SCWL Post-Season Cast Assessment Entry #7

ENTRY #7: Wahaj Khan – Inukshuk – (5-self vote-self vote) – July 28 2009 – SCWL: The Prequel
Records: Lasted longer of the two ORG mystery players
– First person in series history to be voted out at Tribal Council following their previous TC visit where they cast an active vote
– First person to be voted out with a recorded elimination vote against another player


The second and final subjective challenge in the history of the series. This was a very popular challenge in Survivor ORGs at the time. The main reason why I did it is because the sense of humour of other hosts weren’t the greatest, and therefore wanted to do the challenge myself to ensure “the best people won” rather than subtle bias from other hosts. Amusing I know, but that’s how things were back in 2009.

Pretty much the challenge was a series of showdowns. Whoever had the best rap scores a point for their tribe. The tribe with the highest number of points wins. If there was a tie then the best overall rap won.

Here is the e-mail I sent out to all players pretty much word for word:

Inukshuk names on the top of each match-up while FireWire is on the bottom.

Players were judged based on flow, originality, humour, and overall relevance to the game. I should note that Inukshuk had a significantly older tribe than FireWire by this point. FireWire had an advantage in this challenge.


Neither sent a rap in, thus no point given to either tribe.


Neither sent a rap in, thus no point given to either tribe.


Adam sent a rap in but Wahaj did not, thus FireWire scores a point!


Lisa sent a rap in but Natasha did not, thus Inukshuk scores a point!


Gayle sent a rap in but Simone did not, thus Inukshuk scores a point!

That’s two points for Inukshuk and one point for FireWire.


Both of these raps were good I must say, but Brett’s stood out a bit more in three of the categories. Therefore, FireWire scores a point!

We’re tied at 2-2. The tiebreaker comes down to who had the best overall rap, and that person was. . .

Adam! The raps that were sent in were all good, but Adam’s rap was on a level of its own.

Therefore, FireWire wins immunity!!!

Inukshuk, obviously I’m not going to have a Tribal Council set for seven hours from now. You’ll instead have your Tribal Council vote and confessional due by Tuesday @ 8pm Pacific (which is when your live vote reveal will take place.)

For those of you who were on the original Transcend, this is the first TC you’ve had off all game. Enjoy it.

Kyle and Dianne sat out of the challenge. However, following the challenge, Lyndsay and Simone were sent to Exile Carnival. Lyndsay was sent because she was still not trusted following the Seating Arrangement challenge debacle, and Lisa’s alliance wanted to guarantee their majority at Tribal Council.

It was surprisng to see Inukshuk take a major nosedive in terms of activity. All Inukshuk needed was for Wahaj, Lyndsay, or Kai to send in a rap and claim immunity for a fourth time in a row.

Note that this round set a record for the most inactive challenge in SCWL history. This was one of the biggest surprise to me during the season because all remaining players had been active in challenges within the past week. I assumed Penner’s elimination would make everyone turn into ‘game mode’, but incidentally Penner’s elimination had the exact opposite effect.

FireWire having 4/6 not participate (three of which were former Transcend) while Inukshuk had 3/6 not participate too (Lyndsay, Kai, Wahaj) making this perhaps the only challenge ever to have less than 50% of all members in the challenge refuse to play. I recall Kai and Wahaj both saying they had been really busy and wanted me to message them about the game much more frequently.

So let’s get to Inukshuk’s Tribal Council. Thanks to Adam and Brett being a challenge duo to demolish Inukshuk in the challenge, Loren was spared. As you can imagine from the lack of participation in the challenge, there was also a few self-votes from Inukshuk players. Lyndsay would have been a self-vote if she had not been immune from attending Tribal Council.

Despite 8/9 players engaging in Tribal Council following Inukshuk’s initial loss, suddenly only 4/8 were around to strategize following their second loss. Jerry, Gayle, Lisa, and Dianne continued to have a stranglehold on the tribe, and in addition were the only ones to keep up with voting. I should note that Kyle is the only player with two self-votes after two Inukshuk Tribal Councils. I would say Inukshuk was around 60-70% active overall thus far. Nowadays tribes are about 95-100% active. We have come a long way.

Kyle was spared because he was a huge fan of Survivor and one of the ten ‘originals’ to sign up for the game months prior. Everyone attributed his absence to firefighting duties. Kai was spared again because he had been fairly active and was generally well-liked. Plus everyone assumed Kyle and Kai would contribute more in the future once things became more competitive. So that left Wahaj.

