The Amazing Race Asia All Teams Ranked


Fairly self-explanatory. All forty teams are ranked. In contrast to my Rank the Teams that I do for each individual season, I rank all of the teams in a series as a whole. Here you will find all forty teams who competed on TAR Asia compiled into a single list.


Seventeen out of eighty contestants are models.
Five are actors.
Eight are actresses.

Therefore, thirty out of eighty contestants total are either actors or models.

40) Isaac Hong & William Hong – 9th place – TAR Asia 3 – 7.5 average

Out of all forty spots on this list, this was by far the easiest decision. Nobody deserves to be dead last in this than Isaac & William.

I was trying to think of all forty teams who played in TAR Asia while blogging the South Korea round a few weeks ago. Earlier that day I remembered thirty-nine out of forty teams. As I was blogging the episode I typed the words “it’s interesting that they never had a Korean team in TAR Asia”.

The next day I Google’d who I was missing out of frustration, and realized it was Korean duo Isaac & William.

No team in TAR history has a less edited intro shot. Usually every team has a couple of cuts, and even multiple locations.

Not Isaac & William. They stand in a single spot as Isaac kicks up a soccer ball and looks at the camera. All in a single shot.

isaac william intro

How underedited were there during their two-round stint? Well, they were eliminated in the longest episode in TAR Asia history (eighty minutes of airtime). However, they were shown less than even forty-five minute episodes as they were given zero storyline whatsoever. How boring do you have to be for editors to give up on giving you a storyline in a marathon length episode? That takes true skill.

My theory is that producers cast nine out of the ten teams for TAR Asia 3, and casting panicked saying “we need a Korean team”, and the first folder on top of their Korea pile had Isaac & William’s audition tape inside of it. With two minutes to go before casting agents had to submit a team to their bosses, they rushed Isaac & William’s application and processed it through.

Out of the 300+ teams to be cast in all English-speaking seasons of TAR in history, I would listen to an argument that Isaac & William are contenders for the most boring personalities to be cast for the race.

william hung

P.S. No, that is not the same William Hong who appeared on American Idol and sang ‘She Bangs’.

39) Edwin Lo & Monica Lo – 10th place – TAR Asia 2 – 10.0 average

The first of two teams to finish dead last in the opening two rounds of a season. I never thought Yani & Nadine would match this feat two seasons later in the Asia series.

manila edwin monica

Monica is perhaps the physically weakest contestant I have ever seen; Edwin did not have much of a fire burning inside of him, but did well when he had a Roadblock to himself. I would venture a guess that all of the time they spent living in Canada made him too soft for competition.

edwin monica intro 3

And no, they were not married nor siblings. I know how confusing it is because they share the same last name. Apparently Lo is a popular last name in Cantonese.

I am curious how long it took before they realized that they were doomed in the race. Was it within the first five minutes of running around Singapore and having zero sense of direction? That would be my guess.

singapore monica 2

38) Daichi Kawashima & Sawaka Kawashima – TAR Asia 2 – 7th place –  5.83 average

A compelling story pre-season where Daichi discusses having a secret marriage to a Mexican woman made them an intriguing team.

But that is where the intrigue stopped. Sure, Sawaka sang a bit, and they rallied to win a leg in their homeland, but that was it.

busan sawaka kawashima 2

They’re so freakin’ quiet. These are people I would not associate with being uber competitive, nor having much of a desire to be on television. What the heck did they have against Ann & Diane, anyway?

In short, their quiet and introverted nature stopped them from asking locals for help, and ultimately kept them in the back of the pack for nearly the whole race.

rotorua sawaka kawashima 2

Nice people, though. Perhaps Sawaka will counter by secretly marrying a Danish fellow.

37) Pailin Rungratanasunthorn & Natalie Glebova – TAR Asia 3 – 8th place – 6.33 team average

If I ranked this team as two separate individuals, I would put them in very different spots on this list.

However, this is a -team- ranking. Win as a team, lose as a team, and boy, Pailin really loses out on this ranking because of this.

At the beginning I thought they were going to be rather strong. They made a big impression by blasting through the gross food challenge, and were clinging to the top of the rankings.

thailand pailin natalie 5

That reputation would take a drastic turn when the Vietnam super leg and resting in airports would break Natalie’s spirit. That may be a candidate for the quickest case of burnout in TAR history.

vietnam pailin natalie

From this point forward, Natalie would sabotage her own team. This concluded with Natalie taking a four hour penalty on a fairly straightforward Roadblock.

hue pailin natalie 6

It’s too bad because I thought they would be a fun team. They had amusing interactions, but Natalie’s attitude will tragically be the lasting impression for this team.

vietnam natalie

36) Neena Rai & Amit Rai – TAR Asia 3 – 10th place – 10.0 team average

I decided not to emphasize the ‘potential’ category as much this time. Likeable, but screwed by taxis. Sadly this is all it takes to be the first team eliminated from TAR.

A rare duo due to the fact that they are cousins of different genders.

thailand neena amit 5

35) Sahil Shroff & Prashant Sachdev – TAR Asia 1 – 8th place – 5.4 team average

They had funny accents, but that is not a particularly distinguishing trait if you know anything about TAR Asia.

They would be the first of three all-male teams from India who would be absolutely clobbered by the TAR Asia franchise. Their peaks in performance was snagging the Fast Forward in round two, and being the first to pass the near-impossible sand digging task in round three.

sahil hitchhike

Their unbelievable streak of choosing three or four private cars during round five, even after Melody & Sharon warned them about the rule, was perhaps the most blatant case of rule-breaking in a long time.

sahil prashant ride

This broken rule would lead to their hilarious reaction at the pit stop when they were eliminated due to the time penalty, and stated “we bet the other teams are relieved because we knew we would have beat them. We’re the better team”.

I stand by my stance that they are the Asian Robb Zbacnik.

34) Brett Money & Kinaryoshih – TAR Asia 2 – 9th place – 6.33 team average

Yes, Kinar’s scream and Brett’s resemblance to Richard Hardin and Joseph Gordon Levitt is all that I remember of them.

brett kinar intro 4

They struggled with most tasks and were horrible once they were exposed to self-drive legs.


My blog archives a random sample of search terms that users enter to reach my blog, and if I had nickel for every creepy term that people have entered to search for Kinaryoshih. . .I’d be a rich man.

manila brett kinar 2

It is for this very reason that I try to avoid referencing Brett & Kinar anymore. Some people out there are looking in the wrong place. All you’re going to find here is a Canadian competitive reality TV nerd analyzing his favourite competitions. Sorry.

auckland brett kinar 3

33) Alan Luk & Wendy Lee – TAR Asia 4 – 9th place – 7.25 team average

If this were a list of The Bickering Couples Ranking of TAR, Alan & Wendy would be much higher.

This is the first jump in terms of teams being memorable from TAR Asia. As Mike Bloom would say, we are “above the Ashlee Ashby Line”. Maybe this is recency bias talking, but I think Alan & Wendy were a bit more memorable by bickering couple standards.

asia alan wendy 4

If there was one racer who is the furthest away from speaking fluent English in TAR history, Alan would be a contender. This made for some unintentional comedy.

Overall, this team was consistent in terms of bad decisions and were doomed to be a weak team. I doubt their relationship lasted long after the race.

kota kinabalu alan wendy

They were decent as minor characters, but you would be crazy to think they could carry a season on their own. Well, provided that they could improve their TAR skills enough to ensure they had a chance of making a deep run in the race.

If only they knew to choose an express bus or learn how to sew in a speedy manner.

P.S. I do think Wendy would have chosen a different partner if invited back for another season. She wasn’t joking.
galle alan wendy 8

32) Yani Hidranto & Nadine Zamira – TAR Asia 4 – 10th place – 10.0 team average

Out of all of the teams to never see a placement better than dead last, and one of only two teams to date to finish dead last in each of the first two rounds, Yani & Nadine had a fairly raw deal.

