Funniest Complaints About The Amazing Race 27 Week 5 Edition

October 23 – October 29 (Zambia/Zimbabwe -> Zambia/Zimbabwe)

This is becoming a routine thing, but I must confess I have been rather busy lately. Trust me. I am trying to keep up and make sure I can catch up by the time this season is over.

Animal rights, gaydar, Monopoly money, putting down young women, and yes, Justin & Diana are the main focus of complaints this week.

NOTE: I got rid of the less hilarious complaints when making the final edit for this post. This is why some of the numbers won’t line up.

1) ME: “Since when were Dave & Connor in The Amazing Race 27?”

Uh oh. I am trying to troll the TAR community again. This should be fun.

—> “They are not on season 27”

—> ME: “Come to think of it, wasn’t that Dave who pulled his hamstring in the second episode?”

—> “Yes Dave did.. they are not on season 27.”

—> “They are not on 27, and nobody on the page has said they were……It says who REMEMBERS them. Nothing about them being on 27.”

—> “Are you saying that you think josh and tanner are like Dave and Conner?”

—> ME: “Michael Harmstone, are Dave & Connor really not on TAR 27? We need your insider help.”

—> “Are you just watching a different season?”

—> “They absolutely are NOT on 27.…/meet-the-cast-of-the-amazing-race…/”

—> ME: “I’ve been watching it on Netflix Premium Gold Plus.”

—> “Then that’s probably why you’re seeing them….. Netflix doesn’t air the current season.”

—> ME: “Dammit. :(”

—> “You can download the new season. That’s what I have to do, we don’t have cable out here where I live. Lol.”

—> ME: “My friend Diana Bishop typically helped me out with this in the past. I wonder if she can help me out with finding the new season.”

Yeah. I was bored.

2) “I have followed the Amazing Race for all 27 series, watching it all over the world wherever we were stationed. I really am appalled and disappointed that you are now glorifying walking with lions. There is nothing glorious, it is horrendous for the lions. I bet they will be shot now, if they haven’t been already by some rich tourist. I really am so disappointed frown emoticonShame on CBS. All I could think of was Cecil the lion”



That’s what really counts.

—> “Luckily, there are many of us that don’t live on the “DRAMA” of negative things that happen in our society. Pray for the idiots, and put your smiles and high-fives on the things that make you happy Help the poor, pray for the ones that persecute you, tithe, smile at everyone, keep your nose on your own business, and life won’t be too hard.”

The Amazing Race is our only business.

—> “the drama of negative life??? Seriously??? I’m all for helping the poor, what about the poor animals? Is their exploitation ok with you? You would be better off sending your tithe to an animal charity as obviously whatever church you attend doesn’t seem to teach caring for all forms of life.”

It’s called the Church of Tanner & Josh–Where caring for those from the Bronx is considered a sin.

—> “Shut up!”

—> “They are poking and antagonizing the crocs with poles, how is that ok?”

Polish people are antagonizing the crocs? Geez. They really do get blamed for everything.


The Poles love to frontkick the crocs too.

—> ” Seems like a lot of people only value human life. So sad…”

—> “They seriously need to change the entire TAR crew. They are degenerates in their own job. Go back to the fun and stark times of season 17 when editing and music was awesome and on point, tasks were truly creative, and the drama was centered on the tough tasks and race fatigue instead of rivals.”

seoul brook claire 19

Exceptional praise for season 17? Sounds like somebody read my blog.

—> “I love Amazing Race; but I did not like the walking with lions. Something seemed really wrong here. The way the one lion cowered when one of the guides started to beat it back. Makes you think there is some type of abuse going on here to make these animals walk with the people. Just seemed really strange and very wrong to use these animals this way. This isn’t conservation. Please don’t promote these types of activities.”

—> “These are [some random film title].”

—> “Poor creatures . Born to be exploited and then killed by rich people. I wonder do all the millions who were up in arms about Cecil, see that these will have a worse fate? At least he was born free”


People were up in arms about Cecil? I thought they always were more concerned about Bob.

—> “ever kill a spider? ant? hypocrite”

ant comedian

He does kinda deserve to die. . .maybe.

—> “No, actually I don’t kill spiders. I put them in a glass and take them outside. idiots aboud”

You never answered the part about Ant.

—> “Then you’re a moron!!!”

—> “why?”

—> “because that’s the extent of his debate skills.”

trump 2
because that’s the extent of -Donald Trump’s- debate skills.

—> “lol”

—> “Don’t feed the trolls.”

lions tigers

Trolls, Lions, and Crocs, oh my!

—> “i find it hard to believe you’ve never killed a spider, ant, fly in your house, or in your lifetime……you know you have, isn’t all life precious? didn’t say it wasn’t true, just said that i find it hard to believe. ever slap a mosquito?”

Oh, that mosquito deserved it.

rick mosquito

But then again the mosquito DID get its revenge.

—> “please sign and share this petition requesting that CBS does not exploit wild animals for the sake of ratings!!”

Dammit. No advertising on my blog!

—> “Give it a rear already. If the animal wanted to, he could take any human down. They are not abused.”


It’s like Goldberg. Somebody will be speared and jackhammered if you put someone in front of him, but he will not do so in a match until the time is right.

—> “Please do some research about what really goes on & happens to these Lions, before you make a statement that you are obviously completely clueless about..”

Which is all taking place on the all too stimulating The Amazing Race Facebook page.

—> “will be checking out your competition…I won’t be watching anymore.”

It’s Friday night cable. Competition does not exist.

shark tank

Good luck listening to a bunch of rich entrepreneurs critiqing up-and-comers each week.

3) “Shame on you, CBS and Amazing Race producers!!!! You are disgusting!”


I know. Bertram always leaves the seat up. We’re onto you, Bertram!

—> “Such a great show… sorry you got duped! Those nice lions are not orphans.. they are the product of breeding to produce fodder for hunters. Use the next episode to tell the REAL story of canned hunting in South Africa and how “walk with lions” park is just their breeding center!!!”

South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are all different countries. And TAR is not supposed to be educational.

—> “So ashamed of your support for canned lion hunting!! I loved Amazing Race for its views of cultures across the world. But supporting an industry that kills animals for profit is disgraceful. I’m boycotting Amazing Race.”

I think producers feel a larger sting from Ford’s sponsour withdrawal than they do from a single fan.

—> “SHAME AMAZING RACE for featuring <<WALKING WITH LIONS>> on tonites episode. “This Friday, CBS’s The Amazing Race will be airing an episode that contains walking with lions. As we recently learned again in the documentary [Some random film] ([Some random film’s website]), this practice is tied up with the canned lion hunting industry. It is a shame that travelers are duped into contributing to this fake conservation and this is green-washing at its worst.
We want travelers to know that this practice is contributing to a bitter life and eventually bitter end to the over 8000 predators living in cages in South Africa.””

zambia spit

Meanwhile during last week, Tanner & Josh saw face-washing at its worst.

—> “These lions your contestants are walking with will be dead by the hand of man in no time. You are supporting cruelty to lions#amazingdisgrace

How soon are we talking? Is there a pool going?

—> “It amazes me that the organizers of this show did not do some research to find out what happens to lions after they have been exposed to tourists for pictures and petting. They are put in a fenced in area where they have no chance of escape and sold to hunters to shoot.”

It appears this issue has taken the lion’s share of the complaints thus far.

—> “Last night, I watched The Amazing Race for the last time. Promoting walking with lions is nothing more than promoting Canned Huntin. These lions are bred for the tourism industry, have never known freedom and will be killed by a rich dentist who thinks he is hunting. You also put your people in danger. Shame on CBS.Time to can The Amazing Race.”

Not only did you watch it for the last time, but I think it was also your first time.

—> “+1 🙂 if you interested, FREE DATING site”

I might be single at the moment (I live in a retirement town so unless I have Joey’s smooth moves, nothing is happening), but this is just insulting.

—> “Truly Amazing DISGrace for supporting the canned lion hunting industry in South Africa”

Okay. There is no way multiple people use the phrase “Amazing Disgrace”. It has to be an alt or ghost account.

—> “When visiting petting farms in South Africa, PLEASE remember that the picture of the cuddly Lion that you have on your wall at home is more than likely DEAD. We do try to explain this to you but one never seems to listen and still we see UK, and EU and US tourists petting Lions via so called “Lion theme parks or sanctuaries”.

mgm logo lance layne

You mean Lance is dead? 😦

—> “Don’t place your money to MURDER these animals…
GIVE IT TO CONSERVATION, that actually use this donated money for conservation and not to those who purport to use this money for conservation.

South Africa had a dark sinister secret before 1997. Today this secret has become a legal way of life on many privately owned game farms, zoos and safari parks.

A way of life; that invents cruel and ingenious new ways to exploit the King of Beasts is on an ever increasing level.
Bred like broiler chickens most captive lions in South Africa have a bleak future filled with emotional trauma, physical abuse and an eventual extremely painful tortured death.

The abuse starts when a lion cub is barely a couple of weeks old. Forcefully removed from it mother it is destined to lead a life that in many instances result in severe cases of malnutrition, permanent physiological scarring and total habituation to humans. Most of these small cubs produced on lion-farms will for a certain period have to endure being handled by mostly international volunteers, or by tourists wanting themselves to be photographed with lion cubs before they are eventually returned to private land. There they will face ongoing exploitation as breeding machines and eventual death as a hunting trophy or to supply their bones to a growing Chinese market that use the bones for the manufacture of “lion-wine””

howard sleep


—> “Best show on TV!”

You know it!

—> “On its surface walking with lions appears harmless, however it is anything but. The lions you feature on your show tonight will meet a violent end via canned hunts.”

At least you stated this in two sentences as opposed to the essay we already suffered through.

—> “Agreed. . .Sweet? :/”

You need a psych exam.

4) “You are contributing to canned and trophy hunts! You have helped these lions lead terrible lives, and condemn them to a terrible death in the name of ratings.”

