Funniest Complaints About Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 4 Edition

Casual fans still hate Nic & Sabrina. Because of this, much of their anger was directed to Nic & Sabrina being saved by yet another crazy fluke as Hamilton lost his passport.

It doesn’t help that Hamilton & Michaelia did have their share of fans.

This week, fans wanted The Amazing Race Canada to rig its own show in favour of keeping Hamilton & Michaelia alive while Nic & Sabrina would be eliminated.

Also, we learn how many people do not pay attention during the episode, and a criticism of Brent & Sean that comes out of nowhere.


1. “So glad [Dana & Amanda] left! They were extremely overrated. Go Nick & Matt!”

How were Dana & Amanda overrated?

romania amanda kris

Amanda & Kris got more attention and recognition in three episodes than Dana & Amanda did.

jon montgomery

Jon Montgomery couldn’t even remember their names in the ‘Previously On’ segment for episode four! He just said “it was two pairs of cops racing to the finish line”.

Recall the funniest complaints blog from last week and nobody stated their names either.

It would be like saying that local guitar player who plays in a gazebo at your nearby coffee shop is overrated. Chances are only you and about ten other people who live in the area ever notice him, but you think he is receiving too much recognition because tourists toss a five dollar bill into his empty guitar case as they walk by.

Fast forward to one week later and these tourists forget all about the guitar player in the gazebo, but yet you hold onto the memory of him receiving those five dollar bills.

In other words, Dana & Amanda are the small-town guitar players except they wear funnier hats.

2. “I’m not judging them. I just think people were only cheering them on because they were an all-female team from NL, not because of the way they ran the race. They ran a good race, and I know they worked their butts off, but every team we’ve seen on theshow has also worked their butts off in the same way. To me, they are an OK team, but I have my reasons not to like them. For one, they remind me of Natalie & Meaghan, who were a good team but it just got repetitive with all the wins they had. Two, they are female versions of Gino & Jesse that got much less TV time. I feel like the producers of the show made them have much less TV time because they knew that once these two were revealed, they’d be instant fan favorites. I’m not being a complete asshole like Micki, just bashing on them for no reason, but I’m just relieved that they got off, and some of my other favourite teams are still here. It’s all a matter of opinion for me – I just preferred watching the other teams.”

You are relieved they got off?

andy samberg lonely island

Maybe there really was just a bit too much love spread through Buenos Aires.

3. “Really???!! So this is what all the in people watch no wonder everybody so f—ing stupid what’s going on on the Earth”

If it makes you feel any better, scientists just discovered a planet that is very similar to Earth. I hear their competitive reality TV department is not known to be quite as developed as ours. Feel free to be the first to immigrate there.

4. “Awww didn’t want to see them go.. was hoping it would be a non elimination leg IF they come last”

So you only wanted a NEL if it was Hamilton & Michaelia to come in last?

Because of gaming laws, Post-Determined Non-Elimination Legs may or may not be super illegal.

—-> “Except that Hamilton guy was totally terrible. The only reason they made it this far was the lucky express pass because he was too scared to do anything…”

I know. A 19-year-old who was transgender and goes on Canada’s most popular TV program in history to have his every move judged is a complete coward.


The only thing that was totally terrible was when Marilyn Denis tried to interview them at the end of last week. Instead of interviewing somebody like 99% of people would, she talked for 90% of it and asked them two questions which Michaelia was lucky to get more than seven or eight words in.

It was like “Marilyn Denis Lectures Hamilton & Michaelia On Her Thoughts About Their Performance” rather than “Marilyn Denis Interviews Hamilton & Michaelia”.

Last time I checked, Marilyn Denis wasn’t a contestant on The Amazing Race Canada. She is making the same dang mistake that the four women from The Social made at the TAR Canada 1 reunion show. They made it about themselves and their reactions and had little interest in letting anybody else talk.

Essentially, it was like how James Duthie treated Laura & Jackie but multiply it by eleven.

marilyn denis

See? She’s not even talking to Hamilton & Michaelia. Marilyn is addressing the audience!

5. “Nic and Sabrina didn’t deserve it”

Please elaborate. I think Sabrina deserved it for the funny sound she made when tasting the Orange Julis drinks alone.

sabrina drink

Sip sip sip.

6. “Such a deserved elimination! I’m sorry but Hamilton had no business being on this. Afraid to do this, scared to do that. Like you didn’t expect to have to put on any outfits or go in water at some point?? Why bother applying. Nic and Sabrina deserve the axe next.”

