Funniest Complaints About Amazing Race Canada 3 – Pre-Season Edition –

Don’t worry, I won’t reveal any names.

I won’t be advertising this post as much as my other TAR rankings blog posts and podcasts simply because I am not the type of person to go out of my way to humiliate a group of people.

The purpose of these posts is to outline complaints from the casual audience, and to respond to how some of them typically think when they watch the show. Rather than providing generalizations like I do in the past, I think pulling quotes for actual support and evidence will highly enrich the analysis.


1. “Cant wait to see this years race. Next year they should have a few winning teams from the southern ontario race”

2. “They need to do a season with no couples. I see enough annoying couples IRL. There’s nothing exciting or interesting about them.”

3. “Am really disappointed that there are NO teams from Alberta or Saskatchewan!!!! All provinces should be represented. The east was overly represented last season too. Just WRONG!!!”

4. “What? No gay or transgender players?”

hamilton michaelia

5. “How am I suppose to pick a team to root for when they don’t say where they are from?”

6. “If you are not fit, please do not race”

chuck wynona

7. “Which team is from the west? I’m finding it hard to find where some of the teams are from, why isn’t there more western teams, I’m going to stop watching Amazing race canada soon if they don’t start representing the whole country.”

8. “Dear Amazing Race Canada, did you know that people over 35 can also race, as can people from Western Canada? I hope to see more mature teams as well as teams who reside west of Ontario.”

NOTE: Later on racers over the age of 35 were revealed, but it was funny because this post insinuates that people under the age of 35 are immature.

And as a 23-year-year-old, I think I am proof that their assessment may be correct.

9. “I hope that there is a team from NL this year. If not I won’t be watching again.After all it’s called The Amazing Race Canada, and I think that we are still a province in Canada.”

10. “Shouldn’t have to tape it…..
Friday evening is a stupid time slot!
People (and myself) have better things to do on a Friday than watch it!”

11. “Still heartbroken we didn’t make the cut…”

12. “sad my nephew wasn’t chosen”

guilin margie 2

13. “Would be more excited if we or people we know had been selected as contestants. frown emoticon Wondering how many celebrities or semi already famous people will be in this season. IMO contestants on these shows should be ordinary everyday people not those who already have a claim to fame like tv personalities or professional athletes on major sports teams.”

14. “Wish he would lose that sucky sing song voice..drives me crazy..don’t watch because of it.”

rick astley

Don’t worry, Monty. There is something genetic about Gingers and sing-songy voices that irritate the crap out of people.


a) You can tell competitive reality shows like Big Brother and The Amazing Race are relatively new to Canada. For the past fifteen years, we have been waaaay crazier about these shows than Americans, and it certainly shows when you compare TV ratings of Canadian viewers to US viewers.

To put it in perspective, TAR 26 only had about six million Americans watching out of a population of nearly 400 million.

Here in Canada, we had well over a million people watch each episode of TAR 26, and our population is just a little over thirty million.

Therefore, if things don’t go our way after we get our own version we get very angry.

dk angry

Like, Reichen & DK angry.

It’ll be a few years before we calm down a bit and start accepting patterns of decisions from production. No matter how tough it will be to swallow.

b) The US has fifty states. We have 10 provinces and 3 territories. Each season of a traditional TAR format casts somewhere between 10-12 teams (yes, this implies TARC 1, TAR France, and Hamerotz LaMillion 4 are not traditional–14 teams guys, seriously?).

Because the number of teams cast nearly matches the number of provinces and territories we have, it is not much of a surprise that there is an expectation that each of these regions be represented in each season.

Considering this season has 12 teams, they could have condensed NWT and Nunavut into sending one team. Hey, it was only 15 years ago that Nunavut was under the NWT umbrella.

Oh, and because I know my most loyal readers are not really from Canada, NWT stands for Northwest Territories. Just in case you skipped TAR Canada 1.

But that’s not the case. Casting people from across the country is just too dang expensive.

