Funniest Complaints About The Amazing Race 27 Week 1 Edition

Well, I gave you a glimpse into all of the complaints from The Amazing Race Canada 3 casual fans. You didn’t think I would leave out American viewers, did you?

This week Justin’s crying, cheerleading, karma, and swimwear are all points of discussion. Oh, and super awkward unintentional racism from casual fans as well.


1) “Probably the most annoying set of teams have ever seen in any Amazing race season !”

Why just probably? Is it because you probably did not think through the other twenty-six TAR US casts over the past fifteen years? Wait, you did say any Amazing Race season. Does that mean they are even more annoying than the TAR Asia, Australia, and TAR Canada casts too?

Do you probably exaggerate every statement you make, or is that a certainty?

—> “That’s exactly my thoughts! TMZ workers, paparazzi photographers, those doctors, the crying you tube guy/couple etc. Why couldn’t they get regular couples lol?”

You could get regular couples.

siberia amanda kris

But then you’d get this for twelve episodes. Zzzzzzzzz.

—> “oh and the newscasters too…really? I’m sure they make enough money already!”

It’s true. Local newscasters make so much money and are rich to a point they love to be stuck in their own town covering boring ass news every day for the rest of their lives. They will cover such great stories as Old Man Joe who feeds the ducks at the local pond, or that guy living near the tire fire.

In fact, I can recall the segment where Joey & Kelsey had a special bulletin where they said “Reporting live from our summer home in Cancun, it’s Joey With Kelsey! Now watch me drink this bottle of alize! Woops, did one of the diamonds from my fresh grillz just fall out?”

ron burgundy

Okay. I am lying. Joey would definitely be drinking scotch. He loves scotch.

I am curious why people like you are dissing them as opposed to sucking up to them on social media knowing the are rich. Praise them in tweets on Twitter, and set up a PayPal account immediately. Joey & Kelsey are running out of ways to spend money that they are resorting to transferring to anonymous obsessive TAR fans on the Internet.

NOTE: They revealed they make forty thousand dollars per year. Local news don’t pay sh-t. Stories about Old Man Joe feeding the ducks or that exclusive coverage local ice hockey amateur team is only worth so much.

—> “The minute we heard the interview with the TMZ peeps, we were hoping they would go…next…the paparazzi…”

Oh, don’t clump the two teams together. There is a big difference between these two teams. This is a careful analysis, might I add.

a) The TMZ team were edited like assholes who had nothing clever nor witty to say about the other teams. Instead they went for a lousy Norman Bates reference, and made a bunch of inaccurate and basic statements regarding the ex-Cheerleaders.

kelly shevonne

“There is a Norman Bates connection because. . .you know. . .we don’t have good enough taste to watch Arrested Development!”

“That team who wears makeup and has a neck brace dangling from their backpack. . .something about primping. . .they probably can’t even on The Amazing Race! Right? Right? Right????? The truth has been told! Seacrest out!”

What truth? What are you babbling on about? All you do is sit in a room and talk about celebrities who contribute nothing all day. Anybody can make the same two or three jokes about a Kardashian or a Jenner all f–king day. I have written over 250 episode rankings for TAR and they have dozens of pop culture references, but only ONE is directly linked to a Kardashian or a Jenner.

So go home, read a book, do some puzzles, get some exercise, and your brain will thank you for the stimulative growth and activity.

But watch Arrested Development first. Then talk to me about some theories I have regarding jokes that other hardcore fans have yet to catch onto throughout the series’ history.

—> “Exactly what I thought. This is the first time I have been sooooo disappointed with the racers. Obviously they were chosen for diversity (?) , T.V. appeal (?) ???? Wow, maybe this show has finally jumped the shark. So disappointed!!”

Are you unsure about diversity? Because we have Asian-Americans, African Americans, Little Americans, Gay Americans, Stupid Americans, Crying Americans, White Americans, rich, poor, left wing, right wing, you name it.

Not quite as diverse as TAR Canada or BB Canada, but you get the picture.

I will give you a pass on the TV appeal criticism, though. I mean, TMZ did occupy much of the airtime.

—> “Agree, they have ruined this show,what happened to the everyday people?”

You guys do know TAR has never had “everyday” people, right? And when you say “everyday people”, do you  mean a bunch of middle class mild-mannered White people with common jobs?

—> “Actually, newscasters only make about $50,000 a year on average so you would be surprised. Just because they are on TV doesn’t mean that they are rich. I am not a fan of the paparazzi team and I wasn’t too sad to see the TMZ girls go though.”

I don’t respond to well-informed remarks. Get out.

—> “I’m surprised they didn’t even mention their water problems, it would’ve been a great time for a PSA on conservation. Meh, maybe it would hit to close to home.”

