The Ultimate Fighter 18 episode 1 breakdown


This is my live blog. I have never attempted this since the Big Brother Canada premiere. The screen caps were added one hour after the episode aired.

– People say random statements that indicate how tough they are. How long until someone curses? Two seconds. Still 1.9 seconds behind than Dana’s record. He dropped an F-bomb the second he was pulled out of his mama’s womb.


Goo goo f— f—.

– We see a montage of people being hit in slow motion. Blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice, crushed dreams. And women. Some fighters talk about women being in the kitchen. More slow motion punches. Drool emptying from a mouth.

– Dang, this is a sick opening. A woman is the first to cry! Feminism takes a step back!

– Loved ones hugging their fighter wannabes. That one woman is going bald.

– Dana says each fighter believes this is their time to win.

– Blue, yellow, green, and white stripes in the logo.

– Vegas. We see a van. Dana says how monumental it is that women are competing. 135 pound women and men. 32 fighters. 16 advance. TUF 7/8/9 format. 100k contract. Both coaches and winners can win a Harley Davidson motorcycle. What’d the coaches do? They didn’t even fight. Maybe Harley Davidson thinks they are giving Kirsten Dunst instead of Ronda Rousey a motorcycle. 110th year anniversary y’know.

– Or maybe Harley Davidson wants to create a more physically attractive “biker chick” stereotype. Why must they give up motorcycles this particular season to coaches?


This is pretty much what we all think of when it comes to bikers.

– We see Kirsten Dunst–I mean Ronda Rousey enter the gym in shirt and jeans. I’d ba– er, wait.. What’s the reasoning behind this season again?

– Tate enters in a shirt and jean shorts. She’s even trying to one-up  Rousey in the physical attraction department. Rousey wonders what Tate is doing in here. She asks if she is helping Kat’s team. Rousey immediately curses and walks away after a quiet audio exchange.

– Tate finds Rousey’s approach inappropriate. Tate follows Rousey until she escapes into her locker room. Dana thought Rousey is 100 percent sure Tate is here permanently to take her spot.

– Rousey re-enters with Edmund who is her head coach. Dana informs her that Kat is in surgery at that very minute after the Fertita Brothers and Dana White grabbed their million dollar clubs and went over to Kat’s house to ensure she was beaten until she required surgery.

– Tate magically stepped up within the past couple days as Kat is off to have “surgery”. It’s like the MMA version of sending a fighter to a “farm”.

– Rousey giggles into her hands. She thought she is kicked off.

– Tate doesn’t even have a team of assistant coaches.

– Tate looks forward to fighting Rousey.

– Extreme close up in Rousey confessional. “It is meant to happen. I am to retire undefeated.” Yikes.

– Dana realizes that he has gone back on never letting women compete. He says women’s MMA has had 13 years to evolve.



Sort of like going from a Magikarp into a Gyrados. It’s a long struggle but it will eventually find itself in a relevant space.

– Dana brings in 32 people. This reminds me of their format pioneered in TUF 7 where they began with 32 people divided between two eight classes and brought themselves down to  eight in each weight class. He informs them of the Kat injury, and keeps re-using “Rousey’s best friend”.

– Dana says women have been the most exciting fights in MMA. He says men have their work cut out for them. Dana says the prize is 100k and motorcycle as we found out moments ago. The qualifying process is explained yet again.

– Dana says you have to leave everything in the octagon no matter how you wake up. Tomorrow is their most important night. Ten more curse words thrown in for no reason.

NOTE: I am surprised they didn’t zoom in on the sign above the locker rooms that we see from time to time: “Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges”.

– Fight Day. We see a crane replacing Kat’s poster with Tate’s. Wow. This truly was last minute.

– Dana coolly says “what’s up ladies?” as he sits between them. Threesome at the judge’s table. Although I think the idea of pimpage going on by Dana White would be the absolute worst controversy to come out of this season.

KAT: It will be THE season of Ultimate Fighter.

lol. Haven’t heard that one.

– Fighters’ Hotel. Huh? Never heard of this before.


– Jessamyn is sitting in her bedroom. Her family surprises her. She finds MMA to be a drug.

– Plenty of  people in the audience. I preferred it back when there was just the fighters, coaches, and production crew going wild. They have to tame themselves a bit as they don’t want to look back in front of everybody’s families and friends.


– Her mother says she cannot make a career out of MMA. Suddenly her mom is proud of her.

– Dana reminds them it’s the first Women’s MMA bout in TUF.

– Kate Winslow is the ref.

