The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 3 Predictions and Editing Analysis

Another week spent in South America as teams traveled to Buenos Aires. The Detour was a duplicate of last week, but it was definitely a unique episode of TAR as the most polarizing team of the season had to wait out a two hour penalty.

With some hilarious moments involving blindfolds, the eliminated team screaming “English!” and “Was the meat wrong?” repeatedly, and Cynthia shutting down Hamilton, it was fun as well.

Sadly, the essential nature of international travel is abruptly stopped as teams will be heading back to Halifax in tomorrow’s episode. How will they do?


1) Gino & Jesse/VoldeMussolinis

We’re back to Canada which means an additional emphasis will be placed upon physical ability.

Since Gino’s geographic background relates more to Canadian geography, he will be back on home turf.

Since this is also a familiar region for them in eastern Canada, the VoldeMussolinis will induce many eyerolls when they presumably win this leg.

In my opinion, they are going to be very safe until teams visit India as stated in the press release.

If the VoldeMussolinis are going to go on a run, now would be the time.

2) Nick & Matt

According to the editing analysis, I expect them to go home this week.

However, based upon what they have done thus far, it is tough to imagine this round being their last. They would have to make a really bone-headed move considering how well they have done in the past two rounds.

Maybe Nick overdoses on Mentos?

3) Hamilton & Michaelia

It would be an odd story if Hamilton & Michaelia were eliminated in the same round they gave away their Express Pass.

I expect these two teenagers to stay alive in the race for a few more rounds. They’re fast, and will need to be prepared for when U-Turn season comes along.

4) Brent & Sean

We know. You were born in Nova Scotia. Or New Brunswick. Whatever.

By the way, did anybody check up on that dog who stopped the taxi for them in the previous episode?

I hope Brent & Sean know their way around Halifax fairly well. Unfortunately I do not see them doing much better. Since it is an Atlantic Canada round, I expect many of the teams to finish closely together.

5) DuJean & Leilani

They have always been in the middle of the pack. Although a dancing task is doubtful this week since there have been multiple dances in the past two rounds, they should be able to stay alive.

It might be Leilani’s turn to perform a Roadblock, and I am not sure how she will do.

6) Brian & Cynthia

You know how hard it is to predict how a team will perform when they are so dang inconsistent?

7) Nic & Sabrina

The linguistic advantage is gone for Nic & Sabrina. They are on their own for a while. What crazy schenanigans can they pull to overcome Sabrina’s lack of physical fitness? A strategic two self-assessed two hour penalty nearly backfired, but they did hang in there.

I am curious to see their next unorthodox move.

8) Neil & Kristin

I suck at giving Neil & Kristin any credit, don’t I?

The reason why I think Neil & Kristin did so well last round is because they used a sports challenge to catapult themselves into the lead. Neil took the reins as coach and Kristin was the athlete out on the field.

If they get a challenge like this again in Halifax, they will stay alive. Otherwise, they might fall back down the ladder and be in a scramble to stay alive.

Also, Kristin being the first person to try her absolute hardest to suck up to a team to get the Express Pass was rather entertaining.

9) Simi & Ope

Allow me to repeat this for the second week in a row: A father-daughter team will be going.

The concern I had about Simi & Ope going into this season is that they are there for the experience more so than they are there for the competition.

They had a significant presence in round one, but have been on a yo-yo diet as they bounce around the bottom of the pack for the subsequent episodes.

Since Neil & Kristin proved themselves to be strong at certain tasks last round, the scale is tipped in their favour and may send Simi & Ope home.

But if somebody does lose their passport this week, it can’t possibly be the team who was born outside of Canada and understands the importance of needing a passport? Right?



Brian & Cynthia

Cynthia and Neil’s working relationship was shown. Oh, and of course Cynthia’s “I’ve been doing this way longer than you bud” fight with Hamilton & Michaelia was shown too.

Heck, I could see Brian & Cynthia and Hamilton & Michaelia in the Final Three based on this fight alone. It will be interesting to see if editors build it up as a rivalry in the coming weeks.

That’s the key. No rivalries between any of the teams have developed yet. With fewer teams remaining, this should start happening very soon.

Another important factor is that editors want us to treat Brian & Cynthia’s military background as worthy of our focus. In other words, it is being shown to be relevant to how their journey in the race will end.

Lastly, in a bit of dark humour, Brian & Cynthia were able to talk about Dana & Amanda’s elimination at the end of the episode more than Dana & Amanda themselves. That pretty much never happens.

