SCWL Post-Season Cast Assessment Entry #9

ENTRY #9: Loren – Transcend -> FireWire (3-self vote-self vote-self vote) – August 4 2009 – SCWL: The Prequel
– Most rounds survived by casting only one vote
– Most rounds survived by participating in only one challenge
– Only person in SCWL history to play a game using dial-up


Jerry (original Inukshuk–Lisa’s uncle)
Dianne (original Inukshuk–Lisa’s mother)
Lisa (original OYC)
Kai (original OYC)
Gayle (original OYC–Lisa’s aunt)
Lyndsay (original OYC)


Brett (original FireWire)
Adam (original FireWire)
Simone (original FireWire–roughly 50-60% active)
Natasha (original Transcend–only active Transcend member all game)
Alisha (original Transcend–self voted four times)
Loren (original Transcend–played in only one challenge)

And here begins the stretch of inactive eliminations. Adam, Brett, and Simone are an alliance.

Natasha is preparing to flop to Lisa’s alliance at merge, and has been the only person who has cast a vote at every TC she has gone to since the beginning of the game.

Alisha has self-voted four times already, and has missed the past two challenges, but has returned to play this challenge along with Natasha who also went away for both of FireWire’s victories.

With Kai, Gayle, Dianne, Lisa, and Jerry all active for multiple rounds in a row, and Lyndsay refusing to play in challenges AND vote, she will probably be dropped from the 4-person OkaYakaCalga day 1 alliance. Especially now that her fiance has been dropped.

The challenge was straight forward. Each person has been given three quotes. Each quote lists the season where it came from. You must identify who said it.

This challenge was 5 vs. 4. Lyndsay (Inukshuk), and Simone and Loren (FireWire) did not participate. I could not find the exact number of points for the challenge, but I do know that Inukshuk won by a large margin. Natasha screwed up all of her answers despite doing research by submitting names of people who weren’t even in the season listed (she submitted Eliza Orlins for a Marquesas quote). Adam did not send in any answers either. Inukshuk had a perfect score except for Lyndsay’s three missing quotes. Alisha was the only one on FireWire with a perfect score.

So Inukshuk stayed intact at six. Lisa didn’t have to drop a OYC ally nor did she have to consider booting Jerry for being one of two original Inukshuk members.

Sadly, we bid farewell to Kai after this challenge. He participated in Exile Carnival where he was sent after winning immunity. Kai never spoke again after immunity was awarded to his tribe. And as I said before, Lyndsay and Simone are already absent until they are eliminated. But nobody was on Simone for inactivity yet because she had been consistently 60% active up to this point.

Because a merge with more than ten people had never happened in Survivor, everyone assumed there was at least one more tribal challenge. Therefore, challenge strengths like Natasha and Alisha would be safe despite the fact that Lisa was looking to add them to her empire, and Natasha had already agreed to it.

This round couldn’t be more boring. An inactive goes home in a smooth elimination, only two people showed up for the TC discussion, no new strategic moves made, and there wasn’t a bizarre situation for once. Everything regressed in the middle to make it very unmemorable.

By the way, nobody was sent to Exile carnival from the losing tribe because there was only six people left on the tribe. It didn’t matter anyway because Brett would’ve sent Simone.


None. 😦







i vote for (Loren)


LOGAN: Who’s here for tonight’s Tribal Council?
ADAM: I be here
ADAM: apparently tasha is here too, i will speak for her
ME:  I s’pose that’s all for tonight.
ME:  lol ok.
ME: Adam, What happened with the last challenge? Natasha, Has your reason to vote someone out changed at all yet?
ADAM: Not enough people sent in answers, and yes that would be me
NATASHA: nooooo, still basically for the same reasons
ME: Adam, So how do you decide who goes when multiple people don’t send in answers?
ADAM: (natasha) adam is my favorite brother
ME: ???
ADAM: when voting people out I use strategery, but mostly who’s not participating
NATASHA: yes i think it has to change
ME: Adam, Let’s say you guys win immunity and merge 5-5 next round. Adam, do you think this tribe will stick together? Natasha, Do you think another immunity loss for FireWire would tear this tribe apart?
ADAM: To tell you the truth I have no idea, hopefullythough because I think the other tribe is pretty tight and will pick us off very quickly if we don’t
ADAM: (natasha) Hopefully not, chop chop chop chop chop chop, I hope nobody takes it personally, chop chop chop chop chop chop

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Adam was typing Natasha’s answers for her while she was cooking dinner. Really weird ORG, isn’t it?)

ME: Okay. I’ll go tally the votes.
ADAM: ok i’ll allow it

ME: Alright. Once the votes are read the decision is final and the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.

ME: We’ll start off by reading the self-votes this round.

First vote: (Loren)
Second vote: (Simone)
Third vote: (Alisha)
Fourth vote: (Loren)
Fifth vote:
And the ninth person voted out of this game. . .(Loren)

(Loren), the tribe has spoken.

You’re now down to five members. Your next event will be sent out in a minute. 🙂

Next Entry on SCWL: The Awful Prequel:
1) After nine tribal eliminations, it is time for nine individual ones! It’s a merge!
2) The pre-jury members are invited back to anonymously give out a major advantage to one player in the game. However, the vote comes down to a three-way tie because only three pre-jurors bother to vote, and each vote for someone different.
3) The first individual immunity challenge is announced to hand out the final public individual immunity idol of the game. With no talisman on the line, this ‘public’ immunity idol makes everyone aware who possesses it after they win the challenge.
4) Players are proven to possess zero observational skills as they fail to catch on that the individual immunity idol works the same way as a hidden individual immunity idol.
5) Shortly before this major challenge takes place, Internet issues delays the game for three weeks which freezes not only the game, but also reduces the ridiculously low level of active players in the game as four players will never play in a challenge or vote at Tribal Council ever again.
6) With absent players entering the merge from both tribes, we will see the first ever Tribal Council in SCWL history where two players receive three or more votes, exposing who is truly in power.

It is the entry that you will probably want to miss!

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