The Amazing Race 18 Unfinished Business Episode Four Rankings

Did you guys miss me? Sorry about disappearing for a month. I think after blogging about The Amazing Race constantly for the past five years, and with a lot happening in my personal life over the past month (hectic work schedule, planning my trip to Vegas, family in town over the past ten days for Christmas, etc.) I decided to take a short break.

However, we’re back up and running, and I feel more focused on my blogging than ever. My apologies if I worried you. :/


Fourth Round (Episode blog #264)

Candy Vomit, PMA and the Chinese Pope



Previously on TAR: Ten teams raced from the Australian Outback to Tokyo, Japan. A car accident put Jaime & Cara in last place from the start. Justin’s sharp shooting and sharp eyes at the Detour led him and Zev to another first place finish.

When darkness fell, Mel & Mike struggled in the cold weather giving Jaime & Cara the opportunity they needed to pull ahead as the father and son came in last.



– Intro time. Yes, they still existed back then–

lijiang guy

Whoa. You alright there, fella? You seem sad.

lijiang jaime cara

Although Jaime looks to be the one that’s really in trouble.

– Phil introduces us to Yokosuka, Japan. It’s at the mouth of Tokyo Bay, and the home to America’s Seventh Fleet. This is one of the most important military seaports in the country.

– Commodore Perry’s Landing, built in 1901, honoured the opening of trade with America (which may or may not have faced a setback for a few years in the middle of it) was the third pit stop.

– Zev & Justin who were the first to arrive at an undisclosed time, will depart at 8:44pm. We presume this pit stop was a little over twenty-four hours.

lijiang zev justin

Which was needed after Phil gave Zev a Purple Nurple.

– Zev opens the clue. They are heading to Lee Jung, China.

lijiang zev justin 2

“Who is Lee Jung?”

carl jung

Probably the brother of Carl Jung who didn’t want to go to Switzerland. Psychiatry just wasn’t his thing.

– Teams must travel 2, 700 miles to Lijiang, China and make their way to Jade Dragon Mountain.

lijiang mountain

Hmmm. I see something green on the mountain. Let me squint at it for a minute.

lijiang jade mountain

Ah. Good ol’ Jade Mountain.

– Due to limited availability, they must take a provided mandatory flight from Tokyo to Kunming, China. From there they may book their own travel to Lijiang.

lijiang flight

Um, which one is our provided flight?

lijiang kunming

Hopefully Lijiang has less smog than Kunming.

lijiang dong zhan

Li Jiang Dong Zhan. Say that ten times fast.

– Zev & Justin discuss China.

JUSTIN: We’re going to China. Never been to China.
ZEV: I don’t know. There’s a lot of people in China. I’m not much of a people’s person.

“. . .And their human rights record isn’t the greatest, there is a lot of censorship when it comes to freedom of access to information, the air quality is poor, and they seem to have this hybrid Communist and Capitalist system which you know will blow up in their face sooner rather than later.”

Too bad the rest of Zev’s speech didn’t make it into the episode.

JUSTIN: Zev has had a couple of rocking chair legs so far where he basically had very little to do except sit in the back seat of a car.

lijiang zev justin 3

“Before you know it he’ll be in a retirement home with a cat on his lap by the window.”

You know what we call Rocking Chair Legs?


christie choke

nicole pageant eyes

The “Participate As Much As a Woman In TAR 5” format.

lijiang zev glassenberg 2

flo on a cliff

Granted he is a bit quieter in a rocking chair than Flo. He makes up for it by making jokes about Japanese men.

JUSTIN: Basically he’s had very little to do except sit in the back seat of a car and cruise around.
ZEV: I’m good at it.
JUSTIN: He’s really good at it.
ZEV: I’m really good at it.

courtney yates.jpg

He could probably beat Courtney in the immunity challenge she won in Survivor: China.

ZEV: I don’t like this Blue Moon Valley White Water River. I’m not a big fan of water.

lijiang justin kanew

Zev doesn’t like the Chinese nor water. Justin can’t help but find it amusing that Zev only needed two sentences to dislike ninety percent of what occupies this planet.

beijing kisha jen 7

Don’t worry, Kisha & Jen don’t like the Chinese and water either.

lijiang justin kanew 2

Although things get uncomfortable when Zev pretends they are all a bunch of monkeys. This isn’t Cambodia, Zev!

ZEV: When it’s my turn to step up then that’s what I’ll do. I’m not too worried about it.

lijiang zev justin 4

“As long as it doesn’t involve, China, water, oxygen, or words that end in ‘amburger’.”

– Zev mocks how producers are making them wait until 9:50am (more than twelve hours) until their flight departs. This is a long break for teams.

– Gary & Mallory depart second at 9:29pm. Mallory once again refuses to be normal when opening a clue at the pit start. She makes an eagle call followed by a Marge Simpson ‘Hmmmmmph!’.

lijiang gary mallory ervin

What type of creature are you, Mallory?

– Ron & Christina start in third at 9:38pm. They announce the clue loudly because they are going to Lijiang.

RON: Lijiang, China! Whoa! Great!
CHRISTINA (laughing): We’re so excited because we speak Chinese.

lijiang ron christina hsu

You can’t do this to me, Christina! I love you and Ron so much for you to fall prey to Tammy & Victor antics.

bangkok tammy victor

“We speak Chinese! We speak Chinese! We are Chinese! We are Chinese! During the race, we spent three rounds in China. . .speaking Chinese. . .because we’re Chinese!”

Seriously. Don’t do it, Christina. I am rooting for you two more than any other team this season. I am snapping my fingers at the computer screen.

CHRISTINA: Both me and my dad have been to Lijiang already.

lijiang christina hsu


– Ugh. I can’t even.

– Kisha & Jen depart fourth at 9:50pm. Kisha doesn’t completely butcher a Chinese word for once when reading the clue.

KISHA: I believe we spent three legs in China during our last race.

Don’t remind me. The first and only time in TAR US history to spend three consecutive rounds in one country.

JEN: We had a bad leg where I called a deaf guy a bitch.

Yes. We’re getting THAT flashback.

lijiang luke adams

Who can forget Luke trying to throw some bows at Jen?

“So this is what American television looks like.”

– The flashback even includes Kisha’s reaction on the audio. Ooooooh.

JEN: I do apologize for that.

lijiang margie luke adams

Which is one apology Margie will NOT accept.

lijiang margie luke adams 2

By the way, I never realized this in my TAR 14 blog, but TAR taught millions of Conservative families across America how to say ‘bitch’ in ASL.

And if you ever wanted to learn how to say ‘Bitch, Please’ in ASL as well, please watch this video!

signs kristin


My close friend Jake would be so proud that I am finally learning ASL and taking it seriously.

– Flight Time & Big Easy start the leg in fifth at 10:01pm. If this were TAR 24, their 30 minute penalty would have been enough to eliminate them.

FLIGHT TIME: We’re going to China, dog. Lord have Mercy.

Considering you guys, Kent & Vyxsin, Zev & Justin, and Gary & Mallory are the only ones without experience in China, you’ll need all of the mercy you can get.

– Jet & Cord begin in sixth place at 10:34pm.

lijiang jet cord mccoy

“China? Do you think we’ll meet people who aren’t super short or super tall this time?”

– Jet goes to open a car door.

CORD (laughing AT HIM): You want to drive?!

lijiang jet mccoy


lijiang jet mccoy 2


lijiang jet mccoy 3


JET: Golly. Everything is backwards here.

– There is a big time gap as Kent & Vyxsin depart in seventh at 11:33pm.

KENT: Make your way to the city of Liezheeung, China.

lijiang kent vyxsin

Pronouncing the city’s name correctly will be just the beginning of your troubles, Kent & Vyxsin.

– Suspenseful music plays in the background.

VYXSIN: Kent and I are leaving today in seventh place.

lijiang kent vyxsin 2

That’s not seven in ASL, by the way.

lijiang kent vyxsin 3

Neither is that. You failed.

KENT: We’re ready for the leg no matter how rough and ferocious it is. Our theme for the day is PMA.

And what does PMA stand for?

lijiang kent vyxsin 4

Go on. Tell the class.

VYXSIN: Positive Mental Attitude!

lijiang kent vyxsin 5

Everyone give yourself a big hug for expressing yourself in the inaugural PMA seminar!

– Kent & Vyxsin put this PMA to work as Kent tries opening the driver’s side door (or passenger side door if you are Jet).

lijiang kent vyxsin 6

Can’t get the key to turn in the hole? Looks like somebody needs PMA–Positive Metal Attitude!

– Vyxsin figures out why the car door is not opening.

VYXSIN: It’s not ours.

lijiang kent vyxsin 7

Kent keeps trying anyway.

I want you all to file the following fact away in your mind:

Kent & Vyxsin applied for TAR Asia 3 after they completed their run on TAR 12, but were rejected because their experience gave them too big of an advantage.

– With that out of the way, it is good the key does not fit as Kent was extremely close to pulling a Don & Mary Jean.

rebecca mary jean

Yes, Kent & Vyxsin, TAR’s biggest superfans, makes a mistake that only one of the oldest and most incapable teams in TAR history has ever made.

lijiang kent vyxsin 8

Fiddling around with a car that isn’t yours? Ain’t no Vyxsin got time for that!

I love how unimpressed she looks.

– Kent gives up on the car and acknowledges Vyxsin is right.

KENT: Did somebody steal our car?

rebecca mary jean

We know how you feel!

KENT: Like. . .we don’t have a car where we left it.

– Margie groans when she reads she is going to China as Luke cheers.

lijiang margie luke adams 3

Luke and Mallory are going to love this round, while Zev and Margie can express empathy to one another.

– Even though it has been twenty minutes, Kent & Vyxsin are STILL trying to track down their car.

KENT: Vyx! Come back! Come baaaaack!
VYXSIN: Could it be down here? Down here!
KENT: Vyxsiiiin!
VYXSIN: What?!
KENT (like a creepy villain): Come baaaaack!
VYXSIN: Speed it up.
KENT: Slow it down.
VYXSIN: This is a race!

rookie of the year gary busey

They are experiencing what I like to call Poa–Polar Opposite Attitude.

lijiang kent vyxsin 9

The camera operator must be either extremely entertained or extremely frustrated.

– Kent has the magic key and tries to open the trunk.

lijiang kent vyxsin 10

“Where do I put the key?”

africa adrian collin 8

“Hey, sometimes it is difficult!”

– Kent & Vyxsin are looking for a sign that this is their car.

lijiang kent vyxsin 11

The car is blinking. Unless Margie & Luke trolled them by unlocking the car automatically from a distance, Kent & Vyxsin have solved a mystery that has taken nearly thirty minutes to solve.

– The trunk should come open now.

lijiang kent vyxsin 12

“Open sesame!”

lijiang kent vyxsin 13

Or not. Car doors CAN be tricky! This is tougher than any task anybody will face in TAR 24.

