SCWL Post-Cast Assessment Entry #10

Entry #10 – Simone – FireWire (6-3-self vote-self vote-self vote) – August 5 2009 – SCWL: The Prequel
Records: First person to be voted out post-merge
– First person to request a penalty idol
– First person to be voted out in a Tribal Council where another player received more than two votes
– Record for youngest player in SCWL history at the time (seventeen years old). A record now held by Daniel Marino.


Jerry (original Inukshuk–Lisa’s uncle. Only self-voted once and has been a leader in virtually every challenge.)
Dianne (original Inukshuk–Lisa’s mother. Super active.)
Lisa (original OYC. Super active.)
Kai (original OYC. Has played in the past four immunity challenges despite being the only person who knows NOBODY in this game.)
Gayle (original OYC–Lisa’s aunt. Also super active.)
Lyndsay (original OYC. Hasn’t played in any of the past four immunity challenges. Self-voted only at her most recent TC trip.)


Brett (original FireWire. Never missed a thing.)
Adam (original FireWire. Only self-voted once and missed two challenges.)
Simone (original FireWire–roughly 50-60% active. Didn’t do anything last round.)
Natasha (original Transcend–only active Transcend member all game. Active being she has missed two challenges and did terrible at another.)
Alisha (original Transcend–self voted five times but one of only two people to play challenge)

The tribes were now 6-5. FireWire’s last round loss because half of the tribe didn’t submit, and because Natasha nor Brett were great at research, they went to TC and voted out Loren who had not signed online in over four rounds due to being on dial-up. Tasks that took others ten minutes would take him three hours. No joke. He has told me this today and his town is finally getting dial-up next month.

Only thirteen years behind the times.

– The tribes shouldn’t be 6-5 at this point. If it weren’t for Brett and Adam, the tribes would be 8-3, and I would be grateful for it. Wahaj and Kyle were both sent home just as they were being active. Meanwhile FireWire has ejected inactive player after inactive player after inactive player after inactive player. Cindy, Kristen, Penner, and Loren had been notoriously inactive. Serene, the first out of Inukshuk, was more active than the four of them combined.

But when we got down to eleven players I thought we had an active bunch of players. Yes, Alisha has self-voted five times, but she has played in the majority of the challenges. Lyndsay has skipped and sabotaged challenges unintentionally, but she had still voted two out of three times and would talk at camp on a regularly basis.

I thought everyone would be much more active once the merge hit and the true individual game begins. Lisa would put her full scale empire into effect, people would now have a reason to coach Alisha on how to vote, and Brett and Adam would need to scramble harder with their backs against the wall.

Everyone thought a merge wouldn’t be coming for another round. You have to remember that only seasons up to Tocantins had aired up to this point. That means a merge with more than ten people had never happened. Since then only one out of the last eight seasons has merged with ten people or less. Times have changed.

So was the merge pre-planned with eleven people? I honestly can’t remember. I may have been waiting for Loren to be out before merging to ensure everyone left in the game was “active”.

I think another big factor why I chose to merge is because the FireWire camp had become dead. These were the messages they posted outside of TC and challenges on their tribe’s page:


August 5th



Nothing. Loren voted out at TC.


Nothing. TC.


Nothing. Challenge.


Nothing. Challenge.


Nothing. TC. Kyle voted out on Inukshuk.


SIMONE: good job guys!


BRETT: pretty much dominated that challenge


Nothing. Wahaj voted out on Inukshuk.








Nothing. FireWire votes out Penner.


Still nothing.

Inukshuk had been talkative but even they were disintegrating.


We needed that. Getting close to the merge and we don’t want to go in as underdog team. So we need to kick butt again this time.
We will have to sit someone out this challenge. Jerry is on exile. Lyndsay, do you want to sit this one out?
Or anyone else, not going to be around or busy.
Welcome back Kai.


DIANNE: Morning Tribe,
I need to tell the host who we will be sending to exile. I think I would be Jerry’s turn. Unless there is someone who is going on vacation or who wants to go. I thiink everyone else has been, and I am not allowed to send myself.








LYNDSAY: sorry team, i have been staining out in the heat and kyles been working like nuts!! but im done my job for a bit, sorry about the absence in baaacccckkkkk;)

Although Inukshuk’s challenge and TC threads are far more active during this time. But still, camp chatter had dropped. Everyone seemed to be looking for a change in the game, so I gave it to them.

