SCWL Postseason Cast Assessment Entry #13

Entry #13: Lyndsay – OkaYakaCalga -> Inukshuk (7-self vote) – September 7 2009 – SCWL: The Prequel
Records: – First contestant to leave everybody else in the game truly stumped with their antics
– Only person to bring in a partner (Simone) who was more active than the person who brought them into the game.
– The first person to be voted out pre-merge who wasn’t a partner.
– The only person to skip every challenge and Tribal Council after the third elimination and make it to merge.
– Last person standing of Loren’s clan (Serene, Kyle, Loren, Simone, Kai, and Lyndsay)

Lyndsay was a huge flop. There is no way to get around that. I as well as everyone else had HUGE expectations for Lyndsay this game. She was a top five contender before the season began. Heck, all she had to do was participate and she would have been fifth or better. But she didn’t. And everyone had such high hopes for Lyndsay that they carried her to eighth before dumping her.

I don’t know what planet Lyndsay was on during the game, but it wasn’t Earth. Not even Mars or Mercury. She was past the asteroid belt. You can find Lyndsay on Saturn or Neptune. Lyndsay was not using her head to play this game.

The only reason why I am hard on Lyndsay compared to anybody else is because she intentionally refused to play. What’s worse is that she posted every round about how excited she was and doing camp talk. The day Serene gets voted out in 17th or 18th is the day Lyndsay quit playing the game in challenges AND Tribal Councils.

No fingers pointing at Alisha, Wendy, Jerry, Penner, Cindy, Kristen, Kyle, Kai, Simone, Scott, or Wahaj as much as Lyndsay because they fit one of the following criteria:

a) These players were brought in as partners. Didn’t sign up in the first place meaning they are playing just because their close friend or relative asked them to do so.
b) Two of them are ORG veterans that stepped into a sloppy game
c) Hadn’t seen an episode of Survivor and didn’t understand how the game works
d) Availability drastically decreased during the game

Lyndsay fit none of these criteria. She was online daily. She is addicted to Survivor. She knew more players than anyone else in the whole game. She was practically the first person to sign up to play.

The only reason Lyndsay is gone in eighth place instead of fifth or better is because the women’s alliance had become pissed off with Lyndsay’s ridiculousness of not playing to the point they wanted to punish her for it by eliminating her before Brett, Adam, or Jerry.

After the sabotage in the second immunity challenge by Lyndsay, her tribe was always stumped. They didn’t know what to do with Lyndsay. Is she trying to round up Wahaj, Loren, Simone, Kai, and Kyle to rule the game and double cross everyone? What is going on inside her head?

Lyndsay cost the tribe two tribal immunities because she never participated after the second immunity challenge.

There is only one regret any tribe should hae with what they did pre-merge: Inukshuk should have voted out Lyndsay instead of Kyle on day 17. Kyle would have made the merge and would be playing each immunity challenge. Oh, and voting too. He left while casting a vote against another player as opposed to Lyndsay who self-voted that round. Wahaj should have stayed longer than Lyndsay too.

SCWL: The Prequel would have been a much more interesting season if Lyndsay had gone on day 15 or 17. If I run the scenario of Wahaj or Kyle making merge and I think this game becomes VERY interesting as of one or two rounds ago. Everyone was compelled to give Lyndsay a second, third, fourth, fifth, and finally, a sixth chance to redeem herself. The redemption never came.

I asked all of the endgame players “who surprised you the most?” and the most common answer was “Lyndsay” because of the same enormous expectations they had for her only to be the final inactive eliminated from the game. She was supposed to be in the Final Four from day one as long as she played.

Look at the votes cast thus far. Nobody had written Lyndsay’s name before this point. That happened because of how much everyone knew she was a fan of Survivor. If Lyndsay hadn’t started out day 1 with a tribe consisting of Lisa, Gayle, and Kai, I doubt she is kept this long.

Lyndsay ended this season with the same reputation as Penner: All talk and no game. And Penner hasn’t watched a minute of Survivor over the past thirteen years.

This led to many complications for the endgame that I was seeing on the horizon. Brett has an idol. Adam has an idol. Gayle has two idols and a Double Tribal Council Trigger. Lisa has a fake idol. Jerry self-votes frequently but has been active overall. The four-person women’s alliance is ready to take down Adam and Brett. If Adam and Brett use their idols correctly in back-to-back rounds, and Jerry self-votes. . .we could have a Final Five of Adam, Brett, Jerry, and two of the four women.

