The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 6 Predictions and Editing Analysis

Well, I guess I can’t really wait until I get home to post the new predictions blog, eh?


1) Gino & Jesse/VoldeMussolinis

I doubt teams will be getting lost in Saskatoon, and a couple of these tasks appear to be physical. Gino & Jesse’s run will probably continue. They need to win the next five rounds in a row if they want to tie the franchise record.

2) Nick & Matt

They always talk about how much they crave first place. Wouldn’t it be a comedic storyline if they never win a leg despite being the strongest overall team?

There are no symptoms to indicate Nick & Matt are remotely in danger this week. They have beat Simi & Ope in every single leg this season.

3) Brian & Cynthia

They are probably eager to put the past round behind them as I presume they expected to receive backlash for not doing well at the CSI task nor the CPR challenge.

Unless Brian & Cynthia are Kyle Shewfelt undercover, nobody has expectations for how they will perform at bouncing on a trampoline.

It’s strange to talk about a team that either performs extremely well or extremely badly, but my money is on the former this week.

Again, this is a tough week because there is no water nor a local dance to perform. A rare sight in TAR Canada.

4) DuJean & Leilani

I didn’t even flinch when DuJean & Leilani were trailing behind Nic & Sabrina last week. This team has only lost ground at a challenge during the Selfie Marathon in Chile.

I hope DuJean can create a freestyle trampoline dancing routine. Time to start his own squad.

5) Brent & Sean

They have finished between 4th and 6th for the past four rounds in a row. Furthermore, they have rarely been in danger at any point during the season.

The only mystery will be if they use their Express Pass sooner rather than later just to ensure they catapult up the standings a couple of spots. However, I think they’ll just hang onto it until the expiration date.

6) Neil & Kristin

Excluding their victory in Argentina, Neil & Kristin (or Nick & Kristen) have finished in 6th three times, 7th once, and 10th once.

The only task they have dominated at in recent memory is when Kristin spotted the flag on Citadel Hill during the Halifax leg.

And how exhausted are you mentally and physically when you just completed a leg with only one day to recover from full body cramps?

In other news, I can’t wait for a guy in his 60s to be jumping around on a trampoline. “One-two-three-bum drop!”

7) Simi & Ope

This round is tougher to predict, but I think Simi & Ope are running out of breathing room. Sure, there are no bodies of water or Argentine taxi drivers, but I don’t see them having a huge advantage over other teams when it comes to trampolines.

There has been nothing in the past round which suggests they have a specific ability which will consistently put them above other teams.

I think they will be speaking to James Duthie by the end of tonight.



DuJean & Leilani

Did I mention how I didn’t flinch when they were in last place right before the end of the round?

Their journey to communicate as exes is still an active one. Sudbury was such a boring round that the only storyline to have any impact this week is Gino & Jesse.


Brent & Sean

Between their scene with Hamilton & Michaelia, the rivalry with Gino & Jesse, and being perhaps the team with the fewest number of online h8rs, this fan favourite team is actually receiving a pretty good potential winner’s edit.


Gino & Jesse/VoldeMussolinis

Although they won their third leg of the season, Gino & Jesse received an edit with heavy foreshadowing this week.

Every team was saying how wonderful it would be to pass them (specifically Brian & Cynthia), and how “their luck must run out at some point”.

They are being set up to fail. It would be weird to hype up that Gino & Jesse will be facing a hurdle they can’t overcome, but they win the race anyway.

I knew Gino & Jesse would do very well in most of the Canada legs, but I also said they couldn’t use their physical fitness to power through confusing and linguistically challenging locations outside of the country.

I think when they travel to India is when they will meet their downfall. It will also be the perfect time for another U-Turn to pop up and be responsible for their elimination from the race.

Brian & Cynthia

Everything I said last week remains the same. So why did I drop them a spot along with the VoldeMussolinis?

Well, because the casual fans online have turned against them over the past couple of weeks. Teams who are seen in a negative light by the TV viewing masses just don’t win reality shows anymore. This ain’t the early 2000s where editors had more artistic freedom to let winners get away with a not-so-nice edit.

Nick & Matt

They want first place, and I’ll never forget their invisibility during the season premiere. Never.


Neil & Kristin

You know this week wasn’t to your advantage when the only thing said about you is when Brian & Cynthia tell the audience how annoying and unprofessional you would be if employed as CSI workers.

They need a big shift in edit soon.


Simi & Ope

To sum up all six episodes of airtime for Simi & Ope thus far: Simi is a boss, Ope can’t swim, Trebek is touched by their relationship, Ope can’t swim, Ope does not like swimming, Ope is not a big fan of water, and Ope can’t swim.

It is too bad they have received such a minimal amount of attention, and it be also one-dimensional. I love their interactions on screen because it never fails to crack me up.


Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed it.

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