Funniest Complaints About The Amazing Race 27 Week 2 Edition

This week’s complaints range from homosexuality, wearing hats, the Catholic Church, viewers who are late to the party, and of course, Justin & Diana. Let’s dive in!


1) “Love that there is a gay team from Texas this year.. go #teamtexas”

We start this week with somebody trolling? This will go well.

—> “They’re not gay, they’re best friends! I want them to win as well!”

oswald danny

Are you insinuating gay people cannot be best friends?

—> “Yeah right..”

This guy must have expert Gaydar.

—> “Geez….not everything is about being gay.”

That’s what the LGBT community WANTS you to think! Kim Davis has broken the conspiracy wide open!

—> “first episode they said they were straight”

Actually, all they said is that they would flirt with the other women. For all you know they are the type to string members of the opposite sex along or taunt them. Then, when the women least expect it. . .GOTCHA!

—> “Yeah, people say alot of things.”

Especially when it comes to hats.

2) “Sad when Matt Damon and his teammate lost.”

alex manard

“All we got were three Bourne Identity films; that’s all we got.”

3) “This early on, I do not share the seeming belligerence of Team Texas against the engaged couple. They seem so petty with what I deem is misplaced competitiveness.”

4) “i just want tanner to sit on my face”


5) “I can’t stand crying guy! He had a lot of nerve talking crap about the Texas guys dancing when a week ago he was bawling his eyes out on national TV. He was also the same guy who laughed at them when their paddle boat broke on the first leg– very unsportsmanlike behavior. Would like to see his face rubbed in mud.”

What’s with this sudden urge of racers being involved with incidents of face rubbing?

—> “I’d like to see them gone as well!”

If you hope just enough, you could potentially alter the outcome of events which transpired four months ago and possibly see Justin & Diana eliminated this week.

—> “My take on him is when everything is going good, he is bold and arrogant and in your face, and when everything isn’t going good, he cries like a little girl. Agree, he is not showing good sportsmanship.”

. . .Or he is somewhere in between, and showing his emotional highs and lows is much more entertaining rather than focusing on the 95% when he is indifferent to what is going on around him.

—> “Oh it’ll happen. Smug always gets its due. I was really surprised after they weren’t eliminated on the first leg. He clearly said “we’re still confident but we won’t be cocky”….what was last night?! COCKY!!”

bangkok tammy victor

Smug always gets its due? I wish that were true. :/

tech n9ne

And when was he cocky? Are you confusing him with Tech N9ne? I am surprised people who do not fall within the 18-49 demographic even know who Tech N9ne is. Nevermind, that’s kocky. Not cocky. My mistake.

—> “VERY cocky!! And if they mess up again he’ll be in tears and then if they catch up he’ll be cocky once again– he doesn’t learn.”

I’m sorry, but that’s how competitive people always are.  I can relate to that. When you are playing in a serious game or a top level sport, you have to absolutely believe you cannot be beaten. It truly is a mental game of convincing yourself you are the best damn player in the room.

Whether you express this aloud to the camera, directly to your challenger’s face, or keep those thoughts strictly internal, I can promise you those thoughts are there.

nick diaz

Nick Diaz was a fan of choosing the second option.

That’s why you see athletes get so dang emotional when they lose. Or if you are Mr. Rodriguez from the Pittsburgh Pirates, you have a boxing match with a gatorade dispenser.

You know what we call two people who do not have a competitive mindset and do not have a cocky mindset?

john scott 2

We call them John & Scott. Look at how far it got them.

6) “I was hoping another team would have been eliminated instead of these guys! I liked them. But it is early yet—–haven’t developed a favorite but know which ones I am not in favor of—-The TExans and The Crybaby team.”

Somebody isn’t a fan of rivalries. Next you’ll say you equally hate the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

7) “Producers showed disrespect to the Catholic Church when not telling male racers to remove their headgear/hats when entering the Church, especially because they have given instructions to racers about clothes and behavior when visiting other religious locations around the world. And if any of the male racers were wearing something on their head for religious reasons, then the producers disrepected both the Church and the racers; this could have been done outside the Church. My post on this topic from last night was apparently removed.”