Yep. Time for me to finally talk about Wahaj. For those of you who know Wahaj, you must be wondering “What the heck was Wahaj doing in this game?!”

Scott LePage signing up possibly just to troll the game for a bit was one thing, but why the heck did Wahaj play?

Back in 2008 I made the transition into the FaceBook ORG community. For the past six years I strictly played ORGs through eGame Central, GameFAQs, Robert Ospring’s Online Reality Games forum that had 1000 members in its peak (yes, a thousand) and sites that hosted as well as post episodes for their games on Geocities and Angelfire. I may be talking gibberish to you right now if you’re new to the ORG universe.

Anyways, Facebook ORGs had a very Ontario-heavy scene. It seemed like everyone and their mother was from Ontario when Facebook ORGs started simultaneously with Facebook’s explosion in 2007. Right around that time the community was populated with iSurvivor members who together joined the network as well.

Enter Andrew Park’s Rookies vs. Veterans series. I signed up for Rookies vs. Veterans 4 as my first Facebook ORG. Michael Lawliss, Brett MacDougall, KJ, Justin Thomas, Allison Bern (I would post her last name but in my 39 Day Countdown post on this blog she asked me to remove her name about six months ago–she has indeed moved on from the Survivor universe), Warren Adams, Jeff Kay, Mike Abbott, and last but not least, Wahaj Khan.

Did I really remember virtually my whole tribe from an ORG from over four years ago? It appears so. Anyways, KJ, Warren, and Justin were all eliminated right away due to Wahaj and Allison leading the charge to throw challenges and eliminate the Vets on our tribe. Then a switch happened which led the Veterans having a majority where I was sent. Sure enough they threw it to blindside one of their own followed by me followed by Jeff Kay. I found out later that the Veterans created the cliqueist atmosphere for an ORG ever. Virtually all of them were from iSurvivor. Rob Winchurch, Lorii Hearn, Tori Collins, and a couple others from the opposing Veterans’ side had a very tight relationship.

Winchurch’s bond with Park was tight enough that Winchurch would go on to be a co-host for the next couple seasons of the Rookies vs. Veterans series. I saw Winchurch post about Survivor for the first time in over three years and asked if he remembered me. As you may have guessed, he did not and suddenly I felt like my memory of interactions with people online and offline matched that of Marilu Henner.

So where was I? Oh yeah. Wahaj was my closest ally in that game. I screwed him over because I mixed up Lorii with Tori by calling one Torii and the other one Lori. Hey, it’s a common mistake. Wahaj was already in hot water over Allison (also in our alliance) being offended by allegations of anti-semetic remarks, and quit the game which ultimately led to crippling our alliance.

Anyways, Wahaj signed up for the game because he was new to the ORG universe and I was one of the few connections he had at that point. Following Scott’s elimination in round 1, I found it hilarious that it was eighteen people of my overall extended family, in-laws, and friends of in-laws + Wahaj.

ME: Only two veterans applied.
WAHAJ: Only two?! Then how can we play Survivor if only two play?!

Boy was he in for a shocker the next day. Wahaj tried to talk to other people in my tribe but nobody really talked to him. The fact that Wahaj survived the Serene vote was a miracle. If he was a wee bit more active I think he could have potentially won the game. But sadly, and as expected, he probably didn’t find the structure of the game too fun and being around a bunch of quiet players to be a fun time for him.

I must note that upon Wahaj being voted out from the game, Dianne thought his name was “Walkaroo”. Yep. She called him “Walkaroo” online and offline. It took a few corrections before she caught on that his name was Wahaj. I told Wahaj this story about a month later and was not amused by that mistake as I was.

lol Walkaroo.

**Lisa’s rap**

Boom, boom, chic! Boom, boom, chic… Or slap, slap, clap!
I’m from Inukshuk
And we will not die
Tash can try to
Outplay me, Girl
your just waistin’ time!
You think we are allied
I’ m focused on one
And that’s gettin’ ‘er done!
It’s about me y’all, me y’all, ME Y’ALL!
Put your hands in the air
wave ‘em like you surrender
cuz you know you cannot win! (beat stops)
Peace! and word to Inuckshuk!

