Funniest Complaints About The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 7 Edition

Viewers hate penalties, whiners, Sean’s vomit, and leaving Canada. They are undecided when it comes to their opinion on law enforcement, however.

How will their hatred change as Nic & Sabrina are now a distant Italian-Canadian memory to them?


1. “Calcutta. So gross. You couldn’t even pay me to go there. Good luck to all of the remaining teams.”

If you think Calcutta is bad, just look at Sudbury.

But seriously, this is what troubles me about viewers who are adamant The Amazing Race Canada not travelling internationally.

“All non-First World countries are disgusting–why should we travel there when we are the greatest country in the universe and nobody else compares!!!”

It seems weird to me that a show about travel and adventure is discouraged to travel or be adventurous by its own audience. Why the hell are they even watching it? Just to see their second cousin as an orchestra musician or a friend of a friend who is a Halifax librarian handing out a clue on national television? 

Perhaps that’s the biggest challenge for production. Viewers just want to see themselves on TV, and a competitive reality show is the only real opportunity to be featured.

2. “I think Brian is emotionally and verbally abusive to his wife. He even said it. Cops are known for their abusive behavior with their spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends. etc.”

He did? 

—> “She said they were both type A personalities. It’s a stressful race and people handle stress differently. He was not at all verbally abusive to her..maybe a bit rude but he admitted he frustrates easily and takes it out on those closest to him. Aren’t we all guilty of that from time to time?”

No, just cops apparently.

—> “The stresses of a police officer are huge, like he said, they tend to take it out on the ones they love as they clearly can’t take it out on the s—heads in the street. I commend him for realizing he was wrong and admitting so with a public apology….. That’s way more than I would of done”

“They clearly can’t take it out on the s–theads in the street”? I really don’t want to read between the lines in that statement.

—> “Yeah I wouldn’t say he was being verbally abusive towards her. His stress level was high. Maybe acting a little childish but at least he was able to recognize that. If that’s considered verbal abuse I think it’s fair to say Leilani has also verbally abused Dejean during the race.”

A guy who was open to cracking a coconut with his butt is childish?

—> “Cops are also known for saving lives, protecting people, having to tell people their husbands / wives / children are dead. They are also known for giving up the majority of their family time to deal with both the considerate and abusive. I find the notion you’ve made that cops are KNOWN to be what you’ve written to be highly offensive.”

But also tragically somewhat true, in a sense. . .Wait, what the hell are we talking about? Isn’t this about The Amazing Race Canada and not Dr. Drew’s Canadian Law Enforcement Emotional Rehab?

—> “I know it sounds offensive but it’s true. My ex-husband is a cop and beat the crap out of our 7 month old baby. He abused me too. I also am a member of a police department so I’ve seen it first hand and lived it too. So, unless you’ve walked a mile in my shoes, just listening to Brian makes my stomach turn. You clearly have never been abused. As a woman, 99 percent of abusers are male. Look at any violent crime. It’s generally the husband who kills the wife. Check the stats for yourself.”

—> “Please read my comments. You have no idea.”

This is one of the fascinating things about competitive reality TV. It ignites conversations between viewers that you know would never occur in real life. 

I didn’t expect this to be the first discussion after an episode in Saskatoon about trampolines, hula hoops, Sean vomiting, and First Nations representation. I love the unpredictability of the Internet.

3. “Hey…PVRED the past couple of shows. (couldn’t stand to watch after the amazing NL Cops were eliminated…Grrr) Anyway…the Cab driver in the Halifax episode says “ya, that’s Citadel Hill, THE OLDEST PORT IN EASTERN CANADA” OH MY GOD….can someone PLEASE correct these Gross Misrepresentations??!!?? Please!!”

Someone could. . .but do they care enough to put in the effort to make that correction?

The answer is no.

And if you want to see a “gross” misrepresentation, please check the opening statement for this week’s complaints.

I think a city being labelled as misinformative regarding a port as opposed to being referred to as disgusting may settle for the former.

P.S. Considering you couldn’t watch after the cops from Newfoundland were eliminated, I assume you are Dana or Amanda’s mother?

4. “A shame to see so many people taking penalties. Make the penalties tougher.”

Tougher? By making teams jump physically through several hoops before reaching the timer and make them sit on a bench full of Mick Foley’s tacks?

5. “wait, if Brian and Cynthia are actually undercover, does this mean they can’t accept any prizes if they win?”


6. “Simi and Opeyeme made a big mistake today. By not working with the other teams, they may go home”

You actually referred to Ope by his full name? What will happen next?

nick matt canada

You refer to the Wrestlers as “Nicholas & Matthew” for the rest of the season?

7. “how are the sticks wrong? they are sticks”

That’s what a pig initially thought about straw. We saw how that turned out.

8. “ugh Why do I have a bad feeling that Saskatchewan is gonna screw over Winnipeg again”

Because bullies never pick on anybody their own size.

9. “Boy oh boy could Brian be any more of a whiner? And to think he is a police officer? Yikes!”

Could he be?

flo on a cliff

Survey says yes.

—> “Brian is hilarious and at least they don’t punk out and take penalties!”

—> “I know! They are the most annoying team!”

—> “Yes I so agree with you!!! They got to go !! Can’t stand them …….they are the most unpleasant team on Amazing Race Canada !! They have no personality”

I imagine you have not encountered somebody with a dry personality? Look up Dave Thomas’ character from Rat Race.

germany dave thomas

And no, not the dead Wendy’s guy who appeared in TAR 16.

—> “So your not a target or seen as a threat. Although I find a lot of challenges are just luck…”

—> “Now that Nic and Sabrina are gone, this is the team that annoys me the most. And what is the point of lying about your occupation?”

nary jamie

Because well. . .well. . .we don’t know. I think they’re just bored and know they will suffer from a lack of airtime if they do not create their own meaningless storyline.

10. “Just want to say not loving the contestants taking penalties, seems like they are just giving up without really trying. Much prefer them having to complete the task in full, makes a more interesting watch. Go team Nick and Matt, Stouffville is behind you!!!”

