Funniest Complaints About Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 9 Edition

With Neil & Kristin, Nic & Sabrina, and Brian & Cynthia all becoming casualties in consecutive episodes, the fans turn their attention to the grotesque nature of vomiting and flopping catfish. Also, no crying allowed.


1. “I want NICK and MATT out of the race!”

What about Nick AND Matt? I think you suck at emphasis.

2. “I am sad you had The Social have another trivia challenge. It hurts my soul. They are like the real world version of Dementors.”

Whoa! My complaint appeared on the list this week. Yeah, the co-hosts of The Social decided to embarrass themselves once again with a second edition of their trivia challenge.

the social sad

Hey, I’m on the Funniest Complaints blog”

the social bmo 2

It should be noted they needed another representative from BMO to assist them in answering questions.

Furthermore, they were told every answer is either “fact” or “fiction”, but on the first question one of them buzzed in early and answered “Alex Trebek”.

The same f–king mistake they made in the first TAR Canada trivia challenge. Not only is their retention of basic information on TAR Canada minimal, but so is the lone rule they have from a trivia challenge they played four weeks earlier!


3. “Sometimes, I wonder what the criteria is to enter this race, do you have to be gay, or a cop, or transgender, or a mountie, or fatherly, or brotherly love? Shouldn’t you have to be capable of counting all your toes. I don’t know, what is the criteria. To me, they are trying to hard to get ratings from all the above, and not picking physically, strong, people ( of any age and gender) that know what they are doing, and go for it, and would make it a great race. Not people that are going to cry or puke.”

Not picking physically strong people who are not gay, transgender, mountie, fatherly, or brotherly? And they’re not allowed to cry either? Ummmm.


Here is Melias. My personal favourites heading into the season, but needless to say they went home a little early thanks to Elias’ achilles heel somehow coming into play.

But seriously, the only demographic that fits your criteria are upbeat young heterosexual childless couples and emotionless sisters.

Which would be the strangest pitch for a theme in the history of The Amazing Race.

—> “I want one season of no political correctness, one where they pick the best COMPETITIVE teams and not worry about covering every sexual orientation, race, creed, color etc. just hard core racers”

Yikes. The anti-Political Correctness movement is getting a little extreme.

Casting for reality shows isn’t about covering every minority at the expense of the show. In fact, minorities have a long history of being under-represented in Survivor, TAR, and Big Brother.

Simi & Ope are chosen because they are entertaining on screen. The same goes with Nic & Sabrina, DuJean & Leilani, and Sean. Hamilton & Michaelia also brought compelling moments to the table.

Do you just want casting to base their decisions on who the strongest racers will be each season?

gino jesse canada

Then we’ll get eleven pairs of Gino & Jesse. Do you know how bad it is with one pair of VoldeMussolinis as it is?

—> “i totally agree, all these shows are doing this now, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, etc. they picking so many gays, so many blacks, so many vets, etc. What happened to just who is the most talented regardless of color, creed, sexual preference, job, etc. I believe the contestants feel this way too, they want to win on their talents and abilities.”

No, they’re just the standout characters that the audience loves on their screen.

And what the hell are you doing watching American Idol or America’s Got Talent? I don’t watch any of that crap, and neither should you. Dancing With the Stars, any shows using judges/producers to eliminate contestants, and live talent shows relying on viewer vote are in the ninety-five percent of reality television that I absolutely hate.

Don’t you dare clump TAR, Survivor, Big Brother, The Mole, or Pirate Master in with any of that awfulness.

—> “It’s not the Olympics, it’s entertainment. They want a good balance of people for ratings, to have a team every person can relate to. A lot of it is luck and talents that are not based on strength.
There are lots of competitive sports on the telly for those that want it. I just want to be entertained!

Bingo. Too many viewers of TAR Canada relate it to the sporting world. In fact, I strongly believe Canadian viewers do this much more than any other reality TV viewers in the world.

The Amazing Race and Survivor are not sports. Get used to it.

Just for the record, the only sport I truly follow is Mixed Martial Arts, and that’s because it is essentially the sport of the underdog accompanied by hundreds of crazy personalities.

