Funniest Complaints About Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 2 Edition

Oh my word. There is a lot of complaints to get through in this week’s edition.

With TARC leaving Canada for the first time this season, those who were unhappy about the show trying to be, you know, competitive with all of the other international TAR franchises, were upset with crossing the border.

I won’t go into as much detail about how that is a ridiculous opinion to have in contrast to the past two weeks, but it was impossible to ignore its inclusion once more.

Secondly, viewers reacted to Malias’ elimination from the previous round and gave their opinions on the remaining teams.

And then we get some real oddball complaints which demonstrate a lack of overall awareness.

Enjoy as we delve into the casual fan once more! (Although some complaints are funny good rather than funny bad this week)


1. “I love Amazing Race Canada. I hope more challenges take place here rather than overseas. Our country is huge and offers diverse opportunities to explore areas not many Canadians get to discover for one reason or another. What an opportunity to brag a bit too!”

Remember that time in the first episode where teams traveled to two cities already featured in season one? There is so much diversity in just 2 1/12 seasons!

2. “OK love Amazing Race!!! The trans thing gotta go. Or stop interviewing it. Children watch the show they don’t need to hear that crap. …”

You like watching competitive reality TV but do not like diverse casting. . .something doesn’t quite add up here.

On a serious note, Hamilton being cast is very important for Canadian television. Millions of people have a chance to be exposed to transgender people outside of Kardashian implications, and get to come to an understanding with a contestant who is just nineteen years of age.

If anything, children are going to relate to Hamilton more than any other viewing demographic. How many tweens and teens feel awkward in their own skin, and have a tough time finding that voice to stand up for themselves and who they are?

And to see an actual teenager participate on the show may have a lasting positive impact.

3. “They [VoldeMussolinis] seem cocky to me…”

Best complaint thus far. Gino & Jesse want fuel for the guns and hope we fuel them as favourites to win free gas for Gino’s s–tty zamboni, but together we can make a difference to stop that from happening.

4. “I didn’t care for Brian’s coaching style when his wife took so many nasty looking falls off the rolling log.”

What? You don’t like an emotionless husband who acts as if his wife is doing a good job and trying to cheer her on? He is such an ass.

5. ” I was hoping I would be watching the two sisters from Kingston Ontario on this season but I will still be watching maybe next season”

I was hoping to see two recovering alcoholic one-armed Little People from Tisdale, Saskatchewan, but we all can’t get our way sadly.

6. “Lol he didn’t [have dyslexia] Elias was a mess in the road block challenge !! I’m happy that they left”

That’s right. Elias lied about having dyslexia. It was an excuse to save face on television.


We’re onto your games, Elias!

7. “Kinda glad [Max & Elias] are gone first, that girlfriend of his had an annoying voice lol”

big brother canada heather

Good thing you didn’t watch Big Brother 2. You would have had the majority of Canada going against you for holding such an opinion.

Yes, Heather was a contestant who said she was bullied in elementary and high school because of the sound of her voice. This happens with a fair amount of female contestants in reality TV because some viewers will automatically label a female on TV as annoying if they do not like the sound of their natural voice.


Unless you are Azmyth and pick up a British accent when you get into power.

8. “So gald [Max & Elias] are gone..didnt like them from the cocky and high on themselves”

Based on. . .what, exactly? They barely got any airtime. All they did was make as many jokes as possible in their bios and on-screen. They were projected to become the biggest characters of TAR Canada this season.

The only thing I can think of as being cocky is that Elias mentioned being 12-0 in MMA, and currently working his way through the UFC roster. That’s not cocky, that is just a fact stating you are a pretty darn good Mixed Martial Artist.

He could have gone to Battlefield Fight League and inflate his record to 40-0, but the guy is putting his record on the line with legit competition in the UFC.

And he won TUF!

9. “Elias has already been on two other reality shows. It is a disturbing trend that Amazing Race is turning to celebrities for the show. It is much better with the normal everyday people.”

All of you! Just shut up! I can’t take any more of this!!!!

But seriously, Elias reminds me of my siblings. He is every day people, but just with a profession that is in the public eye. Elias never once said “I am proud to be Canadian” or come up with some crying sob story to get himself cast.

My idea of stunt casting would be like Neil from this season who doesn’t really fit in with the show or Vanessa from TARC 1. Hell, I partially consider Hal & Joanne as the original stunt casting as they were solely responsible for bringing the 18-49 demographic of “Oh, I remember them!” to start watching TAR Canada.

