SCWL Postseason Cast Assessment Entry #12

Entry #12: Alisha – Transcend -> FireWire (6-1-self vote-self vote) – September 2 2009 – SCWL: The Prequel
– Adam’s partner. She was the seventh of eight partners to be eliminated (only Natasha remains).
– The only player to play in multiple challenges but yet refuse to vote at multiple Tribal Councils.
– Self-voted a record EIGHT times. Including a stretch where she self-voted in four consecutive rounds of play.
– The only person to make a merge in SCWL without ever casting a vote.
– I must repeat: EIGHT self-votes!

Oh my word. There are three major components to this round:
a) The 5-person women’s alliance is fully in play. Jerry is sixth and Alisha is. . .well who knows where Alisha currently stood.
b) Frustration with Adam’s second consecutive immunity win. Everybody was fully intending to take him out ASAP.
c) Lack of challenge participation from those active in the majority alliance were infuriating other members of their own alliance.

And then there were nine. As you can see there is another two week break since the last round.

So let’s recap the first break:

August 7th – 22nd (round of 10)

I know I am starting my first year of university before the game can finish. Momentum is lost as two weeks was enough for Alisha and Kai to stop playing altogether. Jerry was gone during the break too. Lyndsay however has become more active. The other six continue to be invested in the game. A personal miracle to know eight people showed an interest to finish out the game.

I remember during these two weeks that Natasha became concerned if I was upset that the game had to be on pause for two weeks. Truth be told it was more of a relief after the fact because it felt like the game was restarting with its core players. The active players would continue regardless of the break. . .and the inactive players would keep being inactive regardless of the break too.

Once we played out this round I knew this game could finish. I was certain it could finish because we suffered from two months of inactive eliminations over a period of eleven Tribal Councils. Two months, eleven Tribal Councils, Tribal Councils having the majority of players self-vote every once in a while. . .we were at the point where the number of active players outnumbered those who weren’t.

I should further point out that if this break occurred three or four rounds earlier, my motivation to continue would have probably been lower. I think the fact I knew exciting rounds were on the way made it much easier to have the game on pause for two weeks.

August 23rd – August 31st (this round/round of 9)

I can’t remember why this break occurred. I am assuming that because this round’s immunity challenge was live, I needed eight out of the nine players to agree on a time to play it. In fact I am certain that is what it had to be. This would be the last round played before I went to university. Incidentally this is also the last round played before Adam returned to university, and others ended their summer holidays to return to work full time.

In fact the remaining challenges were live for the rest of the game because of how limited everyone had the same narrow window for availability. Adam was the only one who objected to these live challenges, if I recall correctly. Somewhat flawed logic that challenges had to be live when people were rarely available to do challenges, but since everybody’s availability was the same day, it made sense to do it this way. Of course that is no longer the case after the prequel as 90% of all challenges have been non-live or semi-live ever since.

Again, a really weird season.

Really. Weird.

The only thing stranger than this season actually having a start, middle, and finish is the fact that I am blogging about its start, middle, and finish round by round over four years later. And the fact that about a dozen people who I didn’t know until after this game ended are the only people reading it.

Where was I? Oh yes. The eleventh round of the game. This challenge was played on September 1st.

GAYLE’S ADVANTAGE: Being able to trigger a Double Tribal Council before an immunity challenge begins.

Each round since the merge Gayle has received a hint about the next challenge. So far Gayle has declined to trigger a Double Tribal Council in all three rounds thus far. That means we could be copying the real Survivor’s future of having a double elimination once it is down to eight players.

Immunity Challenge XI: Traveler IQ Challenge.

ME: Now to your individual challenge.

Weird immunity rewards is no longer what you seek…the individual immunity talisman is what you FINALLY covet.

Also, the winner of this challenge will send two people to Exile Carnival. However, these two people will have “a boat” and will be vulnerable at Tribal Council this round, AND will be given a slight disadvantage at the next immunity challenge.

