SCWL 8 Round 0 and Round 1

SCWL 8 Episode 0

8.01 Previously on SCWL. . .

8.02 SCWL 8 Cast Assessment

8.03 SCWL 8 Season Preview

8.01 Previously on SCWL. . .

After taking forever to post the results of SCWL 7: All Stars in early September, the series went on a brief hiatus. Mainly due to hosting three seasons in the span of a year, and personal adjustments in real life, it was clear that a break from the series was needed until the new era of SCWL would begin.

Mid-December hit and Logan was bored out of his mind due to not having any more vacations on the horizon, he planned all of SCWL 8 over the next two days. Only a couple more weeks would pass before applications for SCWL 8 would be posted.

For the first time ever, it was announced that both new and past players could apply for a season of SCWL. However, very few past players applied, and ultimately messages of recruitment were sent out.

When the qualifying process was complete, fifteen newbies (including a last minute replacement) and three past players filled the cast of eighteen.

18 players began a once (or twice) in a lifetime online opportunity; who will win SCWL 8?

8.02 SCWL 8 Cast Assessment


I have Shane first out because there are two things working against him:

One: He is young. The ORG universe used to consist of a few hundred 16 year olds. They were by far the most common demographic. Over the past few years, sixteen year olds are in the younger age bracket.

Two: Players who are young tend to have a rough time in my series. I think our youngest winner was either 21 or 22 years old. Shane was also one of the more out-spoken ones during the qualifying phase. I know he has played several ORGs as of late, but my gut tells me he will be an early exit. He is already showing signs that this series will not be the right fit for him.

However, this would definitely not be the first time for a first boot assessment of mine to be wrong in SCWL. Far far far from it.


One word: Inactivity. Compared to the other sixteen players in this cast, Quintin was by far the slowest in qualifying, and procrastinated the initial application. I see Quintin being left in the dust early on if he does not pick it up a bit more.


Much like Shane, I could see Ian getting into conflict early. In fact, I am under the impression that Shane and Ian will bond right away and be on the same tribe.

Unfortunately this will probably prove to be in their worst interest, so hopefully they are on different tribes. If Ian and Shane are on the same tribe, nobody will want to work with them as a duo. There will be friction, and I could see Ian being a funny character, but have it be taken the wrong way. I would not be surprised if Ian has a tough time holding certain remarks back throughout the game.

Ian will go far if he is not on the same tribe as Shane. Otherwise, sixteenth place at his second trip to TC may be the end of the road for him.

Lastly, yes, the age factor. Ian is only seventeen, which unlike ORG’s early history where seventeen put you in the older age bracket, now puts you in the younger age bracket. Somebody has to restore the reputation of teenagers in this series, but Ian may not be the one to do the job.


Irv reminds me of Jason Fyke–a guy who played in ORGs a long time ago. I have been stumped as to where Irv will finish. Maybe Irv is not going to fit in with this cast as much as he thinks he will.

The overall group that makes up this cast may not jell with Irv. He could very well be a player who will be seen as a disappointment to go early. I hope not, but this is my early prediction based on very little information.


I only put Tina in this position because there is the risk with her that she may view this as “just another ORG”.

If she takes this game seriously as others in this game, we may see Tina in the endgame.

She comes from the same camp of Maritime female players as MacNeil from SCWL 4 and Lyndsay from SCWL 6. I wish Lyndsay and Tina directly interacted in the SCWL universe, but they missed out on each other’s seasons.

Besides Anton, Tina had one of the worst breaks in SCWL. She was part of a tribe that was terrible in challenges and nearly silent at camp. She and Ben Powell are by far two of the biggest disappointments to go home early, and that is all because of the dang Oco tribe.

Tina had the freakin’ Medallion of Power in round one. She used it in the first immunity challenge, but the tribe lost. The recipient would be Kim, and Kim would take the Medallion of Power all the way to the Final Two.

Perhaps the worst break in the game for Tina is she was part of the 4-person alliance that took out the other five rookies all in a row. That decision came back to haunt her because the 4-person alliance lost once more, and they eliminated Tina. After that her tribe won their first and only tribal challenge of the game, and the merge occurred immediately in the following round.

That is brutal timing for Tina considering she had a good relationship with Kim. Who knows if Tina could have infiltrated the alliance and pulled out a win.

What I do know is that Tina has a chance to not only redeem herself, but redeem what is frequently referred to as the “cursed” season of the SCWL series. KJ and Sheri of Oco already returned last season in All Stars, and both went home embarrassingly early. Tina needs to prove that players not named Kim from SCWL 3 can in fact hold their own in SCWL.


Ah yes. A fellow West Coast Canuck, but I have him ranked in the same spot as where fellow BC player William Cook finished in SCWL 6.

Come to think of it, Jay Merrell is also from BC and he was the third player voted out in SCWL 1. BC players do not have a good track record, evidently.

Believe it or not, Kyle and I played together in Online Survivor 28 last summer. He was ejected from the game because he never showed up once due to not figuring out how AIM worked.

Kyle is a question mark for me. I don’t see him going early on, but for some reason I envision him being stuck on a struggling tribe.

I cannot quite put my finger on it, but there is something about Kyle’s personality that makes me think he will never be at the core of an alliance. This is his first full length ORG, and he may not be aware of how social this game is, and how difficult the challenges may be.

Kyle is likeable and will be present. Just not sure if he can take his game to the next level when the time comes once the early boots are out.


Marc was apart of the Aspu tribe. He was supposed to be shipped to SuLa, but the crazy chaos of the first three rounds of SCWL 6 guaranteed that absolutely nothing went according to plan.

He was stuck on Aspu. They lost two out of three challenges and booted Marc unanimously. After round three the game changed as Aspu went on an unbelievable run to dominate the remainder of the season. All Marc needed to do was have Aspu start winning one round earlier, and he would have been in an infinitely better position.

Marc needs to fight for it if he is in a do or die situation. If history repeats, I expect Marc to be booted right before the merge. However, I have heard that Marc has been a much stronger force in more recent games. Marc may be the dark horse for SCWL 8.


Erik is the guy who used to be the guy reported as the runner-up to somebody else’s victory. It felt like every month I would see a notification where a host would state ‘X won against Erik Ward by a vote of 5-4/7-2/6-3′.

