Funniest Complaints About The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 10 Edition

It’s sad to know this weekly segment is winding down for TAR Canada 3.

This week, fans voice their displeasure with a couple of shocking teams, the Okanagan fanbase is very vocal, and somebody from Drayton Valley tries really hard.



1. “My co-worker and I worship the ground that Brent & Shawn walk-on – you should offer mini-Sweeneys. A mini-Jon would be a close second best.”


It should be noted this person and their co-worker are employed as VooDoo Specialists. I do not trust their intentions.

2. “Next year Bring the amazing race to drayton valley. We are an oil town just 1 and half hours from Edmonton. We would have alot of challenges the contestants could do. Showcase more than big cities in your show. Alberta is alot about the oil. You would all love drayton valley, Alberta.”

I visited Drayton Valley about twelve years ago, and stayed there for nearly two days.

Do you know what’s there? A river that the richer people use because they own the property which the river is on. What else do they have? A gift shop for remembering your time in Drayton Valley.

The town has 7, 000 people, and has one of the shortest Wikipedias for any town to have on the website. Trust me, there is nothing there.

Which explains why the person posting said “we would have alot of challenges” but offers absolutely no suggestions.

3. “Jon Montgomery — r skeleton racers really caller ” Skeletors”? A scary name for a scary sport.”

Previously, Skeleton racers were known as “Lugers in Reverse”. A much more pleasant euphemism if you ask me.

4. “Fantastic to see the Okanagan on the Amazing Race!! Very cool that Megad and Jordan Said were driving one of the ski boats ! Way to go guys !!”

Yeah, because that’s why three million people tuned into the episode.

5. “I think The Amazing Race Canada is much better than the USA one. We have a lot to offer in our own Country.”

We do? Like how the Okanagan is the best place for outdoor activities and tourists of nearly any region in Canada, but yet we needed four towns to work together to fulfill a single episode for The Amazing Race?

Your claim is doubtful.

6. “Can I win the full Jon?”

jon montgomery

There is something out there to give you the full Jon, but be advised that you may need to call a doctor after four hours.

7. “My friend and I wants to participate in this race. do we have the opportunity to participate if we from a non-Canada? I wish you agree to accept us, your program crew will be surprise.
Just give us the opportunity, and tell me how.”

Something tells me the admin of The Amazing Race Canada Facebook page will not be getting back to them.

8. “As an Osoyoos native, I know how much work & love the Pedersen’s have put into each and every figure and display in the amazing Osoyoos Desert Miniature Railroad. It was so amazing to see it all on display on last night’s episode.”

Personally, I don’t give a damn about the Pedersens.

9. “I love the show! John is awesome…hitting the target with the potato launcher, landing the jumps in the water….he can do everything! He is sooooo talented!”

deion sanders

He is like the Deion Sanders of reality TV hosting.

10. “I want big Jon!”

big john mccarthy

You want Big Jon? Are you ready? Are you ready? Let’s get it on! C’MON!

—> “Keep dreaming!”

No, I think the person who said they wanted Big Jon was dead serious they would get their wish.

11. “Visited the Osoyoos Model Railroad yesterday and they were so eager to talk about the visit you guys had there. I’ve been going there since I was a kid and I can honestly say that it was the busiest I’ve ever seen it there since the episode aired. Just wanted to say thank you for featuring such a fantastic hidden gem in a small town!”

And then it went back to being dead.

—> “I think that is a benefit of this show, and one of the main reasons I watch it. It’s exciting for the competitors, I’m sure to travel around the globe, but I prefer the episodes which “spotlight” Canadian locations and cultural activities.”

So let me get this straight. . .rather than having a competitive reality show that is a top of the line product and is taken seriously by the international community, you would prefer a version of TAR where cities pay producers money to make their towns look good and artificially boost domestic tourism knowing Canadians are highly influenced by television?

Sigh. I hate you. This is why people on Survivor Sucks call us xenophobes and some of my friends from the US laugh at our version and refuse to watch it.

12. “I would love to win a mini Jon. Jon is the best host ever! Why doesn’t Jon host the mid season show where contestants talk about their experiences? I think he would do a great job and I’m sorry but that random guy who does it, is not the right fit to do it.”

james duthie canada 2

James Duthie being referred to as “the random guy” is the happiest day of my life.