4. “Oh great…… More baby tears I bet…… Can we please have 1 episodes where these over sensitive yahoos aren’t crying, gagging or puking

Baby tears?

austin black

Since when was Austin Black on TAR Canada?

—> “Oh look who it is- Brian and Cynthia’s BIGGEST supporter picking on the team that everyone loves! I don’t know you but I can tell from every interaction and post from you in the last 3 weeks that you were a bully on school. You have more respect for a contestant who is rude and ignorant than a kind hearted sensitive one. Nice!

Wow. I think that’s what we call pwnage.

—> “Says the woman on her high horse who has done the exact same thing to B&C. Forgive me if i prefer a team that runs the race with drive over ones who cry in every episode. Go back to your cats. Ministry of Justice….. I get it now, I see why you hate B&C so much

a) There is no evidence to suggest she has cats.

b) If being employed by the Ministry of Justice is considered an insult. . .well. . .uh. . .

5. “Jon..this is not an you have to speak so fast??? It’s annoying

jon montgomery argentina

Yeah Monty, slow the f–k down when speaking. Learn to anunciate you little beer-guzzling ginger-headed biatch.

6. “Simi, instead of scoffing, berating your dad, and rolling your eyes about what he’s doing wrong and how you will be at the turban wrapping event forever, how about ENCOURAGING him?! Encouragement motivates people to keep going even if a task is difficult. Just think about how LUCKY you are to be running the Race with your dad and that your dad is still around! Be grateful for what you two can share and that you two can still make memories. Stop grumbling and scoffing like a spoiled child! Make the most of the time that you have with your dad!

I am indeed sorry for your loss, but is publicly cussing out a reality TV contestant the healthiest way to cope with it? I think you are exaggerating Simi’s response to Ope in the Roadblock just a tad too much.

Simi & Ope’s sense of humour is misunderstood. They haven’t had a malicious moment all season. It’s just a case of a son or daughter poking fun at their parent for messing up at something or embarrassing the other in public. Happens all the time, and nobody really takes it seriously.

And Simi was indeed a spoiled child. Her father drove around Nigeria to find a pizza place for her. She is a Veruca Salt in the making.

7. “Very disappointed in ARC. The fish task in Dehli was extremely cruel. Because they were fish instead of say, kittens it was deemed acceptable to allow them to jump out of the baskets on competitors’ heads and smash on the pavement. Not funny.

Did you know fish are perfectly fine without water for a limited period of time?

I hear producers let the catfish lie on the pavement for an additional twenty minutes out of personal amusement. True story.

8. “Cheering on the wrestlers for the win. Of course it was NEL and the drama boys are still in it. Can’t wait till they are eliminated. Their constant whining, crying and vomiting are making me want to turn off the show I love so much and look forward to watching. Can’t stand the stupid drama, put on your big boy panties. Enough is enough

The Drama Boys? Sounds like somebody has an issue with males who demonstrate flamboyant behaviour. I doubt Sean is self-inducing his own vomit because he wants attention.


Nick & Matt, however, know a man who did intentionally induce vomiting to seek fame. Seriously. Show them this picture and they will know who I am talking about.

—> “i agree i usually fast forward when brent and sean are on…i guess sean has left a part of him at almost every place they have been

Yes. A true worldwide legacy. It is understandable Sudbury was left out. Sean felt the city was unworthy of him leaving his mark of approval.

—> “It was obvious Non Elimination Leg because there was only one before this leg. And there will be another one in final 4. Btw i love them. They are fun & never give up

gyeongju jess lani

There is a mandatory NEL at Final 4, even though that would require TARC 3 to copy TAR 25 and TAR 26’s Final Four twist? That’s news to me.

9. “I love The Amazing Race Canada but I don’t love how they catfish were treated tonight. Seemed very cruel and unnecessary”

Did they bite the catfish or torture them? Were you able to watch the extended episode on Netflix Premium Gold Plus?

10. “So I and ope are not making good choices”

nick ope paddle

How so? Did you not learn how to swim either?

11. “Anyone else think not carrying the fish on top of his head like the challenge stated should have been a penalty?

brent sean basket

Obviously, producers never let contestants infringe upon the rules without some sort of penalty.

