Funniest Complaints About The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 8 Edition

Apparently, you either have to love Brian & Cynthia because they are police officers or you have to hate them for being police officers.

Sadly, loving them because of their personality is not allowed by the casual fans this week. I don’t think this will be much fun.

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1. Thought that they were in Surrey haha

Two weeks in a row where we start off with a mildly racist joke? I am sure this will go well.

2. “i didn’t think they did a good job for India’s Tourism. They made it look awful there. They should have showed more beauty.”

Why the hell is everyone suddenly expecting The Amazing Race to promote each country’s tourism economy? I don’t want every round to have a $55, 000 price tag attached to it just so casual viewers are drawn in to book a vacation for each location.

Want to see India or Saskatoon or Sudbury presented in a light that will help with tourism? Air a show where Peter Mansbridge reads a brochure each week. Jesus.

—> “i agree….i was pretty disappointed…there are so many beautiful places in india and all they had showed crowd , chaos , dust etc !!”

If this round bothered you, you’re not going to like it next round where an active route info takes place in somebody’s unwashed anus.

—> “Yes, and people laughing at them. I have been to India, and people don’t laugh at you, they are very respectful people. They do not judge, or laugh if you can’t do something. They were told they weren’t allowed to help with the flowers or the dolls I bet.”

That’s true. The only people who laugh at your misfortune is Kisha & Jen.

And yes, I am sure producers told all 1.2 billion people in India to not help the teams with making the garlands, and had nothing to do with the fact that teams did not want to waste time to pull a local off the street and explain the concept of The Amazing Race Canada as well as the task in great detail until a point in which he understood what was going on to potentially help.

—> ” next week they r going to new delhi..i m from new delhi…so lets see what they show !!”

Knowing casual fans, the answer will be along the lines of “not enough of it”.

—> “Is that where the Taj Mahal is? I am from Newfoundland originally, that is why I was rooting for the two Newfie girls. LOL. They left too soon. LOL”

lol Newfoundland education. ‘Tis Agra, my friend. They went there in TAR 1. Canadian producers would not dare to repeat a location after 30+ English speaking seasons in fifteen years.

3. “hello”

monopoly talking

Uncle Pennybags has the same question that I have.

4. “[Brent & Sean need to] Stop wining the tears are not endearing”

They endeared Your Reality Recaps. That’s all that matters, right?

—> “Why are they not allowed to show their feelings?”

anthony fiji

Anthony Robinson cried on Survivor: Fiji, and ruined it for men everywhere.

—> “Tears from men are very endearing actually.”

boston rob cry

Yeah. Just look at how the audience responded to Bee Rob’s crybabyitis.

—> “It’s your whining that’s unendearing, so stop posting.”


—> “Last time I checked we lived in a democracy where everyone is entitled to their opinion if you don’t like it move on”

This isn’t the type of blog where any opinion goes unnoticed, sadly.

—> “Yes, and when you express your opinion on a public forum, others are allowed to express their opinions of your opinion. Don’t like it? Then don’t post in public fora.”

^ This.

5. ” The only reason [Brent & Sean] are still in it is because of last weeks express pass. They will be gone sooner than later..”

That’s a weird reason to think of as being solely responsible for Brent & Sean to still be alive. 

They didn’t get lost like Brian & Cynthia did, and aren’t stubborn enough to work alone when it doesn’t benefit them like Simi & Ope are.

Plus Brent wasn’t awful on a trampoline.

6. “I found [Brent & Sean] annoying in the first episode, but they are very genuine and kind to each other and the other racers. I find myself now hoping they win!”

Vomiting at a ferry was annoying?

7. “why is the show giving sooo much screen time to [Brent & Sean]. zo”

Small town flamboyant designers enter big city = hits a home run with a high percentage of the reality TV viewing audience.

—> “ery good question. I find them endlessly annoying….”

Are you guys speaking your own language?

8. “I want to see Ope and Simi win. They are truly honest and the dad can`t swm and yet he has done the things in the water…Better that they win as they have to REALLY try hard… they do not give up”

Truthfully, I always root for the team who tries the hardest to not suck at various tasks.

—> “To go on the amazing race unable to swim or drive stick are not wise choices.”

If you are a hardcore applicant, that is true. If you’re somebody who casually applied or was recruited. . .then they don’t really care about their own skills at all.

I doubt getting to the end of the race and winning has ever been or ever will be Simi & Ope’s priority. And ain’t nothing wrong with that.

9. “I can’t believe these two clowns [Brent & Sean] are still in the race. Everyone seems to love them but I can’t stand it when grown men cry and these two pansies cry and whine every single episode. They are the worst whiners this show has had in the 3 seasons. And I can’t wait to see how much they cry and mope when they finally lose.”

It should be noted that this person is also anti-Sukhi & Jinder. Thus, their opinion was null and void even before this comment was made.

And I can’t really think of any part of the TAR Canada experience thus far which Brent & Sean have disliked. They just don’t want to be eliminated.  Believe it or not, competitive people have a tendency to cry.

Tito Ortiz himself admitted he cries consistently when watching movies. Focused and competitive people will always be prone to emotion because of their intensity which makes them successful in the first place.

—> “Seriously dude? You choose to use the word “pansies”? Guess the ‘roid rage is kicking in.”

shanghai jet cord mccoy 4

I know. It looks like Jet & Cord have new friends.

—> “Get a life! There’s nothing wrong with a man that cries. I bet you wouldn’t be able to do some of the challenges this guys have complete. Also why so much hate? Is it because they are gay? Don’t forget that you never know if your little boys will end up dating guys or girls, and then you might have to swallow your hateful words”

I don’t think his remark was made with that much long term thinking.

—> “Did you have the same objection to Sabrina’s whining and crying or is that ok because she’s a woman?”

Nah, he just hates people who express any emotion or personality in general.


His romantic ideal.

—> “Fine, he can take out pansy, but that does not make them less annoying.
Whining and complaining are for big brother.

I also cannot wait until they are eliminated.”

Whining and complaining are for Big Brother? I think whining and complaining are for this blog.

In fact, the complaint about Brent & Sean’s forged complaining is what made it into this post to begin with tonight.

10. “I think the race is fun. However, when it comes to paying attention to details, I wouldn’t want the “cops” looking out for my best interests. They lacked behind in two tasks that they should have excelled at. I also think it’s disgusting that they showed so much distrust and distaste for India.”

Compared to many of the other teams this season, Brian & Cynthia have never experienced true international travel. They are always on-duty, and it’s probably a tough gauge to turn off.

I highly doubt their distaste and distrust had anything to do with personal beliefs, but rather paranoia outside of their surroundings and being a city that is approximately 1, 000 times more densely populated than the outskirts of Winnipeg.

—> “Something most people don’t know is Brian has a germ issue, so he probably had a hard time adjusting to the environment. They constantly over thought challenges. 😦 I’m sad they are gone!!!”

I will punch the first person who responds “A Canadian germ issue? Who is he? Howie Mandell?” because everybody and their mother seems to know that Howie is OCD.

—> “The look on Cynthia’s face whenever she looked over her shoulder at the garland task had nothing to do with germs and everything to do with the fact she thought every person walking by them was going to steal their packs. There was nothing but contempt on both their faces for most of the leg. They took themselves far too seriously and I am glad they are gone.”

If you’ve ever traveled to an unknown area, even within Canada, you’re going to be keeping a close eye on your belongings which include your passport.

For instance, when I was in university, we had multiple cases of people who were stealing student’s backpacks and/or laptops when unattended in the library. If you ever had to use the bathroom in the library, it was an unspoken rule that you ask the person seated behind you to look after your stuff.

