The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 8 Predictions and Editing Analysis

I have about forty minutes to write this. Excuse this morning’s typos. It is the life of somebody who now works full time.

Also, Sue of Sue’s Reality Canada roasted me yesterday morning. I am honoured.

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1) DuJean & Leilani

TAR Canada is the perfect franchise as this series loves dancing challenges. Their weakest round to date (Sudbury) just happened to be the one that didn’t have any choreography.

With a wrestling challenge previewed for this week, it could very well suit them as wrestling is a highly choreographed form of entertainment.

In addition, this team seems to do well on rounds where they have to use taxis rather than drive themselves. Perhaps they are good at communicating with local drivers as opposed to using maps.

I think we will witness their third victory of the season. They are the only team at ease in India other than. . .


These guys.

Yes, a wrestling challenge is happening tonight. But c’mon, the golden rule of TAR is for viewers to call you cocky and arrogant as a task that slightly resembles your profession forces you to adapt, and thus you struggle more than other teams who have no background in that profession and can handle the task for what it is.

Furthermore, we need the running joke of Nick & Matt not finishing first to continue.

They have the best Average Finishing Position of all remaining teams this season, and I doubt that will change by the end of this season.

3) The VoldeMussolinis/Gino & Jesse

If a taxi was willing to pick them up last week, this is where they probably would have finished.

Assuming history does not repeat itself, it is tough to picture the most physically fit and calm team left in the race to crumble under the extreme heat and environment like some of the other teams did.


On Express Pass-less legs, Brent & Sean have locked down finishing around 4th-6th for nearly the whole season.

I just can’t see them taking their racing abilities to the next level and cracking the Final Three. Based on the past two rounds, I would say they are withering away. Another round in India will probably drain them for good.

When you’ve got wrestlers, dancers, and physically fit dudes still in the race, your endurance level may not match up quite as well.


I say they will finish in last almost every single week, and the amazing thing is that I am almost always right but I miss it by just a slot or two.

The father-daughter duo, who are much more fun than Hussein & Natasha, had their best round of racing yet (which I predicted). However, they would have finished 5th yet again if not for Gino & Jesse’s struggle to find a taxi.

They rarely beat any of the other remaining teams all season long to the pit stop except for extreme circumstances. It may very well be the only scenario for them to avoid the cellar tonight.

I really hope tonight is the other NEL and they can be saved for a second time. We are finally getting an edit that is beyond “I can’t swim”. Editors are learning that Simi & Ope’s small moments are amusing.



DuJean & Leilani

Not only has their edit been three-dimensional, but it became increasingly positive as we were shown a long clip of their kindness to fan favourites Brent & Sean as the reason for why they got to be on the nicer flight.

Their edit has been all about overcoming the added obstacle of being exes and learning how to work together as a team.

It doesn’t hurt how editors are portraying them to be strong and popular amongst teams.


Brent & Sean

Could the team that producers are bashing us over the heads as forcing them to be our favourites actually be the ones who win this thing?

I think their edit is too over-the-top at this point, but hey, it’s not the first time an over-the-top team has walked away with the victory.

It’s just there is not much story to them other than Sean’s vomity fits and their eagerness to eliminate the VoldeMussolinis. Otherwise we are merely being shown a highlight reel of their antics.


Nick & Matt

They are portrayed as borderline Survivor: Samoa Shambo levels of one-sided rivalry with the VoldeMussolinis.

With Brian & Cynthia ousted, all signs point to Nick & Matt U-Turning the VoldeMussolinis out of the race. If this does not occur, it is a huge waste of time for editors.

Nick & Matt’s other loose end is their quest to finish in first place. If they do so before the finale, then congratulations, you can guarantee they will not be winning this season anymore.

If they enter the season finale without a victory to their name, then I will bump them up as the biggest contenders along with DuJean & Leilani. The key about late season editing is to figure out which teams still have loose ends.


Gino & Jesse/VoldeMussolinis

“We’re a strong alpha male team. The only time we are mentioned is when we get a bad taxi or others talk about aligning against us. We have no thoughts or opinions of our own, according to the editors.”

Sorry guys, but editors are pretty much burying you at the moment. They’ll have to make Nick & Matt look like idiots this week and also paint you guys in a much more positive light.

The only thing you have going for you is indeed the fact the other teams talk about your performance on numerous occasions.


Simi & Ope

“I can’t swim, I can’t swim, I can’t swim, we like being Canadian and visiting India, oh, and something about Jet Li.”

They can’t win. Nobody edits a winner as being invisible for fifty percent of the season.


Well, that took me only twenty-five minutes. I am personally amazed with myself.

What’s also amazing is the weekly podcast that I co-host for YATNcast each week. Click here to listen.

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