How is that a surprise?


According to my memory of TAR 26, The Amazing Race is active in creating the water crisis worldwide. When TAR has started more than a dozen of their seasons in California, why do you think that state has it the worst when it comes to water accessibility?

And since when is TAR responsible for creating their own version of Smokey the Bear to campaign for change in domestic issues?

2) “I don’t respect paparazzi.”

mega man

I don’t respect what Capcom has done since throwing the Blue Bomber into the trash, but we all come around eventually.

3) “The TMZ girls couldn’t find there way out of a walk-in- closet !!!”

Your insults are equal to what TMZ could come up with this week. You get to be thrown into the closet with them. Sorry.

4) “I was expecting the one team to get a penalty for not having enough money to pay for the cab.”

. . .As long as the driver agrees to take them, no penalty is involved.

5) “Already can’t stand the cheerleaders and I’m only 10 mins into the show lol”

But they only had about twenty seconds of airtime up to that point. Either you hate them solely because they are a young all-female team who previously worked in a glamourous profession or. . .

tiffany krista

You are jealous of the head turn AND hair flip combination. ADMIT IT!

6) “why did they have to wear the swimsuits? and white ones too. There was no point in that. They could have wore regular clothes. That was so stupid. And the guy and girl that were all pumped up because they got the first flight out. And it was 20 minutes late Ha! He is annoying.”

Why did they have to wear the swimsuits? Because they were on the beach and it was a hot day? And, you know, the bathing suits weren’t that small? You make it sound like they spent the day at Wreck Beach in Vancouver.

justin diana

My apologies for Justin being annoying. He is originally from the Bronx; the guy cannot help himself and it is out of his control.

7) “Not watching this season so far. I like it when they pick average couples, not athletes or people with money already. Plus not happy with some things they let go by like stealing another person’s money, etc. I think it has lost some if the reasons why I watched it to begin with.”

Stealing other people’s money? That only happened once and that was three years ago. You don’t get over anything, do you?

zambia fast forward

Well, erm. . .neither do I.

And once again, why is it TAR’s job to be a charity? I noticed during my time doing the Funniest Complaints for TARC 3 that picking teams based on income was never an issue for viewers–their main concern was people playing nice or keeping the race within Canada.

Of course, money ain’t a thang in Canada because it’s hovering around 70 cents to the freakin’ US Dollar.

8) “I hate when they have 2 Dr.’s playing. Like thwey need the money?”

cindy rick

The IRS should take ten thousand away from them for the nickname Chac Attack alone.

sindy nguyen

Or the fact Cindy refuses to spell her name with a ‘S’.

9) “More of the same. The show has become so predictable. The 2 black guys, the Mom and son, The 2 bimbos, the crying baby, the nasty couple, the 2 jocks, the sweet couple. Getting old”

Last season did not have two Black guys nor a mom and son nor a crying baby. A casual fan’s poor memory is what is getting old.

10) “See what happens when you start talking bad about people you don’t know? Karma royally biting the a$$ of team TMZ!”

Karma does not exist on The Amazing Race.

kendra fumes 2

Trust me. I know.

11) “Is it me or was there way too much crying and complaining? Seriously, just do the task and see what happens. To quote Tallahassee, nut up or shut up!!”

Who the f–k is Tallahassee? Last time I checked, that was a city in Florida.

12) “Boring cast”

This isn’t Twitter, you know. Feel free to expand your thoughts through the 120 character limit.

13) “The team I wanted to go all the way is out already. I can only imagine how their coworkers at TMZ will treat them. ”

Well, the joke they aired on TMZ right after they filmed the Starting Line Task is when staff members commented how “The Little People even beat Kelly & Shevonne to the taxis”.

Yeah. Being beaten by Adam & Alex was supposed to be the most degrading insult for Kelly & Shevonne.

adam alex

Don’t worry, Alex & Adam. I think we can all share a good laugh as to how stupid the staff members at TMZ truly are.

14) “Insane..”

Thank you for being specific.

15) “They really thought they had it by jumping ahead and trying to be in 1st place. I get everyone wants to get as far ahead as they can as fast as they can. But he’s an idiot for not even thinking before he acted. He just saw an opportunity and easy way to get ahead and took it. Instead of actually putting forth the effort. He just said to hell with everyone else like a bull he saw red and charged. I was lmfao because it was just so pathetic that he got so greedy so fast and thought he was tough s**t.”

Rule #1 when it comes to the Fast Forward format circa TAR 5: If you are in first place and think you can do the task, go for it without hesitation. There was little precedent of weather dependency screwing over teams at the Fast Forward before.

bald bull

This Bull also saw red and charged at Little Mac. It worked out as well for him as it did for Justin.

