SCWL 8 Season Finale

8.150 Previously on SCWL. . .
8.151 SCWL 8 Round 15 Info
8.152 SCWL 8 Round 15 Confessionals
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8.154 SCWL 8 Round 15 Projected Boot List
8.155 SCWL 8 Round 16 Confessionals
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8.150 Previously on SCWL. . .

– Majid was the last person standing from the UsAl tribe.
– During the immunity challenge, Majid put up his strongest fight yet.
– However, Katie and somehow Kyle edged him out in the challenge. Unfortunately, a series of crazy circumstances put Katie and Kyle’s trust to the test in a tiebreaker.
– Katie won the tiebreaker and was immune, but the damage between her and Kyle was done.
– When it came to the vote, Majid fired shots at Kyle.
– But it was not enough as Majid was eliminated, and we had our Final Four.
– Now just four players remain.
– Allan, the last player standing from Aldn. He has lost a helluva lot of challenges, but has put together two very solid alliances–one with Katie and another with Kyle. He will need to win the final immunity challenge if he wants a shot at the Final Two, and if he succeeds it will be one of the biggest comebacks.
– Erik, he has been in a very secure position from day one. He and Katie have been a tight duo and have ran through the competition. However, Erik will need to turn against Katie or he may find himself in a lose-lose situation come the final vote.
– Katie, she has fired out on all cylinders since the beginning. She has protected her allies since the beginning, but her sacrifices throughout the course of the game may backfire with a FTC looming. And her mass number of past votes could put her in trouble as her closest ally Erik may be the jury goat.
– Kyle, it is his first online game and has done very well. He was put in charge of Pusa over the first few rounds and helped create the Eh Team. His power position may have dwindled in the first half of the post-merge phase, but he has nothing but opportunities put before him. If he can make the right moves, Kyle may join SCWL 2’s David to become the second person to win SCWL in their first online game.
– Only the Final Four remains; who will win this game and be crowned the champion. . .tonight?

8.151 SCWL 8 Round 15 Info
Date: April 9, 2015 – June 30, 2015
Immunity Challenge XV: Pente Tournament.
Info: Players duel in Pente. Katie determines the bracket, and who is forbidden from receiving the hidden immunity idol.
Outcome: Kyle is not allowed to receive the hidden immunity idol.
Winner: Katie after Kyle throws immunity to her for the second time in three rounds.
Voted Out: Erik
Vote Count: 2-2 (Erik-Allan). Erik goes home via past votes.
Immunity Challenge XVI: Oath Of Silence
Info: Players are in a Skype chat room. They are not allowed to type any messages unless they see the words “Roll Call”. Response time dwindles as the challenge goes on.
Winner: Kyle. Katie dropped out early, and Allan screwed over by an unexpected storm.
Voted Out: Allan.
Vote Count: 1-0.
Final Tribal Council: Katie versus Kyle.
Winner: ???????
Vote Count: ?-?

8.152 SCWL 8 Round 15 Confessionals


None. :/


None. :/


So confession. Kyle threw me the challenge but every time he throws it to me I know I would have beat him but whatever. I’m voting Allan. Allan told me to. I’m not voting Erik he would kill me. Glad I don’t have to vote kyle but he knows I’m not taking him to the end. I don’t know why he didn’t want to vote me this round and try to get me out but it’s cuz he likes me. Step closer to the end I’m ready!

Confession. I hope kyle realizes that I have controlled this whole game and Allan and Erik have always been my final 2 and that I kept him around as a showmance. How to explain that and win the game I have no clue


•katie cannot win the next immunity me and Allan must win and force the tie and vote her out this is the moment I’ve waited for

•so the plan is to make katie and Allan throw the opening round then I throw the finals. Then me and Allan are going to vote katie creating a tie and eliminating her due to past votes. If all pans out I will eliminate the final challenge threat and the jury threat. Allan will take me if he wins and I will take erik if I win it will be a very good finish to a great season…..and yes I will be on your next all star season not a problem

I would like my retroactive 60 points for throwing the last two challenges to katie please

make that 3 challenge throws to katie mother f–ker

———-lock that vote ———

• so I’m basically the swing vote but here’s the thought

My chance of making FTC is 100% if I vote erik out I would have to be on my best debate game to beat Allan once I get there…. My chance of even getting to FTC is at 66% if erik is still in the game and I still have to debate like a son of a bitch to beat katie. But I know both katie and Allan have to take me to the end niether wants to sit next to the other at the end because they both see eachother as the threat. Why would they think that. Well I told them so and the have believed me all game so why stop now. The best part of being the “honest” player is everyone believes you when you lie! The worse part of this game is eventually everyone has to answer to every lie they tell!

8.153 SCWL 8 Round 15 Tribal Council



You have until 3:00pm eastern Monday to answer your questions and cast your vote.

The members of the jury have already been brought in to Tribal Council: Matt, John, Ian, Quintin, Anton, Marc, and Majid, who was voted out at the last Tribal Council.

So here we are. The Final Four.


1. For the second time this season, you are reduced to two possible voting options. Erik or Kyle. They know your vote is going to be cast for one of them. What are the pros and cons of voting for either Erik or Kyle?

This is a tough decision either way I go…and it may not even matter (if they all decide to vote for me). I have got to know Kyle and Erik both pretty well and this will be rough either way. Coming up with pros and cons is hard too because honestly feel like it could go 50/50 either way. In the end I will be following my gut on this one.

2. Katie is in the Final Three. How much of this vote will be impacted by knowing without a doubt that Katie will be in the next round?

Katie has been a fantastic player all season so I am not surprised to see her with immunity. I have tried to never overlook anyone in the game so naturally her being in the next round impacts my thinking about the vote. If I survive this vote I will be up against fierce competion either way so right now just surviving is what I am focusing on.

3. There are three members of Pusa who have been together since day one. Only one member of Pusa has been eliminated in the past ten rounds. Would it be any surprise if they stick together and advance to the Final Three?

It wouldn’t be a surprise at all…on paper it makes a lot of sense to just cut me at this point. I am hoping that is not the case though.


1. Out of all of the Tribal Councils in any season of Survivor, this is the one with the highest odds of a tie vote occurring. Do you think we will see a tie vote tonight?

I see it as highly likely.

2. You also have only two possible voting options. Allan or Kyle. What are the pros and cons for voting for either of them this round?

Pros are that I think they could both easily beat me in the Final challenge, and they would probably both beat me in the FTC. Cons, I don’t think they’ll vote for each other.

3. If you were eliminated this round, describe your reaction in one word.



1. You come out of nowhere to win three immunity challenges in a row. Just one challenge separates you and a spot in the Final Two. Are you already thinking about what to do come Final Tribal Council, or is there still so much scrambling and planning for this round as well as the next one?

Well I win immunities or get people not to win them so I don’t have to worry about scrambling. It’s survivor and anything can happen as we have seen many blindsided this game. The only true way to survive is this necklace around my neck smile emoticon as for next round I know who I am going to take if I win again so that’s a relief. Gotta keep on fighting for it!

2. In comparison to your past two immunity wins, have you noticed a difference in how much players have approached you for your vote this round? Or has it always been dealt with the same level of importance?

I have always been honest with my vote except when I had to lie so I definitely have told this person I am voting them. If they are going or staying remains to be seen just very glad it’s not me and I’m going to try to
keep on winning!

3. You had two decisions to make this round, and so far it has appeared to work out. How happy are you that The Decider twist is officially over for the season?

I am very happy. I feel like I want to see what these points are going to do.


1. Between using all one hundred of your original SCWL Points on the auction, and refusing to take the 10 SCWL Point bribe a few rounds ago, was forfeiting immunity truly more valuable than possessing the talisman itself? Because it is not like you had immunity in your hands and gave it up–you still had to beat Katie in the challenge for that to happen.

I used my 100 points to put together this tribe that has by all standards kicked ass in this game. I would do it every chance I get the points have become a moot point. Until I assume the F3 now I have 2nd most points of the 4 of us left.

2. You were picked to be banned from receiving the Nomination Idol for the remainder of this season. Is it really being treated as “no way is there a chance that anyone is ever going to receive it this season”?

2. Ain’t no one getting the idol because I’m not nominating anyone but myself so there goes that theory…your nomination idol is what I assume is your way of “having” an idol but not having it ever be played.

3. You are also down to two possible voting options for this round. Allan or Erik. What are the pros and cons for voting either of them this round?

3. If I vote out Allan it’s a Pusa F3. Being a part of a tribe that can run the table is a great way to finish the game.

If I vote out erik then I won’t be worried that katie or erik will take eachother if they win final immunity. So do I stay loyal to my tribe that I picked on day 1 or do I flip and not be faced with a 2-1 final immunity handicap? Decisions decisions…..or do they all vote my ass out now. Guess we will find out soon enough!

Okay. When you vote, please do so in the following manner:



VOTE: (Logan)
REASON: He ain’t no hashtag Ginja Ninja. Hashtag Two-five-oh. PEACE!

Okay. Katie has immunity. You cannot vote for Katie. Between now and 3:00pm eastern Monday, it is time to vote. Ykwac tribe, you’re up.



VOTE:  Erik
This is the riskiest move I have made the entire game.  I am putting a lot of faith in Kyle at this point but I know he is in me as well.  If this plays out the way I hope the F3 will be me, Katie and Kyle.  This vote is 100% about trust…and that is something I never really had with Erik.


Vote: Allan
Reason: It’e either you or me Pal


Vote allan

Reason you told me to and nobody will vote kyle to save themselves.



REASON: you are too close to katie I know if your gone then katie can’t take you to the end and you can’t take her Allan and katie won’t take eachother so voting you out sets me up for a FTC


If anybody played a hidden immunity idol, now would be the time I would reveal it.
Okay. For the first time in series history, a hidden immunity idol is not being used at Tribal Council.
Once the votes are read the decision is final and the person voted out will be removed from the tribe group almost immediately.
I’ll read the votes.
One vote Erik.
We’re tied. One vote Erik and one vote Allan. Two votes left.
Two votes Allan. One vote Erik. One vote left.
And the person who receives the final vote of this Tribal Council:
Okay. This is our first tie out of the past twenty-three Tribal Councils. And also our first tie at Final Four since SCWL 2.

Here’s how it works: Erik and Allan will not vote. Only Katie and Kyle will.

This is your last chance to plead your case and convince one of these two to switch their vote. Otherwise it is a deadlock, and past votes breaks the tie.