That is what I was seeing primarily because it seemed really dumb for Adam and Brett to not play their idols in the next two rounds. Whoever loses immunity must go before anybody else in the game. Even if they are inactive. If the four-person women’s alliance was smart, they would have eliminated Brett over Lyndsay.


But let’s back up a bit to the start of the round.
Dominant Alliance: Lisa-Dianne-Gayle-Natasha
The Loose 5th and 6th: Lyndsay and Jerry
Alone: Brett.
Also Alone and Biggest Threat in the Game: Adam.

Natasha’s hand is still burned. She skips this immunity challenge too. Lyndsay and Lisa both skip the challenge too. It is made known that Lisa is hanging out with 17th place finisher Cindy during the challenge. However, exactly like Natasha, Lisa always votes, strategizes, and shows up to virtually every Tribal Council Discussion. Dianne and Gayle are the only two more active than Lisa.

Brett has finished second in the past two challenges. He finishes second in this challenge as well.

Adam wins his third individual immunity in a row. The women’s alliance feels threatened by Adam that their whole thought process for the vote is to eliminate the least helpful person in challenges. Brett may be kept even though he is alone because he can beat Adam.

I can’t emphasize enough how big of a storyline this was at the time. Adam’s third win in a row made the four women re-prioritize. Eliminating Brett and Jerry next may not be worth it if somebody keeps sitting on the sidelines and not bothering to so much as try to defeat Adam. If everyone participated in the challenge, there is no doubt in my mind that Brett receives the highest number of votes this round and probably gets blindsided. I doubt he was going to play his idol thinking the five women and Jerry weren’t as tight as they appeared.

So the four women and Jerry agreed that Lyndsay needed to be eliminated. They were in denial that she was going to keep acting like this every single round. They were pissed off far more at the time than what I appear to be now.

I would say that whenever this game is discussed over the past four years, one of the five topics always discussed is Lyndsay. There have been theories over the years as to why she outright refused to do challenges or TCs despite posting in messages and the group page:

a) She wasn’t winning every challenge. I have always disagreed with this theory because she merged in the majority. Her tribe always was either tied or leading.
b) She didn’t play after Kyle was voted out. I disagree with this too because she didn’t play in the challenge or vote at TC in the round Kyle was eliminated where he cast a vote. The TC was 3-2-1.
c) She was too afraid to play because she might lose in the process. Now this I agree with. I think Lyndsay is one of those people who is scared to fail at something when she chooses to participate. These people tend to be complicated in the Survivor world. They also happen to be the people who quit the most in Survivor. Lyndsay had a fear of being voted out as an active player.

What Lyndsay doesn’t realize is that her reputation hit rock bottom by choosing to be an inactive player. She upset everybody who was counting on her.

Three quick stories about Lyndsay during the game:

1) During the Table Seating Challenge in round three, the only challenge Lyndsay ever played, she lied about Kyle’s shoe size and her own birth place. After the challenge I asked her if she was sabotaging anything in the challenge. She claimed she wasn’t. Once the results were posted and Inukshuk realized they lost because of Lyndsay, everyone wanted Lyndsay to go that round because they thought she would use Serene, Wahaj, Kai, and Kyle to take out Gayle, Lisa, Dianne, and Jerry. Of course it is laughable now because Serene finished 18th, Wahaj 14th, Kyle 13th, and Kai 10th. Four out of the five them cast multiple self-votes.

2) After Serene was voted out, Lisa’s friends Cindy and Kristen were eliminated. Penner and Wahaj followed. Once it was down to thirteen people were afraid that Loren’s clan (Lyndsay, Kyle, Kai, Loren, and Simone) would come together and rule both tribes.

But what happened?
13th – Kyle
12th – Loren
11th – Simone
10th – Kai
8th – Lyndsay

Those five could have easily made merge together because Alisha was inactive on FireWire and Jerry was the least important person on Inukshuk. Loren’s clan would have made up five out of eleven people post-merge, and knowing the number of self-votes plaguing the game, they could have made Final Five together.

3) This round everyone was consulted about their availability. The challenge fit into Lyndsay’s availability. She said she was excited. During the challenge she was not only online but posting in the group. BUT SHE WASN’T PLAYING THE CHALLENGE!