But math is hard.

—> “I would have taken a penalty though ….there is no way I would have figured that one out! But I do agree with you!”

In the online gaming series that I host, I have assigned a flight path challenge at least once every other season, and would have figured it out. Suck it.

—> “The penalty is an option that’s available to them, so it’s a calculated decision to make. However, I agree that I don’t like to see everyone skip a task, so the show may need to consider if the balance is right between difficulty of task versus length of penalty.”

11. “I think if you take a penalty, you shouldn’t move on until you serve your penalty time. It’s not fair to the teams that got through the challenge. They stress the other racers that are in the run for the mat!!”

I have a feeling teams are stressed regardless of knowing the state of penalties being assigned to the other teams around them. It’s not really their top priority when trying to prevent hula hoops from falling onto respected First Nations land.

12. “I am somewhat disappointed with the show this year. Living in a country as big and as diverse as Canada, surely it is not really necessary to spread the race half way around the world to exotic countries. I find that defeats the purpose and name of the race…The Amazing Race Canada. I would like to see next year’s race stay in Canada. There are many, many more places in this country to keep the race at home and completely interesting. Come on writers ! Get with it !”

Writers? I can’t imagine Nicholas & Matthew having the mental capacity to memorize a long piece of dialogue. Have you been to a wrestling event? They can barely say three or four words without pausing for a full minute before they successfully remember the next thing they are supposed to say.

hollywood hulk hogan

“I had a match with a rock. . .”

—> “You do understand why the name of the race is called that….because it is produced by Canada! Amazing Race Australia is called that because it is made in Australia. All the races are meant to travel the world. This is the only one which doesn’t do the majority of the race overseas.”

Nice try, but they ain’t listening.

—> “I think there needs to be a pinned post at the top of the page explaining exactly what The Amazing Race is…”

But then the comment would be viewed as elitist.

13. “My question is around Hamilton’s lost passport. The episode shows them contacting Air Canada immediately upon realizing they had lost the passport and someone says they will look for the passport. Yet, when they arrive at the airport sometime later it appears as though no one has looked for the passport. The gentleman in lost baggage is able to help them track down the passport but only after they are left waiting for an unclear length of time. How come the passport wasn’t ready and waiting for them when they arrived at the airport?”

—> “The passport was located in Toronto, I believe it was left in the plane the had just gotten off of. He didn’t need it to board the next flight to Halifax so didn’t notice it was missing. Next thing you know he is racing in Halifax, realized he didn’t have it and made a call into Air Canada to look for it. It had been turned in (likely by the cleaners) and then sent from Toronto on the next flight to Halifax where he was waiting for it. From what I can recall, they waited a few hours at the airport for it.”

hamilton michaelia

You know Sudbury and Saskatoon are boring when viewers are still asking about Hamilton’s passport.

14. “The city spent $55,000 on The Amazing Race Canada, according to Darren Stinson, chair of the board of the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation.”

The emotional turmoil of those in law enforcement and municipal expenditures–this is why over three million Canadians tune into TAR Canada.

—> “what’s the amazing race?”

You’re commenting on the f–king The Amazing Race Canada official page. Did somebody click on ‘Like’ for the page when you were away from the computer because you had to microwave pizza pops in the kitchen?

—> “Solid decision, our money well spent. Very pleased with the results. Keep up the good work.”

alex trebek

“Results” = Trebek talking about the lake behind him.

—> “I heard that hotels are being booked up because they saw Sudbury on The Amazing Race.”

I thought it’s because locals had nowhere to go after the toxic leak. :/

—> “Haha, when I clicked on the comments I expected a throng of angry Sudburians whining about how that money should have gone to roads. Then I realized this wasn’t Spotted in Sudbury. Thank god. I was putting on my keyboard warrior outfit lol.”


I know Ope’s keyboard warrior outfit.

—> “Atleast I can comment here I exposed admin as [some guy I just blatantly named but Logan is blocking out] and got blocked cause he a bitch.”

It took me three years of observing the official TAR Canada page to learn something about the admin, but finally information is becoming open to the public about his identity.

So far we have learned he a bitch. I am curious to see what the next juicy tidbit will be.

—> “Pretty cheap really for the exposure it got the city..
I heard it was already paying off..”

—> “55,000 that’s all?.. Tony Sharma ripped us off for 15 times that and all we got was a poor excuse…saw everything swept under the carpet . Forgotten about so this was a great returning comparison”

I thought some of my pop culture references in my TARstorian rankings blog had a limited audience due to having a very specific audience, but good lord. I have been outdone.

—> “‘Course, it does beg the question of how the Greater Sud Dev Corp can spent $55,000 without anyones (council) oversight. How much money can the GSDC spend and in what amounts without this process? We elected council to be a sort of watchdog on taxpayer’s money but not the GSDC.”

I live in a town where a city councilor’s proposal to have town hall meetings and discussions open to the public was just officially shot down by all six of the other members on City Council.

Sudbury, I think you have it pretty good by the Okanagan’s standards.

—> “Further more…didn’t that stupid bridge of nations cost over $100,000 for the flags alone….”

Which is surprising because Monty had to pay only seventy bucks for one flag.

monty tattoo

—> “worth every penny, well done”

—> “Wow. Waste of money. No wonder they didn’t vote on this decision. Would have been shot out so fast”

—> “I can’t wait to see if tourism numbers go up. I really doubt it. lol”

They will. Everyone will go on vacation to Sudbury because of this show, fans will be disappointed because every turtle will suffer from obesity due to being fed by tourists so often, Trebek is nowhere to be found, they can’t mock Nick & Matt’s paddling, and realize the advertisements may be just a little sensationalized. Once they get home they will give the city a negative review on Yelp and TripAdvisor, thus making Sudbury Canada’s Disappointment.


It is our answer to the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Who the hell approved of this script? They excluded scenes which would confuse those not familiar with the books, but added in clips that were either inaccurate or pointless.

