ya?”

They are dentists Chad, but whatever.

And that is all we got from Cindy & Rick in seven episodes. They finished near the bottom most of the time, and had one of the most disastrous legs in TAR history that ultimately left the audience with a bland impression.

That’s too bad because I know Cindy & Rick are super duper nice in real life. I cannot reiterate this enough, but just because you are a fit young couple from California does not automatically mean you should be put on primetime television for seven weeks.

jeremy sandy

Or twelve weeks, for that matter.

Don’t be mad at Cindy & Rick for embracing an opportunity that was handed to them. If you were in their shoes, you would have done the same thing. Only about 0.1% of the reality TV viewing population think of Survivor, TAR, The Mole, and Big Brother in the same way that we do.

P.S. One of my favourite Cindy & Rick moments post-race happened quite recently. Apparently Rick was spotted in a restaurant by a fan online. The fan smiled at Rick as if to gesture “I know you, man!”. Rick, in classic Rick fashion, silently smiled back.

Even after The Amazing Race, Rick’s TAR-related interactions are also done in complete silence.

Considering this is what they established for their legacy at the end of TAR 27, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

P.P.S. Yeah, I pretty much refuse to acknowledge their nickname of #ChacAttack. Just no.

34) Kelly & Shevonne
33) Gino & Jesse
32) Cindy & Rick
31) ???

Hint for #31: Statistically, perhaps the worst team in TAR’s entire franchise history.


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2 Responses to Ranking The Amazing Race 2015 Teams: #32 Cindy and Rick

  1. Zach Chong says:

    Ohhhh… nooooo. I like Cindy & Rick

  2. Janet Wong says:

    i think they were doctors not dentists

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