The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 2 Predictions and Editing Analysis

I know what we are all thinking: Our pre-season expectations were just a bit higher than what proceeded to happen in the first two rounds of the season.

Susan & Sharnjit became the first team ever with an average of 11.0 to participate in more than one leg of TAR. After 600+ teams to compete internationally, that is quite the record.

Week 2 Predictions

1) Hamilton & Michaelia

I will be the first to say that I am not expecting Hamilton & Michaelia to win this race.

However, they have international travel experience on their hands, which is a huge advantage over many of the remaining teams.

Yes, we saw Hamilton & Michaelia draw the line in the sand as to what they would and would not do by skipping the Detour, but I doubt we will see identical tasks repeated for the upcoming round.

Well, I assume there will be 20, 000 more memory tasks before the end of this season, but probably nothing that involves a dance with a loin cloth.

With two physically agile teams already out of the way, it is tough to see them finish badly on this leg.

Lastly, teams will be kissing their butt for the irrelevant Express Pass. Seriously, the Express Pass is so pointless 90% of the time in TAR. Why is it still a thing?

2) Nic & Sabrina

Their Spanish language skills gave them a huge advantage at a Detour task which all other teams found impossible to complete.

Sure, Sabrina’s physical fitness (or lack thereof) pretty much guarantees they will never win a leg, but in a season where all remaining teams lack international experience and/or linguistic prowess, it’s tough to imagine Nic & Sabrina can be held so far back that they get eliminated.

I should note they are by far my favourite team left in the race, and their sense of humour along with their outside-of-the-box thinking is a very welcome change to a cast that could be dangerously dull.

It should be noted that Sabrina crawling across the log in the first round and taking a taxi during the mural task in the second round has led to casual viewers thinking she has cheated at the race. If casual viewers firmly believe you have broken the rules, you really are doing a  good job of working the loopholes to your advantage.

3) Gino & Jesse/ VoldeMussolinis

So close. So close to losing the team I desperately want gone. They have become increasingly popular amongst the casual fan base as they -barely- avoided elimination.

Tragically, the mistake they made last round is unlikely to be made again. They might think India is in central America despite holding a Geography degree, but as Nick & Vicki and Dustin & Kandice proved, you do not need to have a perfect visual map of the world in your mind to succeed on the race.

Who knows, though. Maybe these guys will intentionally ditch taxis just to show off how physically fit they are. Pride and arrogance are two dangerous commodities in The Amazing Race.

My biggest fear is when teams return to Canada, and the race will suddenly become much easier for the VoldeMussolinis.

I expect them to do well in Argentina as I assume they will play it relatively safe.

4) Nick & Matt

We were finally introduced to this team and who they are. Nick was trailing Cynthia once again. I am surprised Brian hasn’t spoken up yet.

Regardless of Matt’s awkward finishing pose in the Detour, I think he will be able to get past it.

Nothing about this team gives me the impression they will be on the podium (tm Jon Monty) once more, but I think they will follow the wrestler tradition of doing well for the first half of the race.

5) Brian & Cynthia

As I stated last week, I was the only person from YATNcast who said Brian & Cynthia would NOT be the first team eliminated from this season.

They brag about going from ninth to second, but I do not see this as ushering in an era of permanent change for them.

In week one, the only variance as to how teams performed was the TSN Roadblock.

In week two, the only variance as to how teams performed was running around the murals searching for Tyler & Laura inspired selfies.

I cannot see them anywhere near dead last for the upcoming round, but finishing at the top seems doubtful too based on the information presented.

6) DuJean & Leilani

Their potential was revealed this week. Leilani paraglided and was not shown using her inhalers. That is a good sign. The competitive nature of their arguments will be a testament to their competitive nature in this race.

It just may take a bit of time before they can fully establish teamwork.

7) Dana & Amanda

Lucky number seven! The happier version of Kelly & Christy decided to jog half of the length of Santigago (yes, Santigago) to make it to the pit stop.

We still know nothing about them, therefore they will continue to be in the lower middle part of the pack. This is the perfect place to finish for teams to receive zero airtime.

8) Simi & Ope


Ope may have the greatest picture in the history of social media, but sadly that costume does not possess special powers for him to get through Buenos Aires.

When Simi & Ope were stuck with a bad taxi driver, they were too passive dealing with him (from what we were shown). This is a trap other father-daughter teams such as Gus & Hera, Jim & Marsha, Duke & Lauren, and Hussein & Natasha have fallen into in the past.

