Ranking the Recappers of The Amazing Race Canada 3 Week 1 Edition

Here’s a fun fact about me: I have never really read anybody else’s recaps or listened to many podcasts over the past five years.

I quit doing either of those things altogether about four or five years ago. Mainly due to the fact that nobody wrote or said anything that made it seem like I was the appropriate audience for it. I remember when I was sixteen years old during Survivor: Gabon’s airing, and would e-mail Amber Dowling of TV Guide Canada with a bunch of corrections regarding incorrect facts she would state in her articles.

Yeah. She was probably annoyed by that back then.

So I thought it would be fun to look at the four primary recap blogs for TAR Canada this season. If you know of any others, feel free to let me know.

Essentially, the four I have found are Sue’s Reality Canada, Your Reality Recaps, RHAP, and Gord and Wayne’s Amazing Race Canada blog (which was nominated for a Canadian blogging award).

Each week I thought I would do a quick ranking and critique each website.

Sue’s Reality Canada

The Family Guy vomiting thing.
Good jokes about the Raptors mascot.
A Nic/Sabrina fan.
Best graphics overall

Viewing Malias as the worst stunt casting yet.
Too much summary.

Your Reality Recaps:

Good stylistically in terms of how the web page is structured.
A Nic/Sabrina fan.
They didn’t know how to spell James Duthie after joking about how Brent/Sean didn’t know what TSN was.
Decent job with memes.

Too much of a Brent/Sean obsession.
Observations lacking.
It feels like a casual fan is describing the episode from the couch.
Lacks comedy.
Needs to flex their reality TV knowledge more.


Dissing VoldeMussolinis a bit (Gino and Jesse).
Demonstrated more TARC knowledge than YRR (Your Reality Recaps).
Jess is a good essayist.

Surprisingly positive about the premiere.
Approved of this round coming down to the TSN task.
Praising James Duthie.
Not enough evidence to support Dana/Amanda are a team to keep an eye on as of yet.

Gord and Wayne

The Italian observation.
Loved making fun of Duthie and Don Cherry.
Wayne knows to not recap the relationships of every team at the starting line.
Acknowledges the Levis ferry from TARC 1.
Acknowledged Max’s flat irons.

Potentially too many references to what they would do as a team if they were on TAR Canada. It is a double-edged sword. On one hand, this makes them stand out from all other blogs. On the other hand, doing it too often may seem like the blog may be more than about you and alienate you from your audience.
Isn’t Ope from Burnaby instead of Surrey?
Gord summarizes too much.
No graphics.

Overall complaints for all four blogs:
Nobody made a joke that Max was missing some D. C’mon guys. You all talked about her missing that letter, but never made the leap to make the inappropriate comment.

Alright. So who came out on top this week?

1) Gord and Wayne

I would say Gord and Wayne won for this week. They definitely stood out from the other three blogs. I personally preferred Wayne’s material over Gord’s. I believe Wayne’s TAR Canada knowledge may be the strongest out of the four, and proved it for this week.

The other unique thing about Gord and Wayne is that, much like myself, their goal is to be contestants. I have personally applied to three seasons of BB Canada and TAR Canada 3, and can tell when somebody is writing as a contestant hopeful rather than somebody who sticks to writing recaps for various TV shows.

The danger in that is you can be like a certain Survivor writer out there who sounds too bitter to properly give an opinion on things, but luckily Gord and Wayne do not fall into that category as much as people would expect.

I think they were one of the better recaps for inserting personal commentary. Most people who read recaps are obsessive enough to have already read the episodes, and are looking for more insight or points of discussion.

Want to see recaps that are entirely summary? The CBS recaps for Survivor and TAR back in the day already did that. A proper analogy would be that they serve as the state newspaper.


Some of the RHAP fans may be bullies on social media if you state your opinion, but if you can bypass all of that you can have intelligent conversations with Jess.

Jess has this talent for writing her recaps in a well-structured manner. When dozens of people blog for RHAP, it is not much of a surprise she gets the nod to lead the charge for TAR.

I put her below Gord and Wayne for this week because she can usually ace it when firing on all cylinders. She had a good obscure reference to Vanessa & Celina to tip off readers that she knows what she is talking about.

She is docked a few points this week for praising James Duthie. That’s called a no-no. Jess lacked evidence to convince me to re-think my ideas regarding the premiere being lacklustre and that invisible Dana & Amanda are worthy of my attention.

They were shown for ten seconds, Jess. All we saw was Dana’s fashionable hat during the TSN Roadblock. I personally prefer Ian’s hat from TAR 3. Hoo-rah!

3) Sue’s Reality Canada

I flip-flopped between giving Sue the silver medal for this week or RHAP. Sue is really good at memes and is great during her sarcastic bits.

I always find it hilarious when somebody vomits on TAR, and my friend Ben will send me the vomiting GIF from Family Guy. Sue may fit in with my style of comedy as she was quick to point out the TAR Canada opening round vomiting tradition, and threw in the Family Guy reference for good measure.

She was knocked down to third because she thought Malias was stunt casting. Yes, TSN/CTV just received the UFC contract back in January to steal it away from Sportsnet. Elias Theodorou is a good way to bring awareness to that.

However, Elias was a really fun guy on TUF Canada, and is a super funny and likeable guy when you meet him in person (like I did). He is the perfect character for TAR Canada.

To put him in the same stunt casting ranks as Bethany Hamilton, Romber in TAR 7, or Jeff & Jordan in TAR 16 is just insulting.

Malias going home early is, in my opinion, an early and brutal hit for the season. I was expecting them to be the only team capable of reaching Sukhi & Jinder levels of legendaryness.

I know I have said this for the other two people above her, but Sue didn’t have other opinions besides dissing Malias. She may have gained more points if she presented thoughts which I would have had the chance to agree. Instead her biggest opinion is the one I disagreed with more than in any of the other three blogs.

I do love the memes though. The Don Cherry joke may have been forced, but eh.

4) Your Reality Recaps

YRR may be ranked higher in future weeks, but definitely receive the last spot for this round.

I know YRR covers a ton of reality shows, and unfortunately this may have backfired. For most of these sites, the deadline is hours rather than days. You have to write even if you are too tired or do not have much to say.

Perhaps my biggest point of contention with YRR is that it feels like it is written in the tone of a casual fan watching from the couch.

It’s just. . .people who read the blogs typically aren’t casual fans. There was also this awkward Corinne Kaplan-like “I love my gays” line which came out of nowhere.

Before the season began, I stated along with others that Brent & Sean’s bio was presented in such a way that the casual fans would eat up their edit. This is why I think YRR came off as too casual-fanish because of how much praise there was for Brent & Sean.

I like them too, but there are eleven other teams in the mix. The recap was too light-hearted and did not spark any big opinions.

Comedy is a big thing for me, and I feel YRR may not have that comedic energy, whether it be witty or sarcastic, that the other sites possess.

However, please don’t go badgering them online. They don’t deserve that. This is one week, and for all you know personal circumstances could have led to a rushed product. Don’t make fun of them because of my silly blog post.

Well, that’s it for this week. Should I bother continuing this for next time? Probably not because everyone is bound to hate me by the end of this post, but oh well.

P.S. It should be noted that all of these people make more money than I do. So should you really take this ranking seriously?


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