The Amazing Race 27 Funniest Complaints Week 4 Edition

This week, it is time to talk about race and AIDS. Oh, and Tanner & Josh or Justin & Diana are the two teams who exist. Also, we hear from Tom of Tom & Terry of all people. Random, I know. Let’s get to it.

1) “So so start. No one to cheer for yet, but that may change. The fast forward in Episode 1 where the wind was too strong to paraglide shows the major problem with TAR. It is like a lottery. Being a strong team only does so much. Can be destoyed by cab driver saying he knows destination, but has no clue.”

eric jeremy siracusa

africa marc rovilson 24

Actually, being a strong team can do a lot. It doesn’t guarantee you win the season, but you’ll get close.

2) “They wasted their Express Pass, and didn’t see Victoria Falls. Idiots! They’re obviously just here for the money.”

A million dollars is a pretty legitimate motivation. Also, making friends with nearly every team along the way as you make lifelong memories is solid as well.

3) “I was supposed to do that in S. Africa and then ran out of time/good weather.”

I am glad a hoverbike has strict weather standards. Otherwise, there would be a lot more waivers to sign before takeoff.

4) “Go to Australia and look for ‘ankle biters’!”

5) “please have a detour or road block in indiana”


reggie miller

Reggie Miller is a lock as a pit stop greeter. He beat out all other zero prominent figures from Indiana to earn that role.

6) “I love the show but where did they find Phil, he’s such a weirdo. He mispronounced croquet. Every team got it right, but this dorkus doesn’t get it. I was so sorry team obnoxious didn’t go.”

hong kong rugby

New Zealanders only played rugby out of the Commonwealth sports–croquet never reached the South Pacific.

It got to Zimbabwe, though.

7) “I cannot pronounce cinnamon so I guess I am a weird-o too.”

Yeah. You’re one of the cinnmonamons and alunimums.

8) “Sorry I kissed the chat, huge long time fans of the Race. My kids have grown up watching it and have learned about other cultures and some pretty important life lessons. Would have loved to chat with Phil.”

You made out with the chat before?!

paschal english

I didn’t know Paschal English participated in TAR Facebook chat rooms!

9) “Mannnnn I hope the green team goes down! Annoying!!!!”

If you’re not annoyed yet, just wait for the next 1, 000 comments of people who have an opinion about Justin & Diana.

—> “Its interesting. I thought that team Green were obnoxious but then when all of the other teams were plotting behind their back, i thought,” Who’s obnoxious now?””

jamie newton

Who’s obnoxious now?! YEAH!!!!!”

—> “He needs a muzzle. Dude never shuts up…”


Hopefully you can find some in Zambia or Zimbabwe because muzzles clearly don’t exist in Argentina.



11) “Moms reaction when sprayed…priceless!!!”

denise james earl

That sounds like clickbait for a really odd video link. What has TAR come to?

12) “Diana When I first started watching the Amazing race i weighed 400 lbs..I’ve lost 165 to date and my dream is to be fit enough in the next 3 years to go on the Race..goodness what a dream come true..I’d be so excited I’d be talking so much I’m sure the other teams would think the same thing…lol”

The Amazing Race 33: Jet & Cord for a 5th time being as douchey as ever vs. Weight Loss Success Story vs. Nine Other Teams.

13) “What a bunch of bullies. I hate people picking out a team, just because you don’t like one person. The Texas boys pretend to be Christians while plotting against another team. His injury might be karma.”

Pretend? People can subscribe to a specific religion but still be assholes on the outside and on the inside.

I mean, just look up a four-letter acronym that has been hogging the headlines as of late.

—> “Yep, it’s a game. And if the Texas bullies don’t start focusing on it instead of rallying a lynch mob, they’re going to lose big. Texas big.”

I think they will lose just as much as the other nine teams would this season. It’s not like Phil is going to stab them in the chest if they finish a leg in last place and get eliminated.

And how has their obsession with Justin & Diana since leg one impacted their ability to race?

Last time I checked, they finished in 1st-2nd-1st-2nd as of the end of round four.

—> “It is said, Justin is being obnoxious and condescending to other players. Not that I 100% know or care. But remember, they were there and we were not, so perhaps it’s too early for us to make presumptions that this is bullying. Especially when it appears that some of the racers have been offended by Justin. His own fiance says on the website that she shuts down and does not want to even talk to him when the New Yorker in him comes out. If his own fiance says that, how do we know what was edited out or what the dynamic really is after only 4 episodes?”

How is it bullying when the entire cast likes each other?

—> “The Texas team is ruining they’re own game. Regardless of who wins or who goes out first, they’re so focused on hating another team, they’re not enjoying their time on the race. Incredible destinations and experiences–the Texans are missing out with all the bitterness and vindictiveness.”

Quick story time.

When I was in high school, I never wanted to reach a certain grade at the end of each course (e.g. 90%, 85%, 95%, etc.).

My only goal was to have the best mark. I never wanted anybody to beat me. Once marks came out for the most recent test in class, I always tried to find out who beat me on the test, and do whatever I can to ensure I did better than them next time.

It made the classes so much more fun for me to find someone who was either matching up to my skills or getting a slightly higher grade. 

Going out of your way to create a rival for your own life experiences is part of what competition is all about. The amount of energy that brings to the table is infinite.

14) “That was stupid. What was the point of having a U-Turn, if it was a non-elimination. Green Team was also stupid for not U-turning them. They would’ve U-Turned them in a heartbeat.”

Producers are doing this more and more frequently in international versions of TAR.

It’s a tool used to create even more rivalries during the race and helps tell the story more effectively.

linda weaver 7

weaver yield

alex linz 5

“Are you sorry you wasted your Yield? YOU WILL BEEEEEEE.”

Rather than when the U-Turn was first invented and the U-Turned team was not only receiving a death sentence, but a NEL was never present to save them.

australia amanda kris 3

Who the f–k are they?

—> “It’s a continuing leg anyway and Greenies likely would not want to waste a U-turn that they, as a team, can only use once in a season. Better to save it til the next one comes along.”

Actually, you can use more than one U-Turn in the US version. 

Infinite number of Blind U-Turns + one “regular” U-Turn.

Don’t speak up again until you know what you’re talking about.

—> “Yeah, but they didn’t know that. I believe one team said they plan to use it twice, once as revenge.”

Indeed. Because Justin & Diana can read rules.

15) “The cutie pies made a mistake with the express pass but Lord please send the green team home. The chick is okay it’s the husband that is like nails on a chalk board O_O”

I am amazed TAR can keep you as a viewer when this is what sounds like each week.

Oh, and “the chick” is not married yet. Engaged, but after reading your comment about how awful her fiance is, she may change her mind based on your opinion.

—> “Exaclty!!! The problem is him!! If he’d just stay quiet OMG!!! But he does knows the game!”

People who work in a field where they are paid to talk for hours do not tend to be quiet.

e.g. A podcaster like me who was at a Halloween party yesterday.

—> “How sad people want to spit on someone’s joy. How “Christian” of you.”

zambia spit

In Zambia, spitting on someone’s joy is considered good luck.

—> “Some people are making judgments about the Texas guys and not just annoyed like these, but taking it to a level of labelling them as bullies. Do you understand that Texas felt bullied by Justin first? We are not there to see everything that goes on. My favorite teams were Adam and Alex and the dancers, both are gone, so I don’t have a new favorite yet or a dog in this fight. But if you will look at the bios, even his fiance, Diana has said she shuts down and does not want to talk to him when the New Yorker comes out in him. People have probably said similar things about me, because I am also imperfect. I can’t judge him. So, ya, we really don’t know what he’s like to be around in a competition environment. And I’m not trying to judge his strategy or him, because I really don’t know. And I don’t dislike Justin either. I think he seems nice and my heart went out to him and I was happy for him when they avoided the first elimination. Christians are imperfect people who acknowledge their imperfection and know they must strive to work on themselves to be better people and who accept the gift on the cross of the only perfect and sinless man who ever walked the earth, to relinquish their sins. Because none of us humans will ever be perfect enough to enter God’s home on our own merits. Jesus died for the sins of the world. Some people accept that gift of salvation, and some people hate those people for accepting that gift and not being impossibly perfect. Even those who do very well at following God will anger those people who choose to follow their own will or man’s social justice agenda, because the deniers wrongly believe they are wiser and more compassionate than God. Each of us will stand alone before God to be judged. I am not referring to anybody particular, whatsoever, but God even warns us that not everybody who claims to be with God or attends church has his name written in The Book of Life.”

I. . .uh. . .wow. What was once a comment on The Amazing Race turned into the first ever sermon for the Complaints Blog.

kate pat church

Something which would frustrate the crap out of Kate & Pat.

