TAR Asia episode nine ranking

Episode nine

ernie slap

Since this blog started Ernie has been sent to prison for spousal abuse. No more mall slaps for you, Ernie!

Previously on TAR: Six teams set out from Bangkok. The capital city of Thailand. Teams spent one night in Bangkok.

They made their way to the islands of Krabi. Several teams wisely chose a direct bus route while others faced endless delays, dead ends, and frustrations along the way. Mardy & Marsio made a strategic decision to take the Fast Forward but a lack of kayaking experience almost cost them first place. Sandy was the only one capable of completing the coconut challenge. Sahran faced his fears in the form of a cliff base hoping to catch up to the other teams. However, Howard & Sahran were last to the pit stop.

Now only five teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?

– This is Krabi. The 98th pokemon in Kanto, this water type measures in at just over a foot and is known for its powerful–oh right. I already made a pokemon reference last round. There’s 130 islands on Krabi. Impressive. Oh, and the eighth pit stop.

– Mardy & Marsio will depart first at 437am. They read they must fly to Kolkata/Calcutta. It is the fourth largest city in India which means it has a heckuva lot of people (13 million). Once here teams must take a taxi to St. Teresa of Avila Church. There they will find their next clue.

– Mardy & Marsio are prepared for any challenge according to them. Andy & Laura start at 441am. Sandy & Francesca right after at 442am. It seems TAR Asia pioneered the rapid pit stop checkout because I cannot recall a season of American TAR that did it until years after TAR Asia aired.

– Andrew & Syeon check out at 444am. A whole fifteen minutes later it’s Zabrina & Joe Jer. NOBODY is excited to see Calcutta. Francesca rolled her eyes and now says she is worried about getting sick.

FRANCESCA: It’s not about the people, the poverty, the smell, it’s about coming down to people getting sick.

That’s right, Calcutta. Francesca thinks the people, the poverty, and the smell sucks, but it doesn’t bother her. I love implied references.

ANDREW: It’s just going to be difficult to get around.

Andrew tries his best at being politically correct as well.

– The teams agree to eat thinking there won’t be food for them to eat in India.

marsio eat 2

Marsio is really tackling that burger! Editors love the ongoing joke of Marsio digging into food during the equalizers.

– Sunrise. Everyone laughs as they get onto a bus. Syeon finds Andy & Laura annoying and dodgy.

ANDY: Second place you’re the first loser, and third place you’re the second loser.

Technically you’re the last loser if you’re second place. Just sayin.

– Syeon reveals to Mardy & Marsio that Andy & Laura hid maps. They talk about yielding them. Yep. For the fourth episode in a row teams wish to yield Andy & Laura.

– Teams fly to Calcutta. We’re here. All of the teams pile into a taxi. Andy & Laura yell at their driver who did not pull out right away. A car drove on the wrong side of the road. Lots of honking. Francesca loves her driver because he is tearing through traffic.

ANDREW: If you can go fast, that’s good.

So polite. Translation: Move it, jerk!

– Francesca is terrified by how fast her driver is going. Mardy & Marsio’s tire explodes in their cab. We heard the pop on audio. Mardy & Marsio find it hilarious.

ken gerard flat tire

Better than this tire.

– Andy & Laura, Sandy & Francesca, and Zabrina & Joe Jer all went to the wrong church.

thirsty jesus

Obey His thirst.

But seriously, that’s the most terrifying Biblical message I have seen in my life.

– Apparently it’s the place where she was buried. So they run further down the street except Sandy & Francesca who get into a cab.

– Syeon yells out where they light the candle. They miss the sign hanging above their head. Sandy & Francesca arrive at the clue box. Time to light the candle. I wonder if Mother Teresa Junior is still bitter about her loss in the Good Guy Awards.

mother teresa

Mother Teresa is my second favourite nun of all-time. Right behind Sister Mary Clarence.

– It’s a roadblock. “Who’s ready to shine?”

In this roadblock one player must shine seven pairs of sneakers for a minimum price of five rupees each. Yep. A TAR classic.


I would find this guy and shine his shoes. . .


So you can get a quick fistful of rupees.

– Francesca is doing the roadblock. Laura too. A couple kids point the way to the clue box for Zabrina & Joe Jer. Mardy & Marsio enter the wrong Mother Teresa building. I imagine there are several in Kolkata. Zabrina & Joe Jer bring in a bunch of kids into the cab to direct the driver.

zabrina joe jer kid

Not exactly the legacy that Mother Teresa intended to leave behind. Child labour used for reality TV.