The Marked for Elimination penalty at the end of the first round essentially screwed them for round two. Well, actually, it was also the ridiculous automatic four hour penalty if a player could not complete the Roadblock within the ten minute time limit.
It was the combination of these two penalties which led to Hussein & Natasha miraculously surviving a tenth place finish.

And yes, Nadine does suck at finding her teammate on a yacht. How the heck did she get lost for so long that Hussein & Natasha passed her?

asia nadine zamira

A bit depressing that they went early simply because I could watch Yani trying to touch a snake on a repeated loop.

kota kinabalu yani hidranto 3

But hey, you cannot rely back-to-back 10th place finishes entirely on bad luck. You definitely have to take some responsibility for it, or I may as well call them something ridiculous like the 24th greatest team of all-time.
lisa sao paulo 1

I hate vultures.

P.S. Nadine has her own Wikipedia page. Kinaryoshih is not the only TAR Asia racer of Indonesian descent to accomplish this feat.

31) Hussein Sutadisastra & Natasha Sutadisastra – TAR Asia 4 – 3rd place – 4.64 team average

Ah. The last time I get to rant about Hussein.

In short, he is a nice guy, a funny guy, a person who knows how to sew. . .but terrible for The Amazing Race.

Every few seasons there is that one team who manages to barely get by in nearly every round not so much because of their own strengths but because of the blunders of others.

There were four five separate rounds where Hussein & Natasha would have been eliminated 95% of the time, but everything went their way. Heck, they were even the favourites to win as we were a quarter of the way through the final round.

brisbane natasha sutadisastra 2

Finally the lucky breaks stopped as Hussein & Natasha suffered a four hour penalty as Hussein opted out of a task for the third time this season. This was the second time overall where he was alone in taking a four hour penalty.

singapore hussein natasha 20

They may be the only father-daughter team in TAR Asia history, but one cannot help but wonder how things would have gone if Natasha had a different partner.

Just like Yani touching a snake, I get an endless amount of entertainment from watching Hussein fall from the Sri Lankan rope course.

galle hussein baron 6


P.S. Yes, Natasha is perfectly capable of counting her own local currency, Hussein. No matter how musty the notes are.

30) Sam Wu & Vince Chung – TAR Asia 3 – 1st place – 2.45 team average

Should they rank higher? Probably.

This is what it would be like if Hussein won TAR Asia. Sam quit the penultimate Roadblock despite being ten feet away from finishing. He and Vince started the final leg hours and hours and hours behind. An equalizer followed by an excellent cab propelled Sam & Vince to a last second victory. It did not help that the final destination city was short to the extent that Ida & Tania were closing the gap, but simply ran out of time.

Despite being funny people, Sam & Vince received a humourless and flat edit. I am not sure if the pressures of the race distracted them from their comedic roots, but out of the top one hundred and fifteen funniest moments in TAR Asia history, I am not sure if they even make it onto the list.

finish sam camel 4

Well, unless it is Sam being dragged by a camel. Forgot about that.

Let’s not forget that their lucky run started much earlier in the season. TAR Asia 3 was coined “Toughest Race Ever” repeatedly, which really meant that there would be variations of the TAR 6 haybales task. Sam & Vince were always the ones who finished these haybale-esque tasks much earlier than everyone else.

oman vince sam 6

I feel bad for Sam & Vince. They are not bad people by any means. It is just that there were other teams who had to put up with so much more crap than they did, but still lost.

taipei vince sam 4

No matter who you are, everyone else will be annoyed with you if you act as if you are carrying Felix Felicis in your pocket 24/7.

If not for this, their position on this overall ranking would be higher.

29) Niroo Asrani & Kapil Asrani – TAR Asia 3 – 7th place – 6.75 team average

Wow. Father Niroo was the mactor in this duo? It explains why he came off as a greater diva than Kapil, I s’pose.

In all four seasons of TAR Asia, I will never forget the moment where Niroo & Kapil’s taxi driver during the first round tried to gas up on the way to the pit stop, and nearly fell as the gas pump could not quite reach the vehicle. You show me a screencap of that and I’ll laugh every time.

vietnam niroo

I’ll also laugh at the cut of Niroo’s shirt. If he hadn’t shaved his chest, it would have exposed about two hundred too many chest hairs. That would have been an image burned into my memory forever. Traumatic, some would say.

Season three of TAR Asia was truly a showdown of who would quit first: Niroo & Kapil or Natalie. These three individuals all hated the race equally, and both were ready to throw in the towel by the end of round two.

taiwan niroo kapil 9

Perhaps Natalie being eliminated earlier worked out better in the long run because then we would not have Niroo & Kapil’s ridiculous blowup in Taiwan. If you thought Adrian & Collin struggled with operating ignitions, just check out Niroo & Kapil’s experience with their car.

r kelly

Maybe they should have asked R. Kelly how to put the key in the ignition.

They may have been entertaining, but their poor racing abilities and lack of race spirit drags down their ranking. Yes, they were good at finding flights, but that only takes you so far. Especially in later seasons where it is nearly impossible to gain a big lead with airport negotiation skills.

I also dragged down their rating for quitting the tofu task in Taiwan, and for being a producer’s nightmare as they screamed at producers that they were quitting the race because of something that was their own fault.

thailand kapil asrani

natalie spooner

Only to be outdone by Meaghan in TAR Canada 2.

In short, the only father-son team to act like prototypical divas until we reach TAR 24. A rare archetype to be repeated, I know.

28) Melody Chen & Sharon Wong – TAR Asia 1. . .and TAR 25 – 7th place – 5.0 team average

amazing race melody chen

Yeah, I am still under the impression that these two are in their 40s. Sharon (or is it Melody?) will always be impressive with their performance at the infamous Bali beach task. She continued fighting after several teams agreed to take the penalty. She found it in the freakin’ dark.

melody dig 2

They did well in the beginning, but they certainly lacked a sense of direction as they frequently fell to the back of the pack. They were saved once by Sahil & Prashant’s foolery, and would have been saved twice if producers had decided to assess Andy & Laura’s speeding penalty for the current leg (146 kilometres per hour, and 46 kilometres speeding overall).

melody quad

If only they knew how to properly drive an ATV.

By the way, Michelle & Claire would break their record for being the lightest team ever in TAR Asia history. I bet Sandy Sydney could bench press Sharon, Melody, Michelle, and Claire simultaneously.

Sharon & Melody’s perseverance and kung fu-ness sets them apart from the teams ranked lower on this list.

melody sharon kung fu

Heel! Knee! Groin!

27) Howard Bicknell & Sahran Abeysundara – TAR Asia 1 – 6th place – 4.88 team average

howard sahran 3rd

These guys won a leg? Really?

I give them a bit more credit than in my original rankings. Howard’s forfeiture during the shark task was not so much a forfeit as being too ill to do an underwater task. I know what it’s like to go swimming underwater when you have a cold.

howard lose

And I think it was brave of Sahran to be willing to do heights related tasks when he has deep-rooted childhood trauma. Oddly enough, that stemmed from the same coconut tree in Sri Lanka where Hussein fell.

sahran cry

They also had a surprising comedic element to them.

I am not saying they are a particularly great team, but hey, they stuck out the Bali digging task just like Melody & Sharon did. The other two teams who completed it, Sahil & Prashant and Sandy & Francesca, were lucky to find it a bit earlier.

Overall, I think they are good as minor characters, and finished in the appropriate spot for the season. They are just below the top half in terms of where they finished in their season, and that is exactly where they finish in this rankings list.

sahran gorilla

26) Ernie Lopez & Jeena Lopez – TAR Asia 1 – 10th place – 6.0 team average

These two are now divorced. Also, I forgot how creepy Ernie was.

“We met climbing walls when she owned her own rock climbing company, and now we climb each other!”

ernie slap

Oh, and the whole domestic abuse in the intro where Ernie slaps Jeena at a Filipino shopping mall. Who slaps each other in the intro? Is he challenging her to a duel?