All it takes is one bad apple to lose you thousands of dollars of stuff. Hell, we’ve had a case on TAR where a taxi driver intentionally stole a team’s belongings to put them out of the race.

And yes. Brian took himself so seriously that he truly wanted to crack a coconut with his butt, milk a bull, do an amusing golf clap when DuJean & Leilani received the pass, and speak Spanish to a Kolkatan taxi driver.

Or freakin’ quoting Han Solo nearly every round.

—> “Agreed! I’m so glad they are gone as well because now I enjoy all of the other racers!!!”

Don’t enjoy them too much. :/

—> “I was watching and wondering how he would be in any criminal investigation if he cannot even find the difference in a statue. Attention to detail is not his thing so how does he do the police thing where they have to find evidence and clues to who done it? Good thing about them is they seem to be madly in love with each other and that is wonderful. I am sure having one police person in the family is stressful enough but having two would be very hard. Hopefully their police schedules are similar so they can be together in their off hours.”

While Winnipeg may consistently be fighting for the top spot as the Murder Capital of Canada, I don’t think too many cases involve statues as holding the key clue to solving a crime.

Unless it’s a giant statue of an ice hockey stick or that weird folk singer who got famous.

Also, I am much more comfortable knowing Brian has a handle on statutes rather than statues.

—> “The judge killed me when he was arguing with her and she kept saying “no no no no no no””

Then after that she said “don’t phunk with my heart”. 

fergie phunk

A judge of statues.

—> “He might only be a ticket giver! In which i think he would exceed the minim standard!”

—> “That would make him by-law, not police officer. Did he lie?”

—> “it was so stupid when he kept insisting that all the statues were he same – hello! she said no, LOL!!!!”

lori yell

Eh, it wouldn’t be the first time there was a trick question when it came to statues on The Amazing Race.

—> “Ah yes, their “perception levels” are so much higher than the rest of the non-cop, mere mortal racers – is that why Brian argued with the lady about the idols all being the same? Everyone faced the exact same challenges re: crowds, heat, language, and no one else acted in the manner these two did. And really, do you think they’re going to say something like, “We thought it was a nasty place with nasty people”, in an interview? As I said above, how they felt was more than evident in their faces and many viewers saw it. Now THAT’S perception!”

Every week over the past ten years online I swear evidence used to support a theory has been to look at a team’s or a local’s faces.

Remember how people said the potato spitting incident was offensive to the Peruvian locals because of how they looked? This is what I’m talking about. Facial reactions on reality shows are strictly used for comedic or dramatic effect. Study Tribal Council footage in Survivor and you know exactly what I mean.

—> “No one was edited in the way these two were. I don’t know why they wouldn’t just say it was nasty there if they wanted too… Many other race teams in many other races have done so. They admit they were uncomfortable, they don’t like crowds, or thousands of people at their back…”

Or they’re just racist.

—> “I don’t think Brian & Cynthia showed distrust or distaste for India. What they meant was they felt that crime is more easier being in a crowded place, therefore easier to steal & other things. They admitted they didn’t like crowds. I don’t get why people didn’t like them. The only thing I didn’t like was how impatient Brian got with her & would yell at her. They are married, married couples sometimes fight especially when stressed & bloody hot too lol. I am sad they are gone. I was hoping they would win!”

In other words, Brian & Cynthia’s fear came from constantly thinking like a criminal and trying to counter becoming another victim of theft. It adds up.

jet li

Brian is not allowed to yell at his wife, but Ope raises no eyebrows when he shouts at Simi something about Jet Li.

—> “My favorite ‘Brian & Cynthia’ line a few episodes back was explaining why they couldn’t take “selfies” that as police officers they weren’t “trained” in that!”

Yep. . .that was funny.

—> “You’re in a strange land for the first time, what do you expect? I remember my first visit to Cuba, I was on guard the whole time. Large crowds is a natural place to have things stolen so I don’t think they did any wrong. Plus the show is edited, what didn’t make it to tv? I would bet there was tons of praise for India.”

Nope. Brian & Cynthia hate India. All 1.2 billion of it. The end.

—> “I must have seen a different Brian & Cynthia then some of you.
I didn’t see disdain, disgust etc.
What I saw were two people in a foreign country with noise, heat tons of people, exhausted and probably more on guard since they are cops and have probably seen a lot more of the underbelly than we could ever imagine.”

Let’s put on the brakes here. Just because you’re in law enforcement doesn’t mean everyone who isn’t in that profession gets to see nothing but sunshine, unicorn, and daisies.

—> “The last time I checked, they do not speak Spanish in India.”

I know. Brian & Cynthia were complete idiots for speaking Spanish to the Kolkatan taxi driver. Last time I checked, Spanish wasn’t an official language in India. Not even similar languages like Basque or Portuguese.

Those dumbf–ks didn’t know Hindi, Punjabi, or straight up English was the way to go. God they’re oblivious!

—> “Obviously you do not get Brian’s sense of humour. I thought that was hysterical!”

One of many, evidently.

—> “Having been to India, I know what it’s like to be in the crowded streets. Believe me, there is a lot of people that will intentionally touch you as they walk by. This was not the team I was rooting for, but kudos to them and to all the teams for completing such a difficult leg of the race.”

C’mon. Strangers in India don’t randomly touch TAR contestants on a reality show in a public place. It’s never happened before.

jaree train

creepy 2

Oh. It’s you again.

—> “I had the privilege of serving with both Brian and Cynthia and can tell you that the ARC did an amazing job of Character Assassination with their editing. Brian has a dry sense of humor and throws out one liners but editing takes it out of context (speaking Spanish instead of Bengali WAS A JOKE, sadly no one obviously got it) Cynthia just doesn’t quit, EVER. The ARC needs to create heroes and villains in order to keep viewers entertained and invested, the golden team G&J can do no wrong and are edited in the perfect light, minus the halo, and I’m actually surprised that they showed them arguing in the last episode. Brian and Cynthia are easily made out to be the villains as everyone hates the cops until of course they need one, (you’ll notice how almost everyone refers to them as “the cops” where as other teams are mostly referred to by their names) and a married couple will argue more than brothers, father/daughters, or friends, . In regards to previous comments, NO they aren’t traffic cops and for those who got sick of them saying they are cops, clearly that is scripted in by ARC every episode so new viewers get the background just like everyone else saying “they are dancers” “they are wrestlers” “they are two losers still living in mom and dads basement”. Luck clearly wasn’t with them in that challenge either, they weren’t lucky enough to get 3 bright blue beads on the necklace, a bright red line on the base of the statue or a bright orange bracelet. A horizontal line on the neck without any color is BS, hell even Brent and Shawn got screwed with their tiny detail but at least it was in color. As for India, it wasn’t disdain, it was being in a situation where your awareness is going haywire and your head is on a constant swivel, add that to a constant swelling crowd and being shoulder checked by passer bys and the ability to sew flowers takes a backseat. Regardless of what i write, there will still be people who will love to hate this team and are glad they are out but i can promise you this, if you ever meet this couple face to face, your opinion will definitely change.”

a) The VoldeMussolini’s edit  has been somewhat negative. Everyone constantly disses them for being gamebots who hog the top of the leaderboard. Their footage has been anything but compelling.

b) Brian & Cynthia’s dry humour was perfectly edited. It was targeted for a specific demographic, and I think producers succeeded. They aren’t anywhere near the top twenty or thirty reality TV contestants who I feel got a less-than-flattering edit by producers.

c) The only contestants in TAR Canada I would judge as meeting the criteria of being villains would be Pierre & The Michels, and they embraced that role.