TWIST #1: Merge!

– So everybody was sent to Exile Carnival. Much like in Survivor: Fiji where everybody was sent to Exile to discover they had merged. So the eleven players are on Exile Carnival and are surprised by the news. Dianne doesn’t worry about who to sit out or send to Exile for the next challenge. Instead they were able to look at all existing clues for the idol that everyone active knew had been claimed (Adam has the real idol while Lisa and Jerry have fakes), and they came up with a new tribe name and flag. How creative is their new tribe name?

TWIST #2: Everybody went to Exile Carnival for a day!



We went from four tribes into two tribes into one. So what are the standings from the original four tribes?

3 FireWire
2 Transcend
2 Inukshuk

I thought only Natasha would be alive from Transcend, and thought more Inukshuk would have survived. OYC still having all of its members that have been in the game since round two alive is quite an accomplishment.

As soon as the merge occurred Natasha did indeed join forces with Lisa, Dianne, and Gayle. Lyndsay was still being kept safe because everyone assumed she would be active. Kai was an OYC member too. Jerry was tied to Dianne so he was safe as well. Alisha was tied to Natasha too.

In other words, Lisa-Dianne-Gayle-Natasha-Lyndsay-Kai-Jerry-Alisha are in an 8-person alliance. That is probably the order of their hierarchy. These eight are against Brett, Adam, and Simone. Brett and Adam each have an idol. Brett and Gayle know each other has one because both captains received an idol on day one while Adam found the idol on Exile Carnival. Simone nearly had the penalty idol but choked when it came time to perform.

I thought this would be a major Tribal Council of the season.


DIANNE: Pssst, pssssssst……..adam. over here, behind this bush. you know I was only kidding you about not getting your answers on last challenge…right?…… I know you are really a hard worker and I want you to be my best friend here.

pssst, psssssst…..brett. over here, behind this tree. I think you are the the best guy on FireWire. I really respect you, I think we could go to the top together. shhhhhh someone’s coming. Go back to the beach.

Oh, hi Tasha, ….. yeh I was just behind this tree looking for coconuts all by myself. I was wanting to talk to you, girl to girl. I really think you worked hard on your tribe and they probably don’t appreciate how hard you worked. I heard you even ate some rat to keep up you strength, and, you being a vegitarian. That really shows you are a true fighter…… uh….I think we could do good together…. oh,they are looking for us, quick grab a coconut and go around that way back to camp…we’ll talk more later.

etc. etc. etc.

DIANNE: hey,(very quietly), old inukshuk tribe people,……… you know we all need to stick together. Yeh, yeh, gayle, that is right. It is the only right thing to do.

– But first we must get to our third twist. Believe it or not, I had a twist that involved pre-jury members. They were responsible for voting on which remaining player would receive a major power in the second half of this game.
Yep. The pre-jury members are ten times more inactive than any other pre-jury group for the following five seasons, and I had to count on them to vote on someone to receive a reward.
But guess what? Eight out of nine voted! The only person who didn’t was Scott LePage. I only could track down a record of two of the votes. That means because of Facebook’s old school system, they were on a group page that I have probably since deleted as well as the fact that two of the votes were probably given verbally. I know the vote ended in a 4-way tie with each person receiving two votes, so I think this is a fairly accurate assessment of who voted for who:

Penner and Wahaj/Walkaroo  vote Natasha.
Cindy and Kristen vote Lisa.
Loren and Kyle vote Lyndsay.
Wendy and Serene vote Gayle.

And this is why I haven’t used the twist since. A 4-way tie meant they played in a tiebreaker. Here was the tiebreaker:

ME: Pick five numbers. If you pick the lowest non-duplicated number amongst all of those in the tie-breaker, you win a major advantage for the second half

LISA: 3, 7, 9, 11, 1
GAYLE: 1 2 3 4 5
NATASHA: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
LYNDSAY: Nothin’.

