A Plea To Fans of The Amazing Race Canada 3

Guys. I brought you here together because something very scary is happening in our nation.

Gino & Jesse, the VoldeMussolinis, are ahead by 20, 000 votes in the Vote for Your Casual Fan Favourite poll.

I know I don’t ask for much in this world except for a house, clean water, food, clothes, a job, the ability to travel, be located near a body of water where I can swim, running shoes, a good trail, and a collection of my favourite Nintendo games, but there is one wish I have in this world.

Current standings of the hilarious Fuel Your Casual Fan Favourite Voting

VoldeMussolinis – 90, 000
Dana/Amanda – 70, 000
Neil/Kristin – 24, 000
Nick/Matt – 19, 000
Brian/Cynthia – 17, 000
Simi/Ope – 14, 000
Brent/Sean – 9, 000
Hamilton/Michaelia – 9, 000
Nic/Sabrina – 2, 600
DuJean/Leilani – 2, 400
Susan/Sharnjit – 1, 300
Melias – 979 😦

If we all aligned together, one team would be guaranteed to beat Gino & Jesse.

But because we decided to fight amongst ourselves, we are losing the good fight. And sadly, one but hilarious option remains.

I frequently joke about how Dana/Amanda are in the same category as Amanda/Kris, Anthony/Stephanie, Garrett/Jessica, and Jeremy/Sandy in terms of how invisible they were in their limited time on the show.

Well, this comically invisible edit has somehow led to them receiving 70, 000 votes by the end of week 10. How the hell did this happen? I don’t know, but what I do know is I am giggling to myself aloud at the moment.

Therefore, let’s keep the Cirie Fields-like giggles alive. Let’s all put aside our differences, stop bickertoning with each other, and all vote together for Dana/Amanda, the ghosts of TAR Canada. Heck, Amanda is the only contestant to not make it to the reunion show but yet 70, 000 strong stand by her.

I dream of a world where the Fuel Your Casual Fan Favourite contest has the most amusing outcome possible. Other seasons of Survivor and Big Brother always have predictable Player of the Season/Sprint Player of the Year results, but I think it is time to make TAR Canada’s popularity contest a special one.

You know what to do.
Good luck.

And hopefully, just once, the will of the people shall be done.

P.S. Seeing Nic & Sabrina and DuJean & Leilani with less than 3, 000 votes hurts me emotionally. And, I know we want to vote together to overthrow Gino & Jesse, but could 21 of us help boost Melias past the 1, 000 threshold? Thanks.

P.P.S. I have just been informed that if Gino & Jesse win this poll, James Duthie will replace Jon Montgomery as the host of TAR Canada 4.

james duthie canada 2

Is that something your conscience can live with for the rest of your life? Surely you possess a soul!

P.P.P.S. Oh, and did I mention if Gino & Jesse win, a pit stop greeter at the end of each leg of the race next season will be a co-host from The Social.

the social 4

Seriously. It’s true. You have no idea what pain you are causing all of us for each vote you cast in favour of Gino & Jesse.

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3 Responses to A Plea To Fans of The Amazing Race Canada 3

  1. polisi25 says:

    Sorry, I’m from Malaysia so I can’t vote even if I want to, and why the heck that the team that left in the 3rd leg and don’t have a sobbing worthy story is able to get high votes?
    BTW, I’m currently recapping Total Drama Ridonculous Race, wish me luck.

  2. Zach Chong says:

    How are Dana & Amanda beating Brian & Cynthia? Just… no

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