VYXSIN: There’s no thing here.
KENT: I don’t know how–
VYXSIN: Do you know how to open the door?

lijiang kent vyxsin 14

“Back up back up back up. What’s a door?”

– Kent slowly strolls to the driver’s side door as if he landed on Earth as the first Martian to make it here.

KENT: I don’t know how to open this door–
VYXSIN: Just open this door!

lijiang vyxsin fiala

I have never seen a team stuck at the pit stop for this long even with their own marked car.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 2

What is the design on Vyxsin’s shirt? Is that an anchor with a broken heart and a lightning bolt in the middle? Considering they are currently at an American seaport military base, this shirt is actually somewhat fitting. I bet she never expected that.

Question: How many Goths does it take to open a car door?

lijiang kent vyxsin 15

Too f–king many. Geez this is painful.

KENT: Oh, I was switching to ‘lock’.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 3

Very simple piece of advice from Vyxsin. She says it as if Kent did it on purpose. I have a feeling Kent has zero purpose at the moment.

– Vyxsin tries to open the trunk.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 4

Congratulations! The time it took to open the trunk door was more than twice as long as it has taken to complete every Speed Bump in TAR US history!

tanner josh 2

Shut  up, Tanner & Josh. Yours was the Handikap from TAR Norge–it was not a Speed Bump.

tian jaree finish second to last

“At least our trunk door malfunctioned. You guys have no excuses!”

VYXSIN: Hey! Let’s go!
KENT: Caaaalm it doooown.
VYXSIN: So much for PMA!

She even shouts ‘PMA’ after all of that. This is awesome.

VYXSIN: This is just the most stupid day ever and we just started.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 5

Just you wait, Vyxsin. The bar will be raised much much much higher for what you already think is “the most stupid day ever”.

lijiang kent kaliber

I think PMA has descended into BMA–Bitter Mental Attitude.

– Jaime & Cara depart last at 12:42am. I assume they lost about an hour from the previous round’s car crash due to how far behind Margie & Luke they are.

lijiang jaime cara 2

Jaime mourns the side view mirror by wearing a skull and crossbones.

JAIME: Last time we went to China was probably one of the most miserable days of my life.

lijiang jaime cara 3

You can try mentally suppressing the experience Jaime, but it won’t quite work.

– Of course, Jaime & Cara get their own flashback to the third and final Beijing round.

lijiang jaime rosenthal

hong kong 97

Forget about Chin from Hong Kong 97, I think Jaime is willing to take on over a billion Chinese by herself right now.

lijiang men

“Our place is just around the corner. What’s the big problem?”

lijiang jaime edmundson

“When I open my eyes, I’ll be back in Beverley Hills with The Heff.”

lijiang jaime edmundson 2

“Nope–still here.”

JAIME (flashback): This is why I did not want to go to China; it sucks.

lijiang jaime cara 4

Valid reason.

– We cut back to the present.

JAIME: This time it’s a fresh new start.

lol. There is no way that will happen, Jaime. Especially for someone like you.

It would be like if when blogging TAR 24 I say “you know what? It’s a fresh new start. Jet & Cord, I have -always- thought you are amazing”.

Nobody would buy that because they know it is a bunch of BS.

Jaime, just admit you hate China. Say that upfront and I am sure the American audience will forgive you. Say it loud and say it proud.

– Zev & Justin see a sign for the airport.

lijiang narita airport

It looks like they had an easy time with it.

– Zev & Justin arrive at the airport at 4:30am. That would make it an eight hour drive to the airport.

lijiang airport

Something isn’t adding up here. What did they do for the other six hours? They must have pulled over and slept on the side of the road somewhere. Clearly they were in no hurry to get to the airport for a 9:50am flight.

lijiang justin kanew 4

Justin is sporting the ol’ Gryffindor toque.

– Gary & Mallory also spot the airport.

lijiang gary mallory ervin 2

It may or may not be past Mallory’s bedtime.

– Big Easy makes an exaggerated stretch as the Globetrotters enter the airport. His legs didn’t like that car.

– We cut back to Kent & Vyxsin navigating the streets of Tokyo.


a) The drive to the Narita Airport is somewhere around two hours. Kent & Vyxsin, after spending twenty minutes solving their car troubles, left the pit stop at around midnight.

b) The flight does not leave the airport until 9:50am. This means they can safely make the flight even if it takes them until 8:00am to show up.

In other words, Kent & Vyxsin have as little as eight hours to complete a two hour journey. Realistically, they have about seven hours of wiggle room.

KENT: Do you want me to go left here?

lijiang vyxsin fiala 6

“Can I. . .can I use my 50/50?”

VYXSIN: No, go straight. We’ve got a ways to go down this thing.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 7

“We just follow this map until we get to The Hamburgler and–oh sh-t.”

KENT (more inflective): You want to go left -here-?

lijiang nowa

“Why wait to go left in the future when you can go left. . .nowa?”

– Vyxsin agrees that Kent needs to turn left.

VYXSIN: I just. . .I can’t think, Kent. I can’t even think. I don’t even know what’s going on.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 8

“Am I a dog? Should I roll down the window and start barking at onlookers? Oh my Goth, what is happening!”

VYXSIN: I’m so confused. We’ve already totally messed up our map.
KENT: Then you don’t need to be our navigator then.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 9

. . .

lijiang kent kaliber 2

. . .

lijiang vyxsin fiala 10

You would think Vyxsin is holding in a secret that the Yakuza has put a hit on her and Kent after Vyxsin couldn’t pay up a losing bet in a poker game.

KENT: What’s the highway we’re supposed to get on?

lijiang vyxsin fiala 11

“Whichever one is off the beaten trail–but the Yakuza will be expecting us to do that! Oh god!”

lijiang vyxsin fiala 12

PMA: Panicking Mental Attitude!

VYXSIN (shaking): Th-th-th-ummmm.
KENT: I’m just going back to the sixteen.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 13

“No! Because sixteen is my second most unlucky number after thirteen!

VYXSIN: We can’t make it in time.
KENT: Because none of this is right.
VYXSIN: We have to take the highway. We’ll never make it in time.
KENT: But there’s no highway for us to get on.

lijiang kent kaliber 3

“Unless you can read your Japanese Ronald McDonald map. Is there a sixteen above The Hamburgler?”

VYXSIN: Okay! Listen!

lijiang vyxsin fiala 14

This is the most frantic advice fairy I have ever seen.

lijiang vyxsin navi

Navi would know how to read the map. I mean, she would pester you every five seconds telling you how to get to the 16, but at least she would get the job done.

KENT: There’s no highway for us to get on. There’s no highway.

They could be wasting a couple more hours.

– It is still pitch black as all of the other eight teams, including Jaime & Cara, arrive at the airport. My guess is everyone casually showed up at around 2:00am to 4:00am.

JAIME: We’re all in the same boat.

– Cord tells us that nobody has seen Kent & Vyxsin yet. Night continues.

lijiang night

Only a Goth would embrace staying up all night on the road.

lijiang airport 2

Everyone else? Not so much.

VYXSIN: I just want to find it so badly and I’m so sorry.
KENT: Hold my hand.
VYXSIN: I woke up and I was so happy. What happened? I was thinking we ripped open the clue and I just (southern accent) lost my mind.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 15

This seems like an evening more resembling PMS than PMA.

lijiang hands

Kent may be steering the car with one hand, but I have a feeling he wants to hold Vyxsin with his other hand just so she doesn’t bite it off in a manic meltdown.

– Kent sees the sign for Tokyo.

KENT: We are on the highway to Tokyo!
VYXSIN: I am so proud of you, honey.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 16

Crisis averted. It’s a good thing they have a million hours until the flight leaves for Lijiang.

lijiang narita

Yep. Daylight and there is still more than three freakin’ hours for Kent & Vyxsin to make the flight. It’s just one of those fun meltdowns that don’t really impact the leg.

– The eight teams are half-asleep, but all check in for their flight.

JAIME: I wouldn’t be paranoid at this point because the flight doesn’t leave for another three hours from now.

lijiang jaime edmundson 3

“You would have to be a complete dumbass to not make this flight.”

– Zev & Justin are strolling through the airport.

JUSTIN: Million dollar question is “Where is Kent & Vyxsin?”
ZEV: It really -is- a million dollar question.
JUSTIN: It literally is a million dollar question.

lijiang zev justin 5

The real million dollar question is “Why did Justin change what toque he is wearing within two hours?”

ZEV: Either they’re in a kabuki show or they’re super super lost.

The former or the latter? Let’s find out.

VYXSIN: I really thought we were almost there.
KENT: What’s the issue?
VYXSIN: I don’t know; I don’t understand where anything is.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 17

Not understanding where anything is MAY be the issue, Vyxsin.

That would be like saying “I don’t know what’s physically wrong with me, all that happened is that some guy shot me in the leg ten seconds ago.”

VYXSIN: We think we know what we’re doing.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 18

We get an extreme close-up of the compass as Vyxsin keeps staring at it. Then it hits her.

VYXSIN: No freakin’ way! We went the wrong way!
KENT: No we didn’t.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 19

Yeah. How can you possibly be going the wrong way?

lijiang vyxsin fiala 20

When -this- has been your navigator for the past seven hours.

VYXSIN: We’re three–we’re so far away right now! We’re like–we’ve been going the wrong way like this entire time. What is wrong with me?

lijiang kent kaliber 4

DO NOT answer that question, Kent. Trust me. It’s a rhetorical one.

VYXSIN: I don’t understand why I’ve been staring at this compass for an hour (smacking map) watching it go the wrong way.

lijiang map

Kent may succeed with getting Pink in the Bed, but Vyxsin struggles with getting Red in the Bed.

KENT: It’s taken you this long to bring this up?
VYXSIN: It’s totally wrong.
KENT: Well, I’ve done nothing but follow your directions all day.

Which you should have stopped doing after Vyxsin started panicking after the first left turn.

VYXSIN: Well, I’m bad at directions.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 21

Vyxsin would prefer racing in TAR 27: No self-drive legs for the whole season.

And this is why you need self-drive rounds–for meltdowns like this.

VYXSIN (breaking the fourth wall): Bye bye Amazing Race.

Vyxsin is waving the black flag to surrender.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 23

I wish Vyxsin was the navigator on a self-drive leg in South Korea. She would be completely unaware as she would end up in Pyongyang in no time!

– Commercial break. We resume. Vyxsin’s emotional breakdown continues.

VYXSIN: WE ARE SCREWED! We are so screwed! I’ve been staring at this map like. . .staring at it. . .and looking at this thing.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 25

You know, like how you. . .stare and look at something.

I would love to see the reaction of the sound and video crew right now.

– Kent tries to defend the possibility that they are going the right way.

KENT: But there hasn’t been any signs for Narita.
VYXSIN: I know because we’re going the wrong way.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 27

“Hey Kent, I hear they will be a sign up ahead that says “Narita–Two hundred kilometres behind you”.