In the United States, fans know that having a team from all 50 states is downright preposterous (unless it is one of those shows in the awful genres of reality TV like The Biggest Loser or a singing/dancing subjective based live reality program).

caroline rhea

It’s why people like Caroline Rhea sign up to be a host because nobody else is willing to pay money for what little talent she has.

They have known for a long time that many of the teams will come from southern California. This is the home base for CBS, and it is as simple as lining up at a taco stand or walking through a mall which can get you cast just days before filming is set to begin.

So it is no surprise that Canadian producers will always spend their efforts in Ontario.

Yes, I understand that the past two seasons kept their Ontario: Everywhere Else ratio to hover around 50%, and that this is the season where a clear majority is coming out of that entitled province, but hey, it makes sense when you know that Ontario is also the name of a suburb located in southern California.

The parallel just makes sense.

And yes, there will always be a couple of teams from BC each season because it is the other province with a mix of multiculturalism and metropolitan attitudes. Only Kristen & Darren from TAR Canada 1 has fit outside of this mold while everyone else is based out of the Vancouver area.

I hail from the Okanagan which is arguably the Whitest part of Canada–not as much diversity as anywhere else in the province. This is why I don’t anticipate to being cast for TAR Canada anytime soon. It is also the reason why I have probably failed on all three of my Big Brother Canada applications.

dubai mika canaan 23

Although somehow these guys got cast. I am just stumped as you are as to how they survived the casting process. Their recording studio probably paid somebody in casting $20, 000 to get them cast in a desperate attempt to promote their new artists.

The other reason why places like the Prairies and Northern Canada is ignored is because recruitment opportunities are limited. Casting agents are city people. I can guarantee you that none of them will take a road trip and suffer through really boring drives in the Prairies.

They do not want to fall asleep at the wheel.

c) Strangely enough, the person who commented to have a Dating Couple-Free season is a good reflection of how TAR Canada’s casts have been formed. Compared to other versions of TAR, TAR Canada has surprisingly few dating couples.

dhaka nick vicki 6

Probably because they have yet to find a Nick & Vicki.

ray deana glare

A dating couple who will challenge them to a game of Checkers.

china frank margarita 19

These people who are now senior citizens since they raced.

bill cathi

This couple who relied on the Elixir of Life to even stay alive for the past thirty years–just watch out for when they start bodybuilding and are lunging.

michael kathy

Or because they have yet to find a guy as awesome as the guy on the left. None of the Chevrolet vehicles in TAR Canada run on diesel fuel, correct?

I have stated in the past that dating couples tend to be the least popular and entertaining demographic, but that’s simply because casting will choose couples who shove each other or are good-looking from California. In other words, it is the casting process for dating couples that are lacking rather than the dating couples themselves.

It is one of the factors which led to TAR 6–a truly truly awful season which I hope everybody can stay away from for the rest of their lives.

matt ashley

In TAR 26, they picked amusing and entertaining dating couples like Matt & Ashley, and Mike & Rochelle. Not to mention nearly all of the blind dates pretty much delivered. So dating couples aren’t completely hopeless.


And I can assure you there is a glimpse of solid casting for dating couples this season thanks to Max & Elias being apart of it. I watched Elias on TUF Canada vs. Australia where he was one of the more entertaining characters, and I also hung out with the guy in a Kelowna city parking lot for three hours at a UFC fan event. The guy was starting water balloon fights with Sarah Kaufman and a kid, and also imitated Ryu from Street Fighter during a demonstration.

The guy is a complete goofball who shares a surprisingly high amount of characteristics that my siblings would possess, and thus I can tell you for certain that this could possibly take over Sukhi & Jinder as the next great team of the TAR Canada franchise.

sukhi jinder

(I know casuals hate Sukhi & Jinder–but there was a fan favourite poll conducted last year of all 41 English-speaking teams who participated on TAR in 2014, and Sukhi & Jinder won the poll easily. Dave & Connor finished in dead last lol.)

d) And lastly. . .fans just appear to be pissed off that they or their friends were not cast.

