SCWL Post-Season Cast Assessment Entry #8

Entry #8: Kyle – InukShuk – (3-2-self vote) – July 30 2009 – SCWL: The Prequel
Records: Third of the ten ‘originals’ to be voted out
– Second person to record a vote after self-voting twice over a stretch of seven eliminations
– First player to be eliminated at a Tribal Council despite sending in a vote while two others self-voted
– Second Tribal Council where two players received more than one vote
– Second player ever to try and vote against someone who was not on his own tribe

This round went by quickly. Note that there was only 48 hours between this elimination and the past one. Inukshuk dropped two people awfully fast.

Before I discuss another challenge where inactivity was prevalent, I think it will be a worthwhile to update the strategic positioning of everyone left in the game.

FireWire: Adam, Brett, and Simone (former FireWire) along with Penner, Alisha, and Natasha (former Transcend).

I should note between July 24th’s Tribal Council discussion with Brett and Simone and the end of this immunity challenge on July 29th. . .FireWire had not posted anything in their tribe’s camp. It would be August before we heard from Natasha, Loren, and Alisha again. Adam and Brett were literally carrying the tribe on their backs with Simone providing occasional support and aid. The original FireWire finally committed themselves to an alliance.

Natasha had been the only person besides Brett to vote at every TC, but her challenge participation was below 50% and in addition she was clumped into Lisa’s alliance. However, the former FireWire granted her safety considering that Alisha and Loren were virtually non-existant during this stretch. Oddly enough, Alisha participated in a challenge whenever Natasha did so. Their challenge performance is identical except for maybe the opening round and Sudoku Squares where Alisha was much more involved.

I should note that Natasha had indeed committed to jumping ship to Inukshuk once the merge would materialize. I think Natasha talks about this alliance when she votes for Penner back in Entry#6.

I am curious why nobody approached Alisha for an alliance. To this point she was reasonably active in challenges. For some reason nobody wanted to scoop her up and explain the purpose of an alliance. If someone did this, I think she would have been willing to vote at Tribal Council up to this point.

Loren would have likely kept to his clan and therefore work with Lyndsay, Kyle, Kai, and Simone. With 13 people remaining, this cross-tribal alliance was on the cusp of demolishing everyone in this game. If Loren could overcome his dial up issues and Kyle could free himself from firefighting for a bit o’ time, we would resume my earlier assessment that three factions would be battling it out in this game. This could have been the most intriguing ORG of all time.

Inukshuk’s dynamics largely remained unchanged. Lisa was currently operating three alliances:

Alliance #1 (Active Player’s Alliance: Lisa, Jerry, Gayle, Dianne. Kai, Lyndsay, and Kyle on the outside.
Alliance #2 (OkaYakaCalga Alliance): Lisa, Gayle, Lyndsay, and Kai. Dianne would be used as a fifth regardless of being pure Inukshuk.
Alliance #3 (Women’s Alliance): Lisa, Gayle, Dianne, and Natasha. Lyndsay is their fifth.

Alliances two and three are most important to the game right now. Lisa intended to keep all four former OkaYakaCalga safe to the merge as well as Dianne and Natasha.

In fact, I would say Lisa, Natasha, and Dianne were the only three strategizing long-term, or if at all, at this point in the game.

Yes, I did say Brett, Adam, and Simone had an alliance on FireWire, but it was not actively discussed. From what I gathered it was an unspoken agreement to eliminate the three outsiders from the game. Loren, Alisha, and Natasha in that order.

Inukshuk dreaded another Tribal Council because no matter what there was not any form of criteria where a player was an obvious one to be taken out. Everyone on their tribe had been involved with the game in the past twenty-four hours.


Now onto the challenge. This was yet another live challenge. Upon reflection, it was neat in concept, but would be drastically re-worked in future seasons where challenges were non-live and/or semi-live, and have extra layers to it.