Remember teams get a full page of additional info when opening each envelope. If teams read this aloud for the audience every week, a lot of airtime would be swallowed up because of tedious regulations being discussed during the broadcast.

I believe what happened is teams were fine as long as they held the basket above their head but not necessarily directly onto the head pad, or perhaps they had an unaired penalty at the pit stop which did not affect their placement (this has happened before).

12. “so when did Dehli drop the New?”

Out with the new, in with the old. Isn’t that the saying?

13. “OF COURSE it was a non elimination leg when Brent and Shawn were last. The team that just wont go away. Unfortunately.

OF COURSE because that’s how editing works!!!

When a season is filmed, the editors know the outcome of the whole season before they start putting the episodes together. This means they know who finished last in each of the Non-Elimination Legs.

Therefore, it would be pretty stupid of editors to make you feel indifferent to each team who is saved by a NEL. A NEL you are not invested in or do not have an emotional reaction to the outcome means you sat through an hour of unmemorable television.

So yes, OF COURSE Brent & Sean were last on a NEL round. They have been given eight episodes of sympathy and a fan favourite edit to ensure the nation would weep with tears of joy when this finally happens.

14. “Simi has some pretty great arms.

simi suck

Well, it takes two great arms to perfect the D-Generation ‘Suck It’ pose.

15. “ New Dehli? Yeah, I can sure use some cold cuts.”

singapore allan wu 7

Your game is a bit rwusty, Allan!

16. “Racers are wrapping turbans in Delhi & doing a horrible job of it. Why does this seem like a potentially offensive task?

Because of all of the political correctness. It is poisoning our society. It is poisoning our mothers, and most importantly, it is poisoning Kim Davis.

17. “Why did you throw up so many times in the race so far?

If only BMO could help with a human anatomy expert.

18. “ Trust Jesus died for our sins and rose to be saved.”

Jesus died for Rose to be saved?

rose betty white

That explains why Betty White is still alive well into her 90s. #KeepRoseAlive

19. “18 million ppl in one city, and I thought was overpopulated

Toronto is overpopulated. We need to have an episode of Hoarders where we get decide who stays and who goes!

20. “Simi & Ope can’t be eliminated next week…it’s my birthday.

You want something good to happen on The Amazing Race because it is your birthday?

sweden flight time 4

Who are you? Flight Time.

nate jenn hair

But it may work out more like it did for Jenn.

21. “STOP CRYING Brent and Sean, so embarrassing.

amber cry

You would not have liked Big Brother 8, my friend.

22. “You gotta know it’ll be automatic non elim if Brent and Sean are last.

Congratulations, you’re finally learning how editing works.

23. “nice to see the gay brothers gone.

Somebody’s PVR forgot to record the last two minutes.

—> “Non-elimination round! You get to see their adorable faces one more week at least!

You sit perfectly still. Only I may sass.

—> “good riddance!!

Wow. Somebody is in denial about the NEL.

24. “I enjoy watching the “Brothers” in this Series. Next time let’s have the “Sisters”!!!

vanessa celina

You mean Vanessa & Celina aren’t good enough for you? Stop being such a picky son of a bitch.

25. “Im so nervous for Jesse and Gino! I hope they have better luck with cabs this time!!

If you’re so nervous for the VoldeMussolinis, then you must be an anxious wreck all day long.

26. “Go Brent & Sean! I actually love all the teams left and wish they could all win.

Sadly, many Canadian viewers think an outcome like that would be great because it would be the ‘true generous Canadian way’.

Please never let this happen.

27. “Brent, Sean, the fish and the vomit… makes the race interesting.

That’s about all we’ve got at this point besides Leilani’s awesomeness, Nick & Matt’s family-friendly jokes, and Simi & Ope having their subtle moments.

But yes, fish and vomit makes it more interesting.

don roadblock

Or if you are Don, you use vomit for fish to make it more interesting.

28. “Im hoping that one leg is here in our country PHILIPPINES!

You had two seasons of TAR Asia, your own TAR series, TAR 5, and TAR 25. Stop being greedy.

colin ox 2

“My greediness is BROKEN!”