– We cut to a confessional about how Vyxsin relates this to the drive through Tuscany in TAR 12.

lijiang kent vyxsin 16

Kent looks so sad here. It is like he wants a lightning bolt to strike Vyxsin in the head to grant her some map reading skills.

– Kent goes ahead to make the obvious statement.

KENT: We’re not doing too well on time right now.

lijiang kent kaliber 5

“I asked producers if I could throw myself over the railing on the overpass, but they said I couldn’t be more than twenty feet from my partner.”

KENT: It’s nine o’ clock, and the flight leaves at 9:50.
VYXSIN: We’re not going to make the flight, Kent.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 28

“Because I am going to direct us -past- the airport, and it’ll be dark again before you know it.”

– Vyxsin’s emotions hit rock bottom.

VYXSIN: I can’t believe it.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 29

lijiang vyxsin fiala 30


There are few things more humiliating on The Amazing Race than missing the required flight which was INTENTIONALLY SET UP TO BE AN EQUALIZER. That’s like producers handing you three or four hidden immunity idols at once on Survivor, but you still get blindsided at Tribal Council.

– Once again, Kent has to step in to be the optimist.

KENT: Vyxsin, we can’t give up. The Amazing Race is about tragedies but it’s also about miracles.

tar 24 intro


uchenna miami 9


– It’s 9:20am. Kent & Vyxsin have been on the road for nearly an additional eight hours than they were supposed to. We are back at the airport.

JUSTIN: It’s just hard to believe that Kent & Vyxsin  would have missed that flight. Even if they had to -walk- to Narita. It should have happened.

lijiang zev justin 6

You know what? Justin is pretty much right. Walking speed is roughly five times slower than driving speed.

Therefore, two hour drive = ten hour walk. Factor in that this is driving around parts of Tokyo, and an argument could be made that a team who chose to ditch their car and walk to the airport would have made it to this flight on time.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 31

Which is something that is on Vyxsin’s mind at the moment.

VYXSIN: I just love you so much for never quitting. It’s one of my favourite things about you.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 32

Those aren’t tears of joy–those are tears of somebody who i accepting that three teams from TAR 14 will beat her this season.

lijiang flight 2

I love how the word ‘REQUIRED’ is added in to the flight description just to rub it in how pissed producers are that a team was able to mess it up this badly.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 33

And Vyxsin isn’t finding it funny.

survivor kat hayden.jpg

“Nobody wants to date somebody who can’t make the required flight on The Amazing Race.”

– Vyxsin is relieved when she sees a sign for the Narita airport.

lijiang kanto

pokemon snap eevee

However, go into the left lane and you shall start training pokemon in the Kanto region!

pokemon moon.jpg

There needs to be a stream on Twitch called GothsPlayPokemon, and it’s just Vyxsin freaking out about getting lost trying to find areas where pokemon have to be caught during a specific time of day, but always showing up too late.

– We go back to a confessional from Vyxsin.

VYXSIN: We were given ample time to get to the airport. There is no reason on this Earth why any sane person could not get to that flight on time.

lijiang kent vyxsin 17

Vyxsin is looking to the Heavens for some help. However, she might not find an answer seeing how God and Jesus don’t have a history of helping Pagans.

lijiang kent vyxsin 1

But hey, they’ll need to get any help they can.

– Kent & Vyxsin enter the airport.

lijiang kent vyxsin 18

Considering the leading flight from each of the first two legs fell behind due to a heart attack and engine issues respectively, all Kent & Vyxsin need this time is one more delay.

They have a couple of options.

a) They can use their Voodoo magic. C’mon. We know you possess these powers.

yagami light.jpg

b) Quickly drive over to Yagami Light’s house not too far away in Japan, briefly borrow the Death Note, and write down the name of the pilot for the required flight.

lijiang kent vyxsin 19

“Who are you guys? That was a required flight. . .or are you just overly obsessive fans from RFF who are trailing the teams to Kunming?”

– Kent & Vyxsin explain what happened.

lijiang woman

Even the ticketing agent can’t help but be an asshole about it.

lijiang kent vyxsin 20

Considering that if there wasn’t the required flight then teams could have left as much as six or seven hours ago, Kent & Vyxsin will accept this as a just punishment.

KENT: We’re on our way to Kunming. I hope we can intercept some other teams there.

lijiang kent vyxsin 21

“We just need another required flight or bus or train after this.”

KENT: We’re going to get there. It’ll be okay.

lijiang kent vyxsin 22

Vyxsin is ready to cuddle.

lijiang kent vyxsin 23

Kent is not.

lijiang flight 3

How can there be an alternative to the required flight? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of the word ‘required’?

– The “required” flight gets into Kunming at 7:17pm. It looks like the next plane to Lijiang will not be until 7:00am. Everyone is doing some research.

lijiang ron christina hsu 2

However, Ron & Christina are able to do their research in Chinese.

– Ron informs us there are two trains which leave tonight. One at 8:50pm and the other at 10:16pm.

lijiang ron christina hsu 3

Ron mugs for the camera.

– Margie & Luke tail Ron & Christina to the counter.

MARGIE (sweetly): Are you guys doing the train?

lijiang ron christina margie luke

“If you help us, we promise you’ll be portrayed in a good light.”

RON: We don’t know. If we’ve got to get our money first.

lijiang ron hsu

Ron essentially shoes Margie & Luke away. Hilarious.



lijiang ron christina hsu 4

“Quick! I’d rather shoot myself than spend more time with Margie & Luke!”

– Christina speaks a plethora of Chinese to the ticketing agent. They board the train alone, and hope to preserve their advantage.

– Everyone else asks to be on the 8:50pm train. Good luck.

lijiang ron christina hsu 5

“And you’re saying if I sit by -that- window, the other teams can see me moon them as we start moving?”

lijiang train


– Justin tells the Globetrotters they missed the 8:50pm train by ten minutes.

FLIGHT TIME: Everybody did.

lijiang justin kanew globetrotters

“But what are you gonna do?”

– You know why I can’t wait for this round in China to actually start?

lijiang kisha jen hoffman

Because Jen will inevitably call Luke a douchebag, and millions of viewers get to see Margie teach us the word for ‘douchebag’ in ASL on TV.

– Mallory informs us the only two teams missing are Ron & Christina, who they presume is ahead on the 8:50pm train, and Kent & Vyxsin who are nowhere to be found.

lijiang gary mallory ervin 4

But what is found is that ridiculous blue. . .whatever that is Mallory has wrapped around her head, and Gary’s hat which has three double ‘A’ batteries hanging from the brim.

– Justin gives his take on Kent & Vyxsin’s absence.

lijiang justin kanew 5

JUSTIN: No Kent & Vyxsin not on this train and not in China makes this hard sleep a little softer.
ZEV: Ayooooo!
JUSTIN: Ayooo!

lijiang justin kanew 6

Well done.

lijiang justin zev

Although Zev’s “ayoooo” may have been sarcastic.

lijiang woman 2

The lady on the train salutes the Fallen Goths. . .or her eye is itchy. I dunno.

lijiang jet cord mccoy 2

Cord tries to cover up his erection with his cowboy hat. We’re onto you, Cord.

It’s a classic case of Safety Boner–that tingly feeling you get on The Amazing Race when you know you are significantly ahead of at least one team.

– Kent & Vyxsin’s flight gets in at 1:35am. Vyxsin says she is sleepy.

lijiang kent vyxsin 24

And is also very red. Wait, is that what Vyxsin looks like when she cuts back on the makeup a bit?

lijiang kent vyxsin 25

Man. Kent & Vyxsin must be absolutely drained.

– Kent & Vyxsin got into Kunming so late that the airport closed down for the night, and couldn’t exercise a bus or a train.

VYXSIN: We have to find somewhere else to hang out in the meantime.

Wherever it is, I hope it takes them several hours in the wrong direction.

– We move on to Lijiang as the first train pulls into the station at 5:38am. Ron & Christina hop out. Is this the first time all season a team has a decisive lead? I think so. More Chinese is spoken.


– Ron & Christina hire a taxi van upon entering Lijiang.

lijiang man

You know the taxi was meant for TAR thanks to the red and yellow steering wheel on the side.

CHRISTINA: We’re on our to Jade Dragon Mountain. My dad is making a pit stop to get warm Chinese buns.

lijiang ron christina hsu 6

I don’t know how Ron’s wife will feel about him getting his hands on some Chinese buns in the middle of the night, but whatever. We’ll go with it. It’s Chinese culture.

lijiang ron christina hsu 7

“Oh crap. Right. I have a wife.”

RON: These are the breakfast staples that I grew up with.
CHRISTINA: We’re going to make this quick.

Eh, Kent & Vyxsin are over six hours behind. Take your time.

lijiang ron christina hsu 8

Seeing how it’s not even six o’ clock yet, there is a strong possibility you’ll be held up at an Hours of Operation anyway.

lijiang food

Now you see the eggs.

lijiang food 2

Now you don’t.

What the cook needs to do is shuffle around the covered pots like a memory game until Ron is disoriented (no pun intended), and whichever pot he picks is the food he gets once the lid is lifted.

– They purchase the food as Ron narrates his breakfast.

RON: This is very nutritious stuff. These are mushroom.

lijiang ron christina hsu 9

I am sure this is why Christina went on the race–to watch her dad eat.

CHRISTINA: My dad loves food.

lijiang ron christina hsu 10

“It all started with Lithuanian pastries. . .”

CHRISTINA: These little dragon buns will get us through the day.

lijiang dragon

Yes, they are made with real dragon from Jade Mountain.

RON: They’re delicious. That didn’t take long.
CHRISTINA: No, it was a good call. Now my dad is satisfied.

lijiang ron christina hsu 11

Ron–Loves food so much that he is the first person to record a confessional with his mouth open while chewing.

lijiang taxi

Taxi drivers do not want to hear their passenger is “satisfied” after Ron looks like he has hit his vinegar strokes while eating dragon buns.

– Ron & Christina jump out of the taxi.

CHRISTINA: Marked shuttle. Oh, that’s marked.
RON: There’s a clue. There’s a clue.
CHRISTINA: No. That’s marked, daddy.

lijiang ron christina hsu 15

The dragon buns needed some carrots to help clear up Ron’s vision.

– Christina sees a sign.

lijiang sign

Shuttle buses don’t start until 8:00am? That’s two hours more of dragon bun time for Ron!

– Ron & Christina board the bus without a driver. She heaves a great sigh.

lijiang ron christina hsu 12

Call “shotgun” while you have the chance, Christina!

– It is 6:00am in Kunming for Kent & Vyxsin. Could they possibly make up enough time?

Walking about one hundred feet from Arrivals to the Ticketing Counter occurred without any incident. This is the smoothest part of Kent & Vyxsin’s round thus far.

– They have their tickets. . .and once again their day derails into a big mess.

KENT: Do you have your passport?

lijiang vyxsin fiala 34

“Funny you should ask. . .”

lijiang vyxsin fiala 35

I’ll have to go with a ‘no’ on this one.