Some may diss Goblet of Fire or Order of the Phoenix for absent material, but that’s understandable because both books have way too much content to be covered in a 2 1/2 hour film.

What’s Prisoner of Azkaban’s excuse? Nothing. Some may think the admin of the TARC page may or not be a bitch, but I would counter by saying that whoever did the script for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban deserves all of our hatred.

15. “Nice to see the race in Saskatoon. Nice touch to be at Wanuskewin. Kinda wished they did something to do with farming as that’s what the prairies are all about. But over all, great leg.”

Nearly every province in Canada is known for farms or fishing ports. Do you know how much that crap bored me during TARC 1?

16. “I love Amazing Race Canada. It is so fun to watch. Before I discover this programme, I have not realised that Canada is so beautiful and has so much to offer.

One suggestion to the programme, though. I think you should change the time penalty. 2 hour penalty is probably too short and that is the reason, in my opinion, tempts the team to take the penalty rather than finishing the task. How about change it to 4 or 6 hours instead?

It is frustrating to see the teams give up that easy. I know that some tasks are difficult but it is the nature of the programme, isn’t it? You have to finish all the challenges and the programme pushes you beyond your limit. That’s why the total prize is so high and so tempting.”

Roadblocks are already four hours and Detours are six hours. You’re new, aren’t you?

—> “Every challenge has a different time charged. I know once this season, there was a 4 hr penalty for a challenge”

Good memory.

17. “John. They’re Bison, bot Buffalo.”

simi ope 7th

Monty couldn’t even count to six this week. Can you really expect him to know the difference between bison and buffalo?

18. “Why does everything nowadays have to be analysed. It’d dk anoying”

You find analysis to be annoying? I am sure it won’t be annoying at all if we analyze your grammar and spelling though, right? 🙂

19. “Who do I want to see again? Dana and Amanda. Easy. Seriously frustrated and annoyed with the number of times teams are taking penalties. Meanwhile, Dana and Amanda ran a few miles up a freaking mountain! That’s heart! Why couldn’t that leg have been non-elimination? They’re way more deserving than many of the teams still racing (though last week’s elimination was great – I’m writing this without knowing today’s outcome). I can only hope that there’s a redemption leg, and Dana and Amanda get a second chance.”

Voluntarily ran up a mountain. Their inability to communicate with the taxi driver put them in that decision. I am sure everybody else (except maybe Sabrina), would be willing to jog or run that far if they were forced to do so.

chester ephraim

That’s like saying Chester & Ephraim were willing to take 36 hours to fly to Portugal. Everybody found a way to get there in less than 24 hours, and Chester & Ephraim looked like fools for their scenic route.

20. “Really don’t like just video. CTV did that for the first two seasons as well. Guess thats where CBC got the idea. CBC did what felt like 100% of streaming all live events for the Pan-Am Games. Saw nothing of the Games.

Video does bring the contestants to you. In a much better format than reading. But I remember better with the reading. Would like a little more printed word to go along with the videos.

And Sean & Brent were very brave to try the synchronized swimming.”

The Amazing Race Canada 3: The Audiobook–Narrated by Pierre & Michel!

21. “Oh no! I have to miss it tonight! Will After The Race be available as a video on as well as the regular episode?”

Why do you want to see the After The Race special? Do you suffer from insomnia? All that f–ker James Duthie did was ask Susan & Sharnjit a question whenever he needed parental insight, mocked Nic for the soccer task which James clearly didn’t understand, he brought up a bunch of irrelevant sports topics, and made fun of the women for talking too much.

And the original questions he did come up with were cliched snoozers that you find most on-field sportscasters specialize in anyway.

So yes, I can safely conclude you suffer from insomnia.


I sincerely hope Sabrina did not bake a single cookie for Duthie.

22. “so we feature a western city yet did not select any western teams?”

—> “BC doesn’t count?”

—> “There is a Burnaby team !! My husband drives Taxi and had a team in his Cab !! They’re working their way to BC !!”

—> “They featured riders last year.”


—> “Oops thinking sports teams?! Yes agree we need some western contestants!”

—> “There is a Winnipeg team.”

For future reference: Brian/Cynthia, Simi/Ope, and Susan/Sharnjit.

23. “Great show tonight but the highlight for me was Ope’s comments about respect for the First Nations traditions and culture and how he was so proud to be Canadian. That to me was the epitome of what being Canadian is all about.”

What have been the other highlights from this season? Leilani politely shaking hands with a pit stop greeter? Gino & Jesse leaving a generous tip after their Sudbury worm meal? 

24. “Go team Winnipeg!”

—> Yes! #GoTeamWinnipeg !”

—> “The police officers? They are pretty embarrassing. Glad they aren’t police officers in my city.”

They didn’t want to protect and serve your ass, anyway.

—> “I know. I wait all week to see the next episode. No one disturbs me!”

25. “Why go there?”

dr evil girlfriend

I don’t know, girlfriend.

—> “Why not? There are places between Toronto and Vancouver …”

And TAR has visited too many of them.

—> “Why not? The Regina area episode from last season was one of my favourites. (Lentils, RoughRiders, and the RCMP).”

Last season? Try again.

—> “Oh the lentil challenge! That has to have been one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever seen on any AR (from the perspective of a viewer anyway”

—> “I guess last night’s episode answered the question of “Why go there?””

For trampolines and beer?

26. “great job to our neighbor Mary on the Amazing Race!”

mary who

Where did Mary come from????

27. “Sad to see my favorite team get eliminated. Congrats to Neil and Kristin on a great race!”

You’re sad Nic & Sabrina were eliminated?

28. “Awesome Race cause its in Saskatoon tonight!!!”

Yes. Saskatoon is the causation of Amazing Race’s awesomeness.

29. “So disappointing with so many teams taking penalties. Really takes away from the show. Should be a limit of one penalty per team per season unless it is for a physical reason.”