Helped these lions lead terrible lives? Oh c’mon, it’s not their fault they have become sedentary from watching Netflix and playing Fallout 4 all day!

5) “We always enjoy FRIDAY night viewing the fabulous program “AMAZING RACE”………. never a letdown. Thank you CBS.”

Who emphasizes Friday like that?

rebecca black

Rebecca Black?

6) “I hope!! Spell correct! Sorry! But still pissed at Amazing Race!”

Spell correct! Grammar good! Me angry!

7) “I just started watching amazing race every week this season! I luv it!”

fat joe

Ah. Glad to know Fat Joe’s way of spelling ‘love’ is still practiced to this day.

8) “CBS your fact checkers really dropped the ball on this one. Those lions will be shipped off to canned hunting farms with no fear of humans due to these walks making them easy marks in a canned hunt. Shame on you for prompting this type of activity. There is no rehabilitation to wild behavior after being raised as petting toys on these lions walks.”

Last year, a deer had to be killed in our town by the local government because people were feeding it and petting it. So much for a first world country trying to protect an animal. -_-

9) “It’s awful that CBS is promoting these tourist attractions that exploit lions, so often sentencing them to death. The same people who supply lions for the little walk you showed also supply canned hunts with their victims! I am appalled by this!! Ashamed of the Amazing Race producers as well! This simply promotes more horrendous lives and deaths for these lions!!”

cbs cares

That is going to be one awkward CBS Cares piece for Jeff Probst.

—> “The sub-adult lions that the contestants are walking with will be sold off to Canned Hunting areas when they get too big for tourists to pet. Their life will end the same way Cecil the lion did. Shame on CBS for featuring this activity to millions of their viewers. Lions belong in the wild and not in petting zoos.”

But if they go in the wild. . .won’t poachers just go after em anyway? Isn’t that the whole point of safaris and game reserves is to protect endangered species?

Or just send them to the Demilitarized Zone in North/South Korea. Because of how protected that border is, the majority of the rarest species get to chill there without the fear of being harmed. Good luck with that one, poachers!

—> “The problem is due to the fact that the average Zimbabwean makes less than $4000 a year, so if trophy hunters pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars to shoot animals (mostly the sick or old) then the offer unfortunately is too good to refuse.”

don corleone

Why am I picturing a Zimbabwean version of The Godfather?

—> ” if that was true then maybe, but as we saw from the case of Cecil the Lion (not sick, still a breeding male) it’s simply not true. Unfortunately, even more so, the people of Zimbabwe do not see the money from free range or canned hunting. “Mostly” isn’t good enough, and canned hunting is unethical. The lions you saw tonight are bred for the bullet. Please consider reading the links throught this post others have given. Education is so important 🙂

It’s just a link to a website for a movie and other self-promotional material, from what I’ve heard.

—> “the locals get about $12 US from a $50,000 “hunt”. It does NOT get to the locals. The PH keeps the largest share, the land owner gets a small cut. the locals get little to nothing. That is a ‘urban tale’ promoted by the hunting segment.”

kendra fumes 2

“Twelve dollars? That’s more than you make in a year!”

NOTE: Logan & Chris give eight dollars more to locals than poachers do.

10) “Won’t be watching Amazing Race anymore. Do some research before filming stunts like these with lions. Do you even know what canned hunting is? quit exploiting wild animals for your benefit. Lost a viewer”

If they didn’t know what canned hunting was before, they certainly do now.

11) “Is it just me or is that Chris guy a total F*g.”

Considering he engages in sexual intercourse with a bikini model on (what I assume is) a regular basis because paddleboarders aren’t modest, it might just be you.

12) “The whole show was demeaning. Humans walking with lions, going into cages with crocodiles. Just leave them the hell alone!”

You know what? Not a single word has been said about the orphans yet. Do you think the lions eat them if not enough money is in the donation box?

13) “These lions are probably gone now. Cannot believe CBS aired this…especially after [Some random film] exposed the Canned Hunting aspect. Shooting almost tame lion….and you supported this with your segment!”


An animal is tamed after Ness repeatedly SMAAAAAAAASHes it with his baseball bat.

14) “The Amazing Race will be airing an episode tonight that contains walking with lions. As we recently learned again in the documentary [Some random film] ( [Some random film’s website] ), this practice is tied up with the canned lion hunting industry. It is a shame that travelers are duped into contributing to this fake conservation and this is green-washing at its worst.
We want travelers to know that this practice is contributing to a bitter life and eventually bitter end to the over 8000 predators living in cages in South Africa.”

I think the self-promotional point was made much earlier.

15) “Was so disappointed that Paparazzi didn’t get eliminated tonight… they are annoying me so much with their bickering!”

You were so disappointed? Did the dark cloud hang over you all the way until you went back to work Monday morning as your co-workers noticed your slumped shoulders, melancholy mood, and general apathy when engaged in conversation?

—> ” And the guy is obviously gay.”

Obviously, right? Logan may have an eye for photographing celebrities, but she definitely doesn’t have an eye for basic gaydar.

—> “^ omg i said the same thing!”


big brother canada heather

hayley helmet

I love it when characters on competitive reality shows are strictly judged by the tone of their voice which they cannot control. 

—> “I can’t stand them – was REALLY hoping they’d come in last and be eliminated – darn it!”

So close to having your dreams come true.

—> “He is such a Diva!”

dave o' leary crutches funny

No. Trust me. Dave is the biggest diva in TAR history.

—> “She is the worst!”

Considering this season is going to a Holocaust memorial, and what just happened in Paris earlier this week, I may disagree with that.

—> “And nobody wants to back down! This is another Haley X2 yak”


Haley X2. Bigger. Better. Stronger. With TAR 28 social media stars on the horizon, we are guaranteed to have Haley X3.

—> “Are they married? They are both very obnoxious and irritating to listen to….and if they are married…I’m shocked.”

Nearly half of all marriages end up with a divorce. . .and you’d be shocked if a bickering team was married?

—> “that part where they switch between the crocodile encounter with screaming, and the paparazzi guys fighting…that’s so funny…it’s like the show is making us choose which is a more heated battle…I’d go for the Miami team for this one…”

kelly stoopid

I am surprised Kelly wasn’t in that cage going after Tiffany & Krista. I believe it was Reichen who said Kelly’s mouth is bigger than any of those crocodiles.

—> LOGAN: “I’m accepting recommendations on how to be a nicer/better person ;)”

From casual TAR fans? Okay Logan, here are some recommendations for you.

a) Come up with a severe disability that will endear you to fans. Go ahead and amputate an arm or a leg, or be like Tra Telligman and get a pectorial muscle and a lung removed.

b) Empty your bank accounts and say you have no money. Sure, go ahead and buy a PS4, but repeatedly state how you are broke all of the time.

c) Do not say you are from Miami. Instead, try to say you are a deeply religious woman from Kentucky, Kansas, or Oklahoma. 

Meet these three criteria, and you will be the greatest person that fans of The Amazing Race could ever dream of.

—> “Oh Logan, please don’t take it personally! I know so much of the show is about editing. But you both are in a job that requires you to be outgoing and even forward in your personalities. I think I’m more disappointed in your general attitude on this episode! I was on edge the whole episode because of the lions…. partly because of your bickering, I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt because of a fight (loud noises etc in the lion encounter)… There is more than one team who is getting over anxious. Level headed gets the win.. and a can do attitude! Enjoy the ride, Logan.”

Chris shouting at Logan during the lion encounter to the point that the lion does an eyeroll and pounces on them might really set the bar high for this season.

—> LOGAN: “Aw thanks for the positive reply! That’s so nice. Editing is always at play because they choose to show me being rude more than me being nice, but the truth is that I do need to work on myself and my relationship. A lot. I know this going in and thought I could hide it, however, everything just gets magnified and comes out EVEN MORE!”

Rude Logan is Fun Logan, though.

—> “Just like the “Twinnies”, editing does it a lot. I actually was cheering for Natalie on Survivor. It’s all for entertainment. I love AR and am amazed at some some of the things you all have to do on the show. And yes, when 24 hours gets put into 1 hour, we get a lot of the worst. It’s easy for me say to remember to stop and breathe sometimes but I’m at home and you all are racing for a lot of money! 🙂 ”

You are insinuating that Natalie was edited any differently on Survivor than she was on The Amazing Race.

—> “they didn’t even bother to enjoy the race… it was hilarious when phil shamed them into donating more”

outback phil keoghan 5

Kiwis are known for shaming people. Fact.

—> “Are the racers really replying? Or someone posing as them?”

You got me! I have twenty-two fake Amazing Race contestant accounts created when each cast is announced. It is a big time investment, but it’s worth it!

—> “Logan’s link appears to be going to his public figure page…”

His page? This is 2015. Logan is a unisex name.

logan ufc

It all started with Logan the UFC Ring Girl.

16) “why would you not read the clues in full? everyone knows that is how you get eliminated”

They do read the clues. Have you ever read a page from a textbook and are unable to have a piece of information stay in your head when preparing for a test? That’s what The Amazing Race is like after reading four or five clues per day.

—> “Top Rules of TAR:
– Read the clue
– Respect the locals
– Conquer your fear of water and/or heights
– Learn how to drive a stick-shift”

andy tommy

And respecting the locals is optional.

—> “Can you please elaborate? I didn’t get to watch the whole episode? Who didn’t follow instructions?”


—> “I forgot there names and color… But the 2 women… They were supposed to take a clue from the skull but they did not… So they came in last place”


—> ” I think it was Jazmine & Danielle who got eliminated and I have to admit it was not the best decision to not read the whole clue. If they read the whole clue they probably wouldn’t have gotten eliminated.”

You think it was? This really hits it home with how Jazmine & Danielle and Cindy & Rick have not been shown all season long. People either can’t remember them at all, or are merely guessing their names.

Instead of buying new feet, you guys should have bought more airtime.