KENT: It’s not here.
VYXSIN: Go to the ticket office.
KENT: I asked you if you have your passport, and you said ‘yes’.

Together they go to the ticket counter. Could they be missing two required flights?

lijiang kent vyxsin 28

Vyxsin wouldn’t have been so absent-minded that she’d just leave it on the ticket counter like that, would she?

lijiang kent vyxsin 29

Vyxsin is extremely lucky for being saved from a mistake that is one hundred percent her fault.

She can’t navigate on a map, she can’t keep her composure, she can’t read a compass, and she can’t handle her own passport.

This is not the show for Vyxsin.

lijiang kent vyxsin 31

After traveling like this for more than 30 straight hours with Vyxsin, Kent finally has something to say.

KENT: Vyxsin, I’m going to shoot you. I’m going to shoot you. I’m going to shoot you. I’m going to shoot you.


Kent & Vyxsin broke up a couple of years ago.

lijiang kent vyxsin 32

It is surprising Kent was not flagged by security after repeatedly stating “I am going to shoot you” while raising his left hand in a gun-like pose.

lijiang kent vyxsin 33

“By the way sir, your makeup was left on the adjacent ticket counter–but oh well. Too late!”


– Christina waits as all of the teams pile onboard.

lijiang cara rosenthal

No self-driving? Cara is pumped.

lijiang globetrotters zev justin

The TAR 15 alliance reluctantly holds strong. Anything to save money when it comes to taxis.

lijiang bus

Why does the bus have horns?

– Eight teams are currently crammed into that bus.

lijiang mallory ervin

That’s one way of putting it.

– Kent & Vyxsin’s plane touches down just fifteen minutes later. Now that everybody is here to start this round, it is time to reflect on who has the advantage for this leg of the race.


a) Margie & Luke; Kisha & Jen; Jaime & Cara (all spent two rounds in Beijing and one round in an area called Guilin for a total of THREE legs in China).

b) Ron & Christina (Speak the language and spent one round in Taiwan. The People’s Republic of China still claim Taiwan/Chinese Taipei/Formosa/Republic of China to this day.)

c) Jet & Cord (Spent two rounds in Shanghai during TAR 16.)

DISADVANTAGE: Gary & Mallory (if only they hadn’t been eliminated two rounds before the Hong Kong leg); Flight Time & Big Easy; Zev & Justin; Kent & Vyxsin (if only they hadn’t been eliminated two rounds before the Taiwan leg).

– Kent & Vyxsin find a cab.

VYXSIN: Maybe once we get up there we’ll see some other teeeeams.
KENT: It’s hilarious.
VYXSIN: That would be refreshing. It’s been days.

lijiang kent vyxsin 36

Judging by their appearance, I for one am SHOCKED that Kent & Vyxsin would be the type of people to not encounter civilization for days at a time.

And I am glad their PMA levels have been restored.

– We move on to Jade Dragon Mountain.

lijiang jade mountain 2

That is a really high elevation.

bolivia mark 2

This might not be the place for you, Mark.

– The teams are amazed by what they see once they reach the mountain.

KISHA: What. The. Hell.
JEN: Looking out the window I think I just saw mules.

lijiang jade mountain 3

What a unique sight.

lijiang zev glassenberg 3

But not the ideal one if you’re Zev. Chinese and water!

BIG EASY: We about to get in that water.
JUSTIN: Zev, get ready to get wet and cold.
ZEV: No, he’s not.

lijiang zev glassenberg 4

“Screw you, Justin.”

JET: There is a yak with a saddle on it! That’s awesome!

lijiang yak

Get it? Because Jet & Cord are cowboys who love to ride random animals on their back.

– Everyone cheers when they see the clue box. Lots of running.

lijiang camera

It has already happened a couple of times this episode, but a production member enters the shot. This makes it four episodes in a row with one entering the frame.

– Who’s got two dragon thumbs and loves the altitude as much as Mark?

lijiang ron hsu 2

This guy!

lijiang ron hsu 3

I think another hernia is coming.

CHRISTINA: Yak yak yak.
CARA (upbeat): Saddle a yak!

lijiang cara rosenthal 2

Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader.

– Phil explains that the yak is an indispensable part of life in this region of China (which is awfully close to the now-dethroned military junta in Myanmar).

lijiang phil keoghan

But I think yaks are a lighter subject matter than military juntas.

PHIL: Every day hundreds of Chinese tourists come from the big cities to ride the yaks and take pictures with them.

lijiang phil keoghan 2

And apparently tourists love it when the locals put on an outfit that makes them look like they are 17th century royalty.

PHIL (gestures to the photographer): Okay, sir.

lijiang phil keoghan 3

The local wants nothing to do with Phil or the photo when Phil puts hand on hip and crosses his legs. Hilarious.

I wonder what the yak thinks about all of this?

lijiang yak 4

Not too thrilled.



The yaks hate the Chinese and water more than Zev does.

– Teams must properly saddle one yak and ride it across a precarious section of the river.

lijiang yak 5

“Can we do this on land for once?”

– Once teams complete the task, they will receive their next clue.

lijiang cord mccoy

CORD: We’re not yakkin’ around.



Even the yaks are brighter than the casual fans.

lijiang man 2

“I give the yak’s eyeroll a 10/10.”

– Jet yells at Cord to not hit the yak.

lijiang cord mccoy 2

No, please keep abusing the yak like you and Jet verbally a certain community offscreen, Cord. -_-

joyce horse 1

Just so you can suffer a worse fate than Joyce Agu on a horse.

lijiang cord jaime

I love Jaime’s “No Hands!” gesture in the background.

– Mallory is doing the Roadblock. Gary cheers on “Mal, Mal, Mal”.


Or Gary is a Communist and is actually cheering “Mao, Mao, Mao” here in China.

lijiang mallory ervin 2

Just ship a yak over to Kentucky and you’ll suddenly have the most popular attraction in the state fair.

– Zev tries mounting his yak.

GUIDE: Nonononono.

Why? What’s the problem?

lijiang zev glassenberg 8

It’s easy, right?

lijiang zev glassenberg 5

lijiang zev glassenberg 7

Jet watches in horror.

lijiang zev glassenberg 6

george takei oh my

Oh my.

lijiang laugh

This is a nominee for Lijiang’s Funniest Tourism Videos.

– Jet loses it.

JET: Give him a minute, Zev.
ZEV: What?
JET: Give him a minute.
ZEV: Alright. Alright.

lijiang jet justin

This might be the hardest I have ever seen Jet laugh on The Amazing Race.

Out of all the things that can make Jet ROFL on TV, somebody unintentionally analling a yak is at the top of his list.

– Dream-like fairy music plays as everyone rides the yaks.

lijiang yak 8

This setting is truly spectacular.

lijiang jaime edmundson 4

Save a horse, ride a yak.

lijiang yak 9

I don’t care how many blankets you put down–the descent on the rocks with the yak is going to be very painful.

– Jaime receives the clue. Then Cord.

CORD: Adios amigos!

Oh, because you’re pretending this is the Old West.

shanghai noon

Or some unnecessary sequel to Shanghai Noon.

– Mallory is having a tougher time with her yak.

She has the same expression on her face as Zev’s yak from a couple of minutes ago.

MALLORY: I got a buckin’ one.

Hey, somebody needs to have the excited yak of the bunch. An appropriate fit for Mallory, if you ask me.

– Ron is next to receive his clue. Of course, he thanks the clue giver in Chinese.

lijiang ron hsu 4

I think he said ‘thank you’ twice because he assumed everybody else would now be twice as impressed with his Chinese skills.

lijiang ron hsu 5

If Ron had to do this task in TAR 12 with his hernia, I think this is the part of the task where he would have died.

KISHA: I can’t believe I am riding a yak. . .in China right now.

As opposed to. . .Brazil?

– Jaime reads that teams must ride a gondola nearly three miles above sea level to find Spruce Meadow.

lijiang meadow

Well if this doesn’t look like some sort of needle in a haystack task.

lijiang meadow 2

norway nat strand

It’s okay, Nat. The gondola doesn’t go that high.

lijiang meadow 3


– Jaime brags she is the first team out but every freakin’ team is seconds behind her.

Luke does an impressive albeit unnecessary leap onto the grass trail. He saved about 0.1 seconds by doing so.

– The eight teams are waiting for the gondola.

CARA: The altitude is no joke you guys. We need to take it easy.

lijiang jaime edmundson 6

Leave it to the woman wearing the skull and crossbones toque to nearly black out during this round of the race.

– Everybody is spread out between three or four gondolas, and freaking out about the sprint to the gondola. One team is having fun, though.

lijiang ron christina hsu 13

When it comes to starting your Chinese Hip Hop career, better late than never.

lijiang ron christina hsu 14

“Give me one second and I’ll make a quick correction.”

lijiang ron christina hsu 16

“There we go.”

lijiang ron christina hsu 17

“Much better.”

– Christina starts laughing at him (and that’s rude).

RON: What?

lijiang ron christina hsu 18

It’s the Year of the Rooster.

phil hair

Just because Phil made that hairstyle cool during TAR 12 doesn’t mean it is still cool to this day, Ron. Hairstyles are always a fad.

– Oh, and we get an elevation update.

lijiang meadow 4

Throwing out numbers in the tens of thousands? That is so FitBit.

– What do Margie & Luke think about the elevation?

lijiang margie luke adams 4

They’re having a harder time getting oxygen than President David Palmer at the end of the second season of 24.

lijiang jet cord mccoy 5

Cord is a little bit turned on by the high elevation.

– Jaime & Cara and Margie & Luke disembark from the gondola.

MARGIE: I’m. . .even. . .from. . .Colorado. . .and the altitude is kicking my butt.

lijiang margie adams

Does Margie really talk with that many pauses on The Amazing Race?

stevie malcolm.jpg

Or am I confusing her with Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle?

RON: I need to breathe. I cannot run at that pace. Whoaaaaaaa. I’m getting dizzy.

Much like Mark & Bill struggling with Bolivia during TAR 13 due to being from California, Ron living in Seattle for the past several years is not helping things here.

lijiang run

I bet all teams are running just a little bit slower thanks to Kent & Vyxsin being significantly behind.

lijiang luke adams 6

Luke getting to the clue box first in China? Even the locals have learned to get out of the way to avoid a possible elbow.

lijiang luke adams 7

That’s right. Keep walking, buddy.

– One guy peers over Luke’s shoulder to read the clue.

lijiang margie luke adams 5

“Another Roadblock? I cannot post this on RFF for it is an ancient Chinese secret.”

MARGIE: Roadblock: Who thinks they are living a charmed life?


NOTE: Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are NOT allowed to participate in this Roadblock.

third eye blind.jpg

And neither is this guy–it has to be SEMI-charmed, buddy.

– Phil explains that according to legend, Buddha challenged the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac to the race. Their position on the Zodiac chart  reflects the order in which they got to the finish line.

lijiang phil keoghan 4

Of course, every international version of TAR needs to incorporate the Chinese Zodiac symbols.

japan eric lisa 6

It should be noted that there was a much more recent race with the twelve Zodiacs took place, but the Yoga symbol was eliminated before it even began.