They came out of the gate really strong with a second place finish in the opening leg. However, they made the critical mistake of going for the Fast Forward when plenty of weaker teams were still in the race, and they happened to choke on the Detour task. An unnecessary risk combined with a minor error would send them home in an early upset.

For being the first team eliminated in TAR Asia history, this shocked all other teams in the competition. Not shocking would be next season when Edwin & Monica would be first out of the race.

In short, risky gameplay can backfire on strong teams early on in the season. I wonder why producers chose to have one of only two Fast Forwards to take place as early as round two?

And how sad is it that Ernie & Jeena lost a head-to-head battle with Sahil & Prashant of all people?

gina ernie

If not for the Fast Forward, Ernie & Jeena would have probably won this season, and I doubt that is any sort of exaggeration on my part.

25) Manas Katyal & Sahil Banga – TAR Asia 4 – 8th place – 7.0 team average

An alpha male team who continued the trend of useless all-male East Indian teams in TAR history, but did so by being one hundred percent hilarious and zero percent annoying?

kota kinabalu manas sahil 3

In contrast to many of the early boots, Manas & Sahil were a great comedic presence. I must admit I feel bad that the other teams repeatedly made fun of them in confessionals.

sri lanka manas sahil 5

One of them competed on India’s version of The Bachelor, and finished runner-up. He admitted to looking for love on the race, but absolutely none of the women were interested in him. Depressing.

Not only did teams put them down, but so did the locals. Remember when they begged the other teams for money to help pay for their own cab because the driver complained to producers that Manas & Sahil refused to pay the suspicious cab fare?

legazpi manas sahil 6

Remember when they misunderstood the pinata task, and instead of swinging at the target like in 99.99% of all pinata games, Manas just throws the club as far as he possibly can?


legazpi manas katyal 3

Or Sahil shaving his head to give himself good luck per India’s customs, but be eliminated in the same round?


I guess they were given good luck because an Intersection right before the end of the leg allowed them to catch up to Hussein & Natasha, but Natasha would receive last second good fortune by finding the clue before Sahil, and beating Manas & Sahil anway.

Someone needs to take pity on Manas & Sahil in the TAR Asia franchise, and I have appointed myself to be that person.

legazpi manas sahil 5

24) Sunaina Guila & Dimple Inamdar – TAR Asia 4 – 6th place – 3.875 team average

Once again, this ranking is about ninety percent Sunaina and ten percent Dimple.

Dimple’s ten percent contribution drags down this team. What did we learn about her? She sucks at driving, and is a better acrobat than Hussein?

Sunaina & Dimple may be a part of the only rivalry of the season, but they were not even responsible for starting the feud. Just like how Voldemort marked Harry as his equal. Harry had nothing to do with starting that rivalry, it was all Voldemort.

invercargill sunaina dimple

Yes, I compared Michelle & Claire to Voldemort, and Sunaina & Dimple to Harry Potter.

This rivalry contributed to one of few dramatic storylines that occurred throughout the season. Sunaina & Dimple should be awarded credit for embracing it, and always trying to even the score with Michelle & Claire.

sydney sunaina guila 5

Sunaina was fairly entertaining in confessionals; she was even more entertaining when put on skis.

Lastly, they were fairly strong during the first half of the season. They were the first team EVER to survive being U-Turned. It’s too bad they had to drive three hours in the wrong direction, and suffer defeat at the hands of a severely fatigued Hussein & Natasha who were convinced they were out.

Because they made us put up with Hussein & Natasha for three more rounds, I feel compelled to drop Sunaina & Dimple’s ranking.

sydney sunaina guila

Healthy? Yes.

Hungry? Yes.

Retiring from skiing? Yes.

Tired? No.

P.S. Yes, this ranking appears to contradict as to how I ranked Pailin & Natalie. But Pailin is essentially the Dimple of that team. Nobody remembers Pailin’s great racing abilities, but forever remembers Natalie’s atrociousness.

23) Diane Douglas & Ann Tan – TAR Asia 2 – 4th place – 3.75 team average

ann diane intro 3

Ah, the MILFinators. Usually teams who are middle-aged female friends or middle-aged male friends tend to have personalities which are relatively the same.

Ann & Diane do not fit into that category.

ann diane intro 7

(Did you just tilt your head? I bet you did.)

Diane is aggressive, cruel, and charges into everything in sight.
Ann is like the baboon from The Lion King (Rafiki?). She frequently meditates, possesses an odd sense of humour, possesses agility, but does not possess a mean-spirited bone in her body. She is tricky but does it with kindness.

philippines diane ann

I enjoyed this dichotomy. This made them a true threat during the game. Why, they won a leg! Oh right. I elected to not count the equalizer two seconds before the Fukuoka pit stop as a true pit stop.

It has been a year since I blogged about TAR Asia 2, but yet I have not received an explanation for why teams disliked Ann & Diane since the beginning. I mean, how the heck does Daichi & Sawaka get angry enough to put together an alliance to eliminate Ann & Diane?

manila diane ann 2

Overall, they proved to be a rather strong team. Yes, they have an average of 3.75, but that is impressive when you consider that Marc & Rovilson and Adrian & Collin were two of the other three teams with them in the Final Four.

I would rank them higher, but c’mon. Please break the female stereotype of not being able to drive a manual transmission, and could have showed a bit more personality at times.

But then again that would go against what made Ann & Diane unique.

P.S. Who knew they would provide information which states that elephant dung smells better than human baby dung?

budapest diane ann 5

22) Henry Chan  & Bunn-Eh Chan – TAR Asia 3 – 2.75 team average

Heeeey Bunn-Ehhhhh.

Why are they number twenty-two?

hue henry bernie 7

Okay, that put them at #23.

I bumped them up to #22 because they were a really freakin’ strong team to be hit with a bit of bad luck. Supposedly Bunn-Eh is a big celebrity in whichever country she currently lives, and Henry continues his practice of being a chef.

india bernie

But seriously. . .
hue henry bernie 6


This makes Niroo, Kapil, and Natalie look like a bunch of big babies.

hue bernie

21) Sandy Sydney & Francesca Etzdorf – TAR Asia 1 – 2nd place – 3.77 team average

Have you caught onto the current theme for this stretch? Teams who were strong but not entirely dynamic are grouped in here.

Francesca was a great speaker, and Sandy was good for the odd quote in confessionals.

Nearly two years later, and I must say that Sandy still holds the record for the physically strongest person to be cast on The Amazing Race. Nobody is remotely close to Sandy. Watch him cracking coconuts and digging into sand with a shovel.

It is crazy to think that this team holds the distinction for being the first to be saved by a Non-Elimination Leg in the opening round. Unlike Edwin & Monica and Yani & Nadine, Sandy & Francesca successfully recovered.

sandy francesca slide

They accomplished what I thank God that Maria & Tiffany were unable to do–recover to the extreme that they make it all the way to the final round.

sandy francesca

Remember that their recovery was not instantaneous. They survived round two in second-to-last because of Ernie & Jeena’s Fast Forward error.

After this round they would follow up with a series of impressive finishes. Yeah, they had to be saved by a second NEL because they suck at counting, or some mental tasks for that matter.

sandy trench

Overall, I liked them and am glad that they made a deep run into TAR Asia. However, I am also glad that they did not turn out to be the winners.

Lastly, I find it amusing that nobody expected them to use the Yield, but they did so and could nearly take credit for Andy & Laura’s elimination.

20) Aubrey Miles & Jacqueline Yu/Able Sisters – TAR Asia 1 – 9th place – 6.33 team average
surfboard rush hour
“Do YOU understand the WORDS. . .that are COMINGOUTOFMYMOUTH?!”

*Cue random light sabre stick fight in the Indonesian jungle*

able sisters

These are three huge and unique reasons that directly apply to the Able Sisters being placed in the top half of this ranking.