He is a strong contender to win this game. His reputation alone may be the reason why being ousted at the start of the merge would be perfect timing. If Erik survives the first post-merge vote, he will be lethal. So lethal that I see him either being a day 21 or day 39 boot.

I will be stunned if Erik is eliminated prior to the merge.

10) AJDIN Kuršumlic

Ajdin will come off as a slick player. I think Ajdin will be a noticeably popular guy–and will appear threatening shortly after a merge.

He is the type of guy who I assume will be in the merge. Once there he will be in the minority and taken out right away or else he will be making it to the end. Sadly I think the former will occur.

I will be surprised if Ajdin is not an idol holder in this season.


Susan may end up under-estimating her competition. At times she may feel like she is playing against a bunch of morons. If other players pick up on the way you are thinking, you could be gone just like that.

She will make a strong run in this game, but I think she will fall short. Susan may very well end up in the Honourary Leif Position. No shame in achieving this.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yeah, I was waaaaay off on this assessment.


Our alternate from this season was definitely a worthy one. Anton previously mentioned this series to him, and this was Lister’s first choice of recruitment for who should be brought into this game.

Those are two solid references. Judging by Allan’s application, I think this guy gets it. Allan will play a well-rounded game. I expect Allan to finish in eighth place unless he is on a tribe that loses every single challenge.

But that can’t happen in a season where pre-merge players who played poorly in tribal challenges where they seek redemption, right?

Oddly enough, Allan is our oldest player in this game. That is typically a good thing if you are playing in SCWL.


I do not see Katie being allowed to crack whatever Final Four alliance makes the end game. She will stick out as a big player. Katie will be savvy enough to avoid the early merge target, but she will go in a brutal fashion at the round of seven.

And something tells me that when Katie goes, it will be a huge turning point and she will not go quietly.

6) Majid/WAR

I like Majid (FYI: initially goes by the nickname “War” until episode two). I never thought there would be a player in the ORG community from Yemen. War has the appropriate experience as he played in Mervin’s SurviveWar series not long ago.

War may not be an orchestrator, but I can see somebody else wanting to work with War and take him as far as they can. There is something about War that makes him appear trustworthy, and I think it will go a long way.


Paul reminds me of my friend Griffon. He has a bubbly personality, and that will get him far. It just probably won’t get him the win.

Paul has wanted to play in this series for a long time. This is his time, and the best thing besides taking home the title is being the 5th place g.oddess. Paul will earn it.


The idea of having pre-merge players brought back alongside newbies was initially conceived with Anton’s exit in SCWL 1. I thought “if we have more players who suffer as badly as Anton did, this would be an interesting theme to have in the future”.

Nearly four years later and not only is this theme coming into play, but Anton is back after a long ORG hiatus.

Anton was put on the worst performing tribe in SCWL history, and overall the 2nd worst tribe I have seen in this series.

Nobody else has been voted out of SCWL with a bigger winless streak than 0-3. Anton? His is 0-7 in addition to an individual loss on Opening Day.

Even the other two players being brought back both have more wins than Anton.

I see Anton making a deep run this season. The idea of a repeat performance in the pre-merge phase is doubtful. No more going home by default this season. I see Anton making it to the end game and being betrayed by a secret Final Two alliance.

I doubt anyone will want to go to the Final Two with Anton, or rather, the player who will want to take Anton with them will be taken out before Anton has the chance to save them.


John comes off as a very sharp guy. Players from the BTS camp (Jeremy Bell, Moray James, etc.) perform extremely well in SCWL. I think John is the strongest contender in the cast. He may very well be our new Jeremy Bell.

The question is if John can avoid a blunder. It may very well be a case of whether or not he wins the final challenge of the season.

I hope that his level of intelligence does not overwhelm him. Perhaps the best advice for John is to relax. What is expected of your performance in this game is no biggie.


Andrei is smooth. The way he uses emoticons. . .I get the impression a social component will be key to Andrei’s game. It may also be his downfall. His age and experience in Survivor games alone will put him in a leadership position.

I firmly believe Andrei will outplay a lot of people in this cast. It will be interesting to see how Andrei will handle a jury. I think he will be against a perceived underdog who will ultimately take the victory away from him at the last second.


Am I crazy? Matt will succeed where his sister Rudez failed to do twice in SCWL. If Matt has the same intellectual power as his sister, he is the most dangerous player in this game. Furthermore, he has Rudez in his corner. Rudez is tied with Dave Bronson as the closest anybody has ever come to winning SCWL without actually winning. With her playing the role of Doc to Matt’s Little Mac, Matt will always be one step ahead of his competition.

That could very well put him in the winner’s circle.

If I had to distribute 100 winner points between all eighteen players in terms of who I thought would most likely finish first, I would bet more points on Matt before spreading the points to the remainder of the players.

Only drawback is if Matt plays more aggressively than Rudez–that may make him an early post-merge boot.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I got some things spot on. . .and some things very wrong.

8.03 SCWL 8 Season Preview

Allow me to welcome everybody who is tuning into this season. Can you believe it? We’re about to get to airing the ninth season of SCWL. I knew I would be hosting quite a few seasons, but didn’t expect the personal life I would have to go along with it.

So where do I begin?

SCWL 8 was played between February 10th, 2015 and April 28, 2015. Although the end date may be a bit deceiving as the final two rounds of play took about two weeks to complete.

Following SCWL 7: All Stars marathon of being played between March 2nd and the middle of June, I knew the series needed to be paused. Particularly when SCWL 5 started in May of the previous year, SCWL 6 was played between the end of October and January. There was never any real break between seasons either as I would scramble to post episodes for each season.

Much like the hiatus following SCWL 4, the series was never intended to end at that point, but hosting fatigue is a real issue that I need to recover from once in a while.

I was not exhausted simply due to hosting, but also because of the personal changes I went through during SCWL 5 to SCWL 7. If you find this section dull, please skip ahead. I typically do this every season for anyone who likes to soak up every shed of information regarding SCWL as possible.


1. I went from finishing my degree at university of June 2013. . .to being unemployed all the way until the start of SCWL 7. To go from full time studies to doing absolutely nothing for six months to working part time was a bit of a roller coaster.