—> “The problem , for me, is not editing. Yes , you are in a race, but, at the same time , you are in a once in a lifetime experience so enjoy it! And this guy sorry, but he looks mad , thought way over the top about himself and he seems all the time CONSTIPATED. Yes he was never able to let go he’s control issues or to let his wife think for herself ( she’s lovely by the way). And being myself a person with a very dry sense of humor , I just can tell you , maybe in his “normal ” life but not here. Here he was “undercover”, seriously , men you are a cop,no shame on that, at the opposite, but , really , you’re not James Bond either, ok?”

What is one thing you will miss while being on the race? Laxatives.

If only that made it into the CTV bios.

11. “I agree the “cops’ are bullies-esp. Brian telling the “idol” lady is wrong and she doesn’t know what’s in the set up display-glad to see the last of them!”

Who in the world did they bully?!

12. “It was yet again another intense episode of not knowing who would finish first. Brent and Sean are proving to be resilient through each task and not giving up on a challenge, good on them as I truly didn’t expect them to get this far. I am kind of glad B & C were eliminated last night. They didn’t look like they were having a very good time in several of the episodes and they always seemed to have something negative to say about the tasks they had to complete or the foreign places they had to visit. it is kind of nice to see variety of teams winning a leg of the race so as to spread the wealth of the leg prizes. it is proving that thus race could finish with any one of the teams which is why I haven’t been able to pick who I think will win. Great job ARC !!!”

*Except Simi & Ope or Nick & Matt according to the edit.

—> “I’m with you. I thought they talked the talk but when it came down to walking the walk, they failed most times.”

sean walk

I beg to differ. It is Sean who can’t “walk the walk”.

13. “It was good but it’s Amazing Race Canada. Let’s get back here”

Sudbury sucks and so do you. — Sandra Diaz-Twine.

—> “So many people keep saying this. It’s the same concept as amazing race but with Canadian participants. Yes we love to see Canada but it’s the amazing race…they go everywhere.”

—> “yes, it is Amazing Race Canada, and it should have stayed in Canada. We have a truly amazing, glorious country that can be explored. There are many places that have this kind of set up, just because there are zillions of people in India does not mean we are not as good as them.”

Considering we’ve had 18 out of 25 legs in Canada and just two in India, something tells me producers do not think India is better than us.

—> “Yes, we have an amazing country and it’s wonderful to see. But, for the contestants, it’s good for them to learn of Canada’s connection between other countries as they did last night regarding the yoga master.”

But yet not the connection Canada has with the Komagata Maru. . .although I have a feeling discussing that incident would not make TAR Canada a family-friendly show. It’s something reserved for grade 11 Social Studies, evidently.

—> “provincialism reigns? The amazing Race travels, all over, we don’t need a sad copy that stays in Canada.”

—> “Canada is filled with so many nationalities and Canada has played a strong part in a lot of these foreign countries that I was not aware of….so thanks Amazing Race Canada for showing me the connections…..keep up the great work!!!”

—> “Do the contestants stay in the states for the original Amazing Race? No. This is a spin off of that show. The only reason Canada is in the title is because there are Canadian contestants. It is a much more challenging game when they travel to other countries and have to deal with the language barrier. The international legs are always the most intense.”

—> “also the major sponsor is Air Canada…..they are going to showcase their flights and where they fly even if they don’t fly there directly”

—> “The world is so big compared to canada. If ARC were shot only in Canada there would not be very many seasons to watch as they will exhaust all viable canadian locations. The fact that the show’s creator has included out of country locales that has ties to canada and it’s history is good for the participants and viewers to learn. Keep it up ARC as I will continue to watch.”

—> “They did have quite a fews legs of this race in Canada.
I love that they leave Canada. In other countries they have to manage the details of the race, plus learn to figure out how to communicate when they are in a country that doesn’t speak English. To experience the overwhelmingness of the heat and confusion of a country like India, plus get your tasks done, is a much harder challenge than staying in Canada.
I love that they go outside Canada. They will be back in Canada for the final challenges of the race.”

Oh my god. The casual fans are becoming better. I am shedding tears of joy.

14. “Brent and Sean have so much heart! I’m rooting for them as well as Simi and Opi! thanks to Brian and Cynthia’s departure, all of the teams that left are fantastic!!! So I am looking for word to this race, however Gina and Jesse are just too good at everything- I do hope they go next just to even the field! Loving this show and the host is the best host on television! He’s so Canadian!!!”

Why weren’t all teams fantastic before Brian & Cynthia’s depar–oh, I get what you mean.

Is Monty Canadian? I think he’s a secret American trying to corrupt our national agenda!

jon montgomery hands

Just look at that guy. He’s up to something and you know it.

—> “Gino & Jesse are what make the other teams try harder. It’s a challenge for them to beat this team. I’m G&J all the way. GO HAMILTONIANS!!!”

The VoldeMussolinis are what make the other teams try harder because they know the audience doesn’t want the most boring outcome possible. In other words, the other teams are sacrificing themselves for our sins.

15. “OMG The Amazing Race Canada!!! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME !!!! I tape it so that I may watch every now and then!!! Brent & Sean my favourites I truly hope they win, 2nd is Jesse and Gino WOO HOO”

Ohhhh kay then.

THAT GUY WHO HIT ON KRISTIN LAST WEEK: “My “India-pendent” thoughts on Episode 8: When Brent Sweeney landed on his head after brother Sean dropped him, I was worried, but started laughing when Sean offered him an extra headband instead of a helmet or Aspirin. Talk about talking your lumps. Was happy they weren’t eliminated. . .wrestlers Nick and Matt continue to squash the “not-so-smart” stereotype, acing competitions that I thought were better suited to the now-eliminated “cop combo” of Brian and Cynthia; Dujean and Leilani, who started off as bickering exes, seem to have found their mojo as teammates and continue to impress; did I mention I miss Kristin (LOL)?. . .LOL LOve this show!”

Well, you know a casual fan absolutely adores Kristin when he’s the only one who can spell Kristin’s name correctly. Also because he is still hitting on her a full week after she was eliminated from the race. Casual fans typically don’t have that long of an attention span.

And I never thought the word ‘lumps’ would refer to Brent & Sean in this context after what this guy has said in the past two weeks.

my humps

Wow. We are back to Fergie in record time.

16. “I think it’s a pity that not being able to get a cab can decide a teams fate. We saw it happen in the Amazing Race US final when Brendan and Rachel ended up with a driver who had no clue where he was going.”

That’s. . .that’s. . .that’s the example we’re going with?

—> “I remember that, it is just a pity; I remember earlier seasons of the amazing race US when that happened as well; the taxi drivers can cost you the game, but what can you do really?”

Make it a self-drive leg and let go of the fear that teams will break traffic laws in the final leg of the race.

17. “i glad that Brian and Cynthia got kick off .”

—> “Skipped grammar classes eh”

*You skipped grammar classes, eh?”

18. “So happy that Brian and Cynthia are out. I’m happy with the top 5 teams. Hoping the final 3 include Brent and Sean, and Nick and Mat”

robb zbacnik 2 bs

2 B’s guys. . .2 B’s.

19. “I didn’t like Gino and Jesse attitude toward Opi and Simi they were very selfish.. For once the race was interesting and I was on the edge of my chair.. Omg I cried for Brent and Sean but happy they did it.. I can’t wait for next week…”

VOLDEMUSSOLINIS: I can’t believe Simi & Ope are following us!