That’s right. You can do anything that you set your mind to in life, but if you have not mastered all of the appropriate skills, just quit and sit at home as a major opportunity passes you by.

7. “I left my passport on a plane once and they told me it could not be returned to me. All found passports are required by law to be returned to passport Canada. Sounds fishy….”

a) Was it a huge airport? You know, maybe just slightly bigger than Halifax’s airport?

b) Did the plane already take off on its next journey?

c) Were you polite to the agent you were speaking with?

d) Was the agent such a doofus that he was unaware of the rules regarding returned passports?

e) Did BMO or Air Canada have your back?

Your circumstances may have been different.

8. “ugh so disappointed it was a non elimination leg! dam it!”

Dam it? Like a beaver?


Beavers are Canadian, and this is TAR Canada. Makes sense.

9. “nic and Sabrina start playing the game please”

Yeah. Start playing the game.

Start by finding a way to maneuver around the opening round’s Roadblock by thinking outside of the box.

Then think outside of the box again by taking a taxi rather than running around Chile to catch up to the other teams.

Then take a two hour penalty with the hopes of using your linguistic advantage to beat out some of the teams rather than wasting too much time at the soccer challenge.


10. “Stressful episode tonight! I lost my favourite team”

You may be invested a bit too much into competitive reality TV.


Remember the time when Nic & Sabrina successfully kept track of their possessions and travel documents?

12. “that was so stupid in how all the task were in walking distance of each other. Would have been nice to see Peggy’s Cove as the pit stop to make it more of a challange”

I know, it’s like Halifax isn’t a large area and many of its attractions are downtown. So stupid.

And Peggy’s Cove as the pit stop? Do you know how many freakin’ harbours with lighthouses on the water have already been used in TAR Canada? Why, one was used as the pit stop during the previous Atlantic Canada round.

13. “Mic and Sabrina need to go. All they do is whine and complain”

And cuddle.

14. “Literally shed a tear when Hamilton and Michaelia were eliminated tonight..

I literally laughed.

15. “It’s so frustrating when contestants don’t read the directions!”

When I am a contestant on The Amazing Race Canada, I will be sure to read every clue thoroughly and correctly to ensure not a single one of my fans are frustrated with me.

In fact, once I complete each task I’ll shout “This for the casual fans who adore those who excel at reading comprehension, MOTHERF–KERS! THIS IS ALL FOR MY LITERARY HOMIES!”

16. “How are Nic and Sabrina still there? HOW.”

Leg one: Equalizers were in their favour, and Nic did well at the Roadblock, thereby boosting them to the top of the standings

Leg two: They used their linguistic skills to finish near the front as well.

Leg three: Those two female cops from Newfoundland were the biggest anglophones ever as they somehow could not outrun a married couple twice their age to the mat just after Nic & Sabrina’s penalty ended.

Leg four: Hamilton lost his passport.

There you go. You are all caught up.

17. “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(”

Settle down, junior.

18. “Guess the Orange Julius smoothie flavours? I hate the blatant produce placement challenges.”

Did you know an Orange Julius opened just a few months ago in the Magdalan Islands? Dairy Queen really has been promoting the Orange Julius brand since taking it over a few years ago.

19. “If there was an , would it even last a season? one episode would only take 30 seconds.”

Oddly enough, the joke I have made several times over the years is that the Jamaica round in TAR 7 had only 25 minutes of airtime within the 86 minutes of airtime in TAR 7’s two hour finale.

rob amber limbo

Which involved a limbo challenge!

During TAR Canada 4, production will cast Donovan Bailey before heading to Kingston for a leg.

20. “Where’s the non elimination leg when you need it. So sad”

I swear this is one of about three or four times when fans -want- a Non-Elimination episode.

21. “So like…can nobody in Canada swim?”

To be fair, all of our water is frozen over for ninety percent of the year.

Unless you live in the Okanagan. 🙂

22. “Why didn’t they use the Express Pass?! Now they’re eliminated from the race.”

. . .

23. “There are no words to describe how much I wanted gone.

I am not sure if saying somebody is a whiner is more or less effective than #whiner.

24. “Nic and Sabrina are a waste of a team. I’m sure there were better people to pick from.”

Like me, for instance? Oh thank you. ^_^

25. “READ THE F#%^*+& CLUE!!!!”