Normal procedure would be to give you guys a full twenty-four hours to re-vote given international time zones, and the fact almost every single tie in the past has involved more players remaining to vote, and much more conversations that need to take place before a final decision is made.

You guys all live within the same set of time zones that I do, and a 24 hour re-vote simply means you guys are stuck waiting overnight for votes that you guys already sent in as far back as 21 hours ago.

Do any of the four of you object to me just posting results at 11:59pm eastern tonight? If so, we’ll honour the 24 hour re-vote deadline until 3:00pm eastern tomorrow. If not, we can get this re-vote over with in nine hours.

Between now and the deadline, it is time to once again re-vote. Katie and Kyle, you’re up.

KATIE: I am voting Allan and he knows I am so the decision is up to Kyle. Thanks 🙂 good luck guys !

ALLAN: Katie I understand and no hard feelings…to Kyle I would just say dude lets take this to a tie and make things interesting.

And Logan I have no problem with having the results posted tonight.

ERIK: No objections, but keeping it a tie doesn’t keep it interesting, it just sends me home.

KYLE: I feel I need to continue the tie and go to past votes. Allan has always kept me in the loop and has never told me he was voting for one player then voted out another. You are one of the best players I have been given the honour to play alongside. I’m not making this personal it’s a game move. I feel for my best interest this is the move I need to make.

ERIK: If it’s a game move, then it’s the worst one of the season. You stand no chance in hell of winning over either of these people.

KYLE: That’s a valid opinion and I’ll be glad to argue why I in fact deserve to win if I get to the FTC. There’s still a challenge and jury questions to come. I understand your upset hell I wouldn’t expect otherwise. You played great….to good that’s why I took this route. I hope we can remain friendly though.

ALLAN: Thank you Kyle!

ERIK: Well like I said, I don’t see the point of going to FTC to lose. But I’ll be glad to vote for whoever takes you to it.

KYLE: I hope you vote for who presents the best case but it is in fact your vote…and im not garunteed anything nor was I ever

KATIE: Good game Erik ❤

KYLE: Great game man

ALLAN: Agreed good game

ME: Well, looks like we’ve reached a deadlock, and the re-votes have confirmed that for me anyway.

As you guys have already concluded, we go to past votes.

Allan has one past vote that all members of Pusa witnessed before the merge.
And Erik has three past votes.

With that, Erik, the tribe has spoken.
It’s time for you to go.

8.154 SCWL 8 Round 15 Projected Boot List


8.155 SCWL 8 Round 16 Confessionals



Internet dropped for a sec

Didn’t even realiZe

And apparently it is lagging as well because I would have swore they took longer than 10 seconds

Hope i gave you a good show for a last minute alternate.

Still pissed about those f–king storms taking me out of that final immunity.  Seriously that is just the way my luck has been going lately.


OK well as soon as Allan gets out I’m bailing lol

I’ve decided to let kyle take me go the end

I don’t have to hold a pen over my head do i?


•im in a key position where I am 98% to make FTC but there’s always 2% chance! So I better win that s–t. My honesty most likely won’t win me any friends. But what the hell right answer the questions im asked I guess lol

Long way from not being able to to play that aol game hey

•Haha Ya I can’t wait for Sunday katie “claims”she Wil throw the challenge to me I hope so I would take her I mean what other choice do I have to win in sure as hell not beating Allan

I told both players to throw the challenge to me so I have to piss the other one off

I doubt the will but if I win in one minute do I go to the top or bottom of the leaderboard

So am I voting off a player or for a player to join me I don’t want to pull a BB Canada

8.156 SCWL 8 Round 16 Tribal Council



The members of the jury have already been brought in. Matt, John, Ian, Quintin, Anton, Marc, Majid, and Erik, who was voted out at the last Tribal Council.


1. The SCWL Points finally came into play. Every point you accumulated during the season gave you a 20 second time bonus in the final immunity challenge. You had the least amount of points by anyone, and you needed to beat Katie by 36 minutes. Did that disadvantage play into it psychologically? Because you were out after nineteen minutes.

No the SCWL points had no impact on my thinking about the challenge. Now the storm that blew in as the challenge started….that played in majorly. It had been overcast all day but not a drop of rain until our challenge started. The storm caused my internet connection to go in and out and that I why I was out of the challenge (and most likely the game) so soon. FML

2. For the second round in a row, Katie is voting for you. Kyle once again has the power to save you from elimination. Is there anything more that you feel still needs to be said to Kyle?

I just hope that Kyle keeps in mind that I have always kept my word to him and that I did save him from being eliminated last round. Hoping he values that enough to take me to the end with him.

3. Do you think all three of you have known who each of you would take to the Final Two for the past week?

I would say most likely not. I am sure everyone has been trying to play through every scenerio possible making a decision and then rethinking it.


1. First time that you are at Tribal Council without the talisman, and it couldn’t be at a worse time. Do you feel like you can do anything at this point that could sway Kyle’s decision one way or the other?

1. I have been very loyal to kyle and he has to me. I have helped have saved him from people wanting to him out this game quite a few times. He has also saved me a few times too so I would really appreciate it if he did it one last time and took me to the end.

Plus he can’t beat Allan because Allan hasn’t pissed anyone off like we have…..errre it happens. People put there all into this game and feelings do get a little hurt I have been there lots of times.
We have had our ups and downs but it’s been awesome playing with you both.

2. Allan was first out at 19 minutes. Then you answered with ‘here’ just over twenty minutes later. What happened there? It was the quickest final immunity challenge I have hosted since SCWL 3.

2 I guess we will find that out later

3. Are there any jurors who remain a mystery as to the hierarchy of who they would vote for to win at Final Tribal Council? Or have you guys pretty much figured out where everyone’s vote would be going in the past week?

3 I have no idea who people are going to vote for. Anything can happen at the end. I’m not the best speech giver either so we will have to see how it plays out if I do get there.


1. It is one thing to officially win this challenge after one hour and seven minutes. It is another thing to play this challenge for another 54 minutes after you knew you officially won. What was the statement you were trying to make by nearly doubling your score?

1. No statement really I just wanted to be higher up on the leaderboard then 15th. I think the winner of an endurance challenge should have to endure.

2. Is there anything either Allan or Katie could do to make you change your mind?

2. Not really my mind is made up over the last week.

3. You get to decide the whole ending to this game. In modern Survivor, winning final immunity does not really matter because it is almost always a Final Three at the end, and you are not exactly directly responsible for who you vote out. With a Final Two it’s different. The person you vote out can directly attribute their elimination to you. Is there a part of you that feels winning this challenge may prove to put you at a disadvantage when it comes to jury votes?

3. No I knew that at some point in the game I would have to vote these players out whether it’s directly indirectly, blindside frontside sideside. If you want to make it to the end you have to vote people out if I didn’t vote them they would of voted me.

4. Take me down the line of thinking as to why it would make sense to take Allan to the Final Two.

4. I could take allan on the thought that people thought we as Pusa controlled and manipulated him and he rode coattails, but that’s not true and I know the kind of person he is and he was not a coat tail rider. Him and erik both played great….too good. That’s why they couldn’t sit beside me if I wanted to win!

5. Take me down the line of thinking as to why it would make sense to take Katie to the Final Two.

5. Why katie? Because truth be told we did this whole game side by side she may have been out front but I was there with her deciding and plotting. Sometimes we had to vote differently but we always knew what the other was doing I knew if I had a choice her or Q would be at my side at the end and that’s what I plan to do .

KATIE: ❤ thanks Kyle. Good game Allan

ALLAN: Good luck to both of you. Keep in mind I will be in the jury now.

ALLAN: I was loyal to you both until the end. One of you was honest with me and one of you were not. That will factor heavily in my thinking moving forward.

Okay. We all know the drill here. Allan cannot for Kyle; he can only vote for Katie. Katie cannot vote for Kyle; she can only vote for Allan.

Those two votes cancel out. Kyle will be the only one voting tonight.

When you vote, please do so in the following manner:



VOTE: (Logan)
REASON: I am the only one voting this round. If you do indeed get voted out this round, I think it is fair to say that this game may be rigged.

Kyle is immune. He will be voting out the sixteenth player out of this game. Kyle has up to twenty-four hours to cast his vote. No longer will the whole Ykwac tribe be voting. Whenever he is ready, Kyle will privately message me his vote. Kyle, you’re up.



REASON: I can’t win against him at a FTC


Once the vote is read the decision is final, and the person voted out will be removed from the tribe group almost immediately.
I’ll read the vote.
Sixteenth person voted out, and the ninth and final member of our jury:
Allan, the tribe has spoken.
It’s time for you to go.

ME: Well. Not much else left to say.

Katie and Kyle, congratulations on making it to the Final Two.

You have one more task left here in SCWL 8. Then I suggest you rest up for Final Tribal Council.

Given the level of honesty at the past few Tribal Councils as players have been voted out. . .I’ve got a feeling the honesty will be thrown back at you by a group of nine people very soon.

Good luck.

8.157 SCWL 8 Round 16 Projected Boot List


8.158 SCWL 8 Final Two Confessionals


I’m so gonna win your game I told you omg!  This has been my dream since scwl 6 when Matt tried to get nick arrested and Travis made cam cry!


•Final immunity some say bitter sweet but I don’t care winning a game like this isn’t about the jury to me I did everything I could to ensure I got where I got. Whether directly or inderectly I put myself here no one but me that was the point I was making by going for fun in the FIC

8.159 SCWL 8 Rite of Passage



Irv-you were first boot so I didn’t get to play with you at all.

Shane- you were excited we were on the same tribe at first but you play crazy so it was bittersweet seeing Matt pick you and it sucks you went first over there because you seemed really excited.

Paul-I did want to work with you but the number wevent there for ya. I told you that you were going and there wasn’t much I could do.

Tina this would have been fun to play with you but unfortunately you went early.

Ajdin – I still do not know how I got blamed for that vote. I was even going to tell you that you were the vote but after Paul they didn’t want me to.

Andrei – we didn’t get to talk but I remember playing checkers with you .

Susan- you would have done well this game and I’m glad I got to know you a little bit since.

Matt – you and I clicked instantly. I still don’t know what I did to scare you guys so much at merge but it was you or me that was going so I’m glad it was you.

John-you were definitely likable and I almost had people save you the round you went.

Ian- your plan was awesome. I had to get you out because you were controlling the game and I’m a control freak sometimes and it was not personal because you are a cool guy. This is where the game shifted big time.

