SCWL Post-Season Cast Assessment Entry #11

Entry #11: Kai – OYC -> Inukshuk (5-self vote-self vote-self vote) – August 24 2009 – SCWL: The Prequel
Records: – Made it the furthest out of anyone who wasn’t related to any of the other contestants in the game
– Biggest disappearing act to date
– First person to receive a Tribal Council after receiving multiple votes against him
– First person to receive two separate Tribal Councils where an active player cast a vote against him each time

Brett and Adam are in a terrible spot. Eight players are against them, and the only players who could help them continue to self-vote.

Jerry, Lisa, Dianne, Gayle, and Natasha all voted against Simone at the last Tribal Council.
Brett and Adam voted against Kai.
Kai, Simone, Lyndsay, and Alisha all self-voted.

Only Lisa, Gayle, and Adam participated in the previous immunity challenge.

Lyndsay hasn’t participated in a challenge and voted at TC since round three.
Alisha has never voted at a Tribal Council to date, but has missed only three of the eight challenges total. She missed last round entirely.
Kai has missed three immunity challenges, but has self-voted three out of his four trips to Tribal Council.

Jerry has self-voted twice, but has only missed two immunity challenges as well. Everybody else is at least seventy to eighty percent active in the game.

After seeing four self-votes appear at the previous Tribal Council, and locking down its super majority, the 5-person alliance seemed to be unstoppable and knew they had a free pass for five rounds. Knock out Adam and Brett then eliminate the three remaining inactive players if they do not show up. A winning gameplan was in place.

As you read in the previous post, the game was delayed for over two weeks because my Internet was wiped out temporarily. It appeared the three inactive players were given a break that they appeared to want. But when the game resumed Lyndsay did her usual “cool!” response then. . .nothing.

During the merge vote you also read that Adam and Brett targeted Kai because he was nowhere to be found and tried to take advantage of his self-vote but failed. Two weeks went by and Kai hadn’t resurfaced whatsoever. The only other inactive, Alisha, had made contact with players. Given how many challenges she had played to date, Alisha wasn’t truly inactive in the eyes of others yet.

But after three weeks of not playing in a challenge, voting at TC, nor talking to a single player in the game, Kai had become a player whose presence was only marked by his name. Kai earlier in the game said he had a spell of inactivity because of being an admin for a website. I assume that was the case here. Playing in a game about a TV show he had never seen with people he didn’t know outside of Kyle who was eliminated three rounds earlier, and was a confusing game to follow, undoubtedly would make him lose interest. Probably not even on his mind. At all.

I must remind you that inactivty like this would never happen again. Players would be kicked out after two self-votes OR missing three challenges today. Only one of the ninety-two players since SCWL 1 have met that criteria. In SCWL Prequel, the MAJORITY of players would have been eliminated because of that rule. So you can see why I put that rule into effect starting with SCWL 1. Players like Kai made the prequel a mess.

So let’s talk about the challenge:

Immuntiy Challenge X: FireShuk Puzzle.

I was following a 7-2-7 pattern.

That means seven tribal immunity challenges, two hybrid immunity challenges, then seven individual immunity challenges.

The first hybrid challenge was when Gayle won the not-so-hidden individual immunity idol last round. This round the first two players to solve the puzle decide who gets sent to Exile Carnival. They will be immune from both the vote and the actual voting process.

Brett and Adam pulled out the upset and won the challenge. Understandably they sent themselves to Exile Carnival. After this round only one talisman is up for grabs which means they will be back in the hot seat.

At Tribal Council one of the eight has to eat one of their own. The 5-person active majority within the alliance was safe. You will read down below that Lyndsay sent the highest number of messages during the round despite not voting nor playing in the challenge. Did I mention how weird Lyndsay has been in this game all season long? Alisha had participated enough in challenges. Kai’s disappearance made him an atomatic boot because there just wasn’t any other choice at the time.


GAYLE: wonder how tough this new challenge is going to be tonight?

LISA: Good luck everyone.

GAYLE: lol…wow

LYNDSAY: oh this is going to be fun;)…:)lol

GAYLE: well I put a guess in…shall see …shall see

DIANNE: well, aren’t you special, Missy Gayle

GAYLE: so those two stinkers got it

ME: Bob always asks Mo Thompson about pearls and vans. Peggy goes extremely crazy for charismatic men grieving tremendously.