VOLDEMUSSOLINIS: We’re following Nick & Matt!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I think the VoldeMussolinis are receiving a negative edit. They’ll still win the Fuel Your Casual Fan Favourite, but am glad producers are at least putting in the effort to refrain from brainwashing the casuals.

—> “Its a race…”

—> “I know it’s a race but they don’t have to be selfish.. Look and Sean because of Lorneys help they were able to sit in business class.. Racing don’t mean being selfish wish they were voted off.”

Lorney??????????? Does Lorney vote off teams from the race?

—> “Well opi and simi mentioned they didn’t want to win because of other contestants help..”

—> “They never ask for help.”

I don’t get what the discussion is here.

—> “How many other teams do you think would help Jesse & Gino? Not one because they are a threat. I don’t see many teams helping each other. It is a race and it’s each team for itself. Helping others can lead to your own elimination. Gino & Jesse have a right to be proud. They are good at what they do. Are they arrogant, maybe to some, but to wish them bad because they don’t help others isn’t right. That’s too much hatred. There are teams I don’t like, but I don’t wish them eliminated. I was glad to see Simi & Ope rise toward the top. Each week is different and it’s all in how they play the game.”

Nick & Matt helped them in the library. Case closed, as Brian would say. Because, you know, he is a police officer.

I do wish bad for the VoldeMussolinis. The hatred permeates not only my skin, but also my Italian-Canadian soul. It is apart of me. Nothing would satisfy my blood lust more than the elimination of the VoldeMussolinis, and I would throw a party that involves lots of Palm Bay flavoured Beer Pong to celebrate.

—> “Where in my comment did I wish them bad? Do you really know what wishing bad really means? I am not going to comment on that issue anymore cause I can see where it’s heading ”

An example of wishing bad: I hope whoever was responsible for putting the cast together in TAR 18 and 24 jumps off of the tallest bungee jump bridge in Europe without a harness, and nothing would make me happier than see Devon Soltendieck be replaced by Matte Babel as a TAR correspondent.

matte babel

This guy.

—> “when were they selfish? did i miss something”

Sigh. People love ignoring all of the signs of the VoldeMussolini’s hypocrisy.

20. “It was an interesting episode. The jobs didn’t seem too difficult but most teams were frazzled by the overwhelming city, the stifling heat and crowding. Wonder why taxis wouldn’t stop for several of the teams?”

Didn’t you read? They all had contempt for locals. Or Kontempt of Kourtkata, or something.

21. “I dont understand why there are no non elimination rounds on Amazing race”

—> “yes they are it was used two episodes ago..”

—> “No, that was a keep racing event. In the american version every other pit stop is a non elimination round?”

Whether you classify a KOR leg as a NEL is a matter of personal reality TV beliefs.

If you are like me, any leg where a team is not eliminated counts as a NEL leg. I do not recognize DLLs as two separate rounds, and find it to be a bit of a robbery when teams do not have to complete a Speed Bump for finishing last on a KOR/DLL round.

I call people like me Absolutists.

Those who disagree with my beliefs I classify as “Wrongists”.

—> “There’s more teams than before, in the same amount of time therefore less non elimination legs. American one runs longer; therefore there are more non elimination”

Eh. Wrong. US version also hosts twelve rounds each year just like the Canadian one. In fact, the last US season to not have twelve rounds was during the end of the Transition Era when TAR 12 and 13 had eleven rounds of play.

—> “They do have them. Nic & Sabrina were the first two to avoid elimination due to the non-elimination term. So, ARC does have them. I liked the addition of the face-off this year. What I don’t understand is, with the US version, you must be able to swim to participate. When they first cast for the first season in Canada, this was a stipulation in the contract so we’re trying to figure out how Simi & Ope made it considering he is unable to swim.”

What I am trying to figure out is how you mixed up Nic & Sabrina with Simi & Ope who finished last during the Quebec round. Heck, Nic & Sabrina weren’t second-to-last neither. Did we forget the four hour penalties during the leg?

—> “He probably can swim, just not well. No, according to you ARC had one. ARUSA has it for every other leg.”

Also wrong. They used to have it in three out of twelve rounds which is 25% of all legs.

When they introduced the Final Four twist (which now needs to be retired since its effect is now gone), it was temporarily boosted up to four out of twelve rounds.

Do you want to see a NEL in every other leg? Try the current season of TAR Vietnam. #FiveNELsInSevenLegs

—> “Did I miss something? What’s the difference between non elimination and keep racing? The end result is the same is it not? All teams move on to the next leg.”


22. “I don’t like Gino n jessee they are kinda full.of themselves. I bet people votes for them cz they are good looking”

Well, you are halfway there.

The fan favourites in each season of TAR Canada is always the young good-looking team who win the highest number of rounds.

In TARC 1, it was Jet & Dave.

In TARC 2, it was Natalie & Meaghan.

In TARC 3, it is the VoldeMussolinis.

I think the Canadian casual audience not only wants a nice good-looking bland team to root for, but they also view TARC as some sort of sport and wants those who “deserve” the win to claim the prize because of their season-long winning performance.

—> “We vote for them because they are awesome racers who’ve had to overcome so obstacles just as the other teams have. It has nothing to do with their looks. That’s shallow and offensive.”

Shallow and offensive. . .but realistic. :/

And what obstacles have they overcome? Them sucking at giving taxis proper directions or choosing to run halfway across Santigago?

—> “No..i know many ppl who are voting for them just for looks. Sad Brent and Sean dont have more.”

Perhaps the lumps have backfired.

23. “Great episode. Not impressed with the cops!”

. . .That’s why you thought it was great?

24. “I was hoping Nick & Matt won that leg. Good on Brent & Sean for never giving up. I’m team Jesse & Gino. Hope they have no more bad luck with cabs”

It was good on Brent & Sean for never giving up, but bad on them for letting us down then running around and deserting us.

25. “kolkata is a busy place you cant even get taxis there and one of the brothers probably got a concusion i think it was the the one of the brothers that got first”

Well, that narrows it down to four possibilities.

26. “what a beautiful country !!!!! great way to visit , from the cheap seats in my living room !!!! lol”

Watching it from your couch doesn’t count. It’s not like the Reading Rainbow or a-ha’s Take On Me where you are forcibly sucked in.


Airplane in the sky

Neil’s trampoline can go twice as high

Take a look

It’s on CTV

Reading Montybow

27. “The cops are gone woohoo! Love Brent and Sean. They are adorable. Brian and Cynthia were disrespectful jerks in India. Good riddance”

Brian & Cynthia may have needed earplugs in Kolkata, but may have preferred blindfolds for the Internet.

28. “Lmao omg being in acro /gymnastics i couldnt help but laugh when they were all falling because #1 rule bases have to sacraifce there own life to keep the flyer safe i shouldnt laugh but it was pretty funny js”

Ah. Gymnastics humour.

29. “So glad Brian and Cynthia are out. So rude!”

guilin margie 4

—> “Not rude, just human. I’d like you to see how you fare in similar conditions.”

Don’t give casting any ideas.

—> “Based on their attitude throughout the whole race they have been negative and rude. And there are many teams next to them that have handled competitions positively so thanks for your input girl!!!!”

The whole race? Or just the past couple days when they started slipping down the standings and feeling the increased pressure of the race?

—> “Editing… Funny you don’t see any other teams edited in that way… And I guarantee they all argued or disagreed and made a comment here or there”

Other teams were edited that way. Remember Bethany Hamilton’s statement in the Philippines? She got away with it because #inspiration and nothing sounds offensive coming out of her mouth because of the inflection in her voice.

