Funniest Complaints About Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 11 Edition

The downside of promoting Canada and refusing to travel internationally has backfired for producers. A show once aimed at the Helen Lovejoys of Canada all speak up after the Cabotage this week.

Seriously. I hate you guys.


1) “worst show ever if u think canada agrees with this think again won’t watch this show again good luck air canada getting my business and petro gas bad choice that is not how we built canada sad sad day for proud canadians”

WestJet and Shell just earned a new customer without any pennies spent on advertising. Genius!

And if you’re concerned about how Canada was built, I wouldn’t suggest researching the construction of the railroad.

—> “I can only assume you watched an entirely different show from the other 100,000 of us. Why would you even tune in to the show or this page? Or are you just trolling?”

A little of column A and a little of column B.


archer phrasing

In the words of Archer, it’s all about phrasing.

3) “Such a sad, lack of integrity Finale…”

Complete sentences are a struggle.

4) “So disappointed in Amazing Race Canada…..two teams stealing cabs from their competitors. Sad to call them Canadians.”

What does them being Canadian have anything to do with the situation?

5) “Ope en Simi were the underdogs and did great.
I hoped they would win. My second favorite teams were Brent and Sean ant the the wrestlers, but they really dissapointed me. They were very angry when the brothers stole their taxi and than do the same to Ope and Simi. And even call the brothers out at the curling rink.
Lets hope Karma does her job.
I hope Brent and Sean will win.”

Karma is a female? Feminism has come a long way.

6) “Brent and Sean all the way because they are Canadians we can be proud of!!!”

Do you have any other reasons or just the lame one you provided. . .?

7) “As a Canadian I take great offense at Gino and Jesse’s speach about being a Canadian but is a race…. Yes it’s a game but fight to win in for war not a game no matter dollar amount. Not fair to steal the taxi, then wrestlers do repeat offences. If you can’t play honestly and have good sportsmanship, then you don’t really win.
Sadly theses two teams have turned hubby totally against the show. He isn’t even going to watch finale. Too bad Canadians acting so disgustingly. Sorry that father and daughter didn’t get through, maybe cos of taxi issue, hope you guys feel great about it. Cos I wouldn’t be able to feel I truly won.
Wouldhave loved to seenwhen they got to John, a penalty for not playing fair. If you guys have kids, hope you teach them better.
GO Brent and Sean!”

$500, 000 and the title of TAR Canada 3 sounds like a win to me.

And I don’t care what taste your husband has in television.

8) “Great example Amazing Race Canada. In the finals we have the arrogant Gino and Jessie who will stop at nothing to win, the bullying and hypocritical wrestlers who up until Wednesday night were my favorite team and the whiney brothers Sean and Brent. I wonder if Jon Montgomery would praise someone at the Olympics who cheated and won a race?”

No, he wouldn’t. Your analogy sucks because teams did not break any rules. The wrestlers -might- be on steroids if they follow the stereotype, though.

—> “Hate to break it to you, but if anyone would have cheated, they’d have been given a penalty (and it would have been enough to knock anyone out of the race this week).”

Nope. Producers choose which rules are followed and ignored. The race progresses in the best interest of the executive producer.

9) “My 7yo’s and 5yo have been addicted to this season right along with me. My 5yo son said he is cheering for “the puking guy team” to win! Brent and Sean all the way!”

Five year old who finds puking funny? I don’t know what that says about my maturity.

10) “Nasty Jesse & Gino!”

11) “Nasty Nick & Matt!”

Why are they nasty all of a sudden? Because they spent a day in Edmonton?

12) “The two brothers are nothing but cheaters. Stealing two peoples cabs. That’s not fair play”

Nothing but cheaters? One is a geography major, one loves zambonis, they have Italian heritage, are slightly douchey, and surprisingly, do not listen to YATNcast.

They have plenty of traits besides being cheaters.

13) “I am so disappointed that Simi and Ope did not make it to the final! I love what Ope said about how proud he is to be Canadian and how much they appreciate the opportunities they have been given. I also love what John said to them about how we are all immigrants to this land and we all bring something special to it. Ope and John’s words were equally moving. I wish there was a clip of that posted up here for all to see. I think they are very powerful words that need to be shared for all to hear. I think there is too much anti this and anti that happening right now and I think there are too many people who forget where we all came from. Our ancestors came to Canada for whatever reason looking to forge a better life for themselves and future generations and that is what Ope did for his family and so many others are trying to do for their families every day. Thank you to Ope and John for their moving words!”

I am anti-Anthing-That-Is-TL;DR.

14) “To those teams that stole others’ taxi – what goes around comes around!”

Justin Timberlake does not influence the outcome of The Amazing Race Canada.

15) “Did anyone else notice that Gino and Jesse got the last line of the play wrong? He said “drinks on the house” when the line is “this one’s on the house”. Why was it accepted by the judge? Even the subtitle was wrong so that it was green when he said the wrong line…”

—> “Actually, I just reviewed the video and it seems there were a few subtle differences in these lines… Opie’s was the most different from everyone else. At the end of the day, its the judge for the task who makes the call and for a task like this I can see a judge making a few errors with all the noise and various accents (real and fake ones).”

I am sure there was specified criteria as to what alternate wording was allowed and what was not. . .or maybe the challenge was too subjective. Gotta love TARC’s obsession with memory based challenges!

16) “I’m so pissed after just watching the latest episode of The Amazing Race—it has sure put a damper on it for me. What with Gino and Jesse stealing a taxi. Simi and OPI has reserved it, if they had not it was far game. I can see the show is just saying this is just a game and stealing is just part of the competition Gino and Jesse have been leading a lot of this game and were ahead at that point they didn’t need to do this. And the fact that they are leading in the favorite voting now is wrong. Then the wrestlers do it to.”

Fact: Casual Fan Favourite voting is always wrong. Sukhi & Jinder lost last year.

17) “Darn I was really hoping Gino and Jesse would be sent packing.”

So was I.

18) “Well I just watched the latest episode and I will tell you I am not watching the Amazing Race Canada again. How unCanadian to play the game the way it was played this week. I am sad to be called a Canadian in the same breath as two of the teams. And ashamed.”

I wish we could throw out the word ‘Canadian’ when talking about competitive reality shows.

When you compete on Survivor, TAR, or Big Brother, what country your franchise is representing does not matter, and believe it or not, international viewers do not care.

It is not a team’s responsibility to be role models for viewers watching at home. This is their experience. Let ’em have it.

The phobia of resembling any negative conception we have of Americans needs to stop.

—> “Agreed! At the very least they could have shared the cab and believed in their own abilities to win fairly.”

Eight people in a small cab sure sounds possible.

—> “They can’t do that. Each team has a camera person and a sound person with them, that’d be 8 people to fit into a cab.”

—> “Yeah, I realized that after I posted and headed to bed but didn’t bother getting up to change it. My bad.”

BS. You didn’t think about it at all.

—> “8 People in a cab wouldn’t have worked… 4 races and 4 crew members.”

19) “Could you please post Simi and Ope’s beautiful patriotic ode to Canada?”

Minus the overly dramatic music. The music accompanying Ope’s speech was a bit much.

20) “I just went on the Website to vote in the contest “Fuel for your favorite Team”. I go almost every day, so now I Wonder, how did Dana and Amanda drop to just a little “34 000” votes when they were at over “79 000″ 2 days ago??? 2nd to Jesse and Gino, but not with that big of a gap! What is happening here???? How did they lose 40 000 votes in 2 days???? I wish I had screen grabs from the previous days! None of hte other teams numbers seamed to have dropped!”

Because somebody from Newfoundland tried to “beat the system”. It didn’t work once they tried verifying the votes.

21) ” Did I miss something last night??? Or was there NO “Code Word” given out for the “Win Free Gas for 50 Years” Contest??? Was it MISSED because the show was on a different night or something???? I watched on CTV…..but have watched it through TWICE now…..and can’t find the code anywhere through the show (it’s USUALLY shown at the time the FIRST team gets to the pit-stop….but not last night……and nowhere else through the show that I can tell. Can ANYONE help me out??? Even if you don’t tell me the word…..can you at least tell me WHERE in the show it was??? Thank you!!!”

Wow. People really really really like this code word contest.

22) “So Nick and Matt complain about having their cab stolen, and then they steal another team’s cab. Clowns.”

jon al yawn

23) “winners are: ??????? Gino and Jesse”

?????? Spoiler?

24) “Great episode. It is just to bad that people feel they have to play unfairly. Just shows that some people have better morals than some. Heres to Sean and Brent.”

Oh, shut up.

25) “How does one apply for the next season of the amazing race Canada? I am chomping at the bit here!!!”

You’ll be chomping at the bit for at least another year.

26) “I absolutely love the Amazing Race, however was very disappointed that Jesse and Gino had to resort to cheating. I know this is a race but it still should be run with integrity, and to the wrestlers, as much as I like you, you didn’t have to lower yourselves to Gino and Jesse’s level.”

Do you know what the word ‘cheating’ means?

And I love how lowering yourself to ‘Gino and Jesse’s level’ implies that they are the bottom of the Canuckian barrel of morality.

27) “I want to compliment Jon on his comments about new Canadian immigrants. As everybody in the world knows, there are factions in the USA which speak disparagingly of ALL immigrants, ignoring the fact that most people living in N. America have ancestors who came from another country. Thank you for giving immigrants respect.”

Trust me, I know people from high school who speak disparagingly of AL immigrants here in Canada too.