Congratulations! You’ve won an advantage for the second half of the game! At some point during the second half of the game, a double Tribal Council will take place…and that will be decided by you! Shortly before each immunity challenge, you’ll be given a hint about what the challenge may hold. If you think it is something you can win at, simply notify me that you’d like to use the double Tribal Council power. Here’s what will happen: Whoever wins that immunity challenge will be safe from back-to-back Tribal Councils (immunity challenge takes place, followed by a Tribal Council the next day, followed by ANOTHER the following day and the immunity challenge winner is immune from both). This may be used only once, and if you fail to use it by day 37, it’ll automatically be activated then. So, do you hold onto it in a greedy fashion until you get down to five or six people and risk someone else being safe for two consecutive rounds? Or do you use it right away to make sure it doesn’t influence the game too much? Hint for upcoming challenge: Jeff Probst always wanted to read the book Crime & Punishment. . .if only he could make the time while hosting an immunity challenge to focus on it. Hmmm.

The obvious strategy of picking 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 actually worked for once. No idea what Natasha was doing picking a number lower than 7. And Lyndsay participated in this tiebreaker as much as any challenge in the past.

So Gayle has an idol but also won the ability to trigger a double Tribal Council before the start of an immunity challenge. That means whoever wins immunity will be safe from two consecutive Tribal Councils. Use it at the right time and you can knock out two big targets. Use it at the wrong time and you could find yourself out the door.

TWIST #3: Pre-jury members give one player a major advantage!

– After three twists it was time to get to the immunity challenge. Lisa, Gayle, and Adam (who logged on one minute before the challenge began) were the only ones to participate. It was our first post-merge challenge, and it was live endurance.

Immunity Challenge IX: Delayed Oath of Silence

Once the challenge started you could not post in the main group. I would post “Roll Call” in the challenge topic. Players would have ninety seconds to respond. In other words, you kill your refresh button. After each “roll call” the time is deducted by one second. Hitting refresh was necessary back then because you didn’t always receive a notification.

Whoever wins does NOT receive the talisman. Instead they received a not-so-hidden immunity idol. Everyone knew this was up for grabs. Therefore nobody was immune from Tribal Council this round unless an idol was used.

TWIST #4: Not-so-hidden immunity idol instead of talisman awarded at the first individual immunity challenge.

– The challenge lasted exactly sixty minutes. Adam was kicked out after fifty minutes when I noticed he posted “I’m gonna win” on the main group wall during the challenge. The most ironic post ever considering the rules stated you couldn’t post anything but “here” for the whole challenge. Lisa, thinking she had an idol in her pocket, forfeited the challenge seven minutes later to give up the idol to Gayle. What she didn’t know is that Gayle now had TWO idols and the ability to trigger a Double Tribal Council once in the next seven rounds.

This would by far be the most extreme case of somebody having power in SCWL. Two idols and a Double Tribal Council Trigger. But since one of those idols was public, Gayle may face a blindside down the road. I was curious to see how those idols played out even though Gayle is in the core alliances of the game.

And yes. A challenge where only three out of eleven showed up worried me. Nobody else was even online at the time. It was nine o’ clock in the evening on a weekday during the summer.

One last note: This is the first time all season that Brett missed a challenge. I re-thought everybody’s ability to be active when I saw only three out of eleven play in the challenge.


Then the momentum killer of the game. Alisha, Kai, and Lyndsay had not been seen since the merge. While people sent in votes for Tribal Council, Internet connection problems would lead to the game being delayed for two weeks. That meant the time it took to get through four rounds of the game was delayed without choice. That means TC results were posted on the evening of the 7th followed by a delay until the 22nd of August. The game was meant to be done by the end of summer before I headed off to university. Obviously this was no longer a possibility. In fact up to this point a round lasted anywhere from 2-4 days. After Internet returned the game would have one challenge and Tribal Council per WEEK. Players had a tougher time handling one round per week compared to one round squeezed into two days. As I have stated before, three players disappear for good this round, and another player only plays one more challenge and Tribal Council.

UNFORESEEN TWIST #5: Game is delayed for two weeks, and cut back to one round per week.

– Because it was an eight-person alliance controlling the game, and because the people who would disappear hadn’t been established yet, the votes would be knocking out either Adam, Brett, or Simone. Adam and Brett each have an idol. If they use the idol correctly between the three of them, they would be immune and only the people who voted for Simone would be vulnerable. I know what you are thinking: “The self-votes would be immune too”. That is correct. One of the few active players would be eliminated this round if that occurs. So what happens at Tribal Council? Let’s get to it.