13. “The first team to get to DUT rarely UT anyone, often for fairplay. In fact, I never saw a first team doing it.”

dhaka jill thomas 29

TAR 17: Jill & Thomas.

TAR 19: Ernie & Cindy.

TAR 22: Pam & Winnie.

TAR 23: Nicole & Travis.

TAR 24: Brenchel.

TAR 26: Tyler & Laura.

14. “Love that you were up on Munson Mountain! Should have shown the sign though!”

I know. Editors are such assholes. They are probably losing sleep at night because they forgot the 0.5 seconds of the episode where they were instructed to show the sign.

Seriously. How desperate is the South Okanagan tourism board? I have never seen a group of people beg so much for all of their tourist hot spots to be showcased on television.

15. “nasty boys are starting to show their true colours — and the preview to next week shows even more….”

I am curious how the term “Nasty Boys” are being said aloud. The tone of this complaint could change really fast.

16. “Just wish the ad didn’t say the teams would be on the West coast as it is really in the interior of BC, Seems everything in BC centers around the Coast, But VERY HAPPY to see that they chose a city in the interior instead of the coast for a change.”

The province of British Columbia is located on the Pacific Ocean. It is the most western province in all of Canada.

I am from the North Okanagan, and frequently refer to myself as being from the west coast.

How many rappers from cities like Portland, Kelowna, or Sacramento scream “INTERIOR! REPRESENT!” on their opening track? It just doesn’t sound right.

17. “What ever happens tonight, I am cheering you all on,can’t wait.”

How nice.

18. “It’s pronounced “O Sue Yes”. osoyoos!!
Not however you were pronouncing it!!”

O Suet the f–k up.

—> “Right? Lol You’d think they’d ask someone”

Right. Teams are going to waste precious minutes asking locals if they are correctly pronouncing Osoyoos in a scramble to make it into the penultimate leg.


19. “I’ll say it again – we are a country of water – why oh why do you go on the race/do they accept folks, who cannot swim….”

We’re a country of water? Have you tried swimming anywhere in the Prairies or the Maritimes? BC is pretty much the only area in the world with nice water to swim in on a regular basis.

—> “For equal opportunities. Also, there always is the option to do another challenge.”

Remember that time where teams didn’t have to do the wakeboarding task? Oh wait.

—> “What find amazing is how many people don’t know how to swim. For safety sakes anyone who doesn’t know how to swim should consider taking an adult learn to swim class”

hamilton cynthia 2

A hilarious twist would be if this person does not have First Aid training.

—> “To make the episode more interesting :)”

—> “I find it annoying….”

People who don’t swim annoy you? That’s such a strange pet peeve. Does that mean I should be frustrated with my dad all the time?

MY DAD: Logan, how was work today?

LOGAN: My god. Do you know how frustrating it is to wake up every single day knowing you can’t GODDAMN SWIM?! Talking to you is as annoying as being around Caroline Rhea!

20. “Question: What were those black things tied around their chests? What are they used for? Thanks.”

Leeches. Okanagan Lake is treacherous!

—> “Their mics?”

Okay, that might be a more logical answer.

21. “Why is everyone choosing brawn?”

Because this cast ain’t got no brains, baby!

—> MATT: “After doing both….brains was way easier.”

amanda kimmel brains

Amanda Kimmel agrees.

22. “Brent and Sean-you guys are so tenacious. You never give up and continue to prove you deserve to win! best of luck”

tenacious d

Sean’s stage name as a musician was Tenacious Ralph, didn’t you know?

—> “They absolutely do not deserve to win. They pretty much already lost in the last episode. They literally complain about everything. The other brothers and wrestlers have dominated the entire show and better come 1,2.”

uhf seal 2

“They better!!!! Or else. . .or else. . .or else I’ll club this baby seal out of pure anger and rage!!!!!”

—> “? What episode did you watch? They did a speed bump in addition to the other tasks and still came in 3rd. I guess you’re behind an episode.”

Saying a team had to do a Speed Bump as well as all of the other tasks does not make the feat that much more impressive, but point taken.