Q-man that sucked letting you go but it was set up for 2 rounds that a pusa has to go and I felt kyle was more loyal to me than you and whoever they had put the votes on the round before was going because it would have tied. I think you are a very nice guy and kind of got quiet after merge.

Anton- dude I would have least given you 5th place ! I know you and Allan are bff so you Def had to go at some point … just started making me a little nervous in the game when I saw the path to the end and you were trying to make this game your bitch and would have succeeded.

Your social skills made you a liability even though I know I wanted to work with you longer. I still want to get a beer some time. I really did cry when I thought you hated me because you made me feel so terrible. I hope we can be friends after this because it was really hard to vote you out and that would have been bad for my game letting you stay. I’m sure you and Allan would have been f2.

Marc- the talks we did I loved. You are a very deep intellectual person and I wish I got to know you more.

Majid I know we had our drama at first but we started to become friends and you were a fabulous fifth place goddess. You really really tried hard and hopefully you play again you are fun to watch play.

Erik- gah! Man. I just couldn’t give you immunity I was so paranoid and I wish that Allan would just have voted kyle out dammit!  I love ya. You are the best and I am glad you have made your return to the org world! I did miss you a lot.

Allan- you should have voted kyle! I told you!!! You were a lot of fun to play with and we need to do it again sometime!  Your game play is crazy good I wish I had the patience to do what you do.

Kyle- although I was playing you the entire game and definitely never planned on this… we became really really good friends. You were an awesome showmance and your game play is astounding for a newbie. I hope we can play together again and stay friends.

Thanks for keeping your word and taking me to the end! We definitely had fun and I even got comfortable enough to yell and bitch at you from time to time haha. I’m so glad we got to play the whole game together and I kept thinking I was going to vote you out but when it came time I always saved you because you made the game really fun and exciting. Thanks for becoming an awesome friend and I hope we stay in touch!


Irv Shultz : you were never on my tribe in this game and were the first to go. It’s a tough pill to swallow to be the first player out so I guess good luck in the future!

Shane Taylor: Also not on my tribe and probably the player I least interacted with you were original on my tribe but a decision you had no part in was eventual your downfall. You deserved a better fate.

Paul Carby: you were the first player I rallied to vote out it was you or Ajdin in that early vote. I choose to protect Adjin because I got a long better with him and you were on the outside of an early geographically alliance.

Tina warren: word was you were voted out for throwing a challenge to protect yourself. It’s risky to play an individual game during the tribal phase….

Ajdin Kursumlic: you were a great guy but also outside the geographical alliance known as “Eh team” it was too early to make a move and prove myself dis loyal to the other 3. Especially since I helped name the alliance.

Andrei Valentina : another player who went for individual immunity while still playing a tribal game.

Susan Komosa: I didn’t get to know you much but everyone talked highly off you and I think we would of gotten along very well!

Matt Merks: the captain of the opposing alliance it was a very pivotal moment in the game. Winning over the two former Aldn. Was crucial to me being where I am in the end.

John Radich: a fellow Canadian we got along great but you were on the other alliance. I had to take you out and it was the second time it hurt to vote a player out in the game for me you were a good friend and I’m sure we will get along great after this is all done no matter what happens!

Ian miller: I heard you were going to try to take me out here but eventually went after Q instead which was a direct attack at me and our F4 alliance voting you out here was to keep me safe down the road. You turning this early was your mistake and i captors lizard on it the moment I had the chance!

“Q”: your my boy Q ! They blindsided us here man they claim they had to sacrifice a Pusa but we had the numbers and I think you are the best guy in this game man they took out the biggest threat right here!

Anton hirsch: *in a horrible hulk hogan impression. “Well brother I took my vitamins and said my prayers every night. And you know what mean gene this anton guy has potential he’s a future champ brother! Hulkamania runs wild with him brother!”

Marc Oriol: I knew going to the end with a former player was not the path I wanted to take early. Your inability to vote out MAjid was the reason I needed you and Majid to vote for erik so at 4 I would not be vulnerable from past votes.

Majid al-ghourbanee: you were very abrasive and I felt untrustworthy although you proved you would vote with me on one vote you voted against me every single time.

Erik ward: I knew taking you to final immunity lessened my chances of being in a FTC position as I doubt you or katie would take me over the other. I had to eliminate you well I had the chance because if I didn’t you would very likely be sitting here instead of me.

Allan baldridge: you claim honesty and trustworthyness but you and katie were much much closer then you ever claimed to be and when it was revealed how close you two had become then I knew I had to take katie with me to the end as you would also of likely not taken me to the end with you had you won!!!!

*turns and hugs katie then whispers “can I light it up !!”

8.1510 SCWL 8 Final Tribal Council



A reminder to all viewers that you are not allowed to comment in this Final Tribal Council thread or any of the jury threads until all jury votes have been submitted.

The members of the jury have already been brought in. Matt, John, Ian, Quintin, Anton, Marc, Majid, Erik, and Allan, voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Katie and Kyle completed their Rite of Passage earlier today.

Kyle, I will take back the talisman. Immunity is no longer up for grabs. For the first time in five rounds, both of you are vulnerable here at Tribal Council.

After you two possessing power for so long–it finally shifts. The jury–nine people you had a hand in voting out either directly or indirectly since the merge, will decide your fate in this game.

First, each of you will make an opening statement.

Once that has concluded, I will inform the jury to start making their separate jury threads where they will have the opportunity to ask each of you at least one question and/or statement.

Then, unlike seasons of Survivor in recent years on TV, you will each have a chance to make a closing statement.

Lastly, the jury shall vote at the end of this Tribal Council.

And just a reminder to all jurors not named Topaz: You will be voting for a WINNER.

Okay. Katie and Kyle. Time to make your opening statement here in this thread. Whenever you’re ready.

KATIE: I am beyond excited and thrilled to be here before you all right now. Supercoowackyland as most of you know is the first game I watched and wanted to be apart of. I have been playing for a year but this is like my super bowl and I put 1000% into this game. Yes this is a game coming in where I knew I had to lie and back stab but every relationship I made in this game was genuine.

I was always in the know and made many game changing moves that helped me and also my alliance. The only votes I got were at merge. I was always thinking 2 steps ahead and planned my game around what I thought would happen in the future and I was able to adapt when I saw an immediate threat to my end game. I voted in the majority every round. I won the most immunity challenges.

I was able to keep myself in the best position at all times and I want to thank you all for your help getting me here and all the fun we had along the way! This is truly one game I wanted to be apart of and I’m just ecstatic I’m here! You guys all watched what went down these last 2 months and I feel my game is pretty laid out but if you want me to answer any specific question I am eagerly looking forward to answering you. Thanks for a fun game and I hope you enjoyed playing with me too! It has been an amazing experience I am sure to remember for a long time.



Alright. Jury, you are all now allowed to create your own separate post in this group to ask Kyle and Katie about the game and/or make a statement (be sure to tag them in your post to minimize confusion).

I must remind you that viewers and jurors cannot interject in another juror’s thread. If a juror feels the need to interject regarding a discussion in another juror’s thread. . .you guys already have a jury house group to talk about it.

Alright. Release the hounds. Jurors, this is your first chance to publicly address Katie and Kyle since you were voted out of this game.


First off let me say congrats on making it to the Final 2 position in this game. No small feat. Secondly I want to say that I had a blast playing with both of you. Katie you and I have played together before and it was even more fun playing together this time than it was the first. Kyle I have really enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to continuing our friendship after this game wraps (keep that in mind when you have to read my statement/question, lol). I have a pretty good idea of what I am going to do but as they say nothing is set in stone yet so please each of you convince me that you want my vote. With that being said, let the fun begin….

Kyle Mineault you and I got to know each other well throughout the game. I will admit in the beginning I was a bit skeptical about trusting you. One of the main reasons was during one of the early tribal challenges where Pusa and Aldn were “helping” one another you told me a lie and Katie told me the truth. At that point neither of you knew I was talking with the other as much as I was so you both never realized you had told me two different things.

In the end (as it often turned out to be) Katie was the one that told me the truth and you told me the lie. That was one of the reasons I was slow to trust you but…slowly you won me over. You eventually proved yourself to me by being a man of your word. Your actions started backing up what you told me and slowly that turned to a genuine trust between us. Trust and loyalty is a hard thing to come by in these games and when you find it you should respect it. I found trust and loyalty in both you and Katie and worked hard to show it the respect that it deserved.

In the F4 round I went to great lengths to ensure that both you and Katie were safe (in spite of both of you trying to target one another that round) to the point that I got the target placed on my back instead of the intended vote….which was you…trust me it was you. I did this because of one simple fact…because I had given my word. It wasn’t easy…I got a lot of grief over it and it would have been so much easier (and smarter) for me to just go along with the plan and vote you out. But I didn’t…I couldn’t because I had given my word and my actions had to back that up.

You preached (at length) to me about wanting to go to the end with me…for us to be the last two standing. You sold it hard and you always brought it back to being a man of your word. In the end what was your word worth? Not much. It doesn’t really bother me that you decided to go with Katie to the end…I get that. What bothers me is your post in the F3 tribal council where you said that you had known for over a week who you were taking to the end. For over a week…doesn’t sound to me like you considered your word to me at all.

Kinda makes it sound like everything said between you and me was a means to an end. Kinda makes it all seem like bulls–t. My question to you Kyle is twofold. Was it really necessary to spread the bull–it so thick with me? and What was you final motivation in not even considering going to the F2 with me?

Oh and I found you video….”interesting”. Not quite sure you were quite the mastermind you thought you were….I mean you did seem surprised to find out at F3 that Katie and I had a F2 deal from day one.

Katie Sirk Overbey. What can I say, I am happy to see you in the F2 my dear. You most assuredly have earned your spot. You fought a hard game from the beginning and contrary to what some might believe, I think you did it in a very honorable way. I really don’t have many unanswered questions about your game because you and I shared strategy the whole way through. The only thing I feel like you tried to mislead me about was how close you were to Erik…but I had a pretty good idea about that as well, lol. Which was why I was nervous about going to the F3 with him. Course in hindsight….that was probably not a bad way to go, lol. My only question to you is this…had you won the F3 immunity who would you have taken with you to the F2? and why?

Good luck to you both and I look forward to finding out who will win the title of Sole Survivor.

KYLE: Was it necasary to spread the bulls–t so thick? It paid off at F4 when I was your intended target but that one constant was what kept you ultimately from voting me out. I was surely the target and I get that I was the target many times when Ian was voted out, I was targeted but without even trying had such a tight bond with enough people not only was saved but was also not given votes ultimately saving me from the very next vote.