Yes, they decided to quit digging during the infamous Bali task, but they would have been eliminated regardless during the leg. It is too bad because they did well during the first two rounds of play.

Normally I do not put the “flirtatious archetype” this high up on rankings, but Aubrey & Jacqueline are an exception because they had some huge comedic moments as listed above.

jaclyn aubrey

I think their approach to flirting with locals was meant to be blatant to an extreme that I consider this a parody of the flirtatious edit.

Let’s not forget Aubrey would go on to play Survivor: Philippines 3 and perform quite well.

TAR Asia 1? Survivor Philippines 3? What’s next for Aubrey? Big Brother Earth 2?

I would say their back-and-forth banter with each other, and their short-lived alliance with Ernie & Jeena tend to be forgotten.

If it were up to me, I would put them higher on the list because of missed potential as memorable characters if they lasted longer, but alas I promised I would not grant potential as being a valuable stat in this overall ranking.

If you re-watch TAR Asia 1, keep your eye on Aubrey & Jacqueline for what they deliver in three short rounds. That’s all I ask.

Presuming you understand the words coming out of my mouth, obviously.

19) Geoff 26 Rodriguez & Tisha 31 Silang – TAR Asia 3 – 2nd place – 3.26 team average

finish geoff tisha 9

A Cyborgian-Australian living in the Philippines, and a Cyborgian-Canadian also living in the Philippines.

This made for an interesting pair.

Speaking of Survivor Philippines, Tisha 31 previously dated the host of Survivor Philippines. The odd crossovers do not simply end with Aubrey or Melody.

I cannot get over the fact that Geoff 26 was cast because he appeared as Marc & Rovilson’s loved one under an alias in the videos from home segment of TAR Asia 2.

Out of all the teams in TAR Asia history, Geoff 26 & Tisha 31 had a very tough road dealing with other teams and locals. Geoff 26 never played sports, but loved making sports analogies. Tisha 31 simply did not care much for the other racers, and played along with making fun of them.

Yes, Geoff 26 & Tisha 31 are a prime example of mactor casting, but they did deliver throughout the season as they positioned themselves as the centre of conflict. May we please emphasize that they were the first team to use a Yield and a U-Turn in the same season?

macau geoff 3

They truly wanted to have a feud with every team, and it definitely worked.

I am glad they were cast, but wish it were for a better reason. It still baffles me that they went from being the prototypical disaster couple to being a powerful 1-2 punch with Ida & Tania in the second half of the season. Talk about two teams that had an incredible rally.

macau geoff tisha 4

In fact, remember when Ida & Tania referred to Geoff 26 as “Black Spiderman”? Who knew this rivalry in round two would become frontrunners in the end, but yet both lose because of freakin’ Sam & Vince.

I know Geoff 26 wished he could shut Sam & Vince’s heads for that.

macau tisha 3

18) Ivan Evetovics & Tengku Hilda – TAR Asia 4 – 7th place – 4.83 team average

You don’t like Ivan & Hilda? Is that what you said?

invercargill ivan evetovics 2

Well, you’re going to have to go through Ivan if you are going to back up an opinion like that!

They were a more likeable version of Henry & Terri, and that is a good thing. I loved these guys. We knew we were in for an interesting journey when Ivan had to physically carry Hilda in his arms after she fell into dead last because of the first Roadblock.

Somehow her alleged broken ankle recovered in time for the second pit stop where she successfully kept ahead of the Richards in a foot race.

You know what is the biggest robbery of TAR Asia 4? Not watching Hilda try to navigate through the skiing task that took place one day after she was eliminated. Doctors would be screamed at by Hilda for letting her break seven ribs.

asia tengku hilda 5

I loved how Ivan pretended to be the tough guy, but really he is a sharp professor who drives slow like a grandpa and is more than willing to help others. Trying to motivate Hilda to complete the New Zealand Detour by doing his famous pose of intimidation kills me every time.

The biggest thing working in Ivan & Hilda’s favour? Hilda studies DRAGONS for a living. That’s like the most freakin’ ridiculously awesome job one can have.

“Oh, some guy from western Canada spent two months making fun of me and my friends on a reality show? Meanwhile I spent that same time STUDYING DRAGONS AND GETTING RICH FOR IT!”

invercargill ivan evetovics 2

*drops mic*

Seriously, Ivan & Hilda are pretty awesome. It is too bad they burned out once the race became difficult. I wish they made it further.

17) Henry Reed & Terri Reed – TAR Asia 2 – 6th place – 6.44 team average

I wish I could rank Ivan & Hilda higher than Henry & Terri, but that is like comparing strong characters who went early versus the biggest disasters to repeatedly survive in TAR history.

prague henry terri reed 21

Let’s repeat what I said about them a year ago:

a) They were the first team to finish last on THREE non-eliminations legs. That has never happened anywhere else in the TAR franchise. It was not until the following round that the final deathblow was served.

b) They are the first team to directly argue with the host at a pit stop.

*Okay, maybe Heather from TAR 3 and the Weaver Family completed the second condition, but hey, it doesn’t count if it did not air on TV.

seoul henry terri reed 6

I bet none of the other thirty-nine teams came close to fighting with Allan Wu except Sahil & Prashant. Allan was -stunned- that Henry’s vicious words for him in the Korea leg was not in the final edit for the episode. That’s how memorable it was for Allan. He gave his own account of the fight online in a web blog once.

They would have been saved by four NELs if Edwin & Monica were excluded from the first round. I do not know if I could do their disastrous run justice with words alone. I think I need to take a screenshot or two from each leg, and insert them here to convey their journey.

seoul henry terri reed 13

tokyo henry reed

hong kong henry terri 2

hong kong henry 3

See? And yet they squeaked by to finish in sixth. Yeah, their average is atrocious for somebody to finish as high as sixth, but you have to admit they survival instincts.

Except these survival instincts would not kick in until after repeated crying, kicking, screaming, yelling, more crying, and finally moving.

I find it hilarious that they almost made it to fifth because of the late Intersection during the Czech Republic leg. I think Paula & Natasha lost six or seven hours waiting for Henry & Terri to show up.

It amuses me to no end that Henry criticized Paula & Natasha as racers because “they’re too impatient and think too quickly”.

prague henry terri reed 14

Yeah, look where that got Paula & Natasha, and look where that got you. How the heck did you guys think you had a shot at winning when you failed to finish better than sixth in seven out of nine rounds?

Henry & Terri are like a car crash, a train crash, and a crash of rhinos all put together. What a mess.

P.S. Yes, I am aware Henry passed away. Much like Nancy and Margaretta, I hope they are logged onto the Internet in the afterlife, and appreciate my sense of humour over the past few years.

When comedians are forced to make jokes about people who have tragically passed in one way or the other, we always do it with the mindset that these people would have thought the jokes were funny if they were alive to read ’em.

seoul henry reed 4

16) Andrew Tan & Park Syeon – TAR Asia 1 – 3rd place – 3.46 team average

I feel bad for the camera operator who had to crouch behind a tire in New Zealand with them.

They were a surprisingly strong team given how adorable of a couple they are. Syeon channelled her Inner Tyson and urinated on the side of the road. It was her first time having such an experience, and I have a feeling it will be her last.

india andrew syeon

Also, I giggle whenever I see Andrew try to remove Syeon’s helmet because he was close to removing Syeon’s head along with it.

Jack may be quick, Jack may be nimble, but so are Andrew & Syeon.

Andrew & Syeon created early alliances that lasted all the way to the end. They were extremely sharp mentally, and adjusted after the first couple of rounds. Sure, they were not dominant but never found themselves in dead last.

Well, except for the end of the season where they refused to spend money. They had a lot more money than Sandy & Francesca and Zabrina & Joe Jer, but refused to put it to good use to get help from locals. Andrew & Syeon simply made one bad decision when it would cost them the most.