– Zabrina & Joe Jer get to the clue box followed by Andrew & Syeon. Syeon and Joe Jer are doing the roadblock as well. Mardy & Marsio know they are last to the roadblock. Mardy is doing it by the looks of it. All of the other teams have traveled by cab to start shining shoes. Andrew is curious where Mardy & Marsio are.

– Mardy & Marsio are becoming frustrated inside their cab. It’s a montage of people getting their shoes shined by the women. Syeon’s hair attacks her own eyes. Zabrina begins shining the shoes.

francesca shoes

Somebody really sucks at spelling out subtitles.

– Andrew thinks the locals enjoyed talking to Syeon rather than shining shoes. Syeon asks for an additional five rupees to finish the task faster.

– Francesca is annoyed that Sandy is telling her to go fast and hard. Laura is enjoying herself as she accidentally tickles a local’s feet during the shoe shine. Zabrina loves the task too. It appears to be everyone’s favourite task.

FRANCESCA: I’m going to clean your feet.

Eh, the guy doesn’t mind it knowing he is only paying five rupees from an amature.

– Off to Aaheli Restaurant Pearless Inn where they must consume a traditional Bengali meal. When they both finish their meal they will receive their clue.

– Francesca’s local keeps complaining his shoe is not shiny enough. Same with Zabrina’s. I must say I have never seen a shoe shiner in my life.

FRANCESCA: You have to forgive me it’s my first time.

That’s what Cochran said last week the night after the women in the front row of the reunion show discovered he won a million dollars.

FRANCESCA: I have never spent so much time looking at someone’s feet before.

tommy lee

Now she knows what it’s like to be Tommy Lee.

– Francesca is done. They are told they get to keep the money they earned. Francesca and Sandy start heading to the restaurant.

FRANCESCA: I have a fear of throwing up. Some people fear buildings or scary animals, but me, it’s throwing up.

I wonder if she has the same No Vomit record as Jerry Seinfeld?
black and white cookie

Don’t look to the cookie Francesca, or you’ll break your vomit streak since June 29, 1980.

FRANCESCA: I didn’t want to eat anything in India that didn’t come in a food pack and sealed.

Oh my.

– Marsio begins the laziest shoe shining efforts I have witnessed. Mardy asks Andrew how he got customers. Probably not by Marsio walking around slowly in a sweat-soaked shirt.

marsio sweat

I can’t imagine somebody outdoors in India who doesn’t have a sweat-soaked shirt.

– Zabrina & Joe Jer are done. They’re not excited about their future prospects either. Andrew & Syeon finish the task too.

ANDREW: You must be hungry–
SYEON: Oh s—.

The Sandra Diaz-Twine of reactions.

– Andrew barters with a taxi driver from 100 rupees down to 80. Well played. Francesca hopes for an equalizer because traffic is moving slow in an urban centre of a city with 13 million people.

– Andy & Laura are first to the inn’s restaurant.

MARSIO (shining the shoe while kneeling below an unhappy customer): Sorry, it’s my first time.

That’s what she said.

michael scott

– Andy & Laura and Sandy & Francesca read the menu as the dishes are presented along with a drink. They seem to be doing fine thus far.

– Apparently this is a ritual meal which demands attention. Lentils and curry to begin. Sounds delicious.

– Next course is sheep’s eyes. Now this is where my vegetarianism would get in the way. Francesca hopes the brothers are far behind because they will inhale it.


Tasty tasty.I’d start and finish with the naan, myself.

– Zabrina has a request to make.

ZABRINA: Can I throw up?
WAITER: . . .

zabrina ask

Zabrina asks again but mimes it.

ZABRINA (politely and softly): Can I throw up?

I’m going to pull that off the next time I eat at East Side Mario’s and see how they react. Especially if the chefs overhear.


Isn’t expecting a big tip.

– Andrew burps multiple times. So does Zabrina. Syeon giggles. Laura’s cheeks are puffy. A HUGE East Indian meal will make you more gassy than Corbin Bernsen after eating a bunch of peppers or Mark Curry after consuming ten burritos.

corbin pepper

Today is his forte but tomorrow is his farte.

– Joe Jer finishes her meal first of all the teams!

SYEON: I feel sick eating the fish. It’s so fishy!

I hate pie. It tastes so piey!