Also the I knew for a week quote, I had decided after erik was voted out that I could not beat you. You were the best possible winner for the season your story arc was perfect your tribe was beat mercifully from within itself, you and Ian emerged and although Ian played to hard to fast you kept a steady calm game not unlike myself. I knew my back was covered enough based off the relationships I forged I never lied to you on a personal level. Personally everything I told you I meant. game wise Ya I lied to you in the pre merge phase about that particular part of the challenge I own that lie and yes I lied at F3 when I said I would take you to the end but the decision to actually take katie in my mind was never made up until after you were eliminated in the FIC. I was still on the fence but I swore on my kids to katie I would take her with me after you were eliminated and that alone was the actual deciding factor.

ALLAN: So if the storms hadn’t cause me internet woes and I had outlasted Katie and you still won the challenge are you saying you would have taken me? Hmmmm?

KYLE: I’m saying it would of made my decision harder would it of led down a path where you and me are at FTC together I don’t know for sure I can’t say because it’s now how it played out. In the interest of getting your vote in a purely hypothetical I think I would of tried to get you to swear to take me because I actually trusted if you said you would take me that you would take me.

KATIE: Allan I definitely had so much fun with you. I never lied to you ever so I was definitely taking you to the end like I said day one. Had it been you and Erik f3…I wouldn’t have been able to vote either of you out so I would have just hoped whoever won would take me. You both knew I was working with the other and for some reason you guys never figured that’s what I would have done. I just was happy the 3 guys I worked with all game were in the final 4 and I felt like I had a good chance going to the end no matter what happened but it really did suck to see you and Erik go to jury.


You guys are a great final 2, better people than everyone left in Worlds Apart combined. So if people are mad at you, I just want you to know that you guys have a friend in me. People will demonize you, but I have played with an asshole named Bartley once, and you are the greatest Saints in the world compared to him. So good job.
I have 3 questions for each of you.
Katie Sirk Overbey:
1. I am in the Feminist Club at my high school (and not to make myself look good for college, because I want to). You were the only female to make the merge and jury stage. And you have made it this far. Are you proud of accomplishing this?
2. Around the final 10 or so, we had a talk about your social game. You are not the type of person that plays the social game usually, but did you make any strive to play a social game? If so, how and why? If not, why?
3. What was your role in my elimination? How did it play out?


1. I am proud of making it to the end. I don’t know if it was harder or easier for me to do so being a girl but I definitely am not the dumb blonde that I sometimes play on tv. Yes I’m pretty ecstatic though!

2. I really rely on my social game so are you sure that was me? My social game was pretty on point this game as I talked to everyone and lots if people thought they could trust me. I didn’t get any votes since merge. I usually rely on my social game.

3. I had full plans on going to the end with you Allan and Erik at merge since you were allans number one (so he said). You became pretty demanding at the John vote and also you were very close to majid.

I knew a pusa was going to go to jury after Johns vote to appease Anton. You said the dreaded words Anton said to me right before he got out. “I’m going to vote out kyle next.” Now I know I had planned on taking out kyle all game but truly we get along really well and he was my showmance.

It did not make any sense to keep you or Anton and get out kyle when obviously you had majid and Anton had allan as their number ones which was what I thought. Therefore I got you to switch the votes to Q knowing whoever you guys were voting the round you went was going the next round. This also allowed kyle to be more loyal to me because Q was his number one. Then I proposed voting you out and delay voting a pusa out prematurely because I saw you as a powerful dominance in the game and I wanted to further secure my spot. I did the numbers and this was the only time in the game i had the numbers to take you out because you did have a lot of allies. I asked allan and he said he wouldn’t vote you but I could go ahead with the plan. We got Anton on board because Erik and I promised him a pusa would go next. You should really be proud of how you played though because I really didn’t want to do it, I HAD to. I really don’t think I’d be here right now if that didn’t go down.

Kyle Mineault:
1. What was your role in my elimination? How did it play out?
2. Why did you take Katie over Allan in the finals despite making yourself seem like a loyal player throughout the game?
3. I choose to play my PLEAD THE FIFTH I got from the auction. How is that for Chekhov’s Gun!

KYLE: 1. I was told you were targeting me and that people inside my alliance were able to change your mind to get the votes on to Q. I questioned it but was assured with screencaps. I felt like it was you or Q and you were the one who was jumping the gun. And shooting first so to speak. Not to mention Q was very much my tightest bond at that point.

2. My loyalty was always with the “Eh team” that was my day 1 hour 1 alliance built on geography and mutual interest. I did every and anything to get them to F4 but I knew of us 4 (later replacing Q with allan) that I was a threat and if I was going to win I needed to break up erik and katie as I assumed they were tighter then allan and katie. Whether my assumptions were correct the theme im finding in these jury questions is I was always a target but never “in trouble” I believe that speaks to my loyalty louder then any words I can type. I was so loyal and honest that others changed their ultimate plan just to keep me and push me further along.

3. I’m sorry I have no knowledge of chekhovs gun. Your a very bright kid and you know way more then you ever let on. This isn’t a ploy but I would love to actually have a long interesting conversation with you outside the confines of a game or a specific topic. Your the most fascinating person I’ve ever chatted with who is in highschool.


Hey Logan, is there a third option? None of the above?

Just kidding.

What’s up Pusa! Glad to see someone from the Eh Team taking the win. Hopefully outside of this game we can be friends and in reality I love you both. I am saying that because…well you will soon find out why.

That was me trying to be positive…that’s all I got.

I am still relatively new to ORGs and this is my fourth ORG I believe. I have now played six. While playing these games I have tried to change my game every time to adapt to new situations…but there is one thing in these games that I have never once swayed from and never will: if I make a promise to a friend I will keep it no matter what. Which is interesting because I thought this alliance of four all felt the same way.

From what I have gathered, Kyle promised Allan final two…but he screwed him over at final three. In the end he still kept his word up to that point and Allan had a shot at making it to the final two. According to my good friend Erik, Kyle promised him final three…but he screwed him over at final four. Once again he cut him one position before his promise. Katie, you promised me final four. I don’t care if you took me out then, I don’t care if everyone voted me off then. I didn’t get super strategic in this game because I was more involved in another ORG and instead I just wanted to create a friendship with my three fellow Pusa members. I wanted us to be the top four and from there I knew I had no shot at winning. Kyle screwed over Allan but he gave him a shot at winning final immunity, Kyle screwed over Erik but it was one position short… you screwed me over not one, not two, not even three positions away from your promise to me. Want to take a guess how badly you screwed me over? Since you couldn’t give two sh–s about the people you played with let me inform you: I went out at final eight. I may not be the best at math, but 8-4 isn’t purple in this case. You screwed me over big, people may knock Kyle all they want…but from my understanding Kyle never broke his deal about Pusa going to the final four. He never voted for a single Pusa until final four while you broke that trust, that friendship, that bond we had as a group of four.

I am not as stupid as you think I am. At final nine you got Aldn and Usal to throw their votes onto me instead of Kyle so I would have votes against me. I assumed it would be so at final four you could screw me over, which I didn’t care. I didn’t think that was your warning before you strikes again and stabbed me in the back. There is a difference between you and me, Katie. The round I went home, I was approached by the same people that put my name down with an offer. Majid came to me first and asked me if I would vote for you instead of force a tie. I shut him down immediately because unlike you I keep my word. Not only did you take the bait, but I was informed by my fellow jury member that you cast the bait, I turned down their offer while you gave them an offer. I could have sent you home, but I was sticking to my promise and you took me out in return.

People say this game isn’t personal. Those people are wrong. Because if you wanted to break up the pair of myself and Kyle, if this was truly a strategic move you would have took out Kyle instead because you know deep down inside that Kyle played a much stronger game than both of us. Why would you vote for me? I don’t know. I think maybe I said something to you that rubbed you the wrong way and you have a personal vendetta against me. Either way I am sitting here and you are sitting there…so if you are cool with throwing away friendships for a fake million dollars then I guess I’m glad I got to know the real you.

Kyle, a lot of people see you as this lying disgusting villain. I see you as a respectable player. You got the Aldn to switch at the merge, you got the votes to turn on Ian in a way to lock in Allan’s vote and it worked, you got Erik out with past votes you set up and in the final three you placed yourself with two players that despite what they say: would have took you over the other.

I respect Kyle’s game more, but in the end Katie played the game. I understand it is a game and believe it or not, my vote isn’t confirmed yet. I will make an offer to my good friend Katie, I want you for once in this game to be honest. I will be watching how you answer your jury questions and base my vote off of that. Oh and I politely ask you to not respond to this, or you lose my vote.

Good luck to both of you guys and I really do wish you both the best of luck!

KATIE: First I do not believe kyle played a stronger game than me. No way. He didn’t even know I was with Allan til I told him at f3. I saved kyle multiple times this game. I really do not think Majid would have had the votes to take me out. Ian wasn’t voting me,Allan wasn’t voting me, Anton wasn’t voting me, Erik wasn’t voting me, and kyle wasn’t voting me. So no you couldn’t have sent me home. I basically bought Pusa another round because they had the numbers to take out you or kyle the round Ian went if Anton voted with them. The next round my vote didn’t matter it was going to tie. I put the tie on you because kyle was my showmance. I do like you a lot. It sucked that I had to vote you but it would have tied anyways and I wanted to show my loyalty to Anton moving forward as he had done for me. That’s why I had to vote you.

I also never made a final 4 with you. Kyle made a final 4 with me you and erik. Eh team. I went along with it. I’m sorry you feel that way but it was the best move for my game and kyle did take me to the end so it worked out.

If you truly feel I have hurt you I apologize but I think you should know better that if I could have saved all the pusas I would but we were outnumbered. It wasn’t personal to you. Erik was my number 1 on Pusa. Kyle was my number 2. You just happened to be number 3 because we didn’t talk as much.

Also kyle did not get aldn to switch at merge….I had been aligned with Allan since we were allowed to talk that hour before tribes were picked. I strategically did not pick him on my tribe knowing he can handle his own and we would hook up at merge.

And I didn’t read the bottom before responding so if you don’t vote for me because of that well…..I was never good at reading the directions the whole way through why start now haha

QUINTIN: I didn’t ask you who made the alliance…I just want to know if you were part of the alliance because if you weren’t then my entire perception changes! It’s just a yes or no question

KATIE: My alliance day one was Erik and Allan. Kyle became my showmance. You were kyles number one. I had already had an alliance before that was started.