—> “He creeps me out. Why do I think his mother still washes his underpants and cooks his favorite pasta dish every Friday? He annoys the living heck out of me and his fiancé is so sweet”

Why do you think that? Probably because you clearly do not know anything about Justin and have not gotten a handle on his edit.

justin pizza

And Justin doesn’t even like pasta. . .but don’t tell the Italian-American community in the Bronx that. His family could be excommunicated.

16) “Justin is majorly annoying. Good grief, shut up.”

—> “And, that pissy acting Texan doesn’t annoy you???”

New Yorkers and Texans: The human mosquitoes of America.

—> “No or I would have said it”

You do know that on The Amazing Race Facebook page that you’re just an anonymous commentator to everyone else who views the page, yes? We can’t memorize your opinions regarding all eleven teams, or that you only mention a team if they are ‘majorly annoying’.

And you do realize that Justin may not even be talking the most out of everyone on a daily basis, right? Editors are showing him frequently because they think it is interesting, thus giving you the impression he never shuts up.

—> “So funny how teams can be loved by some and hated by others. Personally I like the Texas boys and can’t stand that sniveling annoying guy on the green team. She’s ok but he is so very annoying.”

Does anyone have an opinion about someone on this season who is not Justin, she/Justin’s wife/his girlfriend/chubbier version of someone from Suits/that woman, Tanner, or Josh? Anyone?

—> “I liked the Texas team until they started being consumed with getting out the Green team… or at least it’s edited to look like their every thought is getting them out… win on your own merits, not by ganging up on one team”

But that is your own merits, though. Texans created a plan which could potentially help eliminate “The Green Team”.

tanner josh

Unfortunately, they screwed up that plan. Also on their own (de)merits.

—> “I love the green team I don’t find them annoying AT ALL.”

Your sentence would have the exact same meaning if you dropped those last two words.

—> “I don’t have a favorite. People start getting on my nerves when talking about alliances. I hear enough about alliances on Survivor and Big Brother to make me sick. Just play the game right now. There are too many teams to be worrying about trying to eliminate just one right now.”

Utilizing alliances is playing the game. Just because it is not the way you would play does not make it any less effective or less worthy of a way to negotiate your way through The Amazing Race.

And if hearing about alliances on Survivor and Big Brother makes you sick in 2015. . .you may want to give up on the competitive reality TV genre as a whole. Watching these shows strictly for social conversations and non-strategic interaction is a ship which has long sailed.

curtis big brother 2000


If you want to re-live the good ol’ days, you can always re-watch Big Brother 2000 to hear Eddie and Curtis talk about flatulence.

17) “Hope karma visits those mean “christian” boys from Texas!
Go Green Team!”

Christians don’t believe in the Hindu and Buddhist concept of karma. Therefore, Tanner & Josh do not need to worry about this fearful monster.

parvati shiva ganesha

Sadly, they will not have a chance to meet Shiva, Ganesha, and Parvati though. They seem like such a nice family. I mean, Ganesha has an elephant for a head!

—> “I thought the same thing! Wow, they meet someone different and then poison everyone else against them.”

Wow. Do you really think everyone else is that easily manipulated by Tanner & Josh? Since when do two male models have the powers of persuasion, including a pair of doctors.

—> “”Sometimes the New Yorker comes out in him. I shut down and do not even want to talk to him”… Green team member, Diana, referring to Justin on CBS website, Amazing Race bios.
Yes, at first glance, it appears they are rude to the green team. Then I thought about how so much we don’t see that goes on, because of editing each leg of the race to a one hour show. Remember, they were there and we were not. We don’t know everything that is said and that goes on. Not taking sides yet, but from what I gather, from what has been shown to us and said,, Justin is offending others on the race by being perceived as condescending, vocal, obnoxious and arrogant much of the time. It’s his game strategy, so I won’t knock it. But clearly he has said some things that deeply offended or irritated some of the other players. At least Texas is judging them on game level and real life contact, unlike people who have never spent time around any of these people and decide they have them all figured out after watching four episodes of a heavily edited racing competition on TV.”

To be fair, anybody who wins the opening challenge then finishes 1st-2nd-1st in subsequent rounds would irritate the crap out of me as well.

—> “Yeah, we really don’t know what happened. It’s true the editing could make us hate Texas team, or to make us hate Green team, but who knows. Justin could really be obnoxious as they say, or the texas guys could truly be mean. I guess we’ll never know…”

You can. All you have to do is message them or tweet them, and hope they respond.

18) “After watching recorded Amazing Race I have to say for now go team Green…and team Texas use your brains….you are not that good and at first you were my favorite team so please from now on as a “Christian Team” play fair and stop being bullies….yes Josh is so annoying but so are you too.”

How are they bullies when everyone is having a good time?

19) “go home team green.”

justin school ties

school ties

Oh c’mon Brendan Fraser, don’t get so worked up over a banner!

20) “Justin & Diana have done absolutely nothing against them. The Texas boys are just complete *ssholes”

They are assholes the size of Texas. . .which may or may not have its advantages.

—> DIANA: “they are actually pretty nice guys…but people will do crazy things for a million dollars!!”

Like dress up in drag and do the hula?


The Amazing Race 28, folks.

—> “Can only go by what we see. And I see a couple of ash hats.”

Ash hats? I thought only people who lived near Mt. St. Helens in the 80s ever owned ash hats?

—> “What a great attitude you have Diana! I’m afraid based on what we are seeing they certainly don’t come off very well. I realize it’s a game but for them it seems personal. I’m green team all the way #gogreenteam”

—> ” Diana, have you seen the rest of the episodes because nice is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the Texas boys. Lol. To me, they come across as annoying,whining children; at least the little one with the big ‘bouffant’ style hair does!”

Bouffant? Wow. That’s actually a word, and it was used correctly.

And yes, Diana cannot make an informed opinion because she has not seen the episodes.

—> “Diana doesn’t have to “see” the episodes – she’s one of this season’s racers, so she lived them! And Diana, kudos to you for your comment on Team Texas!”

I think “living” Team Texas may be a bit of a stretch.

21) “And that play is why I call the boys from Texas the Buff-Foons.”


22) “I like Justin. He’s just what you’d expect from a total fanboy of the show. Fanboys and fangirls are always annoying to people who just don’t get it. Go Green Team!”

Indeed. Justin & Diana are like TAR’s version of cosplayers.

tokyo cosplay

tokyo cosplay 4

Which was a task for those in The Amazing Race Asia 2.

tuxedo mask 2

Or me on Halloween. Fighting evil by moonlight!

23) “I’m not very impressed with the Reporters….”

Neither am I. All they do is grope horses and statues.

24) “This was a fun episode. We really like this season’s competitors, but would you guys please tone the music down when they’re talking? The music over rides their voices so badly, we can’t hear or understand what they’re saying.”

If you think it’s bad now, just wait until Michael Bay gets in on editing The Amazing Race.

25) “Excited but gosh that one team drives me crazy”

A casual viewer, ladies and gentlemen.

26) “The tribal woman spit only th whites on their face”

The Whites? The Browns? The Blacks? The Yellows? This conversation is not heading into a very good place.

I should note during the episode my notes were “Joey & Kelsey get spat on crotch” and “Justin does Bee Gee walk then Diana gets spat on chest”.

—> “I saw exactly that that only the white people were spit on in the face and the two non whites women were spit on their legs. What is up Amazing race?”

Who talks like this????????? ‘The two non whites women?’ Does that mean Jazmine & Danielle or the two minority all-female teams which include Tiffany & Krista as well?

But Tiffany & Krista can’t be included because I even wrote down that the Cheerleaders “got a lot of it in the face” and giggled to myself due to my initial poor choice of wording which I crossed out seconds earlier.

—> “I Know – she spit on all the whites on the face, then two dentist (Asian ancestry) on the chest, the two black girls she spit on their feet. Talking about racist right?”

Someone is paying attention to the Chacs?

cindy rick 2

They must be thrilled.

—> “That was pretty gross, particularly with the high HIV rate over there.”

It’s true. All eight teams were infected with HIV and diagnosed with full blown AIDS by the time they flew back home when filming ended. What were producers thinking!

—> “Come on! You don’t get HIV through saliva. A little research always helps. Not sure how this discussion turned in to a race thing. Just enjoy the show and learn a thing or two about different places of the world. I love the Amazing Race.”

You lie! The lady spat on only the Whites (and the Royal Russian army) in the face, and did so in such a way to ensure they joined the 12.5% who have HIV in Zambia. Don’t you dare try to tell us otherwise!

—> “there are some of us who cant be superficial even if we tried.”

kellie muslim

Poor Kellie & Jamie.

—> “I guess people will always look for the negatives in every situation. I can tell you for a fact that lady was not racist. Visit Zambia one of these days and see how friendly the people are. Racism is not in the vocabulary.”

Racism is not in the Zambian vocabulary.


Zimbabwe, however. . .

