The Ultimate Fighter season 11 finale episode ranking

Final episode

So here we are. The finale of Team Liddell versus Team Punishklin. Two losers will fight in the finale to determine who will be the winner of The Ultimate Fighter 11.

– Jardine is more hungry than he has ever been. He probably could get through his next Xyience meal like blueberries. Matt speaks too. Then Kris and Court. None of them say particularly amusing.

– Intro time. No more Limp Bizkit.






– Poor Attonito. He is undefeated but yet

– It is advertised as the Ortiz vs. Franklin finale once again. We see screaming fans.

– Goldberg recaps the importance of the history of TUF. Kenny Florian is replacing Joe Rogan.

– They recap the comebacks of Kris and Court. Even better comebacks than Matt Serra and Travis Lutter.

– Next they quickly recap the fights. Leben looks like he just came off the street. I bet Hammill is looking forward to fighting Jardine much more than his “victory” over Jon Jones.

– Heh. They’re playing The Killers in the stadium. Soooo 2010.


– Rich’s ground attack versus Jamie’s striking power. Goldberg points out that Attonito is undefeated. Much in the sense that Franklin is undefeated as a coach this season.

– Yager initially started MMA as a hobby. We shall see if he has the stamina to last.



– We see Jamie running around the octagon as Bruce Buffer introduces the fight. Attonito is stationary.

– I should note Yager has his own cheering section of afros in the audience.

– Mazzagatti is unfortunately our referee.

– They touch gloves. Yager misses a leg kick. They bounce around. Yager rushes in with punches. Lands a leg kick. Rich bounces around. Bounce some more. Yager misses some low power punches. He comes in and bull rushes again but Rich blocks. Rich feints.

– Yager misses a huge uppercut. Rich shoots. Yager defends while resting against the cage. He has Rich’s left arm wrapped as they stand. Rich eventually lands the takedown but Yager scrambles to his feet. They clinch again. Yager lands a knee to Rich’s body.

– They stand across from each other. Yager lands a leg kick. He backs away. Then he comes in with a punch and a leg kick. Rich comes in but doesn’t fire any punches. Rich shoots again but Yager lands an uppercut. Rich misses a looping leg kick.

– Yager and Rich stand from one another. Rich lands a beautiful jab counter of Yager’s leg kick. Yager fires another combo that Rich blocks. Yager looks tired.

– They circle. Florian notices Yager’s fatigue too. Rich lands a big left hook. Yager closes the distance. Rich backs away. He misses a jab. Yager comes in and Rich lands a jab. Rich runs Yager into the fence as he attempts a takedown. Yager elbows straight down. They continue to grapple against the cage. Then they voluntarily break.

– Yager misses some more punches. Rich counters with another jab. Rich tries to come in but miss. So does Yager. Yager misses a headkick then follows it up by landing a leg kick. Yager jogs away from Rich. End of round.

– Cornerman pours water on Rich’s bald head.

– They touch gloves. Yager lands a big punch. He keeps going for 1-2 combinations. Rich tries to throw a combo of his own but Yager jumps away. Rich shoots in with punches but nothing connects. Yager starts dancing as he tries to fire punches. Rich misses a leg kick. Rich ducks as Yager charges in but Yager swiftly runs away. Rich lands a leg kick. They exchange some punches but nothing lands. Rich lands a big left hook and a leg kick. Yager lands his own leg kick. Yager lands a left jab.

– Yager goes for a body punch but misses. Rich comes in with another left hook. Yager’s hands are struggling to stay up. Yager misses with a head kick. They lock hands. Yager misses a big knee. He throws some more punches but they are too slow. Rich keeps countering effectively. Perfect countering. Rich lands a body punch. Yager misses an uppercut. Yagger is huffing and puffing.

– Rich lands a punch and Yager drops. Rich swoops in and takes his back very quickly. Throws in an arm under the chin but Jamie defends. Jamie turns but Rich continues to take Jamie’s back.

– Yager hangs onto Rich’s right wrist. Rich flattens Yager. About twenty left punches land against Yager’s head. Mazzagatti stops it. End of fight.

– Liddell claps his right arm against left forearm due to holding a smart phone. Busy guy. I am sure he is happy to see someone’s career still alive.

– Rich chats with Kenny. The only undefeated fighter now that he has gone 3-0.

– The Last Airbender is sponsouring our looks into the locker room of the TUF 11 finalists. Ouch.

– Lesnar vs. Carwin PPV is promoted during the episode. Carwin is 12-0 and has never gone past round one. Wowowowowowowow.


– Both are strikers. Dennis has a spinning back kick in his arsenal. Him and Fisher both have Fight of the Night bonuses under his belt.




– Kim Winslow draws the assignemnt. They fight.