Essentially the challenge plays as follows: Both tribes had to pick a 15-minute slot to meet at some point during the next couple of days. At the start of their fifteen minutes, the first person would post ‘1’. Then the next person ‘2’. This would continue until their rotation ended and restart back to ‘1’. Do this as many times as you can in 15 minutes to win immunity.

The tribe that had more people playing in the challenge would receive a bonus. So if you have 3 people play and the other tribe has only 2, you scored an additional point per rotation.

Since Inukshuk had virtually all tribe members active, they agreed to have their 15 minute slot right away.

Since Brett and Adam knew getting Natasha, Alisha, Loren, and Simone online anytime soon was a near impossible task, they decided to just play with a disadvantage right away as well. This is why the round went by so quickly.

Inukshuk had Jerry, Lisa, Kai, and Dianne play the challenge. They sat out Gayle. None of them heard a word from Kyle and Lyndsay during this two-day stretch, and went ahead without them. It was obvious that Kyle or Lyndsay would go if they lose. Kyle hadn’t voted at Tribal Council all game, and Lyndsay hadn’t sent in a real vote nor viewed as a challenge participant since the round Serene left in the Table Challenge. Or as many people on her tribe thought as I covered in Entry #3 post, Lyndsay’s Table Sabotage.

Inukshuk completed 13 rotations and scored 94 points, plus an additional 26 points for having two extra people than FireWire per rotation. 111 points were scored.

Kyle and Lyndsay seemed to be coasting to merge.

But FireWire’s strategy of having only Adam and Brett play, and be removed of inactives and slowpokes from participating. . .turned out to be a brilliant strategy.

They scored 139 points. No joke. I almost wanted to throw a glass cup at a mirror. They used the bare minimum number of people to complete this challenge (only one-third of their tribe!) and are rewarded for it.

FireWire not only won immunity but the game would be 6-6 after this round.

In fact, this is what I posted in FireWire’s camp right before the challenge started:

“Whoa, first posts on this wall in almost a week lol.”

That’s right. Several days of silence on the page while Inukshuk chatted daily.

Now to the most important decision for Dianne up to this point. Somebody from Inukshuk had to be sent to Exile Carnival and be immune from Tribal Council. That means only six out of seven would be eligible to vote. They had to treat a Lyndsay-Kyle-Kai voting bloc as a near certainty at this point. What’s worse for the paranoia at camp is that Lyndsay posted on the tribe wall after the challenge. Kyle was the only one unaccounted for.

So they chose to use the art of the self-vote to their advantage. Since Lyndsay and Kyle have been surprisingly inactive as of late, and even more surprising that Kai has stepped it up as of late, they simultaneously sent Kai to Exile Carnival and saved him the trouble of having to turn against his friends.

LYNDSAY: sorry team, i have been staining out in the heat and kyles been working like nuts!! but im done my job for a bit, sorry about the absence in baaacccckkkkk;)

Or it was this post that probably freaked them out. It had a very Rachel Reilly tone to it if you ask me. I would personally be freaked out by it and view it as threatening more than anything.

Assuming Lyndsay would end up voting, they decide to vote for Kyle. The self-vote would guarantee his dismissal. But what happens when Kyle not only remembers to vote for the first time all game, but vote for somebody else who self-voted? All it takes is a vote from Lyndsay and we have ourselves a very interesting game. I’ll let you read the TC Vote Reveal for yourself before I give my final thoughts on this round.


ME: So, who’s all here tonight?



GAYLE: looks like its the two of us


ME: Alrighty, I think that’s everyone for tonight.

(Gayle) :

FireWire lost back to back, now you guys lose back to back. Do you sense a major shift in momentum?

(Dianne) :

Is the vote tonight any different compared to the first two tribals, or is it ‘just another vote’?

GAYLE: Yes I do. We really need to pull it together again. Though I do think that dianne,jerry and kai, lisa made a great effort at the last challenge.

DIANNE: tonight the vote was harder for some reasonThis one is sadder

**WRITER’S NOTE**: Probably because they had to vote for somebody they knew wanted to play and knew personally. No more Serenes and Walkaroos. Just sayin’.