—> DIANA: “the hospitality in South America and Africa was so refreshing to experience…. I was able to escape the negativity of our “free country” and really experience love and acceptance in places where I was the minority, and I am extremely thankful that I was able to travel these parts of the world”

The lady refused to spit on you in the face–she refused to treat you like “The Whites”, Diana. Therefore, you really were treated like anyone else in Zambia.

—> “is not negativity, there are some ppl who are very detailed oriented that catch stuff like this while others don’t. You said this woman is not a racist, how do you know? Do you know her personally? Then why did she made the clear distinction of spiting on the faces of white ppl only?”

finale marc nelson

—> “Diane, S America and Africa are very racist nations- plz read their history. You might not have seen the racisim because you were just a rich tourist for them”

Diana had around 155 US Dollars in Zambia. Plus probable student loan debt. How was she rich?

Also, South America and Africa are not nations–they are continents. Racism is very different on a country-to-country basis.

For instance, inequality in Brazil is treated in the opposite way as the United States.

US: Racism can be discussed as source of inequality, but not class.

Brazil: Class can be discussed as source of inequality, but not race.

Furthermore, in Brazil. . .wait, why are we going into a discussion about Brazilian racism? Let’s move on.

—> “Diana, thank you for pointing that out. How we perceive the world is really a reflection of our own thoughts and it is sad that some people view it with a ‘race’ lens. I am grateful for people like you who are open, have experienced and appreciate other cultures.”

Diana is truly lucky. In fact, all of her luck stems from a chest-full of water and Zambian spittle.

27) “so many people sticking their hands out around propellers…Amazing Race where is your safety!”

Budget cuts.

jim blood

If Jim & Marsha race again, production can’t even afford for Jim to go the hospital–he has to pay for the stitches out of pocket after the race is over.

—> “I was terrified to let go of the bars!”

No one cares about your experience.

28) “Loved the look on the face of the Mother from the Team Alabama when the black women spit in her face.”

denise james earl

There is a joke I could make right here. . .but I’m gonna hold back on it.

—> “have not seen it yet , that is pretty vulgar to say the least”

brisbane richard herrera 2

You clearly haven’t seen Richard & Richard in The Amazing Race Asia 4.

29) “There is nothing wrong with Justin. Tanner and Josh are just snobby.”


—> “Justin is an extremely obnoxious person. That is why they are exploiting that part of his personality. I have been in sales all of my life and I would avoid someone like him at all costs. Yuck!!!”

You would suck at sales, then. CASHIER, MI AMIGO!

—> DIANA: “Justin has done morning radio for 15 years….he’s been in music videos, and has always been an “entertainer”. He’s an extremely happy person that wears his heart on his sleeve and is living his dream running this race!”

People talking about The Amazing Race online are happier than Justin, didn’t you know?

—> “And he is extremely obnoxious.”

Just wait until you see him drunk.

—> DIANA: “I believe if you met Justin in person, you wouldn’t think that. obnoxious???? “extremely unpleasant” is a little unfair of an assessment based on what you have seen. Justin has been enjoying every piece of the race from meeting, dancing and talking with the locals…to experiencing the true glory of getting to travel the world.”

To viewers, ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘obnoxious’ are synonymous.

I should note that Diana is probably commenting on a lot of posts just so some of the fans can start remembering her name. It will be an uphill battle, but there are eight more weeks to go.

—> “Please also keep in mind that you are only seeing a tiny portion of what’s going on in each episode. They’re playing up Justin’s personality for TV ratings. And he’s not extremely unpleasant or obnoxious. I VOLUNTARILY woke up every weekday morning and listened to his morning show in Phoenix because he livens things up. Face it: without Justin and Diana, this season would be boring! Ya’ll live for the drama”


—> “justin’s a total douche”

accra chad waltrip 10

Chad has been spared from receiving the title.

—> “As a super fan of the show myself…I can understand Justin…Maybe if I was there..I would have acted even more excited and over the top…..SMH people these days are so quick to judge…”

Eh. What else are we gonna do? I’m bored.

—> DIANA: “you said it best….they are what is wrong with this world!”


Actually, Drake is what’s wrong with this world. Fact.

—> “Diana…I get that you will defend him because you love (?) him and care about him and that’s great. You seem like a very sweet person…justin seems like a very good person and i’m sure he has a lot of great qualities…BUT….we see what we see on our screens and Justin tends to over do it and IT IS ANNOYING! The 2 broadcasters are never trying to get that kind of attention. If being annoying is justins worst quality..then that’s something to be thankful for…but he is in fact..ON THE SHOW….obnoxious. lol. But again…I don’t dislike him. I am not rooting for anyone right now…but if you guys and the 2 texan dbags were the finalists…I would hope you 2 won it…..I give him props for not wanting to u turn the other 2…and had he done it…I would have been ok with that….these boards are for our opinion for which we are all entitled to post just like you guys. We are giving opinions on what we see on our screens….the contestants have the advantage of knowing the others and come after the viewers and that’s not fair….defend them but allow us our opinion as well.”

‘Love (?) him’ might be the funniest thing I have read thus far for the week. It is as if the doubt is presumed and the more likely scenario rather than genuine love.

eric danielle glare

It’s the equivalent of saying “Do Eric and Danielle love (?) each other?”

I never thought Justin & Diana’s relationship would be put on the same plane as one that ended even before TAR 11 started filming.

—> “Uhmmmm…yeah I know this board is for opinions…I can clearly see nothing wrong with what I commented and I wasn’t attacking nor bashing anyone around here…I don’t even see words such as “Obnoxious” on my previous comment…All I’m trying to say is that, Justin happens to be one of those everyday people such as myself who got lucky to be on the show and living his dream…Justin was just enjoying the experience along with his girlfriend Diana…And also. If you think he is annoying…then it sucks for you, because at least I don’t see the green team trying to sabotage someone’s game or dreams just to get ahead….”

Reading through these comments makes it suck to be me.

—> DIANA: “Yes….you are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to defend him. It is all part of the game….”

A great offense requires an equally strong defense.

—> “how do you know that Tanner and Josh wouldn’t look down on you and ice you out too? those types of personalities only approve of people “like themselves” whatever that means. they are arrogant and stand offish and that is more obnoxious than Justin’s genuine excitement could ever be.”

“Look down on you and ice?” Is Diana suddenly Coco now? Are her and Ice dating? What would Justin think about all of this?

—> “Josh and Tanner seem so full of themselves. And U-Turning someone for a stupid reason was more imporant to them, than actually experiencing the country they were visiting. Who doesn’t want to see Victoria Falls? Hell, I’d skip a Fast Forward or even U-turn myself, so I wouldn’t miss out on anything. Josh and Tanner clearly only care about the money, and not the experience. That being said, I think Justin and Diane should’ve U-turned them. They would’ve done it to them. Than again, good deeds are rewarded with good karma, and vice versa. I think Karma will come back to bit Josh and Tanner in the butt. I liked Justin and Diane from the first episode, and I still do. I was rooting for them to get to the pit stop before the boys. IDK why everyone always hates Green teams. First Brenden and Rachel now Justin and Diane.”

Josh & Tanner had a clear view of Victoria Falls. . .

zambia bike

. . .They just didn’t get to see it from a bike that looked like it was more probably for it to crash into the side of the bridge than it was to safely land.

—> ” I’m not on the show LOL”

If you were, your name would be the next to the first set of quotation marks.

—> “Justin and Diana are a lot better than that dumb, rude broad from New Jersey, and her hand puppet bf whom she forced to sign a 60-40 agreement of the million dollars from season 23”

By ‘that dumb, rude broad from New Jersey’ do you mean MY FAVOURITE CONTESTANT SINCE TAR 22?

tim marie

In other news, you can go f-ck yourself.

30) “I see you all are in Zimbabwe, a land of people that allow hunters in to kill innocent animals. Please The Amazing Race don’t ever inhibit that god forsaken country again. To hell with them, they’re a bunch of monsters. Justice for Cecil the lion and the innocent 55 year old elephant that was just murdered, along with all the other murders of animals that we don’t hear from. Disgusting people, disgusting country.”

You know what else will make you angry? TAR visited Zimbabwe either within a couple days before or a couple days after of the Cecil incident.

31) “I just don’t find any of the teams likable this season.”

What did ChacAttack ever do to you? Did you not like Rick’s laugh?

32) “I hope Justin and Diana lose because I cant stand them”

The odds of that happening continue to dwindle with each elimination. 🙂

—> “I felt so bad for the pilots….all of that screaming in back of them…dang.”


I hear Hagen had a wonderful time piloting Hayley with all of her screaming last season.

33) “Those one girls didn’t even know what country they were in. Seriously, people amaze me sometimes.”

jazmine danielle

What do you expect from two people who wear bowties on their forehead?

P.S. If the ceremony lady would have spat on Jazmine & Danielle into their brains, maybe they would have known. :/

—> DANIELLE: “The comment stemmed from the fact that we crossed the Zambia/Zimbabwe border about 5 different times because we made miatakes and lost track of which one we were currently in”

If only they were shown saying “What country are we in? Zambia or Zimbabwe? We have crossed the border so many times we have lost track, haha, bad pun Jaz, but seriously, it is getting confusing” would have made the situation a lot less funny.