– Bouncin’ around. Spencer lands a leg kick. Dennis misses a front kick. Spencer lands a body kick. The next lands on the groin. Time called.

– Spencer lands another body kick. He lands a huge punch on Dennis. We can hear the impact. Dennis’ punches fly at Vitor Belfort speed. Dennis lands a front kick to the face. Spencer turns away for a second.

– Both miss strikes. They clinch. They break. Dennis lands a leg kick. A cut over Dennis’ left eye. Both miss kicks. Dennis lands a few punches. Dennis lands some huge punches but are mostly blocked. Dennis misses a front kick.

– Dennis ducks and counters one of Spencer’s jabs. Spencer misses a front kick. Dennis lands a jab. Spencer charges in but only lands one punch. Spencer lands a leg kick. And eventually another. They grapple then break apart.

– Spencer lands a head kick and another punch. Dennis lands a jab to the face. Spencer and Dennis continue to feint. Dennis lands a front kick. They exchange some big punches but hard to tell if anything landed. Spencer misses a head kick.  Dennis misses with a huge hook. Dennis keeps Spencer at bay with a front kick and spinning back kick. Dennis lands a leg kick then misses a head kick. End of round.

– Cut was caused by an accidental headbutt. Dennis has a pretty deep cut over his left eye.

– Spencer lands a great left head kick. They keep throwing out their lead hand. Dennis lands a left leg kick.  Dennis misses a head kick. Spencer misses a leg kick. Dennis misses some swooping punches. Spencer lands a leg kick. Dennis misses a low punch. Spencer comes in but Dennis counters. Spencer lands a low kick. So does Dennis.

– They continue with their exchanges but nothing significant is landing. Spencer keeps circling to Dennis’ right side. Dennis misses a front kick. Spencer comes in but Dennis defends once again. Spencer lands a low kick and a front kick. Dennis lands a couple leg kicks. Spencer tries to clinch and follow it up with a knee but Dennis breaks.

– Dennis catches Spencer’s leg and drops him with a punch. He lets Spencer get back to his feet. Spencer lands a leg kick. Dennis sets up a jab-leg kick combo a couple of times. Spencer lands a brutal left.

– Dennis sets up that combo a couple of times. Spencer comes in yet again and fails yet again. Dennis misses a front kick. Spencer lands a leg kick. Both of them miss major strikes. Spencer lands a leg kick. Spencer follows it up with missed punches to the face.

– Dennis lands a body kick. He lands a front kick. Spencer blocks the punches. Dennis lands a punch and attempts his spinning back kick. End of round.

– Dennis lands a leg kick. Spencer connects with a high kick. Dennis lands a kick to the groin. Cup for a cup.

– Both block each other’s combinations. Numerous feints. Dennis lands a couple leg kicks. Dennis’ next ten strikes are blocked. Five more miss. Spencer misses a front kick. Dennis lands a punch and a kick. Then a leg kick. Spencer misses a head kick.

– Spencer misses with another head kick. Spencer misses landing a knee. Dennis comes in to throw strikes of his own. Dennis misses a few strikes. Dennis rushes in with several more punches. Boxing match continues as they trade a dozen punches that are all blocked.

– Dennis misses a front kick. Spencer misses his counter. Spencer lands a body punch. Dennis connects with a leg kick. Dennis feints with his left hand before throwing head kicks and leg kicks. They grapple. Dennis misses a looping head kick. Dennis throws af front kick that sees nothing but air.

– They connect their feinting hands. Spencer fails a spinning back fist. Dennis misses a couple more strikes. Dennis shoots in the final seconds. End of round. End of fight. Nice kickboxing match.


Dennis Siver wins by unanimous decision. Spencer suffers back-to-back losses for the first time in his career. Kenny fails to grab Dennis three times before finally succeeding. He intervieews Dennis. Dennis speaks entirely in German/Russian but understands English.

– Kenny gives up after three quick questions.

– Chris’ homeless appearance in the promos are gone. He regains his traditional buzz cut + red dye look. Aaron Simpson also has a razor thing buzz cut.

– lol The Last Airbender.

– Another look into Kris’ and Court’s locker rooms. We see a montage of their journey. Pretty much what I covered.

– Guy’s Choice Awards preview. James Gandolfini is the host? Something tells me he isn’t a host of the Guy’s Choice Awards anymore.


– Aaron is a great wrestler. Meanwhile Chris Leben is a great striker. Chris has had fifteen fights in the UFC while Aaron has only three. Aaron has a perfect MMA record.