28) “WOW the classy competitors aren’t even born in Canda SHAME SHAME cheaters”

Sounds like you are implying that those outside of Canada are not expected to have as many morals as us. There are people who really think we are the most morally superior nation in the world.

29) “Wow, us “Canadians” just taught all new immigrants that dishonesty and cheating works. Such a shame this is what we’re modelling. There’s only one deserving team still standing but I won’t watch just in case there’s more slime-ball behaviour that takes them out too. Greed truly is evil.”

Yep. They’re not called minorities for nothing! As Drake would say, they’ll be starting on the bottom!

—> “All new immigrants have tv’s to watch the amazing race canada do they?”

That’s the part of the previous person’s statement that you take issue with???

30) “We liked Jessie and Gino until they stole those cabs. Now we are rooting only for Sean and Brent. What a let down. I expected bad behavior out of the smarmy brothers, but not the wrestlers. Also this had the lamest challenges ever. What a terrible episode this was.”

Smarmy? What the hell does that word even mean?

31) “I can’t believe Gino and Jesse stole the wrestlers cab. Not very Canadian.”

Well they are partially Italian, but that is not the point.

—> “Then they stole Simi & Opi’s cab. Unbelievable. Definitely don’t want them to win.”

Eh, I believed the VoldeMussolinis could do this.

32) “I love this show but was disappointed in tonight’s episode. There is a lot at stake, but the incidents with the taxis paints us “Canadians” in a bad light. Like we can’t play fair. I think the results would have been different had the big tough guys not stollen the taxis.”

You do know that there are only about two thousand people outside of Canada who watch this show, right? Everyone else ignores TARC because we do not travel internationally and seem self-absorbed in our own country. Imagine that!

33) “I liked Simi and Ope but I can’t help but notice Simi rarely did ANYTHING! Almost every challenge was done by him! He was terrified of water, she wouldn’t swim. He had to tie head scarves in India. He had to jump off the high dive. He had to memorise the lines for that last challenge. In the trampoline obstacle course, he had to do it with his bad back. I was shocked when she water-skied! If she did her part more often, I think they would have done way better.”

Somebody has selective memory.

—> “Really?? Rule said each member of team have to do the same amount of roadblock. Before this leg, Simi already did 6 roadblocks and Ope 5, that’s why Ope has to do the roadblock in this leg. Same case for Matt & Brent, they did 5 roadblocks before this leg and they have to do the roadblock in this leg. check the statistic first ”

Indeed, Michael. Indeed.

—> “Not true. She did many challenges. I think she did stuff at the beginning like the TSN Sportsbroadcast, the CPR in the Emergency Room in Sudbury. the restaurant order challenge memorization, etc.”

34) “Truly AMAZING result tonight!!!!!!!!!!”

This is the Mentos Refreshing Comment!

35) “Gino and Jesse are horrible people. There is good and honest game play with integrity and being able to hold your head up high and then there is Gino and Jesse. They are NOT good Canadian boys and did not play a honest game in any sense of the word and are an embarrassment to the Canadian name. Matt and Nick should also not have done what they did but at least until then they played a fairly good and honest game.”

How can you be an embarrassment to the Canadian name when you are traveling within Canada? The only group of people they may have embarrassed are those from Hamilton.

In other news, the VoldeMussolinis never said they were representing Canada. They are just contestants.

36) “I’m disgusted with the way the race went tonight. Next year, just tell your cab to leave. That way the last team to leave the venue has a better chance of being eliminated. Sneaky to say the least. I have no desire to see the finale. I suggest the producers alter the rules, otherwise they may see a drop in their ratings. I have always been a fan of the show as it showcased Canada, Canadian traits and Canadian values. Past tense.”

My god. Viewers are so weird. Who the hell watches any of The Amazing Race franchises for that reason?


finish ida tania 4

I bet Malaysians didn’t follow TAR Asia because they wanted Asian traits and values to be showcased.

37) “well, i was voting for the brothers but not after tonight. not voting for the wrestlers, either. so disappointed in both teams
‪#‎cheaters‬ ‪#‎Cabotage‬ ‪#‎twowrongsdontmakearight‬”


38) “Amazing Race Canada finally comes to Edmonton, and what happens? Taxi drivers look like jerks. Nice.”

Why do you think producers waited to come to Edmonton until the 25th Canadian leg? Producers were hesitant to visit there for a reason.

39) “Simi and Opi I just registered and voted for you.
As for my former favourites, ” shame on you””

I am sure Gino & Jesse are so deeply hurt by losing a fan.

40) “This entire season is rigged. Everyone’s playing favorites with the gays.”

According to their fifth place standing in the Fuel Your Casual Fan Favourite, your assessment may be wrong.

—> ” Your only realizing this now?”

Don’t feed the troll.

—> “Homophobic idiot!”

41) “Love all these teams – on to the final!!”

I wonder what it would take for this viewer to be pissed off with TAR Canada.

42) “Not impressed with the Wrestlers nor the brothers tonight: stealing other people’s cabs is not ‘fair play’ , not Canadian either. Shame on you. I mean, it’s one thing for Gino and Jesse to steal the wrestlers’ cab, but quite another for Nick to shove Simi out of the way to take her cab. I think if Jon knows about this, he should allow Simi and her Dad to run in the finals too. This has really spoiled The Amazing Race for me…”

“It’s one thing for it to not be fair play, but it’s a whole other to be NOT Canadian!”

Oh god. This is too good. This viewer thinks Jon learned about Nick & Matt taking the mysterious taxi for the first time when the episode aired, spat out his beer, and immediately drove over to Nick & Matt’s house to give them hell.

—> “Whilst Jon personally decides who goes through and who gets eliminated (it’s a little-known fact that the host is actually in control of where the non-elimination legs fall), Nick didn’t shove Simi out of the way – he told them to move and they did.”

It’s funnier if Nick shoved Simi. A move which is not Canadian nor Nigerian.

43) “I am so happy that Gino and Jesse have made it to final 3!!!Way to go boys…bring it home to Hamilton!!!”

—> “They played with 0 integrity – hope they don’t win. Arrogant little pricks!”

That should replace “Brothers” as their relationship subtitle on the bottom of the screen. Arrogant Little Pricks has a much better ring to it!

44) “Cab stealing = not cool. Yes it’s a race, but that was just dirty. 1 word boys – karma. Simi and Ope – you are winners! Heads high!”

Karma has never existed on reality TV.

freddy kendra intro

Otherwise they would have never won.

45) “Cannot cheer for cheats and thieves like the wrestlers and jesse/gino – shame”

Did you know Nick always shoplifts a Twix bar whenever he buys groceries at the supermarket while Matt runs interference? And when Gino tells his mother that they are no more chips left, what he really means is “there was only enough left or me”? It’s true.

Just wait until the Wrestlers and Gino & Jesse start their own BMO bank heists together.

46) “If stealing a cab will get you too the finish first I would do it. This is a race ; you do what you have to do.”

I would love to see somebody throw a driver out of the car and take over the wheel. Now that’s what the word stealing really means!

47) “I am so upset about the cab stealing. I like Canadian Amazing Race because we’re not rude. This is just wrong. Canadian Amazing Race should have a penalty for teams who forget they are nice Canadians. I MO.”

So you’re saying Americans, Australians, Asians, Norwegians, and Latin Americans are all ruder than us?

I am going to laugh so hard when the TARC 4 application forms include ‘Being a nice Canadian’ as a requirement.

—> “Grr getting ahead by playing dirty”

Why are you growling?

gino jesse canada

I thought Gino & Jesse are the kings of the jungle!

48) “Wow the two wrestlers should be ashamed of themselves where do they get off scolding the two brothers when they did the same thing to the father and daughter team..How disgusting. Hope they lose the race.”

I don’t know where Nick & Matt get off, but I have a feeling it involves a ring. :/

49) “Well…my fault for coming on here to post as I am watching the show…I accidentally found out who was eliminated…it would be cool to wait until all of Canada has seen the show to post results.”

lol. Looks like somebody is fifteen years late to the Internet.

50) “The more I watch Gino and Jesse the more I hate them! Im sor eyes but I absolutely hate them!! They cannot win! I rooting for Nice and Matt.”

san francisco emperor palpatine

Gooood. Let the hate grow within you!

—> “Well that was supposed to be nick not nice lol but im not rooting for them anymore!! They are absolute jerks too stealing Simi and opes cab! Like what even!! I liked them  ahh this show drives me crazy! But I love it lol its amazing how much you get attached to character s when you dont even knwo them lol”

I hoped Ope’s reaction was ‘Like what even!’

51) “Gino and Jesse suck, can’t believe they stole that cab.”

The two facts may or may not be related.

52) “Did anyone notice the difference in the script in the final challenge tonight? Overshadowed by Gino and Jessie’s underhanded crap with the taxi’s. Sad! Opi and Simiope showed a lot of class in their final comments. Just saying!”

Of course the difference in the Roadblock was overshadowed by the underhanded crap at the taxis because the Roadblock was BORING AS F–K! Except for Ope doing the Roadblock, of course.

53) “In a properly run race, Simi and Opie would not have been eliminated, the cheaters would have been”

I’ve got a feeling the show with the highest number of viewers in Canadian TV history is being properly run.

54) “This is a race and like every other competition there should be penalties for unsportsman like conduct, such as the completely disgusting tactics used on the taxi`s by Nick/Matt and Gino/Jesse”

Except this isn’t a sport. It’s a competitive reality show with rules governing the race, but because competitive reality shows are all about relationships, the rules are few because ultimately it is the contestants’ world. They create their own ethics, for the most part.