The first TWO people to solve this puzzle will each send one person to Exile Carnival and the people they choose will NOT be attending the next Tribal Council (you may choose to send yourself to Exile Carnival).

Rules for this challenge:

– Send your answer by messaging me through our private thread.

– Be specific in your answer

– The challenge will not end until two people have guessed correctly.

– You must wait at least eight hours in between guesses

– Your next hint will be sent out tomorrow at 8:00pm Pacific.

– No need to switch words, punctuation, capitalization, or letters around in the puzzle.

– The way the words are capitalized have nothing to do with the puzzle.

ME: Brett and Adam have a decision to make now.

You are each sending one person to Exile Carnival. The people you select will be able to skip Tribal Council.

You may send yourself or you may send one of the other eight people who did not win this challenge. As soon as both of you have made your selections, voting for Tribal Council will commence.

Tribal Council votes AND confessionals are due by Sunday @ 8pm Pacific. If you don’t send in a confessional with your vote, it will count as a self-vote. We’re getting too deep into the game for people to avoid sending in their strategic plans and what they think about their position in the game.

The Tribal Council Discussion & Vote Reveal will take place Sunday @ 8pm Pacific.

LISA: so, the people on exile have immunity????

ME: Yes, whoever is sent to Exile will have immunity because they’ll be skipping Tribal Council.

LYNDSAY: frig i had such a hard time with that puzzle!! no more puzzles…lol

ME: Adam is sending himself to Exile Carnival. We’re just waiting on Brett.

LYNDSAY: Sounds gooood:)

ME: Adam and Brett are both at Exile Carnival.

For the rest of you, all Tribal Council votes and confessionals are due by Monday @ 8pm Pacific, which is when the Tribal Council Vote & Discussion will take place.

So we get to our first Tribal Council discussion and reveal since the merge. We have managed to do chats even with FireWire being down to six players right before merge. The MAJORITY of Inukshuk would show up to the chats too from time to time. So with our first post-merge chat, and a record ten people in the game, it should be a great chat right? Ten. Ten people. It’s eight o’ clock in the evening when most people can show up. Everyone has voted over the past 36 hours. How many show up?
None. Zero out of ten!

You’ll see below that I couldn’t help but laugh. I waited until ten minutes after eight but no signs of anyone. I went ahead and posted the results. So two post-merge TCs and not a single word from anyone publicly about Tribal Council. The TC didn’t really matter because all ten players knew who must be voted out. It was a foregone conclusion. I wouldn’t have been motivated to show up either.



immune on Exile Carnival




immune on Exile Carnival


1- I vote for kai

Well so far so good I hope with my alliance. Still a waiting game. I can’t believe I didn’t get that puzzle! I hope I can win immunity next time, the closer it gets to the end the more I am becoming uneasy.


My vote is Kai

WOW, its been so long since I was here. While we were waiting for network to get working again. I got to know some of the other tribe people better. Those snarky Saunders Brothers! Boy, they think they are sooooooo smart! I am glad they are on Exile. Gives me a break from their sneering uppity faces! Maybe I can talk my group into targeting them next time. They both cant have immunity again. Too bad that Tasha had to be taken out to medical. But at least she is back. I am hoping she is still in our alliance even tho she was on Firewire. If we can trust her we have the numbers to keep in control for quite a while yet. As far as I know we have Me, Gayle, Lisa, Tasha, and I think Jerry, and Lyndsey






Well, I am not sure how I feel about those brothers winning that challenge. I feel like there may have been some advantage as they are quite close to our host and in fact, IF my sources are correct, they were key people in developing the host’s sense of humor and personality in general. Yeah, I hear the three of them are VERY close, like brothers you could say. However, I do have 100% faith in the integrity of our host, so I guess, I should be saying, “Congratulations Adam and Brett”. I hope we can keep our 4 sided alliance in tack in the next few weeks. If any of the boys in this game catch on to us we will be done for. I think we can get Lyndsay to go with us for a while. Time will tell


Kai, I am sorry to have to type your name in. You have been a GREAT team player and a super member of our tribe. This vote is strictly strategy to get “the family” together and then slowly pick them off until it is just the four of us girls. Great Game and Good Luck in your future endeavores.




i vote (Kai)
confessional: i don’t feel like i have any control in the game so i am just hoping that i make it to the final four.