—> “they didn’t read the entire instruction where it said the clue would be hidden in a skull. One of them remembered seeing a skull during the walk so they had to go back and get it from there.”

outback mel white 5

The skull belongs to Mel White. He just couldn’t find his way out.

—> “how do u not see it then she said oh yea i saw it..lmao…should be blonde…smh”

Yeah, all blonde women are so f–king dumb. I mean, you’re either stuck working for a local news station or you degrade yourself by signing up to be on TMZ. Lose-lose for those people lol.

—> “Lol… Trying to cover her tracks”

Jazmine & Danielle are trying to cover their tracks? Oh god. You just didn’t make that pun based on their athletic background.

17) “Team Miami sucks. $20?”


Hey, the orphans are halfway to buying Mediterranean Avenue. Collect enough rent and you can purchase Baltic as well. Then the houses come in, and finally the hotels.

—> “Big bucks right there. Ha they need to be eliminated.”

Yes, how dare Logan & Chris donate over ten percent of their race money when they are buying filmed by a production crew with tens of millions of dollars who do not have to worry about using it in a competition.

How stupid are you people? The only money/possessions racers have for the season is whatever PRODUCTION GIVES THEM. When they go home, they can donate however much they like.

Anybody who thinks Logan & Chris are evil for donating twenty bucks DURING A FREAKIN’ RACE deserves to be humiliated and laughed at, but because I am not a douchebag, you’re lucky your anonymity is preserved for this blog.

My god.

—> ” I really hope they are!”

—> LOGAN: “It’s a TV show. The money is given to us by CBS, it becomes like a prop to us, just like the clues. The whole thing is absolutely surreal and nothing we do on the whole show is like anything we would actually do in real life. The money is not even ours to keep, it is used to get us through the challenges, and some teams had run out of money, and we had to always be careful with it. Now suddenly we are supposed to behave as if it is a real life situation and we are asked to donate. We were confused (basically the whole time, as you can see). we were thinking find Phil, theres the U-turn, ok donate, get the next clue and go. It was like just another step in the game. Remember people, this is a TV SHOW- A GAME-A RACE, not real life, and not even our money. You can all donate to the Rose of Charity orphanage by going to the links posted by Phil and all of the racers on our Twitters and FB pages, so go donate! In our own time we have actually visited orphanages in Cambodia where we made donations and volunteered our time and that was during our vacation.”

Save your breath, Logan. They are too stupid to understand.

—> “And even though you have this long explanation (which was not worth the time to read) that was my opinion. Yes?”

Who knew idiots would have a tough time with listening to what others have to say.

18) “The Green Team will be eliminated due to their big headed attitude. I don’t like Justin. He’s not confident but he’s so cocky. GET THEM OUT!!!”

Actually, based on statistics, a bad taxi is more likely to eliminate someone than a big headed attitude.

jessica john

In fact, only Anders from Workaholics has been the only person to truly be eliminated because of a big headed attitude. Gotta stay fresh!

—> “You clearly have the Green Team mixed up with the Texas team.”

. . .And we’re right back to Justin & Diana vs. Josh & Tanner discussions.

—> “Texas Team seems like they don’t care about the race yet unless The Green Team is out. lol
I’m waiting to see how Justin will do if he falls under pressure just like the first Episode? xD”

The only thing more entertaining than Opening Round Jitters Justin is Don’t Choke At The Finish Line Justin.

—> “I think Justin & Diana are doing well so far. Then again, the tasks this time seem a lot easier and straightforward than the ones in the two past seasons. I think it’s because he is such a fan of the race and is still caught up with the joy of racing. I don’t mind that from him, but it’s the “first losers” and Art & JJ-ego moments that kind of turn my head the other way.”

art jj

No no no no. Don’t you dare put Justin on the same level as Art & JJ.

—> “I’ve never seen any bad guys win the race yet, and I still don’t want to. I agree with you almost all of the tasks are easier than some of the previous seasons.”

Freddy & KKKendra, Ernie & Cindy, Dave & Connor, Gino & Jesse/VoldeMussolinis, Sam & Vince. . .

—> “Can’t wait for Texas team to be gone. Love the green team – the are good at the race because they did their homework. Can’t fault them for that.”

Looks like someone is going to be seriously bummed in a few weeks.

—> “The green team will win! He knows the game in and out- cocky yes, but he’s good”

rudy survivor

He’s cocky. . .but he’s good.

19) “Maybe I should start cheering for the green team. Seems like every team I like gets eliminated.”

try it

Try it!

20) “Amazing race executives – producers- STOP EXPLOITING OUR LIONS AND ANIMALS ON YOUR SHOW!!!! They are NOT tourist attractions- nor should they be handled- these lions and others like them are often used for canned hunts after you are done with them!!!! You should know better! Help us get word out- please don’t be a part of the problem”

The lions are bigger characters than six of the eight teams this week. Hilarious.

—> “please sign and share this petition requesting that CBS does not exploit wild animals for the sake of ratings!!”

You mean the one I linked to earlier? Prepare for lots of sarcastic signatures from my fans.

—> “Thank you for providing this!!!!! I will try to share if I can on my FB page-”

This is getting good.

21) “I started to watch tonight’s episode but when I saw them in a park walking with lions I was disgusted and changed the channel! Don’t you know that by filming there you are condoning and helping the canned lions disgrace?? Canned Lions are for trophy hunters and thrill seekers that kill them for sport! Shame on You Amazing race !”

Now to the real question: What was the other show you decided to watch?

22) “Amazing race producers!!! You all blatantly lied to the public. CBS did a segment in 2014 with Kevin Richardson about canned hunting and the demise of lions being raised in captivity.

Babies taken away from their Mons when they’re a few days old, raised to trust humans, then taken to a fenced enclosure and shot by some rich imbecile for a trophy!
You all knew this but still lied to the public saying the lions will be released to the wild. LIES LIES LIES!!!
How dare you contribute to these beautiful endangered being’s death!!
I’m a huge fan if the show but I am so disgusted with last night’s episode!!!”

You want TAR producers to fly back to Zimbabwe to enforce the word of the conservationists and make them release the lions into the wild at that very moment?

23) “I hope Logan and Chris go!!! They don’t deserve to win, we are gonna donate 20$ of our 170$! Really! You don’t deserve the money!#HEARTLESS

Oh c’mon Kanye West, you hung out with Logan! How can you say this about her? Wait, did you actually write a song about this?

kanye west heartless

At the orphanage

I hear them talking

The coldest story ever told

Somewhere in this box

They found the soul

Of a donor that’s heartless

How could the paparazzi be so heartless

Oh, how could she be so heartless

—> “I hope you donated!”

No. Fans at home don’t have to donate to charity. They are exonerated from mandatory contributions.

24) “You must be kidding me? REALLY!!!!!! ….. no way. I’ve finally been convinced to watch the Amazing Race tonight….. this must be why! I cannot believe it. Walking with lions! REALLY ….. I’ve been against this activity for at least 25 years now, since being called a … I can’t remember what now …… This is a terrible activity to do … one I would never do or recommend to anyone. Why, you ask in all innocence? Because these lions are doomed to a painful death no matter what lies they tell you about conservation. Please refer to [Some random film’s website] for that information. It’s finally made public and is out in the open now. How can CBS even think about airing this horrible activity. I’m not sure I can watch this now, knowing the demise of these lions at the gun of hunters from an open vehicle when they come forward to take the bait to which they are accustomed. This is just SICK! I’m so disappointed in this being shown in America, confusing well-meaning, gullible people into thinking it’s conservation. It’s NOT; it’s big business. If you want to know more, I can send you more information.”

Gotcha! It would be one thing if it was thousands of fans who were outraged by a controversial task that producers did, but after a petition and a film’s website being linked to several times, and now this remark of “I was -just- convinced to watch TAR for the first time ever” proves that this protest is all bologna.

Seriously. It’s ridiculous that those who worked on a film and other websites are using either fake people or creating bogus accounts of people who are either superfans or new fans to TAR and protesting the show as a way to gain financial favour with their own product.

This level of self-promotion is disgusting.

P.S. I co-host a podcast about The Amazing Race for YATNcast each week. Please click this link and listen!

—> “Hiding….”

—> “Where? Why? Stand up for what you believe in!”

—> “Sounds like you are just looking for business… I have seen your post all over this page… Also I do not believe you just started watching this show… Take your business elsewhere”

And luckily I am not the only one catching onto this.

—> “So sorry, that was not the point…. so sorry you missed it. Book anywhere you like, just don’t walk with lions or pet lion cubs. This was my very first and my last time watching this show. I thought it was going to be about wildlife. I was duped.”

—> “I missed nothing… It clearly states “please call me to book your ethical safaris” ” call me PLEASE!””

carly rae

Call me please. . .or call me Maeby?


Yes. Her. Not Egg.

—> “OK, i’ll take take off!”

—> “If you want wildlife go watch animal planet… The amazing race is about just that, a race”

Indeed. If the race wanted to be educational, it likely wouldn’t have tens of millions of dollars to throw around.

—> ” you’re an idiot. Educate yourself on the Canned Lion atrocities!”

Wow. You missed the whole point.

—> “Oh no, I seen you before too… So I am an idiot. That’s your opinion. I watch the show every year. So what… Go take your animal activist crap some where else…”

You are an idiot. Admitting is the first step.

—> “I was duped into it”


You shall see nothing

Hear nothing

Except The Amazing Raaaace

Damn you, Svengali! You did it to me again!

—> “you thought the Amazing Race was about wildlife??? yeah, no, you’re watching the wrong show then…”

Bingo. Especially when they eat meat almost every season, and even had a task where they make a cake for a bunch of monkeys.

thailand monkeys eatNo joke.

—> “TAR did not invent the Lion Walk, they just participated. I love to see things that I will not get to do in my lifetime. The men doing it make their living doing this for tourist. Why is it that animal activists seem to care more about animals than humans?”

