Funniest Complaints About Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 3 Edition

In the most shocking development yet, casual fans did not hesitate to complain about the producers letting Nic & Sabrina to stay in the race after the penalty.

Dana & Amanda, who everyone will forget even existed in the TAR universe by the end of the month, get a sudden surge of fans because they were the victims of Nic & Sabrina’s smaller time penalty to stay in the race.

Oh, and Brian & Cynthia apparently are mean.


1. “The 2 brothers in Hamilton with nice body didn’t even know where Chile is. They think it’s in Europe and they dropped from first place to the bottom. So question is why do you like a certain team? Is it because of their good look that they conform to a society value of vanity or is it because of something much bigger, something that derived from their values and characters?”

I just rank the twelve teams from most attractive to least attractive at the start of the season, and use that as the order in which I will root for teams to succeed in the race.

nick flex

Sorry Nick. . .you gorilla.

2. “They [Hamilton & Michaelia] don’t deserve it, the two brothers from Hamilton are the best.”

You really have some extreme opinions regarding the word Hamilton.

3. “i want the Exes out of the race..dont lyk their confrontation in CHILE when they take the selfie challenge…”

You do not like grabbers or snatchers. Tragic. And DON’T TELL ME TO HUSTLE!

4. “All I have to say the soccer challange was cheezy the teams should of dribble NOT hop the baall between their legs to get their next clue.”

I said a drib drob dribba, dribba to the drib drib drob and you don’t stop

Until you reach the net while blindfolded

To the rhythm of your partner’s voice and kick the ball with your feet.

That task was not a test, teams are meant to just dribble with their feet.

Now I’m Master Matt, the wrestler’s appetite. . .

Er, was that cheesy?

5. “So disappointed in tonight’s show, I think if you complete all challenges. It should be worth more than a decision to just not complete and get a two hour penalty…”

nic sabrina penalty

2015: “Two hour penalties are not enough!”

rob mendoza 4

2004: “Four hour penalties are not enough!”

hong kong nick vicki 34

2010: “Six hour penalties are not enough!”

thailand nancy emily 24

2001: “Twenty-four hour penalties are too severe!”

So people want penalties between six and twenty-four hours when a team quits a task, and will have nothing to do with popularity amongst viewers.

6. “I have to say not a great show on how the rules go,you can get a 2hour penalty and not finish a challenge and then the team that finished a challenge gets put out,that is just not right.i think that team Newfoundland should be able to come back and the team that was sitting down for 2 hours should be sent home,not a good way to get ahead in a race.”

Here’s the thing guys: If the penalty was more than two hours, Nic & Sabrina would never take it.

Producers probably never expected a team to intentionally take a penalty because they knew their linguistic advantage would allow them to beat any team by a larger margin than the penalized time that they must serve.

It has been a long time since a team has exploited TAR’s increasingly lenient rules, and it worked beautifully.

7. “Just wondering why it’s not staying in Canada. We have beautiful and famous landmarks as well. Stop spending money and promoting other Countries and stick to ours… Just saying….”

A return to Quebec City.

A return to Toronto.

A return to Halifax, a region where TAR Canada has been historically super duper boring.

Regarding the financial issues. . .since when is a reality show supposed to be responsible for stimulating the national economy? 

Lastly, what the hell is wrong with encouraging Canadian citizens to travel abroad to other countries? Doesn’t that go against Canada’s agenda of being multicultural? 

“Let other countries have immigrants come to us, but screw any Canuck who dares to explore beyond our borders! We only import–never export! That is the key to any strong economy!”

8. “Am I the only one that finds Nic and Sabrina so annoying with their constant speaking of Italian… and laying in the fake thick accent when speaking english.”

Are you the only one? Click ‘View More Comments’ on The Amazing Race Canada page and you will soon find your answer.

9. “I will only be able to enjoy the show when nick and Sabrina will be off of it! No one likes quitters Nicholas La Monaca and Sabrina Mercuri”

nic la monaca

matt dance

Does that mean Nic and Matt will get to team up?

10. “No one likes quitters.. well except for you guys apparently”

I love quitters. 

marshall lance

My favourite team in the entire franchise history of The Amazing Race.

singapore hussein sutadisastra 13

The best racer ever. ❤

But seriously, here is the difference between a team quitting The Amazing Race and a team skipping a task out of tactical thinking:

QUITTING: They know by skipping the task they WILL be eliminated from the race.

Nancy & Emily are the earliest example of this. It was the leg 9 Detour of TAR 1, and everybody knew it was an elimination leg. Nancy, who was ultimately tired of travelling through Asia, willingly took a 24 hour penalty.