ME: Tribal Council #11. Who’s all here?

ME: lol, anyways I’ll get to the votes:

Self-votes for this round:





Four votes remain.

Fifth vote: (Kai)

Sixth vote: (Kai)

Seventh vote. . .
The eleventh person voted out of this game, and the second member of our jury

(Kai,) the tribe has spoken.

Well, we’re down to nine. With one hidden individual immunity in play as a result of the first merged challenge, idol clues at Exile, two secret rewards, and someone holding an advantage for the second half of the game, this should be a crazy finish.

Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

GAYLE: I am here
LYNDSAY: i think its to late for me to be here:):) sorry have been crazy busy!:(

And there you have it. We are down to nine. Brett and Adam have nowhere else to hide as a duo. They need to start playing their idols to stay alive. Lyndsay is suddenly very vocal on the tribe page, and Alisha had established herself as being active in challenges. It’s tough for anyone else to go at this point.

Now let’s talk about my message at the end of Tribal Council. Why did I remind them about the idols, secret rewards (the captain idols), and the double TC trigger?

Because I was frightened about the idea of four idols and a secret double TC circulating in the game with six rounds to go. I was getting suspicious that Brett and Gayle had forgotten in the past two weeks that they forgot their first idol was received because of being a captain, but failed to catch on that the other must have one for meeting the same crtieria. Plus nobody seemed to be worried about Gayle’s second idol, too. I was worried that the endgame might be too chaotic. Would my gut instinct prove to be true and make the season even more of a trainwreck?

This is the second-to-last note. Lisa’s detailed confessional regards an all-female alliance that has formed. It is confirmed that Jerry is no longer the fifth. Adam, Brett, and Jerry are projected to be 9th, 8th, and 7th. Alisha will be sixth. Lyndsay will be fifth. Then Lisa-Gayle-Dianne-Natasha are an extremely tight Final Four alliance. At that point it is unknown what happens. But right now these four were overwhelming favourites to make it to the Final Four. It is impossible to stop them.

Lastly, a word about Kai. I liked Kai. He stood up to Penner on the first day, and was brought in as Kyle’s partner of the game. Him and Kai weren’t that close as friends to begin with, and in addition Kai knew nobody else in the whole game. It’s normal to not know anyone when you play in an ORG, but imagine joining a room of ten people who all have known each other and have inside jokes while you sit there completely confused and scratching your head. That’s what it was like for Kai.

Yes, Kai was probably active in only about 30-40 percent of all activities during the game, but he stuck it out much longer than I thought he would. Him, Scott, and Wahaj were the only two who truly knew nobody except for one person. I thought he would have quit after Kyle left but still played for the following round in its entirety.

What do I know about Kai over the past four years? He still has me as a Facebook friend. Myself and Kyle are the only two people he has kept on his Facebook. Furthermore, since August of 2009 he posts about two times per year on Facebook. Yes, I just checked his Facebook wall recently out of curiosity. He only has about sixty friends on his profile so it is clear the day he stopped playing this game is the day he dismissed Facebook. I now understand it wasn’t his disinterest in the game but rather a disinterest in Facebook altogether. That makes me feel better.

Next Time on SCWL: The Prequel:
– Lyndsay has been part of the core OYC alliance and chats in the group, but will her alliance’s annoyance with her finally reach the breaking point and eliminate her?
– Alisha has disappeared since the merge despite being a frontrunner in challenges. Could she pay the price after a sudden real life event becomes known to the other players?
– Or will the 5-person alliance eliminate Adam and Brett who remain as the only active players not in the alliance?
– A Tribal Council discussion and vote reveal sees not only more than zero people show up, but the majority of the cast is present to chat! If that isn’t enough, a fake idol is played leaving all other players stunned. This marks the beginning of the strategic portion of the game that will impact how the season ends. After eleven consecutive eliminations where players with 0-50% activity level have been voted out, this fake idol play breaks the tension and sparks what has been a season that has slept since day one.

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