– Rosenthal is our referee. Leben circles as Aaron slowly inches closer. Leben keeps Aaron at bay. Aaron tries to come in with punches but Leben blocks. Aaron shoots. He has Leben against the cage. He picks him up and slams him. Leben gets to his feet but Aaron has a headlock and delivers a big knee. Leben proceeds to go down on a knee. Aaron lands another knee after Leben gets back on his feet.

– Leben delivers short uppercuts and Marco Ruas foot stomps. Aaron has the clinch and delivers knees. They reverse positions against the cage a couple of times. Aaron delivers a big knee to the leg.

– Chris has the underhooks but Aaron has a headlock. They break voluntarily and retreat to the centre. They trade some missed punches before Aaron shoots and has Leben against the cage. A couple knees to the thigh. He picks Leben up and slams him again. Leben scrambles. Aaron slaps on another headlock. They voluntarily break.

– Leben teases a straight right. Chris lands a big left. Aaron lands a left of his own. He lands a couple right hands before clinching. Aaron puts on a Muay Thai clinch but Chris counters with underhooks. Both deliver short punches. Aaron connects with knees to the body before reversing position and getting underhooks. He has a single on Chris. Leben is against the cage. End of round.

– Fellow wrestler Ryan Bader is in Aaron’s corner. Quiet corner.

– They touch gloves. Chris connects with a leg kick. Both counter with a big punch and kick. They clinch but Aaron breaks it.

– Aaron backs away as Chris closes distance. Chris tries to throw huge bombs. Aaron shoots and has underhooks. They slide along the cage. Aaron lands a left hook before voluntarily breaking.

– They stand across from each other until Chris comes in with some big left handed bombs. More bombs. Aaron is clearly hurt. Aaron has underhooks and has Chris against the cage. Clearly recovery time. Aaron delivers a left jab to the body. They break voluntarily. Chants of Leben from the crowd.

– Leben delivers some punches. Aaron misses a body kick. Leben misses a leg kick. He misses a right jab. And a left leg kick. Aaron clinches but Leben breaks it instantly. Leben misses leg kick. Aaron lands a good left jab on the chin. Aaron tries to shoot and throw some wild but slow hooks. Leben misses a leg kick. Finally lands one. Aaron ducks but eats a jab anyway. Chris lands a couple hooks. Aaron falls to the ground as Leben holds him with his right as Leben lands huge punches with his left. Aaron is flat on the ground but stands up and runs away. In the midst of running he collapses to the ground again. Rosenthal calls the fight. End of fight.

– Aaron complains about the stoppage but he couldn’t be more off-balanced when he fell on the side of his face.

– Weird seeing Kenny Florian interviewing fellow TUF 1 alumni Leben. Interviewing somebody you lived in a house for over a month with is not something that typically happens in MMA.

– Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar interview conducted by Goldie. Zzzzzzzz. Bring on an Okami-Fitch catchweight fight instead.


It’s another TUF 2 versus TUF 3 showdown. Neither made it to the semifinals but yet here they are.



– Herby is our referee.

– Keith Jardine has his mouth twisted.

– They begin. No gloves touched. Jardine lands a left jab. Matt has his hands low. Matt eats a punch. Both are hunched over. Keith lands another jab. They clinch. Matt lands a few uppercuts and a body kick.

– Keith’s right foot is wrapped. They clinch for a half a second. Both land some jabs. Exchange body kicks. One of them is bound to hit a groin.

– Matt’s punches look ugly. Keith lands another leg kick. Matt misses some huge punches. Keith dances in circles as he comes in with leg kicks. Keith lands a jab. Matt misses an uppercut. Keith connects with some big punches. Matt seems tired. Keith lands a body kick. Matt’s face looks bloody.

– Keith is controlling the pace. Matt misses an uppercut. Keith misses a jab.  Keith comes in with a combination of punches that partially lands. Matt jabs but Keith counters with a leg kick. Matt finally shoots but Keith shuts down the clinch quickly.

– Keith feints numerous times. He lands a leg kick. Then a couple jabs. Another big head kick but Matt blocks it. Matt’s hands are even lower. Keith lands a few more jabs to the face. And another jab.

– They dance around. A ton of feints. Matt barely lands a leg kick. Keith lands a couple overhand rights. One last missed leg kick. End of round.

– Keith misses the jabs. Matt comes in for a clinch but is broken up immediately. Keith keeps Matt at bay with his jab. Keith circles. Keith lands a kick to the side of Matt’s body. Matt misses an ugly hook. Keith fires a couple more leg kicks. Matt misses his two kicks. Keith misses a jab. Keith fires another leg but Matt holds the leg. Keith manages to pull it out.

– Keith fires a combination and drops his hands afterwards. He smiles. Matt barely lands a couple jabs. Keith misses a leg kick but lands the following one. Keith dances around a bit less. Both of them are moving much less. Matt comes in with an uppercut. He opens up a cut on Jardine. They clinch. Matt holds on the fence as he landed a headkick on Jardine. They have an enormous exchange. Several hooks and knees landed.