You’ll just have to take this one for the team, Track Stars.

—> “Oh I see. Things on TV don’t always look the way they actually were.”

You are just learning this now?

34) “I still can’t stand Justin and his begging for attention like he does….but I do give him a lot of credit for not u turning those dbags.”

D-Bags deserve respect, too.

35) “having the hardest time getting into this season ,not any likable teams ,I hate when they go to africa and India yuk!”

india pit stop greeter 2

It was the Nose Flute that did it, wasn’t it? There are now boogers on that flute, sir!

36) “Great show as always!!! Did anyone notice that black dog that followed one of the couples around to the travel agency? And in last week’s episode all the I presume stray dogs? Sad! Glad that they donated money to the Rose of Charity Orphanage!!!”

I never thought I would see the day where somebody is watching The Amazing Race for stray dogs and orphanages.

37) “I am new to the show what does it mean to U turn someone?”

—> “When you use Uturn you make another team to do both sides of the Detour”

—> “So they have to go back and do the one they didn’t do?”

—> “Yep”

—> “Thank you for your help”

Good job, team!

38) “Team croukette. What an idiot Everyone knows how to pronounce it but them Where did he go to school ?”

Probably in America or Canada where nobody gives a flying sh-t about croquet.

39) “HIV and AIDS epidemic in Africa. Did the producers of TAR think of this before they had the women spit in the faces of the racers?”


donald sterling 2

Only Donald Sterling did. Would you like to sign his petition?

40) “I did this ultar light ride in January 1999 it is the most amazing thing I have ever done!”

No one cares. Stop trying to act like you can identify with the contestants.

41) “Who went home tonight???????”

Let me Google that for you.

—> “No one….the leg is still continuing when they got to the pitstop…what a shame the dancers didn’t have that opportunity when they came in last.”

The poor truly have to work ten times as hard as everyone else to get a second chance in America.

42) TOM FROM TAR 10: “When we were on the race in 2006, we’d never race with the mission of getting rid of another team. Just focus on getting to the pit stop yourself and doing the best you can do. I’d also never use the express pass for this reason. We would have used it when we needed it…..not to target someone else. Big mistake”

tom terry frown 2

I think you guys would not use the Express Pass nor the U-Turn because you wouldn’t read the rules for it.

—> “oh my god! youre with your boyfriend terry on season 10 am i right???? though #teamtexas reminds me of tyler and james a little..haha.”

I already beat you to that reference weeks ago. #GameSetMatch

—> “Oh My Gosh!!!! I love your season…I was rooting for Lyn and Karyln that time…However, your season was also full of alliances and plans of getting rid of the 6 Pack alliance or the Beauty Queens..And yes, Tanner and Josh also reminded me of Tyler and James…”

tom terry crump

“People remember us! YAY!”

—> “I agree with what you said Tom. To try and sabotage another team by recruiting others to help..that is such an atrocious thing to do in playing this game. You still have to have integrity and the green team should be allowed to play in fairness. Karma bit them in the butt with the express pass and had Justin u turned them…I would have been ok with that.”

derek drew

It’s another Twin Hunt! Except instead of looking alike, they both wear green.

—> “Tom & Terry! Thank you. That’s what The Amazing Race is all about. Getting yourself to the Pit Stop is the foremost priority. I still rooted for Dustin & Kandice (Yield queens) though. I can’t give enough respect to someone who beats a Fast Forward clue to the Pit Stop and survives being dragged away by a crazy horse in Mongolia.”

kandice horse

I totally forgot about this. Thank goodness I screencapped this back in the day. Ah, the memories.

—> TOM: “So fun to reminisce our season with you all! You remember so much! We didn’t have express passes back then! We did have an opportunity to u turn another team in Vietnam, but we chose not to….nobody used that u turn. . .Actually it wasn’t a u turn….I forgot. It was a yield we could use to slow another team down. We thought about yielding the beauty queens but not sure it would have made any difference”

tom terry flag

It wouldn’t have because you guys sucked.

tom terry smile

Now crawl back to your hole. We and everyone else at Survivor Sucks is done with you.

43) “They must think that they’re on Survivor instead of Amazing Race. Disappointing”

don norway

Only Don & Mary Jean are unaware what show they are on.

“Whose car are we driving? What country is this? Why is this fishing boat making me puke? Why is there a camera operator with us?”

44) “Love my Amazing Race…..but hate when all the teams go after one other team…… Talk about being Bullies…… I’m rooting for that team and the rest of you can go home.”

bully slingshot

If only Canis from Bully was an actual contestant.

—> “I agree with you BUT…they are desperately trying to recruit other teams into following their lead and that’s a mob mentality…if they don’t like the green team they should just try to beat them fair and being better at competitions…not by trying to get others to do their bidding. I think that’s the difference in what [the person above] was trying to say????”

I think the Italian-American TAR superfan from the Bronx would cream himself at the idea of a ‘mob mentality’ being led against him.

And mob mentality is a much more pleasant euphemism for bullying.

—> “if Team Texas was going after Team Green just because they’re a strong team, it would be competitive. But they’re making it a personal attack, based on what THEY don’t like about Justin, AND encouraging others to gang up on him -and that’s the very definition of bullying.”

I think Justin (and his girlfriend/wife/whatever) kicking their ass in the competition is why they don’t like him.

—> “Let them work together it never works.”

tyler james intro

rob kim 3

Actually, it does.

—> “when you get a group in on it against one team….. it turns them into Bullies……”

nick matt shove

Just ask these guys when a Nigerian father-daughter duo are with them and only one taxi is available.

—> “im gonna be brutely honest this season of amazing race season 27 sucks im sorry but it does. alex & adam got eliminated then ernest and jin those were my only 2 favorites and now i have nobody to root for”

Things haven’t gotten much better for Alex since he was on The Amazing Race. Did you know he has been getting bullied as much as Justin & Diana have? It’s true.

jimmy kimmel

Alex was supposed to be interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, but then he ran out of time.

jimmy kimmel 3

Then ran out of time again.

jimmy kimmel 4

And again.

jimmy kimmel 2

And then did it a few more times just to be cruel.

matt damon 2

Not cool Kimmel. You’re the Team Texas of talk shows.

—> “I love the Amazing Race but I hate it when teams play dirty like Tanner and Josh. I think Justin and Diane are playing fair and I don’t like it that Tanner and Josh want other teams to go against them. It isn’t fair.”

Life isn’t fair. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had a headache after the Halloween party on Saturday night.

—> “Justin is a crude jerk. I don’t care who wins, as long as it’s not the green team!”

Crude? Are you confusing him with a Richard–oh wait, I already used that one.

—> ” give me an example of how he was crude.”

ernest jin lao

I believe it was Ernest & Jin who made multiple jokes about doo-doo in two out of three episodes. Not Justin.

—> “I feel Justin uses his knowledge of the race to intimidate the other teams.If I was on the race,I would keep being a huge fan of the race a secret and let people underestimate me.”

But then you would get zero confessionals. Being ultra humble and not wanting to represent yourself while you are on television never works.


Like Jeremy & Sandy had a sick kung fu and law enforcement background, but kept it to themselves. They never got screen time, sadly.

—> “Everything the texas team has done so far has backfired. Its one thing to try to get one team to “team” with you but another thing to try to get everyone else to team up against someone. This two shall backfire.”

Remember that time when the Brazil and rural Argentina legs backfired on Tanner & Josh as they didn’t earn first place and win big prizes?

—> “Can’t stand the Green Team. He’s such a jerk.”

uh oh green 2

I know! Shane and Kyle are the worst! Did you hear what they said about Ashlea from the Blue Team? Not nice! I don’t care if Ashlea’s parents don’t know how to spell her own name at birth, it still wasn’t cool!

45) “Tanner and Josh are trying too hard…this isn’t “Survivor!” Just drop all the strategizing/scheming, run the race, and let the other teams do what they do…”

You say Survivor like it’s a dirty word.

—> “The most important thing should be getting to the Pit Stop before last place. Kelsey & Joey described the rivaling teams perfectly, “puppetmaster” – a controlling term used for social strategy in Big Brother and Survivor.”

Zzzzzzzzzz. Wait, who are we talking about?

46) “Team Green were the epitome of sportsmanship. They know that they were targets and knew that Team Texas made a tactical mistake. Instead of being vengeful, they took the high road and for that, much respect to them. I hope that Texas learned a valuable lesson here and play the game better. You can have a rivalry but not be jerks about it. Make it about the race and not about how you hate the way someone celebrates…”

family guy showboat family guy showboat 2

I said no showboating, Griffin!