PHIL: Now that mythic race is about to happen again.

Are you kidding me? If I recall the legend correctly, the rat pushed the cat into the water, and it drowned. This is why the Cat is not part of the Zodiac.

NOTE: This is the same Jade Dragon Mountain where the Zodiac Race was rumoured to take place. Whether the challenge involved Buddha too depends on your personal beliefs.

– In this Roadblock, teams must search amongst tens of thousands of hanging charms for the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Once they find all twelve animals, and put them in the correct order, they will receive their next clue.

lijiang roadblock

Finally. A dog featured on TAR that doesn’t live in Argentina.

lijiang goat

Hey! That’s my Chinese Zodiac symbol! It is also coincidentally Russell Hantz’s, but that is besides the point.

lijiang man 3

I would wear that hat every day if I could.

lijiang zodiac

hayden xian 17

Searching amongst tens of thousands of medallions for twelve symbols in China seems like a task designed for Hayden.

– Luke, Cord, Cara, Mallory, Big Easy, and Jen are all doing the Roadblock.

Wait, why are teams allowed to decide who does this Roadblock? Wouldn’t it be automatic since we just had the yak task?

lijiang roadblock 2

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The yak task didn’t count as a Roadblock even though it was a task which only one person may perform? What the hell, guys?

lijiang jaime cara 5

Cara may or may not be reluctant to do this one.

JUSTIN (turns to ZEV): ‘Who thinks they are living a charmed life’? I say that sounds like you.

I think if the clue said ‘Who loves to sniff their own feces’?, it would have to sound like Zev regardless due to Justin already having completed three Roadblocks.

lijiang zev justin 7

Zev feels more cursed than charmed at the moment.

– Ron & Christina discuss the Roadblock hint.

CHRISTINA: You want me to do it?
RON: Charmed life. Charmed life. Is it eating?

lijiang ron christina hsu 19

“Charmed? Eating? Are we eating Lucky Charms? Just hand me my Real Truth Spoon and I’ll f–king chow down!”

RON: Is it eating? I’ll do it. Charmed.
RON: I think it might be eating.

lijiang ron christina hsu 20

“I think in Cantonese ‘Charmed’ means ‘to eat’.”

RON: Okay. You do it.

lijiang clue

Perhaps Ron’s childhood not only involved eating dragon buns, but also each animal from the Zodiac. A bit of rat, a hunk of dragon, a piece of dog, some ox, a monkey’s brain, and of course, bacon from a pig.

lijiang ron hsu 6

Ron is strongly hinting at being hungry. I wouldn’t be surprised if he walks over to the garden and starts nibbling at the non-edible medallions.

– The task is simplified immediately.

lijiang zev big easy

Because the order is already displayed as the freakin’ example.

NOTE: In my childhood, I knew all about the Chinese Zodiac before the Western Zodiac.

lijiang sheet

Somebody is doodling the shape of the animals on the Additional Info sheet. Who is that?

You know what would be cruel?

lijiang zodiac 2

If Charla had to do this Roadblock, and the producers placed all of the medallions higher up on the poles.

lijiang jen hoffman

Jen admits she is not familiar with the Chinese Zodiac. It may as well be a swimming pool to her.

CHRISTINA: I know them in Chinese. *starts rambling about how to pronounce each animal in Mandarin*. It’s all the animals. My mom made me memorize them when I was a little kid.

lijiang christina hsu 2

Dear god. We get it, Christina.

By the way, what did Ron make her memorize?

lijiang ron hsu 7

How to pronounce every meal he consumed in Chinese cooking?

MALLORY: Here’s a cow!

Uh. I don’t think that was apart of the Zodiac.

ZEV: Uhhhhh. Where are you animal?

lijiang zev glassenberg 9

He’ll be easy to spot, Zev.

lijiang animal

Although it might be difficult to hang him from the net.

– Cord starts annoying the locals.

CORD: Rooster! Coca doodle doo! Cocka! Buckbuckbuckbuckbuck.

I love how the other guy remains silent. He just lets Cord go on his one millionth cowboy impression.

kakariko village.jpg

Cord has probably rounded up every rooster in Kakariko Village during his childhood.

– Cord continues to speak Rooster with the locals.

lijiang cord mccoy 5

He only has one feather, and it’s streaked yellow.

– Big Easy interrogates one of the animals.

BIG EASY: Looking for the dragon. You know where it’s at?

lijiang big easy

If you had any doubts that the Harlem Globetrotters refuse to complete a task on their own on The Amazing Race. . .

lijiang co

Just know they are willing to follow the lead of a yak just so they don’t have to work alone.

BIG EASY: It’s that way? Okay. He said this way.
(Evil music plays.)

lijiang yak 10

“I stick my tongue out at you, sir.”

lijiang big easy 2

He got him good.

– Kent & Vyxsin are at the yak task. Vyxsin gets to ride it.

lijiang vyxsin hat

If the unofficial prize in TAR 27 was to play for Ernest’s chain, then I hope the prize for TAR 18 is to covet the novelty oversized hat.

KENT: Ride that yak! Yes yes yes!

In other news, White men can’t jump.

– The scavenger hunt continues in the mountains. Margie says Luke is really good at detail.

lijiang cow

Meanwhile, this cow is really good at sniffing the camera.

lijiang luke adams 9

Unbeknownst to Luke, this lady is posing with him. Smile, Luke! You’re on Jaded Camera!

lijiang man 4

Who the hell is that on the right?

– Luke has all twelve medallions and runs back to the hut.

lijiang luke cara

Look out, Cara!

lijiang luke cara 2


– Do you know how Luke is detail oriented? Well, his first guess is wrong.

– Christina is happy she has found the horse. She does so without translating it into Chinese.

lijiang luke adams 10


george takei oh my

Oh my.

lijiang margie adams 2

“We’re never coming back to China.”

– Mallory is second to the hut. Christina is right behind. Mallory puts up all twelve medallions.

lijiang mallory ervin 5

She’s hoping. . .

lijiang mallory ervin 6

And wishin’. . .

lijiang mallory ervin 7

The Chinese Pope hands Mallory the clue without incident.

– Mallory instantly starts communicating with Luke.

MALLORY: Luke! Look at mine.

lijiang mallory ervin 8

Mallory is going to literally try her hand at ASL? This could become cringeworthy fast.

lijiang luke adams 11

Luke is going to have to be very patient and not hysterically laugh at Mallory.

MALLORY: The order. ORDER.

lijiang mallory ervin 9

No person on this planet moves their mouth like that to say ‘order’.

kris lucy

You’re closer to a Lucille Balle impression, Mallory.

Luke is still confused (as would anybody else who is trying to communicate with Mallory in ASL). Therefore, Mallory does the one thing she excels at–continue to overly exaggerate expressions in any given situation.


lijiang mallory ervin 10

This is getting painful.

lijiang mallory ervin 11

There we go. Mallory is finally uttering the word for somebody to read her lips.

– Luke understands what Mallory means, and he begins to make the necessary adjustments.

lijiang mallory ervin 12

Jesus. There really isn’t any room for camera operators.

– Mallory and Gary read that they must head back to the Lijiang Old Town.

NOTE: They must take marked buses to get there.

lijiang bus 2

And unless these seasoned racers have forgotten, the marked buses have red and yellow flags.

– Once in Old Town Lijiang, they must find an ancient Prayer Wheel.

lijiang old town

Not to be confused with the aquatic Ferris Wheel. I hate to be seated on the bottom of that ride!

– Gary & Mallory run back to the gondola.

GARY: You did a great job. All I did was stand there.

Which, judging by the way Gary is huffing and puffing in this altitude, took a great deal of effort.

– Jet is amazed how well Mallory did at the task. I assume it is because Christina refused to shut up on the bus as she told everyone stories about how much her mother taught her about the Chinese Zodiac.

– Christina has the clue in second place. Then Luke.

– Everyone else is making progress.

JUSTIN: I just caught a glimpse of Zev’s little Elmer Fudd hat. He seems like he knows what he is looking for which is all I can ask at this point.

lijiang justin kanew 7

“I could ask for him to be in the lead, but then I would come off as an asshole.”

lijiang zev glassenberg 10

Elmer Fudd has his eyes on one particular animal.

lijiang zev rabbit

Shhhh. Quiet, tourists. Zev is huntin’ wabbit.

lijiang rabbit

Yeeeeeeeah. What’s up, doc?

– Cord completes the task in fourth. Jet pulls out the best impression of the Rich Texan from The Simpsons that I have ever heard.


lijiang flight time jet

I love how unimpressed Flight Time is in this picture. This will explain a lot as to how this season will go down in a few episodes.

lijiang zev glassenberg 11

Dammit, Zev! You missed your chance to photobomb those tourists!

– Big Easy cheers himself on when he finds a twelfth medallion.

FT: Pace yourself.
BE: I’m comin’, Flight Time.
FT: Pace yourself.
BE: I’m comin’, Flight Time.
FT: Pace yourself.
BE: I’m comin’!


– Justin tells Zev not to give up as he says he cannot find the elusive wabbit.

– Cara and Jen are both working on hanging up the symbols. Somehow they are passed by Big Easy as he completes the task.

– Big Easy makes a bunch of celebratory noises that you hear athletes make whenever they score a point. He is rushing the crowd on the wooden pathways.

I can only imagine if Big Easy switched roles with Charlie Bucket, and was able to find the golden ticket. It is like Big Easy is sprinting home to Grandpa Joe.

lijiang big easy 5

He is running like a freakin’ rooster!


– Cara has the clue in sixth. Jen is done in seventh.

ZEV: I need that damn rabbit.

james clement

“There is nothing like a juicy rabbit.”

– Meanwhile, Kent yells out to Vyxsin to move faster.

lijiang vyxsin yak

Yeah, what the hell is this? Amateur Hour? Yell at that yak to hop down two of those rocks and not be a wuss about it. Only my grandfather’s yak moves one at a time.

– Justin is not liking this at all.

JUSTIN: Zev! What are you doin’?!

lijiang zev glassenberg 12

Hunting for a real rabbit, evidently. Perhaps one that Ron used to eat in his childhood.

– Kent & Vyxsin are happy as they enter the gondola. Vyxsin notes they have yet to complete a Detour or Roadblock.

No, they just rode a gondola one hour in the wrong direction and missed the required Roadblock. . .oh wait.

JUSTIN: Everybody’s left except Kent & Vyxsin.

Which, given how disastrous Kent & Vyxsin’s trip to Lijiang was, means that they don’t even count.