Don’t you mean #ReadTheF–kingClue. This desperately needs to be an on-screen hashtag used for the next time a team misreads their clue.

26. “Gino and Jesse have the worst luck with cabs. On every continent!”

Yes, all two of them.

“Do you know the cross thing that has the flags on it surrounded sort of by grass?”

nova scotia taxi

“Uhhh, could you be more specific?”

gino jesse nova scotia

“Are you listening? A cross thing with flags and grass! What a dumbass.”

27. “Ugh! Is the stereotypical Canadian accent of most of these team members annoying any of my fellow Canadian’s as much as it is me? I’m over it.”

Stereotypical, eh? You’re getting all hot aboot it.

28. “Seriously Jon: when is there going to be an non-elimination round? I think it’s unfair that Hamilton and Michaelia were sent packing because of the passport. Nic and Sabrina are just too damn stupid to live. Whine, bitching, “I’m not in shape” and that was leg number ONE.”

Too damn stupid to live? Okay, Sir Francis Galton.

In all seriousness, I don’t understand why Jon Montgomery, somebody hired to be the host of the series, did not make the unilateral decision to overrule production’s NEL structure prior to the start of the season and just save Hamilton & Michaelia on the spot.

Sadly, Jon Monty has no control over when NELs occur. But do you know who does?

jon montgomery nova scotia

The sea captain.

Isn’t it obvious? He didn’t even join in on the hug with Hamilton & Michaelia! He is such a heartless bastard. If only the sea captain knew the journey it took for Hamilton & Michaelia to get here, and how big of a whiner Sabrina truly is.

NOTE: According to reader Kurt, that is actually a Town Crier. Not a sea captain. Personally, my only experience with a Town Crier is that episode of The Simpsons with Jebediah Springfield. Er, Hans Sprungfeld. My bad.

Couldn’t the guy be both a sea captain and a town crier, though?

29. “So sad to see Hamilton and Michaelia get eliminated over the passport. My heart broke when they were crying and talking on the side of the street. There shouldve been something that could’ve been done”

Like the pit stop mat being located underwater so that Nic & Sabrina were unable to check in, and thus give Hamilton & Michaelia enough time to catch up?

—-> “There was something that should have been done. It’s called being responsible for your own belongings.”

Wow. Ziiiiing.

30. “I was thrilled to see my friend Asa Kachan “the librarian” at the new Halifax library. 🙂 So cool!”

Wait wait wait wait wait.

asa kachan

Scarf Lady has an actual name? And that name is Asa Kachan. Asa Kachan?

ash ketchum

That’s the closest I have heard anybody in real life to having the name Ash Ketchum.

asa kachan 2

I wonder if she knows the Pokemon theme?

I want to be the very best Librarian in Halifax

Like no one ever was

To return books  is my test

To order more is my cause

I will travel across into the fiction section

Searching far and wide

For great cover art

And the wonderful tales that are inside


Gotta See It

It has a new library

I know it’s my destiny


Oh Tolstoy, you’re my best friend

In a literary world we must defend


This place is new

And your Coupland book is overdue

You come see me

And I’ll scan it to renew


Gotta read em all

Gotta read em all

At our new library.

31. “I don’t think there should be non-elimation rounds….if you lose then your done…why should some get second chances and not others….just saying..”

Welcome to the world of television.

The network decides how many episodes to order (12), and producers are given a budget to work with for the season.

Fourteen teams with zero NELs just ain’t feasible. That would mean hiring three additional pairs of camera/sound crew to accompany teams, book that much more in flights, conducting interviews, processing waivers, conduct medical tests, etc.

32. “Forgetting/losing your passport is part fo the game sorry. I’m from Quebec but I don’t like the Nic/Sabrina team. She keeps on saying she is not fit, and they take bad decisions all the time.”

This has come up several times. Several. For some reason, it is relevant for fans to state they are from the same area as Nic/Sabrina when expressing their hatred for them.

Personally, I don’t give a crap if you are my next door neighbour or if you are from northeastern Nunavut. I could hate both of you equally.

33. “Sabrina is just a lazy ass who wants a man to wait on her and spit our babies. Nic wake and get out while u can.”

She wants to spit on our babies?

socal potatoes

That’s worse than Tyler & Laura spitting on potatoes!


And that led to an official protest of the show. . .by twenty people.