—> “Obviously the episode that they got last in, should have been eliminated, and got a free pass. I guess if they win it pretty much doesn’t count. I’ve never seen a team that voluntarily came on a show that requires a bunch of different challenges and literally spent the entire time complaining or crying about each one of them”

If everybody who was saved by a NEL does not ‘count’ as a winner, we would be reduced down to seventeen seasons in the US version alone.

I would also add that TAR Canada 2 would count as the only real season, but since I don’t count TAR Canada 1 to begin with because it was just a beta test for producers, I’ll leave that part out.

—> “Oh well, to each his own. I like them, you don’t. No worries. The teams are all great. I wish them all the best of luck.”

Actually, they’re not all great. If you meet any of them in real life, they will act like snobbish divas because being on television has forever changed their personalities.

Editing truly is a powerful thing.

23. “This Season of Amazing Race Canada shall go down in history as the Water Torture Season. Lots of water challenges. And yes. I like TAR, but the challenges on ARC seem a lot more difficult. But I want a Little Jon. Those were cute.”

Stay tuned for The Amazing Race Canada 4: Guantanamo Bay Edition! Karl Rove replaces Duthie.

—> “Yeah, not a good choice to pick a partner who is afraid of water/ can’t swim!!?”

Do they have a choice, though?

24. “Brent and Sean are TV gold… them….hoping they win!!”

vietnam podium

TV gold? That may or may not be an exaggeration. Perhaps a silver or bronze or. . .whatever 10th place gets would be more appropriate.

—> “Those 2 are big cry babies hope they go out next time ,, all they do is cry for a guy ,, too funny !!!”

Yes, Man Tears versus Lady Tears. Is there a metre adjusted for each gender to measure the precise amount of tears each gender is allowed while on The Amazing Race?

—> “I agree. They whine about everything all the time and after each episode I’m hearing “oh my God” in my head for hours! Between all the puking and whining I don’t see much for endurance or entertainment.”

You think they  are the only ones who say “oh my God” several times each episode? Have you blocked out Ope’s voice, by any chance? I honestly haven’t noticed that with Brent & Sean.


And we’re not even in Twinnie territory.

—> “I agree with you. I love them too. I think they’re real to who they are and I think they’ve surprised themselves and grown. They should have their own sitcom”

They may have grown as people, but Sean’s esophagus sure has shrunk.

—> “I went to hs with Sean, amazing guy. They really do need their own sitcom.”

Does high school really need to be abbreviated? And yes, we all acknowledge you are one degree away from a reality TV contestant.

—> “Loved the show last nite , I find Brent & Sean hilarious and they sure are determined .. they are notthe only “whiners” as you say .. ”

After ten weeks of this blog, I think we all need to take a drink after each time the word ‘whiner’ is used. Is that the biggest pet peeve for Canadians?

—> “agreed…..the other 2 brothers are whiners too but I do love all the teams”

I think you confuse the word ‘whiner’ with ‘just a dash of douchiness’.

—> “Oh.. they’re too precious. . Like ms Haines”

dana carvey

Was. . .was that a Dana Carvey reference? Way to keep it Canadian!

—> “Brent and Shawn deserve their own show after the race is over. I hope they win. They did amazingly!”

air farce

If the actors and actresses in Royal Canadian Air Farce can have their own show, I guess anyone can.

25. “I live in Penticton and have been to Osoyoos but never saw the miniature station that was on the show. Definitely want to go and see it now. Love Amazing Race,”

I feel bad for the Miniature Station–all of their visitors will demand to see Lil Jons or demand a refund.
lil jon get low


26. “This is my home so we watched it with pride. Tough challenges!”

The Okanagan is my home too, but I treated it just like any other episode.

What is the difference between watching TARC with pride versus without pride, though?

VIEWER: Well, time to watch The Amazing Race Canada.

MONTY: Teams must now travel from Delhi, India to the sunny Okanagan!


(The Okanagan National Anthem, which is probably a song by Daniel Powter, begins to play.)

VIEWER (copying the voice of Shane Koyczan minus the annoying background opera wailers): When the race enters Penticton on the wings of Air Canada, my soul soars. When these contestants enter, I watch and have their back just like BMO. Tears streak down my face as they wakeboard on the lake–not because of sadness or grief, but joy as my heart beats in sync knowing Okanagan Lake is my celebrated home. . .