2. During SCWL 7, I found out that my parents and I would be moving after fifteen years of living in the same house. It was a mixture of “damn, goodbye childhood” and “I thought the first move would be to live on my own at 23, not to still be living with my parents”.

I went from knowing everyone who lives or works near me to being re-located to a strange area in the busy part of town. The setup was very chaotic as one of my siblings temporarily moved back in along with his girlfriend. The only upside to moving is that now I was only a couple blocks from my girlfriend’s house.

3. Starting in about February, I found myself in my first romantic relationship. It would be a hilarious situation during certain points in All Stars where I would scramble to post challenge results before she would come over. One time she showed up about ten minutes early, and the cast ultimately had to wait an additional ten hours.

Let’s just say I don’t open a romance with “Hi, I’m Logan. I host online versions of Survivor and podcast about Big Brother Canada and The Amazing Race. How ya doin’?

Everything appeared to be progressing until I moved near the end of July just a couple blocks away from her. . .then we broke up.

Underemployment, moving to a new area, and a break-up was more than enough of a sign to show that I needed to stop hosting for a bit. I even pressed pause on my volunteer work for the local film society. I couldn’t even tell you what I did for most of August and early September after that.

Then everything started improving. My friend Michael Harmstone, the guy who co-hosts for YATNcast with me, had been preparing his trip to Western Canada and an Alaskan cruise. However, since he wasn’t coming through the Okanagan, we assumed we missed out on the opportunity to meet up in person.

However, I am not the type of person to stay miserable or lay around doing nothing for long, and agreed to fly to Vancouver to hang out with him for the day. I also have a sibling who lived nearby in White Rock, and co-ordinated a 30 hour trip to the coast.

It was the first time ever that my sibling from White Rock and I hung out together without other people around (I have four siblings in my family, and all are 6-13 years older than me. Yes, they are full siblings). Between hanging out with my brother in the early morning and evening, and meeting Michael and his family for the whole afternoon, I can safely say seven months after the fact that it was one of my top five favourite days ever.

Plus it was my first experience being on a plane. I know I am crazy for saying this, but I enjoyed waiting around in airports by myself, and firmly believe that anybody who lives in BC needs to take a plane from Kelowna to Vancouver or vice versa. Seeing BC from such a distance is one of the few times I have been amazed by a natural landscape.

And just three weeks later I would visit a province further east than Alberta–Ontario. My brother from White Rock was having a wedding ceremony there, and my brother who temporarily moved in at home along with my parents made the trip to Toronto. Just three weeks earlier I was shocked by how big Vancouver was. . .well, climb to the top of the CN Tower and just witness skyscrapers upon skyscrapers upon skyscrapers stretching across the flat landscape.

Toronto is the flattest city I have seen since I traveled through Alberta thirteen years ago. The city is so dang big that there is a ton of action going on in the underground subway system. It is just blocks and blocks and blocks of shops and people everywhere.

Do you know how in interviews Jeff Probst would say “during the early seasons of Survivor, I learned that I am just one tiny dot on this planet”. I totally get that now. Riding on the subway with nearly two thousand people simultaneously truly makes you realize that you ain’t so special.

Before visiting Toronto, I joked that because Toronto is further south than several American cities, it is practically America Jr. After visiting Toronto, I can confirm that while Toronto has many Canadian qualities, there were a few moments that reminded me of hanging around Washington State again.

Anyways, I would return from Toronto, and I was so freakin’ inspired. I resumed my volunteering duties, and my hours at my job increased significantly. My brother moved back out, and suddenly everything was falling into place.


Before I started planning SCWL 8 in December, I started changing some of the rules and trying to improve the next game. Here are the biggest format changes:

1) With the rare exception, cut out all 36 hour challenges. There were way too many of those in SCWL 7, and contributed to why that game lasted over three months. Keep to a 24 hour schedule for challenges.

This is a huge reason why the season worked out as well as it did. There will be the legitimate concern of “that isn’t enough time” given certain challenges, but holy heck, this made the game much more efficient.

2) If there is a day or two where I will not be available, or very limited in terms of availability. . .don’t schedule anything.

I think this occurs during round four or five and one other occasion, but a huge lesson I learned from SCWL 7 was that I do not want to leave people hanging as much when it came to results or other events. It was better just to let contestants relax for that day.

In addition, it limited my stress levels throughout the game.

3) Limit the overall number of twists and idols.

We’ve had a lot of idols played over the years, and wanted to see what would happen with tougher idols to claim. I also wanted a season that had twists to intrigue the players and viewers, but not too over-the-top. A Vanuatu approach after the real Survivor All Stars, if you will. I went all out with SCWL 7: All Stars as a celebration of everything I did during the series. Now was the time to go back to normal.

4) Mandatory confessionals.

I did not enforce the rule much throughout this season, but the threat of possible penalties for not submitting confessionals resulted in a much higher percentage of contestants submitting a confessional each round. This gives a much clearer picture into what each player was thinking as the episodes progress. In the first round or two you may not see many confessionals, but once everyone is reminded of the rule. . .confessionals start pouring in from nearly everyone for the rest of the season.

5) I had a tough time deciding if I wanted two, three, or four tribes this season. So I came up with a manner to which I didn’t have to decide.

And it played out in a very interesting manner. In the past, players only had the power to decide when to merge. This time, somebody could decide how many tribes we would have in the first place.

I did briefly consider having the possibility of four tribes being picked, but thought that didn’t really fit the theme of this season. I decided to limit the option between two or three tribes.

So if I was Probst and was doing the press tour following the filming of this season. . .I would probably hint viewers to pay attention to the following:

a) Note how the season slowly builds up the plot. You may not be witnessing the most exciting pre-merge Tribal Councils as tribes play it safe with who they eliminate, but there is a huge payoff as nearly all of the top players clash at the merge. The early casualties were necessary for what occurs in the second half of the game.

b) Nearly the entire cast when it comes to challenges and strategy are of equal strength. We see this pre-merge as we have three distinct tribes with their pros and cons, and in the post-merge you realize that nobody is really in a league of their own.

c) Appreciate the purity of the season. If you want this season to be “#Idols and #Blindsides”, then this season probably isn’t for you.

d) There really isn’t a rough incident in this game from a hosting perspective. There are two relatively minor issues that occur, but overall this game plays out in a smooth manner. It reminded me a lot of what it was like to host during SCWL 2. Few twists and a stellar cast from top to bottom.