One penalty allowed per season? I think we need to address this right now. Banning penalties is a very bad idea, and I have seen in it in action before.

TAR Asia 3: There was a luck-based “Find the Blu-Ray Disc with the clue on the monitor” in a Taiwanese shopping mall. One team, Mai & Oliver, took such a long time that the mall closed during the night as they were not only handed a clue, but also a four hour penalty.

taipei mai oliver 7

Once they left the mall it was so dang late that there were no locals walking around town to ask for directions. It got to the point that they pulled over to sleep in their car to wait for the streets to get busier again and find people who can help.

taipei allan wu 6

Wakey wakey, Mai & Oliver.

auckland brett kinar 4

And that isn’t even the only example from the TAR Asia series. This is why you need penalties to be allowed.

—> “I agree! Watching people wait around isn’t that amazing.”

That’s why they show other footage.

—> “While i’d rather them not take penalties so frequently it does make for a good finish.”

—> “Kristen’s one penalty was due to physical reasons though”

—> “It used to be that you can only take one penalty. They should bring that back or make the penalties much longer to deter.”

It used to be that you can only take one penalty? What the hell? Did I miss this season?

—> “Is weakness a physical reason????? Ya I guess so”

Submerged in water that is two degrees Celsius in a wetsuit is a weakness? Hell, I’d hate to see what you consider to be a strength.

Note: This person posted earlier about how Brian is a hero. 

Military guys = heroes

Daughters of hall-of-famers = wimps.

30. “I’m glad Sami and Ope weren’t eliminated because they completed all of their tasks. Would have sucked if they were out with a team that took a penalty.”


31. “Go go go Simi & Opi wishing you both the best !! Great team”

32. “Brent and Sean are beyond adorable! I love their energy and humour!!!
Simi and Opi are also super lovable!
Brian and Cynthia … Disgusting behavior on this show, he should be ashamed of himself. What a jerk!”

Disgusting behaviour?

dustin vomit

Now -this- is disgusting behaviour.

—> “It’s pretty sad that Brian is a police officer, that’s embarrassing”

The casual fan perspective on Brian

1: He is abusive because he is a cop.

2: He is a hero solely because he is a cop/military guy.

Sadly, there is no middle ground. Why can’t we just appreciate Brian for having a dry sense of humour and a strange vocabulary–two traits which do not relate to being a police officer whatsoever.

—> “I know Brian personally, he’s a fantastic guy – wow, he’s human…gets irritated and then admits he has to work on it, those of you who are perfect might give the rest of us some pointers…
I’m kind of glad that some police officers let their real feelings show – trust me, they are much harder on themselves than you can even imagine!!”

I give pointers upon request.

—> “When you put yourself out there for the nation to see… People are obviously going to react to what they see. It’s what makes us so invested in these shows. You better toughen up your skin.”

I think they already have.

—> “I bet he’s a better man than your husband, regardless of whether or not he’s on TV. The man was frustrated and lashed out, we all do but what he did next makes him better than all of us…. He recognized his wrong and apologized to his wife on national tv in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers…. Bet your man didn’t and wouldn’t do that….. As for his occupation, it’s funny how they kept it a secret so they wouldn’t be targets and everyone here says that’s bs, their occupation wouldn’t make them a target yet look at [the comment two above] would he have said “it’s pretty sad that Brian is an electrician, that’s embarrassing”.”

Note: This is the same guy who called Brian a hero and Kristin a wimp. He started off so well this week.

And oddly enough, when talking about Lil’s profession during Survivor: Pearl Islands reunion show, Ryan Opray’s occupation as an electrician was brought up because Probst asked if Ryno is allowed to be less ethical simply because he is an electrician as opposed to a Scout Master.

—> “Yikes. You must be family/from Wpg. Are you nuts, asking me about my husband? Who is probably the kindest soul I’ve ever met?
I am an average viewer, and- biased people excluded- my views are widely shared.
You bet he apologized- as he should. That’s not a noble gesture- it’s a necessary one. It’s called damage control. He deserved a time-out.
Not worried about his occupation or what he chooses to reveal.
I’m sure Brian can be a nice guy. But don’t expect the general public to be rooting for him. (Family, friends, cops, and winnipeggers aside).”

Despite the slight ridiculousness of the complaint, she did it without personally attacking the other guy too much. Good job, I guess?

—> “So you’re husband is the epitome of perfect, has never been angry at you or raised his voice. Get off your high horse, these racers are human and have faults, to call it disgusting is pretty pathetic”

I wish Devon Soltendieck was thrown off his high horse in Quebec.

33. “When is the next casting call in Toronto for the next season ? :D”

Whenever you’re out of town, hopefully.

34. “Loved seeing my city! I wish teams couldn’t take penalties so easily. Seems wrong that a team can finish third after not doing a task.Simi and Opi represent what I love about Canada. Love all of the teams, though.”

dave rachel

Finishing in the middle of the standings during a leg where you don’t complete a single task, you say?

—> “TBH, I’m surprised I didn’t see anyone wearing the GREEN lol”

brenchel 3

If only Brenchel were Canadian, they would be Roughriders fans.

—> “Good point. Maybe they were edited out so other teams wouldn’t be jealous!”

—> “Maybe they banned them so the Eskie wouldn’t have an excuse as to why he lost…… Wouldn’t be the first time an Eskie played poorly in Sask ”

Sports sports sports sports sport sport sport sport. Sport sport.

35. “I could have taught them how to make Bannock. …lol”

—> “Make me it and I will personally send each team a msg telling them what they are missing”


kenneth branagh

Kenneth Bannock?

36. “My Sis and I each pick a team , mine is Gino and Jesse my sis is dujean and Leilani”


37. “Fortunately taking a time penalty does not always pay off. Play to win!”

They did; that was the whole point of taking the two hour penalty. They were afraid the task would take them an additional two hours to complete.

38. “Jon made a mistake, Simi and Ope finish 6th not 7th. hahaha”

Trust me, I let Monty know personally whenever he screws up.