Don’t like it? Go watch something stupid like ice hockey. I am already fearing MMA is being swallowed up by sporting culture because of this.

55) “So so so excited for these two smile Of all the teams going to the finals, they were the only ones to run a clean leg, and the only ones who deserve to be there. Cheering for you guys!!!!!”

Gee, I wonder which team you are referring to?

—> “They survived a non elimination they shouldn’t be in the finals”

If that upsets you, this ain’t your show to watch.

—> “that’s the game”

Or the breaks.

—> “In fact, if anything, they MORE deserve to be in the finals BECAUSE they survived non-elimination! They had to complete an extra challenge the next day and still managed to come top three! That’s impressive!”

Speed Bumps are dull and short. They do not count or contribute to anyone’s legacy about 95% of the time.

—> “Well, they did technically take another team’s cab,BUT they had the decency to call for another one to replace it so it was waiting there when the other team came out. I don’t mind any of the teams in the final 3, but after the last episode, I got a bit sick of the testosterone-fueled headbutting between the other two teams. Seriously, I was waiting to see both of those teams snort steam out of their noses as they charged one another! Hopefully they will be both be so concerned about one another that they forget about Brent and Sean and the two of them win!”

If you do not like testosterone-fueled headbutting, you sure are going to love next week’s finale!

56) “Uhhhhhh no NOT liking this at all! Sick to death of him puking in EVERY single episode…….and Amazing Race just keeps showing it. GOD help me! Where’s the dislike button!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? YUCK!”

You should take a lesson from that parent’s five year old from earlier.

57) “So much favouritism ? Why”

—> “Maybe because they are nice young men.”

—> “The other two teams both took others taxis to get ahead and showed they are not good sportsmen.”

You do know that people with Brent & Sean’s personalities are almost always going to be beloved by the general reality TV viewership, yes? Like, Brent & Sean’s archetype aren’t anything new.

58) “[BRENT & SEAN] HAVE TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Why? Is Jon Montgomery going to dye his hair blue if they don’t? He can’t lose his gingerness, he just can’t!

59) “Why is it they have been saved again makes you wonder . They do not deserve to win . Father and daughter did they never gave up ”

How the hell did Brent & Sean get “saved”? They won the freakin’ leg. I do not even defend them much unless Sean promises to vomit all over the finish line mat!

60) “I hate [Brent & Sean]. Gino and Jesse FTW!

I smell indifference to Nick & Matt.

61) “wish you would just stay in Canada. There are so many interesting places to go to right here.”

lol. No matter what the relevant topics are in Canada, we always get this remark from an oblivious viewer. Oh, please never change.

62) “I think what I enjoy is seeing how nice we Canadians are to each other….not a lot of the back biting that there is in the American version”

You have never worked in retail during Black Friday, have you?

63) “Not a big fan of this seasons contestants. They are boring.”

I constantly mourn over this season’s boot order. Sigh.

64) “Love the show, would like more if you kept it within Canada tho. I love looking at places in Canada that I haven’t been able to see. Like BC, and Alberta. I was born down East so I have been there, but, not out West. Keep it in Canada, we have a lot to be proud of.”

DEAR PRODUCERS: Please stop every fan’s wet dream of turning a great competitive reality TV franchise into promoting nationalistic and borderline scary xenophobic pride.

In other news, seven rounds have been held in BC while just two have been held in Alberta.

Clearly, myself and the other west coasters have much more fascinating locations than you Prairie folks.

65) “I love Amazing race Canada. They seem to be given much harder tasks then the American one. Loved how they went to more countries this time.”

Actually, it was pretty much the same number, but okay. #IsHongKongIndependent?

66) “I really enjoy watching the show, as long as you continu hosting John…..What makes it fun, is seeing you (John) trying out the challenges before the others do…..and you always succeed……That’s the fun part……”

“…..And climbing into a tree with a pair of binoculars… your house…..early in the morning….that’s the other fun part….”

67) “Hope they stay in Canada for the race and not go into any foreign countries!!”

—> “Feel free to watch season one over and over again then.”

Which was boring as hell. Remember how season one was just a beta test for producers? It’s like nobody else noticed that.

—> “why do they need to go out of Canada absoluty no need for it , thousands and thousands of places in Canada to do the show , its unfortunate that Air Canada and GM Canada dictates to them .”

. . .Air Canada is the reason why it STAYS in Canada. And thousands? Thousands?! We’ve ran out of locations after just twenty-six! Several of them already overlapping!

68) “I hope in season 4 they go to Churchill Manitoba”

Oddly enough, Churchill, the Queen Charlottes, and maybe Moose Jaw are the only three suggestions I have left.




Okay, and the North Okanagan too. ^_^

69) “YAY! Another year of complaining from the xenophobes that the race should stay in Canada! So excited for them to fume and throw tantrums once the race goes international. HAHAHAHA”

The joke will be on you when we do a round in Prince George and another in Dawson Creek next year!

70) “CANADA needs to change the Rules. NO CHEATING Stealing another teams cab is CHEATING that team should have been given a 2-hour

I love capitalizing the word CHEATING to show much I hate it when people are CHEATING on The Amazing Race CANADA!

—> “Relax they all cheated”

Incorrect. None of them cheated.

—> “#KarmasGoingToBiteTheCheatersASS”


—> “At least someone has Morals”

And terrible opinions. All of you have that covered!

—> “100% there should be a time penalty!!”

Has anyone stopped to think about how such a penalty can be enforced? Like. . .what are you enforcing, exactly?

—> “Well, honestly, if the cab driver accepts their fare, it’s not cheating. Unfair, yes.”

Season 3 of the Australian version had a penalty given to a team for stealing a taxi, HOWEVER, it was the act of removing the teams bags from the taxi that was the penalty, not taking the taxi. If your stuff is not in the taxi, your claim is only as good as the drivers honesty.”

Season 2, my friend. Season 2.

But seriously, should we give Edmonton’s cab drivers a two hour penalty?

71) “So much better then the original Amazing Race!”

Uhhhhhhhhhh, recency bias may be coming into play.

—> “I think they are equally good! I don’t really see how one outshines the other, but I will say this – I love the way Jon will try some of the tasks himself. I like ours, but I like the U.S. one also”

Calling TARC 3 equally good may be a tad bit too generous as well. They were riding the wave of the TARC 2 format instead of taking it to the next level.

72) “Apparently you can enjoy watching curling without being able to sweep or walk on frozen water”

That’s why Simi & Ope live in BC just like me. Ice expertise is for chumps.

—> “Too bad they weren’t given direction on how to play. Curling is fun. Even for beginners.”

. . .Is it?

73) “I’m glad there gone [Simi & Ope are] dummys and not even real Canadians”

Proud Canadians, Nice Canadians, Good Canadians, and now Real Canadians?

Christ, guys. . .what is a Canadian to you guys, according to your definition?

—> “they’re greater Canadians than you are”


74) “Broadway Church Members!!”

Randomly strung together words!!

75) “Love this two right from the atrt and loved them even more on their final episode. I hope people will vote for them as their fsavorites on the show on the Petro Canada contest to win gas for a year..they deserve that and so much more! Way to make this country proud with your kind spirit and amazing words!”

Gino & Jesse are ahead by 70, 000 votes.

star fox good luck

“Good luck!”

76) “#Class = Something Simi & Ope have and the other teams don’t.”

What about class that does not involve a pound sign? Do they have that?

nick flex

Actually, Nick has a lot of class because he has to teach at one almost every day!

77) “A true credit to Canada. Speaks so well of our immigrants!”

Immigrants are not our trophies. Sit down.

78) “They should never have been eliminated. I am very disappointed in the two other teams who stole the taxis. I have changed who I am rooting for due to the lack of morals the two teams showed by their cheating.”

Coming up in the TAR Canada finale: Nick & Matt and Gino & Jesse share their thoughts on being pro-life.

79) “The thing I didn’t understand about the cabotage are the taxi drivers. The competitors are guilty of stealing cabs but what is wrong with the Edmonton taxi drivers. Is this how they normally work? Do they normally let someone take a taxi when someone else asked them to wait? Do they normally let other people take a taxi when someone else called them?”

Knowing people from Edmonton, they confirmed this is indeed true. Not only do people from Alberta suck at driving according to the stereotype, but now they suck at loyalty too. Hilarious to watch as a BC resident seeing a brand new addition to our repertoire of insults.

80) “I’m done – not watching the rest of the season. Zero integrity left as far as I’m concerned.”

It’s not threatening when you spent over eleven weeks following TAR Canada religiously.

81) “Great show. Love it. But couldn’t you have chosen to use more attractive places in my Edmonton!!??”

Producers tried their hardest, but that’s the best they could find. Why do you think they only used one cheerleader from the Edmonton Eskimos Cheerleading Squad?

82) “these two might still be in the race if it wasn’t for two groups cheating on the taxie that this couple should of had, cheated should not be tolerated in this show at all !!!!!”


83) “So very proud to call them fellow Canadians. Not so proud of others.”

You’re making it sound like Gino & Jesse trampled over a kid dying of cancer to get to the pit stop. Geez.

84) “Simi and Ope ran the race fairly without the use of underhanded methods to win or gain an advantage in the race. They rank in as the top two competitors in the race. They displayed character, integrity, respect and true sportsmanship, playing for sport rather than playing to win at any cost. Stealing a cab may not be illegal, but it is a deceitful and dishonest way to attempt winning a race. It points to a disturbing lack of morals and values that damages their reputation and credibility, not to mention dishonours themselves, their family and our country.”