This season is among my personal favourites. Right up there with SCWL 2 and 5 as top seasons. It is just above the tier that holds SCWL 4, 1, and All Stars.


8.10 SCWL 8 Round 1 Info

8.11 SCWL 8 Round 1 Confessionals

8.12 SCWL 8 Round 1 Tribal Council

8.13 SCWL 8 Round 1 Blog

8.14 SCWL 8 Boot List Prediction and Fantasy Pool

8.15 SCWL 8 Next Time on SCWL. . .

8.10 SCWL 8 Round 1 Info

Date: February 10, 2015 – February 13, 2015
Opening Day Challenge: SCWL Auction
Info: Players are given 100 SCWL Points to bid on items. Any SCWL Points not spent will be relevant at a later time in the game.
Items won:

AJDIN: Encouragement.
IAN: Pleading the Fifth.
IRV: Second captain.
JOHN: Mutiny Trigger.
KYLE: First captain.
MATT: The Decider.
PAUL: Gambler and Draft Dodger.
ANTON: Fake nachos and fake margaritas.

The Decider #1: Decide whether or not to create a third tribe consisting of late picks from the other two tribes, or keep the two tribes as they are.
Results: Create a third tribe.














Tribal Immunity Challenge #1: The Facts of Tribe
Info: Each player is given facts and also scrambled facts about their tribe mates that were submitted before the game. Assign each fact to their proper author.
Twist: The person who has the least amount of facts assigned to them correctly is awarded individual immunity from their first Tribal Council.
Results: Pusa and UsAl tied for first. Aldn lost. Tina is immune.

Tribal Council #1: Aldn.
Results: Irv voted out by a vote of 4-2 (Irv-Andrei).

8.11 SCWL 8 Round 1 Confessionals


somehow Irv has 6 on our list and Tina has 4


can you smell the shade

if we lose and have to go to tribal I promise it will be entertaining lol






Confessional # 1-
So if the Auction didnt sum up my luck in a SCWL game i dont know what will. I decided to not f–k around and blow 100 points on some fake ass nachos and a fake margarita. ( thanks for that Logan)

I dont know if it was my fake buzz but things seemed to turn out pretty well that first night when Matt decided a 3rd tribe would be ideal. I have to say I liked the move and was happy when he picked me to join him on the newly formed tribe.

Currently we have our challenge done and just waiting on a consensus for the tie breaker we have hit our first potential snag in the team “unity”. Matt and Shane both are laying claim to a scrambled statement meaning that we will get some points for it but not all of them potentially. really hoping one of these jabronies isnt lying and playing a me game so damn early because Anton has 1 goal.. Get a damn victory and not attend tribal council for once in a SCWL game that i am in.


Confessional 1:

This is my first ORG coming back from a 5 month hiatus. Last time people saw me I was probably having some kind of mental breakdown/freakout. Hopefully they don’t remember that  .

The good thing about this cast is that I don’t know many people. That usually works out well for me.  It means most people don’t know my past. If they don’t know it, they tend to trust me more. We shall see how it works out once we’re in tribes.

Confessional 2:

Well that was a successful auction. I never intended to buy anything. I can usually make it through the pre-merge stage of a game, so hopefully my points that I saved will come in handy and help me get to the final 2. I only bid and commented on the thread so people knew I was active from the start, and hopefully someone will pick me for a tribe early and I’ll be able to make an alliance.

Confessional 3-

Alrighty! Challenge #1, win #1! That’s how we do. So what’s going on in my tribe. Well, we’ve set up a 4 person alliance. Myself, Katie, Kyle and Quintin. We formed this alliance on Night 1, right after the tribes were formed. It was pretty obvious we should get together, we were the most social throughout the auction. Katie and I  are a team. We’re trying to keep that secret. We also know that Kyle and Q are a team, but we don’t want them to know that they’re making it that obvious. It sounds like I’m scheming, and I mean, I totally am, but I genuinely love this alliance and the people in it. We named our alliance “Eh Team”, like the A team, but with Eh, cuz 3 of us are Canadian and Katie….well she’s an honorary Canadian for this purpose. Ajdin seems cool, I chat with him quite a bit just to keep him close. Paul is just strange. He hasn’t talked to anyone individually, and he rarely speaks in the tribe chat we made. Oh well, easy first boot.

When the original tribes were being made, I was chatting with Matt, to keep him close since he was that power at the auction. We were going to work together initially, but then we made his own tribe. I totally do NOT trust him anymore. But obviously he can’t know that, so I am still keeping tabs on him. First chance I get though, he’s out.

In terms of the idol….very interesting way to earn it, never seen anything like that. But it works well. I came up with the BRILLIANT idea in our alliance to be open and honest about it. I suggested that we designate one person to do the rogue voting, that was we’re not ALL rogue voting, and we can use the idol as an alliance come a swap. I need Kyle to do the rogue voting though. If we somehow get down to the 4 of us on the tribe, and we lose, he will either need to rogue vote once more for the idol, or give up the idol to vote with Q. So that way Katie and I are free from that kind of situation.

That’s off I have for now.




thanks 4 letting me play your org it was fun when it lasted


Confessional 1: During the tribe pick my strategy was to watch what the other people were saying and how they were interacting. I knew just from what War was saying that he could be someone who would take a lot of attention I’m the early part of the game. I picked him twice purely due to the fact that I think he is going to be a loose cannon on the tribe and will be an easy voteout if needed

Confessional 2: So far everyone on my tribe seems like an alright person. I think i get along with everyone and to some degree have earned their trust. Right now the only person that I 100% trust is Anton. I think he’s a straight shooter and wants to go far with me. The thing that worries me about him though is that we’ve been on the exact same wavelength in all of our conversations. We think very similarly. I would consider myself to be a threat in this game and I would definitely think the same of Anton. Matt is another guy that I have trust in. I think Matt and I would be good allies and I think I can get closer with him than Anton can. Finally I think that Marc would also be a good ally. I just have to watch that him and Anton dont get too close because they are returning players. For Shane there’s not much there. He seems like a nice guy but he’s been distant from me and overall I think most of the tribe is already considering him to go. And War is exactly as I predicted. In the first few minutes of being in the camp he was already very out in the open and to a degree a little obnoxious. By picking him twice I think that he feels some loyalty to me but that loyalty is very shallow. If push came to shove I think War would flip tribes to whatever suits him best.