39. “”Green-which Mean Time?… I’ve never heard of that.”

Oh, bless you, Kristin.”


If Kristin can’t understand the concept of Greenwich Village Mean Time, she will have an impossible time comprehending Greewood Village Mean Time. I mean, it’s -always- daytime!

40. “Love the show but thought the sneak peek totally not needed as it was just the ad for the show and nothing more.”

Oh gee, really?

41. “HOnestly overall, the only thing that i dont like,, and drives me nuts about the show is most legs start wit the teams on the exact same flights, so no way to get or maintain a lead. 1st gets you the prize, but rarely any advantage in the next leg…and maybe instead of focusing on one city, make it the surrounding areas so you have to use maps, travel ( potentially get lost) etc”

Air Canada’s contract expires this season. Join me in TAR-based prayer as we hope that contract is not renewed.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any cities which surround Saskatoon or Sudbury. A place like Vancouver is one of the few cities in Canada to be full of surrounding populated areas.

42. “Yeah!!!! I agree, stay in Canada for the WHOLE show.”

—> “I disagree. The first season did just that and the quality suffered because of it. It was still good, but in comparison to other versions, ours felt . . . juvenile.

Air Canada is a major sponsor, so we have to travel to their destinations in canada. As much as people will say otherwise, this means we’re running out of places to go without it feeling repetitive and stale (case in point: Toronto, Quebec City, Halifax all getting repeat visits this year, and it’s only the 3rd season). If they stuck with just canada in season 2, we’d’ve visited all the new places we’re visiting this year.

If they stay in Canada, the show gets stale and it’s done. I don’t want that. I still have hopes that our version will surpass the epicness of The Amazing Race Australia. So far, not quite. Though I do like Jon more than Grant Bowler.”

But Bowler hosted The Mole Australia. Canada, for whatever reason, has yet to give The Mole a chance. 

R.I.P. My favourite reality show of all time. Too smart for American television.

43. “my favourite are the brothers just forgot there names gerrr”

Well, we’ve got it narrowed down to two possibilities.

44. “Totally agree, there is still Alberta and they need to come back to B.C.!”

They can come back to BC as long as I am the greeter.

—> “Manitoba”


45. “Wonderful to finally see my city but disappointed they didn’t visit and show more of the beautiful places we have. Visiting Wanuskewin made sense, trampolines and beer caps, not so much. ”

Saskatoon is not full of trampolines and beer caps? WHAT A GROSS MISREPRESENTATION!!!!

—> “Agree with the trampoline. Beer caps at least were made relevant by the origin of GWB and Original 16 beer (always wondered why it was called that).

I would’ve done the WDM or the Syncrotron (1 of only 3 in the world) over the trampoline.”

—> “Scavenger hunt at WDM”

WDM? Stop with your Prairie secret code.

NOTE: I Google’d it. Apparently it stands for the Western Development Museum. It has a bunch of pictures of cars.

46. “I don’t like all the penalties the teams take it feels like they are quitting”

But they aren’t.

47. “Some grain or cattle farming would have been good too”

We just saw cattle farming literally two episodes ago.

48. “Love Ope and Simi. BUT, if you can’t swim, drive a stick or read a map, not sure why you would even go on the show.”

Fame. Money. Experience. Adventure. 

49. “I am liking the extra stops in Canada. Doesn’t need to be completely Canada, but more than just the start and the end.”

I am not.

50. “I loved this episode with the touch of aboriginal culture!! Its a board wide push in the TDSB to teach students about it as well!! Honoured to say that I am friends with Matt (and Nick).!:) They are hilarious! I PVR it and get kids to bed before I enjoy!!:)”

You put Nick’s name in brackets. Are you -really- friends with him?

51. ” Involved”


52. “Agreed – there should only be ONE penalty card to use per couple for the entire race.”

Hold on. The person who proposed the idea of only one penalty being allowed for the race is actually being considered? Uh oh. Casual fans are listening to each other rather than fighting one another.

This is the danger of a coalition government!!!!!

53. ” That math type task with departure times & arrival times and time zones was a tough one-most found it too hard but a few stuck it out-if I had to try to do that I’d have been stumped and given up-too complicated.”

Just try to get your mind wrapped around the North Korea time zone.

54. “Guys, who came last and eiminated on map?”

Who was eliminated on a map?

rob philipeans

Well, Philippines was eliminated on a map when Rob Mariano replaced it with “Phillipeans”.

55. “The wrestlers should just be glad they only had a small tipi to put up in that challenge. Imagine putting up an 18-20 footer! Lol!”

They could just bring a trampoline with them and bounce up that high. #TrampolineTraining

56. “It was awesome but wish you would stay in Canada. .we loved seeing the area that our sister and man live in.”

I doubt your sister and man hang out at the brewery drinking beer all day then go jumping on trampolines. Although if that really was the case, I vastly underestimated Saskatoon’s coolness.

57. “Perhaps there could be 2 kinds of clues handed out for next challenge: the kind used now, and a 2nd kind reserved for those who complete the current challenge without taking a penalty. The 2nd kind could have an inside tip that gives a slight edge to those willing to avoid penalties”

This is getting too complicated, and a lot of extra work for production.

Some guy who has a Saskatchewan Roughriders profile picture: “Best episode ever!”

Welcome to the definition of the word “bias”, ladies and gentlemen.

58. “The first show I was really worried about Nick and Matt
I noticed one team didn’t seem to find all the bottle caps, instead put the one in they got from the clue?
The challenges for this episode were really great though”

—> “Every team added the clue bottle cap to total 16, they had to find 15 of them.”

—> “I will rewatch the challenge but I saw all but one team find 16”

—> “i thought that too that one only put in 15 the rest all put in 16 but i thought you needed only 15 so didnt think much about it”

—> “I recall them saying 16 were to be found. I just rewatched it and seen where I got mistaken
There was so much 16 talk that I didn’t clearly hear 15 were in the bin
I’m going to guess the rest put their cap in the clue as number 1? Lol
Whereas the boys did it last?”