Fun fact: I have been a vegetarian for seven years, and refuse to watch any films such as Marley & Me, Old Yeller, Bambi, etc. I consider myself to be in the animal activist category. It’s true. People like us tend to be more sensitive about animals than humans.

Until animals become jerks and I release a Funniest Casual Animal Complaints Blog About The Amazing Race 28.

—> “when Amazing Race take their animal abuse elsewhere, we will take our animal activist crap elsewhere.”

They can take it to Kenya then Spain then Slovakia then Turkey. . .

—> “by supporting lion walking, Amazing Race are showing it to be an acceptable and exciting tourist activity. Unfortunately, tourists paying to walk these lions are supporting the extremely cruel lion breeding and canned lion hunting industries, which are booming because gullible tourists don’t stop to think about where these lions come from and what happens to them once they are too big to safely walk with humans. A programme with the massive following of TAR has a huge influence on tourism, and as such, they really do need to promote responsible tourism.”

Tourists have a tendency to research whatever activity they sign up for when travelling. 

—> “Oh my… I truly didn’t expect to run up on this conversation. I thought the platform was set by TAR to answer any questions related to the teams and the race… I’m not criticizing anyone here… Let’s be clear… I just didn’t expect to be reading all of this. Love the show and I am still trying to catch up from previous seasons!! be good all”

Since when have comments on the TAR Facebook page ever been about whatever G-rated material that CBS wants you to discuss? They probably hate all of the sexual innuendos I have in my TARstorian posts, and also hate my active campaigning to prevent Jet & Cord from racing for a fourth time because of homophobia.

25) “A major disappointment that the Paparazzi did not get eliminated simply for the fact that they were SO incredibly heartless with their donation at the orphanage and Phil had to basically tell them to fork over all their money! Who needs to be told that at an orphanage??? Losers!”

It would be hilarious if all tourists forked over all of their money at an orphanage, then died during their four-day walk to the airport because they could neither afford a faster mode of transportation nor the plane tickets at home. But hey, at least they donated everything they had!

—> LOGAN: “We have actually taken time out of our own vacation to visit orphanages in Cambodia where we donated and volunteered our time. That’s REAL LIFE.”


The Amazing Race Cambodia: Paparazzi Second Chances.

26) “I hate Green Team and the Paparazzi teams! Such weiners and crybabies the 4 of them.”

The Green Team are “weiners” and crybabies? Something tells me they are loving this experience.

—> MY FRIEND MICHELLE: “So please tell me when the Green team whined or cried last episode?”

—> “Why does this affect you? Oh I get it, you are in your period GTFO on dont be feeling butthurt you stupid housewife.”

I am more concerned about your ESP with knowing a stranger’s menstruation cycle. Who are you?



—> “lolll I think u meant 3 of them cause the green team’s wife practically doesn’t exist on this race”

Poor Diane.

—> MY FRIEND MICHELLE:”I work 5 days full time. I don’t believe in pms or anything else like that so, no, that isn’t the reason. I asked that question because they didn’t whine or cry last episode so am wondering what you are basing your comment on. You seem to like making sweeping comments which plainly aren’t true…. about me or the green team.”

Michelle–pwning the Internet community one delusional person at a time.

—> ” “so am wondering what you are basing your comment on” What did you just said? LOL Learn some spelling you retard. Go back to work at the street corner and like I said GTFO.”

So. . .Michelle is an Australian menstruating married middle-aged re–rded prostitute? I’d love to know where this story goes.

And this is coming from the person whose first reply was “What did you just said?”

—> ” MY FRIEND MICHELLE: “Oh dear it seems you keep deflecting, so that you don’t have to answer the question. No spelling mistakes in that sentence, I only omitted an “I”.”

Yes. In the Internet community, formal written structure is proper etiquette. The funny thing is that Michelle’s “am wondering what you are basing your comments on” is not hard to decipher. At all.

27) “Sad that you keep deleting posts from viewers disgusted at your promotion of the “walk with lions” lie. Canned lion hunts are a growing problem and people are working very hard to expose this atrocity to the world. Shame on you for this segment. Apologize to your fans and show the documentary, “[Some random film]”. Make it right CBS, or this Race fan is gone.”

“Make it right. Show our film, or we will be walking with signs outside of your headquarters.”

28) “I used to watch the show, but I will no longer take a single glance at it. Because of your genius idea to include the lions in an episode you’re putting one thought into the minds of millions of people:”Wow, I’d love to be up close and personal with those beautiful cats. Wonder where I can go to do that…” Well, guess what. The only places they’ll be able to pet lions and walk with lions are the very places that practice “canned hunting.” Don’t know what it is? LOOK IT UP. . .Use your brains, people. Get educated. If you have any kind of heart or soul, you’ll educate others about this, and you’ll STOP promoting it. Watch [Some random film] and learn of the consequences of your actions.”

You used to watch this show. . .or did you never watch it in the first place?

—> ” Yaaaaaawwwwnnnnnn…..”

Don’t worry. This is pretty much the last lion related comment I will be showing.

—> “CBS, You blatantly tricked your fans by portraying these lions as having a positive future, that was a lie!! You basically gave all those who fight for the survival of these animals, “a big slap in the face!!” SHAME ON YOU!! Our own survival depends on the survival of these magnificent apex species, Your irresponsible decision to air that episode only added, to the abuse, manipulation & murdering of those lions, I am No longer a viewer, until CBS makes it right, by showing the documentary “[Some random film]” or broadcast a similar documentary!!!”

Oh god. Someone actually did outright say “Show this film or else”. The goal here is far too transparent, and it’s a sleazy goal at that.

29) “So just to be clear…..they were athletes? I’m not sure they let us know that enough.”

Or the editors let us know that enough. Do you know a single audio clip on TAR has been used in as much as four or five different episodes?

30) “Loved this show until you sensationalized canned lion hunts and captivity for “conservation”. This is no conservation. It is big business and you are irresponsible for featuring such activity on your show. Won’t watch again. Another viewer lost. Choose wisely what you feature as “race elements”. Disgusted.”

You know what else is big business? Documentaries.

31) “The most clueless teams in TAR history?”

cher dionne.jpg

Nah. Cher & Dionne in TAR 90s Throwback Edition take that title.

32) “Justin pulled a Jim from last year when he said “second place is only the first loser””

I don’t think Jim is the creator of that quote.

33) “[Jazmine & Danielle] have you ever watched a season before? probably not. you were probably recruited therefore you did not know the #1 cardinal rule… READ THE CLUE FULLY AND MAKE SURE YOU READ IT AND TAKE NOTES!!!”

You’re blaming a team for being recruited? You know what wasn’t their fault, right?

—> “[Asking Jazmine & Danielle] I guess asking “why you so stupid” wouldn’t be an appropriate question.”

But asking “why you so stupid stooooopid?” would be. If you add in a sassy headswing, obviously.

34) “Who went home?”

Geez. Are Jazmine & Danielle that forgettable?

—> “The team that came in last.”


—> “the track girls”

Because they couldn’t stay on track, as an earlier poster would say.

—> “I’m happy because it was not the Cheerleaders. Yaws Kuddos”

Yaws Kuddos? That’s a Jewish holiday I am not familiar with, sadly.

—> “Cheerleaders are idiots, but this week the athletes were bigger idiots. Was hoping the self proclaimed papparzzi went home. They’re miserable people.”

The Amazing Race 27: Miserable People vs. Bigger Idiots.

—> “HahahaXD they’re are not that idiots.”

This personindividual could’ve have been a good person to have in your corner.

35) “I think the reason that the girls were eliminated is because (besides not reading the clue) they already know where they are going. It’s like already having an idea of the future. But just having an idea is not sufficient for you to go forward. You have to have complete info.”

The reason they went home is because they knew what was going on ahead of time?

36) “Wow that was a cray episode! I would like to know how close they really were to the Paparazzi. The edit made them seem close.”

—> LOGAN: “it was actually really close this time”

Hey, you signed a waiver not to disclose anything!

—> “Thanks Logan for the reply.”

Don’t thank her. You’re only encouraging her paparazzi’ing ways.

37) “How does the u-turn work?”

Jesus. Again?

—> “You make a team do both halves of a detour in hopes of getting them eliminated.”

—> “Then why wasn’t the green team u turned? The cheerleaders selected them to be u turned….. I’m confused.”

Because when a mommy and a daddy really love each other. . .

—> “Although the Cheerleaders U-turned the Green Team, the U-turn had no affect because the Green Team were ahead of them!
In order to U-turn a team, the U-turned team must be behind you.”

Good explanation.

—> “Also, you can only use the U-Turn once during the game. So, even though the cheerleaders gained nothing from using the U-Turn, they lost a lot by losing the ability to use the U-Turn later in the game. Their decision could come back to haunt them.”

Ugh. Incorrect. You’re allowed to use an infinite number of Blind U-Turns.

38) “Why does Chris staying with that NAGGING Logan….UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Wasn’t Chris the indecisive one when it came to choosing which Detour task to complete?

39) “Read the whole clues , the WHOLE CLUES…”

And nothing but the whole clues, so help ya god?

40) “I would love to have asked the paparazzi why they didn’t automatically want to donate all of their money but had to be told by phil that everyone else did that…..but..I guess I’ll have to wait…maybe just one more week.”

You really think the next episode is going to have a random flashback where Logan & Chris elaborate on something that has nothing to do with the race?

41) Insert twenty million more comments about [Some random film] here. I’m over it. Let’s move on to more interesting complaints. This blog has little patience for repetition.

42) “I am seriously reconsidering watching this season with the tasks being shown from extremely boring ones (picking up trash in Buenos Aires, the San Antonio de Areca leg) to these that exploit animals in captivity. First time that I like the cast (it’s heartbreaking because I enjoy watching Denise & James Earl, Kelsey & Joey, and Justin & Diana), but absolutely HATE the tasks. And season 24, a season absolutely despised, is actually really recently. The crew handling travel and editing need to be on a permanent leave, and replaced with a better group that actually cares about this show doing great instead of sub-par quality.”