Now to your challenge: Add the application “TravelPod Traveler IQ Challenge” and play the category “World UNESCO Sites”

Whoever reaches the highest level by 10:00pm wins individual immunity. If multiple people are tied for the highest level reached, the tiebreaker will be whoever has the highest score.

Good luck.

This is a twist I had forgotten about. For these four rounds, whoever won the immunity challenge will put two people at a disadvantage in the following immunity challenge and send them to Exile Carnival. It was probably the only way I could keep Exile Carnival in the post-merge phase. This is parallel to the struggles that the real Survivor had at the time with exiling people post-merge. Survivor: Tocantins aired before this season was played which was the last season to use Exile Island. That season also had four very boring rounds of Exile Island until Coach was its last visitor.

That’s why my games and the real Survivor have never had Exile Island ever since. For some reason it’s impossible to make it fully functional or an interesting part of the game.

ME: Adam wins individual immunity!

His decision of who will be sent to Exile Carnival will be sent out by tomorrow morning, but regardless, all of you will have to vote and be at risk nonetheless.

Your vote AND confessional will be due by Wednesday @ 8pm, which is when the next Tribal Council Discussion & Vote Reveal will take place.

ME: (Lisa) and (Alisha) have been exiled this round. Let’s see how you do with a slight disadvantage in the immunity challenge next round. That’s assuming you survive this round, of course.

So allow me to comment on that. Adam exiling Lisa is understandable because she could be an active threat to him winning immunity. . .but Alisha?! Alisha hasn’t been seen since the merge. My guess is that Adam didn’t want to piss off anybody that he thought he could flip. But wouldn’t Adam be crazy to think anyone would flip to work with him and Brett?

As I said before, Gayle and Brett were each awarded an idol for being captain and were explicitly told “both captains have an idol”. I don’t know why, but they seem to have forgotten about it. Even with my vague reminder at the last Tribal Council. If Adam keeps winning immunity, and the longer they spare Brett, guess what? Both could be immune if you wait too long. But sadly Alisha was the only inactive left. Brett would either be blindsided or need to play his idol soon if things don’t change by next round.

Oh, and Natasha’s injury that the others briefly referenced in the last episode? She burnt her right hand. Needless to say Natasha had a tough time with the challenge last round and this round because of her burnt hand. As far as I know everyone played this round’s immunity challenge except Alisha and Lyndsay. Yes, Lyndsay once again spoke on the wall, but yet again reprised her role of “Hey, I’m here but I refuse to play!”

As a host I was getting really annoyed because Lyndsay spoke on the wall on a round-by-round basis but after twelve rounds she had only played in one out of eleven immunity challenges, and had self-voted at the previous three Tribal Councils she had attended. I was frustrated because I assumed she was doing this out of strategy to appear under-the-radar. After all I knew Lyndsay had played outdoor versions of Survivor with her friends and watched the show religiously.

It has to be strategy at the expense of my game, right?

Now to the Tribal Council. I screwed up in my last round’s episode preview at the end. A fake idol is NOT played this round and a majority of people don’t show up to Tribal Council. However, 112 comments are in the Tribal Discussion Vote Reveal. 4/9 players showed up. The last time we had this many people show up to talk at Tribal Council was. . .when Serene was voted out in 18th place. That’s right. Nine people have been voted out since then but no more than three people have shown up for a vote.

Oh, and four people showed up when Kristen was voted out in 16th place. But Loren and Alisha only said two lines each the whole time because Loren’s dial-up kicked him offline and Alisha was being Alisha lol.

Kai’s exit had zero suspense. Simone’s was a little bit surprising. Loren’s was zero surprise. Kyle’s was surprisingly suspenseful. Wahaj’s exit had zero suspense. Penner zero. Kristen zero. Cindy zero. Serene zero. Wendy zero. Scott zero.

Eleven exits in a row with zero to little suspense. Only Kyle and Wendy actually cast a vote when they were eliminated. Two out of eleven.

This was the first time there was more than an ounce of suspense. There were two options:
a) Take the easy way out and eliminate Alisha who was being overwhelmed by her personal life, and has zero alliances with anybody, and doesn’t understand what Tribal Council is despite checking into the game every round for the first seven rounds.
b) Eliminate Brett when everyone knows he is not going to play his idol.