—> “maybe because there are still u-turns in the race and they don’t want to use theirs this early in the race? and i think that having these rivalries are great television. if youve been watching the race since the first season, then you would know that the rivalry thingy between tanner/josh and justin/diana is mild compared to let’s say guido vs every team on season 1, chris/alex vs tara/will on season 2, erik/jeremy and MoJo vs bj/tyler on season 9, to name a few.”

mojo wiping tear

MoJo had a rivalry? Were they even in TAR 9 before episode 9?

—> “I agree – they didn’t u turn anyone so they can do so in the future. Not because of sportsmanship.”

Does anyone know what the word sportsmanship means?

—> “Are the Texas Boys still in high school?”

Technically, yes. Tanner was supposed to get a full ride college football scholarship, but then he hurt his hamstring during his senior year. Scholarship fell through then never bothered to complete the twelfth grade.

47) “I wasn’t a fan of the green team but now I am. These Texas guys have turned into jerks! Sure it’s a competition but most teams are able to at least enjoy themselves or get something out of the race. These guys blew the fantastic opportunity of flying over the falls! What IDIOTS! They’re angry and petty!”

Maybe they are petrified of heights.

48) “I dont like these two guys… there is nothing wrong with the Green team. They are competitive like any other teams and they play fairly. Those texas guys are just douchebag.”

—> JOSH (non-hamstring puller): *thumbs up*

tanner josh 2

Just Douchebag.

—> “That’s okay. Tanner is still the apple of my eye in this season. he is so strong despite the pain he is going through. Just sayin”

If you are the same person from the Week 2 Complaints, he may very well be the apple of your pink eye.

49) “I just watched the episode filmed in Africa and these two are the worst, I do not like them one bit. They should just play the game and quit thinking about getting out Justin and Diana. I know the race is probably over already but I hope they go home soon. God doesn’t like ugly and that’s what they are being.”

Probably over? And God doesn’t like ugly?

ho chi minh marcy ron 9

Marcy & Ron are screwed.

—> “They aren’t being ugly. They are trying to win a race. U JUDGING them god doesn’t like that. Why wouldn’t they want to get their biggest competition out that’s how uh win.”

I am opening the Bible right now to look up God’s opinions on same-sex teams.

—> “The rivalry needs to just stahhhhp (Liz/Julia voice from Big Brother). I don’t like the long, dragged out hatred taking up most of the show. Also, this was one of the worst structured legs I’ve ever seen. What was the point of having the light plane Roadblock if everyone was just going to sleep overnight at a backpackers’ lodge when the Detour task locations seemed to be closeby??? Really? And the Detour was irrelevant to either countries. Croquet? Are you kidding me? Is Zimbabwe that dull? I seriously doubt it. The only redeeming part last night was the one-of-a-kind visit to the Rose of Charity orphanage. And I really look forward to the episodes that take place in Africa. This was super disappointing. Rant over.”

Because this round and the next are pretty much entirely an homage to the first season.

And it’s probably the best for the safety of the racers if Zimbabwe ends up being a dull experience. The filming of TAR 27 is NOT the time for a follow-up to an ethnic cleansing.

—> “The rivalry is what makes the show great. Last night’s show was great. And for the sake of the world STOP BRINGING UP DUMB LIZ AND JULIA”

liz julia nolan

Only one of them is. Also, anyone in the Big Brother house competing against Vanessa is bound to look like an idiot.

—> “oh the tanner/josh and justin/diana rivalry was mild compared to the rivalries from seasons 1-11. just saying.”

Mild? I think even by round four this rivalry was in the ‘extreme’ category. Even the rivalries between Eric/Jeremy and BJ/Tyler or Marc/Rovilson and Adrian/Collin or Charla/Mirna and Colin/Christie didn’t develop until later on in the season.

—> “since Zimbabwe was at one time a British colony, so croquet would have been popular there. And if you think croquet is dull, you’ve never seen international competition. What most people in the US play vs. association play is like miniature golf vs. the PGA.”

Well, I just doubled my croquet knowledge in one paragraph.

—> ” I’m sorry, but the rivalry between Justin & Diana and Tanner & Josh have been taking up 75% of the show so far. When will this season actually become The Amazing RACE, not The Amazing Big Brother or Vacation. I will keep bringing up Liz and Julia because that’s how I feel right now about this season and nothing else can describe it. I really look forward to the Africa legs because it’s not visited very much and last leg was disappointing. Maybe the next part will be much better because the preview showed much more action and thrills taking place.”

And the action and thrills shall be complained about next week as well. ❤

50) “Just a couple of weeks I did not care for Justin much, but now I am cheering for his team. I am sure #teamtexas do not realize how awful they are coming across. I am sure they will regret their actions when they see the reruns. I don’t think they are, but they are coming across as total A-holes.”

They are praying for forgiveness as we speak and have gone to confession multiple times since returning home. Oh, the shame they have brought upon their families!

P.S. They have also been excommunicated from their Church.

51) “ugh! cannot stand #TeamTexas – and I am from the great state of Texas – they are an embarrassment !! Hope their great ploy blows up in their faces.”

Texas isn’t that great. Get over yourself. All you have is a saturation of sports teams.

yoshi balloon of doom

And I hope it blows up in Tanner & Josh’s face in a similar style to the Balloon of Doom in Mario Party 4.

52) “And the award for the biggest douches of Season 26 goes to Tanner Kloven and Josh Ahern of Fort Worth, Texas. Suck it up guys. So you find somebody annoying, get over it. I find you absolutely annoying always talking about #teamgreen, but you don’t see me plotting to take you down at every turn. Maybe if you spent more time thinking about how to use advantages to your advantage then trying to take people down, you wouldn’t seem so stupid on national television. Shut up about it and just run the race.”

Tanner & Josh are such douches that they were able to be the biggest ones on a season that preceded their own.

53) “I’m rooting for the Green Team and hate it that the good lookin boys are targeting them and now everybody else is targeting them. Good Lookin boys talk about God and praying but then they turn around and talk about the Green team guy that is so nice – just because he is different.”

People from Bronx are different from all of us. They deserve our acceptance and tolerance.

—> “Team Texas has to surrender their 2nd express pass at the mat, they won’t have any bargaining chips left to ally with other teams now.”

The Express Pass was never a bargaining chip to begin with unless you are dumb.

—> “Glad to see people judging other people based on the edit of a show.I am tired of them judging their Christianity too.Christians are not perfect and mess up and get angry about things.That does not mean they are terrible people.Plus how they run their race is their prerogative.So they don’t get along with another person.Big whoop.Get over it and just enjoy the rest of the season.”

bobby brown

Bobby Brown tried to run the race to his prerogative. We saw how that turned out.

—> “How they run their race is not exactly their prerogative if their main focus is getting someone else out rather than actually racing.”

Nobody can tell Tanner & Josh their prerogative. Whatever they’re doing is not for you.

54) “You should SAVE your express pass so that when you get to a task that is difficult, or you are in the back of the pack, you then use it! and if not, you use it in leg 5 so that you can come first and get a nice prize… USE YOUR BRAIN!!! This is not freaking survivor!!!!! You should not use it on the first task you get thinking you can uturn them, especially with 8 teams left and a couple very weak teams that surely the green team will crush!!!! Wait until the later legs to use your uturn when you NEED to because a team is right behind you!!! Have these texas boys ever seen an episode of amazing race before?????? #GoGreen”

Express Passes have never ever ever been relevant in the history of The Amazing Race. For all I could care Tanner & Josh could have wiped themselves with it and flush it down a toilet. That’s about as useful as the Express Pass is on the race.

—> “Yep, their dislike for the Green Team overcame common sense. Poor casting again.”

Anybody who goes against common sense is typically decent casting. . .even if Tanner & Josh were messaged on Facebook because a horny casting agent saw their pictures on Facebook.

55) “Do those two Texas guys realize they are bullies? I’m so embarrassed for them.”

Seeing how Josh thumbed up a comment where he was called a douche, something tells me he does not.

56) “Poor casting = dumb decisions. Stupid.”

Agree to disagree.

57) “Someone mentioned their prayers! Another reason I’m ashamed of them. Christ certainly didn’t teach that! Makes all Christians look bad.”

I take it back. There was a time where the Express Pass could have been handy–during the trial leading up to the cross.

58) “Team texas have lots to be ashamed of”

Tanner’s hamstring is ashamed of itself. That is a good start.

59) “Those 2 are Dbags for sure. “I said a prayer for you to win and you did”…then minutes later trashing another team.”

maui finish 4

If only Tanner & Josh could have said a prayer for this season to have never happened.

60) “I understand their grudge against the green team.Justine laughed at them when their boat broke down. His behavior was childish. However, there was no need to answer to that. Why bring yourself down to the same level? I hope they learned their lesson and move on from this point. Cannot focus on annoying people when you have a million dollar race to win.”

Justine and Diane back at it again.

61) ” Poor casting once again CBS? Like that terrible Big Brother.”