– Syeon hates spicy food too. Mardy & Marsio are now on the scene. Sandy cringes in fear as the M&M Bros enter the premises. Francesca asks for a napkin. Laura is puking in the bathroom. We hear the sound effects and see her exit the stall. Zabrina pukes at her table. Excellent. Francesca starts to shake as she thinks about others throwing up and showing vomity symptoms.

– Laura is ready to go after emptying herself.

andy smile

Andy smiles during Laura’s misery.

– Sandy struggles. Mardy hates his drink. The waiter explains each ingredient on Mardy’s plate. Zabrina’s eyes are really watery, but she is done that course. Onto the next one.

– It appears teams cannot advance onto the next course until BOTH players are done that course. Zabrina is doing fine as well as Andy. Players offer their food up to other teammates. Sandy & Francesca are DONE.

– Francesca reads that teams must proceed to Kanishka’s Sari Boutique. As you may have figured out, the next clue is hidden amongst one of the hundreds (or thousands?) of saris like it’s the Mumbai TAR 4 Detour.

FRANCESCA: Hours of operation do apply.

Well I am sure everyone will pass the time by running to the bathroom every ten minutes until the route marker opens up.

– Zabrina & Joe Jer are done second. Zabrina apologizes for her vomit. I have a feeling teams are too full to put the ‘dash’ in ‘dine and dash’ despite it being a race.

– Andy & Laura exit the restaurant in third place.

– Sandy apparently ate most of Francesca’s food too. Thank goodness the guy needs 3, 000 calories per day.

MARSIO: We love to eat, but only the good food in the race condition.

– Andrew & Syeon finish in fourth. Mardy & Marsio didn’t appear to make up much time as both of them feel sick. Mardy resists vomiting. I have yet to see a team run to the gate.

– Hours of operation are. . .

hours of operation india

And the trend continues.

– Marsio hated how much food he had to eat. The teams all went elsewhere. In the morning we get a poverty scene much like the Mumbai morning scene. Sandy & Francesca brag about keeping the same taxi driver from the previous day.

FRANCESCA: We ordered the taxi to be here for eight o’ clock. He had been sitting there since seven o’ clock waiting for us.

Best taxi driver in the history of TAR? Or do the good taxi drivers never receive airtime?

– Zabrina & Joe Jer hire a taxi followed by Andy & Laura. Mardy & Marsio too. Laura finds a rare taxi who does not speak English. So much for being a colony. Andy & Laura find an English-speaking cab. Andy claims to hate relying on others. He proceeds to fight over the fare with his taxi driver after he screwed up not only time-wise but not knowing where to go despite claiming he does know.

– Another “Andy sucks” segment from Sandy. He says that Andy jokes about drivers and locals who suck but that it is clear to understand the malice behind it.

Isn’t there underlying malice behind virtually every joke we tell? Look up Freud, Sandy.

– Into the Sari Shop we go. So many saris. Syeon has it instantly. It’s a Detour.

– Carry or Count.

In Carry, teams must deliver eighty litres of milk in traditional East Indian fashion by placing the jugs on their head and pour it into a container.

I thought the TAR rule of thumb was that the task can only be completed in Africa as part of “their tradition”.

In Count,teams must travel to a market and count nuts. Once they have counted correctly they will receive their next clue.

Do these teams really wanna count nuts?


Hold up Dre, hold up Dogg. Not deez nuts but rather. . .

beetle nut

How about deeez beetle nuts. They’re used as a breath freshener in India (and also featured in Survivor: Micronesia. Wu acts as if beetle nuts are common only to India.

– Syeon thinks there could be thousands of beetle nuts. Andrew decided to take thirty seconds before they make a decision.

– Andy & Laura find it next. Andy finds counting nuts boring so they decide to use their head. Sandy & Francesca have it third. Zabrina & Joe Jer fourth. Andrew & Syeon choose to count.

– Mardy & Marsio are in last regardless of a godsend equalizer.

– Teams scramble into their taxis. Francesca is pissed that Andy & Laura stole their incredible taxi driver. We get this weird editing where Andy and Francesca give back-and-forth confessionals as to whether you can “steal” another team’s cab. Clearly Andy & Laura provided another example that you can.

And I think that guy in the Brazilian version of TAR proved you can steal a cab too.

– Marsio thinks they make things too complicated sometimes. What could be more complicated than stealing a cab?

– The sari shop workers APPLAUD Mardy & Marsio when they find their clue. I doubt these two will ever enter a sari shop again.