That’s quitting. She and Emily knew they would be out the second they quit the Detour.

This applies to Niroo & Kapil in TAR Asia 3. They came up with the phony excuse of being mentally exhausted entering the stinky sushi task, but really it was because they hate gross food challenges and spent most of the evening yelling at producers.

taiwan niroo kapil 9

Heck, they even said the words “We quit!” halfway through the round.

hong kong nick decarlo 27

This is also the face of somebody who wants to quit.

Nancy & Emily were not insulted for being quitters because they were fan favourites for most of the season. Therefore, I know there is a double standard in play.

prague big easy 14

Or Big Easy quitting the Znarf Roadblock in TAR 15. He took the four hour penalty when he was already in last place. Because people love the Harlem Globetrotters in real life, they were still praised by casual fans.

Why, they got to play two more times! That’s twenty additional rounds of TAR they played after Big Easy quit!

Not Quitting: Knowing you can skip a task and beat at least one or more teams to the pit stop.

Nic could have very well struggled long enough at the blindfolded soccer challenge to the point he and Sabrina finish in dead last.

In TAR 7, Meredith took the four hour penalty because his stomach is too old to handle red meat anymore.

Nic & Sabrina still finished two spots above last place. There is no way I consider them quitters.

11. “Hated how this episode ended, UGH!!!!”

I know. Monty didn’t even hug a dinosaur this time. What up with that?

12. “Same! Was hoping Nic and Sabrina to be eliminated, but I knew it was too good to be true! Ugh”

A season that starts out with Malias, Susan & Sharnjit, and Nic & Sabrina being eliminated all in a row would have been a brutally painful start.

I know producers would be panicking if this is how it played out at the beginning.

13. “Nic and Sabrina…..I’m from Montreal and italian….major embarrassment these 2 idiots.”

Don’t take that opinion too seriously. Italians rarely get along with one another.

14. “I am frustrated watching this episode!”

15. “I am frustrated watching this episode!”

Are you. . .frustrated watching this episode!

16. “Nic and Sabrina, that was too close, too close for comfort! Don’t let that happen again. Never give up, never surrender!”


Okay, Rupert.

—–> ” But they did give up, in the soccer challenge”

*facepalm* Please let Gino & Jesse/VoldeMussolinis or Neil & Kristin quit a challenge just so I can see the double standard in motion amongst casual fans.

17. “Well that SUCKED”

I know. I am so upset they had the Detour be “Memorize these Spanish words and recite them or do a Spanish dance” two weeks in a row. Quickest Switchback ever.

That’s why you think it sucked, right?

18. “Nick and Sabrina are poised to be outed soon. Sabrina refuses to run and quits now… Really? Open your mind and get competitive. All the other teams finished no problem. If they didn’t speak the language, they’d be an easy out”

They would be an easy out if they didn’t speak the language. Because they speak English, they had the advantage to finish the first round in 2nd place and beat ten other non-English speaking teams.

—-> “I’m so annoyed the girls lost to them… they are my least favorite team!”

It should be noted that Dana & Amanda are referred to as “the girls” because nobody remembers their real names. That’s what an invisible edit will do to you.

—-> “I completely agree. I think Nick and Sabrina don’t have good attitudes and if only the two hour penalty started a bit later, the girls totally would’ve made it in and they tried hard. They didn’t give up like Nick and Sabrina. Also it was really annoying when they bragged about their language advantage and how he was a pro soccer player….wasn’t really necessary because look where it got them….”

Hold it, hold it. Nic never bragged about being a soccer player. He stated he was a soccer player.

It would be like if I was on TAR and there was a reality TV trivia challenge. I would reveal “yes, I once won a fan competition five years ago about Survivor trivia against other superfans because I had a perfect score”.

Then, if say, I was told to answer the questions by using braille, I may end up taking a two hour penalty.

Did I brag about it? No. I just openly stated that my reality TV knowledge is probably better than most.

—-> “They caved on the soccer challenge, yet he went on about being a pro. And yet, EVERYONE else managed to do it. And then she has the audacity to say that without knowing the language, the other teams would fail the restaurant challenge. Really? She was annoying from the first 5 minutes of the season and you could play a drinking game with the amount of kissing and “amore’s” you see and hear.”

a) Nic & Sabrina left before Matt invented The Hop.

b) Sabrina thought everyone else would fail the restaurant challenge because she speaks fluent Argentine Spanish, but yet she found the task difficult regardless.