“I feel like winning the Ro shambo to have first choice on tribemate is paying off. Even though I was going to bid 100 on no matter what the next auctioned item was because I was in a rush and had to go to the store! My choice in Q was more strategic though I knew he won a different ORG I watched recently so I knew him from that but never interacted with him. When he was a no show choosing Katie next was pure luck as she had just added me as a friend and I was at a loss for who else to pick, she I guess is also a great player so I hear. She seems smart which helps this being my first ORG I wanted to align with seasoned veterans so I could learn from them. Q and myself get along great and our slogan is “day 1 pick 1″”

Confessional “we made a big boo boo on our immunity challenge we thought it was 30 questions each worth 30 points not 42 I didn’t read the rules until after the time was up I feel like I messed up by pointing it out late”










Confessional: “To be playing the game of Survivor is a dream come true. I am excited to be out here on the island and to play this game; and I’m going to be playing hard!”

Confessional: “When I was the first picked I was ecstatic! Kyle seems like a really cool guy, I think we have a lot in common. We are both Canadian, we are both huge fans of the game…but I’m just worried that if we are too much a like that he might be my greatest mental threat. I know I can outsmart anyone in this game, and I just need to keep an eye on Kyle because he knows more about me than I do about him.

Confessional: Out of the six people on our tribe, three of us are Canadian. Katie is a really nice person so we added her as well and our alliance of four has been created. I really like this group of people. I named the alliance the Eh Team and I would love to see the four of us make it to the end. But I’m on edge, if they try and vote me off of course I’ll have a backup plan. I think they are great people but I don’t trust them. Game on!

Confessional: In my family we have a family slogan. “A Philipson always repays their debts”. If you save me in this game, I’ll save you. But on the flip side; if you stab me in the back, expect a stab in return. I’m here to win the million dollars, I will do anything to win except break my family name. I will always repay my debts.


Shane’s first confessional.

Shane’s second confessional.





8.12 SCWL 8 Round 1 Tribal Council


XXX – Super Metroid

Above the X’s are each of your names in brackets. Once your name is gone from there, so are you which will be the case for one of you this round.

So let’s get to it. The first Tribal Council of the new season. I haven’t had a real chance to get to know any of you. You’ll probably want to avoid getting to know me really well, come to think of it.


1. This is the first season to have returning and new players mixed into the game. Has this had any affect on the game at all?

I think anytime you bring in new players and mix them with returning players yoy are going to impact the game. The new players are naturally look to the vets for some pointers. I think sometimes new players are quick to allign with returning players thinking they will take them under their wing…in my experience this often doesn’t work out like people think it will. As far as this game goes all the returning players were snapped up pretty quickly in the school yard pick so yeah…I think it has an imapact and will affect the game.

2. You happened to be the one to post the master list in the Aldn tribe. Do you think you are the leader of this tribe?

Hardly, lol. No I do not have any grandious ideas about being tribe leader. I made the master list in order to organize ours posts (which were becoming quite jumbled). It was getting confusing and wasn’t adding up (which is clearly why we are here now). Several players worked hard on the list…I just tried to organize it into one list. I tried to make it all pretty for you Logan.

3. What’s the criteria for this vote? Many players in this game are new to ORGs, and the game started only two days ago.

Criteria for this vote…easy to make Aldn a strong tribe. There are clearly many players that serious want to be here in this game (it shows in their efforts) and my vote will be to support those players and to keep Aldn a strong tribe that will kick ass in coming challenges.


1. You threw away all of your SCWL Points to lose a duel with Anton over fake nachos. Any speculation on what those SCWL Points from the auction will play into the future?

i have no idea.

2. You guys received news about how the hidden immunity idol is hidden on each tribe. Do you think anybody will try to cast a rogue vote tonight? Or will everyone act in the best interest of the tribe?

Nobody will cast a diff vote just to get the idol. Thats what i think

3. Speaking of what’s the best interest of the tribe. . .what do you think is in the tribe’s best interest at the moment?

Stick together, work hard!


1. What was your reaction to The Decider? Is there any speculation on what powers The Decider could have in future rounds of this game?

In an American Dad episode, Roger believed he was sent to Earth as “The Decider”, to decide the fate of the human race. This caused him to be incredibly arrogant and not follow the rules. It turned out he was just a crash test dummy who was not expected to survive the landing. So while Matt may think he is all that having the title, perhaps who ever has the title is not meant to survive their landing in the game.

2. What are some things about playing Survivor online that viewers who have never played before cannot quite grasp?

It is hard to grasp how exciting it is to play. It feels like we are on an island somewhere. Its awesome!

3. You are being forced to vote out somebody who is barely more than a mere stranger to you. Is there such a thing as voting out the correct person on day three of this game?

Well I think the best thing to do this early is vote on benefiting the tribe, as I do not want to see Logan for a while


1. You were one of the tribe captains. This is the tribe you helped create. Now that you’ve seen one challenge play out, how do you assess this tribe?

well i think its just one of them challenges

2. Do you see any relationships forming on this tribe just three days into this game? Is making relationships easier because you simply have fewer numbers compared to Survivor’s typical 9 vs. 9 format?

Yes i can see some relationships it is alot easier yes, but i can see a lot of it happening.

3. UsAl was formed with three original players from this group. Is there anybody on UsAl that you were unhappy to lose?

Well to be honest only 1 in particular and that is Shane


1. You are essentially on this tribe by default in the School Yard. After three days, do you feel you are apart of this tribe? Or are you still on the outside looking in?

I feel like im part of the tribe, it is early but I don’t feel on the outs for being picked last

2. Now let’s talk about this immunity challenge. All three tribes appeared to be on a path to a three-way tie. However, you guys were unable to get your facts straight. Do you feel the error was accidental or that there was sabotage?