I cannot think of another team that reached Andrew & Syeon’s adorable factor.
andrew syeon laugh

15) Visa “Mai” Sarasas & Oliver Faivre – TAR Asia 3 – 6th place – 4.8 team average

thailand mai oliver 12

“We finished as high as fifteenth on this ranking? F–K YOU!”

Wow. I was expecting them to be a hella annoying team. From the moment they finished in first on the opening leg and had one of the craziest screaming matchups I have heard, I did not know if they would proceed to yell or maintain the hilarity.

thailand mai oliver 11

30+ seasons of TAR, and I have yet to see a team threaten to quit after winning a leg because they are not getting along.

A strange part about Mai & Oliver’s relationship is that Oliver is essentially a member of Mai’s entourage. The way Allan introduces them makes it sound like Mai hired Oliver to be her friend after she made a ton of money in movies.

Mai is the first person to verbally state “F–k the buses” on TAR. Usually teams ramble or simply describe the conditions of public transit. Mai gets straight to the point.

taipei mai oliver 4

I loved Mai’s confusion of basic facts. Ho Chi Minh is the Chinese guy because. . .because. . .actually, she doesn’t know why. Luckily Isaac was around to correct her.

Isaac’s lone contribution to TAR Asia 3, come to think of it.

Also, ransom is suicide and what the hell is a charter?

thailand mai oliver 2

I am surprised they did as well as they did given Oliver was -expected- to carry Mai’s bags for the whole race, and correct Mai’s ridiculous mistakes. Sure, their finishes in each leg was inconsistent, but they could have made it to the end. If Ida & Tania, Geoff 26 & Tisha 31, and Sam & Vince could be the Final 3, why not Mai & Oliver?

Mai & Oliver suffered the most BS elimination in TAR Asia history. The infamous Blu-Ray task where Mai & Oliver were stuck searching until the mall closed despite starting it hours before other teams was dumb.

Not only that, but they were given a time penalty for not completing a task that was out of their control. Ugh. Why did producers think this was a good idea? Mai & Oliver were ultimately stuck in the middle of the street at four o’ clock in the morning in their car, and waited for sunrise before resuming the rest of the leg.

Sadly Allan went in for the mercy kill and made the unprecedented move to wake up a team and eliminate them in their car.

taipei mai oliver 9

In short, Mai & Oliver have a really messed up legacy in TAR Asia. Crazy, funny, loud, spoiled, inconsistent, and unlucky all rolled into one.

thailand mai oliver intro 5

14) Paula Taylor & Natasha Monks – TAR Asia 2 – 5th place – 4.45 team average


hungary paula natasha 12

Yes, that is their official string of finishes leading up to their elimination. Yes, they followed up Andy & Laura as representing Thailand. . .even though I think Paula is the only one out of these four racers who has a Thai background.

Paula’s cameo in TAR Asia 3 would not be outdone until Melody appeared as a greeter in TAR 25. Poor Paula. Although TAR Asia helped make her a famous celebrity in Asia, and therefore I cannot feel bad for her about anything.

singapore paula natasha 3

If you ask me, they played their role perfectly. These two are the same age as Dustin & Kandice from TAR 10, but had much more of a personality. Unfortunately Paula & Natasha were against much stronger competition.

Paula & Natasha were apart of the alliance with Marc & Rovilson and Pamela & Vanessa. For some reason this alliance could not move forward once it was down to five, and Paula & Natasha were permanently in a 5th place funk. They were the unofficial reference point of what separates ‘well-rounded’ teams and ‘highly-skilled’ teams.

Natasha’s record of profanity and expressing everything on her mind would not be broken until Michelle & Claire raced. I think Natasha’s complete dialogue can air uncensored on Netflix Premium Gold Plus.

Paula & Natasha are both rather intelligent people. Too bad they could not take it to the next level. That includes Paula’s personality.

seoul paula natasha 7

And yes, Paula & Natasha are probably the team I could see myself hanging out with the most in real life. They would fit in well with people my age in the Okanagan. Maybe if they are stuck waiting for Henry & Terri for five hours again, we could go out for dinner.

P.S. If we were to go out for dinner, we would take a cab. I have seen them drive. It ain’t pretty.

seoul paula natasha 5

13) Mardy Juwono & Marsio Juwono – TAR Asia 1 – 4th place – 3.58 team average

Mardy? I don’t know much about him.
Marsio? An entirely different story. How many episodes did we see Marsio eating a snack at one time or another? He truly was the Brad Pitt of TAR Asia. Always eating whenever he could.

marsio eat

The one time this team needed an equalizer and it never came. In a season full of equalizers, it turned out to be bad luck for them. Well, perhaps they could have yielded Andrew & Syeon. Oh well.

Mardy & Marsio made funny observations along the way. Particularly saying ‘no’ to adult material.

marsio eat 2

Speaking of adult material, if you want to see Mardy & Marsio’s vinegar strokes, here it is:

mardy massage

Yes, this is during the foot massage at the airport. Mardy & Marsio loved spending money. Usually teams only buy new backpacks if they want to carry a lot less or had their possessions taken away. Mardy & Marsio? They bought it just because they felt like it.

lombok jess lani 5

Yes, an Asian team beat you to a pointless purchase, Jess & Lani.

Everyone was stunned with how dominant they were in the early stages of the race as well as in the rounds leading up to their UAE blunder.

I loved the way Marsio would say ‘Mar-deee’ and Mardy would say ‘Marsh-o’. This is drastically different from how Allan pronounced their names.

Mardy & Marsio acknowledged how privileged they are within Asia, and were very respectful of the locals. This was one of the reasons for justifying how much money they spent.

I need to point out how sharp Mardy was. He wanted to U-Turn Zabrina & Joe Jer and viewed them as the greatest threats. A couple rounds earlier Marsio said Zabrina & Joe Jer stand out as the team fighting the hardest to win. Nobody else ever thought that they could win. Andrew & Syeon had that infamous statement early on of how Zabrina & Joe Jer should not be taken seriously.

marsio peking

They were well-liked by other teams and nicknamed M&M. I would like to point out that neither are mactors. Evidently this non-mactor build is probably why they looked so dang sweaty in the later rounds, and likely ran out of stamina.

Even though they did not have any big battles with other teams, a huge chunk of the narrative for this season was surrounding Mardy & Marsio. It shows you that there were relatively few characters in TAR Asia.

Another odd surprise with Mardy & Marsio is that they could get overwhelmingly teary-eyed at times. This was never explored in-depth, but id did indeed happen at times.

I give them a nod as a great casting choice and a relatively strong team in the TAR universe. They were pleasant to watch throughout the season.

jedi marsio
P.S. Did you know Marsio was a jedi?

12) Andy Lawson & Laura Kluk – TAR Asia 1 – 5th place – 4.00 team average

Andy Lawson: My favourite racer-turned-race car driver. Forty-five kilometres over the speed limit? Did he seriously drive 145 kilometres per hour on a road? He drove at such a reckless speed that he is the only racer to date to have his driver’s license taken away during the race.

They viewed themselves as an unlucky team, but they finished lucky number seven for four rounds in a row. After that they either won or finished runner-up in every round until their elimination in fifth place.

new zealand andy lawson 2

They were disliked by other teams at the beginning, but hated once they started doing well. Their sneaky tactics and trying to form a Quitter’s Alliance in round three probably contributed to the size of the target.

But they weren’t exactly sneaky. They owned up to all of their tactics. Laura could have quit because of their ankle, but stayed in.

new zealand andy lawson

The only thing I found annoying about their personalities is that they repeatedly said “we will only be eliminated because of bad luck” as if it was a circumstance to never happen on TAR, and Andy’s refusal that he knowingly drove over the speed limit. In other words, they tend to be complainers and not take responsibility for their own errors.