– They trade some strikes. Frontkick by the Brit. Headkick by Dy–Duke. More punches. Jess connects. They grapple. Jess lands a knee to the body. And another. She has underhooks and pushes Howarth into the cage. She takes Howarth’s back and has her on the ground. Half mount. Howarth has no problem reversing it and is now in Jess’ guard. Jess does not have a good game on top.

– Jess tries to bend her left leg over Laura’s head. Slaps on a triangle. Who knew the first women’s MMA bout would involve an armbar attempt. Howarth flips out of it. At least someone is attempting to counter armbars. They keep flipping position on the ground. Howarth is on top. Jess slaps on another triangle. She keeps loosening and tightening it. Howarth punches Jess’ body. I wish one of them would have a different hairstyle to make it easier to tell the difference between them.

– Jess is still on the bottom but works her way to try and take Howarth’s back. She ends up back on the bottom  but has a triangle. Everybody is silent. Suddenly the Brit finds herself in the Wonka Factory and taps.

– Dana views Jess as a tall strong girl as opposed to a tall skinny girl. Rousey is impressed and thinks Jess has major potential to be well-rounded.

– More bleeps from Jess as she celebrates with her family.

– Monkey Ears speaks as he handles his baby. Oh, it’s Danny Martinez. Apparently handling a baby is an example of manhood. Be funny if it isn’t his baby.

– Another Brit speaks. David Grant. He uses ‘me’ instead of ‘my’. Is this TUF 9 all over again? Where is Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping as coaches?

– Danny says he has more knockout wins than any flyweight in the UFC. I usually measure my success by someone in a lower weight class. 18-4? Huge record?

– David Grant really needs subtitles.

– A ‘Coming Up’ segment? That’s completely unnecessary. All it does is steal ten seconds away from new footage that could have been used in the episode. Boo.

– David Grant ain’t no joke at 8-1.

– Herby our referee.

– Danny goes for the takedown. David defends as he stands against the fence. Rousey takes notes. Or is doodling the sketch of a fighter’s junk. Given her cardio and household name, I wouldn’t doubt it’s a bit of a struggle to find someone of equal calibre.

– They break voluntarily. Trade some strikes. David lands a big knee. Danny shots again. David delivers a six o’ clock elbow on the spine. Herby stops. Danny goes to the ground. He is in pain. Dana thinks a point will be taken. Tate disagrees. Danny is ready to fight.

– Herby does not take a point. Dana just lost an argument to a woman. The real reason he didn’t want women in MMA in the first place.

– Fight resumes. Danny misses some big swings. He misses a couple overhands. David lands with some big punches and a knee. They grapple. David knees the eye. Never really seen that. They continue to trade on their feet. David mostly goes for kicks and knees. Danny lands a punch square on the chin.

– Danny shoots. Herby approves of David’s elbows. They are on the ground. David is on the bottom. Slaps on a triangle but the round ends. Tate thinks Danny was saved.

– Round two commences. Herby is cool. Danny lands a couple strikes. David misses a combo. Danny is getting the better of the striking. They circle. David unloads. Danny falls. David punches a couple more times before taking Danny’s back.

– David knees Danny’s head while he was on his knees. Dana thought it was to the shoulder. Herby thinks it was to the head. He asks Danny. Danny says it was to the head. Herby agreed and takes a point away from David.

– Fight continues. They trade big strikes. Both are swinging like madmen. Madpersons. Not much finesse. Danny collapses in a takedown. David slaps on a headlock and weirdly takes Danny’s back. He goes for a crucifix and flips over to armbar Danny. Naaasty armbar. Danny taps. David wins.

– Fight recap. Tate is impressed that the illegal strikes lit a fire under David. Dana is amazed by Rousey’s laser focus as she wrote down notes. Dana tries to lighten up the mood but it ain’t happenin’. Awkward silence.

– Back to the hotel. A kid named Jesse is told to talk to a fighter who is a single mom. Interracial family? The mother is Caucasian while the baby is dark-skinned. I couldn’t help but notice. She talks to her sister on the phone but her son doesn’t want to talk to her.

– They all go for the same hairstyle. This lady crying about her son is Jessica Rackozy. More tears follow. Oh muh werd.

– Revelina Berto. Her family are all fighters in MMA, UFC, boxer, or grappler. So they love fighting. Must be a crazy home life. Her brother’s name is Cleveland. No joke. He says she may be Disney. Her father fought in UFC 9 and 10. I wonder if he gave her his shoes to wear in the octagon.

