The Amazing Race Canada 3 Predictions and Editing Analysis Week 9 Edition

I had to switch computers. Due to lack of time, I am combining both the predictions and editing analysis this week.



Will reach the Double U-Turn board first based on how their edit evolved last week. We are supposed to sympathize with them and their family history as well as the fact that the other teams have been on a vendetta against them since day one.

Since they are in the Okanagan, an English-speaking area with physical challenges is tailor made for them.

Things have changed since the VoldeMussolinis U-Turned them. Nobody views the brothers as being super strong nor super weak. That is the perfect spot to be in with a W-Turn on its way.

Plus they are not one of two teams who struggle with water, nor will have a bad back when flipping a tire.

I do not factor in the Speed Bump, by the way. Speed Bumps are known to be so easy that Shahla & Nabeela can finish it in ten to twenty minutes. Brent & Sean ain’t at much of a disadvantage.


Wow. They dodged a bullet by not having DuJean do the water skiing task. Although we have been told 20, 000 times that Leilani will get injured.

For some reason, I could see them as being the second team U-Turned. . .but I don’t think it will truly happen. I see Brent & Sean using the present-day final U-Turn strategy of wasting the second slot to ensure a big target goes home.

In other words, Brent & Sean will block Nick & Matt from U-Turning Simi & Ope out of desperation. Possibly to protect Simi & Ope until Final 3, and also to protect their strongest allies in the game.


Ope’s back is going to have a tough time with the tire. The gods must hate me because Simi is shown wakeboarding rather than Ope. That would have been television gold.

Whoever is U-Turned first will want to throw Simi & Ope to the wolves, but that is not what the edit is suggesting this week. Either Nick & Matt or VoldeMussolinis must go.


Their storyline of chasing a first place finish is over. At the very end of the episode, it was no longer a one-sided rivalry as the VoldeMussolinis expressed their desire to eliminate Nick & Matt.

With no active storyline remaining, it is time for Nick & Matt to go. And Brent & Sean will likely help screw them over.





Emphasis on working together despite being exes was reinforced last episode. Even though they were trailing at one point, editors never gave you the impression they were weak.



The fans are starting to turn against Brent & Sean. The vomiting scenes are a running gag. It is tough to think this could be part of the winner’s edit. Their reason for why they win is not really attempting to be explained. Therefore, they shall be the fan favourites who likely go home in fourth place.



They cannot win. They cannot win. This is the absolute worst case scenario as a viewer.

I am scared now that the VoldeMussolini’s mother is being mentioned, and they are targeting the supposed bad guys of the race.

Wouldn’t editors give them, you know, a more compelling edit if they won though? Isn’t their story over once they survive the second U-Turn? Because that has been their only story for the past four episodes.



They were not shown for six episodes, but I think they will be in the Final Three. If they win, it will be the strangest winner’s edit of all time. Do they even have a storyline?



Tiny edit at the beginning, the first place storyline is over, and they appear to be the heels of the rivalry with the VoldeMussolinis. Tucking a clue under the shirt is unCanadian.

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4 Responses to The Amazing Race Canada 3 Predictions and Editing Analysis Week 9 Edition

  1. Hugo says:

    I think you forgot that Gino & Jesse and Brent & Sean already used their U-turns. Either that or there’s no limit on U-turn usage and I never found out…

  2. Zach Chong says:

    Isn’t it each team gets one u-turn per season?

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