Personally, if I was driving 145 kilometres per hour, I would know that there is probably not going to be a 150 km speed limit sign coming up anytime soon. Heck, I have never seen a speed limit sign above 110 kilometres in my whole life.

andy smile

I think Andy & Laura are sharp people who know how to cut corners. Unfortunately this is the exact reason why racers are probably turned off by them.

TAR Asia 1 is synonymous with Andy & Laura for anyone who watched it. I was amazed that Laura was not medically pulled from the race.

Perhaps the best way of summing up Andy & Laura is that they would be like what would happen if Jonathan Penner from Survivor was on The Amazing Race. If you comprehend that analogy, I can end the entry here.

new zealand andy laura 2

11) Michelle Ng & Claire Goh – TAR Asia 4 – 2nd place – 3.81 team average

Michelle & Claire are both crazy. I don’t know what to make of their antics. and over-the-top facial expressions. Stirring up crap with other all-female teams was also a bit of a mystery.

singapore michelle claire 14

Yes, I am still frustrated with not owning up to some of their actions on the race, but we must remind ourselves that they are two of the youngest racers to compete on TAR. One missed opportunity for the American version of TAR is that they do not take entertaining racers in their early 20s and see who they are now in their late 30s.

They are responsible for the only rivalry for all of TAR Asia 4. Such rebels.

lombok michelle claire 5

I loved their sense of humour along the race course. I wasn’t laughing at them when they cried or were angry. They had some great comedic gems in there. It is no wonder that most of the unaired footage in the Race Wumories special. They are a team everyone paid attention to when they were on screen. If a team can present six 3rd place finishes in an interesting light, they are doing their job on television.

The only downside to Dominatrix’s game is that they were never true contenders. No matter how many times they swore at Korean ticketing agents, the tide could not turn.

I am a big fan of what Michelle & Claire brought to the race. They are a good example of what we need in the West for all-female teams.
invercargill michelle ng

10) A.D. Chan & Fuzzie Sirajudin – TAR Asia 3 – 4th place – 3.90 team average

I am so happy A.D. & Fuzzie exist in the TAR universe. In American and Asian television, representation of lesbians is minimal. Why, TAR 26 is a couples season and lesbians are left out entirely.

macau ad fuzzie 5

Let me put it to you this way: Which two teams other than A.D. & Fuzzie are lesbians out of the twenty seasons I have blogged to date?

kate pat pinkie


san francisco carol brandy 7

Get off the stage.


Yeah. Not exactly a stellar lineup, and this trend does not improve in the future.

I should note that A.D. & Fuzzie were never explicitly stated to be lesbians during any of the episodes. It has been implied all along. My friend Eamon says that it is practically banned to promote homosexuals on Asian television.

Howard & Sahran were never stated as being gay on air. They were just friends. Same with A.D. & Fuzzie. Meanwhile in the U.S. a gay pair running together are almost always a couple.

macau ad fuzzie 4

Yeah, homosexuality is always handled in confusing ways by mainstream media. Give it another twenty years.
vietnam pailin natalie 5

I hope.

Okaaaay, now let’s actually talk about A.D. & Fuzzie as a team.
vietnam ad fuzzie 6

Hello, Allan.

Yeah. They had the most unique relationship with Allan Wu of any TAR Asia team. It was a flashback to how much of a hard time Oswald & Danny or Lance Layne would always give Phil.

One would take a quick glance at Fuzzie and think she will be out very early. Take a second glance at A.D. and she has the appearance of a smoker. Neither racer screams ‘endurance’ to the viewer.

But geez. They made it all the way to the penultimate round. Regardless of the ridiculously long rounds and the super intense tasks that plagued TAR Asia 3. How the heck did they finish near the top in most rounds? Their relationship with Henry & Bunn-Eh made these two teams to be frontrunners for the first half of the season.

I loved that casting chose A.D. & Fuzzie because they were an all-female team who did not consist of a single mactor. Yet A.D. & Fuzzie were their natural selves in front of the camera and endearing for the audience.

Because they are not mactors, A.D. & Fuzzie were meant to be smarter than their competition. Their mental muscles certainly were flexing all season long.

hong kong ad fuzzie 2

Yes, I did sincerely think they were an all-male team for the first twenty minutes of the season premiere. Stop laughing at me. One year later and I still get a rough time for my error.

I love that they were saved by a Non-Elimination after Geoff 26 & Tisha 31 U-Turned. Unfortunately this only delayed the inevitable because they were downright screwed in the penultimate Roadblock when Fuzzie chose the absolute worst task possible for her build. I was hoping and wishing and praying and begging that she could humiliate Sam by passing him at the Omani gorge, but Fuzzie is human and was too exhausted.

It would have been a great story. A.D. & Fuzzie being in the Final 3 with Ida & Tania would have been incredible. Sam & Vince would have been gone. If only A.D. volunteered for the Roadblock instead. It is one of the most physical Roadblocks in the entire TAR Asia catalogue.

I loved the way that A.D. & Fuzzie could make fun of other teams and Allan without much effort. Breaking the fourth wall is always appreciated in the TAR universe. They would be apart of the No Collar tribe in Survivor: Worlds Apart.

A.D. & Fuzzie are certainly worthy of a top ten spot. Just need to work on fitness for your return, Fuzzie.

taiwan ad fuzzie

9) Ethan Lim & Mohamad Khairie – TAR Asia 4 – 5th place – 3.56 team average

Who knew this team would make an alliance with mactresses Michelle & Claire, and basketball jocks the Richards?

Let’s get the negatives out of the way: Ethan accidentally misled the Richards regarding the infamous boat dock incident, they super duper choked for the remainder of the round, and Ethan & Khairie joined in on Michelle & Claire’s hatred of Sunaina & Dimple.

lombok ethan lim

Now for the positives, and this is a long list.

These self-proclaimed social outcasts were strong in their home country in the beginning. Ethan lucked out by being awarded a second chance at a Roadblock where many of the teams were assessed four hour penalties for not properly completing a task.

They won a couple of other victories later on in the race, and were frequently near the top of the standings.

lombok ethan khairie 8

Not only were they strong, but they were dynamite in confessionals. They narrated well and were great at describing the amusing things that other teams did. It is no surprise that many of the episodes revolved around Ethan & Khairie, and often match the Richards in confessional counts.

invercargill polar bear

I must ask: What the heck is Ethan’s obsession with polar bears? Since when did Malaysia learn about polar bears? Wouldn’t they think the apocalypse is coming if they saw a polar bear?

If there was a TAR Asia All Stars, I would ask back Ethan & Khairie because they will always deliver. Some teams have their moments in confessionals, but Ethan & Khairie are experts at them. They know how to talk and engage with the viewers. Those are critical attributes if you want to be remembered in a televised competition.

Too bad they will be remembered more for how badly they choked in Bali, though.

invercargill ethan khairie 3

8) Zabrina Fernandez & Joe Jer Tee – TAR Asia 1 – 1st place – 3.77 team average

I was thinking about ranking this team in a lower spot on this list, but I was compelled to separate the three TAR Asia winners as far away from Sam & Vince as possible.

zabrina joe jer win

Twenty seasons of TAR have been blogged. Only one all-female team has won. Zabrina & Joe Jer deserve recognition for possessing this feat that nobody else shares with them.

Zabrina & Joe Jer’s average is not the greatest for a team that ends up winning TAR. They are not the most exciting team to win TAR. They are not an annoying team in TAR.

I am indifferent towards Zabrina & Joe Jer. They were like Dan & Jordan. A big mistake was never made. Excluding the first Thailand round where they were saved by a NEL, of course. That loss was because of a terrible taxi driver after a late equalizer in the round.

zabrina kleenex

Perhaps Zabrina & Joe Jer’s greatest flaw is that they were too soft-spoken. Too polite and respectful, some would say.

If the biggest complaint I have is that they were too polite. . .well, I can’t really call them bad winners, can I? 😛

Many all-female teams in the TAR Asia series will outperform Zabrina & Joe Jer, but none of them can pull it off in the end and take home the title.