That was the final straw for everyone. Lyndsay wasn’t booted because of strategy or inactivity. She was booted for choosing to quit without announcing she was quitting.

Up to this point twelve people have been voted out. Ten of them were voted out because they simply weren’t online enough due to their life outside of the game, or the fact they didn’t watch Survivor nor cared about the game. Lyndsay checked the game more frequently than four of the seven remaining players. Therefore, after playing one challenge and only voting at the first two easy Tribal Councils, it is safe to say that Lyndsay is the only person from the prequel who can be considered a quitter.


Now let’s get to the challenge and Tribal Council. I am only telling you about Lyndsay’s exit in the first half of this episode because the challenge and TC is far more exciting. Everyone entered Tribal Council knowing Lyndsay would be gone. At Tribal Council people are answering questions and already strategizing to set themselves up for next round. And why is it so important?

Because next round you MUST vote for a mother, brother, sister, uncle, niece or your closest cousin. Lyndsay was the last person in the game not related by blood to all other remaining players.

The challenge of “Who Can Show Up and Play?” was no longer applicable. All thirteen semi to fully inactive players are out of the game.

You had to vote out someone who has expressed a desire to win since day one. This is the original concept of Blood vs. Water being played.

ME: C’mon in guys! Adam, I’ll take back immunity. The talisman is back up for grabs. So far in the individual stage we’ve done the following:
-Word Puzzle-
And today we’re about to do. . .
-Mini Games-
Download the application “MindJolt Games”. Once you have it downloaded, you’ll have ninety minutes to play “Crazy Taxi,” “Kamikaze Race,” and “Cube Field”.Ā  Your goal is to have the highest overall point score in each of the three games. Meaning that last place = 1 pt, and first place = 8 pts in each of the three games.
e.g. Finishing 7th, 7th, and 7th would add up for six points.
If multiple people are tied for the highest point score, the tiebreaker will be whoever had the highest placings.
e.g. An individual who finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, will beat the individual who finished 2nd, 2nd, 2nd.
If it happens that the individuals tied have identical placings, then it’ll be whoever won a game by the largest percentage.

Adam swept all of the categories, and therefore wins immunity. . .again.

LISA: Did we do immunity?

ADAM: we’re doing immunity

GAYLE: I hate cube field!

JERRY: I burnt my fingers.

GAYLE: yeh that was a rough challenge


Yep. We did a freakin’ Mindjolt challenge. The first and last Mindjolt game ever played in SCWL history. I remember Adam having obnoxiously high scores in all three mini games. Upon further reflection, I realized that Lisa, Dianne, Natasha, and Lyndsay all didn’t play. Dianne because she was frightened of the challenge, Natasha because her right hand was burnt, Lyndsay because she is a quitter, and Lisa because she was chilling at 18th place finisher Cindy’s house.

So Adam won immunity and everyone, including Brett, was absolutely determined to eliminate Adam the next time he lost immunity. Everyone’s focus was indeed solely on beating him in a challenge.

You know Lyndsay is going, but as I said before, it’s time for true Survivor to be played.


ME: Tribal Council #13

Who’s all here?


LISA: me


DIANNE: hey, cute baby pic you have.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Lisa’s grand niece/Dianne’s great-granddaughter was born during the Tribal Council where Alisha went home.

ADAM: Here

GAYLE: oh mister necklace made it

DIANNE: dianne does a sneaky sneer at adam

DIANNE: yeh, I wonder about a guy who likes to wear a necklace so much

GAYLE: gayle pats adam on the head

DIANNE: not that there is anything wrong with it.

GAYLE’S QUESTION: How was your Exile Carnival experience different this go around?

GAYLE’S ANSWER: well with still being able to see the group from a distance it wasn’t as lonely

LISA’S QUESTION: You missed out on another challenge. Concerned that skipping immunities will ultimately cost you?

LISA’S ANSWER: I feel that my missing the immunity challenge could definitely cost me in the end. I am not sure how much good it would have done me to be there…[shoots a “sneery” look at Adam.]

DIANNE’S QUESTION: We’ve been out here thirty days. How does tonight’s decision compare to the other decisions you’ve made at previous Tribal Councils?

DIANNE’S ANSWER: No, actually it hasn’t got down to the dirty dog stuff yet. This one isn’t too much more than the others

ADAM’S QUESTION: You’ve won all three challenges where you can become immune so far. Do you think you can keep this streak going?