QUINTIN: I don’t think you understand what a yes or no question means. i just want a one word answer. did you ever make a promise that the eh team will stick together and go to the final four? yes or no


KATIE: sorry I didn’t save you….I couldn’t have. It would have been awesome to go final 4. We didn’t have the numbers and I had to save kyle he was taking me to the end.

KATIE: I’m just being honest and defending myself. Sorry if I hurt your feelings there was nothing I could do. What part of we didn’t have the numbers don’t you understand? Why are you talking to me like that…you are really that upset with me? We didn’t have the numbers…..

KYLE: I would like to weigh in here…….I played the best game! That is all.

KYLE: There’s lots of things I could say here but the words im choosing are these . I may or may not have known where Excatly I was in KATIEs plans and I may or may not have been saved by players like katie and allan but ask yourselves first why did they save me? Was I in anyone’s estimation the goat? From what I’ve heard In These threads is I was a threat and was targeted for that reason but saved because I was a showmance or I proved loyal.

Then I made a judgement call to take erik out at 4 and I’m vilified for it yet by all accounts he was Katies number 2. Then I’m vilified for the allan vote for not being loyal yet they had promised eachother F2. I may or may not of known all of that before I made the moves I made but I assumed most of it all game and bided my time. Until I could make a move. Sure the allan katie alliance may or may not have been a big shock but was it out of left field and never on my radar? Would I be where I am now if I didn’t suspect those things ? I don’t think so


Well done Katie Sirk Overbey and Kyle Mineault on getting to the final 2. I am overjoyed that I had the opportunity to share in this great game with you 2.

As you both know this was my first ORG and i can honestly say that I am proud of all my actions and definitely know where my mistakes in the game came from. The biggest of them being the overstating of the alliance between Pusa members and intentionally throwing 2 of the challenges to keep Allan Baldridge and Ian Miller in the game on the false promise of them joining our numbers. I also could not account for the cowardly backstabbing from Anton at the first opportunity he would have.

I honestly feel that those were the defining moments in the game that left me sitting in the first juror position and not in the final 2.

So Katie, i have a few questions for you:
1) Do you feel that there were any major mistakes that you made in the game and what outcome were you unsure about?
2) Who in this game established that Anton would be so easy to turn on numbers that would have put him in a probable final 3-5?
3) This is more just a few statements. I respect and understand your game. I am glad that you made it to the end, I am mostly glad that you can freely admit your play style in your first final speech. You had such immense power over your alliances, i am truly in awe. Well played.

Continued in next comment for Kyle.

MATT: Kyle,
To me you have played a second place game. You never seemed to care to get jury voters on your side, there didn’t seem to be an ounce on honesty in your play.

Convince me otherwise, if you care to.

Thank you once again for the game you 2. My vote is still open to either of you, no matter what my comments and questions suggest.

KATIE: 1. I definitely had a plan and if something came up that jeopardized my plan they immediately left. Ian wanted a pusa out that round and he wanted kyle gone. My plan originally was to take Ian farther but I realized I couldn’t without losing the game. I didnt want a pusa to go the round ian went. I made it so kyle was saved the next round and Ian was gone in one move.

I just wish I didn’t lie to Ian so much and if anyone should be really mad at me it’s him. I truly regret that although he’s being pretty cool about it so thanks. I think I just got too paranoid about him. I think that’s my only regrettable mistake but also my biggest move to ensure me finals. Also I wanted to keep Anton and at least get him farther and I’m unsure about that outcome but I really had a hard time voting him out. I left Erik up to that decision. Kyle was all for a big move that round for some reason and was unsure if it was the right move for me… since he wasn’t going after me. He was really mad at me when he got voted out but….

2. Im not sure quite what you are asking here …I felt Anton was with me. He definitely wanted me Allan and him f3. When he wanted to start taking out my other guys before people I wasn’t aligned with I was back and forth about it because I didn’t think he would turn on me til f3 but it also wouldn’t have put me in the spot I was in which was a lot better than f4 with me him Allan and erik where it would have tied and then I’m fighting to get to the end since Allan and Anton were taking each other maybe (probably).

I told Anton the vote you were out that he didn’t have to vote you. We had the numbers. I knew he was friends with Allan. I think erik kyle and I all knew it. It was just a matter of how long until he started making moves that would jeopardize my game but I really felt he wanted to earn my trust and he did for awhile.

3. Thanks Matt. You really were one person I cliqued with right away. I was bummed you left pusa and started your own tribe. You had pretty good instincts for your first game so I really hope to get to play with you one day again.

KYLE: First of all this was also my first ORG, see we already have a lot in common.

I believe my game was very honest and forth coming the only true blindside I ever pulled off was the anton vote. Which I felt necasary to ensure that Pusa would stay as strong as possible. I told John you were going home in your vote when clearly niether of you knew, before I cast my vote for erik I pm him and told him I was likely voting him off that round why I was doing it and the reason I did it.

I also tried to plot to get him there. I threw 2 challenges to show I didn’t need immunity to remain safe as I let my loyalty and honesty lay the ground work for my inevitable run of very risky moves late in the game. First when I gave katie her first immunity.

I knew who I had on my side and that the votes were in my favour. I made a very underrated highly hated move at 6 that I knew would cost me one if not 2 very important jury votes. I got Marc and Majid to vote for erik giving him the past votes I needed to pull off my end game moves which by every account so far I should of never been able to do as supposedly I was the low man on a 4 person totem pole, by every statement made by allan and katie I was supposed to go at 9 at 7 at 4 and at very least at 3.

But I’m still here…. You may think I played dishonest but you didn’t see a lot of my game just the tribal councils and as the first juror who was a player on another tribe. Who was the obvious rival tribe to a tribe I played this entire game for. I was the original captain who bought first choice in this game against all odds I made it here to answer jury questions and not ask them. I inexplicably made it unscathed past the Ian threat. I made it out of the Anton threat unscathed. At 4 I chose my own fate based on perception and assumption which all were bang on.

At 3 I won final immunity and had the choice to bring whoever I wanted. With hindsight I see I had to win that immunity and I did. Katie said it best in another thread. The dreaded quote “let’s get Kyle next” that was a death sentence not for Kyle but for the player who spoke it. Doesn’t that carry weight. When I knew a player even considered putting my name down they were quickly voted out.

And about juror votes I know I’m not going to win this game 9-0 it was never going to be that way. None of the final 4 were ever getting all 9 votes. We all have pros and cons and each of us had a role in getting the others to the end. I felt that my game wouldn’t be understood but I knew I could argue it and that’s all I ever wanted and I made that happen sure I had to vote erik out at 4 instead of 3 and allan I had to vote off at 3 instead of take to the end.

Yes I had to lie to them because if I told them “Ya erik you are going at 4 and Allan you are going at 3 I would of been gone by 5-6.” That’s the thing in this game you can never be 100% honest unless you make FTC and a lot of the time players won’t do that. I am doing that I own my game and I’ll tell you why and how I did anything. Please feel free to ask anything else. I’m more then willing to tell you either here or after the game whenever you wish to do so. But I hope if I don’t get your vote I changed your mind on my level of honesty I played with


Okay people. Before I start, let me just say this. I have nothing personal against either of you. I’ve had time to wallow in my self pity, we will be friends after this is over. But just keep that in mind while you read the rest of this statement.

Katie. I just have a few questions I want answered honestly. The first being…did you actually see us as equals in this game? Or did you just say that to keep me content? Did you think I was just someone who would do as you said and kept quiet?

Next…did you ever have any idea that Kyle would flip at 4? Or were you as shocked and clueless as you acted when I told you I was screwed? Was there ever a time you thought it might happen, thought of a possible way to fix it, but just dismissed it?

That’s all I have for you Katie, good luck and congratulations on Final 2.

Kyle. First off, might I suggest next time you make a final tribal council video, you lay off the dope, it would probably help with the cognitive thinking process

So my first question for you is this…at some point, you said you never promised me anything other than final 4. What do you call the chat you, me and Katie had? And the Pusa final 3 bulls–t? Because I sure as hell consider that a promise of more than Final 4.

Next…you said something along the lines of you made the Anton move at 7. As I recall, you only may have said that you wanted him out, but at the same time you were cowering in your boots because I found out you agreed to voting me out, and were worried I would come after you after. Katie gave me full control over that vote, and if I decided we were going to stay voting Marc, that’s how that round would have went down. I realize now this isn’t a question, just a flaw in your speech that might need changing at some point.

I had a lot more to say but I lost my train of thought. So good luck .

ALSO. I want you both to say one nice thing about each jury member, and one mean thing. Can be game wise or personal, up to you. The meaner you are the better chance of receiving my vote.

KYLE: Regarding the Pusa final 3 chat yes I was there but was I supposed to claim we were going to split up right there painting a target on my own back? I had to say something because after the Ian vote we were all warned “if you want to blindide someone don’t be so obvious” that stuck with me.

Secondly I said I did pull that move off with the help of others you were definitely the others involved you and katie were pivotal in that move but I feel like I was the one who ultimately pushed for and achieved the vote out. But yes you were a deciding factor in that move.

JOHN: Erik you f–king stole my question

KYLE: Matt: you seamed to be a great captain for your tribe challenge wise, but you couldn’t keep them together socially.

John: you were great to chat with. I have you an out by telling you about the MATT vote and you did nothing with that knowledge but tell Matt. At least anton was smart enough to jump ship when he saw it sink.

Ian: one of the smartest strategically thinking players in the game , socially a mess. When someone says they don’t like the concept of a racist/sexist show don’t push it on them for a week later.

Q: you were great man best friend in the game always trustworthy. You were the opposite of Ian socially yet just as bad as he was. You seamed out of your element and dragging your feet though.

Anton: who else can I talk wrestling with no one! How the f–k can you seriously think NWO is better when they clearly aren’t I mean they even lost at wrestlemania!

Marc: smart and one of the cooler guys to I got to know. Way to loyal to the sinking ship that was Majid.

Majid: you have been threw so much man more then anyone else in the game and to continue to play under those circumstances earned the most respect. You are annoying you call me a snake and a bitch. Name calling? Really are we 12? You need to learn to watch what you say because certain words carry more weight then you think. I don’t want your vote you f–king bitch!