Of course, Zabrina & Joe Jer never had to play against Marc & Rovilson or Adrian & Collin. They probably would not have stood a chance in that scenario.

zabrina blow

I’ll finish this off by saying that Zabrina & Joe Jer’s victory and the manner in which they carried themselves is worthy of being a top ten team. Good job, guys.

zabrina joe jer kid

7) Jacinta “Jess” James & Lani Pillinger – TAR Asia 4 – 4th place – 4.30 team average

These ladies scored a hat trick, but could not score a TAR title.

sri lanka jacinta james 2

If you did not like Jess & Lani, then I suggest you are a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE EVIL MAN!!!!!!

Oh god. Asia’s infinitely more charismatic and likeable version of Dustin & Kandice officially landed when Jess & Lani were cast for the race.

You say that begging for money from men was an unfair advantage? Well, Jess & Lani threw away that advantage by spending it all on clothes and accessories. It is taking Mardy & Marsio’s recklessness to an extreme.

brisbane jacinta james

Jess & Lani are surprisingly cold on the race course. They never took offense to teams shooting arrows at them, and even joined in on the joke by firing arrows at their own poster. Did they create a relationship with any of the other teams throughout the season? I would not be surprised if they did not exchange e-mails with any of the racers.

I like how Jess & Lani chose style over performance. I will never stop making fun of Jess & Lani for choosing to wear fancy pink skirts that are probably a nominee for the worst wardrobe choice if you want to compete in a physical game.

Yet these dumb decisions is what made them fun to watch. Dropping a stranger in the middle of nowhere after he helped them with the first couple of route markers? Hilarious. Mean, but hilarious.

Occasionally female racers in the US version can be shown to be pushovers. Whether it be by the locals or their own partner.

I can assure you Jess & Lani would never ever ever ever let this happen. Why, they would gauge what the atmosphere was like by doing #CryingNotHarrassing or if they were pissed they would start being aggressive.

lombok jess lani 6

It was refreshing to see a team always having fun throughout the race. Yes, they had their moments here and there but would always want to compete.

Lastly, if you strip Jess to her very core along with Lani, you have a very strong team in the TAR franchise. I’d be curious to hear somebody’s case that Jess & Lani were bad for TAR.

P.S. lol those accents. Murderuh! That poor sheep. Lani is the Aussie-Filipino Dexter.

sydney jacinta james
6) French Born Aurelia Chenat & Singaporean Sophie Teng – 8th place – 7.0 team average

You must have been thinking to yourself, “Logan will put French Born Aurelia & Singaporean Sophie high on this list, but how high?”

rotorua singaporean sophie french born aurelia 3

If you did a simulation of French Born Aurelia & Singaporean Sophie competing against any of the other twelve teams in the top thirteen of this ranking. . .yeah, they’d be out first every single time.

While they may be extraordinarily bad racers, they make up for it with their antics. Oh my god. They are simultaneously the best and the worst that TAR Asia has to offer.

rotorua singaporean sophie french born aurelia 7

Singaporean Sophie acted like that smug know-it-all that we all had to put up with in high school. French Born Aurealia was her bumbling sidekick. She is like how Homer Simpson was portrayed in the Homer Simpson action series.

Well, minus running into a cactus. I doubt French Born Aurelia ever did that.

Jess & Lani may have chosen clothing that is not ideal for racing, but they definitely had the athletic build for racing. French Born Aurelia? She managed to combine both at times.

rotorua french born aurelia chenat 8

She does not even know the English word for athleticism!

Singaporean Sophie passed herself off as a know-it-all, but she was equally useless. She would proceed to throw French Born Aurelia into the fray before attempting a task herself. Driving their own car was a great example. Neither could operate a stick shift, but it was somehow Aurelia’s fault.

If they took thirty minutes at a gas station because they could not figure out how to properly fill it, the blame was put on Aurelia like she was Akon.

akon blame

Do you know how I praise the TAR Asia season because of the funny accents from time to time? Well, French Born Aurelia has a very strong French accent, and sucks at the English language more than Alan Luk from TAR Asia 4.

auckland french born aurelia chenat 4

French Born Aurelia proclaimed that she worked out at home. Well, I am not sure what type of exercise she does at home but she had zero chance with that rock climbing wall. Luckily she avoided Ernie Lopez, and Singaporean Sophie knew all along that they would have to switch to the paddling Detour.

Thanks to Edwin & Monica and Brett & Kinar being, well, Edwin & Monica and Brett & Kinar, we received three extra episodes of entertainment.

In round three during the New Zealand leg, Singaporean Sophie & French Born Aurelia doubled Sunaina & Dimple’s driving error. You thought Sunaina & Dimple blew it by driving ninety minutes in the wrong direction before turning around? Well, I believe Singaporean Sophie & French Born Aurelia doubled that.

auckland singaporean sophie french born aurelia 13
“How are we still in? What happened to the other team? Did they drive to Australia?”

They managed to waste even more time during round four with the aforementioned gas station incident, and were eliminated before the Detour and Roadblock being completed because all of the other teams had already checked in.

This team may perform as well as rotten eggs, but I can assure you French Born Aurelia is not responsible for that stench.

auckland singaporean sophie french born aurelia 8
What a legendary team. If you asked me who my favourite early boot was in the history of the TAR franchise, French Born Aurelia & Singaporean Sophie would be right up there with Tramel & Talicia.

In case anyone was curious, my heart has never stopped weeping for French Born Aurelia since she left my world. . .of TAR.

philippines singaporean sophie french born aurelia

5) Adrian Yap & Collin Low – TAR Asia 2 – 1st place – 2.23 team average

finale adrian collin 16

One word to describe Adrian & Collin: Badasses.

Collin’s face reminds of Donkey Kong, and Adrian is by far the greatest hearing-impaired contestant to compete on TAR or Survivor. Adrian is such a downright badass. You never heard him use the “oh poor me” line that we became all too acquainted with in regards to, uh, other teams in TAR.

Perhaps Adrian & Collin’s greatest disability was starting thumb-touch ignitions in South Africa.
finale adrian yap 5

Or ATVs. If Bunn-Eh can survive a cyclo crash, Collin can survive an ATV falling on top of him.

I like how Adrian & Collin were identified as Marc & Rovilson’s biggest rivals after a few rounds. Much like TAR 9, the viewers watched with intrigue to see how this would play out.

It is incredible how similar this rivalry played out when compared to TAR 9. Just replace BJ & Tyler’s marijuana usage with a bit more badassness.

finale collin low 3

Adrian & Collin do not care what several teams think of Diane & Ann. They do not give a s–t. The MILFinators and Adrian & Collin will form their own goddamn alliance, thank you very much.

I could describe all of the great moments of TAR Asia 2, and how Adrian & Collin do not have thrilling personalities, but I believe my argument lies with one scene alone.

Marc & Rovilson have re-emerged at the top of the leaderboard in the final legs of the game. They have resumed their unbeatable perception as racers. All that is left is one final flag task for Rovilson. However, Rovilson struggles for several minutes.

Adrian comes out of nowhere, puts all of the flags in order, and leaves Rovilson in the dust. He single-handedly leads Collin into the Winner’s Circle, and the title is his. Screw winning eight rounds and accumulating an unbelievable 1.33 team average. You are now stuck with a 1.46 average as well as a 3rd place finish.

africa adrian collin 3

Yes, this is the same freakin’ season with French Born Aurelia & Singaporean Sophie and Henry & Terri. Did I mention I love TAR Asia 2?

philippines adrian collin 2

4) Pamela Chong & Vanessa Chong – TAR Asia 2 – 2nd place – 3.92 team average

seoul vanessa chong

“What? The Amazing Race? I was on that show, la?”