29. “love Brent and Sean! After tonight’s episode, we really want to see an interview with the cameraman who had to film and watch him vomit all the time. So funny! I’m guessing there will be a montage at the end….love the show

They rotate who the camera operator is with each team at the end of every leg. Therefore, all camera operators would have to come together and recount individual stories to create a collage.

30. “I hate to say it but this leg really showcased the difference between Canadian racers and American racers – I’ve seen so many legs on TAR that go through Indian or other countries and the American racers are VERY derogatory, dismissive and rude.

American racers are VERY derogatory, dismissive, and rude in India?

india jaime 3

Or just Jaime?

31. “Way to go Halifax you two did an awesome job proud of you and rooting for you

Who the hell is Halifax? Are we still doing this week one bulls–t of naming teams based on where they come from?

32. “I totally related to them hating the smell of fish….I would have been gagging also lol. So glad it was not an elimination round. I have grown to really like Brent and Sean and hope they make it to the end!

cow lips 2

If you love the smell of catfish, then you’ll adore the odour of a cow’s lips!

33. “they should have received a penalty for not carrying the fish on their heads.. they only half carried them.. not fair.. but hopefully they will be gone next week after their extra challenge they have to do and hopefully the other teams will double u turn them.. i must say though .. he does give me laughs when he gags at everything…

I sense confusion in you, young Skywalker.

34. “They keep saying how they are giving their all to each leg of the race but all I see is whining and crying and them saying “I can’t do it, I can’t do it”.

Have you ever met somebody who is extremely competitive but lacks self-confidence in tense situations? That’s Brent & Sean.

35. “They have struggled with everything and they some how seem to always finish, makes me think it is set up for them to win, which would be a shame considering how all the other couples are so much more ahead each time they do a challenge and the brothers are always sick.

Everybody is always ahead of Brent & Sean? Did we all miss those seven episodes where Simi & Ope are next-to-last, those couple of rounds where the VoldeMussolinis barely survived including the Delhi round, and how DuJean & Leilani are fairly inconsistent in the standings?

But nope. I am sure your opinion based on falsified information is indeed correct.

36. “Not carrying the basket on the head as the challenge dictated should have cost them in penalty or at least the fish didn’t count.

But we didn’t know exactly what the challenge dictated. Did you read the additional info?

37. “Did no one else think this challenge was a bit cruel to the fish? They were falling out of the baskets, being thrown around, etc. All I could think is how inhumane it appeared to be


38. “too bad they weren`t eliminated..they are such whinners

I can’t tell if winners or whiners is the misspelled word here.

39. “I would like Simi and Ope to win a leg. That way all the remaining teams have won one. I like the Wrestlers best but all the teams have their special charm

I sense. . .I sense. . .I sense a middle-aged woman. . .sitting on the couch. . .watching family-friendly television with her grandson. . .wanting everything to be fair and for everyone to be kind and harmonious on national television. . .”

40. “Glad that they won. Wanted to puke at the end with Brett and Sean crying. Grow up and GO HOME

crystal cox

Since when did Crystal Cox start watching this season of TAR Canada?

—> “not nice :(“

I know. So unCanadian.

—> “Is that who lost”

Jesus. Look up the recap on Google.

—> “Non elimination round”

Don’t reward somebody who didn’t take two seconds to google this information. You’re reinforcing their bad habits.

41. “Am I crazy or was Matt & Nick and the brothers running in opposite directions at that park road just before the mat??

MATT: “Indeed we were…weird…”

It’s like there was an additional task where teams were instructed to ditch all of their money in a special box, but the instruction was in Hindi and nobody could figure it out.

andy tommy

If only Andy & Tommy were there to show them how! Three out of eleven teams succeeded at doing this in TAR 19.

TAR Canada 3? Zero out of five.

Perhaps Americans are more giving than Canadians after all. šŸ˜¦

42. “So much for Amazing Race Canada is only for Bell customers.

Considering it is nearly the end of the third year, you won’t be hurt too much by missing it.

43. “everytime i go shopping with my dad . i feel like im on this show

I don’t get this comparison whatsoever.

france baguette

Unless it’s the stupid baguette challenge from TAR 16. How stereotypically French of them!