27. “From the Okanagan, GO TEAM OPE AND SIMI!!!!!!!!!!”

From the Okanagan, TYPING STUFF!!!!!!!!

28. “It was great! Found it funny though during the wakeboarding segment off of Sunoka Beach you guys kept showing shots of McIntyre Bluff near Vasueax Lake How many of them got lost? Summerland to Osoyoos is quite a distance”

Teams got lost driving on 97 South? They should be penalized just for that.

29. “This is where I live. It’s too bad our weather wasn’t it’s usual sunny self. Everyone should come to the Okanagan at least once. Penticton means ” a place to stay forever” so once you come you may never leave! Go Jesse & G!”

‘A Place to Stay Forever’ sounds more like the slogan of a graveyard rather than an upbeat tourist town.

—> “I’ve been 2-3x and want to move there. I was told to bring our own work there though as there’s a lack of good paying jobs”


—> “Living here, I can tell you that’s the truth and housing prices are through the roof!!!!”


—> “My husband and I spent our honeymoon in your heavenly region in 1998.”

That is one year before I moved here. Therefore, it could not have been heavenly yet.

30. “It is called Amazing Race Canada, why is it they go to other countries??. Just asking why!!”

They wasted a bunch of time in several towns with 30, 000 people or less this week. What more do you want?!

—> “In all/most of the other countries they’ve visited, they related it back to Canada in some way, like the number of ex-pats or a Canadian landmark of some sort. It’s a way to give the racers and viewers a chance to see another country, but in a way that relates to Canada.”

That’s. . .nothing to do with why it is called The Amazing Race Canada lol.

31. “I Run the Summerland Visitor Centre! Was so proud to see us out on the Map!”

But yet they didn’t show you on TV. Ouch.

32. “I enjoyed cause I live in the Okanagan”

Honest assessment. I approve.

33. “As a child (6) we’d vacation in Penticton, so super jazzed to see how the Racers Faired!”

dj jazzy jeff

Are you as jazzed as DJ Jazzy Jeff?

34. “Loved the episode. I live in Summerland. My daughter works at Locale, the restaurant at the waterfront resort. She was working the day of filming. She says the last team there wakeboarding were there for 5 hours. No wonder Leilani’s hands were sore”

Finally. A local with some interesting information. It puts Leilani’s injury in perspective.

—> “Just had dinner there on Sunday night..awesome food and service.”

If you did not tip at least fifteen percent, consider yourself excommunicated from the Okanagan.

35. “I live in the Valley, it was an awesome show, we love our town and the community!”

As many members of Survivor Sucks always say when discussing TARC, the patriotism fans express each leg is always strange.

36. “Loved it! Such a beautiful part of our amazing country, I love the wines from there…it is definitely on my list of places to visit! So happy that Gino and Jesse are back on top and I have fallen in love with Simi and Ope.”

Oddly enough, I have not had any Okanagan wine. Hmmm. Any recommendations?

37. “Gino and Jesse showed they are SCARED of Matt and Nick! Sean stop throwing up! Dujean was very ignorant”

My favourite episode recap yet.

38. “Great! We live in the Okanagan. Used to live in Penticton and recognized many shots. Camping at in’mp is beautiful. Teams are comical and dedicated! Too bad the sun wasn’t shining that day.”

I can picture some fans screaming at the TV “Why didn’t producers come when it was sunny? That’s not PROPERLY visiting the Okanagan!!!”

39. “Do you guys not know the Okanagan exists north of Kelowna? Producers are so goddamn ignorant.”

I know. Winfield, Oyama, Vernon, and Coldstream. I guess producers don’t truly care about the Okanagan. They are so damn ignorant, dumb, and stupid.

40. “Not a racist comment because I’m a minority but both black females are better swimmers in their family! Just a coincidence I supposed”

Well, I was going to call it a racist comment but because you insisted it is not, I’ll take you for your word!

41. “LOVED IT! We love the Okanagan Valley, and go almost every year. I can’t believe the first stop was at D’Angelo Vineyards!!! Those awful people ruined our vacation one year!! They gave our booked (with deposit) room to someone else and we had nowhere suitable to stay. Trying to find dog frendly accommodation in the height of summer isn’t fun. And their wine isn’t that great, either.”