I wish I could’ve read your reaction to the cast release for TAR 28. To balance things out, better tasks and editing might be in place for next season.

—> “I think they are doing a great job so far, this season is much better than the last one. Also the lion thing does sound ‘rubbish’ but I’m going to have to trust the park officers. If they think it’s alright than who am I or you to argue with that? We don’t know more about lions than them.”

—> “beLIEve”

Your caps lock got stu–oh. You’re good.

—> “IT IS SO BORING! i agree worst challenges ever, youtube amazing race canada the challenges are SO MUCH BETTER and harder.. gah! this season is just terrible.. nothing hard or difficult.. the only thing that actually involved the brain was the puzzle task. i agree they need new producers/editors something bc they have a good cast and are editing it HORRIBLY and challenges are a joke! gah ok rant over”

nick flex

The Amazing Race Canada Detour: Memorize This or Memorize That. Rinse and repeat for twelve weeks.

—> “Amazing Race Canada has the completely unfair face off that favors a very specific type of team. Totally disagree it’s better, but still, this is the worst season if Amazing Race US ever. No likable teams left and bad tasks.”

Do not diss the Face Off. It’s the only thing I liked in TARC 3 more when comparing all aspects of the season to TARC 2.

—> “it must of been so easy for you while you sat on your couch watching it on tv. However it is much different for the racers, since they’re the ones that have to complete the task faster the other teams while facing sleep deprivation and a high level of stress.
Also what is boring about the Amazing Race (besides season 8)?”

cindy rick

—> “what are you talking about? they are doing nothing ‘Competitive’ wise or ‘challenge’ wise. waiting in line to rappel down a mountain doesn’t count!!!”

I’m going to have to agree. It is exhilarating and thrilling, but does not involve any skill. However, tasks like these have been a staple of TAR since the beginning.

—> “You’re totally wrong about this organization. Get your facts straight.”

. . .You really don’t know anything about TAR, do you?

—> ” coming from Africa and knowing how corrupt Zimbabwe is – what was said by park officials is a LIE. Those lions are doomed.”

I’m going to laugh so hard if this person is from Morocco and inadvertently pulled a Shola/Doyin stunt on us.

—> ” I watched The Amazing Race Canada season 1. I like how the show made it available for Canadians to participate, but I slowly fell into boredom watching the season (not all at once). Don’t get me wrong, Canada has beautiful scenery and I’d love to visit all the places myself, but the editing and tasks don’t intrigue me to really care about that version, sadly. I think it’s really the suspense of a true amazing RACE that drew me into the show in the first place with the music and fast paced nature matching the tone of the show perfectly. It’s like a wonderfully wrapped ribbon on top of a Christmas gift. But when you take that suspense away, then it’s like… Where’s the magic? What’s special? It’s nothing but a mere travel log. and FYI i live in california and have traveled all over the world, so i am not some pro Canada person! i want to see them go to countries where they don’t speak the language and have to compete in challenges that are very mentally draining and also show their competitive side. that isn’t hard to ask! these aren’t even challenges they are doing!”

Does anyone even remember anything that happened in TARC (1) anymore? That’s what happens when a network doesn’t have any money to invest in its own program at the beginning.

TAR (1) goes to South Africa and Zambia on the first leg.

TARC (1) goes to. . .Kelowna.

—> “Ehh… I’m still not sold on their editing unless you can give me a search link for a clip of season 2 or 3. The croquet task in the episode a week ago basically spoke for itself of the quality of this season so far. I’ll stick around, but Europe better get it together and so far, I’m not too impressed with the sneak preview of France.”


—> “Disagree, keep in mind that this episode was the same leg as the last episode. So rowing up river for a clue is tougher than you think.”

It wasn’t the same. They didn’t paddle in the last episode.

43) “The Producers of the amazing race NEED to watch amazing race canada and take some pointers from them!! they have a smaller budget and its SO MUCH BETTER CHALLENGES ARE SO MUCH HARDER!!!!!! WTF!!! pick up your game this season is so EFFIN BORING!!!!! as a die hard TAR fan i am so ANNOYED that each week we are shown boring challenges!!!!! get some that involve the mind, memorization, something hard… gah!!! no wonder the show ratings are going down”

Heh. Somebody mentioned memorization when discussing their love of TARC. I rest my case.

—> “then WHY DO YOU KEEP WATCHING THE AMERICAN ONE if all you do is going to cry about it?!!”

Loyalty, my friend. Loyalty.

—> “hoping it will get better.. lol! and i love the green team Justin and Diana! And the ratings last season were bad, it almost got cancelled so I’m just hoping the ratings go up so they can keep it around for a bit longer”

Surprisingly, this isn’t an uncommon answer. I have seen countless people in online forums state that they intentionally watch the show even if they hate the newer seasons because they are afraid it will be cancelled.

Guys. Doing things you hate on a weekly basis for twenty-four weeks per year is not the way to live your life.

Do you know what I did after the atrociously awful TAR 14 and the terrible premiere of TAR 15? I stopped watching TAR completely until halfway into TAR 19.

If you hate what are you doing (and aren’t even being paid for it), then don’t do it.

—> “i am a fan and love the show, just need to express my opinion on how boring the challenges are, but i still love watching and seeing where they go! i watch the Australia one as well:)”

Yes. I even watch Australia. High art. Next thing you know you will become a museum curator who only buys fair trade clothing.

—> “I so agree with you! Amazing Race Canada was much better! But, because I’ve been a loyal fan from the very beginning..I’ll keep on watching least until they cancel it due to poor ratings!”

DON’T put TARC and TARAU on the same plain. Just don’t. Last time I checked, TARAU didn’t spend eight rounds within its own borders. It’s not the same thing, guys.

—> “couldn’t have said it better! thats exactly what i mean.. i want to see challenges not whoever gets to the rope first gets to swing down.. its not a challenge anyone can do that with a little push! lol whoever has the worst taxi or runs the slowest is out? i don’t get it! where are the competition tasks!!!”

Actually, whoever runs the slowest to the pit stop was the way to go in this episode.

44) “Please….let’s get @thereedkelly and @joshuacanfield on Amazing Race!!!”

josh reed

F–k off.

45) “What’s next Amazing Race-have contestants ride on the back of Elephants? Or how about ride on top of Orcas at Seaworld?”

Uhhhhh. . .they’ve already done the former multiple times. Orcas at SeaWorld might be tough to pull off.


Only Sasha Buckler from Phoenix Wright could do it. Is she a Social Media Star? After all, she was in last week’s complaints blog.

46) “Pissed that the paparazzi team made it through. THEY HAVE TO GO! Rooting for i guess the green team and the dentist. I have nothing against the gay son, his mom is so annoying though”

Oh, I guess I’ll root for the Green Team and the dentist. I am sure they will be so offended by your back-handed compliment.

By the way, it sounds like you are loving this season.

—> “Omigosh – I missed last week, so this was the first time I’ve seen them be featured. Not likable at all – really the worst IMO. I actually think the green team and Texas will end up close friends after the season.”


Congratulations Kung Fuhrer, a couple of middle-aged photographers from Miami who wouldn’t donate Monopoly money have taken your spot.

—> “I can’t wait for the paparazzi team to go.”

—> “I thought for sure they were done, that guy is such a tool, but then that one in the athlete team had to be such an idiot “oh I saw a skull” when the came back without a clue which is how they ran their race.”

Is that really how Jazmine & Danielle ran the race? Because this was the only time we saw them all season other than “I’ll buy you new feet”. What footage have you been able to find?

—> “I wanted them to go to – especially after trying to only give $20 to the charity and acting like it was such a “generous” donation. Tools.”

To give up more than ten percent of your allotted funds without knowing if it will be replenished is a generous donation.

47) “The paparazzi are the biggest whiners ever. Horrible people in a horrible “profession.” Can’t wait to see them eliminated!”

kelly shevonne

You are confusing them with Kelly & Shevonne. Last time I checked, they didn’t fly to Cambodia on their own dollar to volunteer for anything.

48) “Shame on the Amazing Race for shooting in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe the despotic president of Zimbabwe is one of the “worst” heads of states ever and the people continue to wallow in extreme poverty and hunger.”

I dunno. Every season between 2001 and 2008 filmed at least one round in the US when George W. Bush was head of state, so. . .

But seriously, yeah, TAR going to Zimbabwe shocked me. Mugabe’s history of rigged elections, ethnic cleansing, and extreme inequality/corruption is not something I thought could attract an American production crew.

49) “One word – annoying! These teams gripe, moan and whine at a level beyond belief. Good grief. Shut up and race.”

If every racer was mild mannered and progressed through every task while being quiet, there would be no show. It would instead be a documentary.

50) “The paparazzi team had to be shamed into giving all their money to the orphanage. And Chris acted like the big man giving them a whole $20! I’m glad they screwed up the next challenge and nearly got eliminated. That’s called karma.”

Is it? I think it’s called “producers wanting a comedic moment” given how it was edited or “Phil being a bit of an amusing dick”.

—> “Well said”

No, it wasn’t. Don’t encourage this behaviour.

—> “I wanted them to go so bad! Seriously $20????”

If you make 20, 000 dollars per year, would you like to donate nearly three thousand dollars of it to charity? Because that is the precise percentage Logan & Chris donated, and you’re ridiculing them for it.

51) “I really want the Paparazzi team gone.”

lady gaga

The paparazzi team or the pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-puh-raz-zi?

52) “The AR should have made them go back and start over if they dropped their baskets. The ‘challenges’ are a joke this season. Gone are the days where the tasks are actually challenging like shaving one’s head.”

galle richards 2

lol. How is shaving your head challenging? You sit there as a dude shaves your head. That requires the least amount of thinking and physical movement possible, and they give you a commemorative duck afterwards. What a horrible example. 