Oh my god. You have talked about “poor casting” three times now! Yes, it’s the same guy.

62) “Still dislike green team, Justin irks my nerve with his arrogant attitude.”

What about your gears? Have they been grinded?

63) “Such whiners… They are not representing Texas well..”

zambia spit

Texans also don’t let themselves get spat on by Zambian Triple H.

64) “The little guy on Team Texas is not playing a smart game! Just play to get to the pit stop and don’t worry about Team Green who will beat you with your bad leg anyway…”

The Little Guy. Oh god. That will forever be Josh’s new nickname.

65) “the middle age bald guy and his little girlfriend are going to beat us. What are we two big, strong, guys gonna do? ;( ;( Whoaaaaa ”

Diana and Josh need to become a team. The little people must stick together!

66) “This is my show! Must watch t.v. To see the top 2 teams donate all their money at the pitstop to an orphanage, made me cry! Respect!”

Meanwhile the camera crew and sound crew and Phil had millions of dollars at their disposal and weren’t in a competition but. . .okay.

—> “Tanner Kloven & Josh Ahern Didn’t donate all their money.”

Texas with a dollar sign.

—> DIANA: “and I was upset we didn’t have more to donate!!!! I have a donation box in my classroom so my students can get involved and donate to the Rose of Charity Orphanage too!”

Did you guilt trip the student who only donated twenty dollars? Oh wait, I am jumping ahead one week.

—> “hopefully CBS made a real donation”

Nope. What the orphanage received was strictly determined by teams on a reality show who had fifty cameras on them to record how much they would donate into the box.

67) “i know this was filmed months ago in #zimbabwe before #cecil was murdered. i can only ask as a dedicated fan to please not ever air in #zimbabwe again. they have the trophy hunters to “help their economy”/ its hard to enjoy this show tonight knowing you’re in an amazing beautiful country that doesnt apprecaite their wildlife and they “sell them off””

All you have to do to get a trophy hunter license is to pay $250, 000, two 2015 Chevrolet vehicles of the year, free gas for life from Canada’s gas station Petro Canada, premium seats on Air Canada for a full year and. . .The Amazing Race Canada!

68) “They are hot but so dumb on this move”

Eh, the hotness came from the Christian side of them.

69) “Regarding Logan, I think she might be bipolar. She keeps saying ‘we’ need to calm down but Chris is infinitely patient with her. She should count her blessings”

Boy oh boy will this opinion change in a week.

70) “I love tanner and josh are My faovirte bad nw’s Justin Diana came in second they are chting beacuse Tanner and josh are in frist taht wyh tell you Tanner and josh are best keep Raicng I love them okay tell you and tanner and josh you are came in Frist you did it and gerat tanner and Josh Run fast be in Frist okay you can cute them and run fast be in Frist okay you are the best okay”

—> “What did you write?????”

deana shrug boat

71) “Tools. Nice play, asshats”


72) “#teamtexas noobies babies”

They are babies of newbies?

cyndi russell

Maybe they are Russell & Cyndi’s kids. It explains the whole religious thing, I guess.

73) “I’m sure they will have nightmares about this.”

Eh, I wouldn’t consider a free trip to southern Africa a ‘nightmare’ by any stretch of the imagination.

74) “justin looks like the older version of tanner.dats y taner z threatened by justin.Taner thinks dat wen his old he wil look like justin. and justin aint al dat”

Tanner is going to turn into a radio host from the Bronx? Will he pull a vocal chord when he is too eager to be the first to speak on air?

75) “God played a joke on them. Tricked them into using the pass. They’re playing like mean girls.”

I hear the episode was supposed to air right before October 3rd.

76) “Become a boring, diassapointing season. Dumb move on the Express Pass (too soon) compounded by TAR’s lottery of bad luck. Hurts competiton. On the detour 1 challenge took MUCH longer than the other. See lottery comment earlier. And still no one worth cheering for. Bring back Bethany Hamilton and Adam. Players are way too foccuessed on each other than on winning.”

a) They only had one more round left with the Express Pass.

b) Bethany & Adam, although possessing the most valley girl voice in existence with a husband who sounds like he is from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV for Super Nintendo, were an extremely boring team.

c) I don’t care about your goddamn lottery comment. It’s only a lottery if it is something as dumb as the haybale task which producers intentionally planned.

kamkar chocolate wasted

Or producers make you bite into as many pieces of chocolate as possible to get chocolate wasted.

—> DIANA: “Racers choose their own detours, so don’t you think they take how long it might take into consideration??? …….and croquet did not take Justin and I very long….but that was a risk we were willing to take. We wanted to take the one where we would get to play a game, instead of doing something arts & crafts like….”

A sixth grade teacher who doesn’t like arts and crafts? Now I’ve seen everything.

77) “Dang it I want the green team out so badly ! I understand why they’re disliked. They are SO annoying. I wouldn’t even have ever let them race in general. They don’t make the show exciting they just stress me out cause I want them gone Lol.”


What’s your FitBit like when they are on screen?

—> DIANA: “Well, sorry it didn’t happen for you yet 😦 ……guess there’s always next week 🙂 ”


78) “they’ll do themselves in..where to next phil?. dont forget to bring some tissues for this next leg”

I think Phil Keoghan has a bit more self-respect than that. Otherwise he’ll have to go back to Pope Francis’ church in Argentina.

79) “Catching up before football. Wow the Jock guys are such d*cks!”

That’s like saying “wow, I can’t believe that pizza has cheese in it”.

80) “Can’t stand the green team. Lol.”


81) “I don’t know if this has been commented on but did anyone notice that, that woman only spit in some racers faces and not others??”

Oh good. Let’s re-examine this again.

—> “I noticed that and wondering why”

wonka meme

Tell me all about how observational you really are.

—> “I noticed that too. Lots of them just got a little bit because it was mostly on their chests. The look on the pink mom’s face when she got a face full was priceless.”

tiffany krista

I think the giraffe got spat on the worst out of anybody in this episode, in my opinion.

—> “Yeah, Diana from Team Prime Time, or as you call them – Green, got it all on her chest and complained that the woman spit in her face. I must say if she has her face there she has interesting anatomy.”

I would quote Little Nicky right now as a joke, but that movie is terrible so I won’t bother.

—> “Team Texas got it right in the face!!! Awesome!”

And the award for Comment Taken Out of Context The Most goes to. . .

82) “The odd thing was…not everyone was spit in the face. I saw that lady spit down on a couple of the couples……And that puppet master thing? ….that going to bite him in the butt for playing both sides…it always does. And the track stars didn’t know where they were? OH SHOCK! LOL…The texans using the express pass was KARMA!”

How many butts are going to be bitten this season? I doubt Joey & Kelsey are going to be caught playing puppet master because none of the other teams are even aware of their presence.

—> “This is exactly what we said. Some people were just spit on and towards the ground. Others were spit on directly in the face. I would take issue with the spitting directly on my face. Those people could be sick and then passing on something to me. Smh”

Oh, so it was racist to not be spat on the face, but now it’s terrible to be spat on in the face? It’s like you guys didn’t want there to be any spitting at all!

socal potatoes

Why, remember how you guys reacted when people spat on potatoes last season?


It even led to this!

—> “We were laughing about it but wondered the same thing. All sorts of “what the heck?” moments this last week!”

And the Complaints blog is no different.

—> ” I didn’t understand why all of them weren’t spit directly into the face (and GROSS).. except that it was different women doing the spitting..maybe? I didn’t record it so I wasn’t paying attention until after the fact.”

There was a Stunt Spitting Image Double. A common practice in Zambian entertainment culture.

—> “I wondered the same thing as well about the spitting. Some received direct hits in the face while others barely got hit.”

It’s called taking artistic license. If I was a Ceremonial Spitter, I would get bored spitting the same way each time. I need to switch it up to keep myself feeling alive!

asia photo 4

And this task really needed the Sony Cybershot Spit Cam.

—> “I agree on the spitting. I wondered if there was rhyme or reason to where she spit. Both my husband and I worried about biologicals. Even though it is considered a blessing, I wondered why TAR allowed it. (In the face) I hope no one goes home with any kind of disease from this poor choice in blessings.”

Chac Attack did. They are the first to fall.

—> “it was the same woman. We recorded it.”

Are you sure? Go back and watch it again.

—> “How odd though that some got it right in the face…that would still be bothering me …I know you’re supposed to be respectful of other countries traditions but …just too gross.”

And that is why you are not on The Amazing Race. Imagine if a contestant shouted “THAT’S JUST F–KING GROSS!!!” at the top of their lungs after being spat on a ceremony.

83) “Thought it was crazy tht it was only the white teams who were spit in the face and non white teams got spit in other places on their bodies……..”

It would’ve been funny if a team was spat on the butt. I assume that would have happened to Jill.

long beach jill thomas

Oh, it’s just a joke, Jill! You weren’t offended by the Jill Butt Cam in the TAR 17 TARstorian blogs, were you?