Well, that explains why D’Angelo Vineyards paid TAR Canada producers to visit their business. It is one way to erase a plethora of negative Yelp reviews.


Or cure those one-hit wonder woes.

42. “I was just in Penticton and Osoyoos in June. We LOVE NK’MIP amazing wine (I’ve loved it for years so had to visit) and food, beautiful resort. It’s amazing what they’re doing for their Reserve. I wish I knew about the museum with all the miniature models! Loved this episode (minus the unsupportive ex boyfriend).”

DIY: For the first nine episodes, Leilani’s partner was a man named DuJean.

In episode ten, he was replaced by his twin brother DouChean. Amazingly, nobody noticed.

43. “This was my favorite episode but I felt really sorry for Leilani because of how hard she tried and getting hurt during wake boarding and Dujean’s total lack of sympathy or support.”

What a weird episode to choose as your favourite for this season.

hungary 4

That’s like saying the Hungarian soup eating task from TAR 6 is your favourite of all time.

44. “The challenges were great, however, the double u turns are uncool”

Eh, it is not like the W-Turn had any impact on this episode. Pretty much a non-factor, really.

—> “I agree, especially when there are only a few teams left…..”

I know this is surprising, but Canadian rounds need to be exciting by having an acceptable twist such as the W-Turn. It’s why two Canadian rounds have Face-Offs, two have W-Turns, a fifth round had a Fast Forward, and the final round determines the winner of the season.

Only the premiere and the Saskatoon legs in Canada were without twists for the duration of the season.

—> “Exactly, and instead of clean and fair games I saw dirty tactics”

What the hell do you expect when everybody has to do a mud run?!

But seriously, what dirty tactic are you referring to? The VoldeMussolinis using a second U-Turn? Did you know you are allowed to use an unlimited number of U-Turns in the Canadian version? I bet you didn’t.

45. “LOVED seeing the brothers (G&J) doff their shirts once again!!”

Well, that explains why they are leading the Fuel Your Casual Fan Favourite poll.

46. “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! ”

I K-N-O-W, R-I-G-H-T? O-R D-I-D Y-O-U N-E-E-D M-E T-O S-P-E-L-L I-T O-U-T F-O-R Y-O-U?

47. “The “ex’s” were a disaster and shouldn’t have made the show. Did the producer hope they’d get back together through the race? There must have been hundreds of better pairs that could have made a positive and creative contributions to the show. No interest in this non couple. As they say: “Don’t go away mad; just go away.” And why do they recruit people who can’t swim?”

a) Producers couldn’t give a crap if a team gets back together after the show or not.

b) DuJean & Leilani made a huge positive and creative contribution to this show. Black exes have never been cast on TAR before, and Leilani was one-of-a-kind and entertaining character. She was a huge force in most of this season.

c) Let the swimming issue go. Jesus.

—> “They were also my least favorite team.”

To Hell with you.

48. “I like Dujean, but can’t stand Leilani and her constant whinning! It’s the Amazing Race, and it’s not supposed to be easy! I’m happy that she’s gone… but sad for Dujean! And he was right! No need to know how to swim for that “water challenge”, and he probably should have done it!”

step up dance

And yet, to quote a famous dance movie franchise, he refused to “Step Up”.

When did Leilani whine? Do you mean when she disagreed with DuJean when he was adamant for her to move faster?

Furthermore, fans frequently pointed out how DuJean screwed up many tasks, and there were times where Leilani stepped in to rock a task to help them make up time.

DuJean had a legitimate point that he should have done the wakeboarding task, but the way he went on and on about it well into the Detour and calling Leilani ‘weak’ was ultra douchey. This is painful to admit since I like DuJean as well. :/

49. “Bret and Sean and just whinners and wish they wud drop out. Sick of seeing him puke also..ruins the show”

Does anybody know how to spell the word ‘whiner’?

50. “Really enjoyed it…but
Osoyoos is pronounced “O Sue Yes”

This sounds awfully similar to the person who complained about how the word was pronounced earlier. Was it that big of an injustice for Osoyoosians? If so, then O Sue Me.

51. “So tired of how conceited the brothers are, Gino and Jesse.
They could take a few lessons from Brent and Shawn!”

