Adam & Bethany Like Bait Challenge


Are you tired of seeing the same repetitive post about Adam & Bethany expecting a child? Or how much of an inspiration they are?

adam bethany

Or how your hilarious and thoughtful posts only get one Favourite on Twitter or two lousy upvotes on Reddit, then some casual fan brags about their Adam & Bethany fandom and instantly receives over one hundred Likes on Facebook?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, turn that frown upside-down because I have a wonderful game for you.

It is called the Adam & Bethany Like Bait Challenge!

The game is simple, really. You post an over-the-top comment about how much you LOVE Adam & Bethany. You can use any social media platform of your choosing, but the goal is that your voice needs to be heard and it deserves the recognition from the fan community. Of course, a big response does not result in any special awards or monetary prize.

This is strictly for the love of the game.

Points system are as follows:

1 point per Like
1 point per Upvote
1 point per Re-Tweet
1 point per Favourite

-100 points if you directly tweet to Bethany or posted on any of her fan pages.

3 points for each TAR alumni that Likes, Upvotes, Re-Tweets, or Favourites it.
10 points if one of the producers of TAR Likes, Upvotes, Re-Tweets, or Favourites it.

x2 score multiplier if you use “Adam & Bethany!!!!1111” in your post.
x2.5 score multiplier if you use “Adam & Bethany!!!!11111oneone” in your post.
x3 score multiplier if you use ridiculous hashtags such as #AandBChallenge or #OhEmGeezles

Which, according to Urban Dictionary, is a word you say when so many words come out at once because you are excited.
-x5 score multiplier if you cyberbully or insult Adam & Bethany in any way. That isn’t the point of the comedic value for this game. -_-

So c’mon folks. Why in the world would you let reality TV fans make you upset? Turn a negative into a positive, and improve whatever lousy mid-April funk you are experiencing.

Feel free to post a link to any high score you feel you have achieved in the comments down below.

A and B Challenge

Why, I’ve already attempted getting a head start on it!

This is the most inspiring Like Baiting challenge ever attempted on social media.

Good luck!

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One Response to Adam & Bethany Like Bait Challenge

  1. polisi25 says:

    Ok, here I go. Adam & Bethany are so amazing that an invisible arm is guiding them to their everyday lives. #LoveAdam&Bethany #IDon’tActuallyWatchSeason25 #I’mHereBecauseI’mRecappingAmazingRaceChinaRushSeason3SoPleaseFollowMyBlogForAWhile.

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