Your post on this topic from last night was apparently removed because the criticism was unfounded and did not hint at processing the implied information shown during the episode.

a) Yes, viewers are expected to interpret implied information when it comes to TAR and Survivor. Pre-recorded footage that is shortened to forty minutes of television requires editors to frame it in such a way that viewers should be bright enough to read between the lines.

b) This means that viewers should know that producers discussed this issue with the priests inside the church. It is their church. The priests inside make the rules as to what is respectful and acceptable. Not somebody thousands of miles away in America watching a congregation on television.

c) The current head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, also known as the “Cool Pope” according to my mother and aunt, has been attempting to make the church more inclusive to all human beings across the planet. Thus, headgear is not seen as a big deal to them. This is where the freakin’ Pope was baptized. If any church was lenient within Catholicism, this would be the one.

d) Complaining that the racers were violating Catholic practice was probably offensive to the priests since they are the ones who made it clear that they view this as acceptable within their church. They probably don’t want some American talking down to them and telling them how to interpret their own religious beliefs.

andy tommy

And where were the complaints in TAR 19 when Andy & Tommy said inside of the Buddhist Temple that they didn’t like the religion because of something to do with Jesus? Gotta love Western bias.

8) “pretty sure if when setting up the event, if the church wanted men to remove head gear, they would have said so. The show has been quite respectful of that kind of thing, so it makes sense the church did not say they needed to.”


9) “It was the females and males. They all shoudl have removed their hats and head bands. It is not for the clergy to judge or show disapproval when someone enters their home. Instead, it is up to those entering the home to know what the expectations are before entering. They know to take off their hats at a baseball game for the Star Spangled Banner; they know to remove hats for entering a church. Arrogance”

Actually, these complaints are the first time I learned that the removal of hats is expected inside of the Catholic Church. Especially considering several religions require you to wear something on your head when inside.

You do know thousands of religions are practiced around the world and have their own set of traditions, and within each religion they slightly branch off from one another, yes?

You know what is arrogant? Expecting somebody to adhere to your specific religious beliefs, and claiming everybody is an idiot or a bad person for failing to read your mind and know exactly what your expectations are.

And have you been to a baseball game when somebody sings Star Spangled Banner? The announcer TELLS YOU TO REMOVE YOUR HATS! Not even the announcer at a baseball game assumes this is common knowledge.

—> “All the comments not in favor of how they showed disrespect to the Catholic church were removed last night. Infact, i was not even done typing when the thread had already been removed. The show should just post something apologizing to those of us who were greatly offended by this disrespect and admit their error.”

Actually. . .I think you might be the one who owes an apology.

vietnam song

It is not quite on the same level of unintentional offensive as the “Commie Pop” which a bunch of Vietnam War veterans had to sit through during TAR 22. I definitely understand why a scene like that was uncomfortable.

10) “Growing up, I was taught that I remove my hat whenever I’m INSIDE ANY building, including a church. Apparently some of these contestants were not taught any manners by their parents.”

So you are saying my parents didn’t teach me any manners? That is one of the douchiest things I have ever heard.

Heck, I have dozens of relatives of all ages who wear hats at various venues. I cannot recall either myself or anybody being lectured that removing their hat is the “proper” thing to do in a given situation. Unless you are at an ultra fancy restaurant.

danny devito

Or if you are Danny Devito, that might be a problem.

danny devito 2

He will NOT be the subject of ridicule!

In elementary and high school, hats were generally banned in a classroom because they served as a distraction (“got your hat!”), but that was it.

11) “Actually, women were once required to wear something on their head in Church. It was a rule that has since been relaxed. And just as I wouldn’t know what to do entering a religious house of another denomination, i don’t hold the racers responsible. I would expect the producers to really be responsible to handle something like this.”

FUN FACT: They were. Do you know how planned out each route marker is on The Amazing Race and the logistics all figured out? They ain’t just gonna barge in there and impose their will on the priests, folks.

12) “I didn’t like the fact that several of the contestants disrespected the church by wearing hats or caps when meeting with the church leader, starting with that cry baby idiot Justin.”

Well of course it started with Justin. He and Diana were in first place. 😀

—> “Thank you, I agree. No genuflect at the front ….I felt a bit of disrespect…”

Now you’re just nitpicking.

—> “You can’t expect non-Catholics to know our traditions. They certainly showed respect in their admiration and how they felt being there.”

Nah, words, feelings, emotions, and context do not matter. I HAVE A RIGHT TO BE OFFENDED ABOUT SOMETHING WHICH DOES NOT INVOLVE ME WHATSOEVER!

—> “also didn’t do the sign of the cross. That church was beautiful – would love to see it for real.”

And they didn’t wash their hands. Particularly Ernest & Jin who were playing with doo-doo inside of the cardboard bin just for fun.

—> “I noticed the same, didn’t remove their hats,I guess the “money” is on their minds. It really upset me. as I am a faithful fan.”

It is sad that money was on their minds, but luckily their mind was not on their money.

Can you imagine if this was actually true?

“I really wanted to take my hat off, genuflect and do the cross, but we’re talking about a MILLION DOLLARS, here! That’s a one with six zeroes at the end! There was no time to waste!”

A quote like that would instantly make you the most hated person on reality television.