‘Tis time to hire a private investigator and look into the obscurity of the rules regarding the bottle cap tasks.

59. “Math teachers should be more strict…”

I think time zones is more of a geography thing. The rest is basic math unless you metricize how many minutes are in an hour.

60. “I only wished we’d seen more of Saskatoon – show it off to the rest of the country!”

The airport, trampoline centre, brewery, and plains? You got your turn. Sit back down.

61. “My mama made the outfits they danced in! So proud of her. What a cool show.”

So that’s who made Nick & Matt’s baby blue outfits?

nick matt outfit


62. “being a Saskatchewan guy, and Having had Regina on the show before, i would have liked to have seen more coverage and landmarks of Saskatoon…but it did a good job of showing the awful traffic you have to deal with there”

Regina gets lentils, and you get beer. Equal opportunity, folks.

—> “Lol, I used to think Saskatoon traffic was bad…until I moved to Toronto. You have it pretty good.”

63. “This was a fun episode once again. Disappointed that the race is going to India. Am enjoying the Canadian venues.”

You do know that there have been more rounds within Canada in TAR Canada than India legs in all international versions combined, right?

64. “Not happy that so many teams are opting to take a penalty instead of finishing the challenge this season! I’m sure there are loads of applicants that would love the chance to be on the Race and wouldn’t quit! Just my opinion! Other than that, love the show!”

Everyone is totally going to complain about easier challenges next season. Count on it.

65. “I thought it was too bad they were here in May before things are really green and lush. I felt a bit disappointed that they didn’t do much to dispel the notion that Saskatoon isn’t much more than vast brown prairie. I also thought the challenge being at Apex – while cool since we have been there – was a bit of a waste and was a missed opportunity to show off much more unique and beautiful parts of our city. Such as the WDM, river landing /river in general, U of S… But it was still cool to see our little city featured!”

Changing the production schedule may be too extreme of a demand for the network.

66. “As someone who lives in Saskatoon awesome episode. Disappointed you didn’t introduce Cheif Felix Thomas at the finishing mat. Just wish you had contestants from Saskatchewan too and not just stops here.”

Nevermind, this is more extreme. Is Monty expected to introduce the full name of every clue bearer, judge, pit stop greeter, and member of the production crew in every single episode? Jesus.

67. “The Saskatoon Airport was a hard challenge….”


68. “Or perhaps have taking a penalty increment….. First penalty of the game 2 hrs, next penalty 4 hrs, 3rd penalty 6 hrs…”

If viewers can’t keep track of Express Passes, they are going to be outraged about teams receiving longer penalties than others because they forget the team already took a penalty earlier in the race.

However, this is a better idea than the Penalty Card concept.

69. “Yes anything to hinder the penalties. to me it just takes away from the excitement, there is no strategy to it, its a losing gamble in my opinion. Simi and Opi stuck to their guns and did every challenge, but the other Dad and daughter team which was eliminated was close to beating them but they skipped the first challenge (glad they are gone she was a whiner). I just feel if you take a penalty it should have more consequence in the game. Like a commenter said above, maybe increase as you take more penalties, i think if you raise it to 3-4 hour penalty it would also hinder taking a penalty. I mean really why doesn’t every team just go to every challenge, take the penalty and then just run to the finish line, there is nothing stopping them all from doing that.”

There is something stopping from teams taking a 2 hour penalty on an active route info–it’s called a 2 hour penalty on an active route info task. Furthermore, you are actually advocating for shorter penalties because four hours is the Roadblock penalty while six is the Detour penalty.

And I love how Kristin is a whiner because she was hospitalized with hypothermia and when her dad took the two hour penalty without consulting her.

—> “Or maybe instead of increasing the length of the penalty they could issue one ‘penalty voucher’ per team and they can only use that strategy once during the entire race. I agree there are too many this season!”

Stop. Enough.

—> “I don’t understand when this became a “strategy”?! Don’t like it at all. But I will say the challenges are very hard this season!”

—> “i wouldn’t have an issue with the penalties if it wasn’t a common occurrence every week. Every team having an express pass is silly too. I realize the penalites are needed sometimes, i just wish it would be a bigger consequence, only used when ABSOLUTELY needed. C’mon, they honestly couldn’t figure out some flight times and add numbers together to make 25 hours?”

It’s called exhaustion. . .or the teams all from Ontario and Atlantic Canada were passed through a poor education program.

nick flex

I mean, this is the guy who could be teaching your kids how to calculate time zones.

—> “Ok, here’s the official penalty breakdown:

Regular Route Marker – 2 hours

Roadblock and Face Off – 4 hours

Detour – 6 hours. Highest penalty because you get two options. Extremely rare to not want to do either side.

Strategy comes into play usually when all or most teams are at a challenge and it’s an obvious time waster. Sometimes it’s better to take a two hour penalty and try to hammer through the other tasks in the hopes that the task you quit does indeed take other teams ages.

It became a strategy back in Season 7 of the U.S. version when one team quit a challenge and convinced another team to quit after them guaranteeing the first quitting team would not be eliminated that week.”

—> “In season 7 of the Amazing race usa Rob convinced players to take the penalty with him so it was used as a strategy then. I have found Canada’s challenges to be a tad harder than the Usa. Make the penalty the same as the usa one in season 1 of 24 hours lol jk, but i wouldn’t be surprised for it to increase to 4 hours and make it start when the next team arrives at the challenge.”

Rob didn’t convince anyone to take a penalty. You really think Meredith would have been able to eat all of that meat on his own? The guy wanted to quit the task even before Rob said a word. Gotta love editing!