Deceitful and dishonest? I think all teams were upfront when taking each of the taxis during the episode.

And seriously? Damaging their reputation and credibility, and dishonouring their family? You do know how little contestants spend thinking about how they play an awesome game, right? Some past players don’t even watch their own season.

I think you are losing more sleep over what they did than they are.

85) “I’m American, but after listening to Ope’s speech, I wanted to emigrate to Canada! Sounds like a great place to live!”

Try our kool aid!

86) “They were so awesome. He jumped off a high place into water when he couldn’t swim. He had a sore back and had to try to wrestle. He did really great through the whole race with his daughter., and I just think its sad they didn’t make it in the final three because of their cab being stolen. To me it was bad sportmanship. I’m so proud that father and daughter are Canadian.”

nick ope paddle

Remember when people were making fun of Simi & Ope for quitting and having no heart?

87) ” Definitely winners of Canada, and we are winners as they chose here to live.”

Nope. Pretty sure they finished fourth.

88) “I think the worst part about the cab stealing was the lack of character from the cabbies. Shameful that it was Canadian taxi drivers.”

Now the taxi drivers are representing Canada too? LOL!

—> “Teams should be able to use Uber. Hahaha”

—> “Not Uber… fair play!”

You do know the person was joking, right?

89) “They deserve some sort of consolation prize for being a shining example of how the race should be run…with tenacity, grace under pressure, team work, and respect for others…they persevered against teams that were much stronger than them”

The consolation prize is being able to run eleven rounds of the race with each other.

It would be hilarious if, after his touching speech, Ope went on some unaired hateful tirade against Gino & Jesse at the pit stop. I’ll pretend that happened.

90) “My favorite team….the dad and daughter never gave up and showed team spirit. I wish them the very best. I am proud to have them as fellow Canadians. The best team won’t be winning.”

Again, they did give up. Oh how we all conveniently forget that.

And actually, the best team will be winning. Brent & Sean, Wrestlers, and Gino & Jesse currently have the three best AFPs of the season (Average Finishing Position). Wrestlers are hovering just above 3.00 while Brent & Sean are at 3.82 or something like that.

As for Simi & Ope’s average. . .is much much much lower.

91) “Simi and Ope represent everything Canada stands for!”

simi suck

Canada stands for telling everyone to “suck it”?

92) “Seriously? In The Amazing Race CANADA it turns out the Canadian way to get a spot in the final is cabotage? In a country famous for the use of sorry fair play is not part of the rules? This episode was a joke”


Fairplay has never been part of The Amazing Race Canada.

93) “I know it won’t be for a while but I hope they come back for all stars. I think they have so much more to give, and they’re amazing people.”

Shhh. Don’t say those two forbidden words!

—> “Then he better learn to swim”

Oh ho ho. Burn!

94) “Well I wouldn’t go as far as disqualified because it wasn’t covered in the rules but it was a low move … Especially to be publicly viewed across Canada. If they win tho, they won’t care, most people wouldn’t unfortunately. Nick & Matt did act maliciously as well tho. They were even a bit rude pushing them out of the way. I understand it’s a race and if that’s how they want to win it, it’s the choice they’ve made. My opinion is that just because rules don’t impose acting fairly and with courtesy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.”

Well, your opinion just sucks.

nick matt shove

“We’re so malicious it’s delicious!”

95) “Completely happy with whoever the winner is from the three remaining teams. They are all my top three and don’t really have a fav between them…okay maybe the wrestlers, they are so funny!!”

If only they auditioned as a duo for Last Comic Standing. They could steal cabs on the way to the comedy clubs in New York City!

96) “I want Brent and Sean to puke their way to the winners circle! GOOD LUCK GUYS!”

Ah, this person and the five year old gets it.

—> “Puke on the cheaters. The brothers and the wrestlers. Losers”

nick grin

Would you really puke all over this?

—> “Yeah I thought they were classiest guy team and the underdogs to win without having to cheat or lie . They are already winners to me!”

But they’re not winners as of right now. They have to cross the finish line first.

97) “Please let it not be the taxi cheaters! Please let it not be the taxi cheaters! Please let it not be the taxi cheaters! Please let it not be the taxi cheaters! …….”

Please let the casual viewers shut the hell up! Please let the casual viewers shut the hell up! Please let the casual viewers shut the hell up! …..Oh, my plan didn’t work either.

—> “Hahaaaaaa……….theirs no rule that ppl cant steal taxis hahhaa matt and nick did it toooo”

Taxi cheaters is plural. Therefore, the person could have been referring to multiple teams.

—> “Technically Nick and Matt didn’t know who’s cab it was as they both called for cabs, could have been either.
They were just more determined to take that one in the end.
I do feel bad for Simi and Ope as it happened twice, but the brothers maliciously stole cabs…”

Gino & Jesse are a pair of malicious dudes. Zambonis and steel only promote negative values in Hamilton.

—> “No rule but a dirty move nonetheless”

Two cabs were gone. What the heck were they supposed to do? Wait and have all three of them be in dead last together?

—> “Whatever you guys r bunch of haters!!!!!!! They knew it was simi and opis taxi!!!!!! Thank u. Why are u guys making a big deal of who stole cabs…….Jon didnt make a big deal out of it….”

Jon didn’t make a deal out of it because he is tipsy and high at most pit stops. Haven’t you met Winter Olympians before?

—> “it’s funny that you call everyone haters – you’ve been pretty hateful about B&S throughout these posts, and for something they can’t control. Yet you call people haters when they call out the other teams for acting like jerks.”

LGBT is one thing, but LGBTVomiting is one step the guy won’t cross for SCOTUS.

—> “Stealing a cab may not be illegal, but it is a deceitful and dishonest way to attempt winning a race. It points to a disturbing lack of morals and values that damages their reputation and credibility, not to mention dishonours themselves, their family and, unfortunately, our country. The two cheating teams should undergo some penalty at the very least to discourage this poor sportsmanship. It’s a shame and a disgrace to our country, and a poor example to others.”

TARC IS NOT A SPORT! And. . .wait, did this person repeat the same thing from earlier?

That’s right, kids. When Gino & Jesse hired a cab that was not theirs an hour earlier, they are setting an example for kids to cut in front of line to hire taxis of their own that may belong to their peers. They will turn back and say “I saw a pair of brothers do this in a reality show over ten years ago! I can’t change who I am! Oh, if only CTV taught me how to be an ethical and moral person.”

—> “then technically none could win as Brent and Sean did the same in the end, though they at least called for a replacement cab.”

—> “I don’t think teams that STEAL other teams cabs should be allowed to continue racing! It’s cheating!!! They should be disqualified!!!”

Holy s–t. Does nobody know what the word ‘cheating’ means? And they didn’t steal it. The cab was vacant, Gino & Jesse and Nick & Matt attempted to hire the respective taxis, and the driver complied.

98) “LET IT BE THE NON CHEATERS!!!!! Bret and Sean!!!!”

Actually, Brent & Sean cheated in India when they lifted the basket slightly above their heads. There were children in the market that day, and parents went home angry because Brent & Sean were teaching kids to be immoral by doing what they did.

And don’t even get me started as to how Sean flipped over the board when playing Monopoly twelve years ago because Brent picked up both Park Place AND Boardwalk.

99) “Brent and Sean deserve it the most, for running a clean and hard race! Sad Simi and Opi are gone! The wrestlers disappointed me the most this week. Stealing a cab is one thing, but being such a-holes about it when they were busted… I used to think they were so cool!”

Come to think of it. . .when have two balding middle-aged men from Atlantic Canada ever been cool?

—> “Mr. Puke head go puke somewhere else not on national tv so grosss…..hate them…………………..”

That’s the best nickname you could come up with?

—> “Praying they win!”

—> “Good 4 u”

100) “I just hope it’s not Dumb and Dumber!!”

Somebody already nicknamed Nic & Sabrina that a few weeks ago. You must be Dumbest if you failed to notice they were eliminated over a month ago.

101) “Nick and Matt you deserve the win! You killed the double u turn challenges AND overcame the cab stealing incident to make it to the mat in second (despite what others who clearly didn’t watch the show carefully believe #onlytruenoncabstealers).”

I am starting to hate hashtags.

102) “Bring back Simi and Ope! They deserve to be in the finals with Sean and Brent. The other teams mothers must be so proud of their sons disgraceful behaviour”

lol. “Nick & Matt? Did you steal a taxi? Wait until I call your MOTHER about what happened! You two are in big trouble, mister!”

103) “Nick and Matt for the win , Gino and Jesse for 2nd and the other two clowns as the biggest whiners in the history of this game # nomirewhinning”

clowns water 1


104) “Brent & Shawn. An aside – I think that a team who steals another team’s reserved cab should be penalized.”

It’s not reserved if the driver is willing to take you, and keeping track of which driver is reserved for which team (when there is no enforced agreement that it is reserved) sounds like a huge headache for production.

—> “Yes 2-hour penalty”

—> “Yes, that’s pretty low.”

—> “Totally agree”

My eyes are hurting.

—> “Sportsmanship should be encouraged, not this anything to win attitude. My kids like to watch the Amazing Race and this cab stealing doesn’t set a very good example of how to be a good competitor.”

Nobody cares about your goddamn kids! But seriously, if you are using a reality show to teach ethics and morals. . .then wow. Watch something else. Jesus.

—> ” U guys r just not talking about Gino and Jesse right? That applies to the wrestlers too. Brent and Sean also stole the cab but called another one.”

Yes, I am pretty sure we’re all familiar with what transpired after 100+ comments.