Id like to think it was accidently but in games like this you never really know

3. The only person who benefitted from this error was Tina. She is immune, and conveniently sitting to your right.
Wait, that’s your left. My right. Do you think Tina will take heat for being the one who is immune, or is she on a level playing field with everyone on this tribe?

I don’t know if she will take any heat, and im not sure her playing level we havent really spoken , she was ill or something so not in the convo really when I was ….


1. Five seasons since you last played, and you came back with two other players who also had several bad breaks. Is it tough to know that the other two past players are both immune right now?

I dont mind that they are immune, doesnt really affect me

2. Do you think you bring any value as a past player in SCWL to this tribe? Because SCWL is seen as a special Survivor ORG style. Several experienced ORG Survivor players have come into this series before, and have completely floundered.

I didnt do too well the last time i played. Im hoping to change that this time. I do think I bring experience as in what kind of challenges there may be.

3. You are wearing immunity. Do you feel your vote carries more weight than the other five votes that will be cast here tonight, or is your vote just another vote?

My vote is just another vote at this point.

4. Do you think wearing individual immunity will personally hurt your game down the road?

I dont think wearing immunity hurts me. EVeryone on my tribe knows i was really sick yesterday and was in the hospital. Im not even 100% now but doing better. I plan on being very active and a team player in this org, i just had a minor setback yesterday.


When you vote, please do so in the following manner:

Private message me the following:

“VOTE: (Insert vote here)

(Insert Vote reasoning here)”


VOTE: (Logan)

REASON: Eh. He’s the most annoying person on this tribe. I for one have never liked Logan since Opening Day.

Okay. Tina is immune. You cannot vote for Tina. Everybody else is fair game. Between now and 11:59pm eastern Friday, it is time to vote.

Aldn tribe, you’re up.

**** – Phoenix Wright



My reason is I feel like he and Tina are the main reason that we lost this challenge. He did not contribute half the amount of work that the others did (well minus Tina who did nothing). Plus I know that Irv and Tina were heading up a power alliance and that had to be dismantled.


I am voting for Irv!
Reason: he is the one that i talked less with.


Its funny. You were the captain of your tribe, you create an alliance from the beginning, the 3rd tribe made the alliance more powerful since no one in it was recruited ot the new tribe, yet you get voted out first. You made your bond with Tina way too obvious, you having Tina’s answers, appearing to possibly be part of a conspiracy to get Tina Individual Immunity. You went from the top to the bottom of the totem pole in less than 3 days.


i vote 4 ANDREI

becuase we havent talked



He was being shady about showing his and tinas 7 facts


hi vote andrei

rogue vote


I have tallied the votes.

Once the votes are read, the decision is final and the person voted out will be removed from the tribe’s group page almost immediately.

I’ll read the votes.

First vote. . .
One vote Irv.
Second vote:
We’re tied. One vote Andrei, one vote Irv.
Next vote:
Two votes Irv, one vote Andrei.
Fourth vote:
We’re tied again. Two votes Irv, two votes Andrei.
Next vote:
Three votes Irv, two votes Andrei. One vote left.
Final vote:
First person voted out of SCWL 8. . .
Irv, the tribe has spoken.
It’s time for you to go.

IRV: um guys
LOGAN: Well, clearly there was a plan in mind as you had a decisive majority vote. Many of you stated here in this thread that the goal was to make the tribe stronger.

The question will be if you can succeed at this goal now that you have voted out Irv.

I’ll see you tomorrow night for your next immunity challenge. Good night.

TINA: What!?!?
TINA: Oh s–t, I read that wrong, I thought the challenge was last night and I missed it!

8.13 SCWL 8 Blog


This is perhaps my most vivid memory from Opening Day. I am all stoked to start up a new season of SCWL. It has been a while since I have been this excited for an Opening Day challenge. I post the first item of the auction and. . .
Nothing. No bets. Awkward silence permeates the group chat. Luckily this does not foreshadow things to come, but at the time I thought “uh oh. . .we’re only one minute into the game and things are not going well.”

It was probably Ian who pointed out how hilarious it was that absolutely nobody bid on the first item. Nobody wanted to budge a single SCWL Point.

Thankfully Paul got the ball rolling when The Gambler and Draft Dodger was enough for him to spend some SCWL Points. Neither item will be relevant during this season, but hey, if that’s what it takes to ignite the competition, I am all for it.


Why not? Usually in most ORGs, they have it right after the merge and one of the items is the talisman. In my series where nearly all of my items are handed out on Opening Day, it made much more sense to have the auction debut as an Opening Day challenge.


This is an idea that I thought about having almost immediately after SCWL 1 as a way for early exits to get a “proper shot”, but it never really fit when dozens of people want to play this series each season.

Once SCWL 5 was in the planning stage, I decided that having two to four returning players mixed in with newbies would not happen until after All Stars had finished. I thought this would be an ideal new staple for the second era of the series.

I can tell you right now that it worked out well enough this season that I will be doing this again for SCWL 9. There is a pool of close to fifty one-time pre-merge boots at this point, ensuring that the choices of who gets brought back will not be made by default.

For example, I reached out to only seven or eight pre-merge boots for SCWL 8. If all of them declined, I would have scrapped this twist for SCWL 8. Hence why pre-season I said “zero to four returning players will be in this game” because I did not know how many would express interest.

And I can assure you I would never go above four. We may as well be doing a lame Fans versus Favo(u)rites theme by that point.


Oh. I never saw this one coming. This was the most insulting item of them all. . .and Anton happens to be the one who claims it. Not only that but he -won- a mini duel to get it. It is the type of comedy you cannot really see coming beforehand.

I know Anton was worried in that moment if this was going to be a sign of another miserable adventure. Zero SCWL Points and zero items even before the first immunity challenge of the game.


It is always fun to see who values being in the captain’s chair. In future seasons, I may add an extra incentive to be a captain, but Kyle and Irv both stepped up to take these two spots. The only general trend with captains is that they tend to go home earlier rather than later. Clayton won as a captain in SCWL 4, but other than that captains have a tendency to not do well.


A classic opening challenge to any ORG. When I played my first ORG (a Mole game) back in 2002, our first challenge was indeed Getting to Know You.

Unlike SCWL 3 and 6 where a player quit at the end of each semi-Getting to Know You challenge, nobody quit this time.