JUSTIN: Zev, you’re got to move quicker than you’re to movin’ dude.
ZEV: I can’t find ’em, man!
JUSTIN: Move your feet, dude! We’re in a race.
ZEV: Thanks.
JUSTIN: Zev, do not give up, man. C’mon.

lijiang zev glassenberg 13

“Eh, there’s still TAR 14 teams ahead of us.”

lijiang justin kanew 8

Justin uses this time to pursue his mountainous modelling career.

lijiang zev glassenberg 14

Who shall be the victim of Zev’s frustration?

lijiang zev glassenberg 15

“F–k your Buddha.”

lijiang zev glassenberg 16

Oddly enough, punching objects because you can’t find the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit is exactly the behaviour of what somebody who is as passionate as the Astrological Zodiac Libra would do.

– Commercial break. We resume as Zev has completely taken down the entire structure of all of the poles, and ripped out all of the wooden planks on the pathway. The Chinese tourists all flee in terror.

– Nah, just kidding. Zev finds the rabbit seconds later. Apparently the medallions are actually called charms.

ZEV: Do I have to hang my charms?

lijiang zev glassenberg 17

Tie em all together and. . .

lijiang zev glassenberg 18


lijiang zev glassenberg 19


lijiang mallory zev

“Order, Zev. . .or. der.

– Jet & Cord are on the gondola going down as they see Kent & Vyxsin riding up.

– Gary & Mallory enter a marked bus. No one else gets on. We get a very forced confessional about the Express Pass.

MALLORY: We’re having fun. Me and my dad in Chi-NUH!

lijiang mallory ervin 13

Only Mallory can talk like that without attracting heat from the audience.

– Margie & Luke enter a marked bus.

lijiang ron christina hsu 21

Ron & Christina? Not so much.

– Jet & Cord are now in third place as they enter a marked bus.

lijiang flight time big easy

Ron & Christina no longer have the right to mock the Globetrotters for failing to follow the rules last leg.

– After speaking to the driver in Chinese for the past few minutes, Christina becomes concerned in English.

lijiang ron christina hsu 22

RON: Let’s see where he goes.
CHRISTINA: Buses have doors.

lijiang man 5

Doorless. Christina’s mental schema of buses is coming into play.

lijiang bus 3

Unfortunately, Christina is wrong (okay, so shut up). Whether or not it has doors is irrelevant when defining the prototypical properties of a bus.

– Kisha & Jen and Jaime & Cara enter the same bus together in a tie for sixth.

– Ron & Christina hop out to speak to the driver. The driver has one great piece of advice for them as to how they should get to the Old Town.

lijiang ron christina hsu driver

This is the closest Christina has come to punching somebody in the face. The driver wishes there were doors now!

– Kent & Vyxsin complete the gondola ride. Zev is still angry.

lijiang zev glassenberg 20

Zev gives the charms a good ol’ fashioned bitch slap.

lijiang zev glassenberg 22

ZEV: How about now?

lijiang chinese pope

The Chinese Pope expresses his deepest condolences for Zev.

ZEV: Fantastic.

lijiang zev glassenberg 23

“You can’t excommunicate me because -I- quit!”

JUSTIN: I hope Kent & Vyxsin are way back there somewhere.

lijiang kent vyxsin 39

“Hey guys, what’d we miss?”

lijiang zev glassenberg 24


– After a lengthy discussion, Vyxsin is doing the Roadblock.


lijiang zev glassenberg 25

“Because first I have to tie my shoes.”


lijiang zev glassenberg 26

I love how Zev & Justin have to scream over hundreds of tourists in order to have this conversation.

– Kent thinks the charms are puzzles. Anyways, Vyxsin scampers off to start the task, and Justin and Kent are left alone to have an amusing conversation.

JUSTIN: What happened to you guys, Kent?
KENT: Our car broke down.

lijiang kent kaliber 8

“Don’t you believe us?”

lijiang justin kanew 9

“That’s impossible. Ford, a proud sponsour of TAR, would never be so reckless as to produce a faulty car.”

KENT: We had car trouble and we missed the flight.

lijiang kent kaliber 9

“The mechanic told us there was something wrong with its PMA or something.”

JUSTIN: So the flight you took was not the flight you were supposed to take?

KENT: Ummmm. . . . .

lijiang kent kaliber 10

KENT: . . .Well. . . . .

lijiang kent kaliber 11

JUSTIN: . . . .

lijiang justin kanew 10

lijiang justin kanew 11

He has heard enough.

KENT: . . . . . . . .
(Cut to confessional.)
VYXSIN: We were really unsure if we were going to get a time penalty.
KENT: It’s like a poker game. You don’t tell the other players what cards you have. Good or bad. You have to keep them to yourself to utilize them.

lijiang kent vyxsin 40

Expert advice, Kent.

holland maria tiffany 26

Maria and her douchey friend would be proud!

lijiang kent kaliber 12

You don’t say what you have aloud, but the other players may or may not pick up on this tell that you are currently holding two-seven offsuit.

lijiang kent justin 2

lijiang kent justin

“He totally bought it.”

– Justin admits he is panicking a little bit.

– Vyxsin decides to take a shortcut to look at the symbols.

lijiang vyxsin zev

ZEV: What are you doing? You can’t take mine.

lijiang vyxsin zev 2

Vyxsin is like a second grader hanging around a friend’s brand new Christmas present.

ZEV: No! Go over there and look!

lijiang vyxsin zev 3


– Ron & Christina are in the doorless automobile.

CHRISTINA: Please. Just trust me.
RON: Why does it have to be a bus?!

lijiang ron christina hsu 23

For once, Ron’s fight is not with Christina nor with the Globetrotters. It is not even with a 70 year old grandpa. Nor is it with Azaria at a family lunch when Ron noticed the hicky on Christina’s neck.

azaria bored

“I swear it isn’t a hicky, Mr. Hsu.”

This time production will be the victim.

RON: Now we’re going to get screwed because we have to go up there. We’re going to waste about a good forty-five minutes on this thing!

lijiang ron hsu 8

Oh boy.

lijiang hands 2

No hands are being held here–unless it is around the driver’s throat.

CHRISTINA: Daddy. Please.

lijiang ron christina hsu 24

I love how Christina doesn’t even flinch.

lijiang ron christina hsu 25

They spot the marked green bus. Christina tells him to stop in both English and Chinese. The driver is refusing to stop.

lijiang ron hsu 9

Ron waits and repeats the command to stop in Chinese. As for Christina?

lijiang christina hsu 3

Waiting for a moving vehicle to halt?

lijiang christina hsu 4

sweet brown

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

lijiang christina hsu 5

Now that’s how you get whiplash.

But seriously, though. Christina jumping out of a moving vehicle and onto the road is one of the most badass things I have ever seen.

lijiang christina hsu 6

I love how the production crew refused to jump out of the shuttle as well. They want to enforce the twenty foot rule, but not to where they could potentially die doing so.

lijiang christina hsu 7

And she is right back up on her feet.

flo paddling a boat

Could you imagine Flo being willing to be in a taxi going in the wrong direction then saying ‘screw it’, and do a diveroll?

lijiang flight time big easy 2

“Hey Nate, I could’ve sworn I just saw Christina roll out of a car.”

– Christina is using her Christina voice to have the Globetrotters’ bus stop. Meanwhile, Ron uses his Ron voice which is far more effective.

CHRISTINA: stop. chi. stop.
GLOBETROTTERS (to the driver): Hold on hold on hold on. Wait.

lijiang flight time big easy 3

“I left my keys in Christina’s fanny pack.”

lijiang ron christina hsu 26

lijiang ron christina hsu 27

Holy crap. Ron is throwing a rock at the bus!

lijiang ron christina hsu 28

Christina classifies that vehicle as a bus if it has doors. However, after Ron’s rock toss, is it still classified as a bus if it is missing windows?

lijiang flight time big easy 4

With a broken window, they are now Flight Time and Big Breezy.

– Christina yells at Ron to keep up as she sprints to the bus “HURRY! HURRY! HURRY!” as if she was a professional Curling player.

lijiang christina hsu 8

The audio and visual crew are demanding a raise after today.

– Let’s look at all of the other times in TAR history where Ron throwing a rock did some damage.

mario party ukiki snow ron

Those Ukikis didn’t stand a chance!

billy madison dodgeball ron

O’ Doylehsu Rules!

lijiang flight time big easy 5

Flight Time continues to put his hand up as if he is blocking a five year old from taking a swing at him.

lijiang christina hsu 9

Now would be the perfect time for Flight Time to shout for the driver to start moving again.

– Christina thanks the driver in Chinese as expected, and then proceeds to acknowledge the Globetrotters’ role in helping her.

lijiang christina hsu globetrotters

I know why Big Easy is laughing.

In four rounds, Flight Time & Big Easy have had to balance out karma on two incidents.


Asking Zev & Justin for the answer to the Roadblock riddle.

How did they repay this favour? Letting them board a flight which ended up getting delayed.


Stealing and moving Christina’s fanny pack to cost her and Ron valuable time as well as a near heart attack for Ron.

How did they redeem themselves? Letting Ron & Christina get onto a bus in a round where everyone is confident Kent & Vyxsin are screwed.

It’s like asking your friends for a million dollars each day, and then giving them ten bucks back with everyone agreeing that you are even.

– Vyxsin keeps on collecting charms.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 36

Unless this guy steals one from behind.

– Zev submits another guess.

ZEV: Tiger, rabbit, horse, monkey, dog, pig. That’s correct.

lijiang zev glassenberg 27

You can’t declare if it is correct, Zev. Last time I checked, the Pekatican did not elect you to be the Chinese Pope.

lijiang zev glassenberg 28

He holds his hand up to prevent a possible Agca-like rage from Zev.

ZEV: What do you mean?!

lijiang zev glassenberg 29

You need to swap the rooster to the end of that list, Zev.

– Zev makes another quick change.

ZEV: How about now?

lijiang pope

He does not even bother to look at Zev’s order anymore; he knows it is wrong.

JUSTIN: Zev, what’s going on?
ZEV: He won’t give me the f–king clue!

tar 27 complaints

Imagine how the TAR 27 Catholic viewers would have reacted to this scene. Not only would they be appalled with Zev cursing at the Asian leader of Catholicism, but also with him wearing a hat.

lijiang kent kaliber 13

“I shall pray to the Pagan gods. We may survive this.”

– We cut to Old Town Lijiang. All of the stereotypical whimsical Chinese TAR music plays. I believe this is a new soundtrack. There is even a new remix of the popular Asian Riff. Gary & Mallory and Margie & Luke are running around.

lijiang old man

I think he was the town’s founding member.

– Margie & Luke are first to the clue box.

MARGIE: What’s your sign?

lijiang margie luke adams 6

Actually, this clip was condensed. Let me get the full transcript of the clue. . .

notorious big big poppa

“Hey Margie, what’s your name? What’s your sign? What your interests are? Who you beeee with?”

– Each teammate must now correctly locate their Chinese Zodiac sign, write a wish on a piece of paper, and deposit it into the proper slot.

lijiang man 6

He is trying too hard with his hat.

lijiang zodiac 4

“I wish that The Amazing Race 24 never happened.”

lijiang zodiac 3

“There is an actual pig inside of the wheel waiting to eat your wish.