Erik: I never met someone like you man your funny and confident yet reserved and easily emotional. You took the game to serious when i decided to vote you out. I get it was a hard thing to deal with we were playing this game for 2 months but there’s no prize or anything just bragging rights. I mean sure it’s worth playing for but no one here should be bitter we all had fun got to know new really cool people!

Allan: I was closest to you of the entire cast and I refuse to say anything bad about you because I can’t think of anything!

KATIE: Erik…I always saw you as an equal. As you know I was aligned with you and Allan from day one so that wasn’t the case. I never ever just told you what to do and expect you to do it and I feel we worked together really well from day 1…don’t you? We did make a lot of decisions together and I never lied to you.

I trusted you 100%. Like you said to kyle I did give you control over who went and didn’t just tell you how to vote.

2. I wasn’t shocked that kyle would flip.

I was shocked that Allan would flip. Absolutely shocked and I kept telling Allan to vote out kyle. He refused to and unfortunately you had more past votes. Kyle was trying to get me out so that’s why I didn’t give you immunity like I wanted. The whole plan of throwing it to you was fishy from the start and I thought something was up on Kyles end. Blame Allan for that one and I really think based on what happened he wishes he didn’t keep kyle around since he turned around and took me to the end anyways.

Matt: you were one of my favs day one that I cliqued with…..then you tried to get me out. It was still fun to play with you but like Marc your time zone sucks haha:)

John: man its been fun getting to know you and I wish we were on same tribes maybe one day. Your downfall was you tried to trick the trickster haha

Ian: you are really cool to talk to I think you need to be less in charge in future games…try to be the man behind the curtain. I feel it was your downfall although you definitely had a lot of power.

Q: I adore you but I wish we would have talked more. I think you need to revamp your survivor game. Really? An essay? OK if that was Alex I’ll forgive you.

Anton: I actually thought I made a friend and you totally made me cry when you got voted out so quit being mean and let’s go get a beer k? I’m sensitive smile emoticon

Marc: you were so fun to talk to but our time zones sucked so screw your time zone haha.

Majid. You definitely are cool the more I got to know you but please don’t beg for votes in games you can learn to mastermind better than that!

Erik: you are super cute and you need to be more confident because you are adorbs.

Allan: I had so much fun playing with you and you should have voted out kyle haha.


Kyle, Katie congrats on making it this far and as much as we all wanted to win this game I don’t think there are many of us that are very envious of the questions and hell you are about to receive. I have a good idea going in on how I am going to vote but it is not set in stone and I’m very curious to see if either of you can talk yourselves out of a victory.

Katie Sirk Overbey, this is my question to you. Please answer to the best of your abilities….

“Consider the so called random walk with a drift defined as follows: Y1 = O + et and then define Yt recursively as Yt = O + Yt-1 + et for t greater than or equal to 2. Here O is a constant and {et} is white noise with mean 0 and variance sigma^2 e.”

a) Find the mean function for Yt

b) Find the autocovariance function for Yt

KATIE: 1. Purple because aliens don’t wear hats
2. I just need someone to hold me

Kyle Mineault:
A) I would like you to try convince me that DX is better than the NWO.

B) Seeing that you made us all wait on your video due to the NHL playoffs I would like you to give me your prediction of which teams will be playing in finals and who will be winner. Then rank the remaining teams in the 2015 playoffs and explain why they got that ranking

Again congrats on making it this far and best of luck to you both.

KYLE: A) first of all its not even a question that DX is better then NWO. First and the strongest arguement of all is they won the Monday night wars….but how did they do that is what would likely sway you. So let’s start with the obvious DX had exclusivetivity (is that a word) I can name all original and any side “honorary” DX member with ease. But sure the original NWO had hogan and the outsiders….then fake sting then the million dollar man….then NWO red (the Wolfpack) the the LWO (Latino world order) also sting was there but he wasn’t NWO. Sorry off topic. There was a lot of NWO and NWO spinoffs. But only one DX. Secondly the promos man it’s all about the promos DX with HHH and Shawn micheals, add the new age outlaws and well they knew how to pop a crowd! NWO changed the face of wrestling and DX made that face look good!

B) Montreal vs Chicago

1) Montreal- 2 words Carey price

2) Chicago – 2 players Kane and toews

3) Calgary – 2 reasons gritty kids and hard nose coaching

4) Tampa bay – 2 numbers 91.

5) all the rest – 2 words NO CHANCE.

ANTON: Katie Sirk Overbey- I’m feeling nice today and your right that “math” question was not really fair so I thought of an equally fun question that will finalize where my vote goes.

Why does Kyle deserve my vote more than you do?

And if you respond with “he doesnt” I will make you cry again

KATIE: Kyle deserves your vote because I shouldn’t have voted you. I didn’t take my own advice. They didn’t need me to vote with them. It was hard to put your name down and I should have manned up and not voted you because we had a lot of trust and I broke it.


Congratulations to both. I don’t like preambles so I will come to the point.


You’ve been a very social person and that somehow makes you a creditor for my vote, but otherwise you lied to me and planned a blindside that from my point of view was entirely unnecessary. Why couldn’t you let me know I was leaving? I know that lying is a component of this game, so I’m not asking you why you treacherously voted me out because somehow you might have planned some strategy. What surprises me is the fact that you promised never to vote for me since the first time we talked. You repeated that to me several times, you made a promise that I never asked for and I must remind you that neither in this game you must not make a promise that you cannot fulfil, especially if you haven’t been asked for that. What I want to know is:

1) Why you promised never to vote for me so soon that we hardly get to know each other?

2) It was a genuine promise that you didn’t manage to fulfil in the end or you were just trying to ensure I had your back?

3) I assume that you made such deals with other more people, so, How far were you planning to take me with you in the game? Please be honest.

A curiosity: Why do you talk about Majid and me as if we were an indivisible pack when we have simply been two players with the same goal?

KYLE: 1) I knew you were getting close to other tribemates and alliance members of mine. I needed another out an extra vote just in case. I intended to keep that promise but I left the loophole (which I didn’t use) that I would not vote for you. And I only ever did once. To vote you out. I felt I could trust you. Plus I saw that you would likely make it far so I came to you early before I needed your help to build that trust up early.

2) Both to be honest. Like every good move in this game it had many angles to it. I knew that you were a good guy and I knew I wanted to keep a usal around as long as possible on my side as I felt katie was doing the same. I knew anton was her out on UsAl so I tried to make you mine.

3) when I made the original promise to you I wanted you around until 4. At that point (first nomination for idol round) my F5 was supposed to be Q, Ian, allan, you and myself. I was hoping to get you to vote out Ian or allan then the others would vote you I would vote rogue and you would be eliminated thus keeping my promise. Of course the next round Ian was voted out for targeting me and being to big a power player then Q was next and well I had to come up with my new plan which was to get rid of anton. Then get you and Majid to give erik the past votes disadvtage.

I wanted Majid to go before you but the other 3 felt him having two strikes was a way of him possibly voting himself out. I could of voted Majid but I was hopeful he would still be with me and didn’t want to upset him more but that did not work. And I couldn’t vote for Erik or allan for fear they would turn on me before I could turn on them. So to answer your question I would say at the point of the original deal I was planning on taking you to 4th


You have been a very social and communicative person and that is something in your favor but I never knew what you were planning to do with me actually. You talked to me but you never offered me anything, you just told me that you’d be loyal to whom it was to you, but from that moment I knew you did not count on me for any agreement, you just let me stay in the game until you no longer could or you were not interested in let me further. Has it something to do with the fact we came from different tribes, or simply you didn’t trust me enough for some reason, perhaps because I already had voted for you once? I think Kyle as much as you were so much making a theater play in order to have the protection of some people but you knew in advance who wanted to go to the end with. According to this theory neither I nor Majid had any chance to make f4 or even f5 with you. Am I right?

KATIE: We were on different tribes. I didn’t need you guys to align with me but I wanted to get to know you. I never had a problem with you. I never lied to you guys or tried anything crazy. I knew majid was always trying to get me out but it was fine I didn’t care or say anything about it. You guys could have won immunity to make f5 or stirred up chaos but the bonds were too deep and you guys really were just screwed on numbers.

My plan was already in effect and I didnt see a reason it would fail to deviate from it and align with you guys. Majid did offer me a f3 though which was funny. I said boy you are crazy haha! It was really fun getting to know you and I enjoyed our talks about history and all sorts of cool stuff. That’s why I play these to meet cool people so I wasn’t just going to blow you guys off !

MARC: Can I make another question please? Who was more responsibly for my elimination? KyleKatie

KYLE: Well I was definitely responsible for anton going before you but when it came to your actual elimination it was from my point of view a group decision to stop turning on eachothers assumed allies. By that time we had just witnessed Ian then Q then anton all blindsided by eachother. So it was decided that we would finally eliminate the remaining usal as a 4 person group we chose you first because you were a bigger threat

From my point of view yes I needed you to vote for Erik and I didn’t think if I said “if I’m voting you out before you go could you and Majid vote for Erik so I could win a tie breaker at F4 ” that you would of done it. I felt the only way I could garuntee you did that was If I made you and Majid believe me and allan would vote erik with you

KATIE: At that point my hard work had paid off and my game was set up. I had a group of 3 allies all working together and all loyal to me. For me it was just smooth sailing and win immunity challenges to guarantee nothing crazy would happen so I let my boys pick the order.

I don’t understand how you went first before majid if kyle was planning on taking you farther. He said you were a challenge threat but you had only won one. Kyle was always going final 4 because he thought he had me and allan. In fact, thought he had allan more than I had allan. even in his opening speech he said that it would have tied at 4 with Erik Allan voting him and me and him voting together which is not true.

He also was working the Pusa 3 with Erik really hard all while trying to get people to vote me out and then deciding to vote out Erik. He really tried to get people to believe things towards the end and mastermind the finish….but I had already done that all game and it was so set up nothing he could do at that point would have changed anything. Not even taking out Anton which he made a f2 with right before suggesting to vote him. I guess he thought Anton was “my out” is why he wanted to vote him. I wasn’t for it or against it, I was letting the guys pick. Ultimately it was Eriks decision and not Kyles move. If he wanted you at 4 or 5 then I don’t know why you were voted out next. I just went along with it.

Also I would have told you that you were going but we didn’t speak that round. I figured majid would have told you because I told him when he had messaged me.


Kyle and Katie congratulations at getting to the end of this crazy game. I’m sure there isn’t one of us in the jury who doesn’t wish they could be in your spot. I admire your commitment to the game and willingness to fight for your lives in the game regardless of wrong or right strategy. I think you both know how much I enjoyed playing this game and I thank both of you even though you voted me out.