– Mardy & Marsio deems the milk carrying option to be unsafe. Andy & Laura start transporting the milk. It appears you can touch your pot with your hands. I suppose the rules are not fully enforced with Andy & Laura.

– Marsio says they will look at the size of the nut. If it’s too small they will switch.

– Sandy & Francesca and Andrew & Syeon start counting nuts. The locals watch.

india market

Nothing more entertaining than to watch Americans struggling to count nuts. The number of people watching makes it look like the only alternative is to watch a golfing tournament at the other side of town.

– Andy keeps complaining about the weight of milk on his head. Oh please. At least you can use your hands. Zabrina & Joe Jer are lost in the streets. Sandy & Francesca and Andrew & Syeon use some of the worst counting strategies I have seen.

– Francesca enters a guess of 1, 114. It’s wrong as Mardy & Marsio arrive. Sandy tells him to add another twenty. The foreman says they are only allowed one guess before counting again. Why not just pretend to count really fast before you make your next guess? That would be the easiest way to get around it.

– The nuts roll around on the ground. Mardy & Marsio argue while counting. I doubt they can do it. Sandy & Francesca come up with the same number. Wow. The same wrong number twice.

– Andy & Laure are done the task. Andy hopes it is a pit stop. Laura reads that teams must travel by taxi to Kolay Market and look for a flagged entrance. On top of the rooftop is Wu waiting for them. No mention of pit stop. It’s just “Allen Wu will be awaiting your arrival”. Yeah. The teams know what that will mean since it is identical to the setup of the TAR 7 To Be Continued leg.

– Syeon guesses 1, 212. It is correct. Off they go. Andrew & Syeon hire a taxi. The driver talks to the other taxis about the location of Kolay Market. Andrew & Syeon tell him not to blab about it but it’s far too late.

– Zabrina & Joe Jer are at the task. Mardy & Marsio and Sandy & Francesca are crowned to be incorrect once again. Marsio volunteers to write the number himself. They look exhausted. Mardy is annoyed that Marsio is counting slow.

1, 247. Another wrong guess for Francesca. Francesca thinks it might have been 1, 246.

1, 219. A correct guess for Mardy & Marsio. It appears there are a different number of nuts in each basket.

1, 246. Sandy & Francesca wrong yet again. Francesca is counting in piles of ten.

1, 184. Wrong for Zabrina & Joe Jer. They decide to count together. Sandy & Francesca can hear them counting out loud and are not happy about it.

francesca annoyed

Not impressed with their talking. Francesca should have shouted numbers back in her face.

– Zabrina knows that counting out loud is interfering with Francesca’s ability to concentrate on counting. Oh well. I have noticed Joe Jer is never shown speaking. Although Zabrina was a recruit because of her media occupation she held to be cast for TARAsia in the first place.

1, 234. Correct. Zabrina & Joe Jer have their clue.


That’s the combination to his luggage!

– Zabrina apologizes to Francesca as she exits with Joe Jer.

FRANCESCA: I screwed up on the very last one.

And the one before that, and the one before that.

– Kolay Market. Andy & Laura and Andrew & Syeon show up.

ANDY: It’s too good to be true.
WU: You’re the first team to arrive. I have some more news for you–you’re still racing.
LAURA: Give us the next clue.


Next Time on TAR: Watch as Sandy & Francesca come in last place on a non-elimination leg but escape the non-elimination penalty for no apparent reason at all thanks to seven seasons of lame TAR producers. With only five teams left, competition gets even fiercer. A couple fall out of favour with others. When a close fight breaks out as Andy and Sandy drag their asses down the street.

Get it? Because it refers to an animal. Who knew the voiceover could be so cheeky in his work when discussing asses.

Confessional Count


Rank the Legs

1) Kuala Lumpur -> Jakarta (Tasks were more original this round. None of them had been repeated from traditional TAR. A snake pit had never been done. Simultaneously singing while steadily pushing a cart had never been done. Searching Walkman music also had never been done. Oh, and I suppose the plate dance has similarities to TAR 10’s round one Beijing paddle dance.

Again, every team was easy-going. Did I mention how refreshing that is? The editing remains to be unsteady and inconsistent, but at the very least the music soundtrack had smooth transitions and were relevant to the scenes.

I should note that this was TAR’s first visit to Indonesia. Therefore, we need to credit production for picking an unvisited location.

Ernie & Jeena’s downfall seemed unfair because we were never given the proper criteria for how much soya sauce could or could not be spilled.  Although their terrible navigation throughout the episode made their elimination to be absent of any surprise. Sahil & Prashant claiming the Fast Forward based on a self-admitted gamble was perhaps the highlight of the episode.