Funniest thing about this challenge is that two players on UsAl both had the same fact regarding Magic: The Gathering. A bit of an unexpected coincidence, if you ask me.


This is something I have thought about for a while. Granting a player individual immunity for meeting specific criteria in a challenge is something I thought would be interesting to add to the game. In the past, this was only achieved in the classic Dark Knight challenge.

Here, a player had to somehow throw players off the scent by having a fact incorrectly assigned to them. If they tied for the lowest score with anybody else in the game, nobody receives the talisman. I have always liked finding ways in SCWL to combine The Mole and Survivor. Little games like this where something as small as an item to be safe from the first vote is interesting to see how far people will go to obtain it.

The trust of two tribes was tested and passed. One tribe was tested and did not. Neither Tina nor Irv submitted confessionals about what happened, but I will be sure to ask both of them in their exit interviews (yes, each player will be sent an exit interview the day after their episode is posted), and find out what happened there.

Because something very suspicious happened for Irv to have six facts and Tina to have four. A sabotage like this essentially requires two people to make it happen. The only problem is that one person will not receive the talisman, and thus be implicated in the whole scandal. Tina took the talisman, and Irv is now playing defense.

But will we really have yet another captain get voted out in their first trip to Tribal Council?


Going backwards a bit, but whatever. Matt is our first contestant to be a sibling of a previous SCWL contestant. You can definitely tell these two are siblings because both play an equally aggressive game. I was impressed by how Matt swooped in and snagged up The Decider.

I am curious how much being Rudez’s brother played into his game, or anyone else’s game for that matter. Merks is not exactly an easy last name to hide in SCWL, and playing a lot like Rudez probably raised some red flags right out of the gate.

And that probably happened the second Matt chose to have three tribes. Would you have chosen to have three tribes or keep everyone happy by having two tribes? Because absolutely no one has had enough time to analyze where they stand in either of the two tribes yet.

But Matt made the decision to split the game up, and create the third tribe. I personally feel the three tribes that were formed were more interesting than the two we had. As I found out a round later, there would have been a very solid alliance on Pusa if not for Matt splitting some of them up. I also think that Pusa would have been close to sweeping all of the challenges against the nine that Aldn would have had.

Mtt’s decision means that SCWL 5 is the last season to feature a pre-merge phase with just two tribes all the way through.

Spoiler alert: SCWL 9 will have two tribes.

The three tribes were all very distinct in my mind. I identified with UsAl who all did not really know each other, but all be intense players. Pusa I thought would be strong and established a clear pecking order. Aldn I thought would be level-headed and have a steady game.

I was curious to see which configuration would ultimately prevail. The only player I thought was in trouble after Opening Day was Shane. He was on a different wavelength than the rest of UsAl.


Not much else to comment on for the first round. We may as well get to Tribal Council. Again, Aldn was very quiet. I knew Allan and Ian would bond.  I knew Irv and Tina must have bonded. Andrei and Susan were mysterious to me.

Well, I assumed Irv and Tina bonded but they did not really communicate on the first vote. The rogue vote idol requirements for this season are tougher given there is a smaller group, but three rogue votes means you’ve got the hidden immunity idol. Tina went straight for it by voting Andrei. However, Irv voted for Andrei too.

I did not hear much from Tina and Irv early on in the game which leaves their voting strategy and alliance an overall mystery.

It became clear that Susan, Allan, and Ian were a trio by the end of Tribal Council. The only issue that could threaten that trio is if Susan fades in this game. They were on the same page in terms of who they thought was worthy of staying and who was not trustworthy. Tina would have solidifed the curse of SCWL 3 as she was perceived to be the most inactive, but because of the talisman, the not-so-trustworthy Irv was the appropriate target. Andrei hops on board. It was an overall quiet opening Tribal Council. Perhaps the quietest opener we have had.

Tina’s unfortunate health issues put her at a disadvantage for round one. If she does not use this one round of safety to help herself climb from the bottom, we could very well see her be the next to go.

My last observation regarding the three tribes is that I found Pusa and UsAl overall having more fun together than Aldn.

I think that about covers it for episode one. As I said, the beginning of this game may not be the most exciting, and as you can see my boot list predictions each episode it will remain fairly predictable. However, we have A LOT of exciting moments to get to this season.


Yes, a captain is first voted out once more. I liked Irv as he clearly had his own independent agenda. He had an important role in this game, albeit a rather short one.

8.14 SCWL 8 Boot List Prediction and Fantasy Pool

1. Allan Baldridge [ALDN]
2. Erik Ward [PUSA]
3. Kyle Minault [PUSA]
4. Marc Oriol [UsAl]
5. Katie Overbey [PUSA]
6. Shane Taylor [UsAl]
7. Andrei Valentin [ALDN]
8. Ian Miller [ALDN]
9. Quintin Philipson [PUSA]
10. Matt Merks [UsAl]
11. Anton Hirsch [UsAl]
12. Tina Warren [ALDN]
13. Paul Carby [PUSA]
14. “War” Iour [UsAl]
15. Ajdin Kursumlic [PUSA]
16. Irv Schultz [ALDN]
17. Susan Komosa [ALDN]
18. John Radich [UsAl]

1. Allan Baldridge [ALDN]
2. Andrei Valentin [ALDN]
3. Quintin Philipson [PUSA]
4. Tina Warren [ALDN]
5. Ian Miller [ALDN]
6. Ajdin Kursumlic [PUSA]
7. Marc Oriol [UsAl]
8. John Radich [UsAl]
9. Erik Ward [PUSA]
10. Paul Carby [PUSA]
11. Irv Schultz [ALDN]
12. Matt Merks [UsAl]
13. Anton Hirsch [UsAl]
14. Katie Overbey [PUSA]
15. Shane Taylor [UsAl]
16. Kyle Minault [PUSA]
17. “War” Iour [UsAl]
18. Susan Komosa [ALDN]