105) “who ever is finished 1st grabs taxi’s 1st, part of race Don’t like : Don’t enter and of course I like the wrestler’s acting best and vote for them”

I believe 0.0% of people making these remarks will be cast for TAR Canada. I agree with you.

106) “It is a race and a competition. Sorry. That’s life. This isn’t kindergarten anymore. Go Gino and Jessie! !”


Until Andy Samberg’s campaign for this race to go kindergarten succeeds.

107) “You know, the Amazing Race Canada and USA TV companies should just go ahead and add a new rule saying that teams aren’t allowed to take other teams’ taxis if the opposing teams already put their own taxis on hold for themselves. If they didn’t, then the team can have a turn using other teams’ taxis, but if they did, then they have to get a new taxi or take the taxis on hold for others and get penalized for it. That way, teams would get eliminated a lot more fairly.”

a) It goes against the nature of what a ‘race’ is.

b) This would be impossible for producers to monitor.

c) It is impossible to know exactly which taxi was on hold for who in every situation possible, thus creating too many grey areas.

d) Having a turn to take another team’s taxi? Are we really going to have a rotation system for twelve rounds?

e) What if they cannot communicate with the driver to put taxis on hold for other teams?

And this is all within just one minute of reading this suggestion.

—> “This…. would be the dumbest rule to add…. no offense but TAR doesn’t govern taxi drivers. So if the driver wants to take another team, that’s up to them”

Oh, and this.

—> ” I find it bothersome that the taxi doesn’t wait for the people that reserved it.”

Welcome to life. Taxi drivers are typically eccentric people knowing from personal experience. Some are friendly. Some are assholes.

—> “It’s reality!! Just because they are running a race doesn’t mean they have special race taxis! Once you’ve had a cab not wait for you, you know reality!”


108) “i so hope brent and sean win what the other teams did was so dirty i dont care if its a game or not it was a dirty move simi and ope should not of ben elimanted i so hope they do not win so i am pulling for sean and brent that move ruin this season for me im sorry no haters but its just mine opion it should not be aloud to ake another teams taxi especially twice”

Don’t worry, your opinion is terrible. No h8erade coming your way.

109) “Cheaters suck and so do Edmonton Cab drivers!”

Cheaters suck? They also blow. Just look at Ashley Madison.

110) “Jesse”

James! Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light, surrender now or prepare to fight. Meowth, that’s right.

111) “Yeah I notice that Sean easy puked that probably he is not used to running and exercise that’s how he is not uised and puke I think.”

Gee, you think?

112) “Ope was funny with his accent, but Shwn & Brent are theater caracter”

Ope: Funny for his accent.

I am sure he would love that.

113) “My kids noticed that they had different lines at the end. Brent and Matt both said “Drink up, this one’s on the house” but Jesse said “Drink up boys. Drinks on the house.” And we have no idea what Ope said at the end, however, in his practice, the first part of the last line was “drink up boys” and we see Jesse practice the same line too. Yes, we have even rewound and watched it several times. How accurately did they have to stick to the script?”

I am sorry. Reading about the task at Fort Edmonton bored me greatly.

114) ” I liked the guys who played the Mountie and the drunk.”

And for once, there isn’t a single angry complaint that the Mountie nor the drunk were introduced for the viewers.

115) “Stop saying Brent and Shawn.”

Hey, if nobody could spell Kristin’s name correctly, everyone suffers.

116) “Brent and Shawn are idiots….the wrestlers will win”

. . .Evidence?

117) “I’m sorry but I am embarrassed to be a Canadian after seeing so much cheating with the taxis. What ever happened to good sportsmanship? Amazing Race Canada should not condone bad behavior in this way. Disappointed. ..very disappointing. I thought we were better than this.”

You are your own person? Or is your fate in life tied to what a few people from the east coast do on a reality show?

I am not embarrassed after watching TAR Canada on Thursday. In fact, I am quite pleased with myself because I ran ten kilometres in fifty-five minutes at the Terry Fox Run on Sunday.

118) “I found it really nasty that Simi and Opi lost not because they couldn’t complete the challenges but because the other teams thought nothing of giving each other the shaft.”

They gifted each other bitchin’ 70s theme music? That’s awesome!

119) “I really enjoyed Ope! By the way, in the ‘stolen taxi’ scenario, did the taxi drivers leave or was that a set up?”

Mark Lysakowski personally paid off each cab to drive off except for one just to see how douchey Gino & Jesse would be. True story.

120) “The cab grabbing without calling another cab is crap be a Canadian and do right thing. Also you want you cab to wait don’t pay them for first part. Let the clock continue on the meter.”

Apparently, a Canadian stereotype is to call for another cab on The Amazing Race.

121) “Brent & Sean have done the whole race with tenacity and sportsmanship. they just never give up. Win or lose… they are my winners. This past episode with the backstabbing and cab stealing by the other “guy” teams just turned me off. Game or no game.. that was lousy. Bad karma to them.”

“Win or lose… they are my winners.” That’s a paradox.

122) “I feel bad that Ope and Sime were dupped by the wrestlers. No morals..I dont’ care if it is a race.”

Remember that time when Nick & Matt do a job on the side where they wrestle for a ridiculously small amount of money just to entertain young kids and families on a regular basis? I hear they teach kids that it is okay to hit one another with chairs.


—> “Geno and Jesse did it as well… These people are racing for alot of money and gas for life. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t take someone’s cab if there were no other cabs in the area and teams are right behind you.”

Something tells me people would tell you exactly that.

—> “Actually I have much better moral values and NO I WOULD NOT take Anyones cab. Money is the root of all evil. So winning the Race would be fun but the win is not the object in my heart. Perhaps you have different Morals than I do.”

Money is also the root of why I have food, water, clothing, and the ability to go on vacations and catch UFC fights at the casino.

I like this root.

—> “Yeah I do you have to remember your playing a game. Real life it’s terrible but in the game you are doing whatever it takes to win the race.”

—> “NO I still have Moral Values that do not let me do what you suggest. It is not if you win or loose but HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME. My Morals are obviously higher than what yours may be. The win is not worth hurting someone else or cheating. I hate Liars and Cheaters more”

Telling people it’s how you play the game is a lie we tell first graders so they don’t throw rocks in each other’s eyes in a game of Grounders at the playground, or aim for the head during a game of Dodgeball (which I did anyway during the fifth grade but that’s besides the point).

They did not lie–they outright took the cab.

They did not cheat–no rules were broken.

—> “Uhmmmmm….even though the game is on tv, it’s still “real” life!”

Dammit. Now you’ve just gone first year Philosophy on our asses!


I don’t need your opinions on taxis, Morpheus!

MATT: “Ahh yes but would you take a cab that was unnamed when you had called for one and are told by the cab driver that he has no name on the cab…. or would you willingly get out of an unclaimed cab you were sitting in and got to first, and willingly putyourself in last place, just because, with no proof, your competitors told you they called first..and risk giving up a chance at $500,000. Hindsight is 20/20. Our decision had nothing to do with bad morals. But glad you all enjoyed the episode, Ope and Simi were great people and it was an honor to race with them. Enjoy the finale”

This is getting good.

—> “Yes Matt I would not have taken the cab. I have moral values that say Money is not the be all to end all…I am a poor person and am happy just the way I am. I have my kids and that is all I need in life…I am filled with the love of my children and cheating is not the way I was raised.”

To quote what somebody said earlier. . .”good 4 u”. Something tells me this person has not lived through many diverse experiences.

—> “Matt, I really like you guys.. But the cab you got into was Simi and Ope’s. Because when they got in their cab it was clearly under your name. You can’t get mad at Gino and Jesse if you’re gonna do the exact same thing to someone else.”

I think Matt knows if the cab “belonged” to Simi & Ope or not. Considering he was, you know, there.

—> “I love you Matt but you can’t get mad at Gino and Jesse if you’re going to do the same right? As long as either you guys win or Brent and Sean I am cool with that.”

It wasn’t quite the same thing.

Gino & Jesse decided to take the Wrestlers’ cab, thus ensuring the two teams trailing would know for a fact they were behind.

Gino & Jesse could have waited for all three teams, and they all start on equal footing.

The Wrestlers meanwhile had to take the unmarked cab because giving it up meant conceding defeat. The scenario was different. I don’t have a problem with what Gino & Jesse did, but the difference is apparent to me.

And quite frankly, I am glad it happened because the tasks this episode were awful.

—> “Matt…all you guys needed to do was have the cab driver call in and verify. Not only that, they were the first to call a cab, so logic would dictate it was theirs. I get that it was “heat of the moment”, but it’s hard to respect that move, especially from teachers. Just sayin’. For the record, I’ve watched The Amazing Race (US and Canada) through several seasons and have often thought they need to find a better way to manage the cab situation. Watching great teams lose because of lousy cab drivers has been heartbreaking as a fan of the show. What Gino and Jesse did was downright low, but your move as a team was, at best, super ‘grey’ morally.”

If you don’t like cabs, do not watch The Amazing Race. You are watching the absolute worst show if you are avoiding bad taxis unless it is The Simpsons’ Taxicab Conversations.

—> “Matt, it wasn’t just you stealing the cab it was the ugly way you did it and how you bullied Simi and Ope. I’m sure you know you came off looking really bad and that’s why you and a few friends and relatives are swarming the boards trying to make excuses for your lack of integrity.”

Bullied Simi & Ope? What did they do? Start punching the palm of their other hand while displaying a menacing facial expression? Threaten to take their lunch money provided by BMO?

And they don’t think they came off bad. They just want to fire back because they are annoyed nobody knows what they are talking about.