—> “Okay guys a lot of people didn’t like them so have a good night! And besides they were really cocky but couldn’t even prove themselves lol to the challenges they felt they were going to breeze through yet being being one of the lasts. So bye!!! ”

But. . .but. . .arguments are fun. It’s weird to think Brian & Cynthia were viewed as cocky during the Sudbury round when I interpreted as them being a little confident and funny.

—> “Getting into a traffic accident while in the taxi on the way to the mat was probably their downfall this week… But that’s not something they edited into the show… Again… Negative editing can cause lot of unjust opinions.”

brian greg crash 1

I am guessing it was less exciting than Brian & Greg’s accident.

—> “I wasn’t even talking about the India leg omg… talking about overall. And you say editing but all teams have had their downfall it’s just how they’ve handled it. And other people can see it too.”

We can see it, but just not the other 80-300 hours of footage that gets cut out of each episode.

30. “Who came in last?”

Your mom.

—> “Brian and Cynthia”

—> “Oh my…! They are one of the strongest team…what happen to them?….ouch! Im going to watch it later on you tube.”

—> “They were too busy being rude and sarcastic to actually concentrate on their tasks. They made Canadians look bad with their behaviour.”

—> “Just reading the comments here and wow you are really hating on Brian and Cynthia. Seems like you are deliberately going out of your way to do so. Calling them rude and contemptuous which is not much different then what you are doing right now. It’s much more enjoyable to read the posts people make encouraging the racers. Best of luck to the remaining contestants!”

—> “They were actually really rude to the lady when finding the matching statue. Brent argues that they were all the same more than once. I was not pleased with their attitude toward each other and the race. I was not sorry to see them go. I’m surprised they are still even married.”

Such a simple question turned into yet another feud.

31. “It was an excellent episode and I was happy to see the couple that was eliminated … I was getting tired of hearing how great police officers they are and complained about every little thing… (Were they hoping that it would be catered to their ability ) especially when they went to a foreign land ”

—> “They had a task centered to their abilities and everyday laymen worked it out faster than they did. As for having an eye for detail, I pity anyone who has them working a case for them.”

I don’t pity their employer. I mean, you have Canadian reality TV stars working for you! How cool is that?


I would be super stoked if I discovered I had to train the Lady Pleaza Mangwiza at my job tomorrow.

—> “At least they never took a penalty. Considering Cynthia took a beating on that log, and never complained I’m not sure which show your referring too.”

nick cynthia canada

And Nick didn’t help matters.

32. “There is a very distinct difference between the competitors from Canada & the American. Canadians practice fair play !!”


33. “This episode brought out a wide range of emotions in me! If I were in the race, the moment I read India, I would have dropped out! UGH! There’s no #$#@ way! The crowds, the heat, the food, the smells… I would DIE! Brent & Sean have been my heroes throughout the competition. But I am loving DeShawn and Lelani! Their reaction when they found out they were in first place was priceless! I rewound and watched it repeatedly! And I must say, the fact the cabs wouldn’t pick up smug brothers Gino & Jesse just made my day! HA HA HA!”

I would love it if somebody read their next destination at the start of the leg and said “No f–king way!” and instantly quit the race.

kendra fumes 2

Although Kendra would’ve had that reaction if she knew what she was going to experience on the race beforehand.

34. “Cannot believe the cops are gone”

Three hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean simultaneously -> Big Nog retiring from the UFC -> Amanda not showing up to the After the Race special -> Brian & Cynthia’s elimination from round 8 of TAR Canada 3.

—> “Thank god. Too cook for their own good.”

marshall lance


35. “So proud of Brian and Cynthia – and sad to see them go!”

—> “Proud of what? So rude and unsportsmanlike. Embarrassment to law enforcement officers.”

judd scumbags

Yes, they’re a bad sportsmanship.

36. “The first team didn’t really get any head start advantage eh? They all departed and arrived at the same time in the same flight.”

You didn’t notice this in all six rounds before this?

37. “Brian is so angry and his wife is such a downer? I love both sets of brothers I hope either win.”

I disagree on all four counts.

38. “I do not understand why you have to leave Canada – when we have such an amazing beautiful Country! I look forward to seeing places in Canada I will never see! We have so much to see and do…just don’t get it?”

I looked up the list of the most populated cities which have yet to be visited within Canada as of the end of this season. If you get your wish, enjoy The Amazing Race Canada: Ontario and Quebec Edition!

—> “This is a franchise of the Amazing Race based in the USA. It’s called Amazing Race Canada, not because the race takes place IN Canada but because Canadians are the racers. So, all franchises travel abroad to other countries because that is WAY more challenging then staying in the shows home country and is also what the race is based on. It isn’t meant to be a show about tourist attractions IN Canada. It is cool that our versions shows so much of Canada, but that isn’t how the other countries do it.”

—> “First season they never left…”

—> “It was a trial season, keeping costs down.”

—> “I see – you work for them??”

Actually, this is true. Producers didn’t know if TARC would be a hit or not. I always consider TARC 1 to be a Beta test, and never truly consider it to be part of the TAR canon.

A season which stays entirely within one country, has only nine teams, and barely lasts ten rounds is essentially a low scale experiment to see where things go.

—> “LOL, no but I do follow the TAR community very closely. You think I’m making this up? Have a look at this site, if you are interested its pretty neat to see all the other versions of this show that are out there:”

—> “I just wondered as you seem to have answers when one would expect them to come from the profile of this page. I thought as a community as social media we would be able to post comments to the page it is directed at. This is just a personal response from a person watching point of view (as in myself and my question)”

—> “The people who run this page don’t respond to comments, its a forum for fans of the race to discuss it and them to promote it. You said you didn’t understand something in your initial post, so I offered you an answer knowing you wouldn’t get one otherwise.”

He is right. I have constantly made direct references to the admin, and he has yet to respond to a single remark I have made. It’s like getting the cold shoulder from a robot.

—> “Is Wikipedia not a site that can be edited and added information by anyone……”

True. All 60+ international versions of TAR including bios, routes, detailed episode-by-episode counts, and statistics are all forged.

—> “Yes, that’s the point of it.”

—> “The page is not called Amazing Race Canada Forum..I guess I must have I have misunderstood the show as well. If just anyone can edit or add to a site does not mean the facts are correct or am I misunderstanding that as well?”

—> “Oh, believe me there have been times when people have messed with it. There are a LARGE number of people who are rabbit fans of the various TAR franchises and many of them keep it up to date and correct. Believe it or not, there are 12 international versions of the race plus the original US version. Canada is the only one which spends so much time in it’s home country… most start and end in their home country only. I like the mix, seeing more of Canada is cool but the repeating locations will be an issue.”

—> “Well I am not a die hard fan..just was enjoying watching people from my own Country in my own Country…pulling for teams from our own Province and then liking everyone..and pulling for who ever! This is a LARGE country with so many things to do..I doubt a repeat of a location would happen for quite some time..”

And if you are from Ontario, you get to like eight of the twelve teams!

And yes, this LARGE country has used Toronto twice, Quebec City twice, Halifax twice, and the Yukon twice.

—> “That is an awesome reason to watch! Don’t need to be a die hard fan to love this show. Enjoy the rest of the season. Believe it or not we have seen 4 or 5 already….”

—> “Well I guess with so many exciting challenges and the people – We have not noticed! If they have gone to same City more than once – they have not used the same places to do challenges in the City itself…Some of our cities are huge and offer many different experiences…Are you from Canada??”

—> “I’m from and live in Nova Scotia… they have been to Halifax twice now too…”

asa kachan 2

And if another local shares a name with a Pokemon character, they are allowed to go there for a third time.