NOTE: I looked him up. He is Dieusel Berto. I didn’t recognize the last name. You know why? Because Dieusel fought in the alternate bouts each card. . .and lost. So he basically was in the third row of the audience and volunteered to be an alternate. Sadly he couldn’t pull a Steve Jennum.

harold howard

Or be as memorable as this guy.

– Revelina says her dad is excited because of her potential.

– Jessica is 33-3 as a pro boxer and played basketball on Team Canada. The latter is not much of an accomplishment. 1-3-1 record in MMA. Might be the worst record I have seen in MMA. Dana is stoked for the fight.

– Another ‘coming up’ segment? Soooo unnecessary.

– Revelina is wearing a full shirt. Never seen that before since Matt Hughes and BJ Penn entered the octagon with em on to allow the UFC to make more money. They took off the shirts right before they fought.

– Oh. We only get performance highlights. A ton of drool empties from Revlina’s mouth. We see both of them slam each other once and go for armbars. Revelina and Jessica do a good job of spinning out of each other’s armbar attempts and triangles. We see Jessica defend really well then end up on top and lay some great elbows.

– Jessica transitions from an armbar into an omoplata. Revelina submits. So much for her dreams. She doesn’t even get to see herself lose in real time.

– Michael Wooten. UK. Top UK prospect. Emil Hartsner. Sweden. Emil was a top hockey player in Sweden. Good thing he changed careers and went with a sport that people actually care about.

– Dana says it wasn’t a great fight as he laughs. He says he has nothing to say other than it sucked. All we see is a montage of 3 rounds of them against the cage struggling. Wooten wins. Wow. Never seen a fight treated as a joke and ridiculed as much as this in the history of TUF.

– Peggy Morgan. She said her son is the only one who says “My mom can beat up your dad”.

miss trunchbull

I think Ms. Trunchbull’s daughter may have uttered the same statement too.

– Her son says she fights in a lion’s cage.

ken shamrock

Doesn’t he mean a Lion’s Den?

– Bethany Marshall. Lucky to have her husband’s support.

– Mazzagatti is our ref. Hey. Have some respect for women’s MMA. Slow motion takedown by Peggy. Takes down Bethany. Tate thinks Peggy is the biggest 135 pounder she has ever seen. Rousey drops a few F-bombs.

ROUSEY: Yeah, Peggy don’t give a f—.

honey badger

Sounds like a Honey Badger.

– Bethany is. . .I didn’t get a chance to complete this thought. She must have said something completely uninteresting.

PEGGY: I look at myself in a mirror and say ‘damn I wouldn’t want to fight me’.

– Roxanne Modaferri. Full time English teacher in Japan for 8 years. Major nerd. Reminds me of a female Luke Cummo. Says she wanted to fight since watching Power Rangers. Loves Star Wars.


– Her opponent. Husband and daughter walks in. Tears. Too many. Valerie SomethingQuebecy. She’s from Montreal.

– Her daughter Gabrielle really wants her to win and will be happy if that happens.

– Roxanne has lost five fights in a row. 15-10. She wants a boost in self-confidence. Uh oh. Not looking good for our beloved nerd.

– Fight starts. They circle. Some ugly strikes before they clinch. Roxy has Valerie against the cage. That red shirt is way too bright. Rox has a leg. Valerie is flexible. Roxy takes Valerie down. She attempts to mount but fails. Roxy stretches Valerie’s right leg to get into north-south. From north-south Roxy takes Valerie’s back. The hooks are in. Valerie is struggling to reverse it. She slips in an arm around the throat. Valerie taps. Roxy’s win is impressive. How did she lose five in a row?

– Supposedly Valerie is a pioneer of women’s MMA. Good to know. Roxy giggles in her confessional. Valerie proceeds to kiss her daughter and more tears.

– Tim Gorman. Iowa. Accent. It’s his dream. Watched UFC since it was bare knuckle. You mean one glove and bare knuckle?

– Lee Sandmeier. Also from Iowa. He had hearing aids growing up and was picked on. Ditched them and read lips. Got a job without any special help.

– That’s right, kids. When someone bullies you, cave into their demands and bend to their ideals. It’s a great survival instinct through the education system. Those same survival skills work great in the cage.

– I must say he speaks really clearly for someone who has a hearing disability. You would never know unless he told you. The Diaz Brothers are much tougher to understand than him.