The other team to beat Marc & Rovilson at the very end. Did I fail to mention that they beat Marc & Rovilson in the opening round? Vanessa is perhaps the most confused racer I have ever witnessed on TAR. No, it was not because of any sort of language barrier.

seoul pamela vanessa chong 6

She was just a very confused soul. Vanessa could be eating breakfast, and be confused as to why she poured milk into a bowl of cereal. Why did I sleep for seven hours last night? These are the types of issues Vanessa would have on a day-to-day basis. She was forced to drive because she could not understand a map.

seoul vanessa chong 3

Driving was not a much better option, though. To say Vanessa cried while driving throughout the season would be an understatement. Every single round she and Pamela would have their squealy chipmunkish screaming match. Nobody could understand what was being said except for them.

Pamela brought much needed balance to the team. Yeah, she could be ridiculous at times, but Vanessa desperately needed her to sort through the tasks and to be a good guide for the team.

europe vanessa chong

One of the great facts we learned about Pamela is her desire to be like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.

To this day I am surprised Jamie Newton has not asked either of them out because he only likes women that are crazy and pretty. He clearly refuses to put in the required effort to find love in life.

Their comedy of errors was fun to watch. Do you know what makes it even more fun? This team that was all over the map would be capable of crossing the finish line before Marc & Rovilson. That is just as good as Adrian being a badass for the win.

And whatever you do, don’t let Pamela teach your children how to milk goats. She may not use PC-friendly terminology.

I have them ranked higher than Adrian & Collin because they delivered a bit more entertainment value.

budapest pamela vanessa chong 3

3) Richard Hardin & Richard Herrera – TAR Asia 4 – 1st place – 2.27 team average


singapore richards 2

Yes, I would not be surprised if the Richards drop down my rankings if I were to re-visit TAR Asia in a few years. They call it recency bias for a reason, right? If I were an Australian blog, I would rank them number one. You can thank me for limiting my bias.

I feel like I have spent the past two months talking about the Richards. They had more airtime than any other team in TAR Asia 4, and it is not much of a surprise. Richard Herrera was extremely good at narrating tasks. I would ask Herrera to explain quantum physics to viewers. That is how clear he paints every scene.

singapore richards 5

Hardin has a bit more colour to him. He comes in with these remarks, and has odd driving habits that would frighten you if you were in Herrera’s shoes. I had the impression that they would be boring because of the general trend for alpha males in TAR, but the Richards pleasantly surprised me.

They had an interesting story regardless of being near the top of the rankings in every single round. There was the showdown with Ethan & Khairie in Bali to see who could choke worse in that leg.

Hardin teared up with emotion at times, and so did that Korean local in the finale when they were shoved by Richard Herrera.

brisbane richards 4

You know this team has to possess a lot of charm when they can convince police officers to drop speeding charges, and instead help them with directions because of their sense of humour.

new zealand andy lawson

Fun fact: Andy failed to charm police officers.

What amazed me is how Richards stuck out as a threat by appearance alone, but they were friendly and create a report with teams to dissolve the target on their backs. I think the Chippendales would be the next team to accomplish this tough task.

The only thing I like about them better than their awkwardly timed birth control jokes is their ability to beat Hussein & Natasha at the end. They must be praised to save the franchise from that embarrassment. I am glad the Richards took one for the team, and Hardin’s shoelaces did not delay things too much.

Strong, entertaining, funny, and champions? It is tough to see them be ranked much lower.

sri lanka richards

2) Marc Nelson & Rovilson Fernandez – TAR Asia 2 – 3rd place – 1.46 team average

lol you guys lose again.

finale marc rovilson 22


Their choke was ten times worse than Ethan & Khairie’s. The flag task was easier than its TAR 9 counterpart. For some reason, Rovilson was stumped long enough to lose the race.

I normally dislike putting TV personalities high up on any TAR rankings list, but I would be lying if I did not give credit for the endless material that Marc & Rovilson were giving me. Yeah, they were playing up for the camera but they did so in a fashion that did not irritate me.

finale marc rovilson 21
They came up with their own dance moves at each pit stop.
meghan trainor

Bass! Bass! All about the bass!

There are dozens of teams who would not do what Marc & Rovilson for laughs. Few teams share their quick wit.

europe rovilson fernandez 3

Why, Rovilson was so far in the lead at times that he could try out for one of Jess’ clubs during the evening!

A huge reason why I have Marc & Rovilson this high is because they dominated EVERYTHING (except when it truly counted). Nobody has trumped their record of winning eight legs, and neither has their insanely high team average of 1.46.

prague rovilson fernandez

A certain Olympian team in TAR Canada 2 tried to beat that record, but one misstep and they were off pace. It shed light how perfect Marc & Rovilson were racing all season long. I would say the record is more impressive because it was a 13-round format. Therefore, fewer mistakes can be allowed.

Marc & Rovilson intentionally aligned with two of the younger all-female teams on the race. One team would essentially be their double date companions short term, and overall probably thought both teams would be weak to compete against at the end. Who knew their dating partners would kick their butt at the finish line?

Overall, I loved Marc & Rovilson’s story arc. Their personalities provided a ton of comedy, and at times it felt like they were auditioning for their own travel show.

tokyo marc rovilson 2

The American version of TAR stopped casting alpha male teams after TAR 10 unless they knew beforehand that the mental game would be tough for them. For some reason, TAR Asia kept casting alpha males without worrying that they would keep running the table like Marc & Rovilson and Adrian & Collin did.

There was just one team that I thought deserved to beat Marc & Rovilson on this list. Just by a teensy itsy witsy bit.
finale rovilson fernandez 6

1) Ida Nerina & Tania Khan – TAR Asia 3 – 3rd place – 3.54 team average

What? Two women in their 40s competing together on The Amazing Race? And one of them is a well-known actress? lol they’ll be out so early. What a joke!

finish ida tania 17
Yeah. That was proven wrong very quickly. Ida & Tania were saved by back-to-back NELs, but keep in mind that all other teams had previous experience traveling around Hong Kong and Macau. It appeared that Ida & Tania were the only two people on the planet to not see Hong Kong and Macau beforehand.

Heck, TAR Canada even ventured into these two locations. The only Asian locations after two seasons, might I add.

oman ida tania 11

A bad flight in the final leg is why Ida & Tania are not the second all-female team to win. They essentially ran out of race at the end and could not make up for lost time. Boo-urns.

Funny, competitive, relaxed, reacted well to events, and deviating from the TAR norm made them an unbelievable team. Did I mention they are both small and in their 40s?

oman ida tania 7

Up to this point the best all-female team we had seen race in their 40s was Lisa & Joni. We know how that turned out. Ugh. If Lisa & Joni are the 24th greatest of all time, dare I say that Ida & Tania have to be number one by default on that list?

I could once again go on and on and on about how awesome Ida & Tania were. When I made this team ranking, I knew two things going into it:

a) Isaac & William would be ranked #40
b) Ida & Tania would be ranked #1

hong kong ida tania 3
Everything else was made up on the fly. If you want to learn why Ida & Tania topped this list in greater detail, go read the TAR Asia 3 blogs and re-watch TAR Asia 3 for yourself. That should clear up any confusion.

The end.

NOTE: TAR 17 season premiere blog will be out within the next two weeks. I look forward to seeing you then!

hue ida tania 3

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4 Responses to The Amazing Race Asia All Teams Ranked

  1. polisi25 says:

    After reading this, I kinda feel a little sad the TARA is finished (and I’m Malaysian, I want to join a paid vacation around the world, or at least Asia), which it falters compared to other versions, it definitely gave some good changes (final leg in an entire area, teams from different countries, even there are mostly media personalities).
    And kinda funny that it needed America to take 14 seasons (17 if you didn’t include All Stars) to match TARA in the amount of female teams included in the final 3

  2. Frodi Far says:

    Treasuri and Luoisa from TARA season 5! You should watch the episode 9. So dramatic!

    also this article :

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