Now to my question. Unfortunately Erik was horrible and stole my original question and made it tamer. I wanted to ask you both to say something negative strategically (or personally if you wanted) about everyone with the exception of 1 member. So instead I want you to compare each member of the jury to a past survivor player. This can be both pros and cons of those survivors. The more negative you can be the better though. I want to emphasize that my vote is very much still up in the air and whatever is said by both of you during the entire tribal will influence my vote.

I also request a ranking 1-5 of what you think the UsAl hierarchy was premerge please and thanks!

KATIE: Matt: Drew Christy

“Interview with ‘Survivor’ Drew: ‘I just went way too hard, way too soon’
Drew seemed likeable enough in a Fabio sort of way, but it didn’t take long for his A-type personality to rub some of the other A-type personalities on his tribe the wrong way. He was often shown napping while others would work around him, and his lack of self-awareness – as well as his self-proclaimed titles of “kingpin” and leader of his tribe – made Drew a Reality TV train-wreck waiting to happen…a crash-and-burn-in-progress that most every one of us could see coming.”
He insisted that the women were aligned and that they needed to vote out a girl even though there were more men than women on the tribe. He insisted that Kelley be targeted, but the others just weren’t having any of it and when it came time for a torch to be snuffed, it was his fire that was put out.

In this game Matt was seen as the leader of his tribe and the king pin. He was adament about voting me out and masterminded it. I believe the difference is aldn lied and said they would. He didn’t try that hard so he said on the immunity challenge. I don’t think he was my first target until I heard he was voting me. I think he played too hard too fast. I know Anton was all for voting him out even though he didn’t have to so I feel like Matt rubbed him the wrong way. I dunno about the napping part but his time zone made it so he was asleep during the day when people were strategizing. The girl thing is just funny I don’t know if that’s why I was targeted or he just thought I was in charge or what.

John: Joel Klug was the obvious alpha male of the Pagong Tribe. The guy was 28 years old, he was a great athlete, he was handsome, he was intelligent, he was likable, and he was popular among his peers. He was really the first “golden boy” of Survivor and it’s a shame that his legacy has been lost in Survivor history. Because not only was he the first alpha male in Survivor history, he was also one of the only Pagong members who could have won the game for his tribe. After all, Joel was the Pagong member who was most interested in “alliances.” He was one of the first players in Survivor history to endorse the concept of “sticking together through voting”, but his alliance idea was shot down repeatedly when the rest of Pagong thought it “wasn’t right” or “wasn’t fair.” You don’t win the game by using alliances, that’s cheating! So Joel’s alliance strategy was shot down right from the start. In fact Pagong never even tried forming an alliance until it was much too late.

But that really didn’t matter to Joel, because he wasn’t around long enough to see it.

Joel’s problem was that he was an alpha male and he was somewhat condescending to the women of the tribe. And I say “somewhat” because he was nothing compared to later players like Roger Sexton, Tom Buchanan or Clay Jordan. But Joel had the reputation for being condescending, Joel rubbed a few people the wrong way because of it, and then came the infamous “cow joke” on day 17. And if you don’t remember, the story went like this: Joel’s best friend Gervase made a joke one day that “nothing is dumber than a woman, except maybe a cow” (which is the exact wording according to Mark Burnett’s Survivor book.) Well needless to say the women of Pagong were offended, but guess who took the hit. Gervase, the charming but useless slacker who actually made the joke? No! It was Joel, his buddy, the alpha male who laughed a little too hard at the joke and ended up taking the fall for it.

John tried to keep his tribe together and I feel you could have been the only one to do it as you were very aligned with Anton. Matt convinced him to make a final 2 with me off the bat. I don’t know if you guys thought I was a dumb cow or what. This whole seeing if I was trustworthy thing I didn’t get. I didn’t see you guys coming to me in the first convo and fake promises as trustworthy. Not condescending but it was kind of insulting to my intelligence more than but you guys definitely thought you had the numbers and could stir up some crazy. Although it wasn’t even your idea you got shouldered with the blame. Luckily you were immune but your Gervais went first while you followed behind after failing to secure numbers and an alliance which was your ultimate goal but it was much too late.

Ian: Hunter Ellis basically came off as the dominator in the game, He started off strong and was tipped as one of the people who would win the entire season. He targeted Sara who was Boston Robs ally, and thanks to the sneaky moves of Boston Rob, Hunter was blindsided in a shock result the next round. He still tried to tell everyone how to vote and never realized he had to try to save his own ass.

Ian was likable. I felt he was dominating the game at the time. I knew he had lots of influence over other people in the game. He started targeting my ally so I convinced him to vote Q instead which he told everyone else how to vote and then he was blindsided.

Q: Becky Lee. In the first episode of Cook Islands, we saw the formation of an alliance between Becky and Yul, and she remained loyal to that alliance to the very end of the game, despite the fact that she had absolutely no shot at winning in a Final Two/Three against him. The whole ‘attach yourself to a power player and they’ll take me to the end’ strategy is a valid one if you have numbers. If not you are the first to go.

I felt kyle would be more loyal to me than you so I decided to drag him to the end instead. If we had the numbers then it would have been different but I did delay the inevitable one more round because I didn’t want an eh team member to go. Your social game was lacking as you never had any information to share with me. You were a vote for kyle and were his number one and would lie to me about that saying it was me, but I wasn’t buying it.
Most of the time we didn’t even discuss the vote one on one. Kyle would discuss it with you and I would check in before the round was up. I do feel like he had played a better game than you so maybe I should have taken him out like you said but it didn’t hurt my game it made me more powerful. Had you and kyle made final 2 you would have been seen as a coat tail rider like she was.

Anton: Cochran the flipper. I think everyone kmows the story of Cochran. He felt like he was on bottom of his tribe and flipped on his whole tribe at merge which really pissed them off.

Anton didn’t have to vote against his tribe and with me. I even told him that. He severed all ties with his former tribe, not necessarily John but Marc and Majid who saw him as a traitor. Had he kept better relationships with Marc and Majid he could have masterminded his way to the finals. When kyle came to him about voting Erik he could have went to Erik about it and got Majid and Marc on board to blindside Kyle. That move would have been Epic for him.

Marc: Whitney Duncan , who had some of the harshest (most pixelated) words for Cochran after his flip-flop. She played a decent game and flew under you radar but got screwed by the numbers.
She felt that “what you gotta give props for is that Coach made everybody feel like they were going to the Final Three with him. So he played a great game in that way. Now Coach talks about Ozzy’s leadership and the way Ozzy does things and all this stuff, but Ozzy was a beast in challenges, he provided for us. We liked Ozzy. Coach puts everybody down and then he doesn’t do anything. He does no work around camp. He’s terrible at challenges. All he is good at is the social… making people feel… But it just never felt genuine to me.”

I know you had your reserves about Kyle and Anton. They were coach and Cochran in this situation with her and you. You didn’t play a bad game you were just on the wrong side of the numbers and couldn’t do anything about it. You played under you radar but we’re personable you just kept getting screwed.

Majid. Kat (B v W) . Kat was not the most loved on her tribe and definitely rubbed people the wrong way at times. Drama started with Colton told everyone Kat and Tina had a conflict. Although she was with Monica she voiced concerns to get her out over Vytas. Tina told Monica which led to her demise and she begged not to be voted out.

I felt the drama between me and Majid was started by ajdin. Majid sometimes rubbed people the wrong way. Although he tried to say he was with me I always knew of plans of him to vote me out. He even offered me a final 3 with him and Marc. He begged me not to vote him out but in the end I told him I was going to.

Erik Natalie Bolton. she convinced Erik he was safe at the next vote regardless if he won individual immunity; Erik, having won this immunity, gave it to Natalie to engender her trust, allowing the women to vote him off.

After eliminating the last fan, Natalie, and realizing that there would not be three contestants in the final tribal council, Amanda and Parvati both saw Cirie as the likely winner against either of them, and through her immunity win, Amanda voted Cirie off, opting to go to the final with Parvati

Erik I’m sorry you were a lot of Natalie! She was strategic. She stuck with her alliance and she got Erik to give up her necklace. You tried to do the same thing and get me to give up immunity for you but I felt I was in danger. Had you guys been more convincing about the plan I might have done it. I have learned anything can happen in survivor so the only Erik that was going to be leavung was you. She finished 4th place as well and then Amanda voted off cirie to go to the end with Parvati.

Allan: Cirie. When Cirie Fields finished in fourth in “Survivor: Panama,” I felt like she’d stumbled into such a high position, either through luck or by flying under the radar.

It was only watching Cirie again on “Suvivor: Micronesia” that it became clear that it wasn’t a coincidence how frequently Cirie kept finding herself on the right side of every alliance, having her voice heard in every vote. She only advanced one place further in that season, coming in behind Parvati and Amanda, but it was suddenly easier to appreciate one of the better social players in the game’s history.

Cirie says,”I think the only thing I probably could have done differently is that I should have spent more time cultivating some type of relationship with JT. He didn’t trust me. I didn’t trust him. We were in alliance together and that was basically the gist of it. When you’re aligned with someone that you don’t trust, there’s always the opportunity to turn on them and get rid of them and he seized that opportunity. Other than that? No regrets. I think I probably would have tried to do everything the same.”

Allan you were a great social gamer. Under the radar. Had you just cultivated that relationship with Erik you would have had a great shot at getting to the end. I think that’s both of your regrets and you should have listened to me.

1 Matt
2 Anton
3. Marc
4 John
5. Majid
I also felt John was with Matt and Matt would have kept him safe. I thought Anton and Marc would be together they are both vets

KYLE: I was not to observant I must say towards usal as I saw them as the enemy early on in the game. Damn mutineers. But my assumption on it was that MATT was the leader, you were his second in command anton was very close to both of you and Marc and Majid were a pair and that you guys chose shane strictly to eliminate him if necasary .

Matt : was very much like Ozzy 3.0 to me. He was well versed in challenges and was able to pull together a close group but ultimately had one of his group flip on him, and vote him out.

John: was a lot like Dr Sean. Very loyal to a fault and never trying to get on a persons bad side keeping it light and also keeping the personal game and the strategic game separate.

Ian: was like Malcolm 1.0. Very dominate member of the fallen tribe. But too big of a strategic and social threat. As it was with Malcolm had you made the end without Question you win. You had side deals with everyone but no one knew your true alliance. That’s where you’re and Malcolm intersect. You both have a great sense of the game but are a very big threat, because of it.

