Ranking the Recappers of The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 6 Edition

I am only halfway through talking about the recappers this season? Jesus. It feels like I have been doing this for years and years. The end is nowhere in sight. It is like dragging Rupert Boneham across fifty yards of sand on the beach. Thankfully it will only be my fingers rather than my back that will be strained from this exercise.

NOTE: There are four Amazing Race Canada recap blogs that are ranked based upon arbitrary criteria. The highest scorer for each week scores four points. Second place receives three points while third place gets two points. The lowest scorer earns just one point.




RHAP: 11 pts



Alright. Time to see how these guys did for the Sudbury recap.



– Being annoyed with lack of departure times when there were four hour penalties.

– Giving us the exact filming dates.

– Making fun of metrically-challenged people.

– Back to the Future reference.

– Recapping the history of the usage of Canadian coins.

– Taking a shot at Gino & Jesse/VoldeMussolinis

– Making fun of how little strategy there is with the Fast Forward after TAR 4.

– Hold up. Is that Earthworm Jim? Even I didn’t catch onto that.

– “I don’t know the first thing about policing!”

– Shtick and tights for the wrestlers.

– Old school SNL shoutout.

– Didn’t talk about Brent & Sean excessively.

– Nic is George-Clooneying it.

– Minimizing Trebek’s presence.

– “Your Canadian is showing! Please put it away.”

– Sean Connery!


– Couldn’t come up with a really funny joke for why Trebek disappeared.



– They have an ad for a Russian dating website on the recap page. Hilarious.

– Kristin’s name is spelled correctly.

– Fewer typos compared to the past five weeks. No “divide and concur”.

– I liked the remark of Alex Trebek turning into a pumpking–I wonder if he wandered off into the fifth dimension as well?

– Promoting international travel, and not being particularly impressed by Sudbury judging by their tone.


– Is Sudbury truly known for the Big Nickel?

– A few run-ons that are distracting at times.

– They spelled Jon with a ‘h’. :/

– “To know end”.

– The usual critiques–not enough analysis and sounds like the point of view of somebody casually watching from the sofa.

– Missed out on an opportunity to say Keith from Survivor: South Pacific/TAR 25 has heart.



– Gord solde seven. Seven what? I do not know.

– Gord acknowledges the default strategy regarding the Fast Forward.

– If only the other side of the Detour did have a log jam.

– Gord was bright enough to move away from his hometown of Winnipeg.

– Wayne not only talked about me in the opening paragraph, but also linked to my blog.

– Acknowledging that producers can cast people who can’t swim, but bringing up the question of why somebody would audition with a swimming inability. I am curious how many seasons of TAR outside of Canada have played a full race without a mandatory swimming task.

– Gord’s burn of Nic & Sabrina.

– Wayne points out the lack of interpersonal drama this season–a criticism I whole-heartedly agree with because producers cast a group full of people who are nice to each other.

– TAR 13 and 21 reference. Remember Phil’s creepy dad?

– Whoa! Uncensored F-bomb.

– Wayne properly analyzes the limited stations aspect of the Detour.

– Making fun of Canadians who can’t handle a canoe.

– I liked that Brent & Sean’s Jeopardy! was seen as too obvious by Wayne as well, and instead appreciated Sabrina’s “You know stuff” line.

– Wayne gives Nic & Sabrina the positive farewell they deserve.


– Gord talked about the mining task requiring use of the arms, but no Bethany Hamilton reference to be found.

– Gord thinks Nic should have excelled at the blindfolded soccer challenge because he was a former pro soccer player.

– It would have been better if Gord’s explanation for the dead bodies during the CSI task is because it is a result of an increasing number of suicides of those who work as a co-host for The Social.

– Gord could have made the joke about Nic’s dummy being a cat because it managed to still live after losings its first eight lives. . .or something like that.

– I don’t know the Big Nickel, Wayne. Don’t be so dang presumptuous!!!1111one.



– Jess found the same article I did about Sudbury paying TARC tens of thousands of dollars.