34. “A vote with other teams could bring them back and show the world how friendly Canadians are! Just a thought”

You want to bring back an eliminated team?

china pit stop

Sounds like the Revival Pass from Infiniti Presents The Amazing Race China is more popular than we initially thought.

pierre michel forget

Maybe the Invasion twist from Infiniti Presents The Amazing Race China 2 will lead to Pierre & Michel and Brett & Holly being brought back in later rounds.

By the way, it really is a twist used in TAR China. You thought I was kidding?

35. “Needs more product placement . . . said no one ever.”

We present the BMO World Class Elite Sarcastic Remark.

36. “I too was hoping for a non-elimination round.
Wish they had shown more of Halifax.”

I know. Six separate locations within Halifax in a 40 minute episode just wasn’t enough.

gino jesse nova scotia 2

Oh, seven. I forgot about the VoldeMussolini’s trip to Pleasant Point Park.

36. “Wishing it was me racing. With my brother……”

“……Except I murdered him….I kinda regret that.”

37. “Did they get rid of their express pass??? I don’t recall seeing them do it”

This is what happens when you live tweet during the episode. You miss out on the important stuff.

38. “Yes, I was so sure that Jon was going to say — after a moment of suspense – “but you’re still racing!” Really bummed that it was not non-elim.”

You were so sure? In a season where there will be two NELs?

39. “I ‘d still be livid at Hamilton”

george hamilton

I know. I have been furious with him ever since he hosted The Family and The Will with that ridiculous spray tan.

40. “So glad they showed off our fancy new library :)”

Beer, books, and lobsters. The Halifax way!

41. “I am hoping they show more of this beautiful city…Kael got a kick out of us telling him we hung out at the Split Crow when we went to Dal back in the 80’s (well me more than Todd )….have to say I was hoping they would have Peddler’s Pub and maybe have the Swell Guys playing”

—> “Peddler’s doesn’t exist anymore. Nor do the Swell Guys to my knowledge.”

—> “Are you trying to point out my age”

lol. Reminiscing truly backfired.

42. “They still made a show of finding it because no way does anyone just hand over a passport to someone like that and let them run off. You have to show ID. He just left it on the plane as well, did not lose it in the airport.”

Dammit. The passport is the ID. I am screwed.

43. “Isn’t this an administrative issue that should have been dealt with after the race/leg? To me it doesn’t seem like a valid contributing factor to elimination. I understand the reasoning behind it, it just seems that this administrative issue could have been dealt with otherwise. The show would want the participants to have the appropriate conditions to keep on racing. Maybe someone else could have gone to the airport and look for Hamilton’s passport? Just my two cents…”

You mean like create an impromptu four-person team?linz family

Because that’s been kinda banned since the flop known as TAR 8: Family Edition.

treasure hunters 3

Or the 3-person teams used for the lone edition of Treasure Hunters.

Maybe next year!

44. “Yeah needing the passport while in Canada is pretty lame.”

Yeah, it’s lame to make a team need their passport when they will be traveling to India later in the season, and Hamilton & Michaelia will survive two or three eliminations until production has to automatically eject them from the race, thus screwing over the whole structure of the season.

45. “Maybe that is the rule , to Finnish with your passport”

norway nat kat 26

Finnish, you say?

46. “Did they have to show it at the Pit STOP? Couldn’t they have gone there before the airport?”

Correct me if I’m wrong folks, but TAR 7 is when teams weren’t allowed to wander or do anything outside of the sequestered area. I know more and more restrictions have been placed on teams being able to do anything that can help them on the upcoming leg.

In other words, once you check into the pit stop, you are absolutely frozen until the next leg.

Therefore, changing the rules so it is up to the team when they possess their travel documents would do Hamilton & Michaelia more harm than good.

Do you know how much harder it would be for Hamilton & Michaelia to track down their passport if they waited out the mandatory rest period, and they have to figure out where it could have been moved to since the end of the previous round. That’s a process which could take days rather than hours.

And if they do find it quickly, the other teams will view that as being unfair that a team didn’t even need their possessions when checking into the pit stop. Especially when the rule is “you can drop your backpacks before you hit the mat as long as it is within Monty’s line of sight.”

Therefore, Hamilton’s passport inside of a plane in  Halifax may or may not be out of Monty’s line of sight from the Halifax Farmer’s Market.

47. “How did u get through the airport in Halifax with out your passport?? U have to show a passport -something is not right -if they never asked for your passport then u should not be punished -it is their fault at airport not to have u show a passport..seems funny???”