Q: in a game sense from an outside perspective I think you were seen as a purple kelly, but to me personally you were more like Sophie Clarke. You were quiet but you knew what your plan was and you aligned yourself with the a tight alliance, and if I may so a great player like myself. But you were too busy with university and real life to really sink your teeth into the game like a Sophie would. So I would say a pure mix of purple kelly and Sophie

Anton: Johnny FairPlay 1.0, you played hard smart and knew when to make a move. You chose your words carefully and played a big part in keeping Pusa strong (even if you were usal) you made yourself a known target and embraced the role of usal villian.

Marc: you were hard to pick a player that you resembled. But I would say Bob Crowley You had a plan to stay low and slightly hidden you chose another player to align with that brought more attention to themselves which took a lot of the heat off you. But also a player you knew players would see as a bigger target then yourself.

Majid: you were a lot like Phillip shepherd abrasive hard to understand and very emotional. You wore your heart on your sleeve and like Phillip have a lot more going on in real life then any of us could imagine. You were a source of great entertainment and weren’t scared to speak your mind.

Erik: you played like carter from Philippines. You aligned with katie and from my point of view let her do a lot of the heavy lifting it felt like if I wanted to have a strategic conversation with you it had to be in group chat or through katie. Even though we were in the same alliance from day 1 I never felt you trusted me and you never came to me with any important info or anything I was just learning because you told me.

Allan: if Ian was Malcolm 1.0 you were Denise Stapley. The social back bone of the fallen tribe. You were able to adapt and move forward with ease knowing Excatly who to talk to when to talk to them and how to talk to them. The way you played impressed me the most you always knew what was happening at all times and chose whether to allow it to happen or do something about it. You made bonds with the exact people you needed to. Getting as far as you did was never a luck issue with you. It was skill and timing at its finest your only problem was I recognized it and then confirmed my suspicious just before the FIC. Had katie and you not made it clear you two were tighter then I expected, I had planned on throwing the challenge hatch style with the false assumption both of you would of taken me. But when I knew 100% that you and katie had been working together since day 1 I knew I had to compete and win.

The reason this took so long is because as much of survivor as I watch remembering specific castaways and their style of game is quite hard for a pothead like myself. Choosing a castaway for each of you was also made hard because everyone has there own style and while one castaway may share a trait with a Scwl player. None were carbon copies and some where nothing at all like I have seen before, barring a single miniscule trait. I Appologize for the the lateness of this post but It took a lot of fore thought to specify. And I re wrote it several times but kept getting tore away from it due to personal bullsh–.


hi Kyle and kaite both you did something 16 players screwed to do which is being on finale.
Katie Sirk Overbey you played great game you were the most targeting since finale 11 ,how ever. you managed to earn place in finale 2 why you
never wanted to be in my side after i was loyal to you at finale 8 ? Kyle Mineault you got luck to be in here but you blindsided me and marc you lied everytime before i call you bitch and when i want to be your friend after the game you refused then you tried to be classy and fake infront of every one why you didnt play an honest game instead of being liar always?

KATIE: Majid I already had my allies and a plan in motion and unfortunately there wasn’t any need for deviation and I really didn’t trust you because you were doing everything to survive that you possibly could. Anything I said to you could be used against me. I didn’t want to do any damage to my game but I did enjoy getting to know you.

KYLE: I felt my game was very honest, sure I had to manipulate a player or two that’s how you get ahead. First you claim im lucky then you say I lied and blindsided you and marc. So which is it luck or gamesmanship. Was it luck to get you and marc to put those votes on erik? You wanted to be my friend? I missed that memo, let’s go back in time….who was the first person to call the other a bitch? Who called me a snake ALL game? Who called me out every chance they got? And then you ask why I’m not your friend? I don’t need those kind of friends.

MAJID: no you lie.  called you bitch and snake after you lied to me 3 times one of em as i remember you wanted to be in ally with me and marc at finale 8 at the same time you was going to vote marc off. so what an honest game you talk about?

KYLE: You were NEVER my ally. Of course I lied to you. You pretend like I’m supposed to tell you every plan I have. Were you honest to me? Why should I tell the one player in the game who showed numerous times he did not like me. I sure as hell would not be here if I did that’s for sure

MAJID: you lie lets insert some integrity to the situation and see your history with me

KYLE: Is that question? Are we done now katie and myself have answered your questions im not getting your vote so I’m happy to answer more questions but I don’t see the point considering I’ll never change your mind

MAJID: 1-u never talked to me until i won immunity challenge on finale 10
2-i belived you and i liked you and you backstab me and marc by spread lies that you wanna be our ally on finale 8 then voted marc
3-when i saw you backstab me for no reason i called you bitch for all the lies then i apologized but you refused
4-you lied again on finale 6 and backstabed marc you said you dont care then on my finale tc before i leave you tried to act classy and said”we are good friends” so what is your honest game that you talk about?

KYLE: My main alliance was Pusa I stayed loyal to Pusa. I wanted to be your friend, but you continued to come after my character. I was being civil and trying to not cause a scene…I don’t hate you nor do I even dislike you. I just think we are very different or maybe very much the same. We don’t click that’s fine. But to say I’m not an honest player is untrue I have been very honest and forth coming admittedly so the bulk of my honesty towards you has been at FTC. But you were the type of player had I told you my real plans I felt you would not of allowed them to happen

MAJID: sorry i told you its ok if you will vote marc or me on finale 6 but dont blind side me and you did i was the only one to be your friend but you never do i didnot force you to say your plans all what i wanted to be honest you dont have to be dirty player to win because mostly villians doesnot win then you say you are honest for the 3rd time i ask you what the honest game you you played?dont escape from my question if you were honest once or twice thats it other than you always lie even Ajdin Kuršumlić voted off because your back stab

KYLE: Ajdin was not in my main 4 person alliance he was 6 and I saved him on the first vote out. I didn’t blindside you I told you before you were voted out you were going i blindsided marc

KYLE: You seem to be more concerned with ajdin and Marc shouldn’t we be talking about me and you?

MAJID: you blindsided me by saying you ll stand with me and marc and you lied

MAJID: are you drunk?

MAJID: im not concerned with marc or ajdin im just telling you your history of playing dirty mr “honest guy”

KYLE: I lied about standing with you and Marc but I told you before you were voted out you were next

MAJID: you lie you didnot because after u blindsided marc i unfriended you and we never talked since then untill you came to show us how “kind” you are by saying im your good friend while you said on private im not so why you always Contradictory person?

KYLE: What I said in public was meant to not cause drama what I said in private was meant to be me being honest. No your not a good friend but like I said it’s not like I hate you. Your a good guy but you get emotional I didn’t want to set you off on a public forum. I don’t object to being your friend and maybe after the game is over and the votes are read you can unblock me and we can work this out. You earned my respect and I’m not being a bullsh–ter I want to change your perception of me because I think of all the players in this game you got the worst version of me and for that I appoligize

MAJID: thanks for answering and taking time from you

AJDIN: All hail to Kyle THE SAVIOR 😀


Unless I am missing something, I believe all of the jury questions have been wrapped up. Thank you jury for being clearly invested as to the outcome of this game.

Katie Sirk Overbey and Kyle Mineault, ’tis time for your closing statement. This is your final public plea to the jury. Your last chance to convince a group of nine people to vote for you in this game.

After that. . .the jury shall vote.

KATIE: It’s not win or lose, it’s how you played the game….and I had a blast! Thank you all so much for this great experience. I hope you all had fun playing with me too. I had fun answering the jury questions and did it to my best abilities. I want to congratulate Kyle on his game play as well and making it to the end. I think I have played a well rounded game and it’s all been laid out so I don’t have anymore to add. I just hope I get to stay in touch with a lot of you after this and I’ll see you at finale when Logan reads the votes…..whenever that may be !

KYLE: I also would like to start by thanking all of you for being the best possible cast a guy could ask for in his first ORG. From irv to allan each of you had a part in making this a great season. A very tough hard fought well played season. Some of you I know already will be friends of mine for years to come, others I hope we can meet again in other games and get a better chance to know one another. No matter how this vote goes it was a great game and the most fun I’ve had online in my life! Here’s to the lengthy wait to find out what happens next.

KATIE: I know this is a hard decision for you guys but I feel like I played the best game. Even though I had to do what I had to do to make sure I got to the end, I wasn’t fake. I owned my game. I made awesome moves getting my personal alliance from day one to the end. I never wavered from my goal and I achieved everything I wanted to achieve!

KYLE: I’m just typing this so my comment is last


It is time.

Jury, some of you have been waiting well over a month for this–the chance to vote for who you want to win this game.

Preferably within the next 48 hours, you will vote for either Katie or Kyle. You are voting FOR someone to win this game, and who you think is deserving of SCWL Survivor, and the zero dollar reward that goes along with it.

When you message me with your vote, please do so in the following manner:



VOTE: (Logan)
REASON: I can’t believe you have won this game for the ninth season in a row. You always receive a vote at Final Three, but yet you somehow survive. Maybe we’ll finally get you out of this game in season ten. I think we’re -finally- catching onto you in this game, Logan. I can’t believe I am casting this vote for you after everything that has happened between us. Good luck!

Between now and 10:00am eastern Tuesday, it is time to vote. Jury, you’re up.

P.S. Some of you may have already voted. You still have up to 48 hours to change it if you wish to do so.


All votes have been submitted by the jury.

Thank you guys for an amazing season of SCWL.

I know how much you would love for me to read the results right now and end the suspense. . .but after nine seasons, you guys know this will not be the case.

I will see you in a few weeks for the live reading of the votes. . .and you will also see all of the episodes leading up to the reading of the votes.

(LOGAN grabs the urn and walks out to a clearing.)
LOGAN: Uh, where’s the helicopter? I told it to be ready for take off at this time.
(LOGAN checks his watch.)
LOGAN: Dammit. Daylight savings time. I forgot to adjust my watch an hour.
(LOGAN eventually walks back to Tribal Council.)
LOGAN: So, uh, it looks like I’m going to have to wait for the truck to come by just like the rest of you. I apologize if the bumpy ride upsets my esophagus. This is why I prefer to take the helicopter. Sigh.

8.1511 SCWL 8 Finale Blog

Coming once the votes are read!

8.1512 SCWL 8 Jury Votes

Yeah. Not happening. . .yet. 🙂

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