70. “Few notes about Shaker City: Bummed out the Lumsdens are out. They had a ton of personality and humour plus Kristin is hot (can I say that politely? LOL). Skipping challenges is always a dangerous strategy. Maybe Neil, the former Eskimo, can’t perform in Rider Nation? (Smile) Hope the father-daughter team comes back in a best-of-the-runners-up season; and I couldn’t stop laughing when Brian told wife Cynthia that he knew his body and couldn’t do the bouncy trampoline, yet he figured it out after a few epic wipeouts! If I were betting on who to watch going forward it would have to be the Montani brothers, Gino and Jesse, and the Sweeneys, while the darkhouse team is Dujean and Leilani, who quietly just keep getting it done. Can’t wait for next Wednesday and another amazing trip!”

You think she is hot?

kristin canada

After the Quebec round, I think “ice cold” would be appropriate.

And who uses the comments section of the TAR Canada page to use it as a public plea to hook up with a reality TV contestant?

That would be like if I created a blog post and said “Hey Kristin, my name is Logan. I may be only 24 years old and live on the other side of the country here in the Okanagan, but I’m totally down with the long distance dating thing. . .as long as it’s an open relationship, that is. Because, you know, boredom.”

See how weird that would be? I would almost prefer seeing another stupid remark about Kristin being a whiner rather than someone who wants her number.

71. “Well let’s see , it wasn’t the most exciting show and really didn’t see Alot of Saskatoon. Whoever did the editing on the show really cut out too much of the good stuff (which there really wasn’t much of ). AND my biggest peeve is we are leaving Canada next week. WHY?!!!!!! There is so much to do and see in Canada why leave when the show is Amazing Race CANADA?!!!!!!! ….until next time.”

You just f–king contradicted yourself.

“They showed nothing good from Saskatoon. The footage was all bad. . .why the hell are they leaving Canada?”

It’s like Rick James logic.

rick james

“I wouldn’t grind my feet into Eddie Murphy’s couch, c’mon I got a little more sense than that. . .yeah, I remember grinding my feet into Eddie Murphy’s couch.”

—> “Why do they leave Australia when it’s called The Amazing Race Australia!?

Why do they leave Norway when it’s called The Amazing Race Norway?!

(And repeat for Asia, Isreal, Brazil, etc)

Let’s not forget, 6 Canadian destinations so far, half are repeats, with more repeat visits on the way. We’re going to places in canada we’ve already seen!! Do people not understand that unless we leave canada, this show will be done this season?”

They don’t.

—> “Your opinion of course. There is so much hidden treasures to see in Canada where most Canadians will never have a chance to see or travel to. Canada is an endless treasure with only 6 Canadian destinations visited, there is much much more out there to see and do doesn’t mean they have to be ” big named places”. In my opinion keep it Canadian.”

I swear the show has brainwashed viewers into thinking Canada has a series of underground cities and mysterious artifacts that have only been witnessed by those who work in production for The Amazing Race Canada.

It’s like they expect teams to travel to a city north of Vancouver Island that was formed by a bolt of lightning which led to an underwater reef jumping onto the surface and creating land, plants, species, and human life as a 21st century modern metropolis is forged.

Seriously. Canada is one of the least densely populated countries in the world. There’s a whole lot of nothin’, folks.

72. “I can’t wait for the teams go to India! 🙂 it sucks that The Amazing Race Canada hasn’t been out of the country as much as last season but oh well, still loving it!”

—> “Actually, it’s about the same. Teams went to France, Hong Kong, and Macau last year. Teams have gone to Chile, Argentina, and now India this year.”

haha pwned.

—> “Oh I guess I missed the Chile episode. Didn’t they go to Japan last season as well?”


73. “The gagging in front of the First Nations leader was not very respectful – sorry but really!!??”

I hear Sean drives across the country, puts his finger down his throat, and searches for the nearest First Nations reserve possible on a weekly basis.

74. “Happy birthday but I am so happy Kristin and her dad are gone they where anyoning but go Winnipeg go”

That’s the worst Happy Birthday greeting I have ever heard.

—> “They aren’t from Wpg are they?”

—> “No I am going for winners Brian and I forget her name lol are”

Viewers really are bad with names.

75. “private message any answers on eliminations..not everyone has watched”


—> “Don’t read comments or the story if you haven’t watched yet that’s what I do … Come back later and read.. people will comment on what’s happened”

NO! All three million people must observe a full week of silence until EVERYONE has caught up!

76. “I hope they excuse themself by trowing up in front of the Chief this is very insolting to First Nation chief . I also thing he should get his stomach check out by a doctor when the race will be over, it’s not normal to be sick so often , good luck buddy’s”

I don’t think it’s a stomach issue–I think it’s a “Sean hates exercise” issue.

—> “Due to editing you didn’t see the whole scene so knowing Sean, he apologized. They also danced for an hour then ran as fast as they could for a km. That would make anyone throw up if you aren’t a runner.”

What’s with viewers commenting on every single person they know who appeared in the Saskatoon leg.

“I know Chief Felix.”

“I know Mary.”

“I know Brian.”

“I know Sean.”

Guess what guys? None of us give a f–k who you know.

77. “Finally got to see it lol
Was shared yesterday and it wouldn’t play lol
Poor Nick…he didn’t get to enjoy it very much.
Maybe someone will take pity and give him a calf massage lol”

This is in reference to Nick & Matt’s airport chair massage which isn’t exactly comfortable.

mardy massage

Just ask Marsio.

78. “Wasn’t a fan of the aboriginal challenges.”

Go away.

79. “Simi is such an inspiration! He is so appreciative to be able to experience all that Canada has to offer, and especially to share this with his beautiful daughter. I can only admire his courage in facing the challenges he has on his quest to win the Race.”

—> “Ope is the Dad….”

—> ” Pardon me! You’re right.. i meant Ope..”

If it’s any consolation, I am sure Simi & Ope are used to Canadians who are not accustomed to names with Yoruban origins.

80. “Too bad the father and daughter were set home. Sean and Brent s/be next to go home. I think it it fixed this time for them to win even though they don’t deserve it.”

Editors giving them a fan favourite edit does not mean they will not win–it just means they want the audience to like them.