16) “Sigh- going to be so wonderful to see the you tube crybaby going off every time he thinks he’s last”

The YouTube Crybaby?

crying man

I didn’t know this guy was on The Amazing Race.

17) “I love the show. However, I think it was wrong to make all the women wear bikinis.”

glow sticks

Tomorrow, Obama will announce that the bikinis as well as the glow sticks were just plain wrong.

But seriously, when you agree to be under 24/7 surveillance on a reality show meant to be broadcasted on television, I think contestants know that having to wear bathing suits would be the least of their worries.

18) “Team I want eliminated first are the reporters.
I wonder if its a CBS affiliate they work ? I thought they would not be allowed to enter.
Stop making news reports on the race.
They both earn more than $100k each most likely.”

They don’t work at a CBS affiliate.

They make less than fifty percent of what you assumed was likely.

They will make news reports on the race because Joey does not know how to speak in other tone of voice.

adam bethany

Just like how Bethany cannot get rid of that inflection when she speaks. Joey and Bethany are creatures of vocal habit.

19) “TMZ I don’t know how the girls are going to be able to face Harvey and the rest of their coworkers!!!”

I doubt Harvey watches The Amazing Race. He is too busy Googling the next time Kim will break the Internet.

20) “My question is why did they have to wear those outfits – r u saying in Brasil people wear that and only that when they solve a puzzle or play volleyball???”

Yep. That is exactly the type of commentary Bertram and Elise were making.

21) “Disappointed in this season’s teams. The show just seems so contrived. The background music was often so loud we couldn’t hear the dialogue and the editing is becoming so jumpy. Used to be one of my favorite shows.”

I talked about how this episode was as jumpy as a segment from TMZ. That is not a compliment.

22) “Ok, I get it – never try a weather dependant fast forward. At decision time, the weather looked perfect.”

TAR 23 all over again.

23) “So glad you’re back”

Awe. You missed me. Thanks. ❤

logan manbun

This manbun photo is for you.

24) “Why did they have to put on bikinis?? WHITE bikinis? More power to the ladies for pulling it off! I hope it helped the ratings”

It’s true. I only watched the episode because of the white bikinis. The only reason to watch any TV show on cable is because it helps fuel the sexual passion for the viewer and self-exploration.

andy samberg lonely island

In fact, one viewer is experiencing an E-ChacAttack of his own after seeing Cindy in the white bikini.

25) “Too many opinionated, self-absorbed princesses and airhead jocks….”

Self-absorbed? Teams are forced to talk about their personal experience with each leg of the race. One of the so-called “princesses” you are likely referring to helps kids with speech problems.

And the “airehead jocks” took first place on this leg. They aren’t airheads anymore, are they?

26) ” Kelly and Sheevon, you lasted waaaay longer than we thought you would………LOL !!!! Karma’s a B”

kelso burn


27) “Glad they’re gone. And what’s with the dude crying on the first leg? Seriously dude! It’s the first leg! Hope they’re the next to go. Don’t like the doctors….I mean, they’re doctors! They already make enough money!”

Have you ever auditioned for a major theatre play, and then go out to perform on opening night? Or a pro athlete who is given a shot to play in front of a scout?

That’s what it would be like for somebody like Justin. The guy has dreamed about being on TAR for well over a decade. He modeled the most emotional moment of his life after The Amazing Race. Now he gets cast and has all of these expectations of what he wishes to accomplish on the race.

The first day on the job could not be more of a roller coaster for him. He won the opening task of the season, got on the first flight, the flight was delayed, went for a Fast Forward thinking he would win the Express Pass, ended up speaking to a pilot who bailed to put him into last place, ran out of money, returned to the beach only to find out he is not last, and barely make it to the pit stop.

All of this happened in one day. I can’t think of a team who fluctuated as much in one day as Justin & Diana did–and it was just the first round of the race. Do you know how psychologically brutal that is for someone who wants nothing more than to compete on TAR?

I know people like that. I have interacted with them online for nearly fifteen years. There is a certain danger where a fan’s obsession turns into reality. It can be devastating if they come out only to have their dream shattered in 24 hours.

Perhaps this explanation will help you relate to them a bit more.

28) “Love this show, great as always. I am in it for the race, the not personality of the couples, BUT when the one guy (Ernest & Li) said he didn’t like being all “naked” and then has a hot bod! Okaaaaay.”

hamilton michaelia

Not all people are comfortable with their own body, regardless of what you think of them.

29) “That puzzle looked hard!”

Shevonne? Is that you?

30) “I agree with previous comments,very annoying teams. and as usual as a Canadian I can’t see the video on TAR’s page. That too is annoying!”