—> “They don’t know our traditions. Get over it!”


—> “oh I thought respect was universal!”

Eh, only here in Canada. . .except in Alberta. They are bunch of douchebags. Don’t go there.

—> “Of course it is, but they have no way of knowing our traditions to respect! Get over it!”

—> “But they should have known to at least take their hats off. As with any Holy place.”

That doesn’t apply to any holy place. Your statement is incorrect.

—> “I did not notice or pay attention.”

heather and eve pic

The Heather & Eve of Catholicism.

—> “I hope if I were in a foreign country and going into a house of God (wherever), I would ask the local custom.. That being said, the production crew should have been aware…it is not really the worst thing, believe me,.”

They were aware.

And it’s true. The worst thing to ever happen did not occur on a television show called The Amazing Race.

—> “In some religions, it is required for men to WEAR a hat when entering a place of worship.”

Indeed. Logic is still alive.

—> “AND in lots of 50s and 60s movies women wear these frilly bonnet things in church!”

I love that Film Noir sh-t.

—> “In any temple you suppose to remove the hat. The AR CREW or production team should say or do something about it! …..Contestants are focused on finish the leg!”

Except in TAR 7 when Rob wore his baseball hat and Amber’s head was covered entering the temple in India.

—> “My husband and I said the same thing. So disrespectful. My husband used to be a pastor woman may keep their hats on but !men should remove them. For such a huge fan he should he should have known that”

I think knowing that may have to do more with the pastor thing than casually watching The Amazing Race thing.

—> “I am a HUGE fan…. How would liking TAR make you know about a church’s rules?”


—> “Oh I don’t know, maybe previous races with church challenges. If not that may just common sense and respect.”

Can you give an example. . .? And knowing specific religious customs is not ‘common sense’.

That’s the equivalent of me expecting everyone to know who the third person voted out of Survivor: Africa was, and getting all offended because they don’t know it or may not have even heard of Survivor before.

—> “it’s not a custom for men to take off their hats inside anymore. I see older guys at restaurants with their caps on,……….times have changed”

This brings up a good point. How old are the people who were offended by this on The Amazing Race?

—> “I think it’s a rule anywhere if you go indoors to a restaurant, a theater, a church….someone’s home you remove your hat…….I don’t think that’s ever changed……..”

. . .Wow. Have you been to a restaurant or a theatre in the past fifteen years?

la hat dre

For instance, my brother-in-law and I were both sporting our Dodgers hats when we saw Straight Outta Compton.

And the only time I don’t really wear a hat is when my hair has grown to be too damn long and majestic. It needs to be seen.

logan hat

It wants to be seen. (This was a picture from 2010. Those were the days. Thankfully, I am already back to this hair length and will not be long before it returns to its peak in 2011!)

—> “TAR never shows respect for most of the religions they come across in the show (see: when they aired Andy/Tommy in TAR19 saying that they didn’t like being in a Buddhist Temple because Jesus Christ was the only god for them, or whatever), so it’s nice the audience is on this end of the stick for once.”


—> “I was bothered by it too! Recently I was in court for a traffic violation and the judge was furious that some of the guys had hats on. Good her her!”

Is that supposed to be the feminist version of ‘here here’?

—> “I suspect it depends on the times we grew up in……things are more relaxed now than they were in the 50’s when I grew up….then it was absolutely wrong to wear a hat anyplace indoors except for Catholic women in Church….we had to cover our heads.”

There you go. Just because a specific gesture had a different symbol assigned to it in the 1950s or 1960s does not necessarily reflect the same symbol in 2015. It doesn’t make those who live in contemporary times any better or worse–it just makes them different.

13) “Sorry Alex and Adam couldn’t last longer. I want to see Mr. Crybaby eliminated. He is so, so annoying.”

so worlds apart

So upset or So upset?

—> “Shut the hell up. Justin’s team is awesome, and bullies like you need to leave them the hell alone. YOU’RE the crybaby.”

Haha pwned.

—> “I bullied no one. You are the bully, trying to bully me. It won’t work. I have a right to my opinion and I will voice it. So, you shut the hell up.”

You called him “Mr. Crybaby” and said he is as annoying as a contestant in Survivor: Worlds Apart.


I can’t tell if people are intentionally having this conversation just to be mentioned in this week’s post.

—> “Wow someone get [the guy who said we are the crybaby] some ice for his butt hurt.”

How is the guy butt hurt? His favourite team finished this week in 1st place.

14) “How is “shut the hell up” not bullying?”


15) “Who else thinks Alex is a mini-Matt Damon???”

Back to the most important topic on hand, m i rite?

16) “Wanted the cheerleaders to go. Too bad a dancing chakkenge!”