ADAM’S ANSWER: I am pretty amazing but 4/4 immunities will be tough

JERRY: where is everyone?

DIANNE: I just saw a smoke signal from lisa, that she has fallen off the cliff

BRETT: i am here

EDITOR’S NOTE: First time Brett and Jerry have shown up to a TC discussion since the pre-merge phase.

BRETT: Do straglers get points against them?

LISA: I am back!

DIANNE: I am starting to feel nervous

BRETT: I got lost on the trail, so i followed the smell of fear to get here

LISA: Me too!

LISA: not the smell thing…the nervous thing!

GAYLE: yeh the smell of fear is getting stronger each time

BRETT’S QUESTION: How frustrating is it to lose every individual immunity?

BRETT’S ANSWER: VERY!! There was way too many second place finishes. Hopefully i can pull through next time

JERRY’S QUESTION: How comfortable do you feel going into tonight’s vote?

JERRY’S ANSWER: I’m sitting on a heating pad …. very comfy… thanks for asking.

ADAM’S QUESTION: Do you think a cocky attitude will give others more of a reason to boot you out if you do indeed lose an immunity challenge?

ADAM’S ANSWER: Quite possibly, I think the tirbe knows I’m joking. There’s a lot of luck involved in the challenges

DIANNE: hey, how did he get a heating pad, and why are you sitting on it. Or do we want to know


LISA: Yeeahhhhhhhhhhh, what she said! [another sneery look]

DIANNE: Is that sweat on Jerrys brow. Probably just from the heating pad.

JERRY: Ice doesn’t sweat… it melts.

ME: It’s always fun to have a bigger crowd for Tribal Councils, I must say.

DIANNE’S QUESTION: Last time we covered if people were thinking about Final Two plans. Let’s talk about if anyone has thought about their Final Four plans yet?

DIANNE’S ANSWER: I haven’t thought about it. I am just going week to week.

GAYLE’S QUESTION: We’re drawing closer to the idol expiration date. Have you thought about using it this round?

GAYLE’S ANSWER: oh I always think about it..I never decide until the last moment

BRETT’S QUESTION: How will things be different after tonight’s vote?

BRETT’S ANSWER: There’ll be one less person…..

EDITOR’S NOTE: Slowwwwww clap.

BRETT’S SECOND ATTEMPT AT AN ANSWER: and immunity will be so much more important come the next couple rounds. hopefully its not me doing the walk of shame but dont count your chickens till they win you some immunity challenges (I think thats how the saying goes)


LISA: no it is “don’t count your idols till the hatch”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Don’t count your immunities unless you are Richard Hatch.

JERRY’S QUESTION: How important are alliances at this stage of the game?

JERRY’S ANSWER: At this stage, alliances ARE the game.

LISA’S QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the individual immunity idol?

LISA’S ANSWER: My thoughts on the individual immunity idol is that Adam needs to stop winning it!

DIANNE: Amen to that sista

ME: That’s the individual immunity talisman, Lisa.

LISA: and I would like some icecream right now.

LISA’S ANSWER: OH….uhhhh….yeah…. and I think it is good????

JERRY: I didn’t know individual immunity idol meant that only one individual would get one.

QUESTION FOR EVERYONE: We know an idol was won during the first challenge after the merge by (Gayle) and one has been hidden out at Exile. You all saw the clues at the merge. Any ideas if anybody found it?

JERRY: sure,sure… we’re heating grubs on rocks and HE has chickens !!

JERRY: what does it look like?

LISA: hmmmmmm… I saw the clues….they seemed workable….but did anyone put the time into it??? That is the question.

DIANNE: yes, i think someone has it , but I am not pointing at who I think.

GAYLE: Yes..with brett and adam there at exile the same wouldn’t surprise me if they have it.

BRETT: Im hoping I found it while sleep walking

ME: Ready to get to the vote? Note: Note: Last chance for the person to get their vote and confessional in for this round.

LISA: Woo Hoo! Let’s Do This!

DIANNE: Lisa sounding very sure of herself

GAYLE: oh I hate this part

LISA: I just need to get to the bottom line!

ME: “Woo Hoo!” right before the votes are read? That’s a first.

ME: I’ll go tally the votes.

GAYLE: alright who hid the vote box on jeff

LISA: Lisa looks around the campfire suspiciously…

JERRY: I couldn’t find it. sigh.