A Canadian who likely advocated for TARC to stay within Canada. . .is now upset that the TAR US page’s videos are staying within the US. So poetic.

31) “Serves those snarky TMZ girls right being eliminated first. They were not nice at all, and explains why they work where they do. Ernest and Jin are my favorite team this season, hope they win the $1 million!”

You really needed an explanation for why they choose to work for TMZ? I think it was implied before the season began.

32) “I wish cry baby dude had gone”

baby mario bogey

I hear Baby Mario also moved to Philadelphia recently.

33) “Boring episode, really, I dont like the teams!”

Are you watching the TAR 26 premiere? Re-watch that ninety minute snoozer and get back to me regarding your definition of boring.

34) “3 hours for a slide puzzle? Really? They are not that hard!”

tony vlachos

“Slide puzzles are harder than you think! Kelly and Shevonne need Spencer’s help!”

—> “I remember the jumble that consisted of 4 consonants that included a z and one vowel; a globe trotter could not solve it.”

prague big easy 11

prague big easy 21

Hey. At least Big Easy got close.

—> “funny they had trouble when the walk they were standing right beside them was the puzzell all they had to do was look at it .”

Who knew TMZ employees have a tough time looking at the big picture?

35) “Was hoping the cheerleaders would have bit the dust”

You do know neither of them work as cheerleaders anymore, right?

—> “They can’t go yet. Otherwise, who else would the 2 beef cakes flirt with?”


Someone who is single and ready to mingle. She put on lipstick just for you guys!

36) “It’s a shame Team TMZ is done as Kelly was looking proper in that bikini. . .however a season of them trash talking would have been too much.”

Trash talking? You mean you wanted to experience what it would be like if Trash could speak?

oscar the grouch

We have Oscar the Grouch for that.

37) “I can’t remember such emotional players in past seasons. Justin was bawling the whole way through. He had streaming tears in so many scenes. It was a little weird. LOL.”

Expect more of this as players who have been following Survivor/TAR/BB for more than fifteen years are finally having their wish come true. The emotion will only escalate.

—> “He needs to go away…”

He is! To Buenos Aires, to be exact! ^_^

38) “Couldn’t have happened to nicer people.”

I appreciate your effort, but leave the sarcasm to me.

39) “Has anyone noticed that with only a few exceptions (doctors and a teacher), all racers are athletes, entertainers, or both? A little disappointed here in this seasons teams. they obviously went with people that are more competitive and secluded then “nice.””

Hold up hold up hold up hold up.

a) Logan & Chris are photographers who may or may not invite celebrities to paddleboard in Logan’s backyard canals.

b) Joey & Kelsey work at a local news station. This means the only form of ‘entertainment’ they do is speak during the 11:00pm news hour while your grandmother is already asleep because she could not make it through an episode of Dancing With the Stars.

c) Adam & Alex work in sales or serving.

d) Tiffany & Krista formerly worked at cheerleaders. It is just tougher for producers to market a team as #PharmaceuticalSalesRepAndSpeechPathologist for viewers at home. You just go with #Cheerleaders and you have an image everybody can buy into at home.

e) Denise is an assistant and James Earl is a physician.

f) Kelly & Shevonne are neither athletic nor entertaining.

Add this to your list including the Doctors and Diana who is a teacher, and you have now discovered how wrong you have been in the past week.

And obviously they avoided people who are “nice”.

Do you know how much of a problem it is in reality TV where contestants edit themselves too excessively for the camera, and they refuse to give you any worthy soundbytes or interactions with other players? You need Type ‘A’ personalities who are brave enough to enter the storm known as social media.

40) “I would agree with the first comment – probably the most annoying set of teams yet – plus that did not appreciate the white bikini episode – if I wanted to see that I’d watch the Victoria Secret commercials instead – get real Amazing Race or you’re going to loose viewers.”

Oddly enough, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is what delayed at least one episode of The Amazing Race each year back when the show was in the Sunday night slot for six years.

If you thought FitBit, Ford, and Travelocity would be the extent of invasive advertising for TAR,  just wait for the inaugural Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Challenge when they are in Paris.

—> LOGAN: “something wrong with bikinis? LOL that’s a first!”

Bikinis are not family-friendly, Logan. They are always the object of sexualization and has nothing to do with the fact that it is comfortable attire in a tropical climate!

—> “At least they were tasteful bikinis! Could have been so much worse!”

Could have been so much worse? Like. . .the majority of bikinis that are in Brazil? Are you saying Brazilians are not tasteful when it comes to fashion? IS THAT WHAT YOU’RE SAYING?!

margie rude 2

—> “Every year I watch the Amazing Race and think to myself, “It would be so much fun to be on the Race! I should try out sometime.” Then I see them forcing everyone to wear white bikinis! I think I would rather die! LOL”


Twenty people committed suicide in the process of auditioning to be in a Sisqo music video.