—> “Booooooo”

81. “Is there anyone finding that at 00:41 the flight AC 541 shows it takes 316 mins from Vancouver to Seattle? lol Actually it’s from Toronto to Seattle. I like this challenge.”

. . .I’ve got a feeling it’s just you.

82. “Simi and Ope work alone to finish that flight plan challenge and they never give up..hoping to see them in the finale…that Nick and Matt, cant wait to see them out of the race…hate them…Brian and Cynthia are annoying in this episode…”

What did Nick & Matt do?

And do people not realize that Simi & Ope and Neil & Kristin have both at least one penalty to their name? It’s weird to see teams praise Simi & Ope for “never giving up” but one sentence later they’ll state Kristin is a whiner.

—> “I agree with you at a 100% !!! Brian &Cynthia have to go too !!”

—> “Brian looked like he was going to hit her or something”

jonathan noogie

Obviously. Brian is Canada’s Jonathan.

83. “Wow! #AmazingRaceCanada Worst bunch of teams I have ever seen! Let’s take a penalty because we are so fu–ing stupid!!”

84. “Can’t believe how much quitting & whining there is on this season of #AmazingRaceCanada”

lol Twitter.

85. “#AmazingRaceCanada contender Brians attitude & disrespect to his wife in ep7 was shameful,lets hope this wont reflect on us serving CAF mbrs”

86. “Seriously, none of these people know how to figure out time zones?  #AmazingRaceCanada”

87. “A bunch of babies on this season of #AmazingRaceCanada”

Twitter’s insults are always much more direct because they only have 140 characters to get their point across. No room for passive-aggressiveness or throwing in a defensive remark somewhere.

88. “I enjoy watching Amazing Race Canada and it was great they visited Saskatoon. Instead of the bouncing, they could have went to the Shaw Center to promote its facilities. However, I find it very troublesome when the teams have to travel abroad. I would like them to travel to more Canadian places than to some country that has something to do with Canada. If I want to see parts of the world, I would just watch the other Amazing Race, which I currently don’t. To leave on a positive note, John Montgomery is an excellent choice! Keep up the great work!”

Ugh. You want them to visit various Canadian cities solely to promote certain buildings as fabricated tourist destinations? This is exactly why The Amazing Race Canada has to travel abroad. Otherwise, this crap will be happening every week like it did in Sudbury until it becomes a weekly hour long commercial which nobody freakin’ wants.

And why don’t you watch the other Amazing Race?

china pit stop

You mean you don’t watch The Amazing Race China?

But seriously, “I don’t watch the other Amazing Race because they see dozens of countries around the world” is such a weird reason to think “yeah, I’ll tune into the Canadian version of this show. I really hope they don’t do this travelling bulls–t!”

89. “Wow… are all these racers wimps? ? 1st season that i have seen so many teams taking penalties unstead of completing tasks

And so many stupid people on this game and don’t know how to swim?????

Terrible season of wimps”

the amazing race asia 3 promo

The Amazing Race Canada 3: Terrible Season of Wimps sounds slightly less badass than The Amazing Race Asia 3: Toughest Race Ever.


Another fun week, guys. Remember to be kind to your folks, strangers, and neighbours. Until next week, eh?

Oh, and click here to listen to my weekly podcast about The Amazing Race as I am a co-host for YATNcast. If you don’t listen to this, then screw you. I am tired of your BS and how much of a wimp you are. Don’t you dare grab your passport and leave Canada. Thanks.

P.S. Thanks to my geographic time zone knowledge, owning a trampoline for most of my childhood, and searching through bottle caps for prizes when I was younger, I can assure you I would have kicked ass on TAR Canada this week. Fact.

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3 Responses to Funniest Complaints About The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 7 Edition

  1. Corey says:

    I rewatched that Season 7 episode and I shall concede that Meredith was going to quit the task regardless. The editing definitely messed with my memory because I remember Rob being all smug about “convincing” other teams to quit.

    Now I’m curious as to when they changed when the penalty was given. In season 7 it was right there at the task, and started when the next team arrived. Later seasons it was started after checking in. Do you remember off the top of your head?

    And WDM has more than cars. Its got a full recreation of what Saskatoon was in 1910. More relevant than trampolines, but still not a great challenge location. I can’t think of anything exciting to do there unless it involves a period task. And this my friend, is why we can’t stay in Canada.

    Thanks for doing this every week. Your sassiness in replying to the comments is second to none. I keep wanting to just reply to each person with a link to your blog. I would love to see you on the show. Me first though. Or both at the same time. Sorry for kicking your ass in advance 🙂


    • I know penalty assessments can be inconsistent.

      In TAR Asia 1, one team used a private car throughout the New Zealand leg and they had to wait it out at the mat. Trailing teams caught up and the team was ultimately eliminated.

      Just one episode later, one guy drove 170 km/hr and had his license taken away by a police officer. When the team checked in, their penalty would not take effect until the start of the -next- leg. The trailing team was not far behind, but because the penalty was not being assessed yet, the trailing team was eliminated.

      I know 90% of TAR US’ penalties fall into one of two situations:

      a) Unintentional mistakes such as traffic violations, doing Mark/Michael antics, or misreading clues which they are not informed about until they hit the mat.

      b) Skipping tasks or outright quitting when they are already dead in the water (or dead above water if you are Mika).

      I know Dave & Rachel’s RB penalty in TAR 20 was not assessed until they got to the pit stop.

      Flight Time & Big Easy were forced to wait at the Znarf Kefka RB for four hours after taking the penalty in TAR 15.

      The date of the rule change with the US version lies somewhere between those two seasons. It may have even been changed due to the Globetrotters’ incident.

    • And thank you. I would be amused to see how the TAR Canada admin would react to multiple people discussing my blog on his page. . .although I am not sure if casual fans would change their tune because they hear about this blog.

      And I think this might be the first time in my life I have been referred to as sassy.

      I’ll either be on TAR Canada or BB Canada (or Survivor/The Mole Canada if it gets produced here) some day. When that time will be remains unknown.

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