I don’t think the tango made a difference as to why they stayed in the race.


I believe the admin of the TAR Facebook page has a ‘Block’ button.

18) “Go team Texas and the hip hop team!”

The hip hop team?

dujean leilani

You know there are too many English-speaking versions of The Amazing Race each year when one is forced to ask you to distinguish as to which hip hop team you are talking about.

—> “Do you have the Facebook accounts for team Texas ?? ^^”

I think the person who asked one of them to sit on her face may have altered Tanner & Josh’s privacy settings. Sorry.

19) “Being acrophobic myself, I felt so sorry for [Adam & Alex] — I could not have gone up in the helicopter. Airplane is ok but helicopter, hot air balloon, parasailing — forget it!”

adam alex

The helicopter is not something Adam & Alex will forget, however.

20) “Why do those stupid cheerleaders keep calling themselves athletes?! You ARE NOT ATHLETES!”

I know, right? Like, why do we even have the WNBA?

—> “Cheerleaders have routines that require gymnastics moves. They train hard.”

zoe survivor

And play hard.

21) “i like them to.ernest and jin,such a good story i hope they do win,i’m rooting for them!i wish someone who is wealthy enough would help them if they don’t win.they are so humble and just nice guys!i do not like the green team i was so mad theyncame in first he has a bad attiude like better than,i hope they go soon!”

sir richard branson

It is already happening. Sir Richard Branson has been in contact with CBS and is pulling out his cheque book as we speak!

22) “Both dancers were contestants on So You Think You Can Dance – one made it to the top 20.”

Was that in So You Think You Can Dance, or Hey, I Think You Can Dance.

—> “wow i didn’t even realize that and i watch dwts all the time!smh”

What the hell does Dancing With the Stars have to do with So You Think You Can Dance?

And what kind of twist would that be if Ernest & Jin are on season 27 of Dancing With the Stars because the show is so desperate for celebrities that they will count TAR 27 contestants as “stars”?

alfonso ribeiro

And hey, if Carlton can be the host of Dancing With the Stars. . .anything can happen.




Oddly enough, the person paired up with Alfonso Ribeiro was the first dancer to crossover from So You Think You Can Dance to Dancing With the Stars. Apparently the idea isn’t so crazy after all. Thanks Wikipedia!

23) “I love Ernest & Jin. From what its portrayed (editing is still inconsistent) I think they are two fun guys. I actually really like the cast this season. All of the teams have had their good and bad moments and it’s only the second leg. Route – ehhh… collecting cardboard? Does that even signify something in Buenos Aires at all?”

Eh. TAR Canada had a Detour where teams had to collect garbage or dismantle an old school television in Edmonton. We have competed literally thousands of tasks over the course of TAR history. Considering how ‘safe’ and family-friendly American television has to be on cable, we won’t see producers take it to the next level and start incorporating tasks from Hamerotz LaMillion.

24) “I don’t like the green team either. I know he’s a superfan but he’s such a crybaby”

The word ‘crybaby’ has officially lost all meaning.

—> “Green team is the crybaby and his witchy wife, right? They are my least favorite, for sure. Hated that they finished first this week.”

His ‘witchy wife’? Seeing how Diana hasn’t been shown speaking too much in the first two episodes, I assume this is an opinion strictly based off of appearance.

Or because she secretly wore a hat at the Catholic Church, and you are asking for her to be burned at the stake.

logan tango

I mean, tangoing on the walls of the tango hall? That’s unadulterated pagan witchcraft right there.

—> “Diana hasn’t even said anything so far except for her commentary on the tango task and people are attacking her for association? Geez…”

Association and her looks. Even better.

—> “Nothing wrong with Diana of the Green Team, it’s her arrogant husband that I can’t stand. Wait until she messes up in some way and we will see how he treats her. My choice is the Dancer Team….so refreshing to see a team that has really experienced hard times and is doing all they can for a better life.”

Yep. It is safe to assume he will be verbally and/or physically abusive towards her well in advance because he is showing emotion on the race!

And you guys do know there are severe hardships that aren’t just financial which past contestants have gone through, right?

millie chuck le mans

Millie & Chuck dated for twelve years and remained VIRGINS. Now that is suffering on the grandest scale, ladies and gentlemen. It’s incomprehensible and unfathomable.

25) “As far as I’ve seen, Jonathan & Victoria (6) and Nate & Jen (12) will always be on my “hit list”. I seriously had road rage issues the next day after watching them. Seriously!”

So that’s how you got the traffic violation. The two guys wearing their hats in the court room was like the cherry melted on top of the sundae.

26) “The other guy is a frigging FOOL! He should have kept the information to himself. What a moron!”

denise james earl

I think James Earl is just one of those guys who will assist people without really thinking about it. It makes sense knowing he is a physician in his every day life.