If you weren’t live tweeting, you would have realized that teams flew from Buenos Aires to Toronto to Halifax.

The flight from Toronto to Halifax is domestic. All you need is two pieces of ID and on the plane you go.

48. “could [Brent & Sean] be any more annoying?”

—-> “Could you be any more rude?

—-> “yes”

—-> “ find them very annoying, they are not my fav for winning.

—-> “if youre thinking i find annoying because theyre gay.. youre wrong

—-> “you can’t fix stupid …..!!! LOL some people didn’t learn if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything !!”

—-> “youre the ones being ignorant. i just gave my opinion

Yeah, guys. If you jackasses don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all! Don’t make a blog where you post a series of sarcastic responses to remarks other people made online! Don’t make ANOTHER blog on top of that where you make fun of the content of recaps for The Amazing Race Canada, and don’t make YET ANOTHER blog where you analyze the mistakes producers made in seasons that aired five or more years ago.

49. “[Brent & Sean] are too kind but shouldn’t give out answers like you did…’s a race

—-> “You mean the 134 (or was it 143?) task? They had to – the remaining teams had an agreement and it would have been utterly dishonorable if they had broken that agreement.

—-> “Sorry but i didn’t see any agreement the father daughter duo had the wrong answer they got it right and they blured the answer to them hey they can do what they want but to me it’s a race and in this competion it may cost them. Trust me they won’t care about them if they come in last and get eliminated

Brent & Sean and several teams at the bottom agreed to work together to stay out of the back of the pact in the library.

Do you know how hated Brent & Sean would be if they had the correct number, and ditched everybody they gave their word to? Furthermore, the whole audience would hate them for betraying the other teams.

Lastly, this week’s episode has a Double U-Turn. If it wasn’t for Brent & Sean’s Express Pass, they could have been super screwed this week.

50. “THIS WEEK SHOULD HAVE BEEN A NON-ELIMINATION LEG!!! Hamilton and Michaelia should not have been eliminated. I hope ARC brings them back.”

Calm down.

51. “I got food poisoning from a BBQ meal.”

jon montgomery argentina

You’re in the wrong country, son.

52. “I really feel bad for Michaela. Hamilton should have stayed female because he is the wimpiest male of all time. Forgets the pass port. Forgets to do the pickups in the Suds task. Wastes his Express pass right away because he is not comfortable with his body yet has no problem getting into a swim suit to dive for lobsters but shocker he is scared of the water. I saw his body and I didn’t notice anything wrong with it. . .Thought for sure they would be saved. Really irritated that Nic/Sabrina saw the flag by chance driving back to the bridge. I really cannot stand them. They are such whiners. If they didn’t have a few Spanish tasks they would have been gone so quick.”

Wow. This might be the worst thing I’ve read all week. Meanwhile on the more positive side of humanity. . .

jon montgomery nova scotia


So there you have it. Old people reminiscing of good times in Nova Scotia may lead to a fight online, conspiracy theories everywhere, people dislike Nic/Sabrina regardless if they are a viewer from inside or outside of Quebec, and product placement is becoming increasingly annoying.

My personal complaints for this week are the following:

1) I am annoyed that I liked an Atlantic Canada for once in TAR Canada. Usually I have fun making fun of how terrible the round was.

2) The Orange Julius task and plugging Air Canada as being responsible for finding Hamilton’s passport is too much.

3) The library task being too difficult/not fun to the point where the bottom five teams all agreed to work together and flip producers the middle finger.

4) The farmer’s market as the pit stop? Really? TARC has an obsession with old things.

5) The beer Detour needed to force teams to deliver to a place called Majestic Cafe, and make it the final point of delivery. I am always in favour of a TAR 3 reference.

That’s it for the complaints this week. By the end of tomorrow I’ll have my Predictions and Editing Analysis post up as well as Ranking the Recappers.

Oh, and if you love hearing me talk about TAR each week, listen to the podcast I do with YATNcast. Click here.

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4 Responses to Funniest Complaints About Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 4 Edition

  1. Ahhh… my long weekend is now complete! By the way Logan, The sea captain is a Town Crier…. but I’m guessing you know that.

  2. polisi25 says:

    The Save (or the Revival Pass) is actually used in Season 1 in Korea, and I don’t think that the Save will be implemented this season since they are filming the show consequently instead of 20 weeks.
    But then again…Celebrities.

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