– Tim immediately goes for the takedown. Side mount. He stands over Lee. Moves into side control. Takes Lee’s back. Lee has an arm trapped for half a second but gives it up. Tim has Lee pretty much flattened out. Lee spins. Tim is in full mount and reigns down some heavy elbows and punches. One punch misses and hits the canvas hard. That could be a broken had. Tim lays down punch after punch after punch that lands. Lee has a few bruises. Lee turns to cover his face. Mazzagatti tells him to fight back. No response. A few more big punches. Mazzagatti stops the fight. Tim is fired up.

– Another family-oriented fighter. Raquel Pennington. She says she grew up with nothing but guy cousins. She went to go boxing. Her coach said she is a natural. Now a pro MMA fighter.

– Tonya Evinger. Punched people on the street. Sounds like the Tank Abbott way of getting into MMA. She wants to scare other women. She is a wrestler.

– Raquel knows Tonya is a wrestler. Raquel considers herself a pro boxer. Classic striker versus grappler.

– ‘Coming up’ segment. There is a huge reaction to a fight apparently.

– Tonya could put on a few extra pounds of muscle. They touch gloves in slow motion. We see them punch each other in slow motion. Tonya throws a couple lethal punches and kicks. She took down Raquel. Tate thinks Tonya lacks heart. She says Raquel is the opposite.

– We see brief round two highlights. Tonya runs out of energy in round two. Raquel choked her out. It’s clear Tonya is absolutely spent.

– Chris “Real Deal” Beal. Real original. Cancer story. Did chemo and lost his hair.


Not that kind of chemo. The Bible forbids Kimo from swinging that way, anyway.

Nearly lost his leg, but luckily only the tennis ball-sized tumour was removed.

– Sirwan Kakai. Sweet name. Wants to be a MMA champion. Went from Sweden to Florida. Seems part Middle Eastern.

– Fight highlights. Dana says Beal looked awesome. Wish we could have seen some of these fights in real time. We see a couple of Chris’ sick punches. However he was taken down by Sirwan a couple times. Chris is comfortable off of his back and got back on his feet. Threw major punches and elbows while standing. It went to decision. Chris won by decision after three rounds.

TATE: After three rounds he has knockout power.

Uh, then why did it go to decision?

– Josh Hill. Grappler but only one win by submission.
– Patrick Holohaun. Ireland. Projects.

– Fight highlights. Josh outwrestled Patrick. Dana doesn’t like wrestlers who aren’t well-rounded. Josh attempts to wrestle for two rounds. Played it safe to win the decision. At least he’s from Canada. Ew. Ontario. Nevermind.

– Family time. Colleen Schneider. Has a degree from UC Berkeley. Stunned her father by going into MMA.

– Shayna “Queen of Spades” Baszler. Her father does indeed make it out to watch her fight. More tears. I really don’t like this new element of TUF. She has fought a chunk of the women already signed into UFC. Her dad tried to talk her out of going into MMA. He thought she would quit after one defeat. She used to live on only crumbs.

SHAYNA’S DAD: Who’s your opponent?
SHAYNA: Colleen Schneider.
SHAYNA’S DAD: Never heard of her.
SHAYNA: Exactly.

– Shayna sounds like bit of a jerk. She wants to prove that Colleen being in the octagon with her is insulting.

– Kate Winslow is our referee. They touch gloves.

– Shayna is wearing all black. They exchange some strikes. They grapple against the cage. Shayna is the one against the cage. She has underhooks and turns Colleen into the cage. They all love the same hairstyle. Shayna takes Colleen’s back and drags her to the ground. Strikes. Lull in the action. She tries to sink an arm under Colleen’s throat but Colleen is close to reversing. Shayna maintains her position though. She spins some more. Colleen miraculously escapes. They grapple and run into the opposing corner together. Shayna attempts to trip Colleen and eventually succeeds. Shayna has side control.

– Colleen goes for a leg but Shayna simply yanks on Colleen’s left arm. Colleen fights it but Shayna gets closer and closer to ripping that arm for an armbar win. She air guitars it in her victory celebration. Tate explains to Dana that it is well-known that she loves heavy metal and wants to be in that industry.

– The fight is recapped. Both coaches are impressed by Shayna. Kate even uses Shayna’s nickname.

SHAYNA: I’m not in the house with you–you’re in the house with me.

Uh, okay.

– Louis Fisette. Winnipeg. His dad joins him. He says his son doesn’t pay rent because he doesn’t pay rent and goes to the gym all the time. They share awkward silence. Louis’ lack of rent and responsibilities is expanded upon.