He doesn’t seem to be an individual who is in super intensive game mode.

And it may or may not be Justin & Diana’s fault for choosing to align with a team who were previously nicknamed the “Helpful Christians”, and order them to keep crucial information a secret.

27) “I couldn’t believe the teams didn’t remove their head gear before entering such a beautiful church.”

I can.

—> “I noticed that too. Sigh..”

I am sorry your week has been ruined by this abomination.

—> “Shoot I was surprised that they didn’t run! But im thinking that they told them not to run in the church.”

Hatless running in a Catholic Church–the sin to end all sins.

28) “I was bored by this episode of the Amazing Race……..”

……..And that’s as far as the thought process goes? If you provide feedback, producers will make the necessary changes.

And if you want The Amazing Race at its greatest depths of boredom, watch the season premiere of TAR 26 on a repeated loop.

—> “remote is a good thing to have”

So is Netflix Premium Gold Plus.

29) “That was one of the better challenges Amazing Race has had in a while!”

Collecting doo-doo? I agree.

30) “so sad Adam and Alex were eliminated, they were the only ones I liked”

. . .What a random team to back after the season premiere. Were they even shown other than laughing in a helicopter or the quick volleyball clip in the first episode?

31) “Homeless dancing guys are my favs!!! I LOVE THEM!!”


—> “They have names… Ernest & Jin. This is why I want the hashtags to be gone.”

Embrace the Twittersphere. Don’t you Twitterstand?

32) “The green team is awesome!!! They don’t need the help of the other teams…”


They also don’t play by anybody’s rules–not even their own. It’s just how they do in Philly!

—> “Green team is obnoxious. They are rude and annoying”

Shut the hell up.

—> “How are they rude? They gave complements and were respectful to people through the whole leg. Please explain how they are rude?”

Please do. This should be fun.

—> “During the dancing challenge, the green team guy was bad mouthing at the Texas team saying “I could do better!” and even the 1st ep, he laughed at the Texans for their “bike boat” breaking… I get they (or mostly he) are superfans and want to have fun, but his behavior (and in the preview) is NOT a good way to make a first impression or good sportmanship!”

Heh. The one moment cited from this week wasn’t even directed towards Team Texas. Excellent.

And I don’t get the impression Justin & Diana would be sore losers and blame their loss on another team or genuinely believe they are the

—> “sat·ire
the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature;”

This comment is going up on the fridge.

simp ending

There we go!

—> “or you can just not judge people you don’t know”

Too late.

—> “They should add penalties for disrespect…ie…not taking off hats in church, making disrespectful comments about cultures which has happened a lot in the past…etc”

Oh my god. This is just like the Cabotage incident in TAR Canada. Is this person going to re-post this comment four or five more times as well?

Hey producers: Good luck with enforcing this rule.

DIANA: “Justin was actually commenting on that compared to me, he could do better. He’s was a professional dancer and would have been better at it than me. ….not Texas. And like Alex says. .don’t forget the editing. They show someone making a comment, then whatever clip after, and you naturally put together that the comment was made about the clip they showed you. Thanks for watching!”

Take your witchy remarks elsewhere!!!111oneone. Suggesting the edit is tainted is its own form of witchcraft!

33) ” I was surprised that some of the men didn’t remove hats/head coverings when entering the cathedral.”

See, surprise is an appropriate reaction if you are apart of that world. Anger and outrage is not.

—> “How would they know to? Is that a Catholic rule?”

I’ve got a feeling it could be at this point.

—> “I think it is just common courtesy to remove you hat inside any building.”

—> “Unless it says to remove a lot of nonreligious people could easily not know. And removing hats in any building? What year are you living in?”

A time where removing your hat inside of a building was a common courtesy, but giving women and African-Americans the right to vote was not.

I may or may not be glad those values may have swapped over the past eighty years.

—> “The year of the Gentleman.”

lol. That might be the weakest attempt at a burn I have ever seen.


Does that mean Professor Layton is not a gentleman? He has a reputation for always wearing that top hat, and some of those instances have been inside of a church!

luke triton

And now you’ve hurt Luke’s feelings! He is a gentleman in training!


Birdly’s hat might be the best.

—> “I just know that my church does not require that. I make my boys remove the hats but other moms don’t, so even people who love God might grow up not knowing that is a respectful practice.”

A religious debate on the TAR Facebook page could have been the reason why the admin wanted to delete the whole string of posts.

34) “was hoping the cousins would go farther,the black dancers are great,would like to see them win,they are a hoot,plus they would appreciate some good luck in their life.”

I have applied for Big Brother Canada and The Amazing Race Canada for a total of six times. When do I get some good luck?