It is also difficult to consider Elias as stunt casting when the hardcore UFC audience and TAR has very little overlap. I haven’t ran into too many TAR fans who love the UFC and PRIDE FC as much as I do.

10. “The only leg I think should be a non elimination leg is the first. It must be really hard to be eliminated so quickly. Good luck Max and Elias!”

It’s even harder to be eliminated just minutes away from where you live.

char schroeder

At least they handled this situation better than the Schroeder Family did.

But seriously, if you are a firm believer in first round NELs, watch TAR Asia.

And for evidence against it, watch TAR 15 and 18. We could’ve lost Maria & Tiffany by the end of the first hour, and Jet & Cord’s legacy would have just 13 lousy episodes rather than the 31 episode snoozer.

11. “So Brent & Sean are not brothers?”

—–> “My honest guess was they are a gay couple in the closet claiming to be brothers. Someone from their town told me they are in fact brothers though… I dunno”

—–> “They do look alot alike. if they arent then its sad that they have to say they are bros to keep their relationship quiet.”

This wasn’t a complaint, but rather a bizarre thing for me to read.

There are people who think CTV and Brent & Sean conspired to lie about them being a gay couple by coming up with the lie that they are siblings from Nova Scotia who moved to Ontario.

Keep in mind this is the same season where CTV cast an openly transgender person.

12. ” I lived in Nigeria for 4 years- and am Canadian…cheering for this team! Great team! Just want to add that perhaps it wasn’t too smart of TAR to have Ope jump without a life vest. As a family show it gives people/kids etc the idea that you can do jumps like that as non-swimmers. Unfortunately have been around too many drownings (yes even some in Nigeria) when people think they can just do it too.”

Yeah. Producers didn’t have any lifeguards in the water. If Ope sunk after the diving off the board, he was on his own.

13. “Max & Elias are gone. Why are we still talking about them?”

Even Sue’s Reality Canada wasn’t as harsh in their treatment of Malias.

14. “I think it would have been nice to not eliminate someone on the first show though! We barely got to know them!”

Do you want fewer NELs each season or do you want less teams to be cast? You can’t have both.

15. “Sorry not the best…..who goes on Amazing Race that cannot swim or has a fear of heights…..kudos to the woman who wiped out on the log and did not complain.”

People who struggle with various things in life, and putting them through these difficult scenarios will be entertaining television.

16. “Too dangerous”

spaceballs ludicrous speed

Since when is TAR Canada suddenly a clip from Spaceballs?

17. “The first pit spot of the Amazing Race was the ACC. It was mentioned that the ACC was home to the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors, what about the Toronto Rock. Since lacrosse is Canada’s National Sport I find it odd that they were not mentioned as well. The Rock were finalists in the Champions Cup this season and since coming to Toronto in 1999 have won SIX championships!! How many have the Leafs and the Raptors won? Just my opinion but I was disappointed that the Toronto Rock were not mentioned!!”

The Toronto Rock winning six championships is like me bragging about how I have written the most about The Amazing Race compared to anybody else on the Internet.

Sure, it is an impressive feat, but 99.9% of the population does not care.

It is essentially like saying the Wayne’s Mechanical little league baseball team always wins the tadpole championship each year. It’s not really worthy of recognition unless it is pro level or in a sport people actually watch.

18. “I guess according to your comments myself and her are not allowed our opinions this is free country its not Russia???”

This was taken from a fight where this person said TAR Canada should not leave Canada.

What’s funny about this is that a country neighbouring Russia, Ukraine, had their own version of TAR where they traveled internationally.

Oh the irony. Ukrainian-Russian contestants are indeed freer to roam the planet on TAR than Canadians.

vladimir vasilenko

Vladimir and Iryna were robbed, I tells ya!

20. “Its not on in Nova Scotia. How come? I waited all day for this 😦 Not happy!

. . .

21. “Really disappointed I cannot play the mento game on my devices

Are you?

22. “It would’ve being nice to have taken some geography lessons before going to this show, it is pathetic this couple though Chile was in Europe. Embarrassing. 😦

The VoldeMussolinis are Italian brothers. They are not a couple. I can’t believe somebody thought that. Embarrassing. 😦

But seriously, Gino is a geography major. He must have taken geography that emphasized Canadian landmarks and those stupid contour lines and alluvial fans.

