The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 7 Predictions and Editing Analysis

While all of my other re-occurring blog posts get longer and longer, thankfully my predictions and editing analysis gets shorter and shorter.

For the third round this season, we resume Real Amazing Race as teams head to Calcutta/Kolkata/The letter K is better than the letter C.


1) DuJean & Leilani

With an international leg on our hands tonight, Gino & Jesse can no longer rely upon excelling at tasks to be at the top of the standings–they’ll have to overcome language barriers and navigating the congested streets of Kolkata.

Although DuJean & Leilani messed up in Sudbury, I think it was just an off day and can see them winning this leg of the race.

2) Gino & Jesse

I could see Gino & Jesse finishing much lower this week, but we have been so used to them doing well within Canadian borders that it is tough to picture them transitioning to bottom feeders once more.

Other teams will be more overwhelmed than they are in Kolkata, and their ability to keep cool will be crucial.

I doubt they win this round.

3) Nick & Matt

Things had to balance out after their second place finish two weeks ago. Now Nick & Matt are free to keep a steady pace as they resume their third place ritual.

I think they will be so focused on keeping up with Gino & Jesse that they are bound to arrive at the next pit stop simultaneously with them.

My assumption is that next week there will be a U-Turn, and I believe Nick & Matt will use that opportunity to temporarily get ahead of the VoldeMussolinis and U-Turn them out of the race.

4) Brian & Cynthia

They got lost in Saskatoon of all places. Kolkata may not bode well for them.

Both of them are not as young as the other racers, and it is no secret that Cynthia may not be in the best of physical shape. Brian’s dry sense of humour and calmness was erased last week as he started yelling at Cynthia. This is a worrisome sign that fatigue is setting in and they both could be out of the race very soon.

5) Brent & Sean

There is no way Brent & Sean are going to cope well with the scorching heat in India. I just can’t picture them handling exercise in forty degrees Celsius with humidity and high population density.

Hell, I would say they are the favourites to be eliminated this week if not for a certain father-daughter team that still remains.

6) Simi & Ope

On paper, this is best case scenario for Simi & Ope. Racing around a very populated foreign city near the equator without a water task in sight is exactly what they need.

However, due to the fact they haven’t beat anybody left in the race except DuJean & Leilani once over the past three rounds, it’s tough to consider any scenario where they avoid elimination. Unless of course they are saved by the lone NEL which still remains on the race.

I hope that happens. Simi & Ope deliver that subtle comedy which always cracks me up. #GoHomeGinoAndJesse

P.S. Refusing to adapt to the situation and work with other teams at the airport task last week nearly cost them. They need to learn to adjust their gameplan accordingly if they want to boost their chances of surviving. Plenty of teams would be willing to drag them to the Final Three at this point.



DuJean & Leilani

If DuJean & Leilani are going to be eliminated, we would have seen a ton of negative moments by now. C’mon, they are the freakin’ exes.

But they are being respected by the editors and the other teams. They took a two hour penalty this week without a single casual fan complaining about it–they were all focused on Neil & Kristin. That is a HUGE sign to me that editors know what they are doing, and do not want to upset the audience in the event DuJean & Leilani win.

Despite taking the penalty, DuJean on the trampoline and finding bottle caps along with their Brent & Sean-sponsoured dancing abilities gave us the impression they are strong racers.

Why, they barely survived the Sudbury leg and there wasn’t any commentary on their terrible performance that round.

I think once the rivalry of Gino/Jesse vs. Brent/Sean, Brian/Cynthia, and Nick/Matt come to an end we will then see the new story of “This is why DuJean & Leilani will win this season”.

I think, anyway.


Brent & Sean

They’re still fan favourites. Editors set up their victory this round by a six round long running gag. Pardon the pun.

This may be the first time in a while they didn’t talk about Gino & Jesse. Are we finally seeing some depth to them? Now that the Express Pass is gone and the peak of the vomiting joke is over, I think tonight’s episode will give us a ton of information as to where editors will take their story for the remainder of the season.


Brian & Cynthia

The race has been a bit of a roller coaster for Brian & Cynthia. I would have put them higher, but I cannot ignore the reaction that casual fans are experiencing–they are viewing them as arrogant, aggressive, and humourless.

That’s not a good sign. If Brian & Cynthia are going to win, editors would have thrown a few more touching military stories from Brian’s past, or give Cynthia a little more credit during tasks. Heck, they may not have even shown Brian’s meltdown from this week or how lost they got searching for the Detour. They are even slipping away from the rivalry with Gino & Jesse.

If they lose, it would make a ton of sense. The reason why they are defeated is because they progressively lose their cool and aren’t quite as sharp as they were in the beginning of the race. They couldn’t detail a crime scene, Cynthia sucked at CPR, they can’t navigate around their home region of the Prairies, and Brian is embarrassing on a trampoline.

Things have to turn around fast if I am to consider they have a winner’s edit in the making.


Nick & Matt

Their current storyline ends the minute Gino & Jesse are put out of the race. Up to this point they haven’t received much attention except the occasional pop culture reference or obsessing over third place.

If Gino & Jesse survive the next U-Turn, I will place Nick & Matt higher in the editing analysis because that would mean Nick & Matt and Gino & Jesse’s rivalry will continue all the way through to the season finale, and I get the impression Gino & Jesse will be assigned the role of heel.

Gino & Jesse/VoldeMussolinis

Editors are building us up to the elimination of the VoldeMussolinis, and it’s going to be done at the hands of either Nick & Matt or Brian & Cynthia.

In fact, if it’s a Double U-Turn, I expect Nick & Matt to U-Turn them while Brian & Cynthia waste the other slot on U-Turning a team ahead of them just to ensure Gino & Jesse cannot escape by eliminating Simi & Ope as a last resort.

The VoldeMussolinis are being presented as the biggest obstacle to everybody else’s game. We are starting to get hints of the edit Natalie & Meaghan received last season except the Hockey Heroes were shown in an even more positive light.

My money is on the next episode holding the last shocking moment of the season. Then we’re likely in for a dull finish after that.


Simi & Ope

Episode one:

“I am proud to be Canadian, and I can’t swim.”

Episodes two through six:

“I can’t swim.”

Episode seven:

“I am proud to be Canadian.”

This is tragic because we have seen sprinkles of the comedic depth to Simi & Ope spread throughout the season.

It is clear editors do not wish to tell their story.


If you are truly a winner, you will click here to listen to my weekly Amazing Race podcast that I co-host for YATNcast. Otherwise, you are a bigger loser than James Duthie, or dare I say the folks from The Social?

Alright. That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy tonight’s episode as we enter India and have Real Amazing Race.

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