35) “Don’t like the first couple AT ALL. Like the male black gentleman, poor things.”

They have names.

36) “I love the green team!
The crying was so funny last week, and I think I almost saw a tear last night!
I truly love how much he loves his wife; I hope they make it far!
(I also hope that the homeless team wins a leg that has a cash prize!)”

I hear the final leg has a cash prize of a million dollars. They could try and win that.

37) “Whoops…link wasn’t working…go to YOUTUBE and type— Amazing Race ‘RACE WITH YOUR FAVE’

It would be awesome!!!


Again? We get it. You really really like Bopper. If my Ken & Gerard or Michael & Kathy campaign has failed, then your Bopper campaign shouldn’t. I don’t care how much he reminds me of a combination of Fred Willard and George W. Bush.

38) “Love this show. I agree, the guy in particular on the green team (the crybaby) irks everyone!”

Not me. Therefore, your statement is false.

39) “I felt so bad for them when they thought they were eliminated. Rooting for them. I hate when they have 2 Dr.’s playing; they don’t need the money!”

I haven’t heard the word ‘money’ dropped so many times since I saw the O’ Jays live in concert.

hong kong brett money

Or when I watched Brett Money in The Amazing Race Asia 2.

david jeff body

Or yes, David & Jeff’s taxi driver during one of the India legs if you want to get super obscure.

40) “Very emotional ending. Jin and Earnest had me crying. I didn’t want to see any one of the last 3 teams go.”

You know what my favourite clip involving Ernest is on The Amazing Race?


The one called Ernest Goes To Church Wearing a Hat. It’s a classic.

41) “hey the Black guys got not place to live let them move in with you…”

Ernest, Jin, and Phil all living together? I smell a sitcom!

42) “I was just thinking how well another Amazing Race America would go over. Just because of the state of affairs overseas, I bet a lot of folks would love to race right here in the U.S.A.”

. . .Xenophobic people, perhaps? Hell, even Treasure Hunters traveled across the Atlantic Ocean. Good luck getting people on board with another domestic season. You can only get away with that concept in Canada.

45) “Always love to watch can’t wait to apply again !.. tried twice and no luck… but me and my wonderful sis are going to try….team Boone !”

If TAR resumes stunt casting by next season, the only Team Boone you will see will be Bret and Aaron.

aaron boone

bret boone

And they could be the most boring team ever. Unless they replay Bret Boone striking out during the Home Run Derby on a repeated loop.

43) “The green team reminds me of brendon and rachel…. #Memorylane btw they got a baby on the way…. Lmfao”

Because they wear green? So many similarities. I remind people of Mega Man occasionally whenever I wear a blue shirt.

44) “Would have been perfect if the first leg was non-elimination and the speedbump on the second leg was a sliding puzzle.”

Do you know what the word ‘perfect’ means?

45) “I’m Not liking this season so far. Not as many tasks as they’re usually is.”

Because editors want you to get to know all of the teams. It’s why we normally do not see reward challenges on Survivor until the fourth or fifth round when they cast twenty players.

46) ” I’m a huge fan of the show – but the editing of this week’s episode left me quite upset. During the Tango challenge, the track stars are talking about the need for core strength and if you have “flabby abs” then it might be really difficult. The next shot immediately showed the cousins performing in the wall and struggling. The genetic condition they have affects their spine and their weight distribution. It was inappropriate to imply they didn’t have core strength with the editing. Not cool.”

Note that this was before editors showed Alex & Adam repeatedly stating “we only got two legs”.

bangkok mark michael 9

If history repeats itself, seven teams will be brought back for TAR 30: Unfinished Business 2, and Adam & Alex will be one of three teams excluded.

CBS can be odd at times.

47) “I have a question for anyone who may know…

On Roadblocks, I thought teams had to FIRST decide which member was going to perform the challenge before opening the envelope to find out what it was…? Yet on last night’s episode, there were a couple of times when a team informed another team ahead of time that it involved dancing.”

You do realize your question is not related whatsoever to the following statement, right? For all the teams know they could have been lying to them about what the Roadblock is going to be.

Imagine if Justin & Diana told Tiffany & Krista that the Roadblock was going to be a dancing task, but then it ended up being a room full of spiders?

mr peanut butter

It would be like telling Mr. Peanut Butter that he is going to the park. . .but then you don’t take him to the park. 😦

48) “Did any one else catch the two dances the Texans can do? One is the Two Step, the 2nd is The Whip…similar to The Push. Go BearKats.”

BearKats? The Push? You’ve lost me.

49) “Good show but the sideways tango was a weird challenge.”

christopher walken

Not as weird as Christopher Walken dancing through an empty shopping mall.