Hey, Gino & Jesse were raised by the Prairies, Italy, Ontario, Argentina, Kolkata, and the wakeboarders of the Okanagan. How dare you judge their character!

52. “How did Simi not get a penalty for not doing the monkey bar challenge as described?”

Because none of us knew how the challenge was described.

—> “Is there a “correct” way to cross monkeybars. I think it is whatever works. Monkeys crawl as well. Lol”

In other news, monkeys point.

—> “Simi used her brains to cross the monkey bar… brawn and brains, like an earlier viewer commented,,,,, I agree….”

I/////// also……..                             [[[[[[[[[[[[ agree/..;’;;

—> “Simi was very smart LeLani should have done the same!”

Unfortunately, The Lani is not particularly bright. For shame.

53. “Finally a team that gets it! I was getting tired at teams getting all pissy and whiny about “why us!” It’s part of the game, suck it up and move on.

Nick and Matt understand why the brothers would wanna u-turn them and aren’t holding a grudge.”

But grudges are more fun for competitive reality TV. If everyone gets along with zero animosity or a deep rooted desire to beat their opponents, every season would be a super duper snoozer.

54. “Good sports! Bring the race to drayton valley, Alberta. We are a oil town with a mill, farming of all kinds, rodeo, golf courses, shooting range and every sport there is. Also very big on performing arts. We would love having all of you.”

Shut the f–k up about Drayton Valley. Thank you.

55. “Hahahahha
Glad that they accept how U-Turnable they are.
I was ticked but not shocked!
But guess what [VoldeMussolinis]…they rocked both challenges and are STILL in it to win it!!!
As my daughter would say Bam-What?!
(She watches too much Liv and Maddie haha).”

I always rate my favourites based on how U-Turnable they are on a scale of 1 to 10.

A 10 means they are so U-Turnable they could make you drool, and a 1 means you wouldn’t U-Turn them even if production let you use a fifty foot board.

56. “Nope, do not like [the VoldeMussolinis], too sneaky!”

Sneaky? All of the teams have wanted them out since the opening round.

57. “[This is our time?] Conceited much?”

It is indeed Gino & Jesse’s time. . .to be conceited.

58. “TAR canada copied this challenge from TAR Australia season 2 episode 1”

Indeed they did.

a winner is you

59. “I’d have to stand on a truck and look down. But im great at Tetris type puzzles”

If TAR Canada 4 refuses to do international travel once more, I am sure a Tetris mini game will make an appearance.

60. “impressed they wore their seatbelts every single time.”

That might be more of a “being on camera” thing and less of a “we need to be cautious even if we are driving for five feet” each time.

61. “Why, after you vote, it says to check your email for confirmation of your vote. I have never gotten an email, The Amazing Race Canada. . .The Amazing Race Canada, does that mean none of my entries quality. And why does no one ever answer my questions.”

People are still wasting their time on the contest?

62. “You down with O.P.E, Yeah you know me!!”

naughty by nature

If you wanna test the man to the truth is, my comments produce that feel good readership!

63. “Amazing race is BAE!”


64. “Just a thought…. but why not sell these ” Little Jons ” ?? All profits to a charity… think it would be well received .. I would love one, but the contest is impossible to win!!! Kinda sad for the finale… It’s been a great show..”

Celebrity Apprentice returns next year. You should check it out.

65. “Cool. Love Lego. My kids also loved Lego and one still does.”

If you thought Lego was overpriced, imagine what a limited edition Mini Jon will cost at the store.

66. “Love watching [VoldeMussolinis]. You are simply the best. Hoping blog win. Proud to know you are from Ontario”

A blog will win? Since when was I a contestant on TAR Canada?

67. “[VoldeMussolinis] need to go …. NOW !!!!”

Why wasn’t this comment made ten episodes earlier?

68. “Nope… I feel like [the VoldeMussolinis] are about to play dirty…”

Do you feel that way? Or is it because you saw the preview at the end of the episode where Gino & Jesse steal a cab?