– Jardine’s mouth piece falls out. Thumb gets into Matt’s eye as he runs away and falls to the ground. Can’t see and can’t hear. What a freakin’ warrior. We have a timeout.

GOLDBERG: Matt gives a thumbs up!

So did Jardine.

– Herby takes a point away from Jardine because it did too much damage to Hammill. Luckily it’s not a disqualification.

– We resume and Jardine comes in. HUGE exchange. Ton of hooks. Jardine gets hit hard. Hammill takes down Jardine to the ground. Jardine has both knees on the ground. Matt lands a knee to the face. Both are back on their feet. Ton of blood on Jardine’s face. Blood on the camera. They exchange several more hooks. In the final seconds they trade a few wild punches. Matt lands a few hooks. End of round.

– Jardine smiles again. Both touch gloves. Matt shoots. Keith shuts it down. Back to centre. Matt misses some jabs. So does Keith. They exchange some big punches. Keith attempts a clinch but is broken up. Keith is protecting his right eye. Matt is protecting his left. They trade some jabs. Matt takes Jardine to the ground and is attempting to take his back. Matt’s back is covered in blood. Both fighters covered in blood.

– Jardine is sitting on his butt on the ground but gets back to his feet. Herby calls time to check out Jardine’s cut. There is blood in between his eyes that is pouring blood. Fight resumes.

– Jardine circles. He misses some jabs. But connects with one. Matt tries to shoot but Jardine defends the takedown. Jardine circles. Jardine lands a leg kick. So does Matt. Both miss numerous jabs. Jardine maintains circling to the outside. Both miss jabs. Another mouthpiece has fallen.

– Herby calls time. Second time Keith’s mouthpiece has fallen out.

– Fight resumes. Both miss jabs. Matt tries to connect. Keith tries to explode but nothing is landing. He counters Matt’s jab. Matt shoots but Keith stops yet another takedown attempt. Neither are exchanging much.

– Here we go. Several counters. Matt lands a jab. Keith lands a leg kick. And another. Keith lands a final jab. End of round. End of fight. They are exhausted.

– 29-27 29-27 29-28 winner by majority decision: Matt Hamill.

– Audio is REALLY low. Kenny stops it after one question.


– We see Court run with a weight vest in Utah. Training, family, overdose.

– We see Kris’ intense training camp in Washington D.C. His dad is a military officer while his wife is from the same town as Ahnold. Sandbags and handling barrels.

– Kris walks into the octagon.

If you factor in this season of TUF, two of these three factors are absolute lies.

– Now Court McGee. Dang he is gonna have a huge advantage over Kris. We see him pick his nose as a guy puts vasoline on his face.

– Ew. Mazzagatti is our referee.

– Rich Franklin is in Kris McCray’s corner.



– They touch gloves. Immediate exchange. Then a clinch. Court has underhooks. Break away. Standing across from each other. Kris misses a body kick and a jab. Court connects with some jabs. They clinch again. Court lands on top of Kris. Kris has guard. Butterfly guard. Court pushes Kris into the fence.

– He takes Kris’ back but Kris is back on his feet. Court takes down Kris a second time. Kris pulls guard again. Against the cage again. Court lands an elbow from on top. Back to their feet.

– Kris lands a couple jabs. Really weird camera angles. They clinch. Kris has the underhook but Court breaks away. They clinch again. Kris stands against the cage.  A third takedown. Court has half mount and moves into full mount but Kris bucks him off. Kris immediately fires numerous punches and kicks. Some of them land. Court goes for another clinch. Kris punches the body in the clinch. Court gives up on the clinch.

– Kris lands a knee. Court counters with a jab. Court clinches. Kris smiles at the camera before going against the cage. They exchange. Court lands a hook that rocks Kris for a second. Exchange continues. End of round. 10-9 Court all the way.

– All jabs miss by both fighters. Court feints. More miss. Kris initiates clinch. They have heads against each other’s left shoulder. Kris punches the body. Court lands a knee. He takes Kris down. He has full mount and a throat on Kris’ neck. He is very close to a d’arce choke if he can move to side mount.

– Court and Kris both jab each other’s heads. Kris hugs Court. Court maintains full mount. Punches to the body by Court. Kris gives his back. Court fails to take advantage because he cannot get the hooks in. They are back on their feet. Kris lands a big hook upon them standing up. Kris lands a couple more jabs before Court takes Kris down without hesitation.

– Court is in half mount as Kris is against the cage. Court moves to take Kris’ back, but this is freakin’ awkward. Only one hook is in as Court has an arm under Kris’ throat. Then a second hook.