—> “I was curious as to why both teams didn’t get in 1 cab. There was enough seats and sharing seemed “fair”. Is there a rule against sharing the cab?”

8 seats in a cab. C’mon now.

—> “Didn’t all the team ask there cab drivers to wait for them at the recycling center. When they came back from the challenge there were only 2 cabs there. What happened to the other 2. Did the cab drivers take off?”

Probably. Who hangs around a recycling centre? They typically smell as bad as Sean’s vomit.

123) “You know, the Amazing Race Canada and USA TV companies should just go ahead and add a new rule saying that teams aren’t allowed to take other teams’ taxis if the opposing teams already put their own taxis on hold for themselves. If they didn’t, then the team can have a turn using other teams’ taxis, but if they did, then they have to get a new taxi or take the taxis on hold for others and get penalized for it. That way, teams would get eliminated a lot more fairly.”

Your suggestion is as stupid the second time as it was the first time.

124) “Why is stealing a fellow contestant’s cab allowed? I think there should be at least a 15 minute unsportsmanship penalty allotted.”

Oh my word. I really want to see a copy of the Unsportsmanship section of TARC 4’s rulebook next year.

125) “Glad that Brent and Sean won this leg, at least they called for a cab for the others racers. It is too bad that Amazing Race allowed the taxi drivers to determine who will move forward to the finals. They were in Canada, it would have been fairer to give the teams a vehicle, a map and make them find their own way around Edmonton. They would have needed to find their way through the detours and construction going on right now. What could be more Canadian than finding your way in a city during spring, summer and fall construction season!”

Considering it requires a lot of sponsour money from Chevy to do self-drive legs, cabs are the cheaper way to go.

The Okanagan has the same construction issues.

dusty dunes desert

You may as well just turn back now.

126) “Go anyone but Brent & Shawn. They finished last already but in a non elimination round. They don’t deserve to be in the final 3.  Plus they cry too much. Shut the hell up”

You measure a team’s likability by how much they cry? Wow.

127) “How can you say Ope and Simi were robbed? They could hardly do any of the physical tasks. Even if the cab fiasco didn’t happen, they would have lost because they couldn’t curl!”

simi ope

Do they even lift, bro?

128) “I love the show but also thought it was a little suspicious that Brent and Shawn got the non-elimination round. They seem to be the focus of many of the video clips and I wondered if they were kept for entertainment purposes. That being said, they are entertaining and that’s the only time I’ve wondered about it being rigged.”

These conspiracy theories are truly coming out of nowhere.

129) “I’d only rewatch this episode for Ope’s amazing sign off speech”

You can just skip it to the end of the episode and play it on a loop, didn’t you know?

—> “Yes!! It brought tears to my eyes, and I’m not even Canadien! I’m Swedish! It came directly from his heart!!”

TARC would love to go to Sweden, but unfortunately we have thousands and thousands of places to see in Canada first!

130) “Gino and Jesse, you’re off the list. Booooooooooo.”

What list? The Non-Douchey List?

131) “We will watch it again cuz it was so exciting”

Don’t forget to wipe up afterwards.

132) “Gino & Jesse should have been penalized when they KNOWINGLY took 2 cabs in 1 leg that weren’t theirs. At least with Matt & Nick, there was a 50% chance the cab was theirs, as the cab didn’t have a pick-up name available when it arrived at the recycling centre. It was only the 2nd cab that Simi & Ope took which listed who the cab was for (Nick was on the taxi’s screen). I’ve watched Amazing Race Canada since season 1 years ago, and I truly think the organizers/producers should instill a penalty when a team ACTIVELY does something so another team is at a disadvantage. In the USA AR one season, 1 team (2 men) hid bicycle pumps/other materials that each team required at 1 stop, and they were given a time penalty. I think most Canadians would agree with me on this one. Since Simi & Ope completed the last task – Cowboy play – in a much shorter time than Gino & Jesse from the time both teams arrived at the Cowboy play, it would have been Gino & Jesse who would have been eliminated if either a) they had to order a cab at the recycling centre instead of taking Simi’s & Ope’s, or b) they were given a time penalty. It would be truly disappointing if the boys win the race – how unsportmanlike, how UnCanadian – they will have won by cheating.”

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I am not most Canadians. Mainly because most Canadians on this page seem to be idiots.

133) “I cheered for them in the curling. Glad they won the brothers after they stole the taxi.”

—> “No integrate”

Simi & Ope are Nigerian-Canadian. I think they are integrating just fine.

134) “anybody but the taxi cheaters. Karma baby!”

—> “They all cheated on taxis … relax”

Relax is a word few of them know.

135) “He forgot to vomit this episode”

Dammit! Sean is kicking himself right now as we speak!

136) “I encourage viewers to go to www.fuelyourfavouriteteam.ctv.caand vote for Simi & Ope so they’ll win free gas for one (1) year. I was disgusted by Gino & Jesse and Nick & Matt’s dirty play. Thou shalt not steal other team’s cabs. Not very Canadian of you guys. If there’s justice, karma & miracles in this world, Brent & Sean will win the Amazing Race Canada. I bet people are wishing they could take back their votes for Gino & Jesse and Nick & Matt & give them to Simi & Ope.”

Is this a serious attempt at the TARCommandments? Also, does justice, karma, and miracles exist? Well, uh, I’d hate to break it to you, but. . .

137) “I hope KARMA kicks in for the finals. if you can’t win fair don’t play. the classiest team went home this week”

Has anybody ever won fair on a true and level playing field in the history of. . .well. . .anything?

138) “You know, the Amazing Race Canada and USA TV companies should just go ahead and add a new rule saying that teams aren’t allowed to take other teams’ taxis if the opposing teams already put their own taxis on hold for themselves. If they didn’t, then the team can have a turn using other teams’ taxis, but if they did, then they have to get a new taxi or take the taxis on hold for others and get penalized for it. That way, teams would get eliminated a lot more fairly.”

It’s just as stupid reading it for a third time.

139) ” None. Just saw on PVR. Not very Canadian of Gino/Jessie x2, Matt/Nick and even Brent/Sean all stole cabs. Simi and Ope should be awarded 1st.

Liked the 3 teams until now.”

NOTE: Do not lift the curtain when you visit Oz.

140) “Simi and Ope! If their cab wasn’t stolen I am 99% sure they would be in the finals.”

Which means there is a one percent chance a casual fan is wrong.

141) “You know I have voted for the brothers all through this..BUT. I am very dissappointed that they didn’t play any sport..fairness is I have to say with much dissappointment that ..I AM NOW VOTING FOR BRENT AND SHAWN..I LOVE YOU GUYS..and no matter what happened in this race..YOU DID PLAY FAIR.soo.go guys go!!!! Win or not…we will still love you both..”

This might hold the record for most unnecessary instances of capitalization and punctuation in my life.

142) “It would be nice if cabs weren’t such an big part of TAR. It sucks that a team’s success or failure can be so dependent on a cabbie arriving on time, knowing where he’s going, waiting when asked, etc. It would be better if each team was provided with a vehicle for each leg so that getting from A to B was entirely in their own hands, at least for the parts of the race that are in Canada.”

I concur. If you would like to see such a thing take place, follow TAR Australia. Oh, and they travel internationally too.

143) “i was so disappointed with the bros and the wrestlers. wonder if they’re #cheaters in their every day lives, too?

since i’m living in hamilton, i was voting for the hamilton brothers all along, but not now (won’t be voting for the hypocrite wrestlers, either). they deserve to lose.

#Cabotage #twowrongsdontmakearight#theyshouldbeashamedofthemselves

Yep, it’s true. Nick & Matt cheat on their wives, Gino cheated on his Zamboni Driving Test, Jesse cheated on his first girlfriend who had braces with a woman who did not have braces, Nick & Matt also cheated in that one match where they smuggled brass knuckles into the ring, and Gino cheated once more when he used the 30 Lives code to beat Contra for the NES.

144) ” I’m sure if you were racing for the money and someone stole your cab, you’d be standing in the street laughing and saying why am I bothered, its just a game.”

china frank margarita 17

Something like this.

145) “I was so rooting for the brothers (Gino and Jess)!!! It’s a shame what the did. Dad and daughter were bullied! I guess if opi had dragged them from the taxi it wouldn’t be “all is fair in games, war and amazing race”

I would pay to see Ope drag Gino & Jesse out of a taxi. Keyser Soze says “suck on this, VoldeMussolinis!”

146) “Simi & Opey, they are the only honest players. The wrestlers and Gino&Jessie can eat their own underwear”

After everything Nick & Matt’s loin clothes have been through, they would much rather fire a bullet to the head than do what you suggest.

147) “You know, the Amazing Race Canada and USA TV companies should just go ahead and add a new rule saying that teams aren’t allowed to take other teams’ taxis if the opposing teams already put their own taxis on hold for themselves. If they didn’t, then the team can have a turn using other teams’ taxis, but if they did, then they have to get a new taxi or take the taxis on hold for others and get penalized for it. That way, teams would get eliminated a lot more fairly.”


—> “I don’t think USA would care, but most Canadians do. But we don’t have to copy their rules and behaviours.”

Why wouldn’t the USA care? Is it because they do not have morals and ethics like we do?

My psychology professor in university is totally right. Americans in Canada have a tough time in school and at work because they have to put up with all of this negativity around them constantly.