39. “Anybody else finding a lot of the challenges this season extremely lame and not challenging at all…
Reading off a teleprompter
Building a sandcastle
Milking a cow 1L of milk
Pulling a light rickshaw
Jumping on trampolines.
Its just lame lame lame. Second rate garbage that CTV always produces.
And what the hell does that dinky looking trampoline facility have anything to do with Saskatchewan. Did they not have any locations of significance that they chose to visit a trampoline facility that looked lamer than a local bowling alley?
And the casting sucks. Plain boring characters chosen to fit a political agenda. The gays. The transgendered. The cops. The soldiers. Quit it. Pick people with actual personalities. Take a cue from the second season of Australias Amazing Race. The perfect mix of villains who will do anything to win at all costs. Amazing competition.
But as with anything CTV produces…second rate garbage.”

Gay and transgender people do not have personalities? Wow, somebody hasn’t been watching Big Brother 17.

And referring to a task as “building a sandcastle” is so misleading.

kristin canada

This is TAR Canada’s version of building a sandcastle.

—> “I’m pretty sure you’r alone in this opinion… sorry.”

40. “We love the Amazing Race Canada but our family is disappointed at the “Let’s take the penalty” attitude this season. As contestants said, they used it as strategy, but as a viewer it’s a real disappointment to see the challenges bypassed.”

Hence why the Express Pass, something which I have deemed to be a pointless twist since its debut in TAR 17, just needs to go away. Those are two fewer tasks being skipped per season.

—> “Jon, finally you are showing your funny side this season. I loved that about you in the Olympics but didn’t see it for the first few seasons. Yeah! Love your funny side. Keep it going.”

Finally? Jon Montgomery winked at the camera during the Fast Forward when he said teams had to go “Full Monty” for the painting task.

41. “Love Amazing race Canada, my 7 yr. old son and 5 yr. old daughter and I watch it every Wednesday…we each have our favourite teams.”

And if one of your children says “Gino & Jesse”, do you drop them off with the ex-spouse and give them full custody of that child?

42. “yeah that’s right act like big shots about having an advantage due to your occupation, there’s a pattern.”

Note to self: Whether you are a wrestler, dancer, ice hockey player, stuntman, police officer, or a semi-pro athlete, do not mention it on camera because suddenly you will be labelled as a big shot.

43. “I am so happy that those arseholes Brian and Cynthia are gone they are not a good example of canada ppl #AmazingRaceCanada”

I dunno. They wore red.

44. “I was praying to see Gino & Jesse being the last. xD Sorry, I can’t stand them. #AmazingRaceCanada”

Sadly, the gods are asleep before 9:00pm eastern, 8:00pm central.:(

45. “At least it wasn’t 3rd again”

Wasn’t it Seinfeld who said bronze is better than silver?

46. “God I hate Brian and Cynthia. #AmazingRaceCanada”

And yet this is the prayer that was answered.

47. “Love the Race. Never miss an episode but it really bugs me so many challenges are decided by taxi drivers.

It’s an annoying bug you have had to deal with for fifteen long years.

48. “#AmazingRaceCanada
Love the race
Never miss an episode
Hate the fact so many challenges decided by t axi drivers.
Fix it.”

If Twitter won’t do anything about it, it’s time to start a petition.

49. “It’s not even really a race, just a show about people who are late for their flight. #AmazingRaceCanada”

. . .You haven’t seen The Amazing Race since season twelve, have you?

50. “Never hate a team in #AmazingRaceCanada but this team suck Nic & Sabrina aren’t watching the episodes on Wednesdays but drink #starbucks”

Somebody is late to the party.

51. “Soooo glad to see Brian& Cynthia gone could not stand them !!! I get it’s a race , be cut throat do what you have to do but be pleasant have a personality she had none !!! Plus holding back what they did for a living !! Thinking it might serve them as an advantage which clearly didn’t !!! they did very poorly !!!”

Actually, they will likely end up with one of the best Average Finishing Positions of any team this season.

hamilton cynthia 2

“And she’s had a pleasant personality for way longer than you, bud.”

52. “Still waiting for TARC FB page to post videos and well wishes to Brian and Cynthia for a well run race…

Every other team got 1, sometimes 2 even 3 “well wishes” videos. Pretty sure we all saw the brothers “yoga” moves you’ve posted enough videos about it… ‪#‎amazingracecanada‬ ‪#‎favoritism‬ ‪#‎brian_cynthiaMB‬ ‪#‎wpg‬ ‪#‎prairiepride‬ ‪#‎editing‬

I just checked twitter and you didn’t even ask for a RT for them… I was already suspicious of the editing on these two, now I’m convinced you have favourites and edit it the way you want…. I’m not the only one noticing too. Super disappointed in TARC integrity to provide fair exposure on all the teams.”

What do you mean by “suspicious”? Michael, Ben, and I knew Brent & Sean were being pushed as production’s hope for fan favourites beginning with their pre-season bio.

Producers trying to frame fan favourites is not called “suspicious”, it’s called marketing to a general audience, and they’ve been showing bias in post-production since Rudy Boesch in Survivor: Borneo. This is a concept which dates back to the very first season of competitive reality TV in the summer of 2000.

What’s next? “Oh man, I am suspicious they’re trying to create some sort of plot and storyline for each episode”.

53. “Why does G&J have 8 large stand out photos compared to 10 of all the rest of the teams combined????? Come on ARC, stop showing favoritism and treat all your teams as equals”

I don’t think this is the main point of attack for producers to create fan favourites.

54. “Too many teams taking a penalty without completing the task which is not in the spirit of what the amazing race was created to do . Running then whole race is not happening …”

—> “at least there were actual consequences this time, though I’m mad one team member would quit without permission of the other and feel for her.”

There’s always consequences for quitting a task. Unless you have an Express Pass, of course.

55. “You should have one of your legs stop in Branson, Missouri. That would be incredibly fun for them.”

Plus it would make Brandon, Manitoba super jealous and pissed. Brandon’s population is four times greater than Branson as well as being a Canadian city, but nope, producers would rather go to Branson.

Sorry guys, they just got the two cities confused! Maybe Grandpa Simpson will get to make his first TAR appearance.

56. “Oh gosh, I just cannot stand Cynthia and Brian, they are so full ofthemselves. Otherwise never miss an episode”

500+ TAR episodes watched – Brian & Cynthia’s eight-round run = 492 episodes of TAR.

57. “How do you apply!!??”

Getting warmer. . .

58. “Just watching the 8th leg of the race on Demand and it scares me to think that the husband and wife police officers were actually on the streets as officers. These two have anger issues and a a short fuse. WOW!”

Why do you think Winnipeg is the murder capital?

—> “You have to understand that it was 40c in India when they were there and they are perpetually tired. It was a total culture shock for them and I knew they would probably be the worst team to be able to handle it.”

In other news, Winnipeg reaches temperatures of forty degrees Celsius when climate change has officially made the Earth its bitch.

—> “Also, I hear he has a bit of a germ phobia too.”

So did I.

—> “Try serving in the military for over 2 decades including overseas tours to places were ethnic cleansing was a normal practice, then another decade and a half working in the murder Capitol of Canada. I’m sure your fuse would be short. Brian has earned my respect and will always have it, regardless of how bad the ARC portrayed them”

On one hand, you have those on one extreme who hate Brian & Cynthia because of their occupation. On the other hand, you have those on the other who praise Brian & Cynthia because of their occupation.

I think Brian & Cynthia probably didn’t hide their occupation as some arrogant tactic, but rather because they just wanted to compete in a fun game where they are sick of being automatically labelled as either super terrible for what they do or super awesome for what they do.

