The Amazing Race Canada 3 Predictions and Editing Analysis Final Edition

Only three teams to talk about? The finale is finally here. Will I be wrong once more?



Nick & Matt have the best overall AFP of the three teams. Knowing this round will be physical and most likely test one’s memory, the Wrestlers should have the edge over Gino & Jesse.

Nick is an elementary school teacher and probably has a background playing memory based games with his students, and a grade school teacher typically has a diverse set of skills in general.

Add in the fact Nick & Matt hold their own with Gino & Jesse physically means they have the best chance to win this season.

I thought going into this season that they would choke in 4th or 5th place like other wrestlers in TAR do, but these are some of the calmest dudes to run the race. Nothing truly gets under their skin. Their rivalry with Gino & Jesse seems to be more friendly if anything.


Do you finish first or do you finish next-to-last? This inconsistency has been a season long tale for Gino & Jesse. After Cabotage, they have inspired the other two teams to try their darndest to keep them away from crossing the finish line first.

Actually, several teams have wanted to knock out Gino & Jesse since before the race ever began. They have survived gigantic targets on their back for the whole race because everyone pegged them as making it to the Final Three. Obviously, those gigantic targets were appropriate since they followed through on the expectations.

Now they have to not choke under the pressure–which they have done many times before. There are no more Simi & Opes, Brian & Cynthias, or Susan & Sharnjits to act as a buffer.

The other two teams have proven to be capable of beating Gino & Jesse throughout the race, and with a potentially intense memory challenge up ahead, Gino & Jesse have yet to prove that long term memorization is a skill of theirs.

I think they’ll be finishing this season with a silver medal and the Fuel Your Casual Fan Favourite award.


Downtown Vancouver and Whistler are too small for anyone to get lost. Brent & Sean are far less physically fit than the other two teams, and sadly for them, this leg will be emphasizing physical abilities.

I can’t see them cracking through and winning this season. The so-called karma everyone thinks will come into play will be absent from tonight’s finale.




Congratulations editors, you fooled me. I never thought a team that was not shown whatsoever in the season premiere (besides the Cynthia on the net incident) would be the top contenders to win this thing heading into the finale.

The reason they are at the top is because they still have a storyline and we are seeing it from their perspective heading into the finale.

The fact that the storyline of Nick & Matt vs. Gino & Jesse has been dominating this season more than any other plot shows you how weak TAR Canada 3 was overall. We have been hearing about this since episode three, and none of the fans really gravitated towards it.

I believe this season will not only be weak on a re-watch for the diehards because there won’t be much new material to offer in terms of small jokes or subtle references that the editors throw into the episodes, but also be flat out unmemorable.

And I think producers watching this showdown last for a whole season during filming probably made them somewhat disappointed before entering the editing suite.

Kudos to Nick & Matt if I am right, though. They are stand up dudes.



They have been edited pre-season as the ones we were meant to have our eyes on all season long. Producers know what the outcome is before the episodes are edited, and knowing everything that transpired, decided to throw all of their casual fan catering eggs into Brent & Sean’s basket. The edit has been super favourable, and they know casual fans will root for them all the way to the finish line.

This is nothing new for reality television. You always need somebody who makes the Final Three/Final Four who you know the audience can get behind and keep tuning in for on a weekly basis. It’s how you stay in business.

That is why I do not think they win. Other than vomiting, they do not have much of a plot. They are being used to counteract whatever ends up happening between Gino & Jesse versus Nick & Matt because those two teams cannot exactly carry a season of television on their backs.



Wow. The last episode painted Gino & Jesse as the bad guys. Big time. After editors crapped all over them to ensure the Helen Lovejoys of Canada promoted a smear campaign, there is no way these guys can win.

I don’t care what story they have. No producer in their right mind would go out of their way to make a team’s edit take a drastic turn to guarantee the audience loathes them right before they cross the finish line in first place.

Gino & Jesse have less of a chance than Spencer Bledsoe of winning TAR Canada 3.

P.S. I kinda feel bad for Gino & Jesse receiving hate because of the cab incident. Mainly because the rest of the episode was super boring, and Gino & Jesse were responsible for what little entertainment was provided.

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