**Jerry’s rap**

No doubt Brett would like this to be brawny,
but after today he’ll be feelin real scrawny.
No ball to kick, no boat to dive unda,
He won’t be sure he’s still a live hunta.
I can’t outrun ‘im
I can’t outlift ‘im
but I’ll spin out a line so filled with ranting
it’ll leave him wishing he’d not been panting.
I know he’d like to win this survivor,
but I’ll give odds and lay down a fiver.

**Adam’s rap**

(Dropping of the beat commences)

I’ll win by more votes than Ahmadinejad
Only mine will be legit and not by fraud
You’re tribe’s rap skills are just a facade
I’ve got more raps then a 20 gig iPod

(all er sounds said nelly style)

This game is torture to you cuz I’m Jack Bauer
Have this game wrapped up in less than 24 hours
I’ll go deeper in this game than a deep sea diver
I’m a solve these clues like my name was macgyver

Not a chance that your tribe can beat FiyerWiyer
Your team can’t get a grip like a spinning bald tiyer
Second place is something that you should strive fer
Cuz I’m a be crowned the sole survivor

(5 Minute guitar solo)

Your tribe will keep tryin but you’ll continue failin
Your boats startin to sink time to begin bailin
Runnin, screaming down the street arms in the air flailin
Time to throw in the towel like you were governor Palin

Gonna take your tribe down from eight to none
Nowhere to hide and nowhere to run
A few more challenges and inukshuk’s done
Because of your big failure to think of a pun
I’ll freeze your tribe up as if hit with a stun gun
Roll you up and send you packin like a cinnoman bun

(3 minute cow bell solo)

I’ve got more immunity than a foreign diplomat
Try to send me home and you’ll fall flat
I’ve seen more puzzles than Pat Sajak
Solve them so quickly you’ll have a heart attack
Not one implant yet our team is so stacked
I’m the best player, not a statement it’s a fact

When your on exile don’t bother using that token
Cuz I’ve got the idol so the slot machines broken
You think your tribe will win but you must be jokin
Time to pack your bags, the tribe has spoken



Well before I delete this i better give you the extra audio… put this on the end of your survivor rap cd compilation as a bonus song

Don’t try to convince people to put me on the chopping block
Got linguistic skills like Noam Chomsky and you can barely talk
Don’t try to stab my back cuz it’s made of rock
I’ll cut you down like a ripe corn stalk
Your tribe is crumbling faster than a piece of chalk
Got ears like an owl and eyes like a hawk

Can start fires bigger than the Okanagan
Who’s the best host? It’s gotta be Logan

This rap is so badass it needs a parental advisory
%^*$ the #@^%* or I’ll *&%$#@ %$#!@ %$#@ a flurry
Your tribe is much much slower than dialup
$%&# *$#@# @#$% #@#$# $#$*& the $#@$# up

Don’t need alliances cuz I’m a one man team
Your trains coming to a halt cuz it’s runnin outta steam
Your attempt to beat me is nothing but a dream
I’m like Kobe and the Lakers cept I don’t rape teens
Watch your back cuz I’m on you like a pair of wet jeans
Your entire tribe will be destroyed by me,
just like old red blood cells get destroyed by my spleen
(that’s factually true, wikipedia doesn’t lie)

(Oh and I have an alternate ending to one paragraph, you’ll never see it coming like an M. Night Shyamalan movie)

I’ve got more immunity than a foreign diplomat
Try to send me home and you’ll fall flat
I’ve seen more puzzles than Pat Sajak
Solve them so quickly you’ll have a heart attack
Not one implant yet our team is so stacked
I’m the best player, not a statement it’s a fact
I’m a run up on you like RAT A TAT TAT


**Brett’s rap**

It be quite simple here bringing da beat
Even as we’re on this island scorching in the heat

It may be we’re equally ranked opponents according to jeff
but once Im done throwing down, your team will have nothing left

I dont need any idols all game to end up the champ
With my mad skillz youll be hanging ur head going back to camp

Ive been in this rap game since i was a Fetus
and with this star crew behind me you’ll never beat us

So we be thowing hay makers all season long
like the hat said we be going on a head
Now theres no chance to beat this rap battle song

What what how do you like me now (Drops Mic, throws hands out to the sides and slowly backs away)