– Chris Holdsworth. His mom is a cancer survivor. Her other son died shortly before his eighth birthday due to the older son getting involved in gangs. His older brother was promoted to black belt at the funeral service. Well that is weird timing. If only he held out longer.

– Louis says he only fights to cash cheques. So far that has definitely not succeeded given he lives with his dad and free loads.

– Chris brags that he trains with Urijah Faber. Faber is in the house cheering. California loooove.

– Another unnecessary ‘coming up’ segment before the commercial break.

– A referee I don’t recognize is calling the shots for this match. Whoa, a clock. They grapple. Louis takes Chris down. They are on the edge of the octagon. Chris isn’t flexible enough to slap on a triangle, but has REALLY long legs. He tries to wrap himself to tighten his legs around Louis’ right arm. This spells trouble. But lets it go. He re-connects a triangle easily around Louis’ neck. That is REALLY tight. Louis is doing nothing to defend by the looks of it. I think he is trying to pull himself out but that is a lot of pressure suffocating him.

– Referee checks to see that Louis is indeed still conscious. He is. Match continues. Chris now tries to yank an arm but loosens the triangle in the process. Chris punches Louis’ face. One of Louis’ hands is providing juuuust enough air. This is an exciting fight despite little to no movement. Chris tries to create more pressure.

– Louis escapes! He swoops in on Chris and deals some punches. Chris tries to effectively use his legs but Louis is relentless in his strikes from up top. Chris reverses position and is now the one on top. Side mound. D’arce choke? I eblieve so. That looks nasty. Louis taps. Match is ovuh. Chris has a sick ground game.

– Fight recap. Both praise Chris’ jiu jitsu skills.

– Chris says it is all about digging deep. On a season where the majority of the people in the house with him are women will make that phrase literal for once.

– We’re now at a restaurant with Gina Mazany. She liked getting hit in the face in her first martial arts practice and has stuck with it ever since. From Seattle. West siiiide.

– Against a fellow Apple Stater. Spokane, Washington. Julianna Pena. She has an Asian coach and has been in his gym since she was a teenager. She has wicked lip gloss like she stole it from a Lil Mama music video.

lil mama

It’s poppin. . .it’s poppin.

-Gina says she is super hungry to be in the House and in the UFC. Well, now’s the time to eat the s— out of your opponent, Gina.

– It’s Apples to Apples as these two women from Washington fight each other to the core! And Logan goes for as many unnecessary apple references as possible!

– At least Gina was kind enough to mix in red dye into that hairstyle that every female fighter has.

– We see performance highlights. Uh, okay. Julianna takes down Gina and goes for ground and pound. Full mount. Wicked punches. End of round one. Dana said Julianna dominated the entire fight. I guess we now how this ends.

DANA: That should be a 10-7 round.

Can judges count lower than 8? I hear only Cecil Peoples is the only one capable of that.

– Julianna wins by decision after we see Gina’s face repeatedly smashed. Gina cries. Tate is impressed. Julianna hopes all are scared.

– Matt Munsey. Dropped out 9th grade and has climbed trees ever since. What a random reason to quit school. Okay, Tarzan. Red shorts.

– Anthony Gutierrez. He has been fighting four years. Blue shorts.

– Fight highlights. Apparently it was uneventful. We saw a few quality strikes. They jockeyed for position. Anthony failed to choke Matt when he had his back. It immediately goes to decision within seconds. Anthony won. He is disappointed by what he did.

– Tara LaRosa. She be quirky from Albuquerque. She never thought this could happen for women’s MMA. Especially given she is now older than the Gutsy Grannies from The Amazing Race 2. She is a strange confessionalist.

von clief

She went to high school with Von Clief!

– Sarah Moras. Kelowna. When she trained Tara was #1 in her weight class. Unlike Rory MacDonald, she is a fighter from Kelowna who doesn’t look like she belongs in a mental institution.

– Tara cracked Sarah with a huge punch right away. Sarah is taken to the ground by Tara. She tries to slap on some chokes but fails. Sarah eventually takes down Tara. Dana is very impressed by Sarah. End of round one. Dana thinks Sara should win. Oh, it’s end of fight. This is super rushed. Sarah is declared the winner.

– Sara wins the fight, my fellow Kelowna sistuh. She begins to cry hysterically. I’ll forgive her since I can’t insult a fellow Okanaganucka.

A hybrid between an Okanagan citizen and a Canucka.

– Rafael de Freitas. He talks about his momma or something.