This might be embarrassing for Dana & Amanda as they will go out with the most invisible edit in TAR Canada history, but it comes with the reward of Brian & Cynthia possibly going deep into this game.

Brent & Sean

This is what some would refer to as a “cool down episode” for a winner’s edit.

Brent & Sean did nothing entertaining, but editors were compelled to show the ultra random scene of a dog stopping a taxi for Brent & Sean.

Amy & Maya got quirky little scenes like this during the early rounds of TAR 25.

Their bios on the website were written to gain as much sympathy from the readers as possible, their season premiere edit was very prominent, and they did earn the supposed funniest quote from episode two.

While other teams are being viewed as petty or ridiculous with their Express Pass interactions or taking penalties, Brent & Sean are just chugging along. There has been nothing negative to say about them as of yet.

Their edit is also in parallel to Dan & Jordan’s winning edit from TAR 16–stay out of all of the ridiculous conflict and alliances, and somehow you will stumble upon the finish line in first place.

They will drop down this leaderboard if they do little in episode four.


Hamilton & Michaelia

Hamilton & Michaelia are being provided with a few active storylines.

First, Hamilton’s transgender past was brought up during last week’s Detour. An emotional personal detail for the producers to remind us of throughout the race.

Secondly, there has been a lot of airtime over the whole ordeal with their Express Passes. If they weren’t the winning team, and just happened to burn an Express Pass early, would it be treated as a more low key moment?

Lastly, we have seen them interact with Neil & Kristin and Brian & Cynthia this week alone. Showing a team interact with others is key to any winner’s story.

I will bump them up or drop them down based on what their story becomes after the Express Pass is handed over this week.

Could it all be an editing tool to explain why Hamilton & Michaelia may be U-Turned down the road and eliminated as a result of that? That’s the other interpretation I have of these Express Pass scenes.

Gino & Jesse/VoldeMussolinis

Producers are claiming they have “bad luck” with taxis and bad luck with not knowing where Chile is located. The editors certainly are going too easy on these guys.

We are constantly reminded that these guys are physically fit. This is important because it may explain why they win this season or their reliance upon their physical strength is why they go home.

DuJean & Leilani

Under the radar, but we always know they are there. Back-to-back rounds of being professional dancers to show why they are strong, and a bickering fight accompanied by the message of “we are learning to work as a team” is a good story to have.


Nic & Sabrina

In Survivor Sucks, there is an Edgic rating that Survivor contestants get each week called OTTN. This stands for Over-The-Top Negative edit.

The pro soccer player taking a two hour penalty in addition to how much casual fans hate our beloved Sabrina pretty much means these two are doomed.

However, they will not be eliminated anytime soon. If they do not make it to leg ten or further, I will be stunned. Editors want us to remember them and all of their crazy antics.

Nick & Matt

Are they just the mid-season comic relief? Their airtime has picked up greatly since the premiere, but all of their content is just a bunch of comedic commentary.

They were shown working with Dana & Amanda during the Roadblock. Would editors show TWO teams together who are about to go home? Or was it shown just because it was funny to watch Nick overdose on Mentos while Dana showed off Detective Gumshoe-like interrogation skills?


Sorry! I didn’t mean to compare cops from Newfoundland to a character from Phoenix Wright.

Perhaps Nick & Matt will rise to becoming the narrators of the season? The audience likes them.


Neil & Kristin

At the start of the episode, Neil & Kristin were given an active story of “Suck up to Hamilton & Michaelia for the Express Pass or die trying”.

Unfortunately this storyline concluded by the end of the episode when Neil & Kristin claimed first place, and proved they do not need an Express Pass to stay in the race.

Furthermore, the edit didn’t hint that winning this leg of the race as the start of any long term success.

I fear they can be officially ruled out unless they get a new story at the start of round four.

Simi & Ope

There was optimism with their big edit in the season premiere, but their screen time has fallen to their fans suffer from high levels of clinical depression.

If they were the winners, the edit would be driving home the point of how close they have been to being eliminated in the past two rounds, and their amazing recoveries. Remember how far back they were at the Mentos challenge this week? Editors ignoring this bit is why I have the impression that Simi & Ope may be out very soon.

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2 Responses to The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 3 Predictions and Editing Analysis

  1. Hugo says:

    I’m pretty sure that the fact that only Kristen was shown sucking up to Hamilton and Michaela for the Express Pass is significant. Could be wrong, though…

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