ME: Dianne, how do you feel about the sudden inactivity on your tribe?
DIANNE: I don’t know what happened to everyone. If one more person would have sent in any kind of rap we may have won. I am worried because Gayle says she will sit out the next challange. That cuts us down one working member
ME: Gayle, how does it feel to lose by a hair?
GAYLE: by a hair wasn’t fun
ME: Dianne, well, good news is that you’re still ahead by one member. Do you feel responsible as captain to make sure everyone gets together on the next challenge?
DIANNE:As captain, I think I could of pushed them more. But then I don’t want to them to say I am bossy and get mad at me.
GAYLE: lol
ME: Do you blame any one person for a loss? Or is it ‘win as a team, lose as a team’?
GAYLE: I dont blame anyone person…I think everyone should of got their rap in as a team effort.
ME: Dianne, this has overall been an active tribe. Does knowing everyone has participated raise the stakes when going into a vote?
DIANNE: Makes it easy when going to tribal when people HAVEN’T participated! This challenge many didn’t participate, but over all there is one who seems to always be missing in action. When we get down a couple more, to the ones who overall do help it will be a lot harder.
ME: Gayle, what will it take for this tribe to re-gain momentum and run over FireWire?
GAYLE: To get back to competing together for the challenges and not just think oh well.
LISA: I am here!
DIANNE: Oh, we have a late comer
DIANNE: did you get stuck in the swamp on the way here, miss lisa?
LISA: I saw the smoke signals and ran right over, sorry I’m late
ME: To all three of you: How confident do you feel that the person you voted for will be eliminated?
GAYLE: I am in between…I have no idea if it will happen or not.
DIANNE: I am confidant everyone is in agreement
LISA: I feel very confident, although we don’t want to see anyone go home, the person I chose is the logical choice. In my opinion…
ME: With that said, it is time for me to read the votes.
GAYLE: I am scared
LISA: Lisa is nervous, looks around shiftily
DIANNE: Dianne, sits up straight and tall, not scared at all
LISA: Lisa wishes she was more confident like Dianne
DIANNE: Dianne wishes gayle would stop shaking
LISA: Lisa reaches out to hold Gayle’s hand
DIANNE: Dianne gives them both an icy stare
GAYLE: thanks guys
ME: Once the votes are read, the decision is final and the person voted out will be removed from the group immediately. I’ll read the votes.
ME: I’ll start off with the self-votes:

First vote: (Kyle)
Second vote: (Wahaj)
Third vote: (Kai)

LISA: Shocked look!

ME: Fourth vote: (Wahaj)
Fifth vote: (Wahaj)

That is three votes for Wahaj, one vote Kyle, and one vote Kai.

DIANNE: dianne smiles an evil smile
LISA: lisa locks eyes with Dianne and smiles
LISA: she squeezes Gayle’s hand
GAYLE: Gayle just shakes her head at them
ME: Sixth vote. . .
And the seventh person voted out of Survivor: The Great Twists. . .


Wahaj Khan, the tribe has spoken.

Well, definitely an off round for the Inukshuk tribe, but if you recover just as well as you did from the first Tribal, FireWire will once again be in deep trouble.

Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

**Lisa’s vote**

Well, shoot! I was so confident that we had this one “rapped” up. I am definitely sorry to have to vote one of our tribe members off. I really felt we were working well together, for a while.

I am voting Wahaj off because I just haven’t jelled with him like I have the other tribe members. He hasn’t put much effort into becoming a part of the tribe. {turns to camera} “Sorry, Wahaj. I am sure if we had more time to get to know you I wouldn’t be casting this vote, but that’s life.”

**Dianne’s vote**

I vote to kick off Wahaj.
I don’t have to much to say in here today. I am bummed that we lost but I guess we basically are not rappers. bah! I hope our 4 girl alliance holds up until the merge.

**Gayle’s vote**

I vote for Wahaj

I really wish our team would get it together and send their challenges in. Then we wouldn’t of been in this position. I hope they all contribute to the next challenge.

I am still hoping my alliance is strong. I am still going to trust them for now anyways.

**Jerry’s vote**

vote off – Wahaj.

I’d rather be in competition with known entities than unknown. Yes, it cuts both ways but I suspect wahaj has some experience in these situations that I don’t have.

Preview for entry #8: Once again inactivity plagues both camps during the immunity challenge. An efficient and hardcore strategy proves to be the deciding factor. A previously inactive player returns and tries to survive at the closest pre-merge Tribal Council of the season. And Lyndsay makes her second baffling move of the game which proves to have major consequences for her position in the game.

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