—> “I saw that too and it really makes me angry that this would be allowed. I will be writing to the network about this. If it were reversed there would be all kinds of trouble for everyone involved with the show. I really am fed up with this show. My husband stopped watching a few yrs back when they had a stop on the race in Hanoi where they had a downed U.S. B52. Disgusting. Now I am done too. I will be contacting the shows sponsors to let them know why I will not buy their items as long as they support this racist and anti American show”

What reversal? The teams pointlessly spitting on innocent Zambians? 

And what is wrong with going to historical locations? Remember how nobody protested when TAR 11 visited a concentration camp? Or going to  military sites in South Korea and Guam? Or where John McCain was held within Vietnam? Nelson Mandela’s prison cell? Places like this are as educational as TAR ever gets.

vietnam song

The only thing offensive about the Vietnam song was their terrible attempt at creating a Vietnamese pop group.

—> “Seriously? You make it sound like the producers of the show told the women where to spit. That’s not exactly something they had any control over. If there was any racism, it was on the part of the woman – but I don’t think that’s the case. I’d also love to know where the “anti-American” statement came from.”

I would too seeing how it is a freakin’ American show (well, which is produced by a Dutchman and hosted by a Kiwi but that is not the point).

—> “It should not have been broadcast and furthermore they should have been aware and I am sure were aware of exactly what was going to happen. If this woman changed the ritual without productions ok it could easily have been cut out. Every aspect of TV is scripted. If someone spit in my face there would be hell to pay. Also broadcasting a downed B52 in Hanoi in the context of anything other than an educational history show is disrespectful to America as a whole in particular to the Americans who were over there in the Vietnam War. It was in poor taste and is anti-American in my opinion. I am not going defend what I feel any further.”

Wow. I think you are refusing to defend what you feel because you didn’t understand a single word of what you just said.

—> “I don’t get it are you upset that they spit in Americans faces? Or are you upset that they didn’t spit on non white teams? Maybe certain teams requested not to have spit in their face.
You are you upset because you don’t understand another culture’s ritual? This is what is why their is very little peace in this world! People get mad when they are uniformed or cannot open their eyes to see that everyone isn’t the same. Have an open mind and accept people for who they are.
Here’s a little info about the Masai Tribe:
Masai Spitting
This isn’t just regular spitting we are talking about. The Masai tribe (an ethnic African group found in Kenya and Tanzania) have an unusual way of greeting friends: they spit on one another. Furthermore, when a new child is born, the Masai men will spit on it and say it is bad – believing that if they praise the child they will curse it to a bad life. When greeting elders, a Masai warrior will spit in his hand before offering it to be shaken – as a sign of respect. Masai tribesmen are well known through the media because of their practice of elongating their earlobes.”

Speaking of the Masai. . .

uchenna jump

Here is Uchenna jumping with them! I think Tanzania has found their new High Jump star!

—> “America oppresses foreign countries and invites wars over for decades and you get annoyed that white people get spit in the face. Smh”

The U.S. is closing its embassy in Zambia as we speak.

—> ” I can’t help but laugh, gosh the ignorance. #Murica”

jenn joe hali


—> “So it wasn’t racist?”


—> “Saw the same thing!!”

You saw something which didn’t happen?

84) “The Texans are jerks!”

—> ” Really how are they jerks? I don’t get that impression of them at all.”

Read the other comments.

—> “^ You are in the minority ^…Major league jerks who SHOULD have done well, but are so focused on the Green Team rather than running the race themselves, that i don’t think it’s going to be long before they’re gone.”

charlie sheen

I thought Charlie Sheen was the only Major League jerk.

85) “I’m all set with the Texans and their phony religiosity.”

People tend to buy into a lot of their own religious beliefs, regardless of how phony it is.

—> “I totally agree! They are all religious and then stab the Green Team in the back just because they annoy them. Turn the other cheek #TeamTexas Love Thy neighbor.”

Jesus. How many sermons do we need in this week’s complaints?

86) “Researched some tourism reviews of that area. Strangely enough most of them complained about the curio market at the end of the village tour, but none of them even mentioned a spitting welcome ceremony. Age old, or just something that Race invented to throw the teams a curve ball? You decide.”

That’s right. Producers are getting so bored with The Amazing Race that they invent their own amusing cultural traditions knowing viewers will accept it by this point. We are none the wiser.

holland flight time 4

Like the time they made Flight Time eat a cod against his will. Bertram knows full well they do not do that in the Netherlands.

87) ” Denise from #TeamAlabama makes me crazy because of the sometimes nasty way she speaks to James Earl.”

Is she spitting when speaking to him?

—> “I just don’t like team Alabama because when they where getting interviewed he immediately talked about him being gay. Really. Who cares”

See: Brent & Sean. Lots of people care about this story. Even if the precise details may not even be true anymore.

—> “He cares. This is a chance for him and mom to try and reconnect. I don’t know why that would bother anyone. The couples reasons for going on the race are personal to them.”

In other news, seeing a mother-gay son from Alabama on television talk about homosexuality is not typically seen. There’s a reason producers are running with this.

—> “I can’t imagine what James Earl felt when his mother reacted poorly to his coming out. When my mom came out, it was super hard for me, but I couldn’t imagine rejecting her.”

See? People are identifying with them.

—> “Plus you aren’t there to make friends with people. You are there to run the race fair and square and win a million dollars.”

. . .And what does this have to do with anything?

88) “Still better then listening to team #Brenchel”

Man, Brenchel really did brand the colour green when on TAR.

89) “Love the Green team – Justin and Diana are going to win this!”


—> DIANA: “boo-yah!!!”


90) “Team Texas should give the green team the express pass been a fan since the beginning wish they would go back to where the money they get at the beginning of the race played a factor”

You mean like in the first episode when Justin & Diana ran out of money so they had to beg for a free taxi ride or when Kurt & Bergen had to resort to taking the train?

91) “Justin is so annoying and too smug for his own good”

Eh, it’s doing pretty good for him so far.

92) “She didn’t spit in their faces she spewed water on them which is a traditional greeting.”

Spit > Spew

miss california vomits

Pardon me. Spit > Spew > Ms. California.

—> “We know. We watched the show”

Meanwhile, others thought they did, but clearly did not.

—> “Yes but folks are saying she spit in their faces, which she didn’t”

She did it as a bit of a spray. Pretty much like a human shower head!

—> “She did spew water. Which contained her own saliva, which contains bacteria and that is not cool. Traditional or not, spitting in in their face (mouth, nose, eyes) can be very dangerous.”

It’s as dangerous as an American dentist hanging around a lion.

93) ” interested to see who they hand off the express pass to. Has AR done that before? Having a team pass off an express pass to someone farther back in the pack? I don’t remember it.”

Well, any season with the Double Express Pass. And has it ever been that interesting?

94) “So why did she spit in the face of some & not all… Some she did low?!?”

t pain flo rida low

Zambian lady not wearing jeans

Nor the boots with lion fur

She spat on the floor

Next thing you know

Shawty’s spittle got low low low low low

95) “Although drama enhances the race to a point, sometimes there ends up being too much drama and it gets annoying to watch. For that reason I am happy happy that Team TMZ are gone”

Delayed much?

96) ” I don’t like the #greenteam or #teamalabama. Go #teamtexas”

Hashtags really are annoying me.

97) “OMG did she really say I made you, you came out of my belly?”

fat bastard

It is like Denise is the distant cousin of Fat Bastard.

98) “#TeamTexas had a good idea, but the circumstances played out differently than they thought. A strategy is good but it has to be flexible too. I’m assuming they never “The Art of War””

I don’t know if Sun Tzu’s work was studied in a Texan Church. Just a thought.

99) “Okay, so spitting in someone’s face is supposed to be a welcoming gesture to them. Fine. But it is NOT a welcome action to anyone who is not from that village. Add to that the fact that saliva carries all kinds of nasty cooties that the recipiant is probably NOT too happy to receive. How about in the future, anything along this line gets modified to spitting on their chest, NOT their face?”

100) “That bridge was awfully familiar from Season 1”

Someone must have really sucked  at Connect the Dots when they were younger.

101) “Please make a donation Amazing Race to help these dogs!!”

ollie williams rain

Okay, Ollie.

102) “I wonder if Amazing Race donated some money to a local rescue/shelter while there? It was sad to see so many strays.”

No, they hired the stray dogs to follow teams around then left them to fend for themselves upon flying to Zambia. 


If Johnny Depp can’t fly dogs into foreign countries, then no one can.

103) “Are you telling us that this season’s remembrance task will be “Match the stray dog to the country”?”

I wouldn’t rule anything out since last season was all about selfies.

104) “I would want to take them all home. Sad to see so many strays. How could you not want to love them???”

The Crazy Stray Lady has a nice ring to it.