—> “In TAR Australia Season 1 and TAR Asia Season 4 they had a similar task in Bali which was part of the Detour where they had to carry a basket of goods on their head from one part of the market to the other without touching the basket with their hands! If one member of the team dropped or touched the basket both members had to go back to the start! It was really challenging!”

And TAR 7. It was a Detour in Botswana.

Then you’ve got TARC 3 and TAR 4 which had similar concepts.

lombok pit stop 2

It’s a shame you had to mention the TAR Asia 4 challenge in Bali, though. The unfortunate round where Hussein & Natasha nearly won the leg.

—> “That’s how it should be. An actual ‘challenge’.”

Did you know TAR (1) featured lots of easy one-dimensional challenges?

—> “Last AR Canada the teams had to deal with the live catfish in a basket while carrying on the head. And they had to put the fish in the basket. Slippery little devils.”

Did you know there was a total of 666 live catfish in the market?

brent sean basket

Oh, and Brent & Sean CHEATED!

54) “I was disgusted with the paparazzi – all the other teams gladly gave all their cash to the orphanage – they had to be shamed into doing so. Americans are a very generous people – scum like that are rare.”

Scum? People willing to sacrifice a portion of their ability to run the race by donating to charity are scum?

55) ” Stop complaining about the lions people. Why don’t you go to Africa and complain to them. It’s their country their animals.”

We can barely control our own ecosystem. Can you imagine how much harder it would be to police a foreign country’s flora and fauna?

Well, except for that place in Victoria Lake or whatever that is in Africa where they brought in the 100 pound fish thinking it would yield more profit, but then instead it ate all other fish in the lake. That wasn’t planned out by the international parties involved.

56) “I find it interesting that many people are decrying CBS and the Amazing Race for the Lion Encounter task. And some have even gone so far as to starting up petitions. I’ll be honest that I didn’t read too much or research all of the facts regarding the Lion Encounter Preservation program but like all sources for information, whether it is be internet or actually fact gathering it is either slanted or completely misconstrued. Just because you read it on the internet does not make it true. Do all of you believe everything you read? For all you know the Lion Encounter Preservation program is lacking funds to fullfill the steps involved in breeding wild lions and are looking for a way to get positive publicity. And by the way? I’m not saying that Petitions don’t work, sometimes they do.. But along with Petitions one must have an alternative solution. If all you do is complain and bemoan and injustice and not offer a viable solution. You are a part of the problem. Think on this before you open your mouth.”

In Los Angeles, surfboards are actually made from chicken feathers. It’s true. Burn all surfboards in defiance of this practice. Watch my documentary called Feather Boards. Get yourself educated.

57) “Why oh why did that paparazzi team not lose? They’re almost enough to get me not to watch the show (or watch it on mute)!”

Everyone needs to learn how to lip read somehow. You could find yourself producing videos for the NFL in no time!

58) “Survivor is having a good season because people are playing up to their potential. TAR is the opposite except for the Green Team (which I find hard to like). Those 2 brothers can’t paddle a canoe? They think the Green Team did them a favor because they didn’t UTurn them so early in the game? And they wasted their XPress pass. And lost taxi drivers hurt teams once again. Sad to see the lions treated like they were. Mediocre season. If it doesn’t improve we will stop watching mediocrity.”

Texans are too proud to paddle. By the way, you know this episode was four weeks ago when somebody was saying ‘Survivor is having a good season’. Damn you gamebots/Fishbach.

And is it really an abbreviation when you remove one letter?

Furthermore, since when did taxi drivers not hurt multiple teams on The Amazing Race? You could have quit watching fourteen years ago.

—> “Yeah, in past seasons they had a one-legged woman scaling a sheer cliff face. This season, people hold meat on a stick for a few minutes. The detours are mostly footraces, the roadblocks childishly simple, the physical challenges nearly nonexistent.”

sarah one leg

Tom & Terry last week, and now Sarah Reinertsen this week? Is everyone just all out nosalging for TAR 10 this year?

I should note the main course when Tanner & Josh and Tiffany & Krista get together is also meat on a stick.

—> “Survivor’s doing great like always. The Amazing Race’s problem really isn’t the cast itself (I think it’s a lot better casting than the dating edition, 2nd all-stars, and seasons 21 and 23) but it’s the inconsistencies in editing that annoys me more than anything. What happened to racing? Where is the creativity? Why are they, and we, given an overnight rest period in the middle of a leg when it looks like 2 o’clock in the afternoon? Where’s the suspense? I just don’t understand the logic of the current crew handling the show. They definitely changed the editors and travel planners between seasons 17, a wonderful season, and the double digit seasons that start with 2.”

A rest period at two o’ clock in the afternoon? It is almost as if it was pre-planned and producers did not anticipate them getting there so quickly.

As for the suspense? Typically the more equalizers you have, the more artificial suspense you can create. They loved to do this during the second half of TAR 3, an early part of TAR 7. The only knock I really have against that season.

As long as we don’t have the same editors and production squad as TAR 14-16 and TAR 2, I’d be content.

59) “The paparazzi team was so annoying, I was praying they would get out… They whine so much that they don’t even stop to enjoy what they are doing. It was disgusting how they just wanted every challenge to be over, when other people would do anything just to have such experiences… Best part was when Phil threw shade at them for considering $20 to be a “big donation.” Everybody else donated everything, just goes to show…”

If every challenge is over right away, doesn’t that mean you are in the lead?

—> “Yeah I can’t wait for that vile paparazzi to be eliminated either”


Vile paparazzi? I can’t imagine Chris’ voice being distorted and super harsh like a maverick.


They had to use the Express Pass to get first place. It’s like a half victory, if anything.

61) “I’m surprised about the canoeing past hippos and crocodiles. I thought that hippos are known to capsize boats, as they are very territorial (I’m sure crocs are territorial as well).”

Hippos are known as Africa’s assholes. I heard producers were able to track down every hippo in the water, and airlift them before dropping them into another river. It’s always safety first for the racers!

62) “Horrible episode. Stupid bimbos didn’t bother to read the clue. Rude couple constantly bickering. And the use of the lion “conservation” place… Those lions will never be released in the wild. CBS/AR has completely misled viewers. This lion walk place in Zambia has been closed down, rightly so.”

The lion walk was in Zimbabwe.

I don’t know why I read that far into your comment because “stupid bimbos” is one of the most sexist remarks I hear from middle-aged people in real life or on the Internet.

Going into the season, we supposedly had three pairs of stupid bimbos. Now we are down to just one.

I wonder which is worse: A stupid bimbo or vile paparazzi? Or crying Bronx man?

63) “That one lion was growling and almost attacked Justin from (Team Green.)”


There is a hint of hopefulness in your voice. I am glad Dexter started following TAR after 27 seasons.

64) “The Green team isn’t that annoying, even thugh he just needs to chill sometimes. Favorite team: The Newscasters (They have somehow been able to avoid the drama surrounding the other frontrunners.).”

Which makes for riveting television.

65) “I love animals. I love lions. But can you please stop talking about the lions. When the next episode airs and the eliminate a team and post more stuff your still commenting about the lions im gonna lose it.”

When teams head to Paris, they will encounter the same lion that nearly ate Justin. This time he will finish the job.

Nah, just kidding. Teams are going to eat escargot, and animal rights activists will be on production’s case for Canned Snail Hunts. Millions of snails are raised around humans for the sole purpose of hunters to take em down, and bring home their shells as a trophy. Poaching snails is a real issue.

66) “Whoa that one chick was lucky she didn’t get attacked when she took off running, pretty stupid move!”

She is not a chick–she is a stupid bimbo. Get your terminology straight.

67) “Amazing Race producers i have a question. Why did you allow that African woman to spit water in the faces of the contestants? what with all the diseases in Africa to allow that was just horrifying! The Lion walk was just depressing knowing what these people do to lions there. Shame on you!”

I know. Producers are so stupid. They should have let a White person spit in their face just to prevent ignorant comments like yours.

charlie sheen

For instance, Charlie Sheen could have spit on them in the face. Everyone would have been calmer if that had occurred.

68) “I feel like there are too many challenges that you have to wait in line for this season. It takes away from the “race” in my opinion. No one can try to catch up from the back of the pack when they have to wait in line just to start the challenge.”

Are you saying that as a consistent complaint. . .or because a favourite team of yours went home?

—> “I think it is fine. If you don’t want to wait you can do the other challange. Plus some people are horrible at directions. Look at the papparatzi people they got lost and were so far behind and even with the waits they still were able to get a head.”

I think the person above is talking about waiting to jump as well as the lion walk being done in pairs.

Producers could have let teams waiting to do the lion walk to go ahead without a guide to accompany them. Hey, sometimes you have to risk it to make up lost time in the race. Jazmine & Danielle have nobody to blame but themselves.

And why is it a con if people are horrible at directions? It’s not like these teams have to do any self-drive legs this season.

69) “I hate when the race comes to a standstill when a challenge can’t start until the next morning. makes it kinda anticlimatic for a team to race and be so far ahead of the other teams…and that lead means nothing.”


Sounds like yet another person who hates an equalizer.

—> “which is the point of it……”

—> “the point is to take away the advantage they earned?”

Well, yes. Granted, I wish they would do it less frequently.

My ideal pattern is in TAR Asia 2 where they would let things play out for two rounds without any bunching whatsoever, then either have a partial equalizer or a full bunching at the start of the third leg.

It was the perfect balance between “let the race go on in an honest fashion” and “let’s not have a duplication of the TAR (1) incident”.

—> “I also think they choose the non elimination leg during that leg. So if team green is behind I bet that leg will be the non-elimanation leg!!”

lol no. The teams who get saved by a NEL during filming will always have the bigger edit when the season airs on TV. It’s essentially “rigging” done in reverse.

If a team gets saved by a NEL, say Chac Attack, and nobody cares about it, then editors didn’t do their job.