—> “I hated that too! White bikinis are not flattering on many. They should not have to be forced to wear those!”

White bikinis are not flattering on many? According to whom?

nicole arbour


And are we really going to body shame those in white bikinis on a program like The Amazing Race that ninety-five percent don’t care about anymore?

sir mix a lot

So TMZ says you’re fat?

sir mix a lot 2

Well I ain’t down with that!

If you want a Triple Canuck Throwdown

Call 1-250-MANBUN-ALOT.

e honda

But you may want to skip following Jane Fonda for the purpose of getting into E. Honda’s Honda.

41) “I’ve watched Amazing Race since the beginning and love it! However, the last few seasons have not been entertaining to me. I’m tired of the reality stars, internet sensations, olympic medal winners, etc…I want to see regular people, hard working citizens! The” family” Amazing Race was a hit! I would LOVE to see another one of those!!”

TAR Family Edition was a hit???? The season which temporarily forced TAR to shift to a 10:00pm timeslot because of how hated it was across America?


I was going to think clearly before posting on the Internet. . .

afroman 2

But then I got high! But then I got high!

42) “After meeting all the teams, I have to say on personality alone I’m rooting for the street dancers. I hope they go all the way!”

You met them? Pics or it didn’t happen.

—> “Yes them or the little people!They can send the gay mama’s boy home and that mom seems a little gay herself![strange]”

Your gaydar may need some re-wiring.

—> “The mom seems a little stern or sharp. Not too warm or loving..nope…”

Because she is stern and not warm is why she may be gay? singapore carol brandy 8

You do know that not all LGBT women are “Mean Lesbians”, right?

43) “So much crying ALREADY? On the FIRST leg? Some of the teams will be in the fetal position and sucking on their thumbs at the halfway point…..if they make it that far.”

To borrow a term from the MMA universe, this is what is frequently referred to as “First Round Jitters”.

44) “The TMZ girls are celebrities who should not have been eligible for the Race. They’re not household names, but they appear on national TV five days a week. They were, however, very funny and enjoyable to watch (though their nasty, untrue comments about the cheerleaders were not called for), just as they are on the TMZ TV show, so in a way, I’m sorry to see them go. When you get a visit from Phil at the Detour location, you know you’re done.”

They are celebrities? And why did they pronounce it as TMZee? Shouldn’t it be TMZed? Does nobody not know how to sing the alphabet? Ex Why and Zed. C’mon guys.

—> “Agree-the “Norman Bates” comment about James Earl was really mean-spirited and unnecessary. That’s when I really started to dislike them…”

It was unnecessary because it was not witty nor clever. All it did was make them look dumb and also implicated the stupidity of any viewer who bought into the reference.

45) “Jin and Ernest are the funniest team I have ever seen on the show! They are comedic gold! I was laughing so hard at their comments “don’t underestimate the little people.” So funny! And they are so talented too. I hope they make it to the end.”

brian greg santiago


—> “Jin and Ernest are the new Kevin and Drew.”

Depending on which season you watched, that statement has two very different meanings.

drew nose

voldemort elder wand

It depends on when the Triwizard Tournament occurred, I s’pose.

46) “Omg. If you’re such a fan of the amazing race then you should know that it’s never over until you get to the pit stop.”

japan eric lisa 9

bilal mecca

santiago dana adrian davis 3

Actually, if you are a REAL fan of the race, then you know it definitely can be over before you reach the pit stop.

—> “But that’s the same for EVERY team who plays. They have all waited to get on, etc. And every team doesn’t go on and on about it. Sure, it’s disappointing but they don’t go the whole leg agonizing over the possibility.”

Actually, Tanner & Josh were recruited right before the season began. Therefore, they had not waited to get on TAR. I doubt being eliminated would have mattered much to them.

47) “Looks more like “The Amazing Whiners Race” this season!”

Seeing how I have forty more casual fan complaints to go, I’d agree. . .oh, did you mean from the racers?

48) “Amen! They are only interested now with only people with big boobs, white perfect teeth, fake tans, athletic, involved with large number of people (ex..cheerleaders, doctors, reality video you tube , athletes) Then you have a good chance to qualify. Oh they have a couple of everyday people but you have a better chance as one of the ” perfect appealing photogenic people) This will be my first year to not watch. Eh..not interested show’s ratings have gone down the toilet and…they aren’t number one anymore!! Huh..wonder why!”

It’s true. For female competitors, Bertram asks what size is each racer’s cup. Now that’s a guy who really knows the alphabet system.

And it is natural for people involved with a large clientele to be picked for a social game. They are ideal because they can interact with almost any personality thrown at them without hesitation.