MAZZAGATTI: Stop, stop, stop!

– End of fight. Court wins season eleven of TUF against a guy who was lucky enough to pick up a decent coach in the fight that mattered most.

– Court is the first loser to be a winner of TUF. Okay, the loss to Nick Ring by decision is controversial and questionable, but hey, I can’t help but note that.

– Kenny interviews Court on a beautiful fight, but is pushed aside as Dana congratulates Court with the trophy and six-figure contract. Liddell is shown clapping in the octagon.

– Court tears up and dedicates the fight to anybody who is struggling and Chuck Liddell.

Oddly enough, Chuck Liddell is struggling at this point in his UC career considering he is retired just a couple weeks prior.

– Kris awkwardly hugs Court from behind during his speech and raises Court’s arm. I would be super annoyed if I was Court.


– The irrelevant and hot-headed Brit versus unknown Travis Browne. We go straight into the fight.

– Winslow is our referee. They dance around quite a bit. James only cares about his legkicks. Browne also fires legkicks. James fires a frontkick. Travis chases him down and pushes him against the cage.

– Clinch is broken. James runs in circles. Travis charges in with a frontkick that lands. Travis is hit with a big jab. James lands a legkick. Travis misses a bodykick. James misses a high kick. And a frontkick. And a legkick.

– Travis charges in every now and then but is always missing his strikes. Typically a superman punch.

– James lands a leg kick. Travis’ nose bleeds. Travis comes in with a couple lethal hooks. James falls to the ground. Travis swoops in and throws a few punches and elbows. James’ head is cut pretty good too. Travis has half mount. James is not good off of his back. Travis lands another big elbow. James keeps sliding but Travis stays with him. Travis controls James’ left wrist. Elbow to James’ ear. James bends James’ left wrist backwards. Gives up on the ol’ kimura.

– Travis has full mount for half a second. James nearly escapes. Travis regains full mount. Several punches reign down. James is doing NOTHING to fight back. He turtles. Travis keeps reigning down the punches until Kim calls a stop to the fight. James is unhappy with the stoppage.

– Kenny interviews Travis. He tried to talk with his mouthpiece in. He improves to 10-0. Kenny is shocked it has reached eleven seasons and has been popular. They briefly talk about next season being GSP vs. Josh Koscheck for TUF 12.

Final Confessional Counts

Rank the Fights

1) Brad Tavares vs. Court McGee (An incredible fight. By far the best fight of the season. Brad Tavares is an exciting fighter. His fights are always action-packed. A striking match where both fighters aimed for the finish, and great takedown defense was utilized.

The pace never dropped all the way to the last thirty seconds where Brad took one lethal blow and had his back taken followed by a textbook rare naked choke. It makes up for a bunch of other atrocious three-round affairs that went on this season.

I bet Brad must have had a weaker chin given that his win to get into the quarterfinals was via concussion, and Hammortree delivered a lot of strikes to him during their three round fight.)

2) Brad Tavares vs. James Hammortree (A lovely three-round decision. I love the back-and-forth nature of this fight. Both fighters were aiming to finish and giving their all.)

3) Kris McCray vs. Josh Bryant II (The rematch. Rematches on TUF tend to be ultra snoozers or quick finishes because the guy who won in the previous fight just exploits his technique for the second fight.

But that wasn’t the case here. Franklin coached Kris McCray with the best gameplan possible–efficiency and conserve your energy. Fight like a veteran. Go against Ortiz’s plan of using your strengths. Oh, and here’s a way to grapple better.

And it made all of the difference. This was a legitimate fight as both fighters were evenly matched. The savage who only looks for quick knockouts put everything he had into this fight.

We went for three rounds as both fighters took big shots. The fact Kris McCray fought for the fifth time in nearly six weeks is jaw dropping and made the fight intriguing. Can a guy really conserve energy when he has been zapped of it all during the previous five weeks? Wouldn’t he be ridiculously injury prone? Heck, several fighters were injured by the end of two fights. How in the world can someone fight five times?

Kris pulled off the upset that shocked everyone. Josh’s three-fight winning streak wasn’t enough.

It is a bummer that Josh is eliminated when it was only his first loss. The two people now in the final have both lost once.

4) Kyacey Uscola vs. Kris McCray (The first ever wildcard fight in TUF history was great. Although I guess you could say the fight to see who would replace Jesse Taylor in the TUF 7 finale was the first true wildcard fight.

Anyways, neither fighter came across dominant. Kyacey lacked hard hitting strikes while Kris lacked cardio, thus making it an evenly-matched fight. Kris managed to summon enough energy to bend Kyacey’s right arm and elicit the submission from Kyacey. A guy who seemed only capable of quick knockouts pulls out the upset by using a submission.