148) “No blame on the cabbies the 2 brothers can’t win with out creating there knobs”


—> “They are kinda assholy… since the begging I was like hmm they are douchy, and now I know I was right… they are just so full of themselves I’m so glad they lost the face off. I hope they do not win the race.”

gino jesse nova scotia

Assholy and Douchy are a pair of brothers on The Amazing Race Canada.

149) “Teams should be penalized for stealing cabs. It’s their responsibility to tell the drivers to stay.”

You contradicted yourself.

150) “I was cheering for Nick and Matt and Brent and Sean until yesterday. Now it’s all about Brent and Sean for the win! Go boys!#classyplayersforthewin

Why? What happened in the last episode? Did I miss something?

151) “NOT impressed with the last episode! Not about the cab debacle, but with the challenge at Kelly’s Saloon. All other competitors said the correct lines, however Team Gino/Jesse passed even though the line was NOT said correctly. The final line was “Drink up, this one’s on the house” whereas Jesse said “Drinks on the house”. NOT fair when all other teams were made to re-do their lines until done correctly. Minor details cost people games. This is not me hating on Team G&J, not their fault that no one noticed. However, very sloppy that this went unnoticed. Don’t even feel like watching the finale anymore.”

I am not surprised this went unnoticed because this task will be unnoticed by the general public within about two weeks from now.

152) “You know, the Amazing Race Canada and USA TV companies should just go ahead and add a new rule saying that teams aren’t allowed to take other teams’ taxis if the opposing teams already put their own taxis on hold for themselves. If they didn’t, then the team can have a turn using other teams’ taxis, but if they did, then they have to get a new taxi or take the taxis on hold for others and get penalized for it. That way, teams would get eliminated a lot more fairly.”

We got it after the first four times. Thanks.

—> “Well, honestly, if the cab driver accepts their fare, it’s not cheating. Unfair, yes.

Season 2 of the Australian version had a penalty given to a team for stealing a taxi, HOWEVER, it was the act of removing the teams bags from the taxi that was the penalty, not taking the taxi. If your stuff is not in the taxi, your claim is only as good as the drivers honesty.”

This is a broken record which refuses to stop.

153) ” Just not fair!!! Not a good example to kids watching.”

Kids are smart enough to separate a race from every day life. Fact.

154) “It’s a game with a huge prize–first come, first serve! Why should they be penalized because they are trying to win?! Really? The object is to win!”

—> “yeah, critics from the public is a kind of punishment already”

Yeah, what kind of jerk on the Internet criticizes what racers and producers do on a regular basis?

—> “disagree…i think honest people with integrity are the real winners. i lost all respect for the hamilton brothers and the wrestlers last night.”

No, the real winners are those who cross the finish line first. Honest people with integrity are the real winners when kids are playing soccer without keeping score.

—> “So those of you who don’t think it was wrong to steal someone else’s cab because it’s a game with a huge prize are saying the end justifies the means at all costs? Is that how you live your real life?”

Nope. None of us said that.

—> “in my world, life is never fair. I thought it was like that for most people.
I like both those teams so the taxi fiasco made zero difference to me. This is a game, they are following the rules laid out to them, so it’s fair play.”

—> “Of course, you like them, so of course you’ll be blind to their wrongdoings.”

The wrongdoing was fully acknowledged and the person didn’t care. I wouldn’t call that blind.

—> “I know real life isn’t fair,but I don’t feel you take from someone else just to get what you want…it’s called taking responsibility for your action and even games have unwritten rules…it’s called fair play and good sportsmanship. Also for a man the size of the wrestlers to feel it is OK to intimidate a girl half his size is called bullying and are we not trying to teach our youth that bullying is wrong? Just my opinion.”

Now you’re turning the taxi incident into an anti-bullying campaign?

helen lovejoy

“Won’t somebody PLEASE think of what we’re teaching the children!”

Is Helen Lovejoy and a bunch of Helen Lovejoy clones the only people who watch TAR Canada?

NICK: “I don’t know you, so I wouldn’t ever make a judgement on you. For you to say we Bullied them based on the 3 and half minutes of footage you saw is so unbelievably offensive. You were not there and unaware of the whole situation. Opie and Simi are your preference as a team and/or as people and that’s fine. Please think of others before you make such wild accusations. We aren’t wrestlers or teachers or real estate agents, we are people first. Thanks.”

Picturing Nick puffing out his chest to Simi with her father right beside her as he struggles to recite any ‘tough guy’ lingo from his wrestling gimmicks is too hilarious for me.

He would also come off as super racist in the process.

—> “The cab driver mentioned Simi ‘s name……. It wasn’t on the screen, he verbally said THIS CAN IS FOR SIMI”

—> “Nope he didnt, he even called dispatch and didnt have a name…please watch again. Thanks”

Heh. Pwned.

—> “Hey – Nick and Matt!
You sound really defensive for doing nothing ‘wrong’.”

They’re defensive because people have zero perspective on the situation nor have accurate information. When you attack somebody, do you just expect them to take the insults up the butt, or are they going to counter your stupidity without calling you names by explaining what occurred?

—> “But your name wasn’t attached to it either Nick so what gave you the right to take it over them? If you gave your name then you should have waited for the one with YOUR name. You are no better than Gino and Jesse for cab stealing. If cheater’s need to cheat to win, did you truly win???”

If it had nobody’s name on it, then it belongs to no one. Are Nick & Matt supposed to wait thirty minutes for a cab which may not have even recorded their name on it? Think, people. Think.

—> “What a foolish expression. I doubt anyone ‘hates’ Nick and Matt. I know I don’t. I simply think they made a disparate and selfish call. To win without integrity is to not win. They seem like good people otherwise…”

Integrity, lying, cheating, and honour have lost all meaning to casual fans.

MATT: ” Lol. So good. When we were IN THE TAXI and it had nobody’s name attached to it, were we supposed to get out because our competitiors told us they asked first and risk losing at shot a half a million dollars… friends, i am as giving as anyone, my friends know this, but it is a RACE.
LOL, so many people on their high horse.”

No kidding.

—> “Matt Giunta, I am sure you are a great guy and I get it’s a race but you had JUST been upset with Gino and Jesse for doing it to you. It’s a bit hypocritical but at the same time, I truly cannot say what I would have done in the adrenaline pumping moment. From the comfort of my living room I’d say i wouldn’t have but who knows. Good luck next week.”

They were upset because they want to win. It’s called being competitive when someone outwits you.

—> “Nick and Matt: I can only comment on what I see – I do not have the benefit of being on the race or being a part of the crew. To blame my observations based on ‘editing’ is silly at best. Own it.”

Own what?

155) “Ok! The wrestlers are complete hypocrites! They are pissed about G&J stealing their cab, and yet steal simi & ope’s. WTF!!!!”

It wasn’t Simi & Ope’s cab. This is getting ridiculous.

156) “Not a fan of Gino and Jesse. How much pride do you have in yourself if you have to play dirty? I for one hope they don’t win. Go Brent and Sean. You guys make me smile every time.”

—> “Arrogant little poops!”

Is this before or after they eat their own underwear?

157) “I don’t like Gino and Jesse… Too cocky… They don’t represent Canadians as they should. Nick and Matt or Brent and Sean all the way!!!”

Why should they represent Canadians?????

158) “A douchey move on both parts. I’ve switched to cheering for Brent & Sean! First place, without being jerks.”

Unlike the Wrestlers, they actually took Simi & Ope’s cab. But that gets a bye because they called another one. Even though that would screw over Simi & Ope anyway.

159) “Edmonton cabbies are the worst. No wonder they are being babies about uber”

This applies to cabbies everywhere.

160) “Get over it, it’s a race. It is what it is.”

foa foa it is what it is

The ol’ Foa Foa slogan.

—> “What both teams did just reinforces to people that in order to win, one must cheat. Not a great lesson to teach Canadian youth.”

Yes, Helen Lovejoy.

—> “Yup! We watch it with our families.. it’s not a good example to youth nor the kids.”

Yes, Helen Lovejoy.

161) “.. cheaters never win. CHEATERS !”

You don’t have much to say, do you?

162) “How is wishing bad karma on someone you don’t know or calling ppl cheaters from a reality TV show that clearly doesn’t have rule in place about getting into an unnamed cab any more “Canadian” or “fair”.”


163) “Bad bad bad!!! No rules and that is what happened .. Sickened me!”

I know. You have been bedridden since watching the episode last week.

164) “MEANIES!”

I think I have become dumber since this week of Complaints started.

165) ” Very disappointed in the ARC’s producers who allowed all the cab stealing. I’m a teacher and try to instill fair play in the children I teach. Rewarding this behaviour just shows them that it’s okay to cheat. So frustrating.”

more shanghai facepalm

—> “Or you can use it as a lesson on sometimes things don’t go your way but you still carry on.”

Wait, somebody responded to this and make it a serious discussion?

—> “I’m also a teacher and I agree that children should be taught fair play and good morals, but unfortunately this is the way society is heading with Reality TV. Every Reality TV show shows some sort of mean – natured or immoral value (like the degrading of contestants by judges on talent – based shows or the lying, manipulation, and bad mouthing in competition – based shows) but to call the racers cheaters and wish bad karma on them like some posters have done is just as negative and immoral. Take it for what it is….entertainment! And unfortunately now adays shows are edited to maximize the entertainment factor by creating situations or exaggerating events. Use it as a teachable moment to explain how things on TV and on social media aren’t always accurate.”

Yes. Reality TV is responsible for all of the horrible values and lack of morals we have in this world.

Remember how I have been saying every year that TAR Canada is presented at times like it is aimed to please a fourth grade social studies teacher? Well, it appears producers were catering to this demographic just a little bit too much.