– NOTE: Because of the faulty Internet, I canceled the Live Tribal Council Discussion for the week.

GAYLE: good challenge guys, lets have some fried coconut.

SIMONE: sorrry i missed the challenge guys….fried coconut sounds great

JERRY: Hey, I made it back. whew. Didn’t know how to sign in.



(kai) I really don’t know who to vote for, I’m not in very good shape






My vote is Simone


I vote for (simone) I am really nervous now because we are all one team and I feel a lot more vulnerable. All I can do is HOPE I stay around.






Well, what a twist our challenge was. I was way too overtired to deal with that one!

[Simone] Sorry Simone. I don’t know you at all. At this point I am sticking with my tribe.




i vote (simone)



All eleven of you were vulnerable for the first merged TC of the game because no immunity talisman was up for grabs this round.
If anybody has an individual immunity idol and they played it this round, this would be the time that I’d reveal it. . .
Nobody is playing an idol this round.

Let’s begin with the self-votes.

First vote: (Lyndsay)
Second vote: (Alisha)
Third vote: (Kai)
Fourth vote: (Simone)

Now onto the real votes. . .

Fifth vote: (Simone)
Sixth vote: (kai)
Seventh vote: (Simone)
Eighth vote: (kai)

Three votes Simone, three votes Kai, one vote Lyndsay, one vote Alisha.

Ninth vote: (simone)

Tenth vote. . .the tenth person voted out of this game. . .
AND the first member of our jury


(Simone), the tribe has spoken.

This would be the time where I’d inform you if somebody was eliminated with an idol in their possession. Despite being the only person in the game to sit out of a challenge to get a clue to a ‘sitting out’ idol, Simone did NOT find it.

Because she’s a member of the jury, she’ll remain in this group to observe future Tribal Councils.

Well, the second half of the game has begun. With at least the idol that may or may not have been claimed at Exile, and an idol that was awarded in the previous challenge, the game gets complicated.

I can assure you that the next challenge won’t be until sometime next week.

Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

– As you can see, the 8-person alliance was revealed with this vote. Brett and Adam were the only ones to try and save Simone. I should note that Brett and Adam messaged Kai and Lyndsay to turn the tables but neither of them responded. Therefore, they voted Kai and hoped for the best. That didn’t work out, clearly.

Start paying much more attention to the Lisa-Gayle-Natasha-Dianne-Jerry group. Five of the most active people in the 8-person alliance. At this point they catch on that people who used to be on the inner circle like Lyndsay were now all talk and zero game. Lyndsay was and still is a Survivor superfan, but has merely chatted with everybody on the wall frequently but has skipped the past FIVE immunity challenges and self-voted at her past two Tribal Councils despite voting off Wendy and Serene at the beginning of the game.

And for those keeping tally at home–this was Alisha’s sixth self-vote in a row since the beginning of the game. However, this is only the third time that she has missed a challenge. Trust me, this was as weird to watch play out as it is for you to read this.

The weird thing is that there was enough gameplay going on regardless of the inactivity. I had two major questions heading into next round:

1) Will Brett and Adam win immunity or use their idols?
2) How far are people willing to carry the super duper inactive players?

I should note I was not happy that Simone went home this round. She was very busy this round and last round, and she was still more active than three of the people still remaining in the game. I wanted to see how Simone would play in the following week. Believe it or not I still occasionally talk to Simone to this day even though I had never met her before this game began. Her impact on the series is minimal because she was never given the chance to truly play the game.

Next Time on SCWL: The Prequel:
– An immunity challenge allows players the opportunity to head to Exile Carnival and skip Tribal Council. Two out of ten players play for this opportunity.
– The game is eight versus two as Brett and Adam were the only two active votes against Kai. With their former tribe members either gone or defected to the other side, they know they are in trouble. Will they both use their idols or find a way to stay alive as enormous underdogs?
– When the game returns two weeks later, and player absences have totaled up from two to four rounds of the game, some players re-think their strategies as to who they have aligned with. Will one of the players who have racked up three self-votes find themselves ousted or will a threat be ejected to secure an easier win?

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