Who goes home?


I made a confessional accompanied by a Tribal Council vote a requirement from this round forward. I was getting too tired of people only sending in a vote of the person’s name without any reasoning or explanation (although I could gather the reasoning would be “inactive” ten times out of eleven).

With the endgame approaching and our first elimination of an active player coming very soon, I wanted the story of why they were eliminated. It was too strong of a possibility that a player would just say “dianne” and nothing else with the vote. During Tribal Council I looked through the votes and saw Dianne hadn’t sent in a confessional with her vote. I waited until she sent in a confessional during TC before reading the vote.

Yeah. The first time that I act tough on players in SCWL.

LISA: Where is tribal??????????????????????/
GAYLE: he is posting in will be tribal council 12
ME: Tribal Council #12. Who’s all here tonight?
ADAM: this guy
LISA: aw, I feel better, I found you!
GAYLE: long trek
LISA: Yeah….. very long…I got lost in a swamp!
DIANNE: hello
GAYLE: oh dear…well if you would quit wandering off without telling people
LISA: Hithere
DIANNE: I tripped over lisa laying in the swamp
ADAM: get outta my swamp
LISA: I know, I know…..
GAYLE: you think own this swamp
LISA: OK, Shrek!
ME: Okay, Shrek.
ME: Nicely done, Lisa.
LISA: Thanks
GAYLE: gosh my hands are sure sore from chopping so many coconuts
LISA: I appreciate all of your hardwork
DIANNE: who is gonna cook all those damn coconuts?
GAYLE: thanks….I had to tell adam to quit using his head to open them
LISA: hahahaha…. I will find some way to cook them!
GAYLE: oh good I can’t wait…I hope its something different
DIANNE: If Adam or Brett knew anything about being in a boat (or raft) they could go out into the water and catch some fish for us.

GAYLE’S QUESTION: We’re down to nine players. The last time you can use an idol is when there are four people left. Have you put any thoughts into how you’ll play your idol that you won in the first individual immunity challenge after the merge?

GAYLE’S ANSWER: I have been giving it some serious thought for sure. I want to make sure I really think about the options for using it.

ADAM’S QUESTION: The FireWire tribe is still a minority. Do you feel that anybody from FireWire will continue to be at a disadvantage just because of the fact that they came from FireWire?

ADAM’S ANSWER: I think all firewire is at a big disadvantage, and will continue to be that way

LISA’S QUESTION: What concerns you the most in this game right now?

LISA’S ANSWER: I think the thing that concerns me most right now is that we are getting down to strategy time. that could really be bad for some of us…..

DIANNE’S QUESTION: Is it too early to think about who you want to go up against at Final Tribal Council? Or is that thought process already starting?

DIANNE’S ANSWER: They are all such fine, strong players. I it would be an honor to go up against any one here.

GAYLE: good answer Dianne

LISA: {Lisa looks at gayle with kind of pleading eyes}
DIANNE: Dianne smiles, sneakily
LISA: Lisa looks worried and bites her fingernails
GAYLE: Gayle-looking very nervous
ADAM: adam takes a bite froma  Charleston Chew
DIANNE: Dianne thinks for a guy who feels he owns the whole swamp, Adam is being very quiet
LISA: Lisa reaches out to pat Gayle on the back…reassuringly…..
GAYLE: Hey did he sneak that in
LISA: LIsa wishes she had a Charleston Chew
LISA: It could have been his one item whatever that is called

ADAM’S QUESTION: Buy that answer? “It would be an honor to go up against any one here.” Or do you think that’s just someone playing the game of “Let’s avoid Jeff Probst’s tough questions?”

ADAM’S ANSWER: I think it’s a case of misdirection, not unlike that of Houdini

DIANNE’S QUESTION: So does that mean the thought process for who to face in Final TC has already started?

DIANNE’S ANSWER: I really haven’t thought that far ahead. I am just going week by week now.

LISA’S QUESTION: Why would it be ‘really bad for some of us’ but not bad for others?