Production will always want you to be invested in the team that gets saved by a NEL once the season starts airing. It’s just the way it is.

—> “It seems at some point every episode that all the teams are ‘caught’ up with each other so the rave stays anew each week.”

usher caught up

Usher at a rave would be interesting. Don’t drink from the punch bowl Usher Raymond the Third, you don’t know what those women over there have put into it!

—> “They have to keep the game competitive. Would you rather the teams be separated by days? No point in having a show then”

thailand nancy emily 13

TAR (1). Episode 9. The most influential moment in TAR history.

—> “not days…but they could choose challenges in places that do not close, or arrange for them to be open for the challenges”

Production can barely afford to produce the show as it is. I am curious how much more money would be spent if they let a crew stay longer in multiple places at once.

—> “IT’s not just the challenges. There have been a lot of times when the earlieast flight to the next desination is 8hours after booking giving all the other teams to catch up. And then the race is on again with all of them from the same starting point which is I think the point of the show.”

You would love TAR Canada then. In all twelve episodes where teams used flights, they were always on the same plane. Every. Freakin. Round.

* Except for the season premiere where the twelve teams were divided between two flights, but the route marker in Toronto did not open until the following morning anyway.

—> “then everyone should start at the same time every day, right?”

Only Millie & Chuck, Steve & Josh, and Amanda & Chris would attempt to do that.

—> “My point is, it happens a lot. You are right. But hey they should do it everytime they finish a road block or a detour. Wait for everyone else then race again.”

That’s the worst idea I have ever read. . .actually, no. I take that back. Somebody wants multiple legs in Maine.

70) “Green team still annoying. “We’re the first losers” comment. Whahhhh”

I swear every casual fan does not understand the concept of comedy.

dave thomas

It is like they are all Dave Thomas from Rat Race.

71) “And another note: I hope the paparazzis are eliminated SOON. That comment he made when was donating 20 dollars made me mad.”


He only donated twenty dollars? CASUAL SMAAAAAAASH!

—> “I want them gone as well but be careful about talking about them too much. The more people talk about them, the more likely that the producers will call them back for an All Stars season if they don’t win! And I do not want that!”

We need to develop a code word, guys.

kelso burn

Let’s call them Pickle Weasels!

72) “The events on last weeks show were crazy! Swinging over the gorge made my stomach turn, then feeding alligators, canoeing past hippos and gators, then to top it all off walking lions!!!! Whoever came up with these is just crazy! But I love it!”

No. They didn’t let teams avoid being equalized, the lions are abused, and it was all too easy. You shut your f–king mouth from now on, got it?

73) “More ‘challenging’ tasks please, AR. I love your show but I guess the thinking skills of the players are not put to test anymore.”

australia christina hsu 2

Mainly because a team they really wanted to win choked at a thinking task at the last second.

—> “Well, it looks like for some players, even just giving them an Express Pass more than exceeds their thinking capabilities. You gotta roll with the bunch…”

kong's banana hoard

You gotta roll with the bunches? Somebody has been hanging around Donkey Kong too much.

74) “When the game is going to continue after the pit stop, please let all teams reach the mat. It felt like the Green team and the Two Guys were the show and the rest of the teams were an afterthought.”

That would happen regardless if it is a Keep On Racing leg.

robot guy

The rest of the teams may as well be the Robot Guy from Chappelle’s Show. That is how important they are to date.

75) “I didn’t like Green Team’s attitude that just b/c they came in 2nd to Mom & Son Team Alabama that last leg saying “2nd place just means 1st Losers!!” — not sure I’ve ever heard that before… I’ll admit: They were EXCELLENT on the canoeing challenge though. That I like to see. Not the huge-ego-poor-sport attitude the rest of the time…”

You’ve never heard of that before?


Are you hikikomori?

—> “I guess you don’t watch competitive sports much? It’s a pretty common phrase there.”

Oh yeah. Sports too. Gooooo sports!

P.S. Who watches sports interviews? They’re extremely boring 99% of the time unless you have Kevin Garnett or Richard Sherman. You’re better off switching to a combat competition league like the UFC for amusing interviews.

Lots of swearing, beaten up faces trying to talk, and Joe Rogan casually making fun of them.

—> “Um, for poor sports, for sure. (I play pro-am tennis, no one says that if they come in 2nd…but I guess that’s not a real competitive sport like Amazing Race.)”


Are you British? Because tennis is an afterthought everywhere else in the world unless it’s a bunch of macho dudes who like watching ‘stupid bimbos’ playing in skirts.

mario tennis

Mario Tennis, however, is a real competitive sport and will be added to the 2020 Summer Olympics.

76) “You should actually have tasks which are enjoyable for the viewers as well, not just the players.”

They will listen to your feedback by installing a Dutch Shipping Video Game Simulator in three weeks!

77) “I’m so sad Jasmine and Danielle are gone! I always love the All-female teams (well except for the TMZ one). But hopefully Tiffany and Krista can make it to the end. How amazing would it be if the cheerleaders end up being the winners of this season?! That would be super epic!”

Well, we have reached the opposing extreme of the ‘stupid bimbo’ spectrum.

holland maria tiffany

It is such an extreme that basic exceptions such as Maria & Tiffany aren’t added to the list with TMZ.

monica sheree leg 4

Or those two who were married to professional athletes and had luxuries or something.

78) “Anyone scared to do this shouldn’t be on the show. In fact you should be thankful that you get to rope swing over the Zambezi River.”

I am pretty sure they are thankful–it’s just scary as all hell. You’re allowed to be scared when doing crazy stunts in life.


It’s like saying anybody who is scared of boxing Drederick Tatum for the World Heavyweight Championship should be grateful that they could potentially be sent to the hospital with a broken jaw.

79) “I don’t like the green team (actually I just don’t like him), but the texas team makes me want green team to win. Texas is obsessed with Green, and it’s getting ridiculous.”


Tanner & Josh are the Stephen Harper of TAR. They went on the attack to such an extreme that they created an enemy who people weren’t necessarily going to identify with in the first place.

trudeau stairs

Minus the party tricks.

80) “Anyone else has the feeling that the two muscles are a couple ….”

tanner josh 3

tanner josh 4

Really? Because people searching for my blog haven’t gotten that idea across yet.

—> ” I’m highly suspicious. Something is totally off with those two!!!”

Suspicious? Are you going to arrest them? You know they have already left Zimbabwe so you can’t do that, right?

—> “off? because they may be gay?”

If that’s the case, then ‘off’ is the exact opposite feeling they would have when around one another.

81) “I am really starting to like ‘team green’ now. They seem to have settled down now, at least while they are winning!”

vietnam mai oliver 7

Not everybody can be settled when in the lead, unfortunately.

—> “They need to go home.”

Well you sir are a buzzkill.

82) “I miss this show. Used to watch it religiously on Sunday nights; haven’t seen it since it changed to Friday. Hope it’s still as good as it was!”

It’s like you don’t want to watch it because you prefer to have a social life at the end of the work week. :/

83) “I liked years ago when money played a factor in the race- budgeting, having to beg to pay your taxi fare. And yes, paparazzi giving $20 at first. WTH…”

celine dion

Hey, twenty dollars is enough for everybody in the orphanage to have a front row seat at a Celine Dion concert.

84) “It was a rush for me..and I was only watching TV!!!”

rick james

The Amazing Race is a hell of a drug.

85) “that jump made me so jealous.”

kriss kross

Kriss Kross permanently moved to Zimbabwe recently.

86) “This show keeps adding to my bucket list.”

Well start crossing off some of it you lazy jerk.

long beach phil keoghan 7

No opportunity wasted, motherf–ker.

88) “Death Traps?? LMAOOO That Was Amazing!! I Wouldn’t Do It!!”

13 dead end drive

Just wait for the new board game 13 Harare Drive.

Replace the chandelier with a hippo, and the fireplace with a hungry lion and you’ve got yourselves a game!

Who will be the one to escape the mansion with their picture on the wall to claim Auntie Logan’s twenty dollar inheritance!

They must do so by the time the poacher who comes to the door to stop the game.

89) “Microlights. The Falls were awesome, would love to do that someday!!”

—> “Scary as hell, thats what they are called…”

Yes, the microlights from the previous round where Denise nearly crashed into the bridge, and Tiffany got trolled by the pilot. Scary as hell seems appropriate.

90) “This was the best episode of Amazing race ever. What an experience in Zambia and Zimbabwe. I am biased though – I was born in South Africa. It must have been such a thrill for the contestants to be so close to the wildlife. I really laughed at the spitting in the face as well! So funny! I can just imagine how the Zimbabweans laughed at the Americans LOL!”

Africa’s Funniest Home Videos–where spitting in an American’s face when disguised as a ceremony earns you the ten thousand dollars.

And I am doubtful if either of these two episodes will even be nominated for the Emmy this year.

91) “Being athletic isn’t all what will win you the race…reading the clues can help also.”

Brains, brawn, and teamwork, a wise man once said.

92) “It’s sad they still don’t get READ THE CLUE after how many seasons now”

. . .Because they don’t watch every season????

93) “[Animal abuse] goes on whether amazing race shows it or not. Suing amazing race solves nothing”

Well, it ensures any money producers are given by CBS to run the show pretty much disappears. Hey, at least they go off the air on a high note with social media stars!

94) “How many times have we seen teams get eliminated because they too busy to READ THE CLUE!!!!!?  #TrackStars failed themselves

That’s right. The TrackStars failed themselves, they failed their fans, they failed their families, and failed the integrity of the race. Do you know how much sleep Jazmine & Danielle have lost over the past three months? People in Svalbard have an easier time falling asleep than they do.


96) “I don’t understand how the reporters made it on the show. I heard they work for CBS. That doesn’t seem right.”

Because it’s not. They work for ABC.

97) “#cheerleaders are my least favorite team”

—> KRISTA: ” 😦 ”

—> “omg!! You totally just changed my mind! Your comment shows me that you actually care what the fans think! I am now pulling for you and Tiffany!”