– Cody Bollinger. He has his family with him. Blue shorts. Both talk about their dream and family. Oh, and how they won’t see them for a while even though they are in the audience. They say some other sentimental stuff. I don’t know. I don’t really care. We go to commercial as they enter the octagon.

– Cody looks like he is ready to kill a man while standing across from Rafael. I wonder if the ‘R’ is pronounced as an ‘H’?

– They circle after the fight begins. Rafael deals a wicked leg kick. Quite the flexibility. Both move fast. Cody takes Rafael down. Now that’s how you counter a kickboxer. Rafael wraps his legs around Cody. Cody slams him on his butt. Literally. Rafael lets go of the grip but they both get up to their feet voluntarily.

– They circle. Cody evades the leg kick. Rafael is trying to mix it up. Nobody has landed a strike. Cody taunts him by having his arms way up in the air to leave his face exposed. Cody charges but Rafael jumps to have a guillotine against the cage. Rafael uses the cage as leverage. He puts everything he has as Cody sinks to the ground.

– Cody has his head pop out. Suddenly he is in Rafael’s guard. Rafael slaps on another triangle. Cody CRASHES Rafael into the mat. The triangle is still in place as Rafael is putting as much pressure on Cody’s face with his hands. The triangle is slightly looser. Oh, now it’s tight. Cody tried to strike from on top but is not doing much damage. End of round one.

– We see a lot of saliva attach to his mouthpiece as it is removed in between rounds. Dana says having a triangle doesn’t score points with judges.

– Round two. They trade a couple strikes. Cody somewhat connects with a body kick. He attempts a leg kick and a front kick. Suddenly Cody is using Rafael’s strategy. Muay Thai knees against Rafael who is against the cage. Rafael has nothing left. Cody keeps connecting and connecting. And connects some more. Rafael has zero energy. Dana yells at both of them to keep swinging. Cody is using a ton of remaining energy to keep wailing on Rafael. Eventually Rafael goes down. End of fight. Dana loved the fight. The crowd goes wild. I don’t think Rafael threw a strike for the whole second round.

– Fight recap. Both coaches say exactly what I just freakin’ said.

– Cody hugs and kisses somebody in the audience. I really hope for his sake it’s his wife.

– Rousey tells us that her and Tate have a limited amount of time to analyze the notes they have before the teams are picked. It seems like all sixteen fights happened the same day. In addition they pick the teams today as well.

– Dana gathers the eight women and eight men have survived. Probst and Mark Burnett come out and inform them that–just kidding. This really is TUF.

– Dana has his eighteenth coin. I wonder who is responsible for making the coin each season? If colours are repeated, do they re-use the same coin?

– Dana applauds them for the fights. He says some looked good while others need more work. Grand prize is repeated yet again. Dana informs them that fans will vote for Submission of the Season, Knockout of the Season, and Fight of the Season. 25k bonus each.

– Rousey’s side of the coin is green  while Tate’s is blue. Green face up. Rousey wants first fight therefore leaving Tate with first pick.

T: Julianna.

Tate trains with Julianna in real life.

R: Shayna.

T: Sara Moras.

R: Jess.

T: Raquel.

R: Peggy.

T: Roxanne.

R: Jessica.

Jessica is indeed the last woman picked.

T: Cody.

Cody feels great being first pick. Who wouldn’t.

R: Chris Beal.

T: Chris Holdsworth.

R:  David.

T: Josh Hill.

R: Anthony.

T: Tim Gorman.

Tim doesn’t know Tate’s name right after he says her FULL NAME. Then yet again he claims he does not know her name. Wow, what a jerk. And what’s worse is that he can’t even insult his own coach in a clever way.

R: Michael.

Michael says it’s time for him to prove himself to the others.

– Dana says Rousey picks the first fight right now. Well that’s a crappy advantage. You don’t even get to see them train? Major bummer.

– Rousey picks Julianna and Shayna. The battle of the first picks. Wow. No suspense to be built here. Ronda is doing it to have control of the picks for the remainder of the season.

– They immediately square off.

– Dana tells us that everyone feels Shayna will win and that’s why she is taking out Tate’s close friend right away.

– We see a “Next Time On This Season” segment. We see a woman’s abs gets punched. Doctors. Chokes. Blood. Cuts. Drama. Mental toughness is emphasized. And then there’s too many spoilers potentially leaked. So I won’t bother explaining that crap. Why not just preview next episode as opposed to a whole season? I hate it when competitive reality shows do that.

NOTE: I will be doing a video blog (vlog) where I will rip apart how the episode was edited and if the editing strategies for the season premiere worked.



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