—> “That challenge was so weird! They all seemed to do very well though!”

Yeah. Even the guy in “Meggings” did too.

50) “I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thought this challenge was boring.”

Just wait until you watch the third episode. Your insomnia shall be cured!

51) “Hope someone sees Ernest and Jins story and gives them a break.”

No, this Kit Kat bar is all mine, bitches.

52) “Catching up on #AmazingRace I’m already team #tmz Kelly & Shevonne (Sp?) I love those 2”

I can’t wait for their next tweet in forty minutes.

53) “God the Green team Annoys me. #amazingrace”

If only he could win you over by removing this hat.

54) “Phil explaining couple to native: “they’re newlyweds.”
Native: “there will be a short time of happiness.”
#AmazingRace #sotrue #truthhurts”

love shack

It won’t be a short time of happiness if they can create a Love ShackAttack.



Is it impressive for F-List celebrities to be picked to go on a competitive reality show that is facing declining viewership?

56) “Man #TheGreenTeam’s cockiness is so offputting. It will be their downfall #AmazingRace”

Will it?

57) “So glad this season you are showing more latin america
#AmazingRace @AmazingRace_CBS”

*South America.

58) “Oh no! Baby Tanner is injured. 😢 #AmazingRace”

Is he a crying type of baby?

59) “If Charla doesn’t get to win, then no short person gets to win. Bye bye”


60) “Put me on #AmazingRace with my husband if you want to see straight up murder”

Normally I would be against such an act, but I cannot deny this would help attract ratings and ultimately help TAR escape its inevitable decline.

61) “The #tmzgirls on #amazingrace can’t play volleyball”

To be fair, they have a history of not being able to do well at anything.

62) “i don’t blame this girl not wanting to run down city street in her bare feet #amazingrace”

Why don’t you blame her? The Blame Game is fun. I play it all of the time.

63) “Only 20 min in and there are tears and pronouncements that the race is over #pessimists #amazingrace”

Considering how short some rounds of TAR can be (the Delhi leg in TAR 13 only took Nick & Starr ninety minutes to complete from when they left the pit stop), thinking you are last after wasting a ton of time chasing the Fast Forward is a perfectly logical reason to believe you are dead last.

64) “It amuses me that people don’t seem to know how to get off a boat into land #AmazingRace”

Wait. Why are we still talking about the first episode? Friday night is truly a terrible timeslot for television. People end up waiting several days until they have a chance to catch up because of how busy they are on Friday and Saturday nights.

That’s sad.

65) “Why not drop your bags and sprint to the mat for a second place finish in the second leg…? o.o Foolish. #TeamTexas #AmazingRace”


Every second counts! Especially when you will end up being on the same bus with several teams at the start of the next round. The hamstring injury was worth it!

66) “Because Americans would have a clue where Morocco is… #amazingrace @PhilKeoghan”

Justin has watched every season at least three times. I have a feeling he will know where Morocco is located.

67) “I think I speak Portuguese better than these contestants. #amazingrace”

Good for f–king you.

68) “Anyone else see the resemblance between Josh and Ben Affleck?! Just put hotties on, & the women will watch.”

matt damon

What’s with racers being compared to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck? Did Good Will Hunting just get re-released in 3D?

69) “Omg can we please get rid of Josh & Diana on #AmazingRace. Crying or cocky, but always annoying. I hope Tanner & Josh can u-turn them!”

justin and diana

That’s a neat epitaph to have.

70) “When Tanner finished the #roadblock I wanted to scream. Lol Dont get frustrated #TeamTexas! #amazingrace ”

What kept you from screaming? Actually, don’t answer that.

71) “Again 25min & pit stop already. Extend this to at least 90min an episode. #AmazingRace”

the amazing race asia 3 promo

If an entertaining 90 minute episode is what you crave, you can watch the second round of TAR Asia 3.

vietnam isaac william 3

Well, almost all ninety minutes are entertaining.

72) “Okay. Now that we’ve finished watching the #gamecocks lose to Missouri, we can catch up on last night’s #AmazingRace”

I think that hashtag needs more information.

76) “That moment when you realize that watching #AmazingRace is like watching the adult version of #doratheexplorer.”

And that other moment shortly after when you realize you are wrong.

77) “”We gave this country our all”? Did you run the #AmazingRace or fight in Vietnam?”

teri ian reaction

Or both? ^_^

78) “I want to see a version of the #AmazingRace where teams have to bring along their cry/screaming toddlers”

char schroeder

Unfortunately, that has already happened.

flo on a cliff

Numerous times.

76) “#ChacAttack in action! At one point Cindy carried both backpacks so Rick can push the cart #teamwork #AmazingRace ”

What a noteworthy highlight from this episode.