49) “She is an idiot to stay with him and another reason why I stopped watching any of these reality shows. Amazing Race was really the best one but after this yuck….”

And yet the only reason I am saying ‘yuck’ is because I read that somebody is campaigning for a married couple to be split up due to their edit after one episode of a television show.

And have you really stopped watching these reality shows? I mean, you are watching The Amazing Race 27 and commenting about it on Facebook.

whoopi goldberg

You have yet to get out of the habit like Whoopi.

50) “I think the TMZ girls should had another chance. There are some people on Amazing Race should been voted off. It’s rigged”

—> “Racers don’t get voted off. Wrong show.”

^ This.

51) “i found it ironic that someone who makes a living making fun of people had to wear a not so flattering swimsuit in front of the world and then got eliminated but in fairness they did say at the end perhaps this is because we are not so nice to people.. i hope this helps them see that contributing to the evil vileness of hollywood and contributing to the decline of our societal values isnt worth it. maybe they will find new positive careers.”

People who actively contribute to the decline of social values and intellect aren’t the ones responsible–it’s the ones who blindly go along with it and give them attention.

I doubt a slide puzzle in Rio de Janeiro is going to change Kelly & Shevonne. They were sad about being eliminated for a few seconds, and then realized they would have a kick ass evening in Rio before heading to Elimination Station.

The following day, they will acknowledge the only reason they were cast was because of their involvement in TMZ, thus being inspired to be twice as unwitty and unclever as ever before. They know this path is one filled with rewards.

—> “the same cretins who judged everyone based on nothing more then physical looks.. forced to put on swim suits and hunch over tables as their rolls bundled up… brilliant.”

I hear the table was originally going to be adjusted a foot lower, but then producers realized they were going to barely get away with implementing white short shorts and bikinis for the season premiere.

52) “Too cocky! Hopefully he learned to be humble after the first leg.”

Who was cocky? You know somebody is not automatically cocky if they have an amusing New England accent, right? I think he may or may not be humbled after crying for half of the episode.

53) “There’s no crying on the first day dude! Or are u a dude?

Tumblr won’t let that hashtag start trending on Twitter.

54) “Wish these 2 would have went home .”

—> JUSTIN: “sorry it didnt happen for you”


55) “I know people get so pumped on these shows and once the adrenaline starts going you’re just so overwhelmed and ready to go. I get they’re gonna do what they have to do to get ahead. But he’s an idiot. They really thought they had it by jumping ahead and trying to be in 1st place. I get everyone wants to get as far ahead as they can as fast as they can. But he’s an idiot for not even thinking before he acted. He just saw an opportunity and easy way to get ahead and took it. Instead of actually putting forth the effort. He just said to hell with everyone else & like a bull he saw red and charged. I was lmfao because it was just so pathetic that he got so greedy so fast and thought he was tough s**t and it all backfired”

Teams in a competition are greedy? This is a surprise to you? You are genuinely shocked pairs signed up for a competition with the goal of being in first place as much as possible? I believe you have spent a bit too much time on the couch.

And the only red Justin saw was when he looked at his eyes in the mirror after each time he cried.

—> JUSTIN: ouuuuuccchhhhh

Yeah, Justin. You got pwned.

—> “You can tell Justin didn’t win because he has nothing better to do than to respond to comments on Facebook. LOL”

The VoldeMussolinis hogged Facebook and Twitter during TAR Canada 3 trying to get fans on their side. This means nothing in terms of spoilers.

56) “I could not stand them right from the beginning. I felt like he did all the talking and I also thought they should have had a dinging sound every time he said “express pass”…then his crying. Dude is so annoying!!!”

How are Justin & Diana responsible for the dinging sound effect in the background?

outkast rosa parks

That’s like blaming them for OutKast not producing full albums together with the exception of the lacklustre Idlewild CD. Sometimes we need that scapegoat who can take heat for what we cannot explain in our lives.

57) “officially my least favorite team now, what a whiner.”

flo on a cliff

I would love to hear your thoughts on TAR 3.

—> JUSTIN: cry yes.. whine.. no”

It is the one piece of overlap between Canadian and US TAR viewers. They consider crying and whining to be the exact same thing.

58) “Is Justin Scheman related to Boehner? Get a grip, buddy!”

Don’t bring your politics into reality TV, man.

max katie

If Max & Katie were able to meet Obama without objection, you can hold back on the Boehner discussion.

59) “Next season I would like to see James and Meg from big brother compete together will be so much fun”

auckland diane ann 3

Meg would not make it through TAR Asia 2’s Haunted House task.

singaporean sophie

Her and Singaporean Sophie would be good friends.

—> “That would be awesome!! Someone has to write in and make it happen”

How about no?