44. “Plzzzzz send me friend request all person plzzzzz

—> “Get lost!”

—> Why Have you any problem”

—> “Yeah, losers like you who put out stupid posts for friend requests from people you don’t even know. I didn’t visit this page to read your crap. Kindly FO. Oh yeah, reported for spam.

—> “Sry”

That’s no way to treat a needy person online. Clearly he is lonely. :/

45. “the first two people, you see in the video, the one in red… i swear thats mr. Era


—> “Bitchhh I told you


I feel like I am missing a crucial bit of information.

46. “PlZ send me friend request all person plzzzzz

Your apology meant NOTHING! In other news, reporting the user for spam did not work.

47. “Nick and Matt make me smile. Seem like the Kinda guys anyone would want to hang out with #realcanadians

Anyone would want to hang out with?

nicole arbour

I hear Nicole Arbour wouldn’t hang out with Nick & Matt because she mistook the muscle for fat. Tsk tsk, Nicole.

48. “I love Brent & Sean, as they cried, I cried with them for almost getting voted off. I would for them to win this season.

They almost got voted off? I know the non-politically correct people hold some power, but I didn’t know they held THAT much power.

—> “As they cried…… Which episode since they have cried, gagged or puked in every episode aired so far

Actually, they have only puked in Toronto, Quebec,Ā  Saskatoon, and Kolkata. So you are missing five episodes.

49. “Nick and Matt, I knew him when he and my daughter went out together! Great Guy!

Underlying message: ‘He was the one who got away! I have always wanted a competitive reality star to be my son-in-law! Look at what you’ve done to my grandparenting prospects, Michelle! Do you know how muscular that baby would have been?’

50. “Love all four teams-I really do!!! Voting with my heart for Simi and Ope….what a bond …. ā¤ “

The question is. . .who is the one team left out of the five you don’t love?

51. “Can’t believe there are people who want the race to stay in Canada and not go international. It’s kinda fun to see Canadians experience other cultures. Oh well, xenophobia is hard to remove in old, crusty Canadian people, I guess. :))

don cherry

Removing old, crusty Canadian people: It’s tougher than you think. Scotiabank.

52. “It’s called an auto rickshaw not a Tuk tuk

—> “Actually, in India, it’s called a bajaj, if you want to get pedantical about it šŸ™‚ “

Now that is a song which should have been a hit.

olivia newton john 2

“I want to get pedantical, pedantical. . .let me see your body rock. . .or let me see your body sway. . .”

yankovic word

Yeah, leave it to Weird Al Yankovic to make a hit song about words.

—> “Bajaj is the manufacturer. Tuk Tuk is a phrase used in other parts of Asia, but in India there are 2 types of rickshaws. One uses man power on a bicycle, referred to as a rickshaw. The other that uses the power of a scooter/vespa-type/motor-cycle, that we see in the above photo, is called an auto or auto rickshaw.

This is more educational than The Amazing Race itself.

53. “I believe it was shot near Great Residence Hotel where I stayed last July!

I don’t care where you stayed last July. Who are you, Gord and Wayne?

54. “How can you not love these guys?!
[Nick & Matt] have awesome personalities, great sense of humour, work amazing together and are so cute (ya, I said it)!
Look forward to seeing them WIN the Amazing Race Canada

You’re not going to like my editing analysis this week.

—> “i like them and gino jesse they are to me the only two good teams that are left

Sorry to the gay team and the two African-Canadian teams remaining–you are all bad.

—> “I will reserve my comments on Gino and Jesse lol

There is no need to reserve. You can just drop in and enter with your comments whenever you wish to do so. The restaurant of VoldeMussolini Criticism is more than happy to accommodate you.

55. “Drama wins over comedy…just look at the Oscars as proof lol I want an awards night dedicated to comedy and family movies

No. I already refuse to go to the main theatre in my town because all they show are sequels, family movies, or both. The only film I have seen outside of the bi-monthly Film Society screenings in the past eighteen months is Straight Outta Compton.

And we all know the new Toy Story 4 is going to tank.

—> “Family movies and family programming on tv in general is almost non-existent these days.