Kyacey falls to 0-2 and unless several more fighters get injured he will be done for good.)

5) Jamie Yager vs. Josh Bryant (All season long Yager has been viewed as unstoppable with his headkick knockouts like he was a miniature version of Mirko Crocop. The small wrestlers could not compete with Yager.

But this fight it all changed. Bryant had reasonable striking ability, and stayed inside Yager’s range to avoid the full-powered headkicks.

Josh survived all of the intense attacks in the opening round. He was brutalized and dropped multiple times. I don’t think he landed more than ten strikes compared to Jamie’s one hundred strikes.

In the second round Jamie lost all form. He was swinging for the fences and missed ninety-nine percent of the time. Josh was suddenly proving to be the better striker after he figured out his grappling wasn’t as great as he thought it was.

Then in the second round Jamie Yager quits because of the very same injury that Tito cited as the reason for his withdrawal from his fight with Chuck Liddell. Tito’s team had zero heart with the exception of the truly injured Camozzi and Ring. Hammortree showed a ton of heart, but it is clear that MMA is not for him.

Tito’s crew that seemed great on day one because they all had a size advantage and brute strength was knocked out by strategic and effective fighters from Liddell’s camp.

All that is left at this point is Wildcard McCray, who will go on to fight under the banner of Rich Franklin.)

6) Court McGee vs. Kris McCray (The almighty finale fight of the season. I thought the fight would go to a three-round decision that Court would win unanimously. Thankfully that was not the case.

However, the fight was still a bit of a snoozer. Court established his domination from the start and never let up until he finished Kris in the second round. Clearly Nick and Court were expected to dominate everybody else this season. Nobody ever came close to beating either of them during the season.

Court wins the season via controversial decision loss to Nick, so it’s tough to coin Court as the first loser to win TUF. I assure you it would be far more controversial if Kris had “earned” the victory. In short, not the greatest fight to end a season of TUF)

7) Kyle Noke vs. Clayton McKinney (Clayton went from ‘hero’ to ‘zero’ very quickly. He was considered a stud in the qualifying fight but this entire episode he was treated as a joke. He was made into a pansy with his slight shoulder following the praise in the season premiere. Kyle Noke was silent, but that’s probably because he was a boring and respectable fighter. The storylines leading up to the fight were great, but the fight itself was an uneventful affair until it went to the ground and Clayton got caught in a triangle.

“I know you are super angry about losing ten seconds ago, but just give me ONE MINUTE of your time to do a quick training session when all you want to do is break down a locker room door”.)

8) James Hammortree vs. Court McGee (It was definitely an old school UFC match-up that consisted of size against strength.

Everyone seems to think Court will indeed win this season of TUF after that fight because he is “getting better after each fight”. However, I disagree because James is a far easier opponent than James. James is worse at every aspect of MMA than Court.

Court didn’t seem to be remotely in trouble all fight despite James putting in a good effort. James’ chin being straight up in the air still bothers me.

The reason why I rank the fight so high is because of Hammortree’s wobble at the end reminds me of Coleman’s unconscious wobble after being kicked in the head by El Burro.)

9) Jamie Yager vs. Charles Blanchard (Any thoughts from the Ice Man about how Blanchard was an underrated fighter or could handle strikers well was put to rest. Blanchard was noticeably smaller and simply could not keep up to defend Jamie’s relentless striking attacks. Charles not only needs to move down a weight class but needs to handle strikers better.

Yager’s Superman Punch Soulja Boy style put Blanchard to rest fairly quickly.)

10) Josh Bryant vs. Kris McCray (I don’t need to see the rest of the season to know that neither fighter is capable of winning this season. Both showed zero stamina and zero ability to finish the other fighter after we reached three minutes into the fight. I don’t think I have seen a fight where position shifts numerous times but not doing anything substantial to damage the opponent. Except for a couple of those slams. Those were nice in the third three-round affair of this season.)

11) Cleburn Walker vs. Kris McCray (Kris landed beautiful hip tosses.)

12) Jamie Yager vs. Ben Stark (It’s easy to be cocky in a fight when your opponent has an inability to defend against head kicks.)

13) Brad Tavares vs. Jordan Smitch (Classic quick knockout by Tavares.)

14) Kris McCray vs. Kyle Noke (What a freakin’ boring fight. Ninety percent of it was spent on the ground with Kris on top but refusing to advance position beyond half mount. The Couture Playbook worked, but awfully boring for the viewer.)

15) Seth Baczynski vs. Joe Henle (Both fighters demonstrated why they are the two lowest ranked fighters in the whole house. Neither fighter had the strength, technique, nor energy to finish their opponent. The only reason why I rank the fight above several others is because the judges did not screw up the decision. Superb refereeing and judging in this clean affair allowed for a decent amateur fight.