– Acknowledging that much like Rainier Wolfcastle’s goggles, the bunching does nothing.

– The praise for Brian & Cynthia.

– Jess managed to squeeze in a Mika & Canaan joke. Did you know somebody recognizes Canaan for his country music career rather than his TAR appearance?

– But Ope is funnier when he can’t swim. . .and also when he wears a sombrero. #BestTARPictureEver

– At least it’s not the Temp’s Temp.


– Jess fails to acknowledge that the Yukon leg was equally heavy in advertising itself from TARC 2.

– I do think the tasks for the week did get sacrificed in order to pander to Sudbury. The round felt like it happened in a locally produced version of TAR operated out of a high school or university.

– Are Gino & Jesse/VoldeMussolinis going to be in the finals? Editing suggests a downfall before then.

– While I do believe Nick & Matt are underedited as well, I do find it insulting to compare them to Ryan & Rob. Nick & Matt are funnier, and neither is even a professional comedian.

– I wouldn’t say Brent & Sean are crushing it–finishing between 4th and 6th almost every leg goes against the notion of domination. Also, I can picture this season without Brent & Sean, and the only thing we’d miss is a couple of piles of vomit.

– What do you mean DuJean & Leilani have a strange edit and will slip out of competition? Here I stand proclaiming they have a winner’s edit.

– Jess wanted Vanessa & Celina to go far in TARC 1? Now I’m sad. 😦

– What do you mean Nic & Sabrina didn’t want to be there? I think they were still having fun amidst Nic’s inability to revive a dummy to the rhythm of a Bee Gees song.

– Surprisingly little analysis for the leg itself–this was very team centric. Is that good or bad? I don’t know, but it probably is a hint as to how Sudbury is indeed the most boring city on the planet.




Gord may have been the Flo of the team while Wayne played the role of Zach, but TAR 3 taught us that can still lead to victory.

Wayne not only plugged my blog in the opening paragraph of his recap, but he also directly linked to it as well as praising my efforts.

I think Gord, Dana, Jess, and Sue could all learn a lesson from Wayne. It really is an important one.

Oh yeah, and their analysis was good too.

Lastly, what really made them stand out was dropping an uncensored F-bomb. The bar has  been set at such a great height that it broke through the dang ceiling.

Sue’s two week winning streak has been snapped. Speaking of Sue. . .


I found nothing bad about Sue’s blog this week.

In other news, I do love me some Earthworm Jim. The Sega Genesis version, preferably. All that was missing was a really good joke to make me laugh out loud and/or spit out my chocolate soy milk.


Jess’ one week grace period after throwing The Temp’s Temp back into the dungeon is now over. She has yet to get back into her groove that puts her on the same pedestal along with Gord & Wayne and Sue.

In other news, I wonder if she has seen the 1980s/early 90s Jeopardy! commercial where Alex Trebek plays Connery’s version of James Bond? It is hysterical.


Just read what I have said in the past five weeks.

All I can say is that YRR is better than the city of Sudbury or listening to a TAR Canada trivia challenge being played out on The Social where none of the co-hosts know any of the answers. All they freakin’ did was ask the BMO rep to answer the questions on their behalf. What the hell are the co-hosts on The Social doing when they watch an episode of The Amazing Race Canada?


I don’t have many notes to add for this week; this post is pretty much a reflection of the effort producers put into the Sudbury leg.

Let’s get to the updated standings.



RHAP: 13 pts


YRR may be on the verge of being mathematically out of it for the gold medal, but they can pull off a silver medal if they are able to bust a wedge or a nickel.

RHAP is also slipping, but there’s plenty of game (and sucking up to me) left to be done.

P.S. If you had to rank the six Ranking the Recappers of The Amazing Race Canada 3 blog posts thus far, this is probably my weakest. My wit simply wasn’t as sharp as in previous weeks. Few pop culture references which is abnormal for an individual such as myself. Sorry. I’ll make it up to you, eh? 😦


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  1. Hugo says:

    Sorry about this being slightly off topic, but when’s your finale post for TAR 17 coming?

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