The Amazing Race Put on Hiatus Indefinitely

Well, if you were hoping to tune into The Amazing Race after a three week break due to March Madness, you may be waiting a bit longer.

EW reported earlier today that the editors of the popular hit show had elected to go on strike due to ongoing conflicts with production. It is rumoured that recent attempts of unionization further escalated the conflict.

The strike is expected to last indefinitely, possibly pushing the season finale beyond its scheduled May 15th airing.

“Yeah, this is a real mess. We hope to resolve this issue quickly. We sympathize with fans who are eager to watch the rest of this landmark season, and wish to deliver that to them,” said one producer on condition of anonymity.

CBS has commented on the labour dispute, brushing it off as “ridiculous”.

The last episode, which aired on March 13th, featured teams traveling through Thailand and the elimination of Jonathan Knight, member of former popular mainstream boy band New Kids on the Block, and his partner.

Other members of the reality television community have spoken about the issue, including reality podcasting mogul, Rob “The Rub” Chesternino on his latest podcast.

“Yeah. This year marks a real turning point. A few months ago Survivor editors went through the same thing with SEG. It could really usher in a new era”, Rob stated on last week’s podcast as reported by Reality Blurry.

Whatever the future holds for The Amazing Race remains uncertain. The move to Fridays starting with The Amazing Race 25 was made because of declining ratings. Factor in that this program that has been on for more than a decade, and one may think it will soon be time for The Amazing Race to ride off into the sunset.

Unfortunately, its editors may ride off with it  months earlier than what we were all expecting, and ultimately leave the viewers hanging.




Well, I won’t be online again until well in the evening, so here we are with another April Fool’s Day.

I can pretty much guarantee you that this is probably one of my mother’s favourite days of the year. She always took pride in whenever she successfully tricked or fooled anybody on this day. Her side of the family has a long history of playing games and fun tricks well beyond April 1st. I s’pose if I were to blame anybody for embracing this unofficial holiday, blame it on my mother’s side of the family.

It probably explains why her side of the family has always been close over all these decades. There is just something about comedy that always brings people together. It never ceases to amaze me. I am not sure if it dates back to making the best of what little they had growing up on the farm, but it certainly contributed to it.

I think the best part about April 1st, particularly in Canada, is that it makes up for a dark and dreary winter (although I know some places are still buried in snow–spring will come soon enough for you!).

So be happy, be merry, and let today’s celebration of comedy be a reminder that treating others with a positive energy and friendliness will always come full circle.

And uh, please don’t be too cruel today, would you? Today ain’t the day for gross and obscene acts. This is the unofficial Family Day origin before it became some random provincial holiday in the middle of February because Valentine’s Day was not enough.

Thank you, and have a pleasant day. 🙂

Wait, did I just use a smilie?

P.S. Whatever act of foolery or trickery you pull on your friends and family, please follow it up with an act of kindness for them being a good sport, yes?

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2 Responses to The Amazing Race Put on Hiatus Indefinitely

  1. G-Snuffles says:

    Wait- is this an April fools thing?
    I can’t find this online anywhere.

  2. Gabriel Snuffles says:

    Ok- I am officially an idiot. I was reading this on my e-mail subscription, which only shows part of the post. It cut it off at “and ultimately leave the viewers hanging.”
    I forgot my e-mail doesn’t show me the full post.
    Sorry for being such an idiot.

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