1. Quintin Philipson [PUSA]
2. Katie Overbey [PUSA]
3. Allan Baldridge [ALDN]
4. Marc Oriol [UsAl]
5. Anton Hirsch [UsAl]
6. Erik Ward [PUSA]
7. Susan Komosa [ALDN]
8. Andrei Valentin [ALDN]
9. John Radich [UsAl]
10. Kyle Minault [PUSA]
11. Irv Schultz [ALDN]
12. Matt Merks [UsAl]
13. Ajdin Kursumlic [PUSA]
14. Paul Carby [PUSA]
15. Ian Miller [ALDN]
16. Shane Taylor [UsAl]
17. Tina Warren [ALDN]
“always seems to teeter on inactive. So her reputation may get her ”
18. “War” Iour [UsAl]
“he has a lot to overcome on a very small tribe. I hope he can but I’m not initially optimistic”

1. Katie Overbey [PUSA]
“She is a beautiful female on an all male tribe, I think she can get together a strong bond with each male and this will lead too her being the leader of and shot caller for most of the game. The tribe is also very challenge dominantor orientated,  I don’t see them losing. ”

2. Erik Ward [PUSA]
“I forsee this being katies number 1 ally and both are very strong in comps,  im calling it now this is the final 2 of the season. ”

3. Quintin Philipson [PUSA]
“I played a game with him in which he won. He played an outstanding social game as well as winning a bunch of competitions. I just know katie can beat him in the final challenge.  She could throw it knowing both would take her, here is the only other combo for f2. ”

4. Kyle Minault [PUSA]
“Is prolly gonna be the strong along loyal blind ally to the game.  Someone who will have a chance to make a big move but his heart will out wiegh his brain and he cant make the correct move. He isnt nearly as strong as the other 3, i don’t like the odds and i think the final 3 will be Katie, Erik,  and Q. ”

5. Allan Baldridge [ALDN]
“Villain, and not a bad one,  so i see hm making the right flip at the right time to gain him a few more spots to 5 but no higher he can go without immunity. ”

6. Susan Komosa [ALDN]
“I really wanna see her do well, I hope she emerges a different game play here, more aggressive, less trusting and trys to go with allan and hitch on the power 4.”

7. Tina Warren [ALDN]
“Is usually loyal to katie, she may suck but she will go far.”

8. Irv Schultz [ALDN]
“See above”

9. Ian Miller [ALDN]
“Dont know anything about this character but hes on the second best tribe so he will go far but fall to a strong four loyal. He will play great tho i just forsed that.”

10. Ajdin Kursumlic [PUSA]
“If they only lose one challenge and vote out ”

11. Anton Hirsch [UsAl]
“Anton will make a couple moves buy will fall to his sh–ty tribe”

12. Marc Oriol [UsAl]
“Marc will be loyal to the main guy never makes moves.”

13. Paul Carby [PUSA]
“Paul carby- No back bone,  terrible shot caller”

14. Matt Merks [UsAl]
15. Shane Taylor [UsAl]
16. Andrei Valentin [ALDN]
17. John Radich [UsAl]
18. “War” Iour [UsAl]

1. Matt Merks [UsAl]
2. Quintin Philipson [PUSA]
3. Ian Miller [ALDN]
4. Kyle Minault [PUSA]
5. Irv Schultz [ALDN]
6. Allan Baldridge [ALDN]
7. Tina Warren [ALDN]
8. Erik Ward [PUSA]
9. Anton Hirsch [UsAl]
10. Andrei Valentin [ALDN]
11. “War” Iour [UsAl]
12. Katie Overbey [PUSA]
13. Marc Oriol [UsAl]
14. John Radich [UsAl]
15. Shane Taylor [UsAl]
16. Paul Carby [PUSA]
17. Ajdin Kursumlic [PUSA]
18. Susan Komosa [ALDN]

1. Ajdin Kursumlic [PUSA]
2. Erik Ward [PUSA]
3. Katie Overbey [PUSA]
4. Kyle Minault [PUSA]
5. Paul Carby [PUSA]
6. Quintin Philipson [PUSA]
7. Allan Baldridge [ALDN]
8. Andrei Valentin [ALDN]
9. Ian Miller [ALDN]
10. Irv Schultz [ALDN]
11. Susan Komosa [ALDN]
12. Tina Warren [ALDN]
13. Anton Hirsch [UsAl]
14. John Radich [UsAl]
15. Marc Oriol [UsAl]
16. Matt Merks [UsAl]
17. Shane Taylor [UsAl]
18. “War” Iour [UsAl]

1. Katie Overbey [PUSA]
2. Allan Baldridge [ALDN]
3. Anton Hirsch [UsAl]
4. Erik Ward [PUSA]
5. Ian Miller [ALDN]
6. Marc Oriol [UsAl]
7. Kyle Minault [PUSA]
8. Susan Komosa [ALDN]
9. Matt Merks [UsAl]
10. Quintin Philipson [PUSA]
11. Tina Warren [ALDN]
12. John Radich [UsAl]
13. Paul Carby [PUSA]
14. Andrei Valentin [ALDN]
15. “War” Iour [UsAl]
16. Ajdin Kursumlic [PUSA]
17. Irv Schultz [ALDN]
18. Shane Taylor [UsAl]

1. Erik Ward [PUSA]
2. Katie Overbey [PUSA]
3. Allan Baldridge [ALDN]
4. Andrei Valentin [ALDN]
5. Anton Hirsch [UsAl]
6. Marc Oriol [UsAl]
7. Ian Miller [ALDN]
8. Tina Warren [ALDN]
9. John Radich [UsAl]
10. Kyle Minault [PUSA]
11. Paul Carby [PUSA]
12. Quintin Philipson [PUSA]
13. Susan Komosa [ALDN]
14. Irv Schultz [ALDN]
15. Matt Merks [UsAl]
16. Ajdin Kursumlic [PUSA]
17. Shane Taylor [UsAl]
18. “War” Iour [UsAl]


17: TINA
14: PAUL
11: IAN
10: KYLE

8.15 SCWL 8 Next Time on SCWL. . .

– With the talisman and trust in her already gone, Tina finds herself in a familiar position–needing to win a tribal immunity challenge to survive. But with the SCWL 3 curse in the air, will she ever experience a tribal immunity win?
– UsAl’s harmony is disrupted when one player considers quitting the game.
– And one of the quietest players in the game thus far will lead their tribe to victory. . .
– . . .And the losers may suffer as a miscommunication potentially sends them to Tribal Council.

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