It may sound like a crazy concept, but Brian & Cynthia may have wanted to develop lifelong friendships that run outside of their everyday occupation.

—> “Loose cannon. Some innocent person is going to end up hurt. Needs to get off the streets. We are seeing more and more of cops losing their tempers and hurting someone.”

It’s only because Tim Horton’s is pushing their decaf agenda.

—> “Maybe you should meet them and form a real opinion of them, not the character assassination editing as shown by the ARC”

I already met Elias Theodorou, and he is awesome. By logic, this means the next reality contestant I encounter will be a major d-bag. I just can’t take that chance.

—> “Wow couch commando! Pretty harsh opinion on people you’ve never met. I however have, and there is no better leader then Brian, always putting the troops first and standing behind his soldiers. And for the police work. Both Brian and Cynthia are great officers, and the short fuse you see is purely editing or clips taken out of context!”

I am also a couch commando, but that’s only if things are breezy.

—> “”Couch commando?” Really? Coming down to name calling because I expressed an opinion. Sound like someone else has some anger issues.”

—> “Well I was going to say armchair quarterback… But we aren’t talking football…”

bodybreak 2

But imagine if we were.

—> “And if you think calling someone a couch commando is anger issues you live in a world of rainbows and unicorns.”

WOW! Maybe the casual fans are right after all! There really are places in Canada that we have yet to see on the race! I advocate a trip to the town of rainbows and unicorns. I don’t know where it is located exactly, but I am sure it involves an angry kayak owner.

59. “Can one please explain how come when the contestants flew from Buenos Aires to Halifax or from Saskatoon to India all they had was 375$ and 250$ respectively per team and that was sufficient to cover
the air fair?”

The Amazing Race season 1 fan, is that you?

—> “Um as the major sponsor I would assume that the flight costs were covered by Air Canada. Those monies would be for taxis etc.”

Actually, credit cards are given to teams to purchase airline tickets. This applies to every season of TAR ever made. Ever.

—> “The money on their card is to cover all expenses except airfare.”

—> “But the statement says that you have so much for this leg of the race and when they show up on the airport counter they just give the card, so one would think that is included too. Having said this I find that deceiving knowing that airfare is much more. At least they should be more clear on that instead leaving people to think otherwise.”

Well, because it was explained repeatedly in the first two seasons of TAR in the US. Do you really expect them to repeat that in every single episode? And the cost of flights are unknown to producers.

—> “They aren’t going to say…you have $2,375 for this leg of the race though. All flights on The Amazing Race are paid for by production. The teams also have to get 2 seats for their camera and sound guys….so for that trip they would need to have say over $4000 dollars if they were going to buy the flights themselves. That would sound a bit silly.”

—> “I agree with you, but still I think that information should be clear.”

It is.

—> “There’s been legs with $1.00 available to them.”

I like taquitos.

60. “Can you not do contests that do not use animals – I cannot watch your show as it seems every week (from the commercials) there is something that involves animals. In doing this you are promoting the abuse of animals and there is enough of this these days.”

The Keg Steak House & Grill–The official sponsour of animal cruelty in The Amazing Race Canada! I can picture that for TAR Canada 4.

—> “Apart from weeks 1, 2, 3, 7 & 8?”

—> “Oh only 25% of the show encourages cruelty – well that’s OK then”

3/8 = 37.5 percent.

Again, I have been a vegetarian for seven years and the ethical treatment of animals is a pretty big issue for me.

In round 4, lobsters were not harmed during the research task.

In round 5, cows were milked. None of them butchered.

In round 6, the VoldeMussolinis helped feed worms to a turtle. It’s the freakin’ turtle’s diet.

The only thing that made me uneasy was eating the snake’s gallbladder in a foreign country. But since snakes are kinda the devil, it wasn’t the worst case scenario.

—> “Sorry can’t hear you over the sound of my steak grilling….. Speak up please”

Now you’re just being a douche.

61. “Why are their pics not there?”

—> “Who”

—> “The two brothers Jessie and ?”

Jessie and. . .Dana? Amanda? Man, that other brother is so forgetful.

62. “Whatever happened to the Canada part of the Race….stop going abroad….trying to be more like the Americans….STAY IN CANADA! We have so much beauty and vast country…enough to create all the challenges they need!!”

Like the unicorns and rainbows village.

63. “don’t listen to the people saying to stay in Canada. don’t! I think what you have now is a fine balance. A few places in Canada and some abroad. Seeing other cultures and language issues is always interesting and complicates the race.”

64. “What is wrong with this voting??? So bizarre how the results are coming out”

—> “No kidding, Dana jumped almost 10 000 votes in 2 days after 2 weeks of only 150-200 daily votes”

dana after the race

The Great Reality TV Scandal of 2015: Dana, without Amanda because she didn’t attend the After The Race special, bribes criminals in Newfoundland jail and locals with parking tickets to trade in their punishment for voting daily to fuel her as their favourite on CTV, and achieve her dream of winning free gas for life.

65. “I saw jeno at a Tim Hortons today”


Jeno? Is that a combination of ‘Jay’ and ‘Leno’? Is the chin doubled in size?

66. “What’s Amazing is that they all had trouble with simple arithmetic. Doesn’t speak well for Canadian education.”

—> “oh piss off”

This person sounds more bitter than me. I never thought that was possible.

67. “the next Steven and Chris!”

Too soon. Too soon.

68. “Don’t forget to visit #AksharDham in new Delhi..and #KingdomofDreams in Gurgaon..Luv it”

Tragically, hashtagging cannot reverse whatever decisions production made back in April before filming.

69. “Judge was too easy on them.”


While this judge was too hard on Neleh.

By the way, the judge who was supposedly too easy is in reference to the yoga instructor. Who knew a guy who is an expert at yoga would be relaxed and lenient when it comes to judgment.

70. “You guys got the 1st place because you guys were only couple excited to trip to India & I believe universe listened your wish & you guys played well too!!”

Yeah, DuJean & Leilani got 1st place because everybody rolled their eyes when discovering India was their next destination. Including Ope who, for whatever reason, viewed it as a homecoming.

71. “Watching from this past week and all I can think is you couldn’t pay me $1M to dive into a river in India.”

I can picture it already: Jon Monty Presents the Million Dollar Dive.

Personally, I’d do it for a million bucks. (Actually, I’d do it for a lot less.)

72. “Could have more transparent editing this episode? Sheesh.”

Sounds like somebody needs to write their own Editing Analysis blog.

73. “Finally watching this week’s and they’re nice enough, but Gino and Jesse? Would you just stop?”

The amount of shared hatred directed at the VoldeMussolinis makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

74. “I want the two bitter police officers to be last on – they set the worst example for Canada.”

As somebody who was born near Vancouver, I can assure you there may or may not be a pig farmer who sets a worse example for Canadians than Brian & Cynthia who participated on a reality TV program.

75. “Just watched the 1st episode of please bring back!!!”

76. “Too many teams this season choosing to take a penalty. Quit casting quitters,  ”

I don’t know. The ticking clock brings me 2flashbacks each week.

77. “Were they trained in sarcasm? Because they weren’t trained in taking selfies.”

You’d fit right in with them.

78. “He was a bully and treated her like crap. Talked down to her constantly. Him arguing with that woman in India, insisting all the statues were the same. I thought cops were supposed to pay attention to details. Not going to miss them, even though I’m from Winnipeg.”

I don’t know if it was arguing or seeing how far he had to go to provide the trick answer to the lady.