READER QUESTION: If you had one Chinese wish, what would it be?

MARGIE: You must verbally announce your sign as you put your wish into the slot.

lijiang horse





Yeah, it’s a Grumpy Old Men reference.

– Margie thinks her sign is rooster (which is odd because they are supposed to have great people skills).

– It should be noted that this season was filmed during the Year of the Tiger.

– Gary & Mallory are second to the clue box.

MARGIE (to MALLORY): You have to write your wish then deposit it.

I think Mallory can f–king read, Margie.

– Mallory makes her wish.

r kelly i wish.jpg

So does R. Kelly. It probably involved a cheerleader.

MALLORY: I wish my dad would have most fun and best experience on this race.

lijiang mallory ervin luke adams

“Also, I wish for a pony. Six times. And Zodiac Santa, I also wish for a giant chocolate chip cookie.

Yours, Mallory (but my friends call me Mall)”

– Gary comes up with an equally thoughtful wish.

GARY: Quick. Just write ‘WIN’ on mine.

lijiang gary mallory ervin 6

Leave it to a middle-aged man to come up with the laziest and most direct wish possible. I bet Gary has a habit of shopping for gifts on Christmas Eve.

– Margie & Luke’s wishes are unknown.

lijiang luke adams 12

Luke signs his sign underneath a sign.

lijiang margie luke adams 7

Luke probably wished to not have any more repeat countries from TAR 14. Margie would have struggled with hers because of her sign.

lijiang guilin margie.jpg

– It’s a Detour. There is only ten minutes left in this episode and we have yet to begin this task.

PHIL: Teams must learn how to control one of two things synonymous with the Nazi people.

WHAT?! Nazis in Lijiang? Forget hiding in Argentina.

CORRECTION: It’s actually Nakhi, but pronounced similar to how you would say ‘Nazi’.

– They must choose between Hammer or Horn.

– In Hammer, teams must pulverize hot molten candy in the traditional method. Once they have prepared the candy, the confectioner will give them their next clue.

lijiang candy

It looks like somebody’s vomit after too much chocolate, cashews, and Bailey’s on Christmas.

So, the first step is to pour out the vomit onto the wood.

lijiang hammer

Pay teenagers to hammer the vomit.

lijiang hammer 2

Hammer it until the vomit hardens.

lijiang hammer 3

Make the hardened vomit less appealing than it looked before.

By the way, this round definitely took place on a Sunday.

lijiang phil keoghan candy

Then Phil and the bald confectioner are ready to serve up the clue.

– In Horn, teams make their way to Nanmen Square then they must pick up a long cumbersome ceremonial horn and lead a procession of Nazi dancers to Wencheng Palace where they will receive their next clue.

lijiang horn

She holds; he blows. The third guy serves as the “pinch hitter” in this scenario.

lijiang horn 2

Why do they have eight games of tetherball set up in the square?

lijiang horn 3

A procession of horny men.

lijiang horn 4

The Horn Cam.

lijiang bond

Oh screw you, Bond. It’s not a f–king gun barrel. Don’t you dare pull the trigger!

lijiang wencheng palace

Everybody have fun tonight!

lijiang wencheng palace 2

Everybody Wencheng Palace tonight.

MARGIE: We’re doing candy. What do you think? Candy. Candy. Candy. Candy. Yep. Yep. Yep.

candy kong

Margie really wants to do Candy. A lot.

– Gary & Mallory’s first instinct was to also do the candy task.

– Globetrotters and Ron & Christina are next to the clue box.

CHRISTINA: My dad’s an ox. I’m a rooster.

They have the same age gap as fellow parent-child team Margie & Luke, but with the symbols flipped. Huh.

– Christina shoots for the stars with her wish.

lijiang ron christina hsu 30

Whether or not she wrote it in Chinese remains a mystery.

CHRISTINA: You have to say ‘ox’ when you put it down. Say ‘awwwwwwx’.

You’re not at the dentist, Christina.

– Ron & Christina spam ‘thank you’ in Chinese to the guy handing out the clue.

lijiang ron christina hsu 31

They love making new friends.

– Jet & Cord submit their wishes in fourth place.

JET: Cord wished for world happiness.

shanghai caite upton 2

That’s what happens when you run a full season with a former beauty pageant competitor.

BIG EASY: Monkey. He gonna be a monkey.
FLIGHT TIME: Monkeeeeeeh.

lijiang flight time big easy 6

He is yelling it with pure certainty.

lijiang man 7

Oh. Wrong.

fang barbarian.jpg


BIG EASY (shakes head): Not a monkey.

Big Easy agrees with Fang.

lijiang flight time big easy 7

At least Flight Time has only twelve possibilities versus Big Easy’s 120 possibilities with Znarf Kafka.

lijiang flight time

FLIGHT TIME: Gooooooat.

lijiang unhappy

Not impressed.

FLIGHT TIME: Horrrrrse.

Still wrong.

FLIGHT TIME: Snaaaaaaake.

lijiang flight time big easy 8

I love how Big Easy has to research the available options.

FLIGHT TIME: Drag Awwwwwn.

lijiang man 8

Getting closer.

FLIGHT TIME: Rabbiiiiit. . .Tiiiiiger (he says ‘tiger’ the same way that Sagat does from Street Fighter).

lijiang kisha jen hoffman 3

It has taken Flight Time enough attempts for a ridiculously easy task that Kisha & Jen have shown up. What animal is on Jen’s head?

– Flight Time looks like an eager child at a Spelling Bee who knows how to spell the winning word.

FLIGHT TIME: I’m a snake.

lijiang flight time big easy zodiac

“Did he finally f–king get it?”

lijiang flight time big easy zodiac 2

“What the f–k, Herb?”

FLIGHT TIME’S GUESS COUNT: Eight. Four remain.

– Kisha & Jen (Jen is a rat, Kisha is a monkey) complete the hefty challenge in fifth. They opt to go with the Hammer.

– Jaime & Cara are submitting their wishes too. Jaime is a horse and Cara is a dog.

outback jaime edmundson 4

I thought Jaime was a rabbit, but I suppose I was wrong.

– I have a question.

lijiang jaime cara 7

Who the hell are they talking to?

JAIME: I wished that we would win the race (laughs really hard).

lijiang jaime cara 8

Seriously. Who is it?

– Jaime & Cara receive their clue.

lijiang jaime cara 6

Meanwhile, the guy behind her wishes he had a pet hamster named Nibbles that he could communicate with on his right shoulder during the day.

Kisha wished for more meaningful content.
Jen wished for a larger bladder and the ability to swim.
Cara wished she could possess Jaime’s levels of aggressivity.
Jet wished there was a second light installed that would occasionally flash red or green.

– Jaime & Cara go with the Horn.

lijiang big easy jaime cara

Big Easy’s only interaction with Jaime & Cara is to elbow them out of his way. He loes to troll.

– Flight Time repeats his guesses to the clue bearer.

FLIGHT TIME: I am a tiger. I am a goat. I am a rooster.

lijiang flight time big easy 9

9/12 with two repeat guesses. This is downright ridiculous.

FLIGHT TIME: I am a goat.

lijiang flight time big easy 10

It was worth a third shot.

ZEV: That’s right. Goat. Monkey.

lijiang zev glassenberg 30

Zev is getting so tired of this that he is wearing a hat on top of another hat.

Nuh uh, girlfriend.

– Vyxsin keeps searching for charms.

VYXSIN: Is there something wrong with my brain?

lijiang vyxsin fiala man

No, but there is something wrong with the guy on the right.

– Zev realizes he had two goats but no horse.

VYXSIN: I’m just trying to keep calm but I feel like if I keep doing the same thing I have been doing then I am not going to get anywhere.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 37

Try to stay calm.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 38

Try to stay calm. . .while a guy urinates on the charms behind me.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 39

Try to stay calm.

– Zev has it, and the Chinese Pope gives him the clue.

lijiang zev glassenberg pope

“Here is the clue. . .or as you say in America, ‘the f–king clue'”.

lijiang justin kanew 12

“Did he get it?”

lijiang justin kanew 13

Bruce Bogtrotter war cry.

JUSTIN: I know. That was terrible, but you stuck it out. I’m proud of you. Here. Hold this. Let’s read this clue and get the hell out of here. Good work. You inished it. You finished it, buddy. That’s all that matters. I don’t know what the hell just happened.

The locals are sad, Justin. :/

– Justin makes fun of Zev’s mistake.

VYXSIN (crying with accelerated speech): I’m so confused and dizzy. I don’t know what I’m doing. I just don’t get it. I’m sorry.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 40

You know what Vyxsin’s multiple meltdowns is reminding me of?

vanessa rousso big brother.jpg

Her. Eerily similar. Although I doubt Vyxsin has the same level of social intelligence when it comes to detecting deception from opponents and manipulating them, though.

KENT: My little pink kitten is trying her best.

lijiang kent kaliber 14

Yet Kent is the one wearing cat ears.

– Vyxsin starts crying.

– Flight Time guesses he is a rooster then a dragon. Apparently dragon is correct. Therefore, editing was screwing us with the order of footage.

– They choose to do Horn.

Flight Time wished for whatever Sam’s wish was.
Big Easy wished for whatever Dan’s wish was.

– Ron & Christina, Margie & Luke, and Gary & Mallory (a.k.a. Parent-Child Galore) are all running to the route marker. Ron is getting distracted.

lijiang food 3

Ah. Authentic Chinese cuisine.

lijiang fish

Pulled in straight from the sea.

lijiang fries

And who can forget the Chinese classic–French Fries.

RON: Hey, can I get my yogurt?

lijiang ron christina hsu 32

“I was good today.”

CHRISTINA: . . .No. After the task.

lijiang ron christina hsu 33

That is one sad rooster. . .I mean ox.

RON: But they are live fish.

lijiang fish 2

lijiang ron hsu 10

Ron wants to see the fish die before his eyes.

RON: It’s not bad. Three for a stick–
CHRISTINA: We have to go. Your mind is not–
RON: Okay. Okay. Alright. I’m tired and getting a splitting sideache.
RON: Can we take the tram?

lijiang ron hsu 11

Who knew Christina would be the one that is being no fun?

– Gary & Mallory and Margie & Luke watch the candy hammering demonstration.

lijiang margie luke adams 8

“How, uh. . .how fun.”


lijiang mallory ervin 14


MALLORY: I needed to pay my dues and make money for a change for all the candy I eat.

lijiang mallory ervin 15

Geez. Mallory is happy with this task. You could make her play HoldTheButton and she would still be all smiles.

– Gary makes sound effects as he pounds it. Jet & Cord, Ron & Christina, and Kisha & Jen join the other two teams to pound it as well.

– Ron & Christina are hammering the vomit too. Christina encourages him to use it to take her frustration out.

lijiang candy 2

God. That may have the worst texture for any treat ever made. Maya needs to help them.

– Ron stops for a second.