—> “That would B Soooo Phucking Amazing!”

No. You are all joking, right?

—> “YESSSSS AWESOME IDEA James pranks for another season and Meg on his coattail”

Which is exactly why they would be first ones out. James won’t even care about competing.

60) “The look on her face speaks volumes !! Lol”

justin diana

That expression. . .doesn’t appear to be speaking a single volume. She is looking at a person beside her? You are reading waaaaay too much into it.

—> JUSTIN: I know, right?

Justin is loving this as much as I am. Excellent.

61) “he took a stupid gamble.”

Aren’t all gambles stupid if they do not work out in your favour? I still think Parvati Shallow playing two idols in Heroes vs. Villains was very dumb, but five years has passed and every Survivor fan still goes apes–t over it.

62) “PLEASE keep the TMZ girls as Amazing Race commentators! They can dish on the other teams. I think they are quite amusing.”

mauro ranallo

Kelly & Shevonne doing play-by-play commentary would be like the Mauro Ranallo of The Amazing Race. You would have to hit the ‘mute’ button and enjoy the race for what it is visually.

63) “Crying+man boobs=douche”

Math equations + You = Not your friend.

64) “It beats watching the “Empire” crap show on blacks with ghetto ways and no morals………!!!!!!!!!!”

I, um, uh, erm, uh. . . .wow. . .

65) “This dude is a joke. I would have given that ring back to him. Big pu*** crying because he might lose. Your a dude, get mad don’t cry like a little girl and PS…. Making his gf do the puzzle while he stands there and watches…. Dumb douchebag. Eek.
Glad TMZ girls are gone, now to rid the show of Mr cry baby and bimbo Barbie’s.
Comment replies on how I am terrible ….. And GO……”

Maybe if you start waving your arms frantically in the air while jumping up and down, somebody will give you attention.

66) “He’s the next Rachel….”

brenchel 2

“No one comes between me and a Fast Forward! Except. . .uh. . .bad weather.”

67) “Suck it up. Philadelphia doesn’t want to hear your wining. Still like them but they have to get their tail in gear”

—> JUSTIN: “i saw a ton of people in Phily crying when the eagles lost the super bowl….just saying”

Ah, sports humour. Unless this is Mixed Martial Arts or 90s MLB, I for one am clueless.




No, not all Canadians follow ice hockey. Sorry to break your heart.

68) “This guy got on my nerves at first of show . hate that people forget they being film and know he hate it show on tv but rest of world hates pity so try remember if on these shows they going show your worst moments to world before you join these shows .. hide those moments in bath room where they not allow in toilet. .Sorry Guy not trying to insult you just showing how it be film as pity party by show .”

If Justin went to the bathroom every time he was upset to avoid being recorded, the medical team would evacuate him for fear of him suffering from severe constipation.

pam archer

It’s why Pam can’t be on The Amazing Race.


Or Bruce.

69) “Enjoy it while you can. From the looks of it, this will be the last season. Sad and boring.”

tar 24 intro

Eh, if this season didn’t stop TAR eighteen months ago, it still has some life left.

70) “i don,t think i am going to like him…just a feeling i have..”

—> JUSTIN: i have a feeling you will change your mind


71) “I am rooting for the street performers. They have Heart and they need the money that survive. If you are reading this guy’s -know that the shrink from LA is rooting for you!”

ernest jin lao

Ernest & Jin Lao are popular in the Shrink demographic–I am sure they must love that.

P.S. The shrink’s 2nd favourite team is Adam & Alex.

72) “Another annoying green team. The cheerleaders and newscasters are even more annoying though. I’m all about team little dudes. They handled the volleyball challenge like bosses and then the cheerleaders complained about how being short was making it impossible for them. Ugh. Was really hoping they’d go home. Team TMZ would have been fun to watch.”

You sound jealous that these people get to be on TV. Dare I say. . .you are green with envy? 😀

73) “I love this show and have watched every single episode since day 1…but I think I’m done with the “beautiful people” always being chosen to race…there have to more interesting people auditioning besides the cheerleaders, beefcakes, models, etc….that’s why the cowboys, Jett and Cord were my absolute favourite team…”

You like individuals who were exposed as being homophobic because they are not “beautiful”? 

I could not be happier to disagree with someone in my life.

74) “Cry if you get booted. My wife would have called me a pussy.”

. . . . . . . . . .This relationship sounds interesting.

75) “I hope the world never has to deal with that awful “Brenchel” couple again.”

justin diana

Brenchel may not be racing, but #TheGreenTeam legacy lives on in their spirit.