Plus I think Seth has the record for reversing position thanks to his use of the cage. Joe really needs to learn not to have an opponent on the ground to be near the fence.)

16) Court McGee vs. Nick Ring (Even though Nick won on paper, nobody truly earned their victory there. The judges’ error prevented a third round. It also drags down the quality of the fight when it was essentially a match fought for points rather than an all-out war to finish. That is not to say the strikes were weak, but nobody was close to being finished before the end of the second round.)

17) Norman Parisy vs. James Hammortree (Glass Joe has more heart as a Frenchman than Norman Parisy.)

18) Rich Attonito vs. Kyacey Uscola (Any fight that ends in disqualification leaves an extraordinarily sour taste in my mouth.

It was incredible. Most people would have been done after being knocked down, slammed down, and nearly submitted. But Kyacey stayed in the fight and tried working an arm. Heck, Kyacey was on top for two seconds before he fired multiple illegal knees. It is unbelievably tragic that the fight had to end the way it did because it could have gone down as Fight of the Season.

Instead Kyacey’s possibly intentional illegal knees ended the fight by disqualification. The only people who thought Kyacey should not have been disqualified are his coaches and his immediate family.)

19) Brad Tavares vs. Seth Baczynski (See above.

Seth maintaining his balance was impressive. The end of round scramble was awesome. But then the lethal kick came, thus ending the fight in DQ making it the worst fight of the season.)


BEN STARK 1 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X
Confessional Count: 1
Confessional Ratio: 1.0

BRENT COOPER 1 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X
Confessional Count: 1
Confessional Ratio: 1.0

CLEBURN WALKER 1 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X

Confessional Count: 1
Confessional Ratio: 1.0

CHARLEY LYNCH 1 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X

Confessional Count: 1
Confessional Ratio: 1.0

GREG REBELLO 0 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X

Confessional Count: 0
Confessional Ratio: 0.0

JACEN FLYNN 1 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X

Confessional Count: 1
Confessional Ratio: 1.0

CONSTANTINOS PHILIPPOU 0 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X

Confessional Count: 0
Confessional Ratio: 0.0

JORDAN SMITH 1 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X

Confessional Count: 1
Confessional Ratio: 1.0

LYLE STEFFENS 0 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X

Confessional Count: 0
Confessional Ratio: 0.0

NORMAN PARISY 2 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X

Confessional Count: 2
Confessional Ratio: 2.0

VICTOR O’ DONNELL 2 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X

Confessional Count: 2
Confessional Ratio: 2.0

WARREN THOMPSON 0 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X

Confessional Count: 0
Confessional Ratio: 0.0

WOODY WEATHERBY 1 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X

Confessional Count: 1
Confessional Ratio: 1.0

CHRIS CAMOZZI 3 / 6 / 1 / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X / X
Confessional Count: 10
Confessional Ratio: 3.33

CLAYTON MCKINNEY 4 / 11 / 1X / 1X / 3X / 0X / 1X / 0X / 2X / 4X / 0X / 1X
Confessional Count: 28
Confessional Ratio: 2.33

RICH ATTONITO 1 / 2 / 1 / 9 / 0X / 3X / 2X / 2X / 0X / 3X / 3X / 0X
Confessional Count: 26
Confessional Ratio: 2.17

CHARLES BLANCHARD 1 / 0 / 1 / 4 / 1X / 0X / 0X / 1X / 0X / 0X/ 0X / 0X
Confessional Count: 8
Confessional Ratio: 0.75

JOE HENLE 2 / 1 / 0 / 1 / 2 / 0 / 7 / 2X / 0X / 3X / 1X / 0X

Confessional Count: 19
Confessional Ratio: 1.58

NICK RING 2 / 0 / 2 / 1 / 3/ 6 / 2 / 3 / 0X / 0X / 0X / 0X

Confessional Count: 19
Confessional Ratio: 1.58

KYACEY USCOLA 4 / 0 / 0 / 11 / 3 / 4 / 2 / 4 / 0X /2X / 0X / 2X
Confessional Count: 32
Confessional Ratio: 2.67

JAMES HAMMORTREE 1 / 5 / 5 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 3 / 6 / 0X / 5X / 0X/  2X

Confessional Count: 31
Confessional Ratio: 2.58

SETH BACZYNSKI 0 / X / 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 6 / 0 / 4 / 1X / 3X / 0X