Overall, I think this worked out better than the premiere. Just wish we knew what time that Air Asia flight left Kuala Lumpur!)

2) Sydney -> Auckland (This was a fun round. Andy & Laura were not medically evacuated which prevented this leg from being anti-climatic.

I don’t understand why teams were constrained to the same flight. That appears to be the rule all season long.

I enjoyed the trick of having the child on the swing right beside the ferry where teams landed. Seeing teams overthinking it as they ride through taxis, private vehicles, and walking around libraries was amusing.

Rugby and Rigging was a good Detour.

Ferries didn’t screw over leading teams like the ferries in Sydney did.

The biggest problem I have is why Sahil & Prashant were not given a clear reasoning for their time to be penalized. Why one hour? I have never heard of a one hour TAR penalty. In addition, they broke the same rule three times. Shouldn’t they be counted as three separate infractions? I do not understand this. I know teams likely checked within a twenty minute time span at the pit stop, but one hour was such a random number as if production picked a number that would guarantee a team’s elimination.

Scratchin. Muh. Head.

P.S. How many more Sony products will be showcased this season? I have a feeling we have several more to go.)

3) Bali -> Sydney (I was convinced Howard & Sahran would have been eliminated because of their storyline thus far. Their equal abilities to freak out and be fearful of many things was supposed to cost them the race, but it’s all for naught when it turns out to be a non-elimination.

Once again a team who takes the four hour penalty is the team that finishes last for the second leg in a row. That must be a fairly odd circumstance seeing how Sahil & Prashant were in dead last heading to the pit stop. Those fast ferries that were available to trailing teams really made for an unusual second half to the episode.

The Handycam task was original and neat regardless of the obvious sponsour plug. I wish producers told us the criteria that had to be met for a participant to be considered ‘out of key’.

Andy & Laura overcame numerous obstacles to keep their lead until the unluckiest thing of all–Laura damaging her leg, reduced them to their fourth consecutive seventh place finish. And with a non-elimination keeping it at eight teams, it is very possible for them to be seventh for a record fifth time in a row.

I feel bad for Howard & Sahran. They were in sync at the top of the leaderboard for the past 1 1/2 legs and suddenly fall (in a manner that differs from Laura) at a roadblock task that appears to be because of Howard literally not handling the pressure. A glorious fall which once again I wish led to their elimination.

I should note that this is the only season I can think of where three consecutive legs have led to teams all boarding the exact same flight. In episodes that are 48 minutes long compared to the US’ 44 minutes, we see more route markers in this version than the first eleven seasons of regular TAR.

Mardy & Marsio still dominate the edit as TARAsia’s Kevin & Drew, no doubt. We haven’t learned too much personal info from all of the teams. I think it has indeed been very task-oriented. Maybe this is because we have seen zero conflict form after the first four rounds. Four episodes without conflict would be unacceptable to American producers. We see previews of conflict erupting next leg thus I may change my tune for the next leg I rank.)

4) Gibbston -> Bangkok (Moar equalizers! Moar Caltex!

Washing the car in Singapore is a unique task. I mean, it was poorly thought out to have teams finish faster based on the colour they picked, but at least a sponsoured task was not completely lame.

We see the first repeat route marker in the TAR universe thanks to the Fountain of You–Wealth. Then Singapore ended up being irrelevant. I was expecting them to go to AXN Headquarters to go all out with sponsourship this round.

Bangkok was fine. Confusing streets and drivers provided a rare experience so far in the race after easier legs in Australia and New Zealand. Teams seemed truly drained as they slept in cabs and prepared to murder their cab drivers the following morning. The temples were neat. The Detour was fine.

But the ‘find a clue on the temple grounds amongst fake ones’ and ‘find a capsule with a clue amongst fake ones’ seemed unnecessary and repetitive. I think this round would have been better to be an elimination round because the anxiety and stress surrounding cab-racer communications would have made for a great end to the episode. But alas, it was the third non-elimination round of the season. Very average round.)

5) Kuala Lumpur -> . . .Kuala Lumpur (It would have been funnier to either have the pit stop at the pit stop of the stadium or to make them go back to the starting line of the race.