76) “Welcome back Phil… after just one episode we’re in full swing with a last to 1st run, tons of uncontolled crying, from Jersey no less, 2 snow whites dwarfs outshining the bros in volleyball, & norm bates/mom duo showing no fear!! Simply amazing!!”

Justin moved from the Bronx to Philly. There isn’t any Jersey Contamination unless you have different information. In which case, please post it!

And Alex & Adam are Snow White’s Dwarves? Seriously? What do you think their names are? Bumper and Setter?

77) “love to see #JohnnyMac on #AmazingRace ”

johnny mac

Somebody is suffering from Recency Biasitis. 

78) “#TeamDouche wins? Ugh. I hate this season already. #AmazingRace”

gino jesse canada

Sounds like somebody just got around to watching the premiere of TAR Canada 3.

79) “Hmm. Not really excited about any of these teams. Guess the Track Chicks and the Internet Proposal team. #AmazingRace”

jazmine danielle

The team confused about bowties finally gets a shoutout? It is good to know at least one person is excited about them.

80) “Reichen & Chip certainly aren’t the most adept amazing race winners ever. Maybe bottom 5. #AmazingRace”

dk angry

There was never a team called Reichen & Chip. The closest is Reichen & DK.

81) “@SindywithanS Another Sindy (with a C) reminded me of you on this weeks new season of #AmazingRace ! ”

sindy nguyen

Phew. Happy to not be the only one to make this reference. I fear being alone.

82) “Can I see more of Tanner and Josh in short shorts”

Only if you subscribe to CBS All Access. Where All Access really means All Access?

83) “omg Tiffany & Krista are already GODDESSES.”

That is insulting. You don’t give away the title of G.oddess that easily. 

84) “i’m pretty sure Tanner & Josh are f*cking each other. #AmazingRace”

The secret is out. Vegas odds are -250 that this is true. That number is only going to climb.

85) KYMNONSTOP: Amazing racers at #tar28 premier party. #AmazingRace #theamazingrace #thecyclists ”

kym perfetto

kym alli

Who knew somebody who spends their whole life cycling and being on the cover of video game posters does not recall what season it is.

86) “I haven’t watched @AmazingRace_CBS in years. #TeamTMZ brought me back. ”


87) “So I just watched the newest episode of the #AmazingRace and I am SO GLAD that they got rid of that hokey “dating game” premise!!”

Trust me, more hokey premises are to come down the road.

88) “What is this Amazing Race season 500? There’s maybe 1 likeable team. ??? #amazingrace #overit”

You are off by 473 seasons.

power of 10

Thank god you aren’t on Power of 10. You would be out by the end of the first question.

89) “Did the cheerleader really say she just can’t even? Didn’t know people actually say that #AmazingRace”

Yes, and the frequent response is “oh, don’t even”.

dujean leilani

Right, Leilani?

90) “The cheerleaders know “Greek”. We all knew that. #AmazingRace”


91) “Milli Vanilli don’t want their Willi Vanillies hanging out those shorts #AmazingRace”

You are nicknaming the African-American team Milli Vanilli? That might be the most unintentionally racist remark I have heard in a while.

ernest and jin lao

milli vanilli

milli vanilli 2

They don’t look anything alike! I think the record must have skipped a few times in this guy’s head.

One may have gotten away with comparing Tony to Shaquille O’ Neal, but this is downright laughable.


In fact, I think the one guy has more physical features in common with Reed of San Juan Del Sur than Ernest or Jin.

Personally, I believe this person wanted to find an excuse to utter the phrase “Willi Vanillies”.

mark michael intro 2

In other news: Casual fans believe Adam & Alex look just like Mark & Michael.

Does nobody process their own thoughts before typing it out? This is why we get ninety-two outrageous comments like these on a weekly basis. Sigh.

92) “I wonder how many people have become divorced from @AmazingRace_CBS #AmazingRace”

Uchenna & Joyce, Ray & Deana, Jonathan & Victoria, possibly Brad & Victoria, Brian & Ericka, Reichen & DK. . .

You know what? Google it yourself, you lazy jackass. I’m done.


So there you have it. American fans love to complain about pointless stuff and have awful opinions as equally painful to Canadian casual viewers.

Once again, thank you for enjoying my strange brand of comedy. Be awesome to those around you, and embrace life.

You can also embrace this podcast I co-host every week where I discuss the newest episode of The Amazing Race. Go ahead. Click it.

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2 Responses to Funniest Complaints About The Amazing Race 27 Week 1 Edition

  1. Josh says:

    Tanner and Josh kinda reminds me of Tyler and James though…Both team we’re contacted to join the race, never really had a proper application….and is somehow similar on how they got on the race (Please correct me if I’m wrong)…Both teams are Alpha Male…and both got 1st on leg 1 and 2nd on leg 2…..But that’s just me…

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