Confessional Count: 15
Confessional Ratio: 1.36

KYLE NOKE 2 / 3 / 0 / 1 / 0 / 1 / 0 / 0 / 3 / 0X / 0X / 0X

Confessional Count: 10
Confessional Ratio: .83

JAMIE YAGER 2 / 5 / 2 / 9 / 0 / 2 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 10 / 1X / 3X
Confessional Count: 34
Confessional Ratio: 2.83

BRAD TAVARES 2 / 2 / 7 / 0 / 2 / 0 / 0 / 1 / 5 / 1 / 7 / 2X

Confessional Count: 29
Confessional Ratio: 2.42

JOSH BRYANT 1 / 0 / 0 / 2 / 6 / 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 5 / 2 / 4

Confessional Count: 21
Confessional Ratio: 1.75

KRIS MCCRAY 4 / 1 / 1 / 2 / 7 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 3 / 4 / 2 / 5
Confessional Count: 35
Confessional Ratio: 2.92

COURT MCGEE 1 / 1 / 1 / 0 / 0 / 5 / 3 / 6 / 0 / 1 / 7 / 0

Confessional Count: 25
Confessional Ratio: 2.08


Wow. What a train wreck of a season that was. Let’s see where it falls in the rankings.

The Ultimate Fighter 5 – 8.99/10
The Ultimate Fighter 8 – 8.51/10
The Ultimate Fighter 3 – 8.5/10
The Ultimate Fighter (1) –  8/10
The Ultimate Fighter 10 – 7.9/10
The Ultimate Fighter 6 – 7.7/10
The Ultimate Fighter 4 – 6.8/10
The Ultimate Fighter 7 – 6.5/10
The Ultimate Fighter 9 – 6.3/10
The Ultimate Fighter 2 – 6.0/10
The Ultimate Fighter 11 – 4.9/10

Yeah. That was undoubtedly the worst season of the series thus far. After watching TUF 17 and now half of TUF 18, I do not think the series will ever be able to topple how bad TUF 11 was.

Look at the fights. Nearly half of the fights after episode two went three rounds. That means production is stuck with devoting twenty minutes of each episode to the fights. In TUF the cardio of the fighters is sub-par and thus about seven of the last fifteen minutes of each fight would be a lay and pray or a circle and huff.

Oh, and two of the fights that were good ended up being declared a disqualification. We never had disqualifications in the first ten seasons of TUF but in this season alone we had two. That is the ugliest ending possible.

Remember the controversial Ring-McGee incident?

Remember how some fighters automatically advanced to the quarterfinals while others had to fight in the wildcard because of the numerous injuries?

Or what about the season-ending injuries of Chris Camozzi, Nick Ring, and Rich Attonito? Three of the eight quarterfinalists went down. We can accept one per season. But three? That is nearly half of the field being replaced by losers. Oh, and the eighth fighter is a loser because he won the wildcard fight.

Too many fighters fought each other twice. It seemed unfair that McCray could advance to the final even though he had a 1-1 record with Josh Bryant during the season.

To see two losers meet each other in the final fight of the season went against the whole point of the show. How can a guy win a tournament by losing? There were other fighters who lost only once too but did not get to fight in the final. Wonky logic.

And can we agree that Tito Ortiz dropping out as coach with two episodes remaining is ridiculously lame? Switching coaches for the last three fights of the season should never happen again. They changed the logo and intro for the end of the season but yet reverted it back to the original Ortiz vs. Lidell for the finale. Which is it? Make up your mind. Sloppy work.

The pranks were getting old and the character development left you not rooting for any of the players. Kyacey Uscola came off with a holier than thou attitude that annoyed viewers, while Yager was a polarizing figure until he quit and threw in the towel. The Minority Report was a storyline where everyone involved just did not come off as likeable.

Only those like Court McGee who had zero storyline whatsoever were the only people you could support. Speaking of Court, he is probably the quietest winner the franchise has had to date. We are left to ponder if he should have taken a path to the UFC through TUF or just by traditional methods.

And the pranks in the TUF house are held to such a high standard by TUF 11 that any of the pranks was relatively lame. In fact everyone seemed too bitter and quiet to be interested in having an active house life.

The season could have been better if they did challenges on a weekly basis like I have been campaigning for years. But sadly all we get is a Coach’s Challenge once per year. What is worse is that it was the worst Coach’s Challenge ever as we saw Ortiz get humiliated for the millionth time during the season as Liddell shut him out 3-0 in Dodgeball.

Yep. Nine Coach’s Challenges later and we are at Dodgeball.

It is without question the worst season to date.

I should note none of this was Chuck Liddell’s fault. His celebration during Dodgeball and dominating as a coach is exactly what he was supposed to be doing. Someone dropped the ball in production, casting for a weight class that has been used too many times in TUF, unlucky injuries, boring fighters, disqualifications, and boring fights contributed to the epitome of a bad TUF season.

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