Fun fact: When I was in elementary and high school, I would show off by labeling maps of the world assigned in class without the use of an atlas. I can assure you all of the single ladies were impressed.

23. “Rarely do you see as blatant a collection of stereotypes as during AmazingRaceCanada casting”

I know.

DuJean is a Haitian-Canadian contestant, and I can’t think of a single reality show that hasn’t had a Haitian-Canadian.

Neil is the stereotypical CFL hall-of-famer, Hamilton is transgender which is really just a case of been-there-done-that, and Simi & Ope must be the 1, 000, 000th Nigerian father-daughter duo I have seen portrayed on TV.

Not to mention Susan & Sharnjit are female correctional officers at a prison in BC and Sharnjit is yet another person who was born in the Philippines.

And Nic & Sabrina are also the stereotypical cougar-young cub dating couple who can each speak four languages and are terrified of water and/or exercise.

24. “Time to binge-watch #TrueDetective Reality show producers are choosing uninteresting/annoying people eg #AmazingRaceCanada & #BigBrother


25. “Am I the only one who finds it odd that #AmazingRaceCanada gives its competitors U.S. dollars? Ummm, Amazing Race, where?!? #AmazingRaceCanada”

canadian dollar

26. “I’m tired of hearing the sucky opinions of the xenophobe cat ladies. Good thing the producers are not listening to the whiners and are still including international travel.”

I have trained you guys well.

27. “Some funny characters. Was a bit surprised by Sabrina saying “I can’t RUN, I am not PHYSICALLY FIT!! And she’s all panicked. Then takes a cab to do selfies. It’s the amazing race. That’s what you signed up for”

By signed up, do you mean “potentially recruited by producers”?

28. “Sabrina, Sean and Leilani are the resident whiners. Why is it everyone is always on the same plane? Hope giving up the EP so early comes back to bite Hamilton- a little prudish?”

The two vocal females, the most effeminate gay man, and the transgender contestant are the four on this person’s s–t list.

Meanwhile Nic, Brent, DuJean, and Michaelia all get a pass. Huh.

29. “the whiny chick sabrina —has got to go…shes on my nerves already…LOVE THIS SHOW—“

30. “If you’re lazy then get off the race, shouldn’t be on there in the first place. And I hope the Hamilton & Michaelia go home soon, what a waste of the express pass (they just got), not to mention lame excuse. They could of turned around and done the other task. I hope something comes along that is really tough, and they think “hmm maybe we should have danced to still have that express pass”. Every one else that chose to dance did it, even the bigger people, which being a bigger woman myself, I know that I would feel very self conscious dressing like that. If you want to win The Amazing Race Canada, prove it! Push yourself and prove you are a real competitor and that you deserve to be there!”

Okay, timeout.

I know getting across the fact as being a bigger woman may be important to you, it is not equivalent to being a man who had to undergo the transformation of going from female to male.

In university, I watched a documentary about a community in the southern US about various couples that have had to overcome difficulties involving sexuality.

One segment of the film was about a guy in his 40s who went from being female to male. He said that surgeons tend to give females more realistic “parts” compared to males.

He said the contrast is borderline ridiculous. The surgeons don’t seem to put in as much effort with those transforming to male.

Therefore, I completely understand why dancing in a small loin cloth may not be Hamilton’s idea of fun. You have to keep in mind this is a guy who has had to deal with body image issues his whole life, and parading around in a loin cloth is probably his idea of Room 101.

Should he have tried the poem Detour? I guess so, but the only team who did well with that was a team who spoke fluent Spanish.

Hamilton & Michaelia made the correct move. If one option is not feasible for Hamilton, and the other will be next to impossible, well gee, I think I’ll use my Express Pass.

And guess what? Express Passes are pointless and irrelevant 95% of the time on The Amazing Race. It only matters in the rare scenario a team does not use it, and even then you can just treat it as a non-factor because it is an element which does not belong in TAR in the first place.

The Express Pass is a boring twist which has done nothing but hog pointless airtime. A team has never avoided finishing in last place and being eliminated because they used their Express Pass.

mark mallory

Well, maybe if Mark was willing to suck it up and continue the race with no clothes. We could then say Caroline & Jennifer were saved due to the Express Pass.