105) ” I love TAR for the feel of the wind in my face even while I am sitting on the couch watching.”

aha take on me

I’ve never seen somebody pulled into the experience like this from the couch since a-Ha’s Take On Me music video.

106) “This could be my favorite episode ever! Race strategizing, exciting challenges, amazing scenery, strange cultural welcoming, team forgiveness AND philanthropy to those in need! Thanks, Phil Keoghan, and TAR.Congrats from Twin Falls, Idaho.”

Funniest Complaints: The only blog to reference Twin Falls, Idaho.

107) “Just conquerede fear of heights -at 78 years old -did the zipline at Queen Elizabeth Park -fun, fun, fun:)”

petrohue jody shannon 7

Okay, Jody.

108) “So what about that lady in Zambia only spitting in the white people’s faces? So why? How come if you was black or Asian she didn’t spit in your face? And how come CBS thinks it’s cool to air blatant racism towards white people? I’m not a racist towards anyone so chill the hell out?”

Yes, tell us more about it. Enlighten us how CBS is racist towards White people.

kanye west 2

They would be like the anti-George Bush, as Logan’s friend would say.

109) ” I love this show and have watched it from the beginning…..however…..this was the first episode in a very long time where I finally had to mute the TV every time Chris and Logan were on. Do they ever shut up? They’re ALWAYS complaining about something and she is always so rude to her husband. If they’re really that miserable together in life just go your separate ways. Life is too short to be that rude and miserable. Please shut up next week. Thank you.”

Yeah, why can’t Logan be as quiet and little as Diana? The world would be such a better place if women listening to their man more!

110) “Not watching #AmazingRace since the midgets and Ernest/Gin left back to back”

Valid reason.

111) “Bye Harry Potter. Hello #TeamTexas #hotties #AmazingRace”

harry potter

Sounds like somebody isn’t letting go of their wand while watching The Amazing Race this week.

112) “I hate American TV. Recap, intro, ad break! Why? #AmazingRace”

Because Ford dropped out. Need to make up the funds somehow!

113) “I’m gonna say there’s about a .00000000001% chance the douche bros successfully get the green team out. #amazingrace”

dumb and dumber

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

114) “Almost time for a non-elimination round. Is tonight the night? #Amazingrace”

Yes, Dexter Morgan. And it’s gonna happen again and again. . .then that’s it. Just three total unless they do the F4 twist again.

115) “This leg route is nasty. They should’ve went to Asia next #AmazingRace”

I don’t know. We probably would’ve had a bunch o’ rounds in Indonesia or China again. #NoThanks

116) “Student of the game like everyone who f-cking is on the show at this point, you f-ck. #AmazingRace”

Incorrect. Many people are still recruited.

117) “I couldn’t pick Kelsey and Joey out of a crowd of 10. #amazingrace”

That’s why they have to wear hats with their own names on them. No joke.

118) “So I guess the airports of the world complained about obnoxious Americans yelling at ticket agents! Much smoother now! 😄#AmazingRace”

charla mirna nails

You can thank Charla & Mirna for starting this trend.

119) “I can’t wait to “welcome” somebody who gets on my nerves #theamazingrace #AmazingRace”

Your friends may or may not talk to you from a distance.

120) “I’m gonna start spitting on people when they walk into my house. It’s a legit greeting, apparently. #AmazingRace”

Oh god, you’re hilarious too.

121) “That was the fastest I’ve ever seen an express pass used… hopefully it works out #AmazingRace”


Actually, she is the fastest to use an Express Pass, but whatever.

122) “Would Justin still be douchy if he wasn’t bald and Boston? #AmazingRace Probably”

Philadelphia. . .Bronx. . .Boston. . .all the same.


I guess wearing Celtics Green throws a lot of viewers off.

123) “I’ll be honest, even if he may be right (sometime) Chris is really annoying. #AmazingRace”


124) “Did you see that elephant in the water??? #AmazingRace”

Yep. It was spitting all over itself. No joke. Yet nobody is protesting the network about that.

125) “Wonder if you can see a wildebeest get chomped up by a croc from that view in the sky #AmazingRace”

survivor africa hot air balloon

Only if you get the hot air balloon reward from Survivor: Africa. Big Tom and Lex had quite the experience.

126) “I hate alliances #AmazingRace”

Your mom hates alliances.

127) “The only time you see alliances forming during the #AmazingRace is when one team develops hatred for another because of some dumb reason.”


six pack

The Six Pack allied because they all love each other on a profound level. Chos, Kentucky, and Bama unite!

128) “Do a shot every time #TheCheerleaders remind us that they’re also athletes. #AmazingRace”

No more shots. Please. Halloween parties are over.

129) “Remember when a huge lead in the #AmazingRace meant something?”

Yes, and it still does.

ernest and jin lao

Or did we just forget how these two were eliminated?

130) “Justin- Nobody plays this game better than I do…..Oh STFU…Youve sucked so far #AmazingRace #TAR”

9th despite going for Fast Forward-1st-2nd-1st with an average of 2.66 overall is considered sucking?

131) “Girls in purple are fu-ked. #AmazingRace”

I honestly had to scroll through screencaps of this episode to realize Jazmine & Danielle were wearing purple.

132) “Wait, what did Denise say? That she liked it better than the Pirates of Penzance? #AmazingRace #PrettyWoman”

Wow. You know Denise is old when she is making pop culture references that even go over my head.

jodhpur meredith

She would get along well with Meredith & Gretchen. Discuss their favourite black and white films, what type of prune tastes the best, etc. etc.

133) “I can’t do the @AmazingRace_CBS cuz I always have to pee lol #AmazingRace”

australia jen hoffman

Hey, at least you knew that before applying for the show.

134) “Would this count as a five-hole if the dentists failed a task with toothbrushes? #AmazingRace”

Five-hole this and five-hole that?

natalie and meaghan

It’s like Natalie & Meaghan screw up one little task and now everybody obsesses over every little task that has any tiny bit of semblance to a team’s profession in real life.

Anyone who repeatedly mentions five-holing to an excessive extent can shove it up one particular hole.

135) “Impressed my the squat that one of #TheCheerleaders were pulling off. Jealous. No sarcasm #AmazingRace”



136) “How the hell do you not know what croquet is??? #amazingrace ”

Because not every family plays every single sport imaginable.

I have heard of LaCrosse, but do I really know what it is?

137) “it’s like no one’s watched Heathers #whatstheirdamage #AmazingRace”

That’s the same reference I made in the podcast! HOORAY!


The Zambian pate is great but I got to motor!

138) “We’re literally watching paint dry #AmazingRace”

Is it GREEN paint? Or is there a different colour to discuss for once?

jazmine danielle 2

And I for one have never seen Jazmine & Danielle more excited while doing a task!

139) “How is the judge at the Wood #Detour coming up with these percentages? 😝#AmazingRace”

Scientific data.

140) “I have seen every season of #AmazingRace & that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever witnessed. U use the express pass during a lengthy detour/RB”

Dumbest thing?

john jessica

Looks like somebody has forgotten the man from Workaholics.

141) “It took 6 years, but I just got sweet revenge on my bestie @TiffnyMichelle for making me eat wasabi on #AmazingRace.”

maria tiffany


142) “This season’s teams do not work well together at all, so annoying to watch #AmazingRace”

flo and zach the happiest team in the world

You really need to have Flo & Zach’s communication skills if you want to become TAR champions.

143) “So Justin calls using the U-Turn, a part of the game, “playing dirty” but has no problem lying to other people’s faces? #AmazingRace #gross”

Is it as gross as spitting?

144) “@JustinClassic1 What do you do, troll #amazingrace tag to find posts that might be about you? Pathetic. And it wasn’t about you, egomaniac.”

—> JUSTIN: “I love your no hate photos and the fact you describe yourself as a kind human #ego”

I wish this discussion continued further.

145) “The fact that TAR youtube channel’s video is only available for Americans only IS CRUEL #AmazingRace”

Truer words have never been spoken. As a Canadian, I feel you.

146) “Stop bringing up the rivalry between #TeamTexas & #TheGreenTeam please! Is there no other racer? #AmazingRace”

Nope. It’s going the Lost route where there will only be three teams of two each season.

—> ” LMAO, people want to root for him but he’s just so damn annoying. U know that personality you just hate, lol.”

Annoying is the type of personality we all hate? Whatever happened to materialistic, xenophobic, or homophobic?

147) “Sorry, don’t care if it’s culture. I wouldn’t be impressed w/someone spitting water in my face from their mouth. Disgusting. #AmazingRace”

The Amazing Race: Don’t Care If It’s Culture.

kendra fumes 2

Hosted By Kendra Bentley.

148) “wait. . .was Denise yelling “GO STRAIGHT! GO STRAIGHT!” to James Earl? #AmazingRace”

Maybe Denise doesn’t accept him after all. :/


Okay. That does it for this week. Hope you all had fun.

Remember how I co-host a weekly podcast for The Amazing Race each week? You should listen to it.

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