—> “Too bad he had the only statue with no colour difference eh….. No thick red line across the base, no bright blue beaded necklace, no orange bracelets, no red shoulder…… Just a discreet horizontal line across the neck”

—> “I agree!! He was a bully with a short fuse. I’d hate to be pulled over by him – women issues.”

To be fair, we haven’t seen Brian go on the race with a spouse who is a man. We just don’t have the data to support an accusation of highly edited sexism against Brian.

—> “Agreed! He was very disrespectful towards her and she is very enabling too. His apologies were completely insincere horse dung.”

That might be my new favourite analogy.

In all seriousness, if you want to look up the word enabling in the dictionary, you will see Adams, Margie as the biggest reality TV example.

—> “Wow. It is great that you guys can judge a person based on a few snipits of an edited TV show ( women issues, really!)Too bad because from what I am reading from those who know them in real life, they are great people. I enjoyed their sense of humour and am sad to see them go.”

I judge everybody based off of an edited TV show. It’s pretty much my unpaid job.

—> “If you ladies only knew…he’s the furthest thing from a bully! He’s supportive and encouraging and he’s always got your back.”

I thought only BMO has your back.

nick cynthia canada

Oh, and Nick.

—> “He sure didn’t show that side on the show!”

*Editors sure didn’t show that side on the show!

—> “I’m from Winnipeg too. I don’t think they represented our city or our police force very well at all.”

I am from the Okanagan, and I don’t care about this conversation very well at all.

—> “they were edited horribly, every reality show needs villains and everyone loves to hate cops”

For the one hundredth time, Brian & Cynthia were not edited as villains.

79. “I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did. The smug, humourless, single-minded “we’re police officers” attitude got a little tiring.”

This discussion is a little tiring.

—> “They were judgemental and down right nasty! While in India I was disappointed they represented Canada! I’m grateful they are not from Nova Scotia.”

I am grateful I am not from Nova Scotia either.

—> “I loved them… They brought humour to the show. I believe a lot of what you saw was editing…. Read their interviews every single one talks about respect and price for Canada and the countries they visited.”

—> “I believe a lot of what YOU saw was editing.”

I believe a lot of what EVERYBODY saw was editing.

But seriously, the person is basing their opinion off of out of race interviews and stories from others who know Brian & Cynthia. That is nearly the opposite of editing.

Meanwhile, my appreciation for their dry sense of humour and crude remarks is indeed from the editing. 🙂

80. “Really. He is an idiot. She deserves better”

Nic & Sabrina aren’t the only ones encouraged by casual fans to find new partners, I s’pose.

81. “Finally they got eliminated …they gave the police force a bad name !”

What do you mean? Did they name it the Winnipeg Coffee Guzzling Police Department? Or call it the Aarin Police Department because just spelling it Aaron is too traditional nowadays?

—> “What a joke. He’s a long term canadian forces member as well as a solid police officer. You don’t know Jack”

—> “I am only going by the person he portrayed on this series and in my eyes he is defineately not the kind of person I would like to know ….You are right , I do not know Brian but in my eyes he is a bully !

P.S …who is Jack ..we are talking about Brian … LMAO”

Boom. Roasted.

—> “What gives you the right to speak on behalf of the Police Force. They were edited in a way as to create a villian, which clearly worked as they are the most talked about team this season….. Good or bad”

Brian & Cynthia are the most talked about team this season? Uhhhh. . . .

nic sabrina argentina

I think these two have Brian & Cynthia beat by quite a ways.

hamilton michaelia

Or the first transgender contestant on an English-speaking version of TAR who made a huge blunder.

—> “Its not that hard to see the true personality of people and I think they hit these two spot on !”

You’d be surprised how hard that is for casual fans.

82. “made me really sad to see her cry when he was yelling at her like that and even more sad that they aired that part. We live in such a violent world already. to see that on one of my favorite shows. I was surprised but I do hope he realized that his marriage is worth more than $250K. and kudos to her for being so patient.”

—> “How’s this any different than Michaella yelling at Hamilton over the passport. She made him cry….. They are married and married people argue. I guarantee you that he loves her more than any prize the ARC has to offer”

—> “wives are allowed to yell. JK!! yeah you got a point there. forgot about that one. jeepers.”

Casual fans were able to resolve their own conflict? This is a first.

83. “Happy that they’re gone. I was tired of hearing brag about being police officers and not being good at anything…”

—> “I bet you would of gotten eliminated first episode”

—> “Maybe, so what?”

Well, seeing as how the person can read and write fairly well, my money is on that the person does not have dyslexia. Therefore, this person would not have been eliminated first.

But really, so what? Do you know how many casual fans want to see first boots come back for a themed season in TAR, Survivor, and Big Brother? A lot.

84. “Seriously ? I call ‘bull-crap’ to this nonsense … Brian is such a ‘horrible bully’ and with Cynthia’s kind nature, sadly she’s putting up with his garbage — affirmation of a true domestically troubled lifestyle — NO THANKS !”

I can’t imagine how this audience would have reacted to Jonathan Baker.

—> “Because you know their personal life based on the editing of the ARC right….. I’m sure you are used to living in a domestic violence lifestyle since you clearly know all the signs”

And I can definitely know the signs through two scenes where Brian & Cynthia have a slight conflict.

—> “You are so wrong. Your “opinions” Remind me of the commercial where the guy is cooking his wife dinner and the cat spills spaghetti sauce… What bothers me the most is the way TARC portrayed 2 wonderful people I have known since I was a very young girl in a male dominated army platoon over 16 years ago. Brian is so far from a bully. And trust me I would have seen it, he is nothing but supportive and encouraging, he’ll have your back and help you get on your feet when you fall. These 2 not only sacrifice their lives but are physically and emotionally invested in Winnipeg and Canada as a whole… Shame on all of you! They both deserve so much more respect then an arm chair quarterback throwing out accusations and unjustified opinions based on editing!”

Unfortunately, I have no shame left. 😦

—> “blah blah blah .. so you’re suggesting (as [another person] is suggesting as well) that ARC purposely targeted these two absolutely wonderful upstanding people, and then made them out to be a troubled domestic couple with so many problems .. umm .. right .. i guess IF this be the case, then there should be a well publicized law suit we will see .. lol .. can’t wait for that to happen .. face it .. people will always have their own opinions and we are certainly entitled to them .. just as you may want to LIFT this man up as some hero .. ah-huh .. HE even admitted that ‘she’s the strong patient one’ where he is impatient and aggressive .. UNLESS of course, that was all just ‘edited in to make him out to be a bully’ ! .. of course .. BUT .. we aren’t supposed to believe it because it’s just editing .. Canada isn’t that stupid .. obviously there’s something about it .. seriously ! ..”

We start with somebody making a racist joke and end with a discussion about domestic violence. What a week!


In all seriousness, I loved Brian & Cynthia and Nic & Sabrina as characters this season. Even Kristin gets a big nod from me (not as much of a nod as that one guy in the comments, but a nod nonetheless).

We lost the three funniest teams all in a row, and with four episodes to go, we could be in for a boring finish. Even Brian & Cynthia alone could not rack up the amusing moments for the round.

Luckily, we’re in the midst of international travel and we get another round of ‘real’ Amazing Race before we potentially head back to Canada once more.

Hopefully my editing analysis holds up and we get a Final Three with DuJean & Leilani, Nick & Matt, and possibly Simi & Ope if editors start giving them an actual edit.

My dream of the VoldeMussolinis being ousted before the finale due to a U-Turn is what I want to happen more than anything. The casual fanbase would go nuts. 🙂

Until next time, be kind to your friends and neighbours, and live life to the fullest!

Logan, out!

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