Passive by TAR, Big Brother, and Survivor standards, that is.

With Susan & Sharnjit gone, they are the lone BC representatives to wave our flag, but it may not last for too long.

Caution: A series of last minute escapes needed up ahead.

9) Brent & Sean

Once again, editors were heavy on providing Brent & Sean with a fan favourite edit for the second week in a row.

The next step is to be established as underdogs by barely avoiding elimination.

This has to happen soon. . .right?

10) Neil & Kristen

For being a CFL Hall-of-Famer in a beloved Canadian sports league, Neil is not receiving much airtime. If his football days are brought up at the beginning of next episode, it may be time for him to go.

Furthermore, Neil & Kristin have proven to be too passive and have not particularly excelled at anything.


And now to this week’s editing analysis. Who has an active story and stands the best chance of winning? Susan & Sharnjit were lower tier contenders, and sure enough went home. Has anyone climbed the editing charts or have they dropped down? Let’s find out.


Gino & Jesse

A lot of focus was put on them finishing first in the first round and nearly escaping elimination in the second round. They nearly Amanda & Chris’d it.

The editors are sculpting a story of how their brains may not be the best, but their muscles certainly are.

However, the Chile leg suggested that while their muscles may be their greatest asset, the reliance put upon them may be their greatest liability.

I am waiting for a round where they finish in the middle of the pack. Why? Because this is where winners will receive irrelevant airtime while others will simply become invisible.

Hamilton & Michaelia

Editors were not cruel to Hamilton & Michaelia for using the Express Pass so early. In fact, it was given a relatively positive spin as they allowed them to explain their reasoning at the pit stop for why they made their move.

They were shown to have a sensitive side during a charity task, and also referenced the challenge of being transgender during the Detour.

Oh, and Hamilton & Michaelia’s travel experience was also recognized.

These two stand a pretty darn good chance of winning based on edit alone.

DuJean & Leilani

Nothing stood out in the first round, but the whole fight during the mural selfie task had heavy foreshadowing. It was repeated multiple times that they need to work on teamwork.

This issue of teamwork will either lead them to victory according to the storyline being told. . .or if they lose, it is the reason why they go home. It is a very active storyline which many other teams do not have.


Nic & Sabrina

I think this is a prime edit for a team finishing second or third, but there could be the key moment where they may have a shot at being potential winners.

They were not quite as hated by the audience in week one, and I believe that shift will continue to change. Sure, Sabrina’s athletic ineptitude is edited in a negative fashion, but production sure wants us to applaud their craftiness when it comes to completing tasks.

You guys are probably not winning, but you will stick around to the end, won’t you?

Brent & Sean

“What’s TSN?”

“The VoldeMussolinis are our body doubles!”

“We are from a small Atlantic town before moving to Ontario!”

“I should win an award for putting up with Sean while growing up!”

“CTV gave us bios where we repeated a million times that we are underdogs!”

Clearly producers want us to love them a ton, but is this just the typical “Fan favourite team who finishes in 3rd or 4th place?”

Most likely, but there are hints of receiving character development. Compared to Dana & Amanda’s edit, that certainly counts.

Brian & Cynthia

Ugh. Fine. Brian & Cynthia had a couple of funny exchanges in the leg, Brian mentioned being apart of the military about twenty times, and production drilled into us they jumped from ninth to second.

A contending team, but a more in-depth story needs to be developed soon.

Simi & Ope

If I had to wager who was more likely to win out of the two father-daughter teams based on the edit, Simi & Ope are currently winning two rounds to none.

Viewers have been gravitating towards them much more than Neil & Kristin which is a huge sign.

Ope overcoming his fear of water in the opening round accompanied by the over-the-top music is enough to excuse their minimal presence in the second round.

Keep in mind the winning team will not receive a huge amount of airtime every single episode. It will vary. The important part is that viewers know who they are and sympathize with them. That’s a signal a team will be sticking around for a while.


Dana & Amanda

They did well at dancing and ran halfway across Santigago. Are editors even trying to give them a story?

Neil & Kristen

For a father-daughter team where one half of the team is a CFL Hall-of-Famer, it sure is telling that we haven’t had a million confessionals about Neil’s football days as of yet.

They have no story. I will be amazed if they do not go home soon.

Nick & Matt

This may be the biggest surprise for my readers. While the second episode was a huge step up from what we saw of these two guys in terms of footage for round one. . .nothing has really been established with them other than being comedic relief.

Yeah, we know Nick is an elementary school teacher, but that’s not a story now, is it?


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