LISA’S ANSWER: Well………………….. ummmmmmm {fidgets} I mean it could be bad if anyone thinks they know how it will go down, at least to the final 4………so, if someone thinks they could easily go tot he final…….it might not be as easy as they think.

GAYLE’S QUESTION: What are some of the options that you’ve been thinking about

GAYLE’S ANSWER: well….if I should give it to someone or save it for myself

ME: NOTE: One of you hasn’t voted yet.
DIANNE: Sounds like Lisa is speaking Jaborwalky.
LISA: Lisa wonders who hasn’t voted……. looks around…
GAYLE: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…interesting

ME: What are you guys basing your vote on tonight?


GAYLE: Mine is partcipation

ADAM: alphabet, not necessarily in order

DIANNE: I would rather not say. Loose lips sink ships

LISA: wondering if Dianne if off voting

GAYLE: I want to know who didn’t vote in here

LISA: Well…… who put you in charge?

ADAM: it be too late to vote, it be too late loooooong tiiime


GAYLE: well I think that is just not right,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

ME: Let me rephrase it: One of you didn’t meet the requirements to complete their vote,

LISA: laughing nad spitting in my water! you silly Adam~!

ME: There we go.

ME: Alright. It’s time for me to tally the votes.


GAYLE: well….now that explains it

LISA: Lisa is looking unsure of herself

GAYLE: me too

DIANNE: Dianne is pleading senility

LISA: Let’s hold hands

ADAM: I feel safe

GAYLE: lol

LISA: lol I am over tired this whole thing is cracking me up

ADAM: ahhhhhh leg cramp

GAYLE: well must be nice having that necklace around your neck ADAM

ME: If anybody has a hidden individual immunity idol and they’re playing it, now would be the time that I’d reveal it. . .
Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final and the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.

LISA: Lisa is shifting on her log

LISA: rofl!

LISA: I will be going to bed after this

ME: Self-votes:




Six votes remain.

GAYLE: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ME: Fourth vote: (Jerry)

Fifth vote: (Alisha)

DIANNE: Lisa has shifted into my spot and pushed me off the log

LISA: hehehehehehe let me help you up!

GAYLE: lol

ME: Sixth vote: (Alisha)

3-2-1 so far.

Seventh vote: (Alisha)

4-2-1 now.

Eighth vote. . .
And the twelfth person voted out of this game, and the third member of our jury. . .(Alisha)

(Alisha,) the tribe has spoken.

DIANNE: Dianne gets up spitting dirt out of her mouth

LISA: Lisa looks around and smiles

GAYLE: I am really going to miss her…she added fun to this tribe

LISA: So, the person who didn’t vote right….

DIANNE: very interesting

LISA: their vote didn’t count? but they didn’t have a self vote?

DIANNE: Don’t you worry about it.

ME: Another inactive leaves the game, which will make the end game much more interesting. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

LISA: Don’t YOU worry about it!

DIANNE: Good night Sir

GAYLE: good night jeff


ME: Their vote DID count, because they showed up to this meeting and still voted before I read the votes.

LISA: suck up!

GAYLE: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

LISA: Thanks Jef, Have a great night at the Holiday Inn.

GAYLE: I hope we get to play for tp soon

LISA: hahahaha me too I’ll walk back to camp with you

DIANNE: You want to play for toilet paper?

GAYLE: ok sounds good

GAYLE: yep

LISA: night night

DIANNE: So you to good for leaves?

GAYLE: yes…getting tired of them

DIANNE: I’m off to bed then. bye

ADAM: I’m not leaving tribal council, I refuse to be around them anymore….How about a game of crazy eights Jeff?

ME: I prefer Crazy Eights Countdown.




ME: You currently hold an individual immunity idol. Today is Day 25. The last day you may use an idol is on Day 37.

(Alisha) Once again seems to be the most inactive thus far. Gonna be tough soon though, I need to win a couple more immunities for sure.


self-vote for the eighth and final time


ME: You currently hold an individual immunity idol. Today is Day 25. The last day you may use an idol is on Day 37.