ME: Once the votes are read, the decision is final and the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately.Ā  If anybody has the individual immunity and they wanted to play it this round, this would be the time that I’d reveal it.

JERRY: Outplay

ME: Jerry is attempting to play an individual immunity idol.
This is not an individual immunity idol. Votes will continue.

ME: *throws fake idol into the fire*


DIANNE: oh, my god,… someone hide a fake idol

JERRY: how else ya gonna find out

LISA: Lisa looks suspiciously around the fire…..

DIANNE: the game getting scary

JERRY: ( I won money on the sidebet that it was fake) :-))

LISA: and confusing

GAYLE: I smell an alliance

JERRY: nope…. just fear.

ME: Okay. I’ll read the votes.

I’ll reveal the first of the two self-votes this round.

First vote: (Jerry)

Now it’s time to play the Survivor Spelling Bee.

Second vote: (lindsey)

Incorrect. šŸ™‚

Third vote: (Lyndsey)

Also incorrect.

Votes are 2-1

Fourth vote: (Lindsey)

Also incorrect spelling.

Vote is now 3-1.

Fifth vote. . .

Self-vote: (Lyndsay)


Sixth vote. . .
And the thirteenth person voted out of the game, and the fourth member of our jury:


(Lyndsay,) the tribe has spoken.

LISA: Wow…this game is heating up!

GAYLE: I will walk back at the back of the line tonight

JERRY: you’re sitting on one too?

LISA: no….just the chemistry of the game!

DIANNE: I dunno if i want gayle behind my back

ME: Well, well, well, a fake idol was played.

With Lyndsay gone, we’re down to seven VERY active players. Past contestants of the real show have said that the feel of the game takes a huge unexplainable shift when it gets down to seven. With what happened tonight, this game should be no different.

Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

LISA: Good Night Jeff….

JERRY: well, it’s a prime number … uncomfortable

GAYLE: good night…lets tell stories around the fire tonight

DIANNE: Good night sir, And gayle don’t be sizing up my back. for knife holes sites.

LISA: OH, have I got a story to tell!

BRETT: see ya jeff, can i go to your camp instead?

DIANNE: no way, brett, you slog thru the swamp with the rest of us.

GAYLE: yeh

DIANNE: Good night all

JERRY: That was a fairly obvious fake idol … and should be a clue to who has the real one.

JERRY: re: the immunity idol. The puzzle only takes a few minutes to solve so whoever was there first likely has it.




I think that’s who everyone else is voting for so that’s what I’m gonna do… I need to win a couple more immunities and use my idol if I lose an immunity… I want a Spicy Chicken Combo



Those damn mini games are killing me. Too bad theres no immunity for second place cause that would definetly help


I vote to evict Lyndsey.

I was bad and sat out the challenge last night. I knew I had nooooOOOOOOO chance when I saw what the games were.
But at least I showed up and tried. There are some slackers still in our midst.
My vote for lyndsey is purely on participation. Some how we have to stop Mr. Adam from winning ammunity. Or he is sure to win this game.
And I am sending in my vote aaannnndddd my confessional…. Aren’t you proud of me?


I vote for Lyndsay.

I am still voting people off for how they turnout for challenges.
I think we need to keep adam from winning immunity next time, he is becoming a big threat and will be in the final two unless we can slow him down some. Will see if I can dethrone him on the next challenge!




I think my alliance is VERY strong. My mom, Gayle, Tasha and I are on a roll.
I just hope that when it comes down to Gayle’s sons and Tasha’s brothers my mom and I aren’t thrown under the bus!

Once again, I missed a challenge! Adam HAS to be stopped. My alliance is beginning to frustrate me. We were talking today and it came up that some of them had already voted! They said they voted Lyndsay, I am not sure that is the best move, but we will have the numbers after tonight as long as we can keep Adam from winning the NEXT immunity challenge. I am going to have to ramp it up and FOCUS! There is no way Adam is going to take this game, not while I am still in it! He is a great guy and a great player, but NO, he is not going to win it!
My vote for tonight….
I am sorry Lyndsay. I must stick with my alliance. Personally I would have brought to the final 5. Good Luck…. see ya at Christmas




i vote for (Lindsay)
I am just going to keep voting with the group for now.


And there you have it. The only seven players who have bothered to play consistently since day one are the last seven standing.