Mallory’s legacy being destroyed because Mark wasn’t willing to proceed the race without his bags is one of the greatest injustices in TAR history. Have I mentioned how awful TAR 24: Fake All Stars was?

31. “Should there not have been a penalty for the team that used thier cab to drive them around looking for the mural’s for selfie’s? I hate it when they do something different that should get a penalty, but then they don’t!”

Just like with teams crawling across the log rather than standing to walk across it, CTV and the other teams agreed to let Nic & Sabrina cheat. It’s in the rules.

32. “This is Not the amazing Canada. It is the Amazing Race Eastern Canada. Give me a break.”

shahla kara 2

adel flip off

Just wait for The Amazing Race Middle Eastern Canada. It’ll go over even better.

shahla nabeela vs. big brother canada adel chaos and mayhem

Shahla & Nabeela vs. Thunder & Lightning. I can’t wait!

P.S. Adel is like the most awesome dude ever.

33. “They didn’t show the real Santiago!!! The went to the outskirts of it”

That’s right.


TAR Canada 3 teams visited the fake Santiago known as Santigago. What the hell were they thinking?!

34. “It’s annoying that they have all the racers take the same flight on #AmazingRaceCanada it defeats the advantage any team gets”

Air Canada’s 3-year contract with TAR Canada ends this season. We have our fingers crossed or no airline sponsour next year!

jamie pierre

The only team to ever be screwed over by the one time there was not an airport equalizer in TAR Canada.

35. “How has no one learned after all these Amazing Race seasons that the dance challenges are never a good idea? #AmazingRaceCanada”

You’re preaching to the choir.

We are only two legs into this season and we already have three memorization tasks.

It was essentially Memorize This or Memorize That.

Furthermore, the most common memorization tasks for TAR Canada are dances and some form of song or poetry.

It is TAR Canada’s cheap way of saying “we are tougher than the American version!!!!” by having people need three to seven attempts to memorize a dance or make a dyslexic person take 23 attempts to read a series of words from a teleprompter.

I am sure producers loved the fact it took DuJean & Leilani three attempts to do the Rapa Nui dance.

“Even the PROFESSIONAL dancers couldn’t get it on the first try, then it must be tough!”

Yeah, but professional dancers also have eight hours per day to nail the routine and make it look awesome.

matt dance

Instead we have people like Matt who successfully complete the task with this super awkward pose.

36. “”Did #AmazingRaceCanada go out of their way to find stupid women this season?”

No, but I did go out of my way to find stupid comments once again this week, and it was totally worth it.


So there we go. An assortment of funny complaints this week.

There were fewer pleas of “don’t leave Canada” and instead replaced by odd reasons to hate some of the teams.

Furthermore, the lack of basic reasoning when figuring out how a TV show is a big eye opener to the type of viewer who regularly watches television.

I mean, there are people amongst the two million of us who think Brent & Sean are pretending to be siblings. There are people who think producers are allowed to let contestants cheat and skate around the basic rules governing the race. There are people who think the Express Pass deserves recognition as an important tool to use in the race.

My personal complaints are vastly different.

– I hate that it was memorization galore.

– I hate that producers did not inject any comedy into the volunteer painting task, but rather turned it into a bunch of crying and “Canadians are awesome because we give back!”

In the US version, tasks like this would have so much unintentional comedy.

– I hate how Susan/Sharnjit’s edit was reduced to being the Gina & Sylvia TAR 3 “We miss our children!” chorus.

gina sylvia

What happened to their badass introduction of “Fear no man; be terrified of soccer mom”.

Then forty minutes later we are shown Sylvia holding a Mexican child at a corner store crying about how much she misses her family. Where’s the badassness, Sylvia? WHERE IS IT?!

– Lastly, what I hate most of all is that the VoldeMussolinis barely survived. The sad thing is that they are the team leading the FuelYourCasualFanFavourite poll. Ugh.

Well, that’s all for the complaints this week. It was a rather hilarious collection. Later on today and tomorrow I shall be ranking the recappers once again, and I’ll also be analyzing the winner’s edits.

Thank you, and I hope today is yet another day where you are kind to your folks and strangers.


Do you like me? Do you like to hear my voice? Do you like to hear my voice speaking about The Amazing Race Canada?

Then listen to me talking about The Amazing Race each week by clicking this link. Our podcast is also available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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