The Amazing Race Canada 3 Predictions and Editing Analysis Week 10 Edition

Well, DuJean & Leilani’s out-of-nowhere elimination threw a huge curveball at me. Can I scramble in the last two weeks of the season?


1) VoldeMussolinis

Another inevitable physical round within Canada’s borders means we are likely looking at another Gino & Jesse victory. Not to mention they will be telling us about how they lived in Alberta for six months or whatever it was.

I can’t wait until we get at least one major mental task in the finale.

But for now, they shall benefit from a straightforward and predictable round of play in Edmonton. The odds of a task involving choreography are currently 75%.

2) Nick & Matt

The storyline for the second half of this season is Nick & Matt chasing Gino & Jesse or barely beating them. With DuJean & Leilani gone, it would be strange for this story to end before the finale.

The wrestlers survived last week’s U-Turn with relative ease. Their semi-profession as wrestlers along with Nick being an elementary school teacher provides a huge diversity of skills to keep them in the top three for nearly every single round except two.

A winter sport being played at the Face-Off will give these East Canadians a significant advantage.

3) Simi & Ope

Doesn’t it seem too obvious that the father-daughter duo will be eliminated before the finale? It would be such an easy outcome.

I would love for Simi & Ope to somehow stay alive after the Face-Off (seriously, how many people from BC play curling?) and beat one team to the mat.

Nobody expected them to reach this point. They just have to battle the odds and defeat Brent & Sean one more time.

4) Brent & Sean

I think Brent & Sean will go home for one reason this week: They’ll choke under the pressure.

TAR has had plenty of shocking penultimate eliminations over the years, and Brent & Sean are the perfect candidates to crumble. Sean has vomited in six separate rounds because of nerves as it is. I cannot fathom what kind of nervousness Sean will experience in a round where a spot in the Final Three is on the line.




Sigh. Depending on how the taxi theft scene is edited later tonight, Gino & Jesse are currently in the best position to win this season. Sadly this has been a known fact since before the season even started.

I hope they get a super duper OTTNN5 edit tonight, but that is doubtful. They have been on the verge of being portrayed as victims as other teams constantly talk about going after the Hamilton brothers, but nobody has succeeded in their plan. Primarily because Gino & Jesse have been in 1st place heading into both U-Turns. Things have truly worked in their favour.

It could be a victory where they overcome Brian & Cynthia, Nick & Matt, and Brent & Sean all trying to take them down. The only hint of a heel turn is how they are engaging in the rivalry with Nick & Matt.


Brent & Sean

Fan favourites who vomit. What’s not to love? Their story has been minimal, and with both of their friends gone (DuJean & Leilani and Hamilton & Michaelia), they don’t have any bonds left.

They used to have their own rivalry with Gino & Jesse, but it hasn’t been mentioned whatsoever since the U-Turn in Quebec.


Nick & Matt

If Nick & Matt win this season, bravo to the editors for not following the script. They were downright invisible in the almighty season premiere. Hell, there are some bloggers and podcasters out there who admit to forgetting about Nick & Matt being in the race even as of three weeks ago.

Their only storylines for the whole season have been “We need to finish in 1st!” (which was resolved) and “We need to beat Gino & Jesse!” (which has yet to be resolved).

If Nick & Matt win this season, it will be the fewest number of storylines for a team to have all season long, and probably the flattest edit a team has ever received.

I have nothing bad to say about Nick & Matt. In fact they have a few clean quotes here and there that are rather amusing.

However, they just aren’t the guys who are particularly electrifying on competitive reality television. And I am sure ninety-five percent of people out there would take that remark as a compliment.

Nick & Matt are great as minor characters, which is what they have been all season long, but seeing them as the winners of this season is a bit tough to swallow. If I was an editor, their current edit may be the only way to show them as winners.


Simi & Ope

Oh, what a sweet win this would be. Unfortunately it requires them to beat Brent & Sean, Nick & Matt, and Gino & Jesse all in the final round.

Simi & Ope were invisible for four or five episodes in a row, and three of which were without a confessional.

They are the only ones to not have anything to do with the major storylines this season. Nothing evolved beyond “Ope can’t swim!” and “Oh my god, we’re last”.

It would be a major WTF victory if they cross the finish line first. If Simi & Ope do win, I will be super pissed with editors because Simi & Ope are the most entertaining team left, and deserved a lot more moments to be shown on-screen.

There is no way Simi & Ope can win this season. If they do, I would fire the editors immediately.

By the way, listen to my TAR Canada podcast that I co-host for YATNcast. You won’t regret this decision.

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