GAYLE: I agree, I hated voting

ME: (Gayle) :

Do you think that fighting six-six will make the tribe come together more?

(Dianne) :

Are you afraid that anyone on your tribe will take the day 4 twist opportunity and look for an idol next challenge?

GAYLE: I really hope so!

DIANNE: No, I don’t think so, I think we are a pretty tight team

ME: (Gayle) :

What do you think stops people from sitting out to look for an idol through all of these rounds?

(Dianne) :

What happens to the tribe dynamic if somebody does sit out to look for an idol?

GAYLE: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I don’t know…maybe because we are a close team.

DIANNE: the others may be a bit more suspicious of that person. So they may become the outcast.

ME: (Gayle) :

Is that true? Would everyone receive equal treatment and be an outcast if they were to sit out?

(Dianne) :

How tired are you of refreshing a page?

DIANNE: I am very tired of it… I haven’t recuperated from the challenge refreshing yet!

GAYLE: Well it sure would make them look suspicious hahahaha

ME: Well, I think it’s time for me to tally the votes. 🙂

GAYLE: ewwwwwwwwww I hate this part

ME: Once the votes are read, the decision is final and the person voted out will be removed from the group immediately. I’ll tally the votes.

ME: I’ll start off by reading the self votes.

GAYLE: o——k—a——–y..nervously

ME: First vote: (Jerry)

Second vote: (Lyndsay)

Third vote: (uncle Jerry)

Fourth vote: (Kyle)


ME: Fifth vote: (Kyle)

ME: The votes are at 2-2-1 and only one vote remains.

Last vote. . .

Eighth person voted out of this game. . .


GAYLE: I hate this

GAYLE: oh know…we better win next time so no more voting

DIANNE: That was close

(Kyle), the tribe has spoken.

Well, well, well. The person you voted out had actually cast a vote this round. If this isn’t a shift in the game, I don’t know what is.

**WRITER’S NOTE**: It seems I don’t know what a shift in the game is after all.

ME: Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

GAYLE: it sure is

DIANNE: ughhhhh, I hate shifts

GAYLE: good night

DIANNE: good night


Yep. If Lyndsay had voted, it would’ve been a 3-3 tie. And I know for a fact that Gayle and Dianne would’ve felt awful re-voting for someone who participated in the vote over someone who self-voted. Jerry would have been eliminated.

As a result of discovering his fiancee is the reason why he was voted out, Kyle proceeded to break up and never spoke to each other ever again.
Kidding. They’re still together and slated to be married. I haven’t spoken to either of them in nearly four years since this game ended, but I am told they still follow Survivor religiously. It is unknown if Lyndsay has participated in any more outdoor games with her friends since then.

I should note this was a big turning point for Inukshuk. Why? Because three of their five original members have now been booted. How many of OYC’s members have been booted since joining Inukshuk?

That’s right. None. Another reason they booted Kyle is because Lisa still wanted to stick with her OkaYakaCalga alliance of Lisa-Gayle-Kai-Lyndsay. In addition, she still had her women’s alliance. Kyle fulfilled neither of this criteria and was promptly sent packing.

I should note that Lisa did not show up to Tribal Council. In fact, only two out of six did. That’s a rarity for Inukshuk who usually has parties at these things. Clearly you won’t be compelled to show up for TC discussion when you are voting for an inactive player.

Those two minutes of shock when Gayle and Dianne saw that Kyle did not self-vote has been memorable to me. The game had been a “Vote for the Disinterested or Inactive Player” up to this point rather than Survivor.

So what does this do for Kyle’s legacy? Kyle’s only real legacy is pretty much limited to this season’s attitude. The attitude that keeping in every active player was such a big deal that people felt like they were a disappointment to themselves because they were wrong in identifying who would self-vote and who would not self-vote. It was the only time Kyle cast a vote this game, but Gayle, Dianne, and Lisa felt bad enough that he went home in a round where he finally decided to do the bare minimum to participate.