Ill vote for jerry sund

(Jerry Sund)

Im really disapointed I couldnt pull out the win on travel iq and hope to take the individual immunity next time. Im thinking down the stretch he’ll be a tough opponent so hopefully he gets voted out. Im gonna wait till close to the end to use my idol and hopefully it works out. And theres no point trying to vote out lisa or alisha since theyll have a disadvnatage next round


I vote for Alisha

I think my alliance is still intact. We shall see tonight.


ME: Challenge Hint: The World. You have until 7:30pm Monday to decide if you want to incur a Double Tribal Council this round. Reminder: Today is Day 25. Day 37 is the last day you can incur a Double Tribal Council. Other Reminder: You currently hold two individual immunity idols. Day 37 is the last time you may use them.

I vote for Alisha. I really hate to vote her off, it makes me very sad. She is a good player when she makes it. I am only voting her on participation. I am going to keep the ones who play the most in the game if I can. I hope I am not going! You never know what is going to happen..there can always be a major surprise! The not knowing is scary.




Well, I am sad I missed the last challenge.

[Alisha] Sorry Alisha, I am sticking with my tribe. You are a great player and I will miss you.




i vote (alicia)
confessional: i am still just voting for people who aren’t as involved as others

Eight self-votes at her eight trips to Tribal Council later and Alisha is finally gone. She made it to ninth out of twenty players. Eight self-votes and ninth place. In a series where all subsequent games only allows a MAXIMUM of two self-votes.

To put it into perspective of Alisha’s TC inactivity, she had the same number of self-votes as SCWL 2, 4, and 5 combined. Combined. One player’s self-votes after twelve eliminations matched that of fifty-one rounds of gameplay by fifty-four people. Of the five seasons in SCWL, only one player has been ejected for inactivity due to two self-votes or three missed challenges. Alisha would have been ejected FOUR times in the span of twelve rounds.

Alisha is a great person. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame her for her inactivity considering she wasn’t even one of the people that signed up for the game. She was brought in as Adam’s partner without watching an episode of Survivor.

And that is why the partner twist shouldn’t have happened. Someone survived seven trips to Tribal Council without ever casting a vote. That means the majority kept her all seven times. It took her an eighth trip in twelve Tribal Councils to be sent out of the game. Besides the opening round’s 2-1-1-1 vote, that is what I always point to as the main reason why this game was broken: A player was considered active enough to survive to ninth with casting zero out of a possible eight ballots.

Alisha was the nail in the coffin in terms of everything I needed to change as an ORG host for the future. This game served as one giant lesson in what has led to me becoming a top five ORG host today.

Four main memories regarding Alisha’s presence in this game:
a) Her yelling at me viciously following the verdict in the opening round’s Design a Flag challenge. Subjective challenges have never been used in future games.
b) Round six when I asked her if she knew how people were being voted out. She said she didn’t know how people were being eliminated from the game. I spent an hour explaining it to her over and over. Clearly, she still didn’t understand it.
c) Her being the best of FireWire’s tribe in the last tribal challenge before the merge. It was incidentally her last challenge of the game that she participated.
d) Showing up to a Tribal Council chat where I announced someone hadn’t voted during TC. Ten minutes later and she still hadn’t voted.

That’s more highlights than expected for someone who never showed up to vote at Tribal Council.

I need to quickly discuss the jury at this point. Simone, Kai, and Alisha are the first three members of the jury. This is when I became worried that a tie vote was possible at Final Tribal Council. I had confidence that Simone would cast a vote for a winner. But Kai and Alisha? Kai was off Facebook as you may recall. Alisha hadn’t voted all game, so I didn’t think she’d start now. I was coming up with a solution for the FTC if a tie vote and jury members refusing to vote ended up occurring.

Again, the alliance of Lisa, Natasha, Gayle, and Dianne were dictating who was going and when. Jerry has self-voted twice since the merge, but was enough of a presence to be considered part of the game. Lyndsay was still the fifth member of the all-female alliance. Brett and Adam in super deep doo-doo because there was absolutely no one they could hide behind at that point. It seemed like Alisha would be the only free pass without both of them being immune.