It sounds like you have it out for them. 

And I wouldn’t dare play a drinking game where Nic & Sabrina kiss or say “amore”. I don’t want alcohol poisoning, thanks.

—-> “They frustrated me from the moment they said their favourite hobby was cuddling. I was really hoping for them to be eliminated after their lack of pro soccer skills.”

Oddly enough, those who do not cuddle end up being frustrated too.

—-> “IMO, they are the worst team to have ever been cast on The Amazing Race Canada. Maybe even the US version too. She’s been annoying and arrogant since we saw her and they lucked out landing in a place that catered to their strengths and yet they still quit a challenge. Wish it were a longer time penalty because they don’t deserve to be in the Race while a team that actually attempted AND completed all their challenges was eliminated. Someone give us a U-turn and use it on them!! Mind you, she’d probably take a penalty for that too…..”

Worst in Canada? In terms of skill? Did we all forget how the season premiere of TAR Canada 2 played out?

Worst in Canada in terms of personality? I mean, this season has been filled with relatively dull teams. The reason why we see Nic & Sabrina so frequently is because everyone acts too dang normal. I can’t believe I am saying it, but Brian & Cynthia’s offbeat social approach is making them quick favourites of mine despite my earlier opinions about them.

And worst in any international version in terms of personality?

holland maria tiffany

san francisco jet cord mccoy 16

kendra fumes 2

Just to name a few.

—-> “what annoyed me the most about her is how she said in the first episode about how she would not run because she’s “out of shape” and this was when they were fighting for a spot…. This is a race, that aloooooot of others would gladly do in place of her and she won’t run to stay in it?? Because she couldn’t be bothered to get herself in semi-decent shape before heading out?? So ya, between that and quitting a soccer challenge when her partner is a pro soccer player, they need to go. She seems very weak mentally.”

But production didn’t want somebody who was in shape. They will cast people for who they genuinely are. Capabilities mean nothing.

I know I say this every week, but it is worth repeating. Contestants on TAR Canada owe us nothing. They can do whatever the heack they want.

And anybody who can withstand thousands of fans berating them on social media may arguably be some of the strongest people mentally that you can ever encounter.

—-> “Completely spot on. I’m still miffed they didn’t get a penalty for taking a cab during the selfie challenge. It’s a shame and disgrace for everyone who has been on the show and those who try they’re best and don’t get on to see Sabrina’s unwilling and unsportsmanlike spirit.”

Unsportsmanlike? And people still think production and the other teams let them cheat by taking a taxi during the selfie challenge?

—-> “hey are so super annoying, I cannot stand them. I root for them to get eliminated every episode…so close this time ugh!”

If you root for teams with a big edit to go home in the earlier episodes. . .you might be waiting much longer than you think.

—-> “This episode just might have turned me off from watching anymore. None shoud have been eliminated., that is , the one who completed all tasks.”

Well, I guess this person won’t be featured in the blog next week. :/

19. “Not the last all-female team! I love it when the girls win any Amazing Race!”

seoul nat kat 28

Did I mention my TARstorian post for round 11 of TAR 17 will be uploaded to this blog tomorrow? 😀

20. “Getting tired of Nic and Sabrina and claiming how great they are at everything….last night it was their language and then soccer….yet they struggled through both challenges and almost got eliminated.”

21. “I’m soo fricken tired of people complaining about them leaving Canada!! They already spend time in Canada in the first season, and some in the second, and still some in this season!! It’s fine if they travel to other cultures, thats what the essence of the show is all about… get over yourself and keep your complain for yourself!! *Sorry I dont mean to sound rude, but it’s always they same complains after each time they leave* Now I feel better”

Wait. I am confused. How is this about Nic & Sabrina?

—–> “Rude”

guilin margie 4

Huh. I didn’t know Margie was active on The Amazing Race Canada Facebook page.

22. “I would have helped [Hamilton & Michaelia] even without a pass that usually how Canadians roll”

I prefer not to portray Canadian stereotypes.

—-> “That was my thought. Usually the people on ARC are a lot nicer than those on the original AR. [Brian & Cynthia] have a bad attitude, and I hope not having the express pass comes back to bite them in the butt.”

Yeah. Those Americans are real assholes.

brian cynthia 2

Brian & Cynthia, who have spent the past twenty years in the Canadian military, are actually anti-Loyalists who would love nothing more than to move south to Minnesota and can join in with their new rude and jerk-ish friends.

sad dana

Also, lol Sad Dana.