77) “that’s it, I’m moving to Texas #AmazingRace #TeamTexas #sohot”

Trying to stalk their Facebook page is one thing, but this is taking it to the next level.

78) “#TheGreenTeam & #ThePaparazzi are the most ANNOYING teams of #TAR27! If they won, I won’t watch #TheAmazingRace ever again. #AmazingRace”

The stakes are high. I love it.

79) “Wow. Now my second favorite team just bit the dust. So does that mean that next week my next favorite team is going home? #AmazingRace”

It depends. Care to elaborate who that would be?

80) “And that dang accordion tango song is gonna be in my head all night. Thanks ”

If you watched TAR Canada, you would have the opportunity to hear a shorter sequence of notes, and because the dancing tasks are harder there, the short note is played more frequently for the viewers.

That’s when you just want to slam your head against the pavement.

81) “Midget Matt Damon #AmazingRace”

. . .Anything else you would like to point out from the 40 minute episode?

82) “I missing having the TWINNIES @NatalieeAnd @NadiyaaAnd on my screen #AmazingRace”

nadiya natalie


83) “The #greenteam is either getting a bad edit or that guy is the one you ditch at the bar #AmazingRace”

justin diana

84) “Apparently Argentina doesn’t have gps?!?! #AmazingRace”

Argentines may not have GPS. . .

long beach driver 8

But I know someone else who does.

85) “Pretty Boys after The Crier, Milli is outshining Vanilli & why in the heck did “Norman” give them the church address? #AmazingRace”

Choose better nicknames.

86) “The reaction to the poop would be how I would react. #AmazingRace #yuck”

The Doos and Donts on The Amazing Race, as they say?

87) “Why is this episode all about Pope Frank? Are they going to bring Kim Davis on too? #AmazingRace”

What would Kim Davis’ hashtag be for TAR 28 if she raced with a close friend? #TheGayHaters?

88) “#thepaparazzi is already fighting. Imagine working with those nutballs #AmazingRace”

An imagination that involves hanging out with Kanye West at one point. That’d be pretty sweet.*

kanye west

I know

You’re tired

Of racing of racing

With nobody to love. . .



*If it were before he came out with that awful autotune CD. Only T-Pain may autotune.

antoine dodson

Or Antoine Dodson.

89) “The choir is singing Mozart’s “Ave Verum Corpus.” Lovely. #AmazingRace”

The choir is singing what now?

90) “You have to run smart to win. Needless macho all out sprint to pit stop in which 1 pulled hamstring will be #TeamTexas undoing #AmazingRace”

But Needless Macho is the funniest type of macho.

super macho man

Except Super Macho Man from Punchout!! Release the–bogus!

91) “If there is ever another all-star #AmazingRace II hope that #thecousins are apart of it.”

I really want the word “all-star” banned while any season of TAR is airing.

92) “how can Anyone that works in American be homeless? Happens all too often tho! Go #TeamDance #AmazingRace”

Rising housing costs, social inequality, low minimum wage. . .

93) “Not sure you can be a “superfan” and not realize that kind of annoying arrogant behavior only makes you a target. #AmazingRace”

But Justin also realizes it is making him very memorable and noteworthy. Do people even know what Chac Attack’s names are after three rounds? Or #TheReporters?

94) “I think it’s a good idea to keep a journal while on the race. You know the last challenge is going to be a summary of events. #amazingrace”

a) People have been doing that for years on TAR.

b) Producers have banned teams from using their notes at the final memory challenge.

95) “Spanglish back with a vengeance #AmazingRace”

adam sandler

Sounds like the name of another unnecessary Adam Sandler sequel.

96) “Neat horse sculpture #AmazingRace”

Because soccer doesn’t exist in Argentina, but Polo does.

97) “What just happened? I lost sound on the most annoying team to ever get first place! Thank you whoever created the MUTE button #AmazingRace”

Eugene Polley has waited years for receiving credit for his hard work. He foreshadowed the future danger of listening excessively to a guy with a New York accent. Eugene wanted nothing less than to perform the will of the people.

98) “Justin is such an ass. #AmazingRace”

Knowing how Denise grabs onto a horse in episode three, you would think that if this statement were true that she would be clinging onto Justin.

99) “HUGE shout out to the @AmazingRace_CBS contestants on their respect of the church. #AmazingRace”


100) “#AmazingRace should’ve used this church last season. As each couple entered, Phil could’ve asked if it put them in the mood for marriage.”

a winner is you

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend. The next post you see from me will (hopefully) be the season premiere blog for Unfinished Business!

If you want to listen to a weekly TAR podcast I co-host which accompanies the complaints blog, why don’t you freakin listen to it?

Until next week!

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