Ranking The Recappers of The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 3 Edition

It is time for me to be the jackass  guy who reads through the recaps and decides who was worth reading this week and who. . .was not.


1) Sue’s Reality Canada

2) Gord and Wayne


4) Your Reality Recaps

Gord & Wayne: 7 pts

Sue’s Reality Canada: 5 pts

RHAP: 5 pts

YRR: 2 pts



Your Reality Recaps


– “They can’t write ANYTHING down” amused me a little. I dunno why, but it being in all caps and bolded got to me.

– At least they got the best screencap possible of Neil & Kristin.


– Do people really have to be nice to Hamilton & Michaelia? Shouldn’t a team flaunting a useless Express Pass try to earn some favour to NOT be U-Turned?

– There are too many typos once again; some of them are painful.

– Actually, Cynthia cussing out Hamilton was the funniest moment of the episode. Even if it wasn’t the smartest thing to do based upon any sort of social bond, it was still hilarious.

– Nick’s balls are between his ankles? How old is this guy?

– They found it funny that the producers forced the men to dance together because it is outdated Bugs Bunny style of humour. Siiiiiigh.

Sue’s Reality Canada


– The episode title reminds her of Kevin/Drew. I assume she means TAR 1 Kevin/Drew rather than TAR 11.

– Acknowledges the Kristin/Hamilton conversation as editing foreshadowing.

– Making a joke about how there is a Canadian Aboriginal totem pole in the middle of downtown Buenos Aires.

– Mocking the Mentos advertisment.

– The GIF of Nick with the soccer ball is hilarioous.

– She rarely mentioned Dana/Amanda just like how they were rarely shown on TV in all three rounds. Hilarious.


– Could have acknowledged this was identical to last week’s task.

– Thought Hamilton’s Express Pass is important as well.

– She went for “mind your Ps and Ds” rather than a D joke.

– She insinuates she likes Jet/Dave more than any other contestant.

– I feel the second half of the episode was condensed into just a couple of paragraphs. She didn’t have any jokes or analysis in this section.

Wayne & Gord’s Amazing Race Canada Blog



– They didn’t have to interview Dana/Amanda. Spared from coming up with random questions to ask!

– Normally I would make fun of the razor line, but found it funny due to its randomness.

– Only recap to dive into Aboriginal representation on reality TV.

– Recognizing teams are funny when they are prone to mistakes.

– At least Brett & Holly were mentioned rather than NatMeg repeatedly.

– Santigago > Nic & Sabrina–er, Nick & Matt. Nobody other than us at YATNcast made fun of the typo on-screen.


– Why do I need to read about your vacation, Wayne?

– It ain’t no five-hole.



– Opened the blog in contrast to the other recappers. A unique take.

– Paid attention to the overdose of memory challenges.

– A lack of diversity in the tasks for South America was indeed correct.


– Is it impossible to predict what will happen? We all pretty much knew Dana/Amanda would be dead this week or next week.

– I think Cynthia was aware of Hamilton’s Express Pass–she ust didn’t care. You do know Hamilton & Michaelia are more likely to be U-Turned than Brian & Cynthia, right?

– No need to defend the racers who collapse under pressure. Trust your audience is smarter than those on the official TAR Canada Facebook page. We don’t care if you would suck at the race.

– Is it really a five-hole when you are blindfolded and relying on somebody else to guide you?

– How are we in store for great things in the coming weeks? We’re in freakin’ Halifax.

– I said Dana & Amanda would perform horribly this season and they did. Why is this a surprise to anyone?



Well. They mentioned me specifically in their recap. That is pretty much a win by default there.

Sue never talked about me. Neither did YRR or RHAP. And Sundra sure didn’t. Sundra didn’t bring my hat back either!

In all seriousness, they did make some points about Aboriginal representation and catching onto a production error that nobody else really thought about this week.

Oh, and did I mention that they talked about me? 🙂

The only real downside to this week’s recap is that Wayne personalized it a bit too much with details about his vacation.


The GIF of Nick hopping is LOLworthy.

I like how Sue is aware of editing, and isn’t afraid to mock certain things about production. Sure, she balanced a decent Kevin/Drew reference with a cringeworthy Jet/Dave shoutout, but hey, it’s not the worst thing I have seen occur in a recap.

She lost her edge towards the end of the recap this week. Don’t worry, that even happens to me in my TARstorian blog. Posts can feel like they are taking forever, and at a certain point you just want the damn thing to be over.


Dan Heaton shares a similar tone with his podcasting partner Jessica Liese.

RHAP may have pulled off a silver medal this week, but Dan loses points for talking down to his readers. Telling us we would suck at the race and to not judge the teams for their errors is like you are giving us a lesson in Reality TV 101.

Guess what? The audience who typically reads online recaps have passed that course, and hopefully know what the heck they are talking about as opposed to those on the official TAR Canada Facebook page.

And I was amazed how much value was put on Dana & Amanda’s elimination. Everybody thought they would perform poorly dating back to pre-season except for you and Jess, and now you treat their elimination as a huge upset.

You know what’s a huge upset? Neil & Kristin winning the leg this round. I would understand if there was a couple paragraphs detailing that.

However, you put all of your eggs into Dana & Amanda’s Newfie (majority of Newfoundlanders do not find that term offensive yet, but will find a new term once it officially becomes taboo) baskets. You have to remember that unless your names are Michelle & Claire from TAR Asia 4, young all-female racers in their early 20s tend to not do well at TAR.

Furthermore, they were cops. Younger cops tend to have been raised in a very specific environment and mentality (particularly if you live in an area as remote as Newfoundland), and thus were at a disadvantage heading into a race that requires you to think outside of the box.

In other words, Dana & Amanda’s role from the beginning was to make my predictions look foolish and were always the underdogs. It boggles my mind that RHAP pushed them as favourites and that them going home in round 3 is the equivalent of Renan Barao losing the Bantamweight title last year.


P.S. It should be noted that I think Dana & Amanda are wonderful people. I know I find them amusing because editors gave them very little airtime and they struggled for much of the race, but something tells me they live a pretty good life. They probably don’t waste their Wednesday mornings making fun of people who recap episodes of The Amazing Race Canada.


I gave them plenty of advice last week and they followed none of it. Siiiigh. Try again next week, folks. Take your time when writing and you shall build your audience.

Gord & Wayne: 11 pts

Sue’s Reality Canada: 8 pts

RHAP: 7 pts

YRR: 3 pts

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