I should note that Cynthia dismissing Hamilton’s plea for help with the Express Pass as the underlying trade is my favourite moment this season. The Express Pass is so dang irrelevant, and I love that Cynthia couldn’t care less about it just like I do.

hamilton cynthia hamilton cynthia 2

“The Express Pass has been pointless since before you were even born, bud.”

23. “I think it’s ironic how not one word was said about Hamilton and Michaela using their express pass in the same leg of the race that they got it on a challenge they did not attempt for personal reasons.. However, they could have chosen to do the other detour instead and did not.. Not one single person said a single negative comment… Sabrina and Nic try the detour for hours and took a penalty and everyone is badmouthing them.. Just a thought…”

Plenty of words were said about Hamilton & Michaelia’s Express Pass decision last week. Didn’t you see?

24. “Is everyone forgetting that Hamilton was asking two members of two separate teams for help? What was he going to do, rip it and half and let both teams have it???”

Be careful what you wish for. In TAR Canada 4, the Triple Express Pass will be introduced.

25. “They will be sorry when someone else gets the pass. I would probably help anyone to my own detriment. That’s the Canadian way!”

Will they be sorry to be forced to pretend in confessionals that the Express Pass is worth any sort of value, and have other interesting stories about them be sacrificed just so they’re stuck talking about the Express Pass for several episodes?

Sounds like a gift to me.

26. “Neil’s daugther was ready to kiss their ass to get that express pass…..Her Father blew it……I would have helped, without the pass…..”

Everybody is upset because Nic & Sabrina taking a two hour penalty and reducing their chances of surviving the round.

Last round everybody is upset because Hamilton & Michaelia made a stupid game move for being too hasty to turn in their Express Pass.

Now people are angry with Brian & Cynthia because they were not willing to help out another team without asking for anything in return?

Make up your minds, people.

27. “I really think it was mean of [Brian & Cynthia]. They were certainly far enough ahead.”

Far ahead, eh?

cynthia dana

Yeah. So far ahead. They weren’t close to being eliminated at all.

28. “Nope, not a fan of this team. I want to like them, really I do. However, Sabrina is a quitter and a whiner.”

—-> “My problem is their superiority complex. We know four languages, so this gives us the advantage. We are going to kill this, cause we are so superior. He is a soccer player so we have this challenge in the bag … etc etc.”

So you don’t think their linguistic intelligence is an advantage. . .?

29. “They are my least favourite team simply due to how much she complains.”

30. “This 2 are ridiculous and Sabrina is a big cry baby”

31. “I usually want the team from quebec to win cuz i live there but this time no way, Sabrina gets on my nerves.. Please be eliminated next”

holly and brett

Yeah, Brett & Holly definitely had a lot of fans during TAR Canada 1.

pierre michel forget

And everyone certainly voted for Pierre & Michel to fuel them as their favourites.

32. “Pro soccer player it showed with the little tantrum and then he just gives up because it’s to hard haha. These two suck hope they lose.”

33. “So bummed. You ladies were my favourite team on the race. Beautiful and hard working. Those other teams would have never been able to finish E2 like you did. Won’t be the same without you. Hope they bring you back for an All-Star / redemption season.”

Again, this person wrote “you ladies” because they couldn’t remember their names are Dana & Amanda either.

And the only way Dana & Amanda are being invited back for an all-star is if it takes place next season.

romania amanda kris

amanda kimmel

But then again, it’s not the first time somebody named Amanda was randomly cast for an all-star season in reality TV.

34. “I don’t know but using hopping during the football challenge is kind of wrong for me.”

Hopping is so unethical. So immoral. Bunnies are nature’s devils. I bet the teams who hop also write with their left hand.

35. “Sad that the 2 RNC girls got eliminated”

Dana. Amanda.

36. “The show is off to a great start and I am enjoying it again this season. BUT…the constant need of advertising is excessive…am I watching Amazing Race or a commercial?”

In all seriousness, it would be neat to open up the financial books and see how much money producers desperately need from sponsours to keep this show alive.

Since it is a Canadian program, my gut tells me the answer would be “a lot”.


The takeaway lesson from the casual fans for this week of TAR Canada: There are lots of double standards, and nobody has any opinions on teams whose names are not Brian & Cynthia, Nic & Sabrina, or Hamilton & Michaelia.

I will note there was a couple of nice comments about Nick & Matt and Neil & Kristin online, but that was about it.

The predictions and editing analysis blog will be up later today!


Here is the weekly Amazing Race podcast I co-host with YATNcast. Do you like it? Click here to listen.

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