RON: C’mon. This is good stuff.

lijiang ron christina hsu 34

Ewwwwwwwwww. Way to take a page out of Mardy & Marsio’s book.

– Jaime & Cara, currently in sixth, enter the square.

lijiang dance

You know you are big TAR an when you are wearing a red and yellow sweater.

lijiang dance 2

They are digging the music.

– Jaime & Cara grab a horn.

CARA: The ceremonial horn. It’s yours.
JAIME: I’m not going to be able to keep it extended the whole time. I can’t. There’s no way. Let’s make candy.

lijiang jaime cara 9

Cara may have been too presumptuous when it comes to estimating Jaime’s ability to hold up a thick, narrow, and long object.

– Vyxsin’s PMAing continues.

VYXSIN: So stupid. This is really–I never thought of myself as a stupid person until this race. I don’t understand what I’m doing ever. I don’t get it. I’m so upset. I’m so stupid.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 41

Jesus. Even the tourists are starting to keep away from her.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 42

Is she looking for a hidden immunity idol?

lijiang vyxsin fiala 43

Maybe some impromptu gymnastics will help.

lijiang vyxsin fiala 44

Something tells me they won’t be catching Zev & Justin.

– Commercial break. We resume.

lijiang animal 2

More emotionally stable than Vyxsin.

VYXSIN: I don’t get it.
(Seconds later she finds the twelfth charm.)

lijiang vyxsin fiala 45

Typical TAR editing.

lijiang goat 2

Apparently I am not the only troublesome Goat around here–they have successfully haunted Zev and now are responsible for making Vyxsin cry.

– Zev & Justin board a marked bus. Justin says they can go head-to-head with Kent & Vyxsin any day, and especially with a lead.

– We cut back to the candy vomit task.

lijiang dog

Even this dog has culinary standards.

– Margie & Luke, Gary & Mallory, and Jet & Cord bring their vomit to the cutting board.

lijiang ron christina hsu 35

Ron takes another lunch break. This explains how Jet & Cord leaped ahead.

CHRISTINA: Daddy, stop!

lijiang ron hsu 12

Christina cusses out Ron like he is a dog who used its hind legs to retrieve crumbs of people food from the seat of the chair.

– The requirement for cutting the candy is so minimal that Margie is taken offguard when the clue is thrust in front of her face.

lijiang margie adams 3

“Pssst. You’re done. You can leave now.”

– They read that they can make their way to the top of Lion Hill and find the Eternal Tower. It rises above the old town and is an ornate building.

lijiang eternal tower


lijiang eternal tower 2

It’s the closest thing to a skyscraper that Lijiang has.

lijiang phil keoghan 6

It’ll be as eternal as Phil Keoghan’s hosting gig.

– Kisha & Jen finish smashing candy in fourth. Christina begs Ron to let her cut the candy.

CHRISTINA: Please let me do it. Please let me do it.

lijiang ron christina hsu 36

This Detour has now become a Roadblock.

lijiang man 9

“A young lady holding a butcher knife–is this allowed?”

– So remember how Christina told Ron to stay out of the final phase?

lijiang ron christina hsu 37

Yeah. He doesn’t follow direction very well.

lijiang ron christina hsu 38

Ron’s listening skills are about on par with Blair’s.

CHRISTINA: NO! NO! That’s how you -don’t- do it, daddy.
RON: Then how do you put it in there then? You figure it out–
CHRISTINA: Take a deep breath and let me do this please. You’re so ungraceful.

lijiang dog 2

“Hey guys, what’d I miss?”

lijiang ron christina hsu 39

lijiang ron christina hsu 40

The bag now belongs to Christina.

lijiang ron christina hsu 41

It’s a good thing Ron doesn’t have a rock to throw at the moment.

– The confectioner acts like nothing happened and smiles as he hands the clue to a now calm Ron.

lijiang ron hsu clue

Even though Ron was sidelined for most of this task.

lijiang ron christina hsu 42

RON: That’s because–
CHRISTINA: Shhhhhhhh.

lijiang ron christina hsu 43

dr evil shh

“I wish I could hand you a big bag of shhhh for you to eat.”

RON: You–
CHRISTINA: I don’t want to talk about it.
CHRISTINA: Daddy. Get dressed.

lijiang ron hsu 13

But first, it’s time for dessert!

lijiang ron hsu 14

And one piece for the road.

CHRISTINA: Stop eating! Get dressed! We can eat at the pit stop!

lijiang ron christina hsu 44

C’mon, Christina. Ron might die of hunger between now and the ten minute run to the mat.

– The lonely Horn dancers are still movin’.

lijiang dance 3

Five hours later and they’ve still got rhythm.

– Globetrotters pick up a horn.

lijiang entourage

And pick up an entourage of middle-aged Chinese women in the process.

lijiang globetrotters

Big Easy repeatedly blows into the horn like it’s a saxamaphone.

lijiang big easy 6

Air gets caught in Big Easy’s throat.

lijiang big easy 7


Careful, Big Woozy! The altitude is more than he can handle!

– Flight Time & Big Easy stop to ask a local for directions.

lijiang globetrotters kid

A little girl sneaks by and starts making fart noises into the horn.

lijiang kid

“Ah! My face is stuck! I need help!”

– The candy vomit is burning Cara’s hand.

– Zev & Justin are at the wishing task. Justin knows each of their signs.

lijiang zev justin 8

Here is a screencap of the clue in case you are curious.

– Justin is a goat and Zev is a dog.

JUSTIN: What’d you wish for? Winning The Amazing Race was mine.
ZEV: Mine will be to live a long and happy life.

Zev has long term thinking.

– They receive the clue, and Zev thanks him in Espanol.

lijiang clue 2

Here is another clue.

– Vyxsin’s charm sequence is approved.

KENT: Oh! She’s got it!
LADY PASSING BY KENT: Ooooh! *starts speaking rapidly*

lijiang kent kaliber 16

lijiang kent kaliber 15

lijiang kent kaliber 17

It’s so random.

– Vyxsin hugs the Chinese Pope.

lijiang kent kaliber 18

And is the first to motorboat a clue giver on The Amazing Race.

PMA: Perfect Motorboating Action!

lijiang mallory ervin

So this is what Mallory meant this morning.

– Kent tries to read the clue, but Vyxsin orders him to squat with her.

Take a knee, Kent.

lijiang clue 3

I don’t know why, but we get to see three of the clues this episode.

– Margie & Luke, Gary & Mallory, and Jet & Cord are in a showdown for first place.

lijiang drum

That’s an unnecessarily oversized drum.

lijiang bell

Now it’s his turn to ring the bell.

lijiang bell 2

If the bell becomes damaged, his job security will be anything but eternal.

– Margie & Luke run onto the mat as the audio goes dead.

lijiang margie luke adams 9

They know they have a chance.

– Phil signs their victory.


– They have won a trip to Aruba.

lijiang margie luke adams 12

This leg is coming up Milhouse.

lijiang phil keoghan 8

Oh, and one more thing.

lijiang phil keoghan 9

“You know what’s in my back pocket.”

lijiang margie luke adams 11

Or maybe not.

PHIL: You’re still racing.

lijiang margie luke adams 10

It looks like Ron won’t be eating at the pit stop after all.

– Phil hands them the clue and instructs them to read it.

lijiang pit stop greeter

I love how the pit stop greeter is holding back her laughter as Phil trolls Margie & Luke.

lijiang margie luke adams 13

They would probably hand back their trip to Aruba if it meant having a rest at the pit stop.

NOTE: If Mel & Mike were in this round, Mel would have already been killed off by the altitude.

MARGIE (to PHIL): You don’t want to know what I want to say right now.

lijiang margie adams 4

I can take a guess.

lijiang margie luke adams 2

It looks something like this.

– Margie & Luke sound absolutely exhausted, but eventually start moving.

– The ’24’ end of episode split screen returns as Jet & Cord check in while Kent & Vyxsin are running along the wooden path.

lijiang jet cord kent vyxsin

Jet & Cord were on the receiving end of humiliation just three rounds ago.

tar 27

Oh, and for any casual fans who said TAR 27 was the first season to have two Keep on Racing legs, you can suck it.



lijiang gary mallory ervin 7

They are in such high spirits.

PHIL: Gary & Mallory, you can keep on racing.
MALLORY: Aweeee. Nuts.

lijiang gary mallory ervin 8


lijiang gary mallory ervin 9

Gary puts his toque back on and is ready to rock once more.


Ron pretty much has a heart attack as he shouts in excitement after being told he is fourth.

lijiang ron christina hsu 45


lijiang ron christina hsu 46


What was in that candy?! Crack?!

PHIL: . . .But you’re still racing.

lijiang ron christina hsu 47

Christina must hate that it’s a Keep on Racing leg after lecturing her dad how they can hold off on eating until the pit stop.

CHRISTINA: But daddy, we can eat at the–
RON: What if Phil gives us the next clue right away, Chris? It’s the principle of the thing. If I’m hungry, I am going to eat now. Look, this stall says Real Truth Flavour Added.

And judging by how coked up Ron is at the moment, he is ready to run the next eight legs in a row if he must.

Oh, and Vyxsin has a nervous habit of biting on her glove.

lijiang kisha jen kent vyxsin

Or sucking on her glove.



lijiang globetrotters 2

Why does Big Easy look so distraught?

lijiang phil keoghan 7

Is it because Phil got his nose?


lijiang jaime cara kent vyxsin

Vyxsin really is losing her mind.

lijiang kent vyxsin 43

Kent & Vyxsin are finally off the gondola and heading onto their marked bus. They definitely have all of their possessions on them.

VYXSIN: Still had time to catch up. We’re still in the game.
KENT: The odds are against us, but the pink and black attack is ready.

lijiang kent vyxsin 44

“This horrible horrible awful terrible day is almost over. We just have an active route info, a Detour, and a pit stop to get through. . .okay, maybe it isn’t quite over.”

– Zev & Justin keep struggling.

JUSTIN: It’s not going that well. We’re not entirely convinced we’re heading in the right place. I honestly haven’t really thought about Kent & Vyxsin. Just trying to get this done and let the chips fall where they may.

lijiang zev justin 9

I love how Justin is treating this as a day that has gone wrong even though they have had about ten hiccups fewer than Kent & Vyxsin, and appear to be well over one hour ahead of them.

– Kent & Vyxsin keep riding the bus until. . .

KENT: Can you turn around?

lijiang kent kaliber 19

What is it this time, Kent?

lijiang driver

Maybe he just wants the driver to physically turn his body around.

– But seriously, what have they done now?

lijiang vyxsin fiala 46

You’ve got to be KIDDING me. Vyxsin has her arm stuck in the backpack! How the hell is that even possible, Vyxsin? It’s a Positively Messed up Arm–PMA!

– Nah, just kidding.

VYXSIN: We need to turn around.
KENT: We got to turn around.
VYXSIN: Kent lost the fanny pack.
KENT: It has everything. The passports and all of the money.