I need to mention the reaction after Tribal Council. Lisa called Natasha, Gayle, and Dianne. They were laughing hysterically that Jerry played Lisa’s fake idol. You’ll read during the vote that Lisa said “I have a story to tell” after Jerry plays the fake idol.

But the real joke is on the four of them because Jerry explicitly warned after Tribal Council that “whoever was there first has it because the puzzle is really easy”.

I should briefly cover Exile Carnival. All of the clues for the idol have been revealed. Post-merge players had no choice but to reveal pieces of info. I believe there were ten clues and ten pieces of info. Of course info wasn’t revealed until post-merge because too many inactive players were on Exile Carnival and didn’t even request a clue or a piece of info.

(exile carnival)

~! @#$ %^&* *(- (~++-& ~&+~{~+$^} ~::$&~*@ ~+#} ^* -|~}- <^\&~{^} >~:`}@ >-&+ ā€œ ~ %~>( *# #=*^~& *(- ~+#} ā€ *# @#$\ %#&+-\!$} (#>* ^&+ !\~-&+}@ &-~/(=#$\(##+ }#/^& >^$&+-\>

Clue #2: Clue #2: Use the code Luke, use the secret code.

NOTE: Each player was given a piece of the code at the beginning of the game. E.g. = represents B

Clue#3: The quotes are simply quotes.

NOTE: Adam finds the idol after clue #3.

Clue#4: The two slashes sound like what a tough animal would say.

Clue#5: If you know what you seek, and where you are, you should know what words you are looking for.

NOTE: Natasha struggles. Lisa asks for Gayle’s, Dianne’s, and Natasha’s secret codes to obtain the fake idol.

Clue#6: Use the secret code that came along with your questionnaire at the beginning of the game.

Clue #7: The quotes do not represent a letter, unlike all of the other symbols. The quotes are quotes.

Clue#8: One type of slash represents a G, and the other type of slash represents a R.

Clue#9: You are looking for a hidden individual immunity idol at Exile Carnival.

HOST: **End of Clues**

GAYLE: inserts token

HOST: You can’t use a token here because all of the clues have already been revealed.

Kai requests Info#1: The two tribes of four will each combine with a tribe of five after the first round of play.

Gayle forced to request Info#2: What you seek on Exile Carnival is what the original winning captains received a copy of as the reward that everyone has been wondering about.


I mention Exile Carnival now because nobody else requests a clue or piece of info for the remainder of the game. Everything could have been revealed by last round. Yep, another example of cluelessness/inactivity throughout the game.

You’ll note during Tribal Council that I tried to be as clear as possible that the players have nobody but themselves to blame if a round gets too choatic and over-the-top because they let four idols and a Double Tribal Council Trigger to STILL be in play. Plus a talisman must be awarded next round. Talisman. Four idols. Double Tribal Council Trigger. And only seven people.

Oh god. How crazy shall this ending be?

Next Time on SCWL: The Prequel:
– All that’s left are brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, uncles, and aunts. All seven are related by blood. All seven have been active enough to survive the past THIRTEEN Tribal Councils. Will anybody chicken out of the game now that somebody has to be voted out while being fully aware?
– Adam has a freakin’ gigantic on his back after winning three straight individual immunity challenges while in the minority alliance. Can he do the unthinkable and pull out a fourth win to buy himself more time?
– Paranoia escalates as strategy is no longer limited to the Internet. Players have phone conversations, phone conferences, and face-to-face chats to strategize for Tribal Council.
– One player contemplates giving away their idol to an enemy by creating a fake e-mail account and sending them the idol code. Will the plan go through?
– Wendy and Kyle are the only two players out of the past thirteen eliminated that cast a vote at Tribal Council during the round they were voted out. This upcoming episode will have a third person join that group.
– If that isn’t enough, somebody will join Wendy as the second person to be present for the live Tribal Council Discussion/Vote Reveal when they are eliminated. That player will watch their torch being snuffed before their eyes.
– A blindside so vicious and so brutal that some players feel they may have made the wrong decision regarding the voteout. The blindsided player goes on to unexpectedly impact future challenges of the season.
– While these thirteen eliminations have been the thirteen least exciting eliminations in SCWL history. . .this episode will go down as a Top FIVE episode of the entire series run. This moment signals the beginning of the end, or rather, the beginning of a Survivor game being played.

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