Wow. This is the most extreme case of sucking up that I have ever heard.


You’re probably the same guy who mocked Stalin when you thought he was dead, but when he opens his eyes for one second to look at you, you break into tears and are affectionate towards him.

—> KRISTA: “Of course I care! Lol”

—> “You actually took the time to go thru the comments and see what people were saying and you shut me up real quick with just a sad face lol”

Meanwhile, fans laugh at Justin for whenever he has a sad face. Gotta love the double standard!

98) “I spent 7 hours watching and ok”

moscow books

Go check out these sometime.

99) “When a team like starts fighting I root for them… to lose.”


Oh snap!

100) “Wow. is totally right.

#ReadYourClue is not a person. . .yet. Twitter is getting there, though.

101) “It feels like Phil was slightly trying to shame into donating more money at the last Pit Stop.

Because he was trying to deflect attention from himself. Do you recall Phil donating any money? Of course not. He shoved Logan & Chris into the guilt tripping limelight knowing it would take the heat off of him.

Kiwis are not charitable.

102) “A really fun this week, but the staged dialogue to fake closeness at the end was sleazy as all get out.”

Jazmine & Danielle are stupid bimbos, idiots, and now sleazy. Wow. This is a great week for them.

103) “And the paparazzi are the actual worst. People like that would drive me craaaaazy to be around.

flo rida

You drive me crazy

Just to be around

When your basket falls down

When it falls down


104) “I wish people would stop saying this on “Second place is the first loser”

Who else has said it? Seriously. This is is a challenge. Go.

105) “Is it bad that when I root for on I just refer to them as the cute guys?”

Yes, because you’re just judging them by their looks you shallow asshole.


107) “Question for Green Team fans. How did you feel about Vanessa on Big Brother? Are people who like the Green Team more likely to have liked Vanessa and vice versa?”

Are you kidding me? There’s no correlation.

a) Vanessa is super duper intelligent when it comes to reading people, and calculating all possible options. This intelligence overwhelms her into the emotional reactions we saw all season. She cannot relax as a person.

b) Justin & Diana are superfans who got cast on a show they really like, and tend to be chill compared to most personalities in reality TV.

Hey guys, question for Ash Ketchum fans.

ash ketchum

How do you feel about Sylvester Stallone?

sylvester stallone

Are people who like Sylvester Stallone more likely to have liked Ash Ketchum and vice versa?

108) “Let’s see if I can tweet without insulting Justin.”

Well, this tweet comes off as mildly obsessive.

109) “Whose live tweeting w me during the ?”

No one. You’re flying solo tonight, my friend.


Like. . .Social Media Whores on YouTube and Vine? YOU GOT IT!

111) “ is my fave!

—> CINDY: “thanks sweets!!! It’s a tough competition and we’re really trying!!”

billy madison

Hang onto your one fan. Cherish him for as long as you live!!!!!

112) “I thought I liked ‘s the least until tried to DONATE $20.00 of $175.00 to the Orphanage! Cheap Idiots.”

Do you know how much you would be laughing at Logan & Chris if they gave everything then opened their clue to see they would have only ten dollars for the next leg? They would be ridiculed for that endlessly.

113) “Could the cheerleaders of done the swing without the rope… I can’t stand them.

But then they would die–oh. I get it. Not even Mugabe would allow that.


Mugatabekiddingme! I definitely would.

114) “ and – all my eggs are in your baskets now! (s27e05)”

And nine months later, a baby was made.

115) “I wish the lions would eat . So sick of their complaining!

Blood Paparazzi.

116) “LOL the spitting water in the face. The mom was not ready

Next week: Denise is shocked to find out it’s not butter.

117) “I find myself saying “I really don’t like them” about seriously all but 3 teams this season.

Care to elaborate who those three teams are? We need this juicy gossip.

118) “Wow not one non elimination leg yet!

There was one like two seconds ago. I am amazed people cannot figure out the Keep On Racing leg is equivalent to a NEL when it comes to filming episodes.

119) “ is so annoying

halifax library

Yes, Chac Attack are as annoying as a library. Can somebody speak in a raised voice already!

120) “This feeding the crocs chore on TAR is one time we actually see the camaramen. They are in the cage with the teams.

long beach camera

The TAR 17 Detour finale is another time. It happens more than you think if you actually paid attention you unobservant fool.

121) “Walking with Simba in the wild.

zazu lion king

I think it is safe to say that all of sub-Saharan Africa want to burn all copies of The Lion King and punch Walt Disney in the jaw just to ensure American tourists stop uttering “hakuna matata” during every tourist excursion.

122) “Take a walk on the lion side

russia chad stephanie 7

123) “I also ate alligator on a stick.

Did you get any of the meat stuck in your teeth?

crocodile dentist.jpg

Then you’ll need to visit the Crocodile Dentist.

124) “So glad I have to watch during baseball rain delay. No Joe Buck. No Harold Reynolds. Just Phil.”

Would it really be any different? Phil would just talk about the New York Mets or ramble about Bumgardner or whatever his name is repeatedly. TAR has never been to Kansas, thus Phil would have nothing to add about the Royals when commentating.

125) “”If they get out alive” um what no I need my reporters

And all that remained was their monogrammed hats.

126) “LOVE that is doing his stand up under water!

Live at the Atollo–it’s Phillllll Keoghan!

127) “Whats with burning express pass right away? Did they think they’re superman? Even cowboys held theirs till the very end!

Denise & James Earl had to use it this round. I do agree producers didn’t explain the Express Pass twist this season well enough for the casual viewer. Most likely because it didn’t impact the race at all. #TenSeasonsOfIrrelevance

128) “What is up with the teams and the stupid mistakes and the obnoxious whining?? That episode sucked.

Stupid mistakes and obnoxious whining is what TAR is all about. How do you think I boost my self-esteem?

129) “Just when I thought we were getting rid of the paparazzi

130) “Just when I thought we were getting rid of the paparazzi

If we didn’t Re-Tweet or Like your post the first time, it means we’ll ignore it the second time as well.

131) “It’s always better when teams are eliminated for being stupid as opposed to a bad cabbie or something out of their control.

Confirming there are dumb contestants on The Amazing Race is truly refreshing. 

132) “Aw, I was really hoping would get eaten by the lions…

Why does everyone want teams to be eaten alive on television? We have animal rights activists for the lions, but not a single petition popping up that says “Don’t Eat The Green Team–They Have Been Raised for Thirteen Years Just So Producers Can Feed Them to the Lions. . .Or Fans.”


lana nope

This is Lana’s first appearance on the Funniest Complaints blog.

134) “I’m not going to lie: both of these detours give me the willies. Crocs? Um no.


That’s because -I- designed this leg. Nyahahahahahaha.

135) “The woman’s side-eye when he said he wanted to keep his $155 was priceless.

136) “ Logan and Chris are douchebags for just wanting to donate $20!”

If Logan & Chris are the douchebags, then who are the nozzles? Inquiring minds must know!

137) “Bungee jumping. Canoeing around crocs and hippos. Walking with lions that are barely tamed. Lots of waivers signed this week.

139) “”Just give me a moment of silence.” Just give us ALL a moment of silence!

Nobody is forcing you to have a fixed volume on your television set. Just sayin’.

140) “What selfish asswipes

Those paddleboards aren’t going to clean themselves.

141) “My two cats were lying on the bed, but when the theme came on, they both showed up in the den.

. . .I don’t know how to respond to that.

142) “HOW are sistas going home in AFRICA?! And while balancing a basket?! Hence why being “African American” only goes SO far SMH:/

Did you just copy Bill Cosby’s rant about the concept of being African-American? I don’t think that is the guy you want to quote.

P.S. Shelley & Nici, the last African-American all-female team on TAR, were also eliminated in Africa.

143) “I have a feeling “Don’t talk to me” is a common phrase Logan and Chris use.

Yes, when dealing with casual fans.

144) “The Reporters don’t seem to know the difference between cats and lions 

Eh. Both have fur and four legs.

145) “Damn, you would think athletes would have better balance than that.

Okay. Teams didn’t even have to restart if their basket fell off. It is nearly impossible to catch up when you get to preserve your progress regardless of how much you struggle.

The only way they were going to overtake Cindy & Rick is if they sprinted to the mat with the baskets staying on their head.

147) “2 requirements on the and know how to drive stick. That’s it!!!”

After eight stick-less rounds, you can drop it to just one requirement.

148) “ Dear Lord! The level of stupidity of the racers this season is mind boggling! *facepalm*”

He cursed them with a lack of intelligence after teams refused to take their hats off in His house. Fact.

149) “ Did they shoot this show before this before that asshole dentist shot poor Cecil?”

I’m going to say ‘after’ because that answer will likely annoy you more.

150) “During each commercial break tonight, I’ve done 20 push ups. Crazy but

Why do other racers need to know about your yo-yo exercising habits? And who still has to sufer through commercials anymore, anyway?

151) “Justin is a conceited ass

You got to the point with 70 characters to spare. Well done.

152) “Its always the all female teams that brag how strong and smart they are that end up looking stupid on

tara wil

Is it?

153) “Crikey…crocodiles or vultures ???

steve irwin

Crikey, crocodiles or vultures??? What about that stingray?!

154) “I loathe what a terrible duo with a basically meaningless existence! I don’t want to keep watching them

Actually, people pay lots of money for their photos, and they do volunteer work so. . .

155) “Logan just slap the s–t out of him please

dan foley

She just got Foley’d.

156) LOGAN: “Who is this guy Ed Iting and how long can I blame him for?

If only you hadn’t signed that waiver.

157) RANDY BAILEY FROM SURVIVOR GABON: “I have owned house cats more dangerous than those AMAZING RACE lions. What a joke.

—> “Homophobic old fool.”

Well, that’s as good as any other place to stop for this week.sash

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