166) “Playing dirty is not fair stealing other people’s taxi, ethics should always be in mind . This race is competition not winning by stealing. In your hearts you know you are losers and not a good example to you peers . KARMA YOUR WINNINGS WONT GO FAR”

“In your hearts, you know you are losers” might be my favourite over-the-top insult.

How many Crazy Canadians do we have within our borders?

167) “I watched the episode last night and noticed the intimidation by one of the wrestler in the cab episode. He stood in front of the father, blocking the father from entering and speaking to the driver. Given the wrestler’s size and the father – it was plain intimidation bothering on verbal assault. This was a disgrace to the race. As well this happened on Canadian soil – I would hope Justice prevails. Intimidation on national TV should not go unpunished.”

It’s a lesson as to how minorities are treated in this country! But seriously, this has been blown way way way waaaaaay out of proportion.

And what type of punishment are you seeking? It almost sounds like you want criminal charges.

168) “Amazing – six people, four people got ahead by dishonesty – they were Canadian born- two were honest and came in last, they came from afar and just wanted to say how they loved Canada and Canadians – so what are we teaching ourselves and our children?”

Yes, Helen Lovejoy.

169) “”We beat Gino and Jesse at a sport. And it wasn’t curling hair it was curling on ice, so…” Gold. Lol.”

TAR CANADA ADMIN: “Such a great line!”

The admin speaks!

—> “The Amazing Race Canada, can I please get an answer to the question of whether or not there was a code word on Thurs. I have posted on two other spots, and got no answer.

And this is why the admin does not speak.

170) “They’ve had a lot of dumb luck, 2 good legs that’s it. Either the wrestlers or Gino and jessi will win as they should!”

Not if you want TARC 3 to be a good example for your children.

171) “I was upset for Simi and Ope, but when you have two big wrestler dudes going against you….not really a fair game. I think they need to add some new rules to this game.”

So now you want a handicap where teams perceived to be at a disadvantage get a boost when it comes to taxis or tasks in general? Do you know how insulting that is to Simi & Ope and others who want to prove themselves  to be just like everybody else?

172) “Nope. I wouldn’t. I have watched every episode of Amazing Race Canada and the original US version and stealing another team’s cab is totally not cool.”

Your experience in viewership means nothing.

173) “Would we!!! Mmm I wouldn’t if you’re stupid and don’t tell your cab to stay you should lose!!! How disgusting!! If Sean and Brent don’t win!! I won’t watch the next one!! All fair in Canadian broadcasting!! No ratings no show!!!!”

I think they’ll do fine with ratings. You know, being number one in Canadian TV history.

—> “[Nick & Matt] were bullies and threatening!!! Big apes!!! Boo”

donkey kong

Wait until they get to Whistler and start rolling barrels down the mountain.

174) “I am sorry but the city hall part was dumb how challenging was that, and filling a shopping cart to get the right amount of points dumb as well. The curling was great as well Fort Edmonton Park. We have a lot of great places like the Muttart Conservatory where they ended the show, why could they not have done a challenge there or even at West Edmonton Mall, Whyte Ave, The Legislature, The Art Gallery or the beautiful River Valley. Anyone of these locations and more could have been a site for an exciting challenge as well showcasing our amazing city of Edmonton, Alberta.

What does this have to do with taxis?

175) “Great episode. I was shocked at the cab stealing, but then I watched it again, and it’s really quick but when the wrestlers arrived, Gino and Jessie’s cab was there, and Matt/Nick said “you can tell the other cab to go”. I understand it was just editing for dramatic effect, and my apologies to Nick for assuming otherwise Gino and Jesse for the win.”

NICK: “We said it to each other, as a joke. 

We have microphones that pick up everything we say. 

Do I need to explain more about what you clearly don’t understand or do you want to continue to pass judgement on two people that you have never met other than what you see edited on a television show?

I personally prefer passing judgment, but that’s just me.

—> “I am so tired of hearing, “This is a race after all” to excuse rude and unsportsmanlike behaviour. Both the brothers and the wrestlers deserved to be penalized for stealing cabs. As Ope said, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Absolutely disgraceful. Was praying Simi/Ope would make it to the mat first. And there was Jon pretty much giving his approval with his “All’s fair”. Many could learn from Simi/Ope in terms of behaviour and truly appreciating this country. Anyone notice they did NOT say anything about the cheating. Instead, they left the Race with dignity. Am sooooooooo hoping Brent/Sean win this.

Oh my god. TAR Canada is promoting so much patriotism that every facet of this game sends a message to the viewers regarding how they represent Canadian ethics and values.

We need international travel next year. Desperately.

176) “Yep, the petro points challenge was a weak advertising ploy. So dumb!”

I agree. The worst sponsour based challenge ever. Why is nobody picking up on that?

177) “Edmonton sure is a beautiful city!”


178) “Love this show!! Sad to see Simi and Opi go. I was rooting for them and also Brent and Sean. Agree with the comment about Opi speech, but had a little “wait a second” moment with John’s comment about every Canadian being an immigrant. Uh…I think not. Canada’s indegenous people?? Just sayin’.”

Actually, Jon Montgomery never thinks about the indigenous population. Aboriginal and First Nations rights has never been any of his concern.

179) “However the petro-points challenge was lame and poor Edmonton!!! They did not promote that city in a positive/ interesting way! Such beautiful scenery in the backgrounds through the windows of the cabs and on the final stop but everything else was awful”

Next time you guys need to pay 55, 000 Dollars and maybe your city will be shown in a better light.

180) “Those two guys were really nasty!! But so were the brothers. 
Another reality show that had a really sucky section to it!!

Sorry you were letdown.

181) “Who here will be catching the race after Yom Kippur tomorrow? I know I am!”

Knowing Canada’s general religious population. . .not that many.

182) “Dishonest teams deserve to be punished”

Good, because nobody was dishonest last week.

183) “Four people can usually occupy one cab (although maybe not in India) but at no time have I seen teams share one even when they could have easily done so.”

Eight people. Eight.

184) “Why is there only 15 minutes for the show??”

Somebody needs a PVR.

185) “I thought the snacks “challenge” was just a plug for Petro Canada. I know they are a major sponsor, but come on guys, we know this already. What a time waster. Kudos to Opi and Simi for being the class act that they are. I’ll miss you! I know it’s a race and I know a lot is at stake, but I’m sending a big hiss out to the wrestlers. Stealing a cab is one thing but for this big dude to physically push Simi away from the cab was just plain obnoxious. And why oh why did Jon look like such a doofus when Simi and Opi were saying their goodbyes…he had this glazed look on his face that made me think he was incredibly just irritated me.

Jon Montgomery: Canada’s first ever Ginger-Zombie. How annoying.

186) “Come on everyone here that like this father and daughter team lets ALL VOTE for them as a favorite team. They played with dignity, pride and didn’t let cheaters get to them. “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. LETS ALL VOTE FOR THEM.”

Too late.

187) “total douche move. They blast Gino and Jesse for cab stealing, then do the same thing! Hypocrites – practise what you preach, eh.”

That’s the most Canadian fit of anger I have heard.

188) “I think those guys were rude…game or no game…”

—> “agree. very disappointed in jon. all is fair in love and war! really …”

I know. How crazy for an Olympian to not be offended by highly competitive gameplay.

—> “Cab steelers don’t deserve to win!”

Is that a CFL team?

189) “2 wrongs dont make it right. The twins and Nick and Matt suck big time, CLASELESS”

—> “FYI there are no twins.”

pierre michel forget

Two seasons of TARC combined.

190) “I think it sucks that Gino and Jesse felt they needed to steal 2 cabs – intentionally – and even offer $40 to the cabbie for Matt and nick’s cab. Theft and bribery … Is this who we want to represent Canada ? At least when nick and Matt took the next cab they were ahead of the others on the street and there was no name assigned to the cab … I feel for The last place team who got ripped off because they weren’t cut throat !


191) “It’s a game ffs”

That pretty much sums up this whole week.

192) “ the twins & wrestlers suck ass! Especially those fat wrestlers. 2 do that after u knew how it felt?! Bitches!”

Hey. They’re self-conscious about their weight issues. Back off.

193) “Looks like there is no Reason to watch Finale, Any country giving a million dollars to either pair of C–TS, is sick.”


194) “My big issue with S3 is EVERY ep starts as an equalizer. What’s the pt in being 1st if you can nvr get a lead on others?”

Blame Air Canada.

195) “Matt Really uncool, my 7 yr old thought that was mean. We were cheering for you guys. Until now.

Is this the same 7 year old who loves the puking?

196) “City of interrupting weddings and waste management. Welcome to Edmonton.

It’s not only the taxis that are objectionable.

197) “A Face Off on F4 is the most stupid thing ever.

After dealing with these comments, I can assure you that is not the case.

198) “this is the detour they chose to highlight Edmonton?

But it gives the impression your city is so eco-friendly!

199) “I’m so upset I’m willing to boycott all taxi companies in Alberta. They promise to wait and they just take others. Bs.

Please let TARC 3 be the catalyst for a taxi boycott.

200) “Spoilers all over Twitter and FB only safe place left is reddit.

Oddly enough, the lone spoiler I have seen for TAR 27 came from Reddit.

201) “Phil would’ve called out the teams for stealing cabs. Snakes on

Phil? The most neutral host in competitive reality TV? Calling out teams for doing nothing wrong? I highly doubt it.

202) “Any idea if there will be an for kids under 18 and their parents?

TARC 8: Family Edition. I can’t wait!


Well, I’m going to shoot myself. Good night!

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