Ranking The Recappers of The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 2 Edition

Here we are again. It is time to rank the recappers for episode two of Amazing Race Canada. Below is week one’s results in case you have forgotten.


1) Gord & Wayne


3) Sue’s Reality Canada

4) Your Reality Recaps

Sue’s Reality Canada


– Blatantly making fun of those casual fans who think TAR Canada should stay within Canada.


– Including departure times of each team. Michael will be happy.

– Acknowledging the Santigago joke which I have been repeating all week long.

– Including Susan & Sharnjit’s advertising spot at the airport. I guess BMO didn’t have their back after all.

– Not sucking up to Brent/Sean as much as others on the Internet.

– Labeling the blog as a series of stupid moments from the episode.

– Insulting Gino/Jesse a.k.a. VoldeMussolinis.

– Making the same joke I did about how Nick selfie’d all over himself. From the Cynthia incident to selfie’ing himself, Nick is really exploiting the crowd who loves 14A humour.

– An Ahnold reference.

– The lack of challenge at the Express Pass task.

– Huge improvement over last week’s blog.


– None, really. Solid effort from Sue this week.

– Okay. Perhaps overvaluing the Express Pass? I find the twist has always been irrelevant.



– Effectively contrasts between the US and Canadian versions.

– Solid TAR 7 reference.

– Stressing to ditch the Express Passes and move on.

– Recognizing the awesomeness of Nic & Sabrina.


– I don’t know if every team in the cast is a solid choice; not quite sold on them as of yet.

– Things may be tougher to find within a five block radius than Jackie Chan may think.

– Occasionally defensive when providing opinions about racers at time. . .granted these recappers are not the ones in a Twitter feud with James Duthie unlike a certain somebody we all know. 🙂

– How was this round uncharacteristically difficult with their Detour? Doesn’t TAR Canada love spamming memorization tasks every single round?

– We get it–you visited Santigago in person.

– I love Neil Degrasse Tyson and Jackie Chan more.

– I fear The Recapping Temp in the coming weeks.

Your Reality Recaps:


– I like the font colours when various tasks come up.

– The person writing it has potential if they use their voice effectively.


– An excessive number of typos and the letters are too small on the page.

– It’s still too casual fan-ish in tone.

– Who hasn’t taken a selfie? Uh, me with my ancient cell phone.

– Lacks analysis and overall opinions.

– The screencaps chosen were random.

– Feels rushed.

Gord & Wayne


– The story about Wayne’s daughter has a great pay-off because it is used as a tool to make fun of Gino/Jesse (VoldeMussolinis).

– Liked the TAR 26 selfie connection and how Nick/Matt and Brian/Cynthia would have performed.

– Approve of acknowledging the abundance of dogs in this episode.

– I thought Wayne would be the type to appreciate the Santigago joke.

– Making the same point as I did regarding the Detour before the Detour.

– Acknowledged editing.

– Also doesn’t receive a penny for TAR Canada coverage like me.

– Made us think about the camera crew who were stuck running with Dana/Amanda. We presume the crew members did not hire a rickshaw to slowly move in parallel with the team.


– Stop bragging about your literary laurels!!!1111oneoneone.

– He used the word ‘transgendered’. Five points deducted from Gryffindor.

– Dissing DuJean & Leilani as potentially “getting old” very soon.

– What is The Peg?


1) Sue’s Reality Canada.

It is not even competitive this week. SRC was on her game, and outperformed everybody else. This was a huge step up from her bronze medal last week.

She was funny, she had decent opinions, and didn’t make the recap feel like it was dragging. The balance between giving basic information mixed with intriguing thoughts would keep the casual reader interested.

I also love how she was anything but diplomatic when calling out the xenophobic casual fans.

2) Gord & Wayne

They drop a spot this week. This was a tough fight for second place this week.

I ultimately put Gord & Wayne ahead of the other two because there were a couple of unique observations which you do not see in any of the other recaps.

Usually I get bored when somebody talks about their personal life in a recap, but it proved to be a double-edged sword for Gord & Wayne. Some of it had a decent payoff, and others just had me feeling a bit lost.

Either way it was a solid week for these two senior citizens in the blogging universe.


I just referenced Jackie Chan multiple times in my TARstorian blog for round 10 of TAR 17 last week! And Neil Degrasse Tyson appeared in one of my TAR 16 blogs!

But seriously, the fight with Gord & Wayne was a coin flip.

I loved the acknowledgment of another international season traveling to Chile, and trying to get on board to appreciate Nic/Sabrina.

The only weird thing about this week is that I as a reader had the impression I was forbidden to hold any ill feelings toward a team’s actions this week.

Lastly, I am scared for The Temp taking over next week–and this temp not being Mike Bloom for once.

4) Your Reality Recaps

This is a rough start for YRR–two weeks in and they get the traditional Pittsburgh Pirates position of being stuck in the cellar.

On one hand I felt like a jerk being too negative about them, but on the other hand I believe my opinion is fair. It takes me back to my critiquing days in Creative Writing classes.

Hell, for five years I did a critique session at least one day per week. It has been two years since I graduated, and may explain why I am critiquing these recappers today.

My two critical pieces of advice to YRR would be this:

1) Take an additional twenty minutes to check everything over. I know it is tempting to publish it before all other media outlets, but your readers are willing to wait the extra hour if it means you are putting out the best damn recap.

2) If you can combine your voice with critical thinking, you have the best chance to bash the other recappers into the ground.

Well, that’s all for this week. If you are a stats geek like me and wish to use a points system to see the rankings up to this point, this is how it would look:

Gord & Wayne: 7 pts

Sue’s Reality Canada: 5 pts

RHAP: 5 pts

YRR: 2 pts

Are there any brilliant recappers I have missed? Let me know.

P.S. Matt Carter is a reviewer, not a recapper. If it were Ranking The Reviewers of The Amazing Race Canada 3, he would be a real winner.


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