Adam had ditched his alliance with Brett this round. That is the most important development. He was seeking out his own alliances because Adam was aware that it was everybody else versus him and Brett. By winning two immunities, and Brett not proposing any big ideas and remaining very quiet, Adam opted to work on his own. You’ll see what happens with that storyline.

Even though Brett has played in every challenge and always voted, you never get to know him because of his lack of confessionals and presence at the live TC discussion for the past few weeks. Brett was never told who to vote for each round. He probably held the original record for most votes cast without it being elimination votes. He voted for Jerry this round while everyone else voted Alisha. That should tell you a ton about Brett’s position in this game. In everyone’s minds he was the next person to go home following whoever was voted out that round, but is always put off because there is another player who is inactive to the point of frustration.

That’s right. Brett went from being the face of FireWire who showed up to every challenge, TC, TC discussion, and decided who went home to this post-merge figure who always votes but otherwise couldn’t be more under the radar.

I may as well talk about Natasha at this point too. It seems I talk about who is either super active or is inactive. Natasha and Brett both seem to really fade during these three rounds despite always voting. As you’ve noticed, Natasha hasn’t showed up to TC discussions either. This is where her not having her own computer became problematic. During the pre-merge phase it was easier because she was on holidays from work or used the computer of someone who was on the opposing tribe. Post-merge work and everyone being online simultaneously essentially shut her out of chatrooms. Her burned hand kept her out of the past three immunity challenges. She is being as active as she can given the situation. It’s also why you see a lack of confessionals from her.

But you must start paying attention to Natasha and her vote reasoning each round.

Another reason why nobody was breaking within the Lisa-Natasha-Dianne-Gayle alliance is because it consists of two mother-daughter teams. Dianne is Lisa’s mother while Gayle is Natasha’s mother. Two natural duos to come together and ride it out to the Final Four together. Nobody feels like they are third or fourth in the alliance. Especially when Gayle and Lisa have shared their idols with their foursome. Lisa had her link to Lyndsay and Dianne had hers with Jerry.

Which means with Alisha’s elimination that I was excited for once. I remember my mindset once the round hit. This is what I had been waiting for over two months. The inactive players are gone. Adam is in isolation away from Brett. Brett is on his own. The four women have one other woman and another man who have both been semi-active as part of their alliance. Adam and Brett both cannot be immune.

Will Gayle be blindsided? Will Jerry approach Brett or Adam? Does Lyndsay go from “all talk and no action” into the player everyone else and their mother expected her to be? Will the double Tribal Council be triggered next round? And what about the four idols?

I was amped and ready for this game to be started as it should have been about ten rounds earlier. It is the season I knew it was capable of being.

Lastly, I need to make a final note for the new confessional rule. Brett’s, Dianne’s, and Lisa’s voting confessionals were written after I pressed them for a confessional and refused to count their vote until they did so. You’re welcome.

Next Time on SCWL: The Prequel:
– For the past three years, Lyndsay has proclaimed how she is a major Survivor superfan and has played real life games. After twelve eliminations all she has to show for it is two challenges played and two votes cast. Yet she regularly makes her presence known each round! Can Lyndsay finally step it up or will the other players be pissed off to the point they eliminate her?
– The women’s alliance is on a mission–Adam. Must. Be. Destroyed. He currently sits on a two round winning streak. Can he make it to a third consecutive win? How will the women’s alliance react if Adam pulls off another important win? Is Brett doomed?
– Brett has an idol. Adam has an idol. Gayle has two idols and a Double Tribal Council Trigger. Will one of these items be used as the safety nets are gone?
– Jerry shows up to the Tribal Council Discussion and Vote Reveal. A startling aggressive move made by Jerry sends all players into a fit of laughter.
– If that isn’t enough. . .a majority of the tribe will be present at the next Tribal Council Discussion. Six out of eight players.
– Stay tuned for the only set of episodes all season that match up to the quality of SCWL episodes over the next five seasons!

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