You couldn’t be more wrong. Family movies are the biggest moneymakers for theatres because a whole freakin’ family goes to them and cashes in on 40 bucks in tickets at minimum. This is before kids whine about not receiving popcorn and soda marked up to twelve bucks altogether on top of that.

Hollywood is catching onto this. They also pour money into action films geared towards teen date nights. Two winning formulas.

Single adults like me pay the ticket strictly for independent films, go in there quietly without food or drink, and then leave. The fat cats in Hollywood are not big fans of me.

56. “Speaking of Amazing Race Canada, I’m so tired of watching those two brothers and listening to one hurling his cookies every new adventure of the race. What is wrong with him? Everytime he exurts his body we have to listen to him tossing his cookies, either turn off the mics or put the cameras onto the adventures of the other contestants like the wrestlers.

You don’t understand the concept of editing, do you? Camera operators can’t magically teleport to another team and start filming them, or rip out the batteries from their sound system.

Editors crank up the volume in the editing suite, and they zoom in as much as possible with the camera all with the intent of seeing how grossed out you would get out.

Clearly, it worked.

—> “I have a fear of vomiting, so I feel bad for them lol

sandy francesca sit

Hey Fran.

57. “Penticton is nice, been there . We ran into the water in the month of April, was cold.

The Okanagan: You ski and snowboard during the winter, and use our world class resorts between May and September in the summer.

So what the hell were you doing here in April? Who goes water skiing in the Okanagan in April? You had to wait one month and then you would have had a solid one hundred days of swimming. Not a bright decision, my friend.

58. “Your Amazing contest for a trip somewhere is a joke. I have 19 out of 20 for Paris and it says there are no more pieces of gum available. I have 18 or 20 for Vancouver, and there is only one picture with no gum, and no other pictures available.

Somebody is still wasting their time on that crap?

59. ” I am curious as to why there is no alberta leg so far.

Rounds 11 and 12 are in Fawcett. Stay tuned!

60. “[Nick & Matt are] The best team there is, the best team there was & the best team there ever will be, on The Amazing Race Canada!!

bret hart

Oh. A Bret Hart reference because Nick & Matt are wrestlers. You are oh so clever.

61. “We love these guys. And so glad they didn’t fall under the “specialist curse” – where teams get a challenge in their specialty and the can’t do it! Go Nick and Matt!


Sadly two seasons of Survivor were tainted because of a Specialist Curse.

62. “Shoot – did I miss this? When was it on? What a spoiler!

For the millionth time, once it airs on the east coast it is no longer a spoiler.



63. “Nick is my cousin in law once removed, proof he is on my profile picture so happy he got what he wanted after trying again and again

Profile picture clickbait? No thanks.

64. “get out their and vote for these [Nick & Matt],, The ladies are getting more votes and they shouldn’t be get these guys pass them at least they are still in

nate dogg

Hold up!

“The two ladies are still getting votes?” Is that what I read?

Six weeks after being the victim of one of the most invisible edits of all time, Dana & Amanda are in the top two for the Fuel Your Casual Fan Favourites contest?

dana amanda canada

Oh my god. The favourites of The Amazing Race Canada 3: Dana & Amanda.


It would be like if Rita of Survivor: Fiji won the Player of the Season award at the reunion show.

This is too funny. I want Dana & Amanda to win the competition because it would be strong evidence of how random reality TV viewers are in Canada.

65. “As his mother, I had the very good and the not so good of “mini Jon” in the past so I think I will pass on this contest. Still love him very much though xxo

What? Mama Monty doesn’t want to buy the Mini Jon doll because of distant memories?

cormac nicole

I s’pose their relationship as mother and son is nowhere near as close as Cormac & Nicole’s relationship.

66. “Why can I never see anything they post. I get a blank screen ?

anderson cooper

If a green screen appears after your page has been entered, you remain to see its contents.

If a blank screen appears after your page has been entered, you have been eliminated due to your outdated computer.

67. “Feel bad for [Leilani’s upcoming injury] but possibly nick and Matt have a better chance of Winning

Do they?

—> “Nick & Matt are likely going to U-Turn or be U-Turned. They’re really building up this rivalry between the 3 male teams.”