The route was fine for the first round of the first ever Asian edition. Production did a good job of avoiding any landmarks already seen in Kuala Lumpur throughout multiple seasons of TAR. The teams are all friendly and cordial which makes it an extremely unusual competitive reality TV show. Nobody screams. Nobody shoves another. Nobody gets into arguments with locals. This is the calmest and most respectful group of people I have ever seen. Well, until Sandy goes a few more days without his muscle milk.

The jungle trail to the pit stop is unique and inventive. The rest of the tasks were fairly textbook TAR. An eleventh team being cast would have been a better idea than a first round non-elimination merely because the non-elimination penalty is not very effective when teams cannot be devastated by the penalty.

If I had to describe the round in one word: Calm. Yes, I described a race as being calm after one episode. Shows how crazy those dang Americans are.

And whoever is in charge of timing the use of the TAR soundtrack needs to be fired. I think the editors of The Amazing Hunt do a better job with music.)

6) Bangkok -> Kingler (You know what’s always the most difficult part in the ‘Rank the Legs’ section each season? Anytime there is an island resort leg. Why? Because they have absolutely nothing in common with any of the other legs each season. No taxi drivers, everything is ‘go here and use some sort of water transport’ then a task that involves buoy checking/some other luck thing then followed by rock climbing prior to the pit stop. During this you just pray your boat’s motor doesn’t die.

If I compare it to other island resort legs I would say that it was terrible by those standards. I didn’t mind the equalizer (for once) because island resort legs rely on daylight for the whole day. However, I had major issues with the Detour, and found the Roadblock could have been altered to have more skill, strength, and overall brutality involved. Also, the Fast Forward task was extraordinarily lame. If you are reducing yourselves to three random Fast Forwards per season, how about putting the time and effort into making them memorable!)

7) Krabi -> Kolkata (There have been several India legs in prior seasons of TAR, and I would say many of them fared much better. Because the bar has been set high for India legs, this round inevitably falls to a sub-par section of the ranking.

Oh, and the fact it is a TBC leg deducts several points as well. Do I need to repeat why I hate TBCs in TAR? Just make it a dang non-elimination or a temporary one instead of letting a team run scot-free.

All of the tasks had been done before, and pretty much all from TAR 7. Transport stuff on your head. Shine shoes. Eat a massive meal. Count stuff. Head to the rooftop to trigger a To Be Continued leg. I was waiting for Uchenna & Joyce to pass Andy & Laura during the milk transport.

Seeing Sandy & Francesca brag about their cab only to have it stolen was a highlight. But that was negated by the numerous equalizers.

This leg was fairly crappy for those reasons, but it could also be crappy because of the number of times they all had to run to the bathroom after that spicy and calorie-laden meal.

8) Auckland -> Gibbston (Remember how we did Go Kart laps at the beginning and then a big bungee drop last leg? Well, let’s make them drive 250 kilometres. Then drive into a gas station and show them filling up their vehicle with gas. Then drive some more. Then either drive a few kilometres around a track or bungee jump. Then drive some more. Then guess what? Yeah. Drive on a Quad doing one lap. Then guess what?

I said GUESS!

Yes. We make them bungee jump.

Then drive some more. Then rig a penalty to not take effect this leg thus sending a less villainous team home.

Everyone okay with this leg design? I think there is a good balance and a variety of tasks to this leg. I do not see anything wrong with this picture. This leg is going to be the bomb!)

9) Jakarta -> Bali (Easiest ranking ever for the bottom place. This will never be topped for its terribleness. Not only is watching teams dig in sand for 30 out of 45 minutes of an episode, but everything else was so dang rushed that it was impossible to follow what was going on for the next three tasks.

I should note that I have never seen production screw things up as badly as they did with this leg. Scratch that. The hay bales from TAR 6 was worse because they could see it on paper how screwed over a team could get strictly by examining odds.

Here producers gave everyone the same forgiving plot of sand, and once they were awarded big boy shovels rather than the tiny shovels everyone disregarded for 3 1/2 hours, the task played out in a fair manner.

You know what’s the craziest thing of all upon reflection? Hours of operation were set up so that any team who completed the roadblock in less 90 minutes would be able to do the Detour and finish out the leg. If teams took any longer, they would be stuck waiting around until 900am the next day. Do you know how messy that could have been?

Or did producers ensure the task was impossible that everyone was guaranteed to be equalized right before the end? If so, wouldn’t they know how messy things would get with a four hour penalty being awarded right before an overnight equalizer? No matter how you look at it there wasn’t anybody assigned to logistics for this round. Is the carefree surfer attitude of Bali the reason for this?

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