Just because Canada’s population is 1/10th of the US does NOT mean you will be cast by default. There will still be recruits. There will still be celebrity football hall-of-famers who I have never heard of before in my life, and because TAR Canada has been grabbing the patriotism theme by the throat since season one (I’ll discuss that interesting factor in a future blog post), you pretty much need to be an athlete who represents Canada or law enforcement that is capable of shedding a tear when the Canadian flag is waving behind you.

Or you could just be flat out horrible on camera, and painfully awkward when you talk about yourself. Are you introverted? Very few introverts get cast.

I mean, there are already enough teams cast for this season who will not have much of a sense of humour. Did we really need to add you to the mix?

Okay, okay, okay. You might be hilarious in person. After all, I don’t know you! Sometimes the best casting agents assign their intern to look at a hundred or so audition tapes as they go out for lunch, and yours may have been viewed by a pimply-faced intern who was surfing his iPhone as he let your video play on the computer.

But seriously, this is the biggest piece of advice I can give to any person such as myself who really wants to be cast or have a friend/family member cast for BB Canada or TAR Canada. . .





Also, to the contestants who aren’t watching because it airs on Friday night or because there aren’t any transgendered contestants this season. . .



michael skupin research 2

Do your research.

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3 Responses to Funniest Complaints About Amazing Race Canada 3 – Pre-Season Edition –

  1. polisi25 says:

    You applied for Big Brother Canada, so how is the audition process for you in 3 straight years?
    And how do you feel about Jeff & Jackie being randomly selected for Big Brother 17, or Alison Irwin being snubbed out from being mentioned?

    • The audition process has been the same. I submit a video and fill out the forms online, receive the confirmation e-mail. . .and then I hear nothing from producers after that.

      Much like how I said Natalie & Nadiya during TAR 21 were playing that season like a season of Survivor and was quite vocal about it, I always thought Jeff & Jackie had personalities that were more fitting for BB.

      It’s very odd to see people on Reddit and a few folks on Facebook who view Jeff and Jackie being cast as some sort of outrage. To me, it makes a lot of sense.

      It doesn’t surprise me that Alison Irwin was the only BB -> TAR contestant who was not mentioned during the reveal.

      A week ago somebody in a TAR Facebook group was compiling a list of all of the reality TV crossovers between CBS’ three shows. Sure enough, the one person they left out was Alison.

      You have to keep in mind that not only was Alison the very first crossover, but her run in TAR 5 and BB 7: All Stars were very short-lived. Only a week on BB and just two episodes of TAR 5.

      Combine that with the fact that the season which made her a star in the first place, BB 4, aired twelve years ago. She also has not had a social media presence like Jun has to remind fans that she ever existed.

      Personally we all know I think Alison should have deserved a lot more recognition because she was the first crossover, and set a huge precedent for CBS shows, but sadly she played in an era before CBS tried to find as many stars to cross-promote as possible and keep them on the audience’s minds.

      • polisi25 says:

        I don’t think that the viewers feel that the casting of Jeff and Jackie are a sort of outrage, like was more like a Who? reaction when compared to the other (actually quite legit) CBS crossovers:

        Alison Irwin: Her then boyfriend Donny had a disagreement with Alison parents about Alison aggressive flirting.
        Romber: Survivor first ever successful power couple, after All Stars, the best of the best, which the best is the least memorable of the All Stars
        Jeff & Jordan: Big Brother famous power couple, who even Daniele & Dominic beat them to the aisle.
        Ethan & Jenna: Survivor then couple and winners, 10 years…damn
        Rachel Reilly (oh, and Brendon): Big Brother infamous personality (good choice of choosing to join the race 1 season later, much to half of the viewers dismay)
        Keith & Whitney: Another Survivor power couple, with less visibility and more forbidden romance.

        And Jeff & Jackie? They claim to fame is…they are the only blind date team that liked each other. So…

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