—> “I still hope they win nick is part of my family

Biased opinions get you nowhere.

68. “Hope no one drops out……we need some drama to push these teams !!!!!

But dropping out would create drama.

69. “[Leilani] Suck it up butter cup

Shut the f-ck up.

70. “Can someone please tell me how I can access the episodes from California?”

2pac california love

Unlike Tupac, Bell has no love for California.

71. “Love the Amazing Race Canada but it’s too bad so many teams are chosiing penalties instead of completing challenges!”

FYI: You are two episodes behind.

72. “Love the show but hate that so many episodes are not in Canada”

But yet you love it because so many are in Sudbury and Saskatoon?

73. “My mom put on your show for just a few moments while passing through the channels, the contestants were in the midst of racing around with what looked like some type of catfish in baskets on their heads. They were alive and I was shocked to see the terrible abuse they endured. Watching them slam into the pavement as contestants ran. Seeing them being tossed around and thrown. I cried immensely hard and had her immediately turn that channel off. Very disgusted and disappointed at the disregard and disrespect of life your show depicts. Will never watch again or recommended to anyone.”

Slam into the pavement? The catfish are twitching and flailing against each other ninety percent of the time. You are making it seem as if Nick & Matt threw a catfish onto the pavement, dried it out until it was starting to suffer, then jumped from the top of a market stall to give it a flying elbow drop.

randy savage elbow

Even after the catfish task in India, the only person who is a savage is Randy himself.

74. “Sorry guys lost interstate after you started going abroad, I thought amazing race CANADA we would see other parts of Canada so you’ve lost my family “

*dusts hands* Well, that’s one casual fan taken care of this season. Eight out of twelve rounds was not enough.

And quitting the task of watching The Amazing Race Canada makes you no different than Neil & Kristin, Nic & Sabrina, DuJean & Leilani, or Simi & Ope. Good day!

—> “Canada is awesome and still makes up the large majority of stops over the three seasons. However, staying within Canada lacks much of the cultural and language barriers that make the Amazing Race what it is. They also went from near freezing conditions in April in Canada to insane heat in India…it’s all part of the challenge.

Indeed, but some people are idiots, and you can’t control idiocy.

75. “I love watching the Amazing Race, however, the last episode with the catfish was very disturbing. These fish were being used in a challenge and were suffocating and suffering for the purpose of entertainment. I ask that in the future, the Amazing Race Canada treat all living beings with respect and be a leader for all such programming to show compassion and non-violence.”


I’m sick and tired hearing about you and the f–king catfish!

—> “Catfish can survive out of water for as long as their skin is moist. They weren’t suffocating at all. You could see they arrived wet.

sweden connor jonathan 23

On a season with three attractive all-female teams at the starting line, Connor & Jonathan also arrived wet. Unfortunately not for the same reasons as the catfish. Ew.

76. “I’m not a huge fan of the wrestlers…but even *I* cheered them this week! LOL! And yay for the save of the gays!

Even you cheered for the Wrestlers this week? Oh my word, then they MUST be good!

77. “Tonite on the teams fight thru lineups 2 make the Jays game by the 3rd inning. Twist: all selfie sticks are confiscated.”

And it is remarks like this which make the casual fanbase the most confusing people to deal with in the world.


Yeah. That’s it. The complaints are half as small as last week. Either this season is losing its buzz or everyone is happy with what is going on. Judging by the disturbingly few notes I wrote down this episode, I think it may be the former.

Alright, if you have as much feelings for the catfish as you do for me, then you will listen to this podcast I co-host which dedicates an hour to The Amazing Race every week.

Lastly, follow me @logsupacoowacky on Twitter. I’m not a player, I just tweet a lot.

P.S. That guy who repeatedly hit on Kristin Lumsden? He was nowhere to be found this week. The fellow gave up on her after three weeks. He has less endurance and determination than Shahla & Nabeela.

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2 Responses to Funniest Complaints About Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 9 Edition

  1. This episode and the racers who remain are like a Rorschach Test for the casual fan-base. Their comments are less focused on any one specific thing and reflect their own personality characteristics more than ever. Thanks you TAR Canada for another great international episode and the national therapy session!

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