69. “If you don’t count the sex appeal, [the VoldeMussolinis] should be the least favourite team out of the remaining 4…. unfortunately many people count so”

Now you understand how casting works for most reality shows. Thank goodness I am a good-looking stud. You are bound to see me on BB Canada or TAR Canada sooner rather than later. ^_^

—> “They still are better than the sassy brothers! They nag, complain and vomit every time a small challenge is ahead … their voices scratch my eardrums”

Complaining about a person by citing their vomiting as the reason why they are horrible is like dissing somebody due to the shape of their nose. Congratulations on being superficial.

—> “SO TRUE. I only watch AR episodes on my DVR, and skip every scene they are in.”

big brother 16 frankie euthanize

Sounds like me when watching Frankie Grande on BB 17 this week. A 42 minute episode was reduced to 34 minutes. Nothing like banking eight minutes during the day.

—> “I love Brent & Sean! Yes, the vomiting is a little much, but they never give up!”

Endurance versus some spontaneous puke. Take your pick!

70. “Come to Neefoundland to my restaurant pls”

Cough up $55, 000 then we’ll talk.

dana amanda canada

Or if Dana & Amanda win fan favourite, they can pay for the trip.

71. “the way I look at it ,every team that is left are champions,I enjoy watching the AMAZING RACE CANADA !!!!!”

Sounds like the words of somebody who is still sore about Natalie & Meaghan losing last season.

72. “Really like all four teams who are still in the race! My first year watching and really enjoy it! (except for the worm and insect eating! Blech!)”

If we can expose this person to a season like TAR 5 after a relatively tame TARC 3, their mind shall be blown.

73. “Too many brute strength tasks, no wonder all the remaining contestants but one is male and two of the teams look like the athletic dream teams.”

What do you expect? TARC rarely leaves the country, and fans love difficult tasks.

If an all-male team wins, I can guarantee you that while the tasks may be hard yet again we will see a shift in who gets cast.

74. “I love this show! And I love [the VoldeMussolinis], they’re so hot!”

Such respectable reasoning.

75. “Seriously that guy needs to see a dr about his puking…‪#‎anyonebutthem‬ ‪#‎sogross‬”

That hashtag has about as good of a chance catching on as #TheGreenTeam.

76. “I have a horse voice at,in day time it s fine.
i made ginger root drink.
U all have awesome night,time to watch The Amazing Race Canada,,,Big Big Brother”

I have no idea what any of this means, but I think it deserves some recognition.

77. “Watching The Amazing Race Canada I’m shouting nice Towering Cumulus and thunderstorms developing on the show… You know your a ‪#‎weathergeek‬ when”

You know you are a #weathergeek when you intentionally post your knowledge of metereologically based information thinking a bunch of casual fans of The Amazing Race Canada will somehow be impressed.

78. “Too bad Brent and Sean didn’t come in last – sick of their crying, whining, and throwing up!!!”

This is amazing. Ninety-nine percent of the hate is directed towards Brent & Sean and Gino & Jesse. I bet producers did not anticipate this happening!

—> ” I hate this team and in sick of the puking and crying but as much as I hate to say it, I have to give them props from fighting through those challenges”

You are speaking less and less like a casual fan. Kudos to you.



80. “why is it the brothers got to U-turn twice in the race? they already used their U turn”

This ain’t America, man.

81. “How can someone NOT know how to swim?! It’s such a basic skill, like walking and riding a bike.”

Hey, some of us don’t know how to ride a bike. Shut your damn mouth.

—> “didn’t Semi say he was afraid of water?”

japan truck

Semis typically do not do well in water.

—> “All the more reason to learn how to swim.”

Oh my word. Both of these people think Ope is the female. Non-anglophone names are difficult. This is probably the reason why the race is kept within Canada.

82. “Just watching #AmazingRaceCanada @jonmonty and believe #Osoyoos is not the only #Cdn desert..,#Carcross desert in the #Yukon !!!”

They talked about Carcross in TARC 1. Monty likely didn’t mention Carcross because they will not be returning there.

83. “How were dujean and lelani ever in a relationship? #AmazingRaceCanada”

Fun fact: Many many many many people have poor judgment when it comes to early relationships in their late teens and early 20s. All part of life, my friend!


Alright, another fun week guys. Remember to be generous and kind to those folks around you, and try to not be a jerk.

Until next time!

Oh, and I just previewed the cast for The Amazing Race 27. You should listen to it.

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