P.S. Remember the Sitting Out Idol available on each tribe? You sit out of a challenge publicly and receive a clue to claim the idol? Well, this was the only time where someone took advantage of it. Who was it?

Simone. She was given a series of letters. Enter it into the search bar and you’ll see a group name. The group name tells you “Message the host what you seek”. She told me she saw this but didn’t know what it meant.

Yeah, I’m not kidding. So she didn’t bother attempting to message me.

You can understand now why this twist was drastically re-worked for SCWL 1, 2, 3, and 4.

You can delete the Sitting Out Idol twist from the SCWL Prequel because it is never mentioned again. None of the players bring it up nor did anyone react to Simone sitting out.

Funniest and most frustrating thing of all is that Simone was online for about three hours wondering what it meant. I sat there until the deadline assuming the game would experience a big shake-up. . .only to have the deadline hit and see nothing from Simone. She was chatting to me during these three hours too. Frustrating then. Hilarious now.


token??? hey where’d I put that…..*pats pockets* aha!!…..inserts token….

WRITER’S NOTE: This is the last time I ever hear from Kai. Inside of this game or outside. He returns from Exile and never speaks again. Recall that he was Kyle’s partner in this game. However, he played for several rounds without ever speaking to Kyle. He is still friends with me on Facebook, but he has disabled the ‘message’ function, and it seems too weird to post on his wall. He’s still a mutual friend of Kyle’s and that he started being an administrator of an Internet website during this game, but other than that, I know nothing about Kai. No one knows why he disappeared, or why he somehow still has me as a friend on Facebook, but Kai will go on to completely ignore this game. However, the game was picking up because Loren is the only other person who has been one hundred percent absent from this game for the past few rounds.


ummm im gunna pass this one
am i supposed to put a yes??


I vote for (kyle)

I don’t like voting for kyle. I found this a really tough one to do. Kyle is a good guy on the tribe. He is laid back and nice to everyone. Sorry Kyle.

I don’t know what going to happen. I hope I still have a strong alliance, but who knows in the game of survivor.


Darn it! I thought the 4 of us were doing quite good on the timing. I guess this might prove 2 heads are better than 4.


Had to make a choice between the two who didn’t help in last challenge.
Sorry Kyle.


I am really really bummed that we didn’t try a dry run doing 2 on and 4 on.
Really didn’t want to go into the merge with even or worse…… being the underdogs! We HAVE to get our act together.


well tough to say never fun voting out one of the tribe but I will be voting for alicia this round because she does not seem to help out a lot in challeneges I mean my dad is bad but hey cant lose an ally this early in the game

ME: Alisha is on the other tribe.

D’oh well my bad another vote for myself maybe this way no one can be mad if i dont vote for them lol
well getting down even more numbers wise I am gonna go out on a limb and vote for uncle Jerry . hope I am not gone but would not be offended if I was voted out

ME: Just wanted to say thanks for the time and effort you put into this game. And also thanks for picking a partner who actually figured out what’s going on in this game lol.

KYLE: thanks for letting me play jeff was an honor glad to see kai worked out as a player

Preview for Entry #9: Three former Transcend members somehow still exist in the game–Loren, bogged down by dial-up; Alisha, bogged down by never voting at TC; Natasha, who doesn’t have her own computer. They are all on FireWire, and in a game that is six versus six with a gurantee to not merge in the minority on the line, the unthinkable happens. Natasha and Alisha both return and play in a challenge where the stakes could not be higher. And on Inukshuk, with four OYC members taking control on a tribe of only two original Inukshuk, Jerry is appears to be in a must-win situation to stay alive in the game as Lisa has control. A six-on-six challenge is a 4 vs. 4 affair as two people on each tribe will never compete again for the remainder of the game.

ONE FINAL NOTE: I forgot to mention that Lyndsay in fact does not play in a challenge after her Table Sabotage but yet will speak